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Ho'oponopono means "correct an error" or "do the right thing". It is there because we ask for it and so consent... therefore we are responsible for what happens in our world. We have to accept that we have 100% responsibility in the things that happen. The eagerness of this Child is to be happy, like any other child in the world, he loves you and identifies with your physical being. As any child needs you to pay attention, he loves to be pampered and needs to feel truly loved, valued and protected. Bring peace and balance in a simple and effective way, through mental and physical cleansing and through a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation. Ho'oponopono can be used by all people regardless of their age and culture. Things we can achieve with the Ho'oponopono: Solve problems in a simple way. Release the problems that cause you stress, illness and imbalance. Know who you really are and find your identity through introspection and heal yourself, through your deletion of templates, fears, etc. Communicate and protect your inner child, who is your subconscious and who materializes things in your life. Achieve inner peace and balance through spiritual, mental and physical purification. Heal and let go of painful emotional memories without having to relive them. From me to others From others to me. We have to erase the matrix of duality in me that caused me so much pain by living in trial and error. Then let's use the enèrgetic charge of these words that will become our most used mantras: I'm sorry. Ho'oponopono is really very simple. For the ancient Hawaiians all problems are reduced to one thought. But having a thought is not a problem in itself. The problem is that all our thoughts are imbued with painful memories, memories of people, places and things. There are several forms of Ho'oponopono to relieve you of anything you have. Remember that what you see in others is also in you, so healing is a self-healing. Nobody else has to do these processes but you. You say that to recognize that something - without knowing what it is - has entered your body mind. You have no idea how it got there, but you do not need to know it either. For example, if you have depression or sadness, simply clean the program that causes it. By saying "I'm sorry" you tell your divinity that you want forgiveness inside of you for anything that has brought depression to you. You do not ask the deity to forgive you, you ask him to help you forgive you. Then you say, "I love you" and "Thank you." The "I love you" changes the energy of being stuck to flow. It reconnects you with your essence, your divinity. Since the zero state is pure love, and has zero limits, you are beginning to obtain that state by expressing love. When that phrase is followed by a "Thank you" you are expressing gratitude for the opportunity to heal the harmful programs that are in you.

I am not that girl who yesterday stole a kiss, the rainbow that lit my mornings has lost its color. When you lose the trust of the one you love there is nothing, there is no reason to continue those novels if the script is about betrayal. You will not convince me for so many nights of bitterness, the loneliness in my room you were unfaithful, do not play the madman the victim, I am the one who breaks a ray if I forgive you in pain inside me. My Little Heart does not beat without you too much without flavors, I'm looking for love away from you. Noooooo, I need a new love and compassion No, no, no. I cry because I am the guilty The same song and verse, you always tell me that but the damage is done. I am speaking to you with sincerity, please do not leave me. You break my heart, all the time it's the same I love you, I love you. I love you too but... but no. I need a new love and compassion No, no, no. I cry because I am the guilty The same song and verse, always You tell me that but the damage is done. I cry because I am the guilty The same song and verse, you always tell me that but the damage is done. I already have weak heart One day at least, eyes full of tears there is love!

