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I love the Dramione and have followed several of the authors of this page for a long time, but only recently I created an account and I learned to upload stories. This is the first Dramione I write, although I love to write, but I do more about anime. Among them he recognized Granger's. I want to see him... who will he put me?... And there he was, waiting for her like an idiot. That was his main policy of life. He knew how to hit the nail on the head, and he corroborated it when the girl's cheeks were suddenly lit by his teasing, however, he continued in his work until finally he had recovered all his belongings and stood dignified in front of the blonde. A pair of scrolls, a pen and an inkwell. an essay is written, did not you know, Malfoy? That day was being exhausting and detestable in equal parts. He took the pen that the girl extended and wrote the heading. Ready, attractive, elegant and brave. My family is of pure blood, so my class is evident, and all my classmates admire me and respect me for that. I'm in Slytherin, cunning house, I have the friends I need. My parents are proud of me, because I am the son they expected, and my grades are outstanding. Draco had to admit that the girl had confused him seriously, had upset all his convictions in some strange and twisted way. So ominous that he could hear his own breathing, low, but irregular. She bit her lower lip, and looked away uncomfortably at herself. An unexpected silence for both. They still had many insults to say. Hermione held his gaze firmly, which made her rant. Draco looked more serious than he had ever seen in his life. It was not the scene of a prince kissing an enchanted maiden, it was more real than that. An angry teenager kissing his enemy... For the first time? A Slytherin, perfect and respected by everyone.

My little Usual dictionary of Larousse gives us clues. An assay can be a 'rapid analysis of a chemical'..., but, logically, we are not thinking about the laboratory here. Then follows: 'a literary work consisting of the meeting of some reflections made on a given subject'. I am struck by the phrase 'some reflections'. The essay does not allow space to abound in all facets of a topic. Note also that it is 'a meeting' of reflections. That is to say, it is not necessary a deep philosophical analysis, but, to join reflections in a coherent way. They can be reflections based on one's own experience. He can not talk about the whole continent, nor about every sector of society, but he can talk about his experience in his own community. The same, you can reflect on the basis of observation. A lady can write with sensitivity about the challenges faced by divorced women in the church, for example, being friends with them. The essay has also been defined as 'ideas literature'. Jézer González, in his book El ensayo: los formas y contenido says that "an essay is an ideological interpretation of an object of culture, or of culture as a whole". As an interpretation of an aspect of culture, the essay adopts a certain way of viewing it. For example, a historical orientation can be adopted to reflect on the state of the evangelical church today. What the church lives today is inevitably linked to its roots, the beginnings of denominations, then the growth of new independent churches. To give another example, one can write with a sociological perspective, reflecting on the image that the evangelical church has in society in general. Many times the press describes the evangelical church as a caudillo sect, worried about prosperity and miracles. Whether it is valid or not, the image of the church can cause difficulties for believers today. The essay, in short, can be written with an analytical, sociological or philosophical approach. We are very different, we have different strengths and experiences. We can all contribute experiences, reflections and ideas that help us to become aware of the current and real challenges faced by the present generations of the church. May this Contest be the basis of a great exchange of suggestions and proposals, to strengthen the church on the continent, for the honor and glory of God. I already want to participate. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

My thesis deals with the philosophical concept of human nature that Dante develops in the Comedy. I have studied the poem since my undergraduate period, which means that I have been reading it for two decades at the professional level. In Spanish I like the translation of Martínez de Merlo. If you are interested in reading my essays, I suggest that you do it as a complement once you finish that exercise. How long does it take you to write each essay? It depends on the complexity of the song and the number of sources you have to consult. I would say that the average is three hours, but sometimes it takes a little longer. Today's essay has not come out and the page is late. Take a trial. I am currently a postdoctoral professor at Columbia, where I teach two classes of classical literature. Additionally, I write fiction, I translate and I have two small children. Initially the commitment was to write an essay per day, and I will try to keep myself as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes everyday duties get in the way. I will undoubtedly reach Paradise, but it may take me a few days more than the expected 100. Meanwhile I ask for a little patience.

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