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A mí la verdad me da mucho asco cuando lo escucho, sin ánimo de ofender a los españoles, me imagino al oírlo que la persona que lo dice es una persona sucia y desaseada. A mí la verdad me da mucho asco cuando lo escucho, sin ánimo de ofender a los españoles, me imagino al oírlo que la persona que lo dice es una persona sucia y desaseada. Prefiero el sonido de la "s" que utilizamos en Latinoamérica que me parece suave y lindo como si fuera agua fresca. No reporten la pregunta, no ofende a nadie, es solamente mi percepción. Actualización 2: Y necesita bajar de 10 a 15 kilos en un mes. 1 seguidor 3 respuestas 3 Notificar abuse ¿Estás seguro que deseas eliminar esta respuesta? Sí No Lo sentimos, ocurrió un error. Carga un archivo de más de 100 x 100 pixeles. Estamos teniendo algunos problemas, intéstant nuevamente. Solo puedes cargar fotos menores a 5 MB. Solo puedes cargar videos menores a 600 MB. Solo puedes cargar una foto o un video. Solo puedes cargar una foto o un video. Por que cecean los españoles y por que aun lo hacen? Más preguntas ¿Por qué en Latinoamérica no pronunciamos como los españoles? 9 respuestas ¿Creen que las religiones oprimen el pensamiento? 18 respuestas ¿A que cultura pertenece el dios osiris? 7 respuestas Más preguntas ¿Como m puedo quitar el sueño? 8 respuestas ¿20 palabras mexicanas las necesito urgentemente pls? 8 respuestas ¿Qué significa la palabra empatía?

Y como uno está ya en age de hacérselo mirar todo, pues me he releído la noticia por activa y por pasiva. Salvo el caliqueño y el güisqui yo le pego a la dieta mediterránea de una manera bastante material. El ensayo clínico español, leo, está fetén. Es que hasta Forbes, "la herramienta capitalista" por antonomasia se me rinde al aceite español y la dieta mediterránea. But que salga España en la prensa de por allí ya es un puntazo; oleoso sí, but puntazo. No entiendo como las autoridades locales y la sociedad civil benidormense no le entran ya de firme. Puedo llegar a entender que como a estos señores parece que no les gusta la marca turística Benidorm, no la citen. No sé qué de denigrante puede llevarles aparejado. However, there is no such thing as a hotel in Benidorm, no matter what the hotel has to offer from Benidorm to the city and to refer to the hotel. Vale, los tres parques están en Benidorm, y los dos campos de golf sin nombre, pero no lo dice. Estában de viaje de prácticas en Benidorm y consideramos que testar los hoteles de alta gama de la localidad estaba bien. Me llamó el profesor Fernando Vera y les acompañé dos years that came. They did not know how to answer; neither did the director answer us. Figuerola gave them a speck of sarcasm about the importance of the brand... but one ear came in... and finding nothing in between... the other came out. of Benidorm and associate professor of the UA. It is that Antonio is a "Uncle Rolloo" that the generations of my daughters and nieces would say. And to all this we must add the "Biblioplayas" that have awakened the interest of televisions throughout Europe: read the vora de la mar, at 35º, under an artistic shade... and there are no squares. Couto cleared many doubts and annulled local hoaxes. Thus we know that "Benidorm bought a house in 1732 to constitute the Town Hall". Aesthetically you can say a lot against it, but in that sense nothing. Also for the beginnings of Tourism. This route has had an unexpected drawback: the emergence of tourism guides who have protested because, they say, there is intrusion. I think that this should be done by looking at the guides. There are guides and guides, and no matter how qualified they may be, more than one of them should be ashamed to tell their story. One can sign up for these routes in the Department. Whoever wants to know more, let them know where it comes from. And the truth is, it's not a ghost. Well, in this case the attendees wanted to not be thrown to the CC more than when he was really guilty. I have always felt Texan of those of El Álamo; and loser. This goes through that series of David Crocket on black and white TV. Moreover, the colleague Richard Seager came to agree with his studies that he made public there and that the Yankee press has collected with the utmost interest. And what Freedman does is to pull Thai newspapers from those days much more than climate graphs. And it turns out that they did not learn from the rains of 2011: the July monsoon flooded the fields until well into January 2012. Thus we arrive at the rains of 2012 that until December have flooded 1 3 of the country. Even King Bhuminbol Adulyadej has come out to denounce "the greed of state officials who have received bribes to allow the indiscriminate felling of trees" and the terrible management of the system of regulation of flows. On the CC, the worrying thing is that these extreme episodes become "normal, recurrent and prolonged." And it consisted in which the politicians gave entrance in their forums to personalities of the world of the science, the culture and the arts to soften the tone of the negotiation and to give it another air. Surely now he does not apply his own formula... although we wish him all the success of the world. I was surprised by the news, but little. But, the truth, lately, only of estanco. I could afford them and they sent them to me from the trucks of a transport company... Yes Yes; they told me that better half in half; but they knew me little. That of the fermented and twisted tobacco, of dark color and deep flavor, dazzled me. And every time they got me stronger. And smoking Toscanos I arrived in Xàtiva to take charge of the station. And there, José Manuel, encouraged me to try the caliqueños. Haber, what is said to have... yes I had heard about them, but the secrecy of their consumption was a handicap by half Spain. From the station I went down to the address indicated. And I stood at the Huertas Bar. A single client, at the end of the bar. And I, neither short nor lazy, I ask in a low voice to the man behind the bar some caliqueños. Surprised, and scared, I left the bar. And just leave, the man who was at the end of the bar did the same and approached me. It is an intermediate thing between the change of cycle that awaits me after June 30 and the commitment to my "saint" to get rid of 1 m3 of paper every year. The fact is that I find things that I decide to keep and they have to be made room on the shelves of the storage room. And finding a place in the ghetto, I found a little something that I did in the 70s, at the School of Engineers A folder labeled "Woody" aroused my archaeological curiosity. And there were hazelnut and hazelnut. The size of the folio says it all already; and my lyrics... Here you see evolution; and neither expert