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Choice and delimitation of the topic. Location selection and collection of information from different sources. Design of the scheme of work. 13 4.3.5 Systematization of information in various types of cards. Preparation of the draft report 28 Drafting of a Draft 28 4.3.9. In the documentary research the data collection is done by means of tokens. If it is secondary internal information it is because it has been created in the past by the same researcher, and if it is external it is because it was generated by third parties external to it. This type of source is very useful because it avoids doing research where others have already done it, to save time, effort and save on costs. In addition, a single researcher may not be able to collect all the information he needs first-hand. The techniques are made up of a series of instruments that we must know clearly and precisely. These instruments are the registration forms and the investigation cards. In the Mexican educational context, the record cards are known as bibliographic records. The latter must be considered as a source of documentary information where the student must recognize its value and relevance for the research work. There are many criteria for the so-called Cybergraphy. Remember, that the use of these materials should be recorded in your bibliography. And do not forget to mention the source that you consult, in this case, the present blog or the original site where I upload the presentations. As always, I hope it will help you to prepare your research project or your research work. text, magazine articles or encyclopedias. Magazines Electronic addresses. Instrument or technique of general investigation whose purpose is to obtain data and information from documentary sources in order to be used within the limits of a specific investigation. Record the exact words of the author, so you must faithfully reproduce the original text. The text should appear in quotes. It should only be elaborated in a few occasions. They record in a few words the main ideas of the text read. They should include a central idea and the arguments that allow for their understanding. Steps of documentary research. In accordance with the plan elaborated on the final structure of the work, the results and findings on the subject are presented and the conclusions reached by the researcher are presented. The documentary investigation is the search of a specific answer from the investigation of documents. How to locate information books: reading that deals with an extended topic. Thesis: is a research work, written, required to obtain a degree in different professional and academic degrees. monographs: they are studies on a special topic and not very extensive. manuals: are instructions that help to carry out an activity. documents: studies that approve or accredit one thing. reports: they are exhibitions on a subject. news: they contain an elementary degree of knowledge. They are the product of an investigation or an eminently creative activity. They are specially designed to facilitate and maximize access to primary sources or their contents. They make up the reference collection of the library and facilitate control and access to primary sources. 3.- Tertiary: are physical or virtual guides that contain information about secondary sources. They are part of the library's reference collection. They facilitate the control and access to any range of reference repertoires, such as reference works guides or to a single type, such as bibliographies. It aims to complete the process of developing a project step by step. Prepare a outline of the work you are going to do. Sort the information you have obtained according to this scheme. Quote the sources during the writing Attend the presentation of the main ideas Start with an introduction in which you explain what you are going to write about and why, the methodology used depending on the type of work, etc. Develop the body of work in chapters, if the extension requires it, and each chapter in different parts, separated by appropriate titles. Follow the methodological norms in use; see how the notes and bibliography are used in the publications that are handled in the race. The activities indicated here are not definitive. The specification of the activities depends on the type of study that is desired. Prepare an index that includes the different chapters or parts of the work; You can go to the beginning or end of it. The registration and systematization of qualitative information are mediating processes between the collection and generation of information and its analysis. The systematic and rigorous recording of the information allows to put in order the accumulation of information collected or generated in the investigative process in such a way that its recovery is agile and efficient. In the same way, the field work makes it possible to generate an accumulation of information that needs to be registered and systematized to enable its analysis and interpretation. The work of registration and systematization becomes difficult not only for the time it requires, but also for the incipient use by researchers of uniform systems for the description of documents and information generated in the field work and for its appropriation. These personal systems not only limit the exchange of information, even among the members of the research team, but can lead to losses due to errors or omissions in the registry, hindering their recovery and interpretation. In general, the texts on qualitative research are little concerned with the organization, filing and systematization of information. In this way, it must contain the identification data of the source investigated. Its elements are the following: Bibliographical. This type of cards refers to the bibliographic data of magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc. It refers to the signing of collective works and book chapters. Year of publication, page. The line is headed with the preposition En, followed by two points. Title of the book underlined or in italics, followed by a period. They can be cited in the text with the following format:. Those consulted in databases located in an institution and those provided by commercial information search services. Also, it must be taken into account that electronic information is modified frequently and some data may vary over time. The title of the material, accompanied by the information, was necessary to identify its nature. The data for its location. It is also necessary to explain the way of recording the location data of the reference. If authorship does not appear, it will start with the title of the document, adding after the date, the name of the institution to which the site where the information was found and the description of the medium in square brackets. It is easy to recognize the title of a document and register according to the known standards for printed documents. However, there are special cases: In the references taken from discussion groups, news and bulletins, the line identifying the subject is used as the title. If there is no identification on the subject, the reference will be registered as a document without title, with the letters s.t. When you need to quote a Gopher Menu without a title, the description of the content will be used, placing it in brackets in the position of the title. Alternatively it can be taken as a reference without title. The last elements of the record of the own reference of the electronic sources in lines, are the location data. It is recommended to use the copy functions of the browser screen and paste to a worksheet type text, to avoid errors. As the digital pages are updated frequently, it is convenient to place the date on which the query of the investigated material has been made. The basic model is the following: Author. Available: Company that publishes or name that identifies the product and identification number of the material if it exists. The basic model for this type of reference is as follows: Author. Title, Publication data if the book already existed in printed form. Available: electronic address. Articles in periodicals. Title of the publication, Volume, pages if they exist. Available: electronic address Presentations and presentations at events. Available: electronic address. Degree, promotion and similar jobs. Works not published in print media. This group includes articles, papers, documents of any kind with personal or institutional authorship, that do not contain information on previous publication in a printed medium. To identify them, the generic expression of. Institution and locality, if they exist. Available: electronic address. When the reference to be registered is a complete site of institutional information maintained by an organization, the name of the organization fulfills at the same time the function of author and title. The model is: Name of the organization. Available: electronic address 4.3.7. Logical construction of the critical apparatus The critical apparatus is the fundamental and most important source material that go along with the publication of a text. A critical apparatus is often a derivative of textual criticism. Many editions use a standard set-up of a critical apparatus, in its line of history that is used, since it is in other works. There is a lot of information in the device, which in most pages takes more space than the original text, and this can give the impression that the text is not correct. An edition can contain the text and an apparatus that has eight lines of text and around 36 lines of clarifications. The reason why we have so many differences registered in critical editions like Tischendorf is that there is a lot of evidence for the text. In addition to the Greek manuscripts, there are many types of manuscripts of antiquity, including Latin Vulgate that exceeds eight thousand. Personal textbooks vary some are determined by the device element, which brings together all the readings that consist of variation. The recognition of different textual device or input variations is not a single mechanical process; the meaning of the motto may vary, according to the content and use of the motto. In the dictionary the slogan may be present in the header of the text. What is a draft First writing of a writing in which the necessary additions, deletions or corrections can be made before writing the final writing. Steps to create a draft Relax. Breathe deeply several times. You can do anything that helps you feel better physically, such as stretching. Remember, anxiety and tension is the staunch rival of any writer. If you are relaxed and confident in what you are going to do, this will help you come up with something better. Remember, you are preparing a draft. You have the need to focus on the ideas of your research. It does not matter if the flow is correct or dirty, you just have to go in writing the ideas. Yes, instead of looking or imagining, start writing something. It does not matter if it makes any sense or relates to the research work. You need to start writing something. You should think of all the highlights pointing out what seems to be remotely related to the subject. It is necessary to give a creative turn in the writing process. You can make mailing lists of all the facts that are included in your research and find connections with drawing lines that get involved. By freely writing anything relevant to the subject that comes to mind is also useful. For this, you can think of informative reviews and exchange of ideas. Therefore, it will be easy to extract an idea that is relatively more important than you need to put the idea to a test. You have to think of something innovative and interesting. By making use of the recently discovered thesis statement, you can start the first paragraphs. In this way, create successive topic phrases that offer supporting data for your idea of ​​control. You can choose any way to sketch, making it easy for you to work with them. Go through each phrase of the topic. Write down the answers to the questions. Think of one side of the reader too. Put aside the elaborated project for two to four hours after having worked on it. To avoid this, here are the 8 most effective steps to correct texts successfully: While correcting texts requires maximum concentration and focus, it can be boring. It is recommended that while you do it, try to relax your mind doing something else that prevents you from getting bored but allows you to stay focused. For example, you can eat something, chew gum, or listen to classical music. The more familiar something is, the harder it will be to notice. For this reason there will be times that we revise the same text 10 times without noticing that something is missing in a sentence. By being so familiar with the text, we believe that sentence is complete. We tend to make the same mistakes several times. Many times we will realize that we make the same mistake when writing a certain word. The ideal is to recognize what our weaknesses are when writing a text, in order to compensate for them. The author of the text is the least indicated to review his work. Therefore, once again, it is recommended that a third party selflessly review the project in question. Focus on only one type of error at a time. Focusing on several types of errors at the same time increases the probability of missing one. Do not check your work on the computer screen. The ideal is to print a copy of the work, and on paper review it again and again, until you are sure that there are no more mistakes. Of course, it is recommended that this be done with natural and powerful light, so as not to strain the eyesight and to avoid confusion or omissions of errors. Do not even consider reviewing your work if you are tired or stressed. Choose a quiet place to avoid distractions. If we are in a place full of people, with loud music or with the television on, our review will be unsuccessful. The ideal is to find a quiet, solitary place, and if necessary, ask those around us not to bother or distract us since we will be reviewing a job and we need space and tranquility. The way you write is very important for your personal branding, since it demonstrates the way you communicate and your level of culture and education. That is why it is important that you always try to write correctly, with good spelling and grammar, and above all, that you review any text that you are going to publish. Keep in mind that your institution may vary some of these parameters. Sangria: It is necessary to leave 5 spaces in the first line of each paragraph. The numbers begin on the title page or cover page of the document and should be located in the upper right corner. rev Editor: ed Translator: trad. María del espció Espinosa Ávila for seeing this subject of research fundamentals given, since with great encouragement and insistence she supported us in the field of reading, searching in different search engines. Keywords: E-commerce, fraud, trust and transaction. Online Trust........................................................................................... Confianza Online......................................................................................................... 8 Figure 2. At the end of the 90's with internet commerce Electronic grew as never before. Technology has evolved and this new way of buying and selling through the internet has turned out to be very satisfactory today because the vast majority of people are buying in this medium, since it is very useful, easy and accessible including sound, text and image. In this society Tuxtepecana are also acquiring online. 2012 white book of electronic commerce. The Code also devotes a title to the rules on accessibility and usability "2nd. 2012 white book of electronic commerce. Knowing the guidelines of the risks and types of fraud we want to get a more favorable environment for individuals who buy on the internet. Specific: Identifies basic concepts of research fundamentals as a process of social construction. White paper of electronic commerce. Fraud in electronic commerce. Electronic commerce and payment by credit card. Security in the electronic commerce. This information is due to a project of the administrative function subject, since we are entering the search engines. Today many people are not attracted to reading, and this brings us many benefits, very apart from the knowledge we acquired in carrying it out. Name of the table.................................................................................................... 2 Below is an investigation about the lilac color, its origin, what it represents in humans, etc. Make known a little more about this color, that people know its meaning, what colors are used to form it and not what it represents. This is an idealized model, based on the biological response of the recipient cells of the human eye in the presence of certain frequencies of light and their interferences, and is dependent on the subjective perception of the human brain in this group we find the colors blue and red yellow. Here we have a wide range of colors, taking for example red. You can also create variants of existing colors but with another hue, for example dark blue or orange yellow. Black, white, gray and sometimes brown are considered under this category. Violet is the color that is perceived before the photo reception of a light whose dominant wavelength measures between 380 and 420 nm. It is between blue and purple, so it can also be called purple blue. The original reference of violet color are the petals of the homonymous plants of the genus Viola. It is standardized in catalogs of colors and chromatic inventories, this "standard" violet serving as a model and reference for violet color. The standard violet can be seen in the box on the right, above; the values ​​given below correspond to it. The color designation "violet" covers a set of colors similar to the standard color, violet, as well as the tones that constitute the extreme part of the visible spectrum. which is between blue light and ultraviolet radiation. Violet or purple is the color of ambivalent feelings. Many people can not distinguish between violet and lilac. The difference is that violet is a mixture of red and blue, while lilac is violet with white, that is, it is a violet with a high key. In no other color do qualities as opposite as in violet come together: it is the union of red and blue, of masculine and feminine, of sensuality and spirituality. The union of opposites determines the symbolism of violet. In Italian violet is viola, "violence", violenza and violare, rape. Historically violet purple was the color of the powerful, of those who ruled. Formerly the color to honor God, was the same color as that of the sovereigns. The preparation of a violet or purple dress lasted for years, and wearing something purple if it did not belong to the social class authorized to do so, was punished with the penalty of death. In Rome, purple was by law the imperial color. Goethe states that this color causes an impression of serious dignity. In contrast to power, violet is also the color of penance and sobriety, and one of the colors of devotion and faith. According to Escudero the violet has been assigned a symbolism of resignation; It has meant love, passion, truth and penance. It is the color of eternity and justice. In the Evangelical Church, violet is still the ecclesiastical color. Violet is the color of the divine. Violet is the most unique and extravagant color of colors. Lilac and violet are the colors that are rarely seen in nature. Both are called scarce flowers or fruits of these colors. The violet flower even gives its name to the iodine chemical element: in classical Greek, violet is ion, from which iodine is derived. When the iodine heats up, it gives off violet vapors. But violet is the least natural of colors. Violet is the color of magic, the hidden, the fantasy, the transmigration of souls and the esoteric. It is the color of superstition. It combines feeling and understanding, love and abstinence. In him all the opposites merge. Mark the boundary between the visible and the invisible. At night it is the last color before total darkness. It symbolizes the disturbing side of fantasy, the longing to make the impossible possible. In esotericism, violet corresponds to the color of the brain, where feelings are united with the understanding. Le Heard associates it with the time in which the experiences of the individual are transformed into wisdom, the stage of good judgment and benevolence. s also the color of vanity and one of the colors of the feminine. Whoever wears violet wants to attract attention. Violet and lilac have always been the preferred colors for packaging chocolates. It is the color of "beautiful" sins, of "sweet" sins. It is the color of feminism, one of the three colors of the feminist movement: violet, white and green. The violet, color of the sovereigns, symbolized the real blood that flowed through the veins of each fighter for the right to vote for women, their conscience of freedom and dignity. Violet is also the color of sinful sexuality, of forbidden sex, of uninhibited sex. It is also the color of homosexuality. In him the masculine is united with the feminine, no other color could symbolize better the homosexuality. In the times in which sexuality was discriminated against and punished, lilac shirts and violet scarves were discrete signs among those who "understood" each other. Lüscher says that violet is chosen by homosexuals and lesbians as compensation for their emotional insecurity; He also identifies it to represent an intimate and erotic union. It is the color of ambiguity, the inadequate and the subjective. It is also the color of the original and the fashion. Aesthetically, he is considered too daring to dress. Violet was the favorite color of art nouveau. At that time nature seemed so stylized that it seemed created by designers, and violet occupied a position of honor. The demonic female figures of art nouveau artists, such as Gustav Klimt, often dress in violet, almost always combined with silver and gold. In the paintings of the time there were hardly any primary colors, because the non-artificial, the natural, could not be art. It is also the color of vanity and one of the colors of the feminine. Whoever wears violet wants to attract attention. Violet and lilac have always been the preferred colors for packaging chocolates. It is the color of "beautiful" sins, of "sweet" sins. It is the color of feminism, one of the three colors of the feminist movement: violet, white and green. The violet, color of the sovereigns, symbolized the real blood that ran through the veins of each fighter for the right to the feminine vote, her conscience of freedom and dignity. Violet is also the color of sinful sexuality, of forbidden sex, of uninhibited sex. It is also the color of homosexuality. In him the masculine is united with the feminine, no other color could symbolize better the homosexuality. In the times in which sexuality was discriminated against and punished, lilac shirts and violet scarves were discrete signs among those who "understood" each other. Lüscher says that violet is chosen by homosexuals and lesbians as compensation for their emotional insecurity; He also identifies it to represent an intimate and erotic union. It is the color of ambiguity, the inadequate and the subjective. It is also the color of the original and the fashion. Aesthetically, he is considered too daring to dress. Violet was the favorite color of art nouveau. At that time nature seemed so stylized that it seemed created by designers, and violet occupied a position of honor. The demonic female figures of art nouveau artists, such as Gustav Klimt, often dress in violet, almost always combined with silver and gold. In the paintings of the time there were hardly any primary colors, because the non-artificial, the natural, could not be art. The lilac color is found in nature and blends harmoniously with other natural tones. It is considered a cold color that naturally introduces calm and relaxation into a space. The lilac is created by mixing the colors red and blue to make violet and adding white clarifies it. You can understand how any color is made, including lilac, knowing a little about color theory. Even so, there are still men who are also inclined to have a certain preference for this color, showing attitudes similar to those of women. In addition to detaching even more an extreme intuition of things that happen around you and that at first glance you do not realize or do not reach to perceive, which in turn causes you despair. I thank my parents Manuel and Cristina for supporting me at all times, for the values ​​they have instilled in me, and for giving me the opportunity to have an excellent education throughout my life. Especially for being an excellent example of life to follow. To my brother for being an important part of my life and representing the family unit. To my teacher Rocío for giving me the time and the required teaching. To my friends to always be and trust me. He dedicated this research to my parents who supported me all the time. To my teacher Rocío who never gave up on teaching me even though she did not pay attention to her class many times. To tophi those who supported me to write and conclude the investigation. For them it is this dedication because it is to them that I owe their unconditional support. Color and its symbolism are a reality that has been part of our social environment throughout history. Through it, with special emphasis on the color black and its trajectory. The perception that each culture has of the dark, object of fascination and fear, is impregnated with very old emotions. The black is at the same time the death and the matrix of the origins, the absolute silence of the disappearance and the tumultuous resonance that accompanies the whole birth. The color black is full of fecund contradictions. According to the two main theories on creation, both religious and astrophysics, consider the color black as precedent of all others. In addition, with this work we present the origin and meaning of black color and its importance in our society. Animal pigment................................................................................................ 