Skip to content A head that works like an internet search engine with 1,239 open tabs, all on time... all the time. Menu And who writes all this? April 11, 2017 carorr1 Comment Centuries - actually, a couple of years ago - without writing on this blog. February 2017 At the end of this essay -which I originally started in the next paragraph- and reread it, I asked myself very important questions that I feel obliged to include. The numbers that are related in parentheses in the body of the text refer to the answers that I have to find once I finish this writing. Feel the reader free to read the full text, without the references, and then retry them. I hope you find it as revealing as I did. This reading was followed by an exercise that further reinforced the content of that phrase, and serves as the starting point for this essay. There is no ideal or perfect life, there are opportunities to live happily. It is said by someone who today writes from a comfortable chair in an illuminated and quiet desk, and whose basic needs are not only satisfied, but generously covered. From the peace is easy to speak of forgiveness and tranquility, and I do so today when I narrate my story, in a version where there is much to tell, and that long ago stopped being a novel to take nuances of "thriller." Having said that, how do I want the rest of my life's story to be told? To begin with, telling a real story is easier. So, what I want is a rest of real life, where who I am shows without pretending that I have qualities that I lack, or skills that I will hardly develop. I know that I have processes to advance to improve several aspects of my personal and professional life, such as my relationships with others, the way I react to stressful situations and the time I spend with my son. However, I do not want to force an appearance of ideal boss, iron woman or perfect mom, because that would not be me. Even without knowing how many chapters will pick up the rest of my story, each of them will carry in its plot a thread based on principles. I do not want out of order events to "spice up" my narrative, and this is where the values ​​that I prioritized in the class exercise will always be present, with no option to exchange. So I promise myself success and immediate and excessive promotion, the balance contained between the happiness of my family, professional development and economic prosperity will not be entangled with traps, stolen merit or lack of truth. When the story refers to my role as a leader, I want the characters in the story to be those who build a definition of my role. I want to mention to you how my passage through their lives was important and powerful, and it marked for them a breaking point between who they were and who they decided to be. I have already avoided episodes of change in the past, but now I have an additional tool that another significant reading of the course of Dimensions of the Leader brought: the solution has stages, and each one is a triumph. Partial, but relevant, and live as a team because a team is reached. And in turn it is unique, but as important as the final triumph. In a world full of injustice and inequality, is it absurd to try to save the world and at the same time be happy? It is not wrong to do things not so well. After all, who has defined the perfect boss-leader-mom? I am clear about what those ties are, why they are so strong and how long they exist. My son Julián enters that select group on March 31, 2015, day in which he celebrates one year outdoors, in the world that changed completely for mom and dad. Julian, I did not want to have a child. You are so "strained" in my life that you perfectly fit in the category of miracle. The announcement of your existence, as surprising as it was absurd, seemed like a practical joke to a woman who considered her relocation process to be over the world. You arrived just when the loads were balanced, the plans were going, and the happiness had settled permanently in the house that I shared with your father. The news of your implantation in my belly was given at the perfect time for you, and in the least indicated for us. The commitment to be the best in everything I undertook in life I had set years ago. When you were four months pregnant, your older brother died. The tragedy that this meant, and the miracle you were already, put in context the reason for your magical appearance in our marriage. Without you, son, we would never have overcome as a couple what happened. The day they buried your brother I felt you move for the first time. That day I cried some tears that were not mine, and the pain of never seeing Esteban again was your pain, of that I am sure. Sadness came from my belly, not from my heart. What came next was a conscious and objective process of falling in love between you and me that, whom I want to cheat, took a moment. I dedicated myself to love you in private since then. The end of our pregnancy was hard, and your arrival in the world meant a lot of fear for both of you. Death passed through the clinic where you and I slept in separate rooms, looked at us out of the corner of your eye, and did not dare to touch you for fear of this woman who became a beast since she first saw you. And you turn a year and mom, like every night, will tell you that she loves you very much before putting you in your crib. Forgive me for those four months when I do not love you so much. And may my sincere apology be rewarded with the honor of hearing you call me mom until the last day of my life. Loving is the greatest magic act you will perform in your life. Julian: you are my main act. Erika: Manager, mother of Nicolás and angel expert. Nico taught him that there is nothing more harmless than eating sweets, with his prior authorization. Raccoon: the best niece of the best aunt in the world, and the cousin whom Julian will call aunt. The key that opens all the doors of the world is a "please". The key that guarantees that they will reopen several more times is a "thank you". Mona: The strongest woman and good life I know. Expert in slaps with silk gloves, recommended to enjoy each scenario of life, and to dream without stopping. I'm sure she's sitting in a bottle of Old Parr. Olguita: Five minutes with her and you already met 28 different women, all of them wonderful. Do not leave your dog and your cat alone long, it's not good for your health! Magda, Milo's wife. If you want to know what it feels like to be positive all the time and complain very little, she is the one to explain it. Better known as the Tia Gallinas, she has adopted from cats to horses, and is our official supplier of happy hens' eggs. Loving animals is not just having them in the house, it is taking care of them, playing with them without hurting them, and preventing them from mating without birth control. Pili: She is what I love the most, and it is because of faces like the one she has in this photo that I still speak to her and I will never stop calling her on her birthday. The world is yours with a smile. The one who is a gentleman, repeats ice cream. And learn how to say please and thank you in widely spoken languages! Saly: bonuses by chance, friends by decision. Lesson learned from my husband today, a year after going alone to pick up the little angel who cares for Julian from heaven. No one asked him how he was all year. Throughout the year, they did not think about how hard it was to see him laugh with a new son, even though he started from the inside because he lost another. It is no sadder who cries the most. Stealing phrases will never be the same. Today you would do me so much good Mamarrana. Colombia is not a living room, but a place that could be beautiful and full of people the kind life in front of so many things going wrong. Our ruling class is not reliable, and those who are good have so many enemies that they become the fresh apple that will never be able to recover the rotten ones. To the common question "if they complain so much why they do not leave", the answer is "because we do not know where", or if they receive us elsewhere, or that we would do away with a place where tragedies are overcome with such good encouragement and such a bad memory. I, who was a declared Santista, admired the courage with which the current president detached himself from the puppeteer who put him in power, and initiated a government that regained its interest in the social. That, and an overrated military ego. But it is not what they have done as rulers, which leaves both a lot to be desired, which ended up defining my vote. It's what they did and are doing as candidates. His flag: more of the same as he did for eight years. Santos's: more of the same that he has done in these four. Then Enrique Peñalosa appears in the story. With the best perception of image among Colombians, and having been the only one able to get Uribe to hold a megaphone, I decided that I will vote for him. I stop being a Santista to vote for some ideas that I share, a program that makes sense, a group of very capable people and a dream. The dream of a "real change, do not stay bogged down between a bad present, nor go back to the past."

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