nor anything. And this morning I see that Method 3 made up a study on hazelnut in Catalonia. My work, for sure, is more complete and did not report anything in cash. For him they did not give me a loan; in those years, pure and hard note. Although there is only one "OK" crimson there. Nothing else to eat, today I have gone down to the storeroom for him. Undoubtedly, better than Method 3... and much cheaper. These Romans... Come on, today's Turkey. Even today, Turkey remains the world's leading producer of hazelnuts. Greeks and Romans spread the hazel as well as the useful hazelnut, from its branches came the best arrow shafts. And with them he came to the peninsula. In his Blanquerna he cites the hazel trees of the Catalan lands. And it will be in the Tarraconse region of Baix Camp where it will be placed again in 1287, in 1331 and 1472. And the number of agricultural engineers who would have done that study for much less. 90% of the surface cultivated in Spain is held by the Catalans; and 87% of production. In many places, sterile women were beaten with hazel sticks to make them fertile... In Iceland it was said that walking among hazel trees led to cure infertility. In deep Germany, if the family of the newlyweds distributed hazelnuts the next day, it was a sign that the marriage had been consummated. For the Celts, the hazel was a magic tree and the hazelnut a science fruit. They say that the prospectors and the dowsers use hazelnut rods to discover both the fruit of the earth, the gold, and the currents of life, the water. Come on, that the hazelnut gives a lot of itself. Although I do not know if as much as for the 30,000 eurazos of that study. Soon I found information in the press and even an entry in Wikipedia. They were going to pulverize the record; neither British 80 days nor 730 Gabachos. They showed their journey with some photos and with all the refueling tickets; then some press reviews confirmed the facts. They suffered 18 major or minor accidents during the trip... and could not meet their challenge: it took 79 days and 19 minutes. But, for 19 minutes we are going to get fussy. He thought he had lost and abandoned himself to the softness in his home chewing the defeat and with 19,000 pounds less in the buchaca. Pírrico benefit in the victory of only 900 pounds, having had to pay 100 to the driver of the last race against the clock. The fact is that going East you get 4 minutes per day for each degree of the Earth's circumference. Thus, 360º is 1440 minutes and 24 hours is 1440 minutes. And our manchegos beat Fogg by doing it in 79 days and 19 minutes while he spent 79 days and 59 minutes. A year late because they needed pagan air transport. And the Vespa-150 endured and won that position in the Piaggio museum. The return was auctioned and the money collected went to charity. A book, a documentary by Raúl Fdez. Santiago Guillén died in 1972. Already with that business card, everything is left over. The afternoon of dominoes and whiskey of healthy conspiracy that we passed. But it is that David earned himself that in the run-up to the last municipal elections several brides would come out: everyone wanted him. Ferrer will come one of these for coffee. It is that this is going to us of the politicians; and we are still in 2013... David told us that he entered politics "for an epic reason". He does not need politics, and he wants to bet heavily on a renovation project "that does not go against anyone". But it is a clamor, in a good part of the party, that does not find echo in the directive organs... and the term finishes in March, "count the newspapers". That is another: "everything I know is from the press." He was certainly pessimistic: "This does not seem to be fixed". But neither throws in the towel nor leaves: "I want you to vote"... and... "I will accept the result". He is still running his #queremosvotar and was very satisfied with the response to the call of his candidacy. Today I read in the press that his followers "are running out of patience." Tertullians at the get-together There, he got wet; but he pointed out that as a political group they continue side by side in their work of municipal opposition. He complained, yes: "in the matches there are palmeros and enemies. True, the opponents have always been said to be in the opposite party. We also talk about Benidorm at the municipal level, do not believe: lamented aspects of the urban scene and opted to seek public-private formulas for performances. He pointed out that he aims to develop a city program that, of course, needs to have a city model very clear beforehand. And for that he wants to lead the local PP. He looks enormously secure, with his feet on the ground: sure of what he does and what he wants. It wastes energy and desire, and has a hook... and followers. Maybe it is now the time to measure strength and end this. It is that, look: opportunities have had to thrive and end with everything jumping; Mattress would have been put in Alicante and Valencia. It's time to hear the voice of the polls and settle all this. Because, what if the official sector wins? His is a sign of healthy rebellion; but it does not mean that he has them all with him: "in the matches there are palmeros and enemies". I'm going to need a sabbatical year to put some order. I know there is more, much more; but I do not know why little heap of dust look for. And that same year Columbus Day was institutionalized as a holiday throughout the Yankee territory. Soon try to imitate them throughout Europe. The problem was that the traction effort was "blood": first of "strong" men and then of animals. Its complexity meant that it was not finished until June 21, 1893 and for 50 cents at the time it gave that magic turn for the moment, which lasted 20 minutes and allowed to see the entire expo. And like this one, other projects wait for better days... and there are a dozen waiting for the arrival of better times. The antetítulo put the things in their place: The Spanish real estate market begins to give signs of recovery. Eyes as plates to know what the thing was going. But this has changed: "We see the most realistic banks on the future value of these assets, after the impact of tax increases and the end of tax deductions." Sellers are clearly willing to accept lower prices to close transactions, "and even points out that it is becoming common to see assets for sale below the cost of construction. That will turn Spain into "a country for buyers, where opportunities will appear," he concludes. I've been looking for the report on the net all afternoon... and no flowers. And I am waiting for the response of the journalist Eduardo Segovia by e-mail. As soon as we know more, we tell it.

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