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My experience with the iPad to blog has progressed slowly as well. So after the first weeks of doubt, the need is always stronger, and some other article went up to Nisaba directly from the iPad. Today, with my computer in the workshop, and the imperative to put this blog up to date, the iPad is my only tool to publish. Therefore, I must solve all the technical problems from here. Where to write The first step is which app to use to write. For two years, I have managed all my blogs with MacJournal. Here I have the files, with the automatic date and with the possibility of including images in the text. The interface of the iPad app is not particularly attractive, but work is published first and is corrected later; b) an app is used to format and publish from there. But if you want to improve the article and publish it in a more professional way from the beginning, a bloggers favorite tool is Blogsy, a payment app with different tools to design the article. A few days ago I bought it, but until today I'm testing it precisely with this article. I also have the Mac broken and I can only write on the iPad. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Receive new posts via email. I invite you to go through that small area of ​​experimentation with the word, of free creation and vital expression. Those who break the 'rules' successfully are the true artists. But first learn, practice and master the rules. All the contents of this blog are original and intellectual property of its author, except when this is consigned by the due date and bibliographic reference. All the texts published here can be cited, with the respective credits, and reproduced partially for academic or private purposes, for personal use. The partial or total reproduction of these materials for profit or commercial purposes without the express authorization and consent of the author is prohibited. The word is for me a necessity, a search and an irrepressible drive. From free verse to the technical minutiae that force us to think about syntax, spelling and orthotypography of the published letter. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

Together with me, in this symposium they took part in around fifteen researchers in political communication at the highest level. Of these interesting presentations, which were presented orally with the support of graphic presentations, came the chapters of this volume. In some of these nations, "populism" is the buzzword in the political debate. But really, what exactly is populism? Although this is really the case, we are going to try to use this term in an objective and neutral way, from the prism of science and political communication. Before entering fully into this new campaign, in 'El Atril' we would like to analyze before the previous one, which had as horizon the elections of December 20, 2015. Although it was a historical campaign from different points of view, we want to stop in a very specific one: the rise of show politics. Therefore, we share with all of you an essay in which this topic is addressed in depth. Last week we talked about the need to mark the agenda and to transmit illusion. On this occasion we will delve into the toxic or poisoned issues that sometimes persecute those who have just come to power, issues that every skilled leader has to resolve as soon as possible. In short, every issue that is eternalized becoming a hot potato for those who arrive or remain in power and have it what to manage A toxic topic where they ended up like the rosary of the aurora. With governments, regardless of their territorial scope, exactly the same thing happens. It is necessary to have a strategy for the battle that is waged daily to impose the issues that focus the attention of public opinion. They respond to the concerns of citizens, but also to the interests of certain power groups and media. As I explained in the previous post, for me it was a real honor to have received the first prize of a contest to which high-quality texts were presented and which had a very demanding jury. Initiatives like this contest are excellent to encourage the necessary political debate among citizens. Next week I will travel to the capital of the Turia to attend the ceremony in which the prize is given and dinner with the friends of Avapol. The prize for winning is the best that could have happened to them, at least for me: a batch of books on politics. The economic crisis that we have been suffering since 2008 has led to a social and political crisis in many countries of the European Union, especially in those who are suffering the most from its rigors. This crisis of legitimacy is translating politically in the rise of Euroscepticism, whose most radical expression is the populist and far-right movements that are reaping such good results in the last electoral processes. Winning jobs Building an election campaign. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

