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JavaScript is required to view this site. It is not necessary to be anyone other than oneself. It is always to submit to the clear nakedness of a silence. The Argentine author achieves this conception by her constant allusion to death, which is ardently and explicitly desired throughout her life: "Death is a word. The word is one thing, death is a thing, it is a poetic body that encourages in the place of my birth ". This is called staying with the best portion and looking good. It is a curse because it compels and drags, like a painful vice from which it is impossible to get rid of. And it is a salvation because it saves the day that is lived and that is never understood unless it is written. It is like calling difficult to the extremely neat and natural way in which a flower is made. I can not write while I am anxious, because I do everything possible so that the hours pass. Writing is to prolong time, divide it into particles of seconds, giving each of them an irreplaceable life. To write is to use the word as bait, to catch what is not a word. Once the line is caught, with relief the word can be thrown out. But precisely because of this we must guard ourselves well from turning them into idols, that is, into instruments of our laziness. And this is worth much more than "culture"; more still: it is the true culture. Need to understand others, a charitable attitude towards others, which is ultimately the only way to understand and love ourselves; the culture starts here. The first thing he does is scream at me. The sound of my steps going to my room, the first tears spill as soon as I'm sure you've lost sight of me. But answer already, that is homework.

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