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911 781 730 Call to free fixed line if you have flat rate. Also your Pisces Horoscope, it's free! Pisciano, today you are absolutely gone, perhaps it is the influx of the Full Moon or perhaps the special vibration of the 22nd, master number. Everything marks, as a result, that today you are very affected by this new phase of the moon. We are largely water and the moon has a great effect on our emotions and tears. Maybe you are a person who likes to do rituals and ask the moon for wishes. If so, tonight open your window and talk to the moon. If so written, grant your greatest wish. Do not get lost in your mind, you do it frequently. You must lower your feet to the ground; You are generally on the moon. For the rest, the day will pass normally despite how upset you are. The others will not be fixed; do your work and go to yours. Pisciano, today is a big day for you, very important. Many times you have doubted about your destiny, life, work or couple. Now, suddenly, you have acquired a mental clarity that you have never had in your life. Everything is prepared and it is as duty to be. You have everything clear in your head and you know that this is the way it should be. You begin to understand the universal laws and you understand that if it did not happen before it was because you were not prepared for it or because the synchronicities between facts and human beings are complex. Therefore, today is your day of change. In your past you never understood the reason of the situation, you thought you were unlucky or that the cosmos did not love you too much. Now you know that it will not be in the future nor could it be before, only today. Pisciano, today you are very positive, it is almost unknown in you such a situation. Suddenly, everything seems easy and everything you want to do. You have changed your way of thinking and now the bottle is not half empty as you used to think: it is full to overflowing. Something has changed inside you which is worthy of praise. You return to your studies, project new ideas and sketches for your near future and begin to think about your life, what you want and what you no longer want and discard. You are showing great courage and inner strength. The courage you put in everything will get you where you want. Keep looking for new doors to open, now everything is at your disposal. You are a fighting being, Piscean. Your fragility has made it a vital force. Pisciano, today you wake up dead tired, you can not with your soul. You are not at all or for anyone although duty calls you: you must go to work. Therefore, you will put yourself to work in an automatic way, spending the minimum energy to not stay there asleep. Follow your schedule and go home quickly to sleep. It is as if the previous day you had consumed so much energy that you had left the reserve to zero for today. There are techniques to generate energy; They could give you a Reiki session to harmonize your body but if you can not do it, go walking home or let it give you a bit of fresh air on your face, it will clear you up. Go to bed soon and sleep without stopping. Sleeping is the most valuable medicine in the world and that is free. Pisciano, the fatigue may not let you do much except rest or lie on a sofa but remember that life is short and you have to take advantage of it. You have spent a few hard days and it is time to break everything and have fun. Go to dinner with your group of friends, perhaps they have prepared a dinner or party at the home of one of them. Maybe you're more comfortable with your girlfriend watching a movie on the couch. No matter what you do, what you feel but do something and change your energy, you will transmute it. The work has left you exhausted after all the accumulation of weekly tasks but today there has been no problem or altercation, indeed, an important assignment is about to be signed so, it is an incentive for all. Therefore, rest until Monday. Pisciano, if you feel like it and feel it that way, make a dream cure and sleep all morning without stopping. Your physical body needs a rest though also the spiritual one. Put on your music, your mantras and start meditating, it will relax your mind and you will find yourself full of peace. Perhaps you prefer to meditate in silence, talk with your Higher Self and quiet your mind. The important thing is that you have a moment of internal recollection. Once you have recharged your batteries and your whole being is harmonized: body, mind and spirit, then return again to earthly life and decide what to do on this Saturday evening. If you go out, someone ready to fall in love awaits you. It does not matter if it is a love of a night or of a lifetime but today you will meet someone who will dazzle you. Pisciano, you are much stronger than you think. Take out your more warrior side and show who you are. Do not let anyone laugh at you or manipulate you. For others to value and respect you must first do it. Respect yourself, believe in yourself. It is essential that you do it, look inside yourself, you have a lot of personal power but it is hidden, you have to take it out. Today, Sunday you are very tired. The previous night was productive and today the day will be passive. You want to sleep and rest and put your body to the point. Yesterday you burned the dance floor and today you can not stand up. If in the afternoon you look forward to riding a bike or go skating, although it is more likely that you fall asleep on your couch. Week from 19 to February 25, 2018. Your imagination can be very important, and this can be excellent for creative activities and romance as well. However, with ties to the cautious Saturn, the cosmos encourages you to think about the practical aspects of a project or a new relationship. If it fits harmoniously in your life, it could turn out very well for you. A renewed stability comforts you now as Aquarius touches the ruling planet Neptune in your 12th house. Activity in your inner life and your dreams becomes increasingly prophetic. You will treasure your free time so that you can create a project that develops while you are asleep or walking and traveling with nature. The New Moon brings many new ideas that are received through dreams or perceptions not previously conceived. You are about to make new changes that may include your own appearance and how others perceive it. Venus visits your sign and joins the extravagant Uranus on the 17th. Do not become too drastic with your change of appearance or you may live to regret it. Use this cunning time to study metaphysics or astrology. There will be an extra amount of travel around your birthday. Phone calls and messages can be especially significant now. Neptune is opposed to your home and asks you to tune in and analyze the eating and lifestyle methods in which you participate. Associates can have a great impact on their well-being. Avoid those who bother you and try to separate