5 4.1.2. This research will be specifically about the color black which is a precedent of all colors, considered the symbol of silence, mystery and sometimes can mean impure and evil. Confers nobility and elegance, especially when it is bright; The color Black has origins from the religiosite mentioned in the Bible specifically in genesis as well as theoretically by the big-bang theory "Black Matter". This research is aimed at any reader who needs to know a little about the black color. Finally, the conclusions and recommendations as well as the biographies consulted and some points are presented. The accomplishment of this study will allow to know the origins and different aspects so much religious, theoretical, astrophysical, cultural among other aspects that define to the black color. To have knowledge of the definition in the different aspects of the black color. The black is at the same time the death and the matrix of the origins the absolute silence and the tumultuous resounding. The only substance that makes it possible to get solid blacks is gill, also called oak seed. It is produced by an insect laying eggs on the leaves of the oaks. Its use has been practiced since ancient times, but it was very expensive and only a few could afford it. There are numerous black pigments of vegetable origin. It was used to decorate ceramics, the walls of houses or to dye. Used especially in Africa and Asia. Genesis "the earth was chaos and confusion: darkness covered the abyss. Big-bang theory "Black matter" Table 1. Added to the previous point, anyone who uses black as their best companion can be opening the doors of sophistication without any problem. There is no color that contributes more this trait. The shapes tend to become less thick when the black color approaches that object, that is the effect produced in our eye. That is why women adore it, because when wearing a black garment they look more stylized and thin; also artists and designers use it to give shadows and exaltation to their creations. It is the neutral color par excellence, that apart it combines with everything. It is hoped that it will be of great help in facilitating future research on the aforementioned subject and thus obtain a perspective that will be more than analyzed. Finally, mentioning some source from which the different points of information mentioned were taken and thus enrich our knowledge of the subject. Within the research topic, it is always desired that there be a continuous improvement of it; therefore it is recommended to future students who have an interest in the subject the complementation, analysis and increase of information in the different aspects on the subject. One more recommendation is to analyze the different points of view both positive and negative of the subject. The true history of colors. Organic Law, of May 3, on Education. Colors: history of its meaning and manufacture. Astrophysics: Part of astronomy that studies the properties of the stars as well as their origin and evolution, using the methods and laws of physics. Writing techniques: coherence, concordance. Rules and spelling and punctuation rules. Typology of academic texts as tools of scientific knowledge. When we say "types or forms of expression", it refers to the way in which people interact with the other and can be developed in two ways: orally or through writing. These forms have distinctions between them, although both respond to the communicative process; It is thus that on occasions it is said that human beings write better than we speak and these variations or differences will be discussed below. The sender can retract what he says. There is interaction, feedback, feedback between speakers. The words as they are said are gone, that is, the communication disappears or it is ephemeral and lasts what the sound remains in the environment, no more time. Verbal and non-verbal supports are used, as well as paraverbal elements at the moment of the communicative action. This causes a greater concentration of the reader, because to understand the proposed idea must analyze the content and evaluate the forms of the writing or the meaning that it has. The writing has a higher level of elaboration than oral communication, because it tends to be more careful of the words that are expressed. Also, there is the possibility to erase and fix misconduct or misconceptions, as deemed by the issuer. There is the possibility of rereading, that the addressee or reader revises the times you want the document or writing, because this type of communication remains in time. There is no instantaneous or direct interaction between sender and receiver. The verbal support that is the basis of this communication is writing, words. That does not imply that the text can not carry graphics, drawings or designs, but the primary thing will be the written lexicon. It is the name given to the discipline and regulations that establish the techniques to express themselves and to write, in the press organs and in other journalistic lines. This structure is called an inverted pyramid. Among the best and most respected communicators, openness and balance are fundamental factors in the verbal or written presentation of the issues. The particular editorial policies determine or not the use of adjectives, euphemisms, and popular slang, depending on the population to which it is intended to direct and attend. Newspapers with an international reading public, for example, generally use a more formal style of writing. Specifically, journalistic writing should be intelligible to most potential readers and listeners, as well as concise and motivating. Within these limits, the issues addressed in general must be understandable to a majority, and satisfy the curiosity and interest of the recipients. Journalists must anticipate the doubts and concerns of the recipients, and respond appropriately. In many Indo-European languages ​​with flexion, the agreement affects, for example, one of these features: grammatical gender, grammatical number, grammatical case, grammatical person. Also within the European languages ​​there are at least two types of agreement: nominal and verbal. In the Romance languages, in Greek and in Slavic languages ​​there is a polarity concordance, by which in a negative sentence the indefinite ones that appear must have a negative form. Branch of grammar that establishes the rules for the correct way to write the words; In order to facilitate the understanding of its meaning and communication between people. Capitals are used in all the words when it comes to the title of a document, or a chapter of it; and with still more exceptional character, to emphasize them. The capitals of ch and ll, are Ch and Ll. The conjugated forms of verbs. Punctuation rules Punctuation marks are interspersed in the writing, with the purpose of incorporating inflections that contribute in a very important way for the adequate understanding of the meaning of sentences and of written documents, in general. As a general rule, punctuation marks are written immediately before or after the word, without leaving space; although there is some exception. Punctuation marks are used: The comma To indicate a brief pause, and to insert short explanatory or complementary sentences within the main one. The semicolon is a sign of use similar to the comma, but requires special care in its use; and whose proper use allows to achieve very valuable sentences and expressions. Especially in extended sentences, it allows to separate periods endowed with a certain degree of independence, but not that they justify starting a new sentence. In other cases, it allows to make successive enunciations composed of several words occasionally separated in turn by commas, which are correlated with the central idea of ​​the sentence, considered in its entirety. The point To indicate the end of the sentence. It can also be used when a known expression is left truncated, that the listener or reader surely knows, also with the purpose of giving a tone of irony. Question marks Open and close a question. Of course, the final sign indicates that the interrogative sentence has ended; and therefore, it is neither necessary nor appropriate for a point to be placed. The signs of admiration Open and close an exclamatory or admiring expression. As in the case of the interrogation closure, it is neither necessary nor appropriate for a point to be added to the admiration closure. The writing is not simply a report on results, it is a reworking of existing knowledge, obtained or not by the author, which is organized for specific expository purposes. Executive text: it encourages the interlocutor to take some action.} Expressive text: reveals the subjectivity of the speaker. Description and special treaty of a certain part of a science, or of a particular subject. The types of monographs are:} Compilation monograph.} Experiences analysis monograph. Often, but not always, the essay is short and presents an informal style. But without a doubt, every essay is loaded by the personal vision of the person who writes it. This is a factor that we can never forget. The writer, delivers a personal and unique vision on the subject to be treated. A review is a descriptive-informative text. Usually follow the following scheme: introduction, expository summary, critical comment and conclusion. Thesis} It is a proposition that can be sustained or demonstrated by appropriate proofs and reasoning. It is a serious and well thought-out work that serves as a conclusion to several years of studies, demonstrating the aspirations of the applicant in the field of research and giving him the opportunity to do on his own a meaningful inquiry. Thesis} It is a denomination not universally used that serves to designate short or medium-length works that are presented for their corresponding academic evaluation. From the pedagogical point of view, they fulfill the same role as the so-called monographs. Protocol It is the document that describes:} Hypothesis to investigate.} Informé de investigación} It is a generic denomination that serves simply to indicate that what is written is an exposition of a scientific inquiry already carried out. In this sense it does not allow to open judgment about the nature of the same, its type or magnitude, or the purposes to which it is directed. In the same way, it can serve merely informative purposes or, on the contrary, be the basis for subsequent decision-making in any field of activity. Everyone has the right to creative freedom, that is, that we inform ourselves and express what we want to make known. He talks about the publication and distribution of third-party texts as if they were his own works, this causes deception and conceals information, it is a falsification of certifications and usurpation. The sanctions provided for historically are for two different behaviors, one against the false attribution of authorship and the other for the unauthorized publication of a work. Plagiarism: action or effect of "plagiarize" to copy in the substantial works of others, giving them as their own. Plagiarism is totally unethical and legally punished since it is a virtual, redactive, analytical or self-expression theft which, taken as its own without having made it, is considered plagiarism since it is a written work of some thinker or author. This entails from the moral to the legal and according to the tax code this can be sanctioned since in the very back times; These types of actions were not punishable. Consequently, the institutions and universities are exposing students so that when they carry out their own works and take part of others prescribed, they use certain tools to recognize them. From the legal point of view, plagiarism is a violation of copyright over an artistic or intellectual work of any kind, which is incurred when an external work is presented as its own or original. Plagiarism consists of "borrowing words or ideas from others and making them appear as their own without expressly acknowledging having done so". Therefore, each time you write a document that requires research, you must inform your readers where you got the ideas and assertions or data that are not your own. Whether you directly quote or summarize the information, you must acknowledge your sources, citing them. In fact, Colombian legislation does recognize plagiarism as a crime. It states that eight years is the maximum sanction for someone who is caught copying a work. Quote the phrase or paragraph directly from the original and accredit the authority and source by means of a quotation or bibliographic reference. Academic plagiarism from the perspective of the right of self. The notion that we now have of plagiarism had its origin in the light of a different concept and was relative to theft; the author Antonio Agúndez. Academic plagiarism from the perspective of copyright. 18 1 Basic concepts of research foundations as a process of social construction 22 1.1 Man-knowledge-reality relationship. 22 1.1.1 Concepts of reality and knowledge. 23 1.1.2 Knowledge acquisition process. 25 1.2 Science construction process. 32 1.2.1 Definition and characteristics of science. 42 1.4.1 Definition of method and technique. 52 1.4.3 Characteristics, stages and rules of the scientific method. 60 1.5 The research and the researcher 62 1.5.1. Likewise, the research has a series of characteristics that help the researcher to be effectively governed in it. It is fundamental for the student and for the professional, it represents part of the professional highway before, during and after achieving the profession; She escorts us from the initiation of studies and life itself. There is a process and exact objectives for all types of research. In the same way it helps us to optimize the study since it allows us to establish contact with reality in order to know it better, the purpose of this lies in exposing new proposals or transforming existing ones, in developing the notions; It is the way to get to elaborate theories. In short, the investigative diligence is conducted effectively through a series of elements that make the object viable to knowledge and whose wise choice and application will largely obey the success of the research work. Complex thought: it was coined by the French philosopher Edgar Mutín and refers to the ability to interconnect different dimensions of reality. Faced with the emergence of facts or multidimensional objects, interactive and with random components, the subject is obliged to develop a strategy of thought that is not reductive or totalizing, if not reflexive. Society of knowledge: it is a concept that apparently summarizes the social transformations that are taking place in modern society and serves to analyze these transformations. At the same time it offers a vision of the future to normally guide political actions. However, it has had an unequal adaptation in the different linguistic areas, concurring also with other terms such as information society and network society. Society of information: movement that arises from the pre-eminence of new information technologies in all spheres. Social intervention has a spatial scope that is defined according to the uniqueness of each circumstance, problem or demand. The ways of understanding and explaining will be different according to the conceptual theoretical frameworks that are used, the ideological postulates and the influences of the time of those who intervene. The intervention is a mechanism that makes see what is behind, beyond its "backdrop" and the scenario of the intervention can be understood as the micro social space where it is constructed and developed. The relationships between discourse and intervention propose the emergence of a set of practices, categories of analysis and meanings that confer different meanings to the intervention. Everyday life Intervention in the social implies denaturing certain experiences of the everyday and making them visible in the sphere of that "other". In a literal sense, indexing means to include in an index and this is a list of objects that indicate or lead towards something; generally its location. In the documentary field, an index is an instrument for the selective storage of information that facilitates its subsequent recovery. Then we have that an index facilitates the search of information and helps to select more thoroughly what the researcher needs. When an article is indexed, it means that it has gone through a process of selection and analysis by institutions or documentary companies that perform this work. All of them are developed within the concept of free access and are characterized by using the Internet network so that the databases are available to whoever wants to use them. Within constructionism, a social construction is a concept or practice that may seem natural and obvious to those who accept it but in reality it is an invention or cultural artifact or a particular society. A refereed journal is one that submits its articles to the review of experts on the subject that is being discussed. Main characteristics: A peer-reviewed journal must be supported by a series of international editorial policies and standards, which give it consistency and certify its quality in the content and in the review and editing processes. Methodology used for the evaluation of articles that will be published in peer-reviewed or indexed journals Semi-annual or annual publications are evaluated with a minimum of three different fascicles. Clearly indicate the purpose of the publication. Expressly indicate the thematic coverage of the journal. Mention if the journal is included in any indexing service, summaries, directories or databases. Mention of the conditions under which the content distribution rights are reserved. Mention of the editorial body indicating the name of each member or that of a scientific officer, their institutional affiliation and country. At least two thirds of the editorial board must be external to the publishing entity. The name of the publisher, publisher or equivalent must be stated in the journal. The journal must express or mention on the cover its periodicity or, failing that, the number of issues it will publish in the year. A search engine is a computer system that searches for files stored on web servers thanks to its "spider". An example is the Internet search engines when information is requested on some topic. Search engines create listings of websites using spiders that crawl web pages, index their information and follow the links from them to other pages. Types of search engines Thematic indexes: These are search systems by topics or hierarchical categories. Search engines: They are search systems by keywords. They are databases that automatically incorporate web pages through "robots" of search in the network. Require many resources to operate. They are not available to anyone. They go through the pages collecting information about the contents of the pages, mainly the text that appears in them. Not many computer resources are required. They are widespread in the network for these reasons. Instead, more human support and maintenance is required. It is the ability to perform well in complex and authentic contexts. It is based on the integration and activation of knowledge, skills, skills, attitudes and values. Competences that are necessary to master a knowledge, and then apply it to a specific area. These skills are also used as attributes, characteristics and qualities, since they are capable of developing in everyday learning. It is a characteristic