Shortly after finishing the degree, I wrote a short play with a classmate. It was titled "Coronel Redl" and was based on a script that we presented to a short film workshop, as a class exercise. We liked how the text was, but we did not find a way to lift the project. And suddenly, one day, we saw on a bulletin board of the Faculty a triptych announcing a short theater contest. It was a time when the possibility of attaching files to an email seemed to us a revolutionary invention. A time when we printed important emails on paper. The contest did not include financial compensation, but the winner would see his work represented in a commercial room, directed by an accredited professional. The fact is that we won the contest. And the accredited professional took our text, did a casting, commissioned a poster and started to rehearse... Without counting on us at all. My partner and I did not care at first. We assumed that the accredited professional would be very involved and that he would call us in no time. After all, the guy was... a professional. I understood that, in theater, it was normal for the author to be involved in key production decisions, including casting and rehearsals. I was only half deluded. My partner called the organizers of the contest, to see if there was a problem. They told us that the accredited professional was very involved with other productions and such and such. The people of the Contest Organization have sent me your email. I am writing to tell you that we are available if you need to review the text or whatever. I imagine that you will already be with essays. We would like very much to know how the project progresses, who will interpret it, etc. If any change in the text is necessary, please do not hesitate to tell us. We would love to go through some rehearsal to meet the cast and the team... and well, to lend a hand if necessary. Silence of western: the wind whistles. Echo of a badly closed door banging against the jamb. I call the organization in a tone of what the fuck is going on here. The organizers understand me. They tell me that they are going to write immediately to the accredited professional. Just an hour later they sent us the answer of the accredited professional: Hi, I'm working in the function, I am very happy with the actors that I have and for the moment I have not needed to get in touch with the authors. The text is clear, and the proposal also. How today I have not made any changes, so I have not seen necessary to communicate with them. My name is Bruce Banner and that email has been an explosion of gamma rays. My skin turns green and my pants purple. Skip the buttons on my shirt. I just received your email and there are a couple of things that I do not understand. I do not understand how the director of a function "does not see necessary" to communicate with its authors. I thought it was the usual. But it seems that he was wrong. Yes, it must be my mistake, because I know much less theater than you. What I do know a little more than you, I think, is courtesy. Because it's not just that you do not like or salute the authors. It is that you do not even answer when they greet you: my Companion wrote you two days ago to tell you that we were at your disposal for what you need. That email is a good example of what I understand by courtesy. No longer do you have to answer it, but I invite you to read it: you still learn something of education. Another discourtesy: to imply that you only "see necessary" to contact us in case you decide to make changes in the text. I politely suggest that you forget to make any changes to our text without first having our approval. The only thing you need to change in this function is your attitude. To finish: I would like to know who the actors are, take a look at the poster, and witness the rehearsals. Otherwise, you may not see it necessary to allow you to release the work. I hope that this text has been as "clear" as that of "Colonel Redl". That same night, the Accredited Professional answered us. I know that night had a premiere. I imagine he would end up tired. But he did not dare to go to bed without first writing us to communicate the cast, send us the poster of the work and invite us to the rehearsals. He did what is supposed to be expected of a professional. Some will read this post and think I'm an arrogant asshole. There will be those who think that my email could have been more conciliatory. The latter is a possibility. What I am an arrogant asshole, however, is a fact. But both are anecdotal when one is being trampled on. Despite my apparent impertinence when I disguised myself as a blogger, in person I tend to be very dialoguing, a team player. One of the things I like most about this profession is the opportunity to work with people who are completely different from me. I feel that I learn a lot working in a team, both professionally and personally. But unfortunately, there are people who do not see it that way, who understand professional relationships as hierarchical relationships. People who think that a bulky curriculum or a couple of recent successes gives them the right to treat others in bad ways. With these people there are only two ways to deal: one, avoid them. Partly because of this first disappointment, and partly because television and then the cinema offered me more money and less bad memories, I have been leaving the theater aside. After that, I have signed two more works. Héctor, Alberto and I have a whatsapp group where we discuss all the details of preproduction. And on the other, because I think they contain the best advice that can be given to a writer who is just starting. It has already been said many times around here that it is the best place to study the subject in Spain. It seems they pay me to say this, huh? All these questions have the same answer: who cares? Yes, dear novice scriptwriter friend, as a beginner you are absolutely nobody cares. Being a young screenwriter is hard: when you complain, there is no one to listen to you. We also write things together and live in Madrid. Some already know us as "These heavy four are coming again, run, let's get out of here before to see us. " In the worst-lit corners of Madrid. A chicken breast and Ron Almirante. And thanks to these projects that, maybe they do not get anywhere, you will have achieved what really matters: to feel like a scriptwriter and to learn to work. Remember that we do not care about anyone. Our pitch did not win, but we were very satisfied because when we got home we still had our shorts clean. In addition to writing things in underpants we also like to meet people who, like