yourself from the things that affect you. On February 18, Sun returns to his sign with a renewed sense of purpose and strength of character to support him in his efforts. The needs of the partners have priority now, so you must find time to address them. It will be much easier to give them your full attention now that you have completed your mission. Keep your mind open to new career options as you break the tradition and make a change from the past. The opportunity to invest with friends in a business can have advantageous results. An opportunity to benefit from the investments of others can lighten your burden. You will want to remind them how important they are to you. Sacrifice your time to please them in some of their real-life fantasies for a while. The desire for life and you are still good friends, even if they are not always together. Annual horoscope 2018 for Pisces. It seems that your path is full of obstacles, both professionally and domestically. It is possible that you now have to face the consequences of wrong decisions made in the past, the best you can do is accept responsibility and learn from your mistakes to build a more solid future. This is a good time to discover and, perhaps, connect with groups or organizations that you were not interested in before or whose existence you did not know anything about, especially those of the Uranian type that promote changes in society. In the past you may not have been very concerned about social or humanitarian issues, but now it is very likely that you will feel a burning need to explore and analyze these issues more closely. If on the other hand you are already part of a group, this period will test the validity and usefulness of this link. You may be disappointed with the way the organization is working or that you are increasingly disagreeing with the objectives set by the leadership. Uranus produces disturbances there where it transits, and in the Eleventh House this does not happen only in the scope of the objectives and groups, but also in the sphere of friendship. During this period you tend to replace some old friends with new ones, whose way of thinking and living is more in keeping with your current way of seeing things. Maybe a friend is the vehicle or catalyst that gives you ideas or new ways to see things and change your life. Discover what destiny holds for you during these days. Leo horoscope, you are the sign of responsibility, nobility, generosity and idealism. The leonines have a great command capacity that can lead them to individualism. They feel a great joy of living and are characterized by their audacity and idealism. The Tower has been built on concepts and institutions that we take as real when they are not. When this letter appears you can expect the discovery of some truth drastically or an unpleasant truth. The blue sky awakens the sensuality of people because their aphrodisiac properties are related to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Scorpio is characterized by being the possessor of deep emotions and extreme feelings. Many times he is enigmatic and mysterious, and always analyzes all the events that occur around him in an acute and profound way. If something worries or interests you, investigate and investigate the roots of the problem until you discover the solution. It is the sign of transformations and obsession, so it can take your life to fanaticism, be it religious, political or otherwise. Therefore, Berkana suggests gestation, birth and rebirth. The Emperor is a Yang archetype par excellence. Its number is four, associated with the planes of manifestation, the four elements, the cross that makes up matter and binds us to reality. In the tarot games The Emperor appears as a man sitting on a throne, sure of himself and his achievements. While sitting, it is not passive. It signals the transformation, the rites of passage and the change. It symbolizes the sign of Scorpio. The letter indicates this transition from the lowest to the highest and even to even higher and inconceivable levels. Talk about humility, and tell the questioner to always keep in mind that where there is darkness there also comes the sun. This rune symbolizes the capacity for self-analysis and the desire to change and indicates the precise moment to do so. We want to teach you a ritual, which will help you to enhance the opportunities to find that job you have been looking for so long. If you think that destiny is not behaving as it should, if discouragement due to so much negativity has diminished your spirit and hopes to get your work fortune changed, perform this magical ritual to find work, you will see how in a short time your luck changes and everything returns to its channels. Cost of calling Visa is € 1 min. Maestro Samuel I have been helping for more than ten years to solve any difficulty in the fields of love and in the sentimental field. Rafael Tarotista I want help you and together find all the answers to your concerns that you have, so that happiness returns to your being. Santa Otilia Recognized tarotista of prestige in the esoteric world. His skill in handling the tarot arts has no competition. Offer: € 0.70 Minute! Maestra Chelo Natural seer specialist in love and economics. I am willing to guide you with the help of the tarot to solve your concerns. Offer: € 9 - 10 Min. Teacher Margarita Margarita has 12 years of experience in the world of tarot, attracting the best of the cosmos and helping others. Mikaela Tarotista I am an authentic expert in the use of esoteric arts and mancias most used to make predictions. Master Lucia Astrologa, tarotista and teacher of light, channel the energies putting my knowledge at your disposal. It can help you. Offer: € 9 - 10 Min. Maria Rengifo My natural clairvoyance will help you find the happiness you deserve, opening your paths of abundance and prosperity. Celeste Galvan The oracle is my ally in spirituality, where I have visions and I interpret the future that it shows me. David Lozano Afro-Cuban Santero with more than 20 years of experience. Their services are based on Yoruba Santeria and spirituality. Nerea Calderón I work in healing and cleansing the soul as well as the mind, using the great power of spiritual energy. Yessenia Angeologist Tarot, angeologist and sentimental counselor, I help you clarify the doubts and problems of your love relationships. Victoria Torres Conmigo will be attended by an authentic teacher in esoteric arts, only I can be useful, give a solution to your doubts. Master Jesus Focused on helping people in an energetic way, I perform cleanings of auras and open roads. I have been helping solve problems for over 18 years. I can help you. Offer: € 9 - 10 Min. The cost of the call to the number 806 is € 1.21. from the fixed network, and from € 1.57 min. Check the prices of the tarot queries to the operator. Service exclusively for persons over 18 years of age. By browsing our website, you accept our use of cookies.