of the person who comes into play when responding to a request from the organizational environment and considered essential in the workplace to transform knowledge into behavior. The term is used to indicate broad-spectrum capabilities, not specific to a profession or organizational environment and is applicable to diverse tasks and contexts. They are the notions that express knowledge, skills and attitudes that consider the minimum necessary in each disciplinary field so that students develop effectively in different contexts and situations throughout life. Capacity is the set of resources and skills that an individual has to perform a certain task. In this sense, this notion is linked to education, the latter being a process of incorporating new tools to function in the world. It consists in dividing the analyzed object in as many parts as possible, until reaching the simplest elements. It is the construction of something new from different elements. This construction can be done by joining parts: merging them or organizing them in different ways. 1º Identify our need for information - What do I want to find? A search for a thesis is not the same as for a project, report or other research work. 2º Select the appropriate sources of information After reflecting on our topic and being clear about our need for information, we can select the database that best fits with it. Given the information available, the mind performs different operations to convert the data into knowledge. There is still another operation that is creativity or Divergent Production, but it is not evaluated at this time because it requires a very different instrument to this diagnosis. The critical capacity is one that takes form individually when giving conclusions of a text or particular actions being able to reflect and give a neutral position before it, without doubt using knowledge and the cultivation of the imagination. The criticism adds the formulation of the pros and cons in thinking and decide according to the evidence. Ability to distinguish the own defects and, facing them, to propose to do the best possible so that they do not continue repeating. Teamwork refers to the series of strategies, procedures and methodologies used by a human group to achieve the proposed goals. The characteristics of teamwork are: It is a harmonious integration of functions and activities developed by different people. For its implementation it requires that the responsibilities be shared by its members. It requires that the activities carried out be carried out in a coordinated manner. To work as a team it is essential to promote communication channels, both formal and informal, while eliminating communication barriers and also promoting adequate feedback. There must be a harmonious work environment, which allows and promotes the participation of the members of the teams, where disagreement is used to seek an improvement in performance. It is a social work with different motivation, which is based on principles of good repute and voluntariness. In order to help other people without any interest in return if not only the satisfaction of helping other people, in the will to support a community. It is the attitude of continuous improvement of the services provided according to the norms and common rules of national and international recognition. Kuhn started his academic career as physical, to focus attention later on the history of science. In doing so, he discovered that his preconceptions about the nature of scientific inquiry were obsolete and useless. He realized that traditional conceptions of science, whether inductivist or falsificationist, could not withstand a comparison with historical evidence. Subsequently, Kuhn's theory of science was developed as an attempt to provide a vision more in keeping with his history, as he understood it. So we begin to analyze Kuhn's Philosophy, another of my particular heroes. A characteristic feature of his theory is the importance he attributes to the revolutionary character of scientific progress, in which a revolution involves the abandonment of a theoretical structure and its substitution by another, incompatible with the previous one. Another very important aspect of his proposal resides in the central role played by the sociological issues inherent to the research communities, in the dynamics of scientific work, as well as in the decision-making of its practitioners. The Lakatos and Kuhn approaches have several features in common. Specifically, both demand from their philosophical conceptions that they resist criticism based on the history of science. Kuhn's proposal preceded in a few years the methodology of the scientific research programs of Lakatos. Everything leads me to think that it would be coherent to think that Lakatos adapted some of Kuhn's premises to his personal purposes and perspectives. If we have presented Lakatos's philosophy in the first place, it is for the simple reason that it is usually considered as both a culmination of the Popperian program, and as a response to the limitations of his naive falsificationism. He was trying to improve, but not dismantle, the ideas of the one who sheltered him when he arrived in exile in London from Hungary. In this article a portrait is drawn and a critical assessment of his thought, one of the most influential of the second half of the twentieth century. Karl Popper is one of the authors whose life and work best reflect the vicissitudes of our already declining century. Born in 1902, he has known through his long existence almost all his commotions, has participated in many of his conquests and has moved in some of his most characteristic intellectual environments. Both were interested in science, and neither of them had any intention of professionally pursuing philosophy, even though both became world famous and explained philosophy in England. Intelligence is the most specifically human capacity; not because it is found in men, but because it is found in them in a different degree. Knowledge is a set of information stored through experience or learning, or through introspection. In the broadest sense of the term, it is about the possession of multiple interrelated data that, when taken by themselves, have a lower qualitative value. Knowledge is necessarily true. Instead, belief and opinion ignore the reality of things, so they are part of the scope of the probable and the apparent. Knowledge has its origin in sensory perception, then comes to understanding and finally ends in reason. It is said that knowledge is a relation between a subject and an object. The process of knowledge involves four elements: subject, object, operation and internal representation. This materialist conception is the basis of ideas, so knowledge considers it a product of historical conditions; the object influences the subject, it assimilates and modifies but in turn also acts on the object. Reality is called the set of existing things, as well as the relationships they have with each other. While this definition may sound typical of the meaning common, the truth is that it was a concept widely debated in the field of philosophy for a long time. Basically the difficulty always rested on the degree of importance that was given to the role of the senses in understanding the world. The first philosophical statements regarding the notion of reality can be found in classical Greece, as, for example, in the work of Plato. According to this philosopher, what is observable by the senses is nothing more than the reflection of true reality, which consists of the universe of ideas. Thus, the present world must be interpreted as a representation that lacks its own sustenance. Also called thought processes. Knowledge is a process of subject-object interaction and society. The object acquires meaning when the subject, through his practice, comes into contact with it. Commonly you interact with an infinity of objects, they make sense to you as soon as you use them, that is, you act on them. Finally, you arrive at the mall of your choice, and decide to buy violet paint. Several studies have been done on the subject. Such is the case of Jean Piaget and some of his followers, who investigated the development of intelligence in children in order to understand how humans build knowledge. Knowledge is a process, a continuous construction that tends to incorporate innovative elements that make it more consistent and allow the subject to relate better to reality, from successive states of imbalance-balance. It should be noted that there is imbalance when there is a need, that is, an emotional, physiological or cognitive imbalance that the subject suffers when faced with a situation or a new problem either outside of us or in us. In such a way that a readjustment of the behavior is required through the action. The action ends as soon as the needs are satisfied, that is, when the equilibrium has been restored. This will imply future needs, and thus we find an infinite process. By seeking balance we are adapting, assimilating and accommodating new concepts to be able to resolve situations continuously. Vulgar knowledge is the immediate explanation of a phenomenon, without having investigated the cause that produced it. It is also called popular, since it is knowledge that is not referred to in any source that gives it validity. Examples: The water wets, put in a container in the refrigerator freezer becomes ice. For Ander, vulgar knowledge. It is superficial, sensitive and subjective. Not because it happened to us only once, but because other times it has happened like that. While philosophical knowledge is the product of the subject's reflection on its own future, it tries to demonstrate through rational and methodical reflection the fundamental problems of existence. This type of knowledge seeks the causal explanation of the phenomena trying to establish a constant relationship. Uses judgments, reflections, concepts and reasoning in the description of the phenomena. Ideas are organized on the basis of existing knowledge and a logical, psychological and chronological sequence is established. Reality is reflected as it is, avoiding the distortion of the subject that apprehends it. A scientific method is followed in the acquisition of knowledge. It serves everyone without geographical, racial or creed boundaries. The propositions are approximately true, through the investigation the veracity is verified. Science is not a finished product, it is a work in continuous improvement. It is subject to revision accordingly in return. Part of facts as they are. These facts are objects of nature that have common characteristics and an empirical reference. Scientific knowledge is not limited to the appearances of the observed facts, analyzes them, tests them and gives explanations. It decomposes all the elements that make up the event, the whole and look for the cause that produces it. The product of the analysis is specialized knowledge, the sciences are subdivided and specialized. The terminology of science is technical, precise and clear. The result of science is diffused. Locate the singular facts in general guidelines. The conjectures are subjected to the empirical test. The assumptions are put to the test. Seeks to make laws of the singular facts. Try to explain the facts in terms of laws even if these are constantly corrected. It seeks to interpret the future based on laws and control events. Pretend good over evil with the product of research. It is reached through images, sensations and stereotyped perceptions. Ideas exist without relation, in a chaotic way. The reality is interpreted as we want to see it, influencing that perception the emotions. It does not follow a method to reach knowledge, it is at the orange blossom. It serves to give solution to someone in particular. The proposals may seem logical and give false results or not be sufficiently substantiated. They are considered truths that can not be doubted. Study a fact without looking for empirical reference. Part of the facts and is limited to the observed fact without transcending. He sees reality as a whole without looking for the origin of it. It uses common, imprecise, vague, ambiguous and inaccurate terms. Look for the particular fact, do not try to generalize. Assumptions are not checked, their truth is intuited. They describe the fact without looking for the cause common to him. Explain the particular fact without pretending control of the phenomenon. Find immediate, practical results. Characteristics of scientific and non-scientific knowledge. Reality can be considered as a well from which we extract objects, those that have common characteristics are studied through a process of scientific research in which the propositions or conjectures that man made about them are verified. To carry out the research methods and techniques are used according to the nature of the object. Science is built from: a) The simple to the complex, from the evident knowledge of the senses to the unknown. b) Creating concepts product of the confrontation of spontaneous convictions with sensory experience. d) As a result of the application of the scientific method. At first the man elaborated questions and structured answers to his questions making use of mythology or explaining in a magical way the reality. In the Catholic religion, Eve's curiosity about the forbidden fruit led her to give it to Adam, which explains why man has to work to obtain food and women give birth with pain as a divine punishment for disobedience. The important thing here is to emphasize that curiosity tempted Eva. The bases of science are based on repeated observations in the field of geometry, astronomy, physics and chemistry. Science is done following a research process, specifically using the experimental method. Although scientific knowledge bases its rules well, sometimes knowledge comes through the phenomenon called Serendipity. Serendipity requires 3 essential requirements: Accidental finding. Use of the sagacity of the individual. That is looking for something else. Newton, it is said, came to enunciate the law of universal gravitation after the famous episode of the apple. Then he confirmed it by studying the polar star and the eclipses. Alexander Fleming was a Scottish bacteriologist who had a downright modest laboratory. One day, on the summer of 1928, he observed something that seemed surprising to him. He used to leave the glass saucers after doing the first examination of the microbial cultures. One of them was now covered in a grayish mold, but how strange! Instead of the usual bacterial yellow masses, they emerged very defined rings where the crop came into contact with mold. Scraped a particle of it and examined it under a microscope: it was a fungus of the genus Penincilium. This is how Alexander Fleming came to know what would be the first antibiotic: penicillin, which would open unsuspected possibilities to modern medicine. It all started with that casual discovery, because someone observed something and that something led him to think. Brown built the first suspension bridge supported by cables inspired by how a spiderweb he saw was woven in his garden, stretched from one shrub to another. Without forgetting that according to the complexity from the axiom, postulate and theorem are structured with a logical - mathematical only understandable by a select group of scientists who share the prevailing hypothesis. Little by little the student is solving the puzzle of normal science. Thus a new science was born, totally different from the previous one. But where the same Kuhn modified his idea to a more moderate position and where he recognized that there are objective criteria when choosing the paradigm but not always apply. In conclusion the development of science presents a cyclical spiral of four crucial stages, first consolidating the formation of the bases represented in formal science, which deals with inventing logical - mathematical entities and establishing relationships between them. Its objects are not things or processes but, a pictorial language uses ways in which you can pour an unlimited assortment of content. Science is the set of knowledge obtained through observation and reasoning, from which general principles and laws are deduced. Here are the characteristics that define science: Factics: describes the facts as they are. It transcends the facts: it discards facts, produces new facts and explains them. Analytical: science tries to discover the elements that make up each whole, as well as the interconnections that explain its integration. Specialized: it is a consequence of the analytical approach. Clear and precise: science makes precise what common sense knows in a confusing way. Communicable: science is expressible and public. Empirical: the verification of hypotheses implies experience. Methodical: science is planned, scientists know what they are looking for and how to find it. Systematics: scientific knowledge is a system of ideas logically connected to each other. General: the scientist tries to expose the universals that are hidden in the bosom of the singular ones. Legal: science seeks laws of nature or culture and applies them. Explanatory: scientists try to answer why events occur and how they occur. Predictive: science transcends the facts of experience by imagining what the past may have been like and how the future may be. Open: does not recognize barriers that limit knowledge. Research is a reflective, systematic, controlled and critical process that aims to discover facts, phenomena and laws. The systematics used in an investigation is that of the scientific method. To achieve this, it is essential to write a research protocol specifying all the details related to the study. Inductive Method: it is a scientific method that obtains general conclusions from particular premises. There are those who believe, like the philosopher Francis Bacon, that induction is better than deduction, since it goes from a particularity to a generality. Method Scientists a process designed to explain phenomena, establish relationships between the facts and enunciate laws that explain the physical phenomena of the world and allow to obtain, with this knowledge, applications useful to man. Logic and ethics were, according to Aristotle, practical sciences. For its object of study: formal sciences and factual sciences. Formal sciences study ideas and generate by man's contact with reality abstractions. Logic and Mathematics are considered formal sciences. They use analytical formulas that are validated by reasoning. 2 we can observe a classification of sciences in formal and factual sciences. Logic studies ideas, the logical principles that structure scientific knowledge. The object of study of logic is thought. In the animal species man is distinguished by the ability to operate linguistically with the objects of reality. It is the philosophical discipline that aims to study the processes of human thought, its structure and the way it is ordered. Science that studies the numbers or quantities abstracted from reality. It is classified as an exact science. Like the logic, a number is not validated empirically, it can be demonstrated more not to be subjected to empirical test since it is not an objective fact. Etymologically it is the science that aspires to wisdom. Its material object of study is the totality of beings, and the formal object is the explanations, the reasoning around being. Factual Sciences: They have as object of study, facts, phenomena in which the hand of man has not intervened for their creation. In this type of sciences, experimentation and quantitative methods allow us to deal objectively with phenomena. The factual sciences are subdivided into natural and cultural sciences. The first are a product of nature and the second are the activity of man. The factual sciences are susceptible of verification, the formal sciences are demonstrated. Study living beings, plants and animals. Study the component substances of plants, the atmosphere, living beings and their transformations. Study the description of the land. He is responsible for the study of the stars, their movements by astrophysics. Gnoseología theory of knowledge studies the adequacy of thought and reality. By their very nature they have been considered not to have the "character" of science since it is difficult to achieve objectivity, considering this as the possibility of using measurements that allow us to make accurate predictions. It is responsible for the study of man's behavior as a social being. Study the past events, obviously we can not reproduce them, but if you can compare events that occurred among them to find common causes. It studies the social facts, product of the activity of the man in society and has looked for his own methods for the analysis of the facts. Study the origin and development of language. Study the laws that govern the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services with which man meets their needs. According to the end of science are classified in pure and applied: Pure science, aims to increase the existing theoretical knowledge, increase explanations about a certain phenomenon. The attitude of the researcher is simply to seek a natural law that gives an explanation of the problem studied. In pure research, knowledge is sought. This type of research allows to have bases for applied research. The applied sciences have a utilitarian character, the purpose is to apply the existing theoretical knowledge in the solution of problems that are in reality. The purpose of the researcher is to give usefulness to the existing theoretical knowledge to provide welfare to humanity. The electronic and mechanical engineering are examples of how knowledge is applied in the creation of technology. According to the type of reasoning: inductive, deductive and inductive-deductive. The logic is inductive-deductive. According to the object of study is science itself: internal and external. Science is a historical product, the sciences and their disciplines are the result of a historical achievement, coming from the advancement of the theory and methods of knowledge that made possible the division of the cognitive fields until you reach the specialization. Science today is not seen as independent but in a constant articulation. That it is rational reflective implies a reflection on the part of the researcher and has to do with a break with common sense. It is necessary to move away from reality built by oneself, away from notions, from immediate knowledge. This allows reaching objectivity. Being critical refers to trying to produce knowledge, although this may play against. Research problem It becomes necessary the existence of a problem, after the awareness of the problem and, finally, the existence of a possible solution. The discrepancy between the ideal and the real model must be significant and awareness of this discrepancy is required. The third component