us, are starting. Go with time because, you know, on Tuesdays in July that is overflowing. You will recognize us because when they see us they want to embrace us with tenderness. However, all these adversities can be less if you work in groups and find your own opportunities; There is life after the script masters, but you have to look for it on your own. We have followed them, for now we are still alive and, most importantly, with more desire than ever. He has worked in television, film and theater. A few days ago I was with him talking about comedy and his most recent projects and this is the result. The idea is to go to the Malaga Festival and release it immediately afterwards, but we'll see. It is a romantic comedy with tints of "regional" humor. It has something of our time in "Vaya Semanita", with a lot of Basque humor, although not very political, because I think it was not the script to put it. It's a movie that Borja and I have written to order. That is, the chain gave us a general idea of ​​what I wanted to do and wrote the script in a process of a year and a half, more or less. I think it would facilitate the entry of many screenwriters in the industry to make movies, because thanks to this system they might not have to come to the Picnic to make friends with any director. I hope the system, regardless of the movie, does work. To make "Faith of ETA members" there can be two bridges. One would be that "Eight Basque surnames" would go well economically speaking, in the face of the commerciality of the Basque. But above all it looks like the tone, more depressing but very funny, like a dark comedy where the laughter is not underlined. I think it has been really good. I was shocked to what extent he had understood the jokes well. Not only has he interpreted the script well but he has reinforced everything with a pause or ending a sentence at a certain point because he has known in what exact word the gag is. That is very complicated to ask an actor. There are few comic actors like that, unfortunately... Ya. Right now you go to a school of actors and ask who wants to be funny and I do not think anybody comes out. Perhaps because of that lack of prestige that is always linked to the genre, which does not give almost prizes, and many do not accept living without winning one. You have written with the director and without the director, does it happen to you? Two things happen to me that answer why I prefer to write with directors. Writing film scripts is a very long and boring process to do it alone. Then, on the other hand, at the job level I think it's the answer for how things are. That is why we commented at the beginning. Right now it is difficult for a screenwriter to be hired to write a film and then a director is incorporated. Although it does not need to be the co-writer in many cases. Javi Ruiz Caldera, from what I understand is in the script, in meetings and such. When I write with Borja, he is wearing the scriptwriter jacket. If he thinks about images or concrete plans, he does it for him, together we are focused on the script. My opinion is that I think the thing is so bad in Spanish cinema that any small step we upload we put the label again with a lot of emphasis, like celebrating it, which on the other hand seems quite natural to me. But this also existed before, these very small movies have always existed. For it to be "new Spanish comedy" it would have to be that this type of movies see eight million of spectators. On the other hand, here we are more accustomed to that type of auteur cinema in which it is impossible for a Spanish director-scriptwriter to say: "I'm going to make a film in which the audience comes out of the room's laughter." I wish it would happen, but it's always going to be a kind of comedy with feelings, with emotions, that revolves around the family... It's rare that someone makes a movie to put 15 good gags and that people laugh. I think that kind of comedy will never get through the author, unfortunately. The lowcost is also a good way and is not fully exploited to make a comedy of much laughter, as it has done "Illusion", for example. This is because the lowcost has a kind of strange pulse with humor. For that reason I hope that from here to a time if they go out good films of descojono done with little money. I love that courage, do not come selling a mega-modern thing, a certain aesthetic, or that you can copy the pints of the protagonist to go to La Latina. Where they play it is in comedy. It seems to me one of the maximum exponents of incorrect comedy. In fact, in that sense I like the British more than the Americans. Going back to "Eight Basque surnames". It is your third romantic comedy. When you were writing "No controls" I remember reading you that you were somewhat saturated with this type of comedy. I'm pretty fed up because there really are not so many ways to tell love in a person. I do not have much more to say about it. That's why I'm no longer interested in romantic comedy. The next one that I am writing with Cobeaga, who would also direct him, talks about the father-son relationship and about getting older and the feeling that maybe you've lost your life. It is about a father who has been widowed eight months ago and calls his son telling him that he is ready to meet girls again, to go out and get together. He asks him to lend a hand and both are launched at night, to join as colleagues a week in the Canary Islands, not to mention that they are father and son. You could say that your comedy and what you want to tell your stories matures with you... Totally. Also, Borja and I have always talked a lot about the relationship with our parents. Neither are going to fall in love, or to separate, or anything, in any case would be the relationship between two colleagues. And, apart from this, do