25%, for its part, calls fascism to the speech of the White House occupant. Someone reminds Mussolini in 1928, 90 years ago, on the stages of Italy. He worries about the future of the exchange currencies we use, the 'rented' dollar and the Balboa, Creole. There are those who presage disastrous times in life for planetary humanity, especially for Americans. Few identify racism in saying trumpiano act. Although it resembles behavior exposed by Martinelli, such as love of opulence, greed, egocentrism. Trump is "like Martinelli raised to a thousand percent." A teacher recognizes that she has lost the wisdom to analyze Trump's speech. God willing that in the coming weeks enjoy corresponding peace for the analysis. Another, however, points out that the power installed in Washington emanates "an ideology of hate" against those who are different from the dominant group. It is commented that in the economy protectionist emphases will prevail, such as the American buying and producing of Americans, fanned in the inaugural speech of President Trump. It defends, therefore, the economic mercantilism and nationalism. The political moment is exceptional. Cortés indicates that today we can understand more the true meaning of democracy, which is essential to perfect for the survival of the planet. It is not the subject of a laboratory "the Disney-like foolish democracy". Ibeth Vega, communicator, expresses about Trump: "I do not criticize him for wanting to procure and safeguard the interests of the nationals of his country. I hope that in 2019 a candidate comes here who will put on his pants and end the uncontrolled migration ". It is not bad to want the nationals first ". Only reproaches certain macho behavior. www.metropormetro.com Portal of new properties In Panama. We show another face of the capital's sovereign. We appreciate your cooperation and suggestions at [email protected] and Customer Service. If you need more information, call us at 323-6400.

Notes and monographs Argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a writing in which the author defends or demonstrates a thesis, that is, a position in front of a topic of study. 5) Conclusion: A paragraph, in which the author will summarize the thesis and the reasons presented in favor. The author will avoid the following errors: 1) Disorder: The ideas are presented confusingly. 2) Repetition of ideas: When the same idea is expressed in different words, several times throughout the essay. The author will avoid the following errors: 1) Darkness: when it is impossible or difficult to understand what the author wants to say. 2) Indefinite keyword: When certain words whose understanding is necessary for the work have not been clearly defined. The author will avoid the following errors. 1) Digression: When the essay goes wrongly. b) Are the key words defined? c) Are the reasons in favor of the thesis each presented in a different paragraph? d) Is there a logical sequence in the presentation of ideas? e) Are the ideas connected with link expressions? f) Are the reasons against and their respective rebuttals presented in two paragraphs? g) Is the introduction appropriate? h) Is the conclusion paragraph effective? Astronomers are convinced that the Universe arose in a definite moment, between 12,000 and 20,000 million years before the present moment. If it had a beginning or creation, is it logical to think that it must be the work of an initiator or creator? But not everyone wants to admit this simple biblical statement. The universe had a moment of creation consequently has a creator. Black hole, hypothetical celestial body with a gravitational field so strong that not even electromagnetic radiation can escape its proximity. Most religions attribute to God certain character traits that are understood through a metaphorical language or a literal interpretation, such as will, love, anger and mercy. Newer calculations indicate that hydrogen and helium would have been the primary products of the Big Bang, and the heavier elements were produced later, within the stars. However, Gamow's theory provides a basis for understanding the early stages of the Universe and its subsequent evolution. Because of its very high density, the matter existing in the first moments of the Universe expanded rapidly. As it expanded, helium and hydrogen cooled and condensed into stars and galaxies. This explains the expansion of the Universe and the physical basis of Hubble's law. These vestiges of microwave background radiation were detected by radio astronomers in 1965, thus providing what most astronomers consider confirmation of the Big Bang theory. The theory of general relativity proposed by Albert Einstein also predicts this expansion. Do not imagine the Big Bang as the explosion of a piece of matter located in the vacuum. Much of his work refers to the concept of black hole. Robert Jastrow said: "The moment in which the cosmic explosion occurred was literally the moment of creation." The truth is that, as indicated in the journal Investigación y Ciencia in its March 1999 issue, "the theory of the great explosion does not describe the birth of the universe." To explain the original creation of the universe, another theory is needed that describes still earlier times. " Now, does it seem logical to the reader that, somehow, the cosmos has created itself? On the other hand, the universe is far from being chaotic, because it is full of harmony and beauty; like our fascinating planet, with his prodigious variety of life. It is clear that it could not have come into existence without intelligent direction or control. Share Tweet The content of the post is my responsibility, and o, is a compilation of different sources. This action is only for Taringa users! Login with Facebook Identify me

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