is, as said, the solution. The work is aimed at solving the problem, if there is no solution, it is not investigated. Techniques and steps of research Techniques are the procedures and instruments that we use to access knowledge. Surveys, interviews, observations and everything that is derived from them. The Theme: An aspect of reality in broad strokes. It implies a "framing", that is, deciding what is approached and what is left out. Whirlwind of ideas: it is a technique that consists in asking questions about what I want or I could get to investigate. Methodological aid: it can be done, for example, consulting specialists in the subject or using different bibliographies. Observation of typical and atypical cases: for example through interviews. Approach to the field: make a direct experience. The objectives must be expressed in infinitive. Development of a theoretical framework: is the theory of which is available about the object of study. The theoretical framework is a set of explanations and statements from which the hypothesis will emerge. The poorer the theoretical framework, the less there is to observe. The more knowledge you have, the more phenomena are observed in the same event. Here the variables are defined, it is made explicit what we mean by what we say. The observable and the abstract appear, the theory must be lowered to reality. Formulate hypothesis: the hypotheses derived. They are linked to the objectives. The hypotheses are classified according to different criteria that are developed below. Formulate questions: at least one general question must be formulated, which defines where it is going to advance. The question is what stimulates the search or inquiry. Who formulates the most questions is the one who knows the reality the most. Definition of variables: the variables are defined conceptually and operationally. The conceptual definition is the expression of the variable according to the theoretical framework used. The operational definition expresses how the variable will be measured, that is, through which aspects we will be able to measure the concept. It is important to highlight the importance of the conceptual definition, since similar studies can produce different results because they have different theoretical frameworks. Classification of the hypotheses According to the function that they fulfill in the investigation: General hypothesis: for example "to greater knowledge greater yield". The general hypotheses have a high content of abstraction. Intermediate hypothesis: "to greater knowledge of the theory of persuasion better work performance" These hypotheses establish relations of intermediation between the theory and the empirical field. Empirical hypothesis: "to greater application of the techniques of persuasion theory higher level of sales of household appliances" These hypotheses are constituted from operational or indicator definitions, directly testable and measurable. Generalization hypothesis: they allow to extend the conclusions taken for the samples to the set or population of subjects or phenomena. According to the link that binds to the variables: Descriptive hypotheses: they indicate the frequency or characteristics of a phenomenon without establishing causal relationships between its variables. They can be: -Associative: they propose nonparametric relationships between the variables that compose them. In this case, the variables are qualitative, for example: "the satisfaction of the consumer increases with the quality of the products". Explanatory hypotheses: they give an account of the reason or cause of the phenomena. They are rare in the social sciences, they are typical of the physical-natural sciences, for example "the habit of smoking causes injuries of varying severity at the pulmonary level". At the same time they can be: based on theoretical laws or based on accumulation of empirical data. According to the directionality: -Unidirectional: for example "Sex influences the choice of career type." According to its condition of null hypothesis: Are those that in the context of research and taking into account the principle of refutability, the researcher develops to try to prove that they are not verified. This means that there are constant concepts and variable concepts. The first ones are those that, during a determined investigation, will remain fixed, assuming a single value. that may be present or absent in each of the cases that make up the universe of study. The variables are translated into the different questions of the survey and the response options that are provided will be the so-called "categories". Principles that govern the categorization of a variable: Principle of completeness: argues that categorization must contemplate all possible values. For this reason, the use of a residual category as "others" is usually foreseen. Principle of exclusivity: it maintains that in all categorization the variables must be mutually exclusive in such a way that the same unit of analysis can not be located in two categories simultaneously. Factors that affect the categorization of a variable: Reference to the theoretical framework: the values ​​must be related to the theoretical framework on which the research is based. The size of the universe and the sample: by a principle of economy and in order to avoid that the information is dispersed, the number of categories must be adapted to the number of units of analysis. The fewer number of cases, the less number of categories, and vice versa. Linearity of the continued: the categories must follow the same criteria. For example, if the variable were "work climate", the categories could not be "very unpleasantly cozy," since they belong to different scales. Use of the neutral point: it must be evaluated in each case whether it is used or not. When it comes to classifying opinions or attitudes, it is convenient that the number of categories be odd, in order to contemplate the intermediate position or neutrality. However, there are cases where neutrality is not convenient and you can resort to categories such as "no answer or no answer". At best one category could be used as "another nationality". According to the values ​​they can assume, a distinction is made between continuous and discrete. In all cases they are complex variables that will be quantified for the purposes of their measurement. For example, in the hypothesis "The opinion of adolescents about abortion varies according to their degree of religious commitment, being more favorable in those who observe a lesser religiosity". In this case, the independent variable would be the degree of religious commitment and the dependent position on abortion. There may also be simultaneity or interdependence between the two. The methods can be classified as: Non-scientific, logical and scientific. Non-scientific methods are appreciations that have allowed man to explain the world in which he lives. The explanation to a phenomenon occurs immediately without needing reasoning. Examples: the whole is greater than either party; the right to private property, everything that happens has a cause that originates it. Authority: The method is to go to respected sources to support the opinions defended. Religion and ethics demand the support of a sacred text in which the final decision is found. In a similar way, social, political and economic issues are resolved. The second form of appeal is covered with infallibility and unappeachability, invoking an external force to sanction its decisions. In religion the method is used to eliminate divergent views considered heretical or disloyal. Tenacity: The habit makes us continue believing in a proposition because we have always believed in it, we close our mind to any possibility of questioning, or element of judgment that contradicts it. Religious sects, political parties rely on this method for their action. Any criticism of our belief is considered as disloyal. Given the freedom of thought, not everyone agrees with our way of thinking, nor will we always have the same ideas, there is the possibility of change. The method of tenacity, does not accept antagonisms. These three methods are inflexible, they do not accept that they can lead us to mistakes. Its basis is reasoning, understood as the chain of judgments in which one is a consequence of another or of others. General affirmative proposition: All men are mortal. Individual negative proposition: The sun does not move. General negative proposition: No man is mortal. Judgments can be related without reasoning: Trees have leaves. The book has leaves Then the book is tree In this example the term leaf has different meaning. López Cano explains them in the following way: Induction: "it is the form of reasoning in which, based on particular premises, general conclusions are reached". The inductive method is employed mainly by science. Part of the observation of particular cases to reach conclusions or generalizations. Medina Lozano mentions the inductive method in four types: concordance, differences, concomitant variations and waste. John Stuart Mill was the one who created the main procedures of induction with its four canons or methods. Method of Concordance: When in several analogous phenomena a common circumstance is noted and only one, this circumstance is the cause of the observed phenomenon. Method of Differences: If in a phenomenon it is observed repeatedly that a circumstance disappears and the effect also disappears, that is the direct cause of it. Example: If a person increases the number of study hours and increases the rating, we could say that the variation in one variable is the cause of the other. Deduction: Form of reasoning in which, based on general judgments, conclusions of particular judgments are reached. Part ordinarily of general laws discovered by inductive way, and tries to apply them to other cases or facts still unexplained. Galileo found the law of the fall of bodies deductively. Rodríguez Cepeda expresses that: Euclides, developed the deductive method in the field of geometry and discovered in mathematics the way to express the relationships between the objects studied by him. What characterizes the deduction is the impossibility of denying the consequence, without contradicting oneself, once the principles are admitted. Deduction is a very complicated process, and should not be confused with the syllogism, which only represents the essential part of the deductive process. Both methods are complementary in obtaining knowledge. Analogy: It is the form of reasoning in which, from particular judgments, particular conclusions are reached with objects that maintain a similarity. Our mind is unable to work without using analogies, we grasp the unknown by looking for similarity with known structures. It assumes that if two phenomena are similar in a series of proven characteristics, they must also coincide in the unproven features. We assume that both have similar conditions. It is to detect the fundamental parts of things and look for their relationship with the whole. Example: Children disarm their carts, girls play dolls, observe the parts and try to appreciate their relationship with the whole. Synthesis: It is the mental process in which the isolated elements are integrated into a whole. It goes from the simple to the complex, from the cause to the effect, from the parts to the whole. Analysis and synthesis are intimately linked, first the parts are detected and then integrated into a whole. Example: Once the girls identify the parts of the doll and how they articulate each of them with the whole would be able to reconstruct the whole, put it together. It is the proper method of factual science, it consists in submitting the object of study to a series of tests or controlled stimuli to analyze in a controlled environment its variation. d) Qualitative methods: Phenomenological. Study essentially the structure of objects. Martínez explains that the phenomenological method studies the reality that can be captured from the internal frame of reference of the subject who lives and experiences them. What is studied is not the objective and external reality but the internal and personal reality, unique and proper to each human being, a reality whose essence depends on the way in which it is lived. Phenomena are studied in the way they were perceived and experienced by man. Martinez cites that the hermeneutical method is developed under the following points: Every expression of human life is a natural object of interpretation. All human action is understood through history. The method of hermeneutics "is a circle that goes entirely to the parts and from the parts to the whole". Method that consists in carrying out descriptive analyzes of the customs, beliefs, social practices of tribes, peoples and communities. An ethnographic study requires people who are experts in the use of cinematography, sound recordings, photogrammetry and linguistics, as well as the effective interpretation of the facts they live and observe. He must expertly handle the participant observation and the interview. Characteristics of ethnographic studies: It is assumed that what people say and do is shaped consciously or unconsciously by the social situation. Hence, the researcher will influence the way of being perceived by the community, depending on the degree of participation and commitment shown within it. They are specific, particular and unique cases that can be compared to seek generality. As a method, it consists of looking for the unidirectional relation of the variables, using the principle of superposition of effects. The only variables that are analyzed are the independent variables and not the causal relationship between the Independent and the dependent. The scientific method for Lucía Rosas is: "the set of rules that indicate the procedure to carry out an investigation, whose results are accepted as valid by the scientific community." The characteristics of the scientific method can be summarized as follows: It is factual, it is confined to facts, its reference is empirical. Transcends the facts: discards, produces and explains new facts, do not conform to appearances. It uses empirical verification, requires a confrontation with reality. It is self-correcting, rejecting or adjusting its own conclusions. It is progressive, its conclusions are not infallible and final. It is general so it ignores the isolated fact, its formulations are of a general type. It is didactic, allows to raise, discuss and re-raise the problem investigated. It is objective, seeks the factual truth without taking into account values ​​and beliefs of the scientist. It is rational, it is based on logic. It is communicable, its results are disseminated to all kinds of people. It is systematic, the new knowledge is interrelated with the existing one. Stages of the scientific method The scientific method has a series of steps that lead us in the investigation to the search for the truth. In this first stage the individual finds within the reality some problem, obstacle, experience that causes discomfort, doubt. In this stage the problem is perceived, everything that exists is investigated in reality. The obstacle is raised as a question. It should be noted that the conjectures made is based on the subject's experience, knowledge of theories that allow him to explain the cause tentatively. The approach of the hypothesis is part of the deductive method. This stage in purely inductive, since the test, a hypothesis again and again allows us to find the general cause that causes the phenomenon. It is a demonstrative phase of the real connection between the acquired results and the experimental verification of them. Rules of the scientific method The scientific task is based on rules that drive the activity of the researcher. Formulate the problem accurately and at the beginning. If it is very general it becomes philosophical. Based on well-founded conjectures, that is, based on a theoretical body of knowledge. Submit the hypothesis to hard test, not lax. It means that hypotheses must be tested, and accept evidence not definitively. Not to declare as true a hypothesis satisfactorily confirmed; it must be considered as partially true at best. Ask yourself why the answer is like this, and not in another way. The researcher should not be limited to generalizations, adapted to the data, should seek more consistent explanations. The investigation is considered a human activity, oriented to the obtaining of new knowledge and its application for the solution to problems or questions. Within the research, the researcher's task varies in an agile and permanent way to the point of considering his daily work as a science. This task of the researcher can be done from different angles and also has different sources. According to the above, in order to trace the profile of the researcher, his / her activity can be described as the attitude that the latter has towards the development of scientific work. In the same way, the researcher exercises a creative and systematic activity to increase scientific knowledge. It is important to bear in mind that when there is interest in learning in the student assuming a reflective and critical attitude towards the processes of training in research methodology, they become agents of change and transformers of research practices. The research activity is conducted effectively through a series of elements that make the object accessible to knowledge and whose wise choice and application will depend to a great extent on the success of the research work. An investigation is a systematic, organized and objective process, whose purpose is to answer a question or hypothesis and thus increase knowledge and information about something unknown. It does not mean that acknowledgments are not accepted. When carrying out a research work, several obstacles may arise that may delay its progress or conclusion. Regardless of the methodological problems, there are psychological obstacles that the researcher imposes and creates himself. The answers are innumerable, but specifically, the explanations or pretexts coincide in that they have not had time due to work, they do not find information related to the topic and even the responsibility is delegated to third parties. The priority to research on some or many activities that we have, as well as organizing our time, will be very valuable tools that help us to finish that work that we think is very difficult. Although I also consider that it is very important to want to carry out this work, because when you do not have the conviction of it, for a long time that is available, there will always be that huge amount of pretexts that do not allow to perform and less conclude with the investigation. When carrying out an investigation, obstacles arise for which a complete, concrete and precise investigation is not carried out, as would be the case if such obstacles did not exist. The subject that is being investigated is too extensive and there is no previous approach or knowledge of what this is about or refers to. The source from which the information that will help us resolve efficiently and efficiently is not reliable. The way in which skills are developed in each person to be able to do a good investigation, it usually happens that there are those who do not know how to do it. Take information by consulting in any source without creating an analysis and understanding, this information causes doubts and contradictions. The internet is the most used when conducting an investigation, and believing that taking data from there is good to carry it out. Research trends in the information technology society. Realistic point of view before life. Acceptance of themselves, others and the world around them. Worry about solving problems rather than thinking about them. Need for privacy and a certain degree of distance. Independence and ability to function on your own. Non-stereotyped view of people, things and ideas. History of deeply spiritual summit experiences. Identification with the human race. Psychically: it is to be able to enjoy, take charge of responsibilities, combat nervous tension and stress. The facilitators are in charge of propitiating self-reflection in the student, thus enriching their training, however, it must be remembered that in order to guide him in this great task, the facilitator must first develop the ability to do so. It is observed that reflection is closely related to the knowledge that man has of himself, of the self-analysis of his actions and, what is more important, his cognitive activity as a reflection product. Throughout historical development the word reflection has received different meanings based on a first moment from philosophical positions that focus on two opposing conceptions of the world: idealism and materialism. Self-knowledge is based on learning to love ourselves and to know ourselves. Knowledge and author respect lead to self-control. One is able to control his impulses, to postpone certain actions for better occasions, he is able to adapt to different situations and thus achieve to be a better person. It is not about getting carried away or doing everything that others say. When you get the knowledge, respect and control of yourself, you surely get a healthy self-esteem or positive self-esteem. Self-knowledge is the previous and fundamental step to achieve self-esteem, the author respect and self-control. You can not love, respect or control what you do not know. There can not be, self-esteem without self-knowledge Self-knowledge is one's own knowledge, deep and sincere, without apologies. It is knowing both the positive and negative aspects. It is a slow process that leads a person to be aware of their needs, limitations, fears, joys. During the process of change the person in search of overcoming tries to achieve the release of those erroneous beliefs in order to be able to face life with another approach, from another perspective. This is called the process of liberation or awakening. That person who has achieved that goal can be called an "evolved person", since he has experienced an evolution in his attitude towards life. The 8 fundamental aspects of personal improvement. Physical: it is based on having discipline and complying with a minimum program of exercises that allow us to achieve a better quality of life. Aesthetic: it is based on the essential care of the body, an example of this lies in the choice of healthy foods that allow us to remain active and free of diseases due to inadequate dietary intake. Economic: in this case, regardless of our income, lies in the duty to be ordered with our accounts and our expenses. Moral: the promotion of universal values ​​of respect, deep respect for others and the constant search to ensure that science, technology and knowledge in general dignify man constantly. Who only is motivated by basic security needs only enjoys in very special circumstances of triumphs, successes, luck, successes