you have any other film project in motion? A sequel in which they would see how their lives are 10 years later. Besides having a career in film, you've always been very involved in television. I started writing on television and the truth is that I love it, because I write faster and, moreover, it is what gives me a stable livelihood. The cinema is great but I think what I eat is my job, and what I eat is television. And, on the other hand, I have been collaborating with El Terrat for months in the project development department. You've basically done entertainment, have you ever been tempted to write fiction? The truth is that I like entertainment more than fiction. I love writing sketches. Still, anyway, I have never been called to make fiction. But I would like it, although right now I'm not seeing any. I liked it and I thought it was going to be a kind of turning point. Maybe that's the way to do things a little differently. Because, I already tell you, it irritates me a lot that in each dialogue you have to put a joke or when I understand how the gag has been made, when you notice that you have applied square and bevel to build it. They look like industrial gags, as generated by a robot. That's why, that comedy in which you do not know very well what you're laughing at, it seems very difficult for me to do it here. Hopefully one day we can get to do things like "Louie", for example. I in "Louie" do not see where the gag is but I still laugh and, in fact, there are times that there is not even gag and it fascinates me. I laugh a lot and I love it because I do not I know how he does it, I do not see the mechanism. Now there is a quite important drought in the national sketch genre, as if it had suddenly gone out of fashion, although it has always been there, both here and abroad. It seems to me that the monologue has been a great murderer of the sketch, and not only at a television level, that also. Above all I think he has killed him in the initial stage, where the comedians are born. Now the word "duo" sounds like the Spain of "Cuéntame". But now it's still as valid as in the 80s, and without that the sketch here does not survive. Now they are all monologuists and it's a shame, because I've always been a big fan of wig comedians, accents and voices. That is to say, that a possible new generation of sketches in Spain would have to come from the hand of the interpreters instead of the own writers and creators like you... Both cases could be given. The only way is to catch monologists who act as comedians. I think that if a couple of comedians or a comedian such as José Mota, for example, a comedian in the most literal sense of the word, could have someone to give him a program. Just as in the 1980s it was impenetrable that on Friday nights there was a television program with a comedian or a couple of comedians, now it is impossible. But the fact is that I do not think people miss it. I am a lover of sketches and I know that in this topic I speak from a very personal point of view, but people want monologues. I do not think anyone is thinking that I hope the sketches come back. But it's something I miss a lot. There is a natural jump. In many cases the American monologist is quite different from the one here, because they interpret from a character, not like themselves. They create a kind of carapace. That's what the comedians of the 80s did. In this way there are jokes that could be from ten different comics. Have this type of comedians with personal humor, and not hear a joke about a couple's fight over the remote control. His last special, "Oh my God", seems spectacular to me. And classics, although I do not think you can get into the monologue, Andy Kaufman I like mogollón. I'm very sorry that Chiquito has been defended a lot since the freak, when he is one of the most frightening comedians that has been in Spain. He created a language, a character and a physical style with which he was at a brutal level. It is, again, a character, the "what would happen if you communicate the death of your mother and force you to tell a joke." That shock is a great idea, a great character. In addition to film and television, you have also worked in theater, specifically you were one of the authors of the musical "More than 100 lies". In "More than 100 lies" I joined to work on the gags, my contribution was for the most comic part of the work, although in the end you end up doing everything. Now I have written a play, a comedy called "Double or nothing", to try to lift it next year. Now there are screenwriters who have always written movies and television that are launched to write theater. I think it is due to a mainly labor and economic reason, rather than spirit and theatrical vocation. Everything is so bad that many are forced to do things they have never done before, as, in this case, it is the theater. Then there are also many people doing Microteatro, which seems to be very fashionable. All these theatrical alternatives that are there are very good also because they offer a way of doing something that neither the television nor the cinema do not offer. If you want to do only cinema, it takes years to see something done and the advantage of the theater is that they are much shorter. And writing a Microteatro is great because it is also a less elitist process than writing, for example, a series. I think this is very necessary, because if not, many young people would throw in the towel. In this stage in which we are, in which it is so complicated find work, you can miss many young writers capable of writing quality stuff. That's why the theater is very good, both in more commercial circuits, as in more alternative venues or in Microteatro. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

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