and unique experiences. His desires, the motive or "why" of his existence are the true motor of his actions, hence his independence and psychological freedom in the face of environmental pressures. He is a very influential figure in contemporary thought. I bring it here when I think about the other client, which at least theoretically all companies recognize as their most valuable asset: the worker. And in this idyllic world of healthy and happy labor relations, we work hand in hand to satisfy the client, being happy and satisfied as an internal client each of us. And it is in this real world in which each person, each individual is a process, is in itself a task, a development. Projection of videos and reading of texts that guide us in the hygiene and sexuality program. Realization of games and rounds that allow children to reaffirm their identity. Carrying out workshops aimed at parents and students that foster dialogue and mutual trust. This is divided into: body hygiene and mental hygiene; both are important to guarantee health and well-being for people. Body hygiene refers to the care and cleanliness of the body. Mental hygiene refers to the set of values ​​and habits that help us relate better to others and make us feel valued, respected and appreciated within a social group. Good or bad hygiene directly affects the health of people. There are many diseases related to poor hygiene practices. Personal hygiene Having good personal hygiene depends on oneself. Self-esteem plays a fundamental role in this aspect, because those who appreciate and value themselves strive to look and stay well. Main habits of personal hygiene and its importance: The daily shower is the best form of cleanliness: With this practice natural odors of our body are controlled that are basically produced by perspiration or sweat. In the same way we avoid the presence of germs and bacteria that can affect the health of our skin. Hair washing should be done at least twice a week, taking care to use a shampoo according to the hair type. Dandruff is not necessarily synonymous with breakage, it can be caused by dryness of the scalp. Beware of lice Lice are parasites that adhere to the scalp. They spread easily, especially in places where many children live or share much of their time. You can cover your head with a plastic cap. Do not exchange personal items such as towels or combs. Important: Never try to soak or wash the hair of children with agricultural or household pesticides for fleas or other insects. These substances can poison or poison you causing serious injuries and even death. The care of the eyes prevents diseases and infections The eyes are very delicate organs. Therefore, they should not be touched with dirty hands or handkerchiefs or other objects. Their own cleaning mechanism is tears. When studying, reading or watching television it is important to maintain good lighting of the spaces, thus avoiding a greater effort of sight. It is important to do a medical checkup to prevent blindness and other eye diseases. The hygiene of the nose is essential to achieve good breathing. The nose lets air in so that it reaches the lungs with the right temperature and humidity, and free of foreign particles. Snot production is a natural process that serves as a lubricant and filter for air. However, it is necessary to remove them several times a day, because in addition to the discomfort they represent, they contain particles and filtered microorganisms that can cause diseases. It is convenient to avoid putting objects in the nose. The hygiene of the hands is the best barrier to avoid many diseases Thanks to the hands we can develop all the activities of the house, school and work. We must keep them clean because with them we touch our faces, eyes, mouth, take some food and touch babies and other people. A fundamental habit should be the washing of hands after going to the bathroom and also before touching or consuming food, both at home and at school and elsewhere. The hygiene of the mouth avoids diverse diseases The bad breath as well as the bad smells, constitutes in one of the main causes of rejection to the people. The best way to prevent it is by doing an adequate and periodic washing of the teeth. In this way we also prevent dental caries and periodontal disease. Brushing in the form of a "sweep" of the teeth with a fluoride cream after each meal, and cleaning between the teeth with dental floss is the most important prevention measure. The use of mouthwashes also strengthens oral health. The hygiene of the ears facilitates the good listening It is convenient to avoid that the water enters the ears, and its cleaning must be done periodically, taking into account the recommendations of a doctor. It is important to keep in mind that you should not put objects in your ears such as: hooks, tweezers, chopsticks or others. The washing of the ears should be done by an expert. The hygiene of the genitals is key to avoid infections Although the daily bath does not hurt anyone, there are times when some people because of diseases, treatments or accidents can not get a full bath. However, the cleanliness of the genital areas must be done daily. This not only prevents bad smells, but the acquisition of infections and diseases. It is one of the essential functions of living organisms, as necessary for the preservation of species as food is for the conservation of each individual. 2.- Apply the modern knowledge of business management to the phases of the administrative process for the optimization of resources and the management of organizational changes. 5.- Conduct the organization towards the achievement of its objectives through a coordinated effort and entrepreneurial spirit. 6.- Create organizations that contribute to economic and social transformation, identifying business opportunities in a global context. 7.- Know and apply the current national and international legal framework of the organizations. 8.-Analyze and interpret financial and economic information for decision making in organizations. 9.-To be an agent of change with the ability to strengthen human capital for the solution of problems and the decision making that organizations face. 11.-Apply information and communication technologies to optimize the work and development of the organization. 12.- Update knowledge permanently to respond to global changes. 13.- Designing systems of organization considering strategic alternatives that generate productive chains for the benefit of society. 14.- Have a multidisciplinary vision to generate proposals and develop actions immediately before contingency scenarios. 15.- Design strategies for Marketing for organizations through decisions based on the analysis of internal information and the global environment that ensure the success of the commercialization of products and services. It is a system of assignment and transfer of academic credits. In which you can accumulate certain credits in various activities and that the study programs are taken in more than one institution. Understand the importance of your being and life, that allows you to maintain a personal balance through the development of your abilities, to improve your personal performance in organizations. Unit I: Assessment of life. Of the didactic suggestions that the study program presents, what have you done? Encourage the use of new technologies in the development of the contents of the subject. What do you not know? Carry out practical activities that promote the development of skills for awareness, introspective look, inter and intrapersonal communication, reflection and discernment. To promote the adequate use of concepts and terminology of the areas of human development. From evaluation suggestions, what do you know? Presentation of the evidence portfolio and delivery of work in a timely manner. Participation and intervention in group discussions and dynamics that the teacher organizes. Delivery of work in time and form. From the sources of information What books do you know? In theory, gestation is of the fetus and pregnancy is of the woman, although in practice many people use both terms as synonyms. However, as most women do not know the exact date of conception, the date from the first day of their last period is taken into account to calculate the gestation period. Therefore, even though the baby is said to be in the womb for 38 weeks, the gestation period can be anywhere from 37 weeks to 42 weeks. Childhood is often evoked with nostalgic overtones, given the human being's ability to rescue the positive of each memory. Puberty and adolescence Adolescence begins with puberty, and is the passage from childhood to adulthood. Puberty are bodily changes that occur mainly due to sex hormones, also influence individual genetic aspects and diet. The phrase of common sense "young people are not like before" has great validity. Adultez It is the stage between 25 and 60 years, as in the case of the other stages, it is very difficult to determine precisely when it begins and when it ends. In this stage of life, the normal individual reaches its full biological and psychic evolution. His personality and character are presented firmly and securely. The mature individual is distinguished by the control he achieves from his emotional life, which allows him to face the problems of life with greater security and serenity than in the previous stages. Adulthood is the time of the highest performance in activity. However, this question fits in. Do all adults reach full maturity? Undoubtedly not, for which reason they can be classified as mature adults and immature adults. Old Age Old Age is the last stage of life of living beings before death occurs and is an inevitable consequence of the passage of time. Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, osteoarthritis, diabetes and cataracts are some of the most typical conditions of this time. It is a theory of communication that allows us to understand and improve the quality of interpersonal relationships. He developed his model from his observations in group psychotherapy in the early fifties. They developed a model of "social psychiatry" based on the study of interactions between people, which he called Transactional Analysis. Characteristics: -This theory is based on a positive philosophy and trust in the human being. Consider that all people have the same value as human beings. What may vary are behaviors, some of which may be appropriate and others not. The person is expected to learn to do the right thing and to feel the authentic emotions. Use a comprehensible vocabulary even for people in the childhood stage. It is a rational and simple approach to how the personality is structured and works, which allows a better understanding of the behavior of people both in relation to themselves and to others. It also provides the necessary bases to make behavioral changes and make choices that favor personal self-realization, more appropriate human relationships. It is based on observable and recordable daily events. This favors self-knowledge and allows easier control of inappropriate or irrational behaviors. In the same way it happens in the Behaviorist approach, the first sessions are dedicated to establishing the personal goals that we want to achieve: behaviors to change and skills to learn. We analyze thoughts, feelings and behaviors coming from the different emotional states of the self, determine the predominant states of the self and the internal dynamics between them. Transactional Analysis also facilitates that the person can identify their psychological positions towards themselves, other people and life and discover the messages received and adopted, probably since childhood, that sustain those perceptions.

Almost at the time that Guillermo Hoyos resigned after thirty-odd years of priesthood. Stage to which he resigns after eight years, to devote himself to what he has always wanted, reflection and dialogue, as instruments required to overcome the conflict and find new ways to live in harmony. This issue recognized by the authors of the book to which I refer has led to the academic philosophy is considered that of some arrogant or at least strangers. Their activity is respected by society, more by a feeling inherited from the cultural tradition than by the conviction of its effective use for the community. It is not about moralizing science, but neither about naturalizing morality. He assures in his book that in current education one of the Kantian moral principles has been lost, such as not "instrumentalizing the other". If the opposite happens in the educational process, how is society affected and what happens with the formation of better citizens? Hoyos - The approach indicated above about the relations between science and morality was claimed by Kant as the basis of modern thought. An education in this perspective would opt to replace the slogan of competitiveness with that of cooperation. Then the efficiency gives way to self-realization and justice as equity relativizes a sense of quality that is identified with success and with the best results. Hoyos - Well, that's what it's about, changing values ​​in education. It is not sought to simply return to conceptions of a stale and traditionalist humanism. It is about developing the slogan: science, technology AND society. The change from the social paradigm of competitiveness to that of cooperation must be a medium-term project. It is not achieved by a coup and must be considered from the beginning in the educational process. Competitiveness is not the same as solidarity. And if from the beginning competition is established as the fundamental value and coexistence as something adjective, perhaps as a characteristic of religious attitudes, a society is being constituted based on the principles of the market and not on relationships between people. We have to review the extent to which the primacy of the market over other priority human values ​​has penetrated the educational system. And this is a moral, political and ethical option, to which civil society should not be indifferent, aware of its unsociable sociability. One of the most important aspects highlighted in his essay is education-communication, to make people better citizens, with ethics as a constituent part of this binomial. Hoyos - I'm not that pessimistic about society as a whole. The important thing is to trust in her, in her majority of age and in her moral sensitivity. Especially young people, if they trust in their responsibility, can respond with great tolerance and solidarity. If they are formed for citizen participation, they will know how to respond. It is not about underestimating the so-called hard sciences, but they have to recognize the necessary complementarity of soft sciences. And this is an option of the education system as a whole. The privileging in the formative processes of the communicative act is a methodological option that encourages debate, discussion, reading comprehension versus learning and repetition. In this sense we must leave a lot of freedom to teachers, from the first years of training and trust in their responsibility and their commitment to the formation of youth. The communicative and dialogical methodology is already an option for the moral and ethical formation of the students, since the authentic communication implies the recognition of the other as different in their difference and therefore as a valid interlocutor. This is the beginning of all minimum ethics based on morals of maximums, it is the principle of mutual understanding and respect, tolerance and citizen competences. We could conclude that education is training in communication and dialogue and that communication is the citizen competence par excellence, which manages to build participatory democracy. A point referring to the current situation. Hoyos - This conception of dialogue and democracy is a political perspective. Not that education is to form political cadres. In this the left has always inherited the vices of the right. Education is to form responsible citizens, capable of political options and commitments in accordance with their ethical convictions. At the same time Kant affirmed that we can not reject as humans an imperative that we have inscribed in our consciences: "there should be no war". Not between you and me, or between one nation and another nation. I think that a rule of law that renounces to avoid war with all means and to tirelessly seek peace loses its legitimacy in the long run against democratic citizens. Here the deepest sense of the moral person is at stake, deeper than that of religion, that of the homeland or that of competitiveness. What do you think of Mockus' proposal to create a group of one hundred civilians who, without weapons, will rescue the people kidnapped by the FARC. Hoyos - It seems to me a bold, original and honest proposal like many of my friend Antanas. The message states that portals such as Facebook are selling or using the personal information of their users, taking advantage of a contract that is accepted by them, without having read their terms. The second aspect that touches, has to do with that the information downloaded in portals like the one mentioned, has been used by common delinquency, to obtain information about its potential victims. Regarding the second topic, could ask: Are the Congresses or their equivalents in each country, hardening criminal and civil rules about the theft and criminal use of personal information by criminals and even interactive virtual portals? In the previous sense, I would think that the control exercised by a possible big brother - character of the novel "1984" by Goerge Orwell - would be severely limited, but on condition that we are so organized to face those abuses with our personal information. That happened with Alejandro Marti, who put everything. The family has just closed their blog after to realize the amount of potentially dangerous information that the young man had put there with joy and without suspecting that he was arming those who killed him. Protect your children and protect yourselves; no longer put dangerous information on the network. Without their consent, many users converted their photographs into advertising, transforming a private business into public endorsements. And to make matters worse, the matter does not end if the user decides to withdraw. Even when users cancel the membership, their photos and information remain on board, according to Facebook, in case they decide to reactivate their account. Moreover, the user is not removed even when he dies. In passing they unconsciously become the precursors of the phenomenon of 'Big Brother' is watching you. Date: October 10, 2008 4:19 PM Published in Participatory communication. Tags: Internet problems. Behind expressions like "my readers know more than me" and "conversations instead of lectures" underlies a questioning of the principle of authority and, with it, a crisis of modern institutions. The irruption of the Internet and infotechnology raises new paradigms in Education, as well as new ways of reading and writing the world in which we live. From a perspective based on the analysis-production-evaluation model, the proposal to educate in digital culture involves participation in the Network and in its new forms of relationship. In this way all the pillars of the communicative process can be experimented and analyzed: we are authors but also readers; we are medium and we are message. In an approach of the postmodern curriculum to the critical pedagogy of digital culture we could reflect on topics such as the following: 1. The mixing and remixing of genres and styles. The "copiaypega", the "ways" and the "embed" that allow to reuse the fragments of others within the discourses themselves to be reinterpreted in new contexts. The crisis of objectivity and the resignification of subjectivity. The value of transparency that is presented as a guarantee of the criteria of truth and that entails, in parallel, the crisis of the classic models of accreditation of expert knowledge. Social media allows for the construction and dissemination of alternative themes, approaches and discourses of minorities that are frequently underrepresented in the macro-discourses of the media. The invisibility of technology in the web 2.0. The separation between content and form. Users generate content and fill space, while technology shapes and builds time. Aggregation as a new knowledge management system. In the face of the erudition of taxonomies, folkosonomies arise. From bottom to top, relevance as value is negotiated through social criteria and collaborative labeling. The subject becomes an object and vice versa. The value is in the personal and in the person, in the nanomedios and the "onanomedios". The product is given away to sell to the author. The construction of a public identity as a personal branding. So much that we run to register in each new service 2.0 to ensure our nick, our identity. We reinvent ourselves in the image we want to give of ourselves as if it were a coordinate or a watchtower from which to look and let ourselves be seen, from where to weave and unravel networks. We value our network, who we add and who add us to us. We are not nobody if we do not get a meme through someone. The reappropriation and culture of remixing: assemblies and remounts, jamming culture, serial memes and the force of virality are versions of an infinite collage in the reinterpretation of the environment. The appropriation goes beyond the simple intertextuality of the embed or the "ready-to-go" because it needs to "own" the objects to transform them: they can be unloaded and are malleable. To do everything this possible, there arises in parallel certain activism that claims free culture with non-restrictive licenses, as well as the right of access to public records for collective creation and recreation. The challenges to cultural industries. In the search for new ways of creating culture, systems are created for the flexible management of authorship and property rights as well as financing instruments from the margins of the market that enable their survival. The Network makes it possible, but does not include an instruction manual. Both immigrants and natives, we are all digital pilgrims before the roads that fork. The challenge of Education in this context of uncertainty is to prepare the backpack, accompany the trip and introduce critical reflection from the experimentation of the social environment as an object of knowledge. Issues in Postmodernist Pedagogy. Lara, Tíscar; Blogs to educate. Uses of blogs from a constructivist perspective. Lara, Tíscar; The usefulness of an academic blog. Lara, Tíscar; The digital pilgrim and education 2.0. These studies have been approached from disciplines such as linguistics, pedagogy and semiotics. Comments on the article on the page where it was retaken: 1. The postmodern curriculum in digital culture. The digital pilgrim and education 2.0. Name the complexity of reality so that it does not escape us. It is an excellent reflection on the context in which we move. Thank you for the comment. I was very fond of this article and I am very interested in your opinion. Although the technological gap is large between developed and developing countries, and there is a high index of digital illiteracy, educators must work daily on the real ways of incorporating ourselves and incorporating people into the digital knowledge society. I love the new text and it really has the pastiche of postmoderns. Many postmodernists rejected education, including its possibility. Little to teach and so much to learn. Very successful pastiche I'm glad you liked it. Dear Tíscar: I've come to your blog from the Educ.ar portal, and I'm glad I did it! I liked the term "pilgrims" instead of natives and immigrants, which I think opens borders that sometimes are not. Excellent reflections on what should be the position of teacher and student. Although we all know that if the climate is favorable, both roles are interchangeable, currently in my country, Argentina, I see a strong deterioration of the authority criterion of parents and teachers. It is as if the great ones were in retreat in front of the youngest ones. Perhaps it was because of the deterioration that the word "authority" suffered during the military dictatorship, I do not know. I know there is a lot of talk about the transformations that new technologies generate from ignorance and comfort. I have gray hair, and I can assure you that I feel much more "native" in the face of new technologies than many young people I know. Everyone complements Thanks to you for the invitation. It was an excellent frame and very motivating to put together these letters that were haunting me for a long time. A hug. I'm glad it serves as a stimulus. I also liked it a lot, Tíscar. I'm rereading it, because I'm writing a paper about literacy in the digital age, and your reflections help me get oriented. This afternoon Alejandro Barranquero told me about him and well, as I said, you are already in my favorites. A few days ago I set myself the task of having one of my own. I can learn, and, perhaps, humbly teach what I have already learned... in short to grow. I am not a journalist even if it is a bit of a background... I have traveled a lot, lived abroad for years, and I feel the need to share ideas from others and also my own opinions. Languages ​​and curiosity about other cultures have been mine. And the blogosphere still opens this possibility more. I hope to have the time and the encouragement to continue in this new project. I have allowed myself to include you in my blog as a favorite. Tar points this feature of digital culture very well. Postmodern curriculum in digital culture. The Administrator of this blog is not responsible for the contents of the texts. In the new educational paradigm it is necessary to "learn to learn", since the training does not stick to a specific space and time, but requires maintaining a certain capacity for learning throughout life. In contrast to other educational models focused on the transmission of content, constructivism defends that knowledge is a construction of the human being and that it is made from the previous schemes that it already has. According to the constructivist pedagogy, the teacher acts as a mediator, facilitating the necessary instruments so that the student can build his own learning. Thus, the teacher's ability to diagnose the student's prior knowledge and guarantee a climate of trust and communication in the educational process is of special importance. The characteristics of weblogs make this tool an instrument of great value for its educational use within a constructivist model. Their way of learning has to do with this generational nature and requires new educational approaches. In this sense, we could understand edublogs as those weblogs whose main objective is to support a teaching-learning process in an educational context. Both education and weblogs share a fundamental characteristic: both concepts can be defined as knowledge construction processes. Recently, in this same magazine, the coordinator of this monograph referred to this use of blogs as "an interactive conversation during a journey through knowledge". A year later, the initiative of the Edublog Awards 2004 international contest served in the same way to highlight the most interesting edublogs. The educational aspect of blogs has also aroused the interest of researchers, as evidenced by the growing number of articles in academic journals and conferences that debate this topic. And if, in addition to using it personally, he also encourages his students to become bloggers, then the figure would be multiplying to a large extent. On the contrary, in the field of secondary education, its development has not been integrated into educational programs, but has been due mainly to the individual efforts of some teachers who have used blogs for communication with their students. The Network must be used as a means and object of knowledge, in such a way that didactics adapted to the demand of continuous and distance learning are developed in a new learning model centered on the student. Teaching with and about blogs responds to this new social reality, since it can contribute to managing the overabundance of information and to extract meaning from it. Until now, the development of edublogs has evolved largely as an imitation and replacement of the classic web of the teacher who used this medium as a board of instructions and materials for his students. When the introduction of a new technology reproduces dominant teaching models and is simply used to "do the same as always but on new supports", it acquires an undeserved halo of modernity that adds nothing to its didactic function. Weblogs, as well as any new technology, do not guarantee a greater educational efficiency by its mere use. The result will depend on the approach, the objectives and the methodology with which they are integrated in each educational program. After these first years of experimentation, we are at a favorable moment for the educational application of weblogs to mature and evolve towards their integration within a constructivist pedagogy. Independently of its content, we will understand the weblog as a format -with a certain containing structure- and as a process within an ecosystem of the Network itself. The implications of both perspectives will have to be considered when you want to develop a comprehensive weblog application project in education. Baumgartner believes that weblogs "have an intrinsic potential to revolutionize the organizational structure of traditional teaching environments." In addition, weblogs have the advantage of their exogenous character with respect to the educational space, since they are built through hyperlinks on the Internet and do not depend on a single centralized server. In a large part of the educational experiences with blogs it is observed that the specific assignment of weblogs creation as an academic requirement and for a specific class does not always produce the expected motivation in the students. When the teacher adjusts the activity of the blog of his students to criteria too structured, they do not find enough space to experiment with the environment in a natural way. With this didactic, the blog ends up being a "forced writing", where the student writes for the teacher and whose activity leaves as soon as the school term ends. A proposal of teaching model with weblogs within a constructivist pedagogy understands the blog as a personal and own means of the student, in such a way that they can use it in a transversal way throughout their academic life and not within a certain class. The role of the teacher in this model would be the facilitator in this new space of freedom, accompanying the student in his own way of experimentation and learning through the blog. Organization of discourse The structure of weblogs allows the elaboration of thought in a sequential manner and grants a high degree of control over discourse. Virtually everything is modifiable in a blog without affecting its general layout: you can reedit a post, assign a new category, add new links to the blogroll and even change the design template whenever you want. The student blogger has all these options that enhance the hypertext language to compose his online publication and contextualize each new post within the speech of his blog. At this point it is important to highlight the importance of semantic labeling, as an evolution of the classification by categories of blogs. One of the key elements of blogs is their publication system in reverse chronological order. This feature can be very useful for those teachers who want to provide a periodic update of new content and agree on a corresponding reading pact with their students so that they can make use of this information. On the other hand, for the teaching of processes, this method requires a fragmented follow-up in reverse order that can confuse students less familiar with the system. For these cases, the preparation of independent documents and their integration in the blog as didactic material through a hyperlink can be more effective. Promotion of the debate Weblogs, as well as education, are by their very nature processes of communication, socialization and knowledge construction. One of its most important characteristics is the ability to interactivity, which allows the blog to go from being a monologue to a dialogue in a constant invitation to the conversation. In this way, the student can receive feedback from other participants in the debate and become more aware of their own learning. The possibility of interaction provided by weblogs is complementary to the function of the discussion forums. The forums are still very valid to stimulate discussions among a working group. Blogs, however, are more useful in the organization of the conversation if what is intended is provide new data and links. All this is being traced on the Web and builds an idea of ​​who we are and what vision of the world we have in the eyes of our readers. It will be they who value these defining elements in order to assess the credibility suggested by the coherence and integrity of our discourse. Here lies another of the fundamental differences between forums and weblogs: their personal character. At the same time, the blogger himself can observe his degree of authority in the blogosphere through the inverse references received by his posts and search engines such as Technorati. This reputation system is very similar to the assessment made of citations and bibliographical references in academic publications. Creation of learning communities The creation of collective blogs allows the development of collaborative work capacities through the distribution of functions in the group and the establishment of a model of mutual tutoring among its members. Commitment to the audience The teacher ceases to be the sole recipient of the student's production and becomes one more among all potential readers of the Network. This public and interactive nature is essential to understand the socializing potential of weblogs. This acquired commitment can refer to issues such as how to choose your sources, the aspects that will be covered and the part of personal information you want to give, among others. In this relationship it is convenient that the authors are also dynamizers of the debate on their page and intervene in the comments of their own articles. This gives an image of closeness and debate among equals that breaks with the classical vertical sender-receiver of an author who writes and an audience that comments on the written. This search for horizontality in relationships will be of vital importance for blogging teachers who want to take advantage of the potential of communication with their students through this medium. Both teachers and students benefit from the use of weblogs in distance learning processes. On the one hand, the tutors have the format to organize the materials, motivate learning communities and create links with the students. To the students, the elaboration of their personal blog helps them to build their own learning and establish networks of social interrelation that serve to alleviate the feelings of isolation that are generally associated with the E-learning systems. The i4Camp model promotes the application of constructivist pedagogy in an E-learning system. The modular nature of the weblogs publication systems allows the student to use content syndication services to keep updated on the blogs of interest. For his part, the teacher can also use this system to organize the readings of their students' blogs. Finally, it should be noted that weblogs favor other learning that, at times, remain hidden in the agenda of major educational objectives and are not less important. On the one hand, they represent an opportunity for socialization between teachers and students in a more horizontal and informal space than the classroom. On the other hand, students improve their writing techniques and concentrate their effort on the narrative, giving more importance to the content than to the form. The fact that it is public generates a sense of responsibility in the students, who put their own reputation on the net and value their work over what could be an academic requirement addressed exclusively to the teacher. Before launching students to become bloggers, it is advisable to guide them in the knowledge of the medium, in the analysis of blogs and in the understanding of their dynamics. Responsibility in the Network The student must be aware of the responsibilities that emanate from his activity as an author in an online publication. In this field, the teacher has a crucial role as a catalyst for a debate on the subject, so that the student can have a free and responsible experience on his blog. With the spread of the Internet in recent years, teachers have become police officers trained to detect plagiarism in the work of their students. The fact that they become bloggers places them on the other side and makes them think about the importance of their recognition as intellectual authors in an open system. In this way, they will soon learn that plagiarism on the Web is easier to detect than they can assume, whether they are the ones who commit it or the victims. Functions such as trackback and search engines like Technorati will give them information about who they are quoting and how they do it. Even in the case of omitting the link to the source plagiarized, the very dynamics of the Network means that sooner or later these shortcomings are discovered and paid with discredit, a fundamental value in the construction of online reputation. The student must be aware that, citing the sources where we learn and are inspired, not only are we giving credit to our opinions, but we allow their access so that interested people can contrast the information and provide their observations. As Blood warns, the great strength that blogs have as a personal format and free of censorship is, at the same time, their main weakness. This power must be administered responsibly and in accordance with an ethical commitment that guarantees an environment of trust and credibility in the blog. In this specific point, the author proposes to write each entry as if it could not be modified: «add, but do not rewrite or delete any post». A suitable formula to correct any note can be the addendum style, by means of a new post that corrects the previous one, with a hyperlink to it and a note that reports the update in the original post. In the case of erasing part of the content, it would be necessary to record those changes and their reasons. The blog as part of an ecosystem Weblogs are part of the network's ecosystem. This implies that they are not taken as an isolated whole, nor as the only online tool that favors collaborative learning. It is convenient to situate them in their context and know the educational potential of other complementary systems, such as wikis and social bookmarking services. As O'Donnell warns, "too many people are wondering what blogs can do, before really understanding what blogs are." Blogs within an educational context can serve as an ideal platform for observation and analysis of the tool itself. The hypertextual format of blogs is evolving towards multimedia supports, largely due to the development of mobile telephony and its integration with audio, digital photography and video devices. In the field of education, this ability is very interesting for the preparation and distribution of educational materials. The use of weblogs in education requires the framework of a constructivist pedagogy that can take advantage of the characteristics of this tool, understood as a format and as a process. This approach needs the support of educational institutions to promote research in new didactics that favor learning with and on weblogs as a way of approaching the needs of the society of the future. This technology, which is still in the process of being settled, not only requires an open and dynamic teaching framework, but also favors it. Blogs can help build this new methodology by offering its format and its dynamics to experiment with new educational models. Summaries: Weblogs do not guarantee a greater educational effectiveness by its mere use. A proposal of teaching model with weblogs within a pedagogy Constructivist understands the blog as a personal and own means of the student. The blog goes from being a monologue to a dialogue, in a constant invitation to the conversation. Weblogs can be considered as an "intermediate space" between face-to-face teaching and structured E-learning systems. Being a good blog reader helps to be a better blogger, since indirectly assimilate guidelines and behaviors typical of the environment. It is necessary that educational institutions promote research in new didactics for learning with and on weblogs. While these lines are written, this promising project, which has the participation of a dozen institutions of higher education in various European countries, has been approved and has a start date for October 2005. In some blogs the practice of style seems to be widespread crossed out, where the deleted texts are kept next to the new ones, but with a line that crosses them. Reflections and shared knowledge.

The most famous parody of prologue is the one that put Cervantes at the head of his first part of Don Quixote, where a friend introduces himself to the author and gives him the recipe to get by. From prolog to epilogue, what happens is time, career, curriculum. In Rome, the curriculum or cursus honorum was followed by the citizen in the magistracy. In the Middle Ages the curriculum is already academic and is composed of trivium and quadrivium. Since Antiquity, vita or life were equivalent to book. Life of the guide of Tormes and its fortunes and adversities. The curriculum vitae is a sign that you have to find your life and lie as they say they are lying, you know why, whores and scoundrels. If you walk in these infamous times, may God give you luck and I who read Squid ink. Lliurat a l'esperança that the spasms of l'aigua li anirien in favor, deia faith in the llenguatge. Will die devorat: l'ineffable the temptar goes. Lost the abundance of the heart, discovered the formal voluptuousness: lie objectified in the arabesque and still be seen, subjective. Of the pride of not hiding a lot, he said sincerity: of the fear of being too exposed, feeling of style. Delivered in the hope that the spasms of water would go in favor, said faith in language. He died devoured: the ineffable tempted him. I was once a part of things that do not matter too much right now. I never missed a class, and always in institutes of public education. You have a resume instead of a biography. My pay is not that it was to throw bills but I got my money, in exchange, in free time and I do not deny the light that sometimes shines in our strange public. I took, and to much honor, the name of teacher. Make oppositions, was the motto. My me, my me, I know, I've been selfish. My homework goes up, my salaries go down. They take me backwards: older, more work. Well-being is not even in pharmacy. Nor in those endless cloisters that I will have voted, oh God, the same as you. And the rest is a workers' union, and that's never the case. With these words begins and ends Squid ink. Take it off or skip it, that's what God made the horse jump for. His graceful majesty is properly the English monarchy, although improperly all real houses are funny the more absolute and more able to grant or grant thanks, goods or benefits, such as the pardon of a death penalty. Making grace is typical of buffoons and people of low court. Giving thanks is from believers and giving thanks is proper to good education. For his support and contribution, he said the ceramic plate that was given him with his bottle of Cruzcampo. If you agree, send me the final version of the work along with the synopsis and your biobiblio. Summer started with the letter on his heels. Neither last waltz nor last tango in Paris neither quert nor poiuy nor alpha nor omega. Curious, that everything ends up giving intro, inside. Inside, pages that They start not to belong to you if they were ever yours. Neither the a nor the zeta nor the last one that turns off the light. Neither red colorado nor once upon a time. Giving intro is like dying already. If you give intro, who will you blame? 3 Squid ink, lives annoyed, a biography. A brother who gets in or gets him into a sect. Someone who writes that argument but regrets or is stolen. A teacher who teaches in different institutes, basically three. The outskirts, the upper class and the cool paraguáy, which only exists in his head. The years are those that go from the Transition to our days. Ink of squid project in works, knows that every book has many pages and that many were born so as not to be read on the run. Bible, Quixote, yellow pages. 4 I want to pay special tribute to my mother, to whom this book is dedicated. Like a loving, enthusiastic and understanding Noah, he has skilfully guided his ship full of strange offspring through the tempestuous seas of life. That he survived the trip was a miracle. As my brother Larry rightly points out, we can be proud of how we have educated her. I was reading My family and other animals, and I put the brakes on. That paragraph, Gerald Durrell, was giving me the dedication. I want to pay special tribute to my mother, to whom this book is dedicated. As my sister Carmen says, we can be proud of how we have educated her. Each of the squares squares and equal, white and black alternately, and sometimes of other colors, in which the checkerboard and checkers are divided. Escaque comes to escape, said of a military unit that disperses or breaks ranks irregularly. Colloquially speaking, escaquearse, escaquearnos, is eluding a task or obligation that we have in common by burdening others with work. This lack of solidarity is what distinguishes rabona, steers or similar, what is escaquearse. Writing is like life and you can escape. What does not fail is checkmate. When the writers have gone extinct. Literature was a finite resource, like oil, like water. Each new literary manifestation has been a prospecting that has been depleting the reserves until ending them. Before, each great affirmation contained a manifesto and each literary life was an invitation to heterodoxy. Today neither originality itself is capable of surprising us anymore. We have witnessed so many exercises of style and form, that even something original is recognizable to us. Literary prestige only exists as a liturgy. The idea of ​​the author has evaporated, replaced by an army of key workers, side by side with publicists and programmers. The growth of the internet indicates the increase of a deeply literate culture. Soon there will be more books that people have existed since the beginning of time, but that's why you're nothing if you do not sell, if your name is not known, if dozens of fans do not come when you sign copies. 11 cataloged it with that name within its History of Spanish Painting, begun in 1930. The objective was to clean the city of poor beggars, of Seville natural or six years residents. Among the staff there was a doctor, a chaplain and a musician, and teachers of various trades. Moralize rented submissive labor. Vocational training was the best guarantee of order and public morals. it is not a sum of elements that must be isolated and analyzed first, but a set. The element does not pre-exist the whole, but the whole determines the elements. The knowledge of the whole and its laws, of the whole and its structure, can not be deduced from the separate knowledge of the parties. We can be looking at a piece of a puzzle three days in a row and believe that we know everything, without progressing in the least. Most of the puzzles are made by machine and their profiles do not obey any need. The pieces are divided into a few large classes, the most Known dolls and crosses. Despite appearances, it is not a solitary game. 13 They ask me in Elcano for Podemos. As an expression, any phenomenon we can is interesting. If the message of Podemos is not imposed on the environment -which is the conventional politics of territory, election and democracy-, Podemos will not be able to do anything. Any policy based on ideas, on a program and on some people, sooner or later ends up asking for accessions, which lends itself to manipulation and personality cult. Until now, the progressive parties have wanted to breathe in their natural clients some ideas considered advanced. Let's leave the ideas and let's talk about numbers. Politics, like the friendship of the swindler partner of the Faemino and Tired, can get it in the ass. A substance similar to cocaine produces extreme paranoia, psychosis, suicide attempts and violent bite-type reactions. It is a variety of pyrovalerone and has been marketed in Spain as bath salts. The A400M is a turboprop aircraft for military transport, although with civil variants. Airbus also works for the conversion of passenger aircraft into warplanes or tankers, or tankers, tata, gugu, in-flight supply. For customers, the delivery time is reduced to a maximum of four hours. Less than in Gila's jokes. Lords of war and booty ended up with owners of the surname and inheritance, women definitely dispossessed. The use of man in the sense of humanity has an imprecise limit from the moment we only refer to male men, not female men. Add that in Andalusian and Spanish speaking languages ​​leaving home and going hunting are pronounced the same. They will say that this writing does not have its dangers. Just in case, do not leave the house without Padilla. The prevalence of the masculine gender, the masculine formula includes feminine, it should not be so simple, when there are those who complain. The third invention, by the way, was the wheel. 17 The main source of food for TdC is the press, the habit of never throwing away a newspaper without rushing it as much as possible. First in the kiosk, then in the bar and finally in the laxative archive. Also colophon comes as acute and not esdrújula word, colofonis colophon. Boomerang, says the Wiki: throwing weapon used by Australian aborigines that usually returns to the hands of the launcher, has a length between 30 and 75 centimeters and is used in sport and hunting small birds. 18 After the fire, the horse and the wheel, the fourth great invention of the macho man was the invention of peace. Before peace, the vanquished cut his neck and, for that reason, he said, in peace. After peace, the losers are put to work, which is more profitable. This was already proposed by Diodoto de Éucrates in 427 a.n.e. To minimize the use of the whip, which spoiled the work force, God had already been invented or supreme being and the divine origin of inequality. With fear of God, the pyramids were raised and the ideology of subordination became. Assuming their status and reproducing are the two joys that the worker can give to his employer. In order to prepare and repair the workforce, education and medicine became profitable. From now on the salary was going to come either for the capital gains or for the qualifications, although, if you ask them, they swear by their dead that the important thing is the person. If in a broad sense all education is FP, also all jobs are forced labor. Hopscotch could be read from the back or following an order that the author proposes on his board of directors, and Cortázar immediately attracted the prize of criticism to the first interactive novel in history, the first that played with the narrative foundations of construction and deconstruction. Card game is a literary deck or card novel of 106 cards of 17 by 11 cm that are left to shuffle, cut and throw. As much as he wanted to run, Max Aub did not find an editorial until January 31, 1964. If a missionary wanted to arrive with another religious language but without charge, he ended up directly in the Great Pot. Vocations, holidays, it circulates from back to front and is based on real events. Unlike the impertinent curious Cervantes, mijita not relevant, the people of Vocations, vacations are of the same water as the main river or the same squid ink. Some and other characters cross and talk to each other. 31 In English and French the chess horse receives the name of a knight. Horse jumping is also the hobby of ordering in the syllables one by one scattered on a board to form some thought. With crossword puzzles and sudoku, horse jumping is usually found in all laxative archives. Looking for the hobby was, when I found the eighth of the newspaper Public Tuesday, July 27, 2010. The Wikileaks website publishes 92 thousand confidential documents that paint a very black version of the war in Afghanistan. Obama, Nobel Peace Prize, speaks of a criminal act. Karzai accuses NATO of massacring 52 civilians. Since the Kelly case, England, 2002, there had been no such scandal. In that war a Trojan was used, an enemy at home. Ecopacifistas, fair trade, animalists. The armies, which were already Defense, called the wars of occupation as humanitarian missions or directly of peace. Communism was over, but the landscape after the battle could not have been more discouraging for those in favor of the same values ​​of equality, progress and well-being that had caused the Wall to fall. Women covered, men who always shriek, close-ups of angry people against the camera, childhood that suffers. Telebasura was said on the news. When referring to more than one paragraph, the sign is duplicated. The ¶ sign is called calderón, old paragraph mark, and is used to indicate some special observation. For example, ¶ Women have the right to vote since 1933. The left feared their conservative bent manipulated by the priests. Until 1919 a woman needed the permission of the father and the academic authority to attend secondary and university studies. I've wanted two priests, both with an angel's name. More than anything, for the gift or the san, you understand me. Father Unamuno: And the people who know about faith. The theme, the summary, the parts. After millions of years of evolution and after thousands of coincidences you have come this far. The best defense is a good offense. The paradox is an antithesis between two concepts that are resolved in a third: I live without living in myself. 35 The class struggle is an axiom, an evidence that is accepted without prior demonstration, a concept that fits because we have less to its opposite. In slave societies: free owners and slaves. To think that antagonisms have stopped occurring in capitalist societies, is to think utopia. It is good to believe that we live in the best of all worlds, but denying social classes would be like denying the roundness of the Earth. The class struggle is not an individual or voluntary concept, that a person or a group can activate or deactivate as the person who starts a vehicle. Class struggle - such as erosion, like cavities, like life or time - is something that simply happens. To deny the class struggle is to make a fool of ourselves. With US military assistance, the Taliban or Taliban of the Mujahideen guerrillas, composed of members of the Pashto ethnic group, were the most resistant to the Soviet troops. Decisions of the Loquesín were to prohibit the music, to close the cinemas, to burn films and to finish with the alcoholic drinks in the foreign hotels. Men were forbidden to shave their beards and were forced to pray in mosques. The women's schools were closed and the burka and the prohibition to work outside were imposed on them from home, even widows, the only ones who could provide income to their families. Adultery was punishable by death. A woman of 20 years, guilty of zina or illicit sexual intercourse. Amnesty's pressure saved her against her own family, who denounced her. He insisted that we all be Marta. Another thing is to play the true or false. We are talking about anything in front of a Miura of 495 kilos, almost five tons. The least of it was the color, black, pampered and bragged, or the number on the rack, the 21. Islero, in addition, was going to be the fifth, so. So Manolete asked Triana's to exchange their bulls. The season was not going too well and with this break I wanted to silence some mouths. Gitanillo and Dominguin already had one ear each, and he none. Imitation or plagiarism that consists of taking certain characteristic elements of the work of an artist and combining them, so that they give the impression of independent creation. Technique of sticking different materials on canvas or board. Departure from the main issue to incidentally deal with something that arises in connection with it. The world of the kitchen lends us leaven, calambur of elevates and lasts, and of the hard thing that it is necessary to have it to remain with the public. Supported by professors and expert evidence, Carmen Carmiña demonstrated in her application the theft of the subject and arguments, characters, scenarios and textual phrases. His Fluorescence was unpublished even for his own family, so only the publishing company had been able to access the manuscript and cause the leak. In De consolatione, a woman called Philosophy advises and gives comfort to those who wait. Boethius came from an ancient Roman family that had given Rome two emperors and a pope. And women, to wait for the man. The work of patience has been wearily feminine. On the other hand, repetition in males is considered a tiring task. In a warehouse in an industrial estate near Utebo, a man in his sixties cleans his car so calmly. Mariano Ostalé Martínez, released on charges, is accused of crimes against historical heritage. The agents intervened more than two thousand archaeological pieces of great historical value between this ship and its two houses in Alagón and Zaragoza. I am an atypical person, because I dedicate myself to study for my country. All my life has been to analyze the Celtiberian cities in the books, not in the field, says Ostalé. They seized on arrowheads, swords, coins and metal objects, documentation and maps. César Ostalé: Maybe the helmet is the one I put on as a boy to play the Romans. It looks similar to the Celtiberian pieces that were auctioned in Munich. The pieces appeared in Germany in the 90s. The boy had gone with his family to Las Dunas to which we all go. It would be to disguise, the kid, and nobody would notice. We can not repeat old formulas or try new formulas. Pessoa's words resonate in our ears. Reducing repetitions or redundancies, I was able to estimate more than 3 thousand results in Spanish for squid ink. As a title, Squid Ink was free and available. Until the cows are past, the milked milk is exposed to a temperature between 135 and 140 ° C and then cooled below 32 ° C. Eppur si muove, go if it moves. Against the movements of History the embalmmer syndrome or syndrome E has developed, a severe extreme of immobility. It is named for the conservative mentality of the taxidermist embalmers of Sinuhé the Egyptian, novel of 1945 and film in 1954. The E syndrome consists of justifying the world for what it always was, with contempt of what it should be. to a stone post or post placed to measure distances, delimit terrains or indicate directions. Everyone looking at us milestone with that I do not know what we were stammering. The communion photos were the most value, because communion used to be the first and the last, when we did not make it a milestone. In the first and a half because in front was the one we already knew as the Casa Grande, where a dark couple and a wolfhound with very bad looks all three, were going to want to make our lives impossible. Our beloved Maga in Fuenteheridos was still in the family until September 2006, when she was sold to a couple of doctor and teacher with family in town, the first thing she did was to erase the name of the house. Like those who grow dwarves, we would grow the baobabs. Neither for you nor for me, said the conciliatory director, to be removed by the janitor. Like Werther, nobody came to see him off. The table shows that the historical facts have an age, like people, they are allowed to change when they are young and they become more difficult to change when they get older. Barely taken the rooms, there that we went to the service the four, to download. This happens even in best families. We would download that couscous at home. Poop maraca or rattle, the one of much noise and of little value. That is, that there are, there are merit. It was the family that took for many years the rental of the Plaza de España. Or bike or boat, what do you want, flat? His number was mounted and keeping the type on a unicycle. The girls would raffle and the rich presenter asked for applause for the mike for the great Norman, which was his stage name. Norman once coincided with Pajarito, the sounded boxer who would end up blind, whose wife Remedios did not clean much, totally for what. Of fertilizer for the pots he had the whole house of horse cagajones. Norman, already grandfather, exhibited in his workshop the typical almanac of the great-aunt showing the great Colorado. Yes, almanacs, those of Juani Galindo, in his mechanical workshop. Every day one of every month had premiere and it was like that of cars. published in 1908 the first study on the painter and his work. El Greco soon sold out and Cossío prepared a second edition, which was released in 1981, edited by his daughter. In Greek he liked to sign his paintings. Searches related to greco. Greek Grammar of the Concorded Spanish. and not the opportunity or opportunism that Spain had not necessarily coup but accommodated with the regime. The question is not what would have been Lorca, but the infamous mob of nocturnal birds. And they put it together, well, if they put it together. Stuff you have, the Cid, that farán fablar the stones. The first woman arrested for wearing a niqab, surrounded by photographers in Paris. There sleep two and there were three: missing bed or spare sister. In season yaya are missing, not one, but two places. It is not proven that this is why we say that we were few and the grandmother gave birth. To this we must add the friendships that we had left. We all liked to offer our house, right? Before Gore Vidal had echoed other rumors. I had to go to Delegation to get permission. Apply to the story the moral of this soleá: You are putting me with chinitas maña the path pa stumble and I fall. The sacred history did nothing but follow the flow. The piglets and the princesses were always three and three the number in the jokes of this going two, and the third the Spanish or the lepero. The striking were not the simple determinant numbers, they were not the four evangelists or the three marias. We were more puzzled by the three musketeers, four at the end, and one thousand and one nights, that one night. I was not scandalized on the six days of creation or the seven. A child learns right away what day refers to time, even a very long period. And what word can be conversation, speech. What struck me was the story of the abstract and more intimate. Of little or nothing, it was useful for someone to give us an exact account of the numbers to reach the number. I was surprised by the accuracy, the desire of the accountant. I'm still surprised by myself and the city that for Easter I learned to love then. As a company, the Overcast is a ruin, although that does not mean that I have killed anyone. The negations in Spanish are milk. But you're crazy, uncle, we close the magazine. a drink between two dishes, a sip between two glasses of a menu already contracted. If I look back, the incongruity pursues me and if I look to the future, I may not recognize myself or my group does not recognize me. To avoid the two dangers frivolizo or change the subject. There will always be some by the way, by the way or as we talk that I can take as a taxi to help me get out of the conversation. The personal counterattack, kind and you, is held in low esteem, what do you do to fix what you criticize so much? More shared historical condolence is valued, of the kind that was already done. This way of arguing tends to touch the eardrums of the opponent, which is what it is about, and you remain as an altruist back of everything and over with a culture that the other does not have. Read it in Plato's banquet with a tablecloth. 76 Tsunemi Kubodera, a researcher at the National Science Museum of Japan, had been waging his private war for ten years to get to know the giant. Kubodera estimates its original length at eight meters. As the squid approached they began to record. Of this species it was thought that it was the mythical Kraken, monster that sank the ships by the seas of Norway. Sailors would be drunk, said Kubodera, for whom the elusive animal is not fearsome at all. When I saw it, it seemed very lonely. 77, do not come following me who I know and want to give me a little push. I came to Fisterra, Costa da Morte or whatever. In September, the editor of El Corcho is given a service commission. And I thought that serving, serving, was useless, they heard him say while putting his finger on the map of provincial institutes. Cork had three supplements. On the country of an open fan and painted with animals around, read The Fox uncovers the hypocrisy of the assembly. Some believe that hypocrisy made mediocrity. it was war and not coup d'etat, for which you have to ignore an uncomfortable day, July 18, 1936, and the days that preceded and followed that date. You have to go on tiptoe for the old account of Franco and his cronies. Conspiracy, pronouncement, blood bath, seizure of power and distribution of the new State. Once Franco's pronouncement had cooled, the official historiography began to date other dates. They did not imagine that the civil rights, of families and people like that taken one at a time, would raise like zombies what was dead and buried. 81 A park in Berja closed by the presence of a large black cat. Agents of four bodies look for the animal. Also striking is that of a great black cat. A bear is not a feline, so it is. It is assumed that, scary shit, no one stopped to see what kind of cat we are talking about. The fact is that the Castala peri-urban park, located in the Almería town of Berja, was closed one season. The mayor, Antonio Torres, was one who saw the animal. Another animal will have released it with the intention of taking it out of the way, because there has not been a circus for a long time. With the new economic situation, the abandonment of domestic animals has increased by around 20 percent. To the thousands of animals that roamed the cities, are now added those who have been forced to do so due to lack of resources from their owners. The uproar was over and the shooting began. The history of Spain is the history of the family commitments of the real houses. On the other hand, how good were the English ships when the siege of Cadiz. Ask the kid, Daddy, can I go to zaherir in need? Continue the joke by imagining what the father answers. 97, the statistics of the Consortium show how the catches were decreasing and becoming entangled with the urban speculation, as in Barbate with er temita of the drug. It is a quotient that relates two measures, weight and height. This index is obtained by dividing the weight by the square of the height. Another thing is the displacement of the MC when that mass is thrown or thrown into the void, case of suicide or murder by push. The poetic crushing has occurred in the Giralda de Sevilla, a minaret tower with 34 ramps to climb a muezzin rider on horseback. If you have come this far, do not get in the way of a more or less Japanese tourist with polaroid. Make the formula of the mobiles and, being constant weight and height, clear X: how long it will take to crash into the ground a progressively accelerated body to find the second micron that will pass and step on that traitorous marble slab. It means, curiously, sir, and it's respectful treatment even when they say you are asshole. The drug kills little by little who consumes it. Urban traffic contaminates and degrades an entire country. The drug enriches the traffickers. Urban traffic moves more money than drug trafficking. The shortage of social housing and the exorbitant prices of free housing mortgages whole generations. The penalties for prevarication, bribery, misappropriation of public funds or influence peddling are not sufficiently exemplary because they do not attack the most precious asset of the offender, his patrimony. The current legislation allows the Town Councils to acquire urban land at a rustic price. Once obtained, this land would become municipal property for the construction of public housing or other public protection schemes. This public land can be passed on to the recipient of the home without exceeding fifteen percent of its final value. No, as now, more than one hundred percent. 105 and the term marked is the plural, which includes all male men but leaves us in doubt whether it also includes women. We owe this way of organizing the world, which is a way of thinking, to the Swiss mind and of watchmaking precision that Ferdinand de Saussure had, founder of modern linguistics. Manuel Ruiz Lagos, course 70-71. In any case, that we sing the same thing is as present as preterit, structural, does not have much. Yesterday we sang on the rack and today we sing in the choir. It is said of fighters defectors or repentants. The aircraft transmits live the life of Taliban insurgents, their target, to 11,200 kilometers away. When the order arrives, he shoots and kills a militiaman, which he only does when the women and children are not around. At 2:00 pm she leaves that room full of screens, still with the adrenaline after having pulled the trigger, and drives home to help her children with their homework. Asked Google for killing civilians, gives 399 thousand results in 0.14 seconds. 113 gave in 1988 the specific ISO 8601 standard to represent time and dates avoiding ambiguities. The criterion is followed from most to least or from highest to lowest. To specify a date we will write first the year, then the month and the last day, using the zero to match the digits and join everything between scripts. The time is expressed with digits linked by two points. From 18:22 to 01:14 hours waiting for the king. A mayor of any place that inaugurates nothing of the other world sends sculpting the date in Roman numbers. 116, Yankee of Philadelphia, he had a degree in art with an architect's card and has gone down in history as an expert lover of Spanish art. exclusively attentive to the growth of their tea or tea, to the prevention of pests, to the periodic cadence of the rain, and to the vigilance of a suspicious workforce after the communist period. Luna then dreamed of becoming the head of an empire whose essence he still did not know. His privileged mind did not stop looking forward to the rhythm of the stars. Optional, birds, violins held. Auden was only seven weeks in the Spanish War. Treatment to get hooked as an ambulance driver. The British party press announced his enlistment as a famous poet to drive ambulance in Spain, a very common fantasy, which he sublimated as mercy for the wounded, a blessing for the wounded. But in the ambulance unit, they rejected him because of his lack of skill as a driver. He moved to Valencia, provisional capital of the Republic. Dissatisfied with the attitude of waiting, little adventurous, of correspondents and intellectuals staying like him at the Hotel Valencia, he took a donkey and went out to see the war. At twelve kilometers, the animal released him from a kick. He returned to Madrid in a car with a group of British Communists who encouraged him to be employed as a translator and in advertising proselytizing tasks. The same, the same, in all the chains. Then they will say that it is wrong to fall asleep at concerts. In 1741 the count was 45 years old, Goldberg 14, and Bach 56. He knew that as an insurance salesman he was not going to go down in history. Without balls there is no glory, he used to say. And for that he only needed little shame and a pair of legs to run away. His profession, as he proclaimed proudly, was a professional imposter. Blonde wig, miniskirt and pompoms. He also infiltrated the 1985 Emmy Awards. 123 TV never fulfilled its best function, which is direct. Those of us in New York watched TV to find out what was happening. It is difficult to understand things when they are happening. In the newspapers of July 19, 1936, the news about the uprising of the military in Africa coexists with the billboard of shows or advertisements for hemorrhoids and shoes. People did not know how important that day was going to be. His pacifism and war took him from the International Brigades to Burma, and by trade he continued to look at everyone's shoes. Spanish espadrilles, Indian sandals, leather boots and rubber floor of the bazaars of Cairo. Nathan Clark did not give up and went to the Chicago footwear fair. they include stories that you decide, give yourself goosebumps, choose your own nightmare. 126 As was proven in the trial, Eta almost implored to be heard. Despite this, the management of Hipercor and the police forces did not consider it necessary to vacate the premises. Every time there were important exams, some funny guy called the institute where they had put a bomb. No directive believed it but the matter was put in the hands of the police and an eviction protocol was applied. Imagine, Manolito and the wolf, if there is a real bomb. Nobody said anything, about Raúl Ruiz, it's a look at the world of the Bohemian intelligentsia, made with a lot of scorn and affection. Roberto Bolaño prefaced a new publication of the story with the explicit title of A perfect story. Total that Luna Yen ordered the slaves to stop the palanquin. Artistic modernity began in the 18th century with the creation of the museum institution and the elaboration of the concept of art and aesthetics. The revolutionary technique of cubism is part of the tradition of painting and its materials are still traditional. On the contrary, Dadaism constitutes a kind of epistemic rupture. Duchamp's adhesion to the Dada movement suggests a depletion of the modern project: a vision of the human course as an indeclinable progress towards freedom, the sovereignty of peoples and fair equality in the distribution of wealth. The prophecy of Hegel becomes true: art has fulfilled its meaning and has lost for us its truth and its life. The tendency is that the most voluminous books pass themselves off as minor titles. Anyone who sees the vertigo of life there, surely is correct, but also the will to cut through the healthy, the will to heal. Between acupuncture and massage, reflexology acts on some points of the foot in the belief that they correspond to different functions and organs, as well which human body is summed up on foot. 132 Exquisite Corpse is a surreal game in which you write in turn on a sheet of paper, it is folded to hide part of what has already been written and it is passed so that the next player writes another collaboration. The wiki reminds us that the name derives from when it was played for the first time, in French. Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau. The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine. It was sad to see him, poor thing, said the lady. It looked exactly like an exquisite corpse. I can only say that I did it as painters always do, first we give a brush to everything and then we paint it. With the bad luck that just after the stroke Cecilia went on vacation for two weeks to a town in the Sierra de Albarracín, and left him thinking that he would finish it around the corner. But when I came I had already gotten involved and they did not let me finish it. The cuttlefish or squid shell is a thin, flat inner piece, the feather. From sepia we say that it is the color of old photos and one of the colors of the past. For keeping the mourning of my classics, today I consent that my boys destroy in the classroom the latest bullshit of supposedly juvenile literature. In class, it's not that I'm bored, it's that other shows amuse me. If by the literature in Castilian was or was, I would be bored in class as an oyster raising nacre. Recipes, some are saved: how to prepare boiled water soup or scripted in the oven with green rejects. The greatest of his cookbook goes in didactics that have nothing to do with food. Some of those guides directly adopt the obsessive formula of the Decalogue. Not counting the girl in filomenta de Filomena and Blancaflor. 139 In Cóbreces, a little brother of mine confused what they call compost with the water of a swimming pool. It was night and Cencio had already given the cows the lights to go to sleep, ladies, that tomorrow there is a market. Who has seen a block has seen a hundred and knows that the block consists of manger, bed and sewer. I do not know if they've ever seen a cow's ass open. The sphincter dilates them in a way that, like the tsunami, better catches you far away. He screwed me over and, for dessert, his little stream of urine. They still remind me in the town by the nickname that they left me on as soon as the disaster reached the canteen's ears. But he, obsessed as he was with what they were going to kill him or was going to die, just wanted to get colonoscopies. Martin is one of the folk names of the devil, almost rip off, read the other way around, thinks a hypochondriac Martín Calamar looking at the salt sea. No, if later they will say that Ezequiel was me. Exceptional are the revolving doors of banks and public buildings, such as the lathes of the cloistered convents, Ave Maria Purest. Borges, the door is the one that chooses, not the man. Instructions to open a door. Cervantes is a joke, but he is also telling us the end of a model, of a reader type. Today you recommend a novel or movie anticipating something from the end, and they cut you shortly, do not kill the intrigue. Fernando de Rojas tells us with his arguments what will happen and now get comfortable and enjoy seeing how true what I said is going to happen. 146, or bad literature, which is not better than Bartleby and company, some malicious critic invented the cancer of colophon. It is said who gives a work or argument that does not know how to finish on time. The colophon tumor breeds metastasis in other parts of the literature, such as the criticism or abuse of postmodernity. Rounding out a rich independent producer and public relations. Blog consulted, Lexclusif.blogspot. He was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda in 1947. Kelly's actions began to fall. that they catch me the tutorial vein, that there is no shortcut without work, that they apply and aspire to the best, that they study the more to get out of the hole. May his Yónatan Jesus be able to work and do as I do, the race. 150, Cristina Peri Rossi gives a version that left more than one open-mouthed. The disease he suffered was not diagnosed, had no specific name, it was called loss of immune defenses. The same one that had taken Carol Dunlop, his second wife, who died two years before him. I had a virus that was baffling and had no specific treatment. No doctor knew, either, how it was transmitted or how it contracted. While I make this note for my boss's stingy, I find out that the verb falsar exists. Rebate a proposition through a counterexample or an empirical observation. He wrote in a medical journal where he dealt with the cultural section, which was excellent. Javier knew the work of Julio Cortázar well and they were destined to be understood. The consultation was prolonged in a dinner at Javier's house, Balmes street, where his art collections and surgical instruments were. Javier Lentini confirmed that Julio's blood tests and other tests ruled out cancer, and attributed the disease to a rare unidentified virus. I am a new man, he wrote me then. I have changed all the blood. Blood was bought from poor emigrants. There was no analysis because the disease, AIDS, was unknown. Cortazar, this road and no one goes through it, except the twilight. The male is a health worker in a nursing home, and his daughter works as an administrator in a foreign auditing firm. He is specialized in the assembly of aeronautical structures and in the final equipment. Currently, this exemplary worker works on the finishing of the medium and lightweight models, of which Airbus Military has sold more than 850 units. Curious, that in the matter of war there is a return to the ethics of drugs, where transport is pursued, not consumption. Neither narcotics nor armies travel alone. We could also reflect on prostitution and its legalization to the Dutch. Good, I come to collect copyright. 155 and cervical lesions that the brotherhoods did not want to hear about. With the help of the skirts, the people below were covered and, with incense and flowers, they no longer smelled of sweat. The result, fucked down and miraculously up, is that the images go by themselves! 160 The first legend that Daniel Lebrato faked was imagining him as an only child. But another son like Daniel was impossible. The fact is that the child had no choice but to share, combine and sympathize with all the verbs that begin with co- and became communist by immersion. If that is not communism, let Marx come and see it. 161 Crónica de las arenas, novel by Juan Villa, 2005, € 12. There will be recalling characters fleeing from hunger, despair or prison. In 1953, Franco supervised the work of a plantation of 10 million eucalyptus trees and 45 million pine trees that sought to convert sandy soils into an area of ​​high forest value. Los Almajos, 11 euros, 7.70 in eBook. In a demonstration in 1650, Fox was imprisoned for blasphemy. In his defense he used the phrase that trembles in the word of the Lord. The judge was amused by the tremor. God reveals himself without the need of a church, priest or sacred book. Quakers in Spanish would have been flans. Pinochet was arrested on Friday, October 16, 1998. For days like that, some of us had gone back to the newsstand and bought the newspaper. Too bad that such beauty was not true. Client and lawyer asked Obama, Nobel Peace Prize, the end of his witch hunt. AlWahhab, from whom the term Wahhabism derives, preached a radical Islam that closed many cities like Timbuktu to non-believers. Tombouctou or Timbuktu was a meeting point for the Tuareg camel drivers, who traded in the salt they brought from the Mediterranean and exchanged it for gold, it was not bad business. It was said that gold comes from the south, salt from the north and money from the country of the white man; but the wonderful stories and the word of God are only found in Timbuktu. He remained in the city for two weeks, just for his Journal d'un voyage à Tombouctou, the first European who came back to tell it. The fascination with Timbuktu persists in the skin of Granada. They talk about their descendants but Yuder was a eunuch, castrated, which is like going a tad with that of circumcision. he confesses in love with the communist utopia. It is not the same television news in all the chains. It is not a special effects movie. Nobody is jumping towards nothing. No mayor has said that the homeland of the world's first capitalism is in danger. Neither Spaniards come to save her. It does not change the landscape or the scenario of I was a fool, Alberti, and I am two fools. Juan Ramón, Lorca, is not the city without sleep. It is not Allende in his palace of the Currency. To meet violently with each other. It is onomatopoeic voice, probable loan of the French shocker from the German schocken, to shake, to offend. State of shock, emotional shock. When something causes us strangeness, we say it is shocking, but when we agree, we say that it hits those five. Choquera is, colloquially, the people of Huelva. Kiosk or outdoor drinks stand. The monastic schools of municipal or cathedral education were based on the seven liberal arts that were divided into letters and sciences or trivium and quadrivium. This of leaving the offices brothers to others comes from afar. Good age to retire a teacher. To preserve his body of Saracen dogs, his remains were transferred to Leon, to the basilica of his name. Give courage and nobody envy, be in mourning, be brief. Do not ask rhetoric about who is touching the spoons. Think about what you say and do so that they do not leave you as a gagged and sad man. This type of sonnets, which seem to go against the rhyme, received the name of submits, to submit to the most rare and difficult to find rhymes. In this case, the most arduous have been -uto, or -iste. They continue without a virgin consonant rhyme and úrsula, widow who was the furious local poet protagonist of August. For rocieras rhymes, go to Nonaino dot com. Arte Fugitivo said on his page that artistic manifestations escape from their creators and promoters from the moment that new moments, spaces and forms for their reception are articulated. In reality they were stolen works that are assembled elsewhere. It was not about the symbolic plurisignifications of the artistic text, but something much more banal and police. The answer, in that compadre and submerged Spain was naturally in favor. We all wanted to be from the Guerra González family. Síbowana, black and Caribbean, will beat the 100 meters freestyle. The free is relative and relatively new. Another black, Amitobueno, but Ethiopian or Kenyan, will win the marathon. The well-fed white man will take the medals of high-altitude sports. From the beaches of the third world will come the best footballers. A ball and four stones give play and distraction to 22. Goals must be marked few, so the speakers celebrate them long and hard. The gentlemen of Oxford give golf, tennis. Sports with more servants than players. The language of 15, 30, 40 maintains the intrigue between the foolish classes. In China, lack of space, tennis will be played. 182 of wisdom is the bug, and of literary, you will not want any Martín Calamar de los Buzones to tell you the truth. In 1997 published in Espasa a book entitled Wounded democracy. Most chamomiles have a female name. Finding ourselves on the edge of the abyss has primed this literature of catastrophe, by whose side everything is already a trivial story. I write because it is always better than downloading boxes in the central market. Because later I can dedicate the books to my grandchildren. Because in the end I can have my beer. 186 Beijing, July 14, 2006. The peoples of infinite horizons, of great steppes and enormous sunrises, sympathize with the soul of Don Quixote. The example is by variant of the letter with blood enters. De Savarin is the phrase tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are, in simultaneous translation, what you pay for. In memory of Savarin, colleges and universities around the world have a habit of eating edible books. Today the press uses them as icons. José María Iribarren was a lawyer and journalist. In 1936 General Mola named him his secretary. As who made his life from the winning side, Iribarren had an invisible vanquished. That invisible loser served as his assistant, he brought him files and folders for El por qué de los dichos. In the empty walls the marks of what was and no longer is happened. The holes had been filled with pieces of little value, a poster of Barca, almanacs. The councilor of culture could not believe it. Another man for eternity celebrates the ephemeris. If God forbids killing, are we going to kill us? The ideal state of a republic on the new island of Utopia. 191, language that did not dominate the father, who dictated up to eleven last wills. On that legitimacy, the daughters made with the pictures what came out of the chichi, dirty language to Montero Glez, to win readers. Say what you say, say it with squid ink. 192 God got tired of being alone and became a three, the trinity. The two left it for Adam and the family courts. it comes from or already, in phrases like He already has Eva. The feathers represent the spiritual and abstract, and the body of the serpent the earthly and palpable. Duality spirit matter, everything is relative. Emplumada did not want to be and it was the old mother Celestina. And that the serpent, so feared in Genesis, represents health and life we ​​see it through pharmacies. 193, repertoire of shipwrecks. Hollywood loves the titles that have universal resonance. Less laugh at all and all, that here we also laugh, and think that without equality there is no coeducation. 195 I converse with the man who always goes with me. What a different life, yours and mine, Mr. President. Among the ruins of the twentieth century lie the bad, but also the good ones of the film. At last I asked him to articulate words, he was grateful and he introduced himself to the Lord. If I wrote of unknown sines or recondite humus, it would be an E 224 of the modern lyric. Authorized sweetener of poems, coloring and preservative of literature, I would say then: so that your life signal does not exist. In short, that once again you are very clear example of what? 204 which is the putting in verse of a loving separation. When they read it, they will see that it is not pleasant to have been the other person. It helps to see things differently. Where we have seen that face, the blessed ones crossed themselves. We pray to the gods the persecuted north, the favorable route and the peace so desired. Let's pray a way to tell it and then, to the most auspicious shade tree, sleep until the South wind blows. The world of art ended up adopting romanticism as the main ideology and the artist became a marginal character, a commentator and a critic, rather than a participant and contributor to reality. The majority of the public is hardly content to visit the sad exhibitions of provincial impressionists or to go to the claim of the anthological exhibitions organized by the great museums. The divorce between art and public that opened the vanguards has not been overcome and technological art has taken over popular. 207 go home with tuna hidden in diapers. Others kept it in the canal or beyond. Cervantes equaled almadraba with mischief. 208, Dr. David Christopher Kelly will fit you, together or separately, all the possibilities. Let us suppose an atrocious medical secret in a believing man who in the end does not want to leave this world with too much burden of conscience. For money he did not speak, nor for vanity. Nor for discrepancy or political manipulation. It was a scruple of conscience or an itch of scientific accuracy. The truth it became bitter and he wanted to throw it out of his mouth. But an official between the Defense Sword and the Foreign Wall can not talk, can not go to the toilet, pull the chain and let the shit go down like that. An already impossible chance coincided with our bulbs as the venue for the world congress of mosquitos and papillones picajosos. It happens as with the libido, libido when we realized. This being a cult is the host. 215 Welfare according to the Psoe was to subsidize concepts such as housing, education or family, and sustainable consumption aid, equal opportunities policy with express resignation to correct social inequality. Some of those measures were from the beginning demagogic; others fitted as universal altruism and even there were those that provoked the rejection of the part supposedly benefited, such as the free textbooks. 216 In language, we call disjunction composed of words like swordfish that, being two, never come together and are one word. Precocious child with piano and violin careers, his first song came out at age ten. He made his institute and the ivy universities of Yale and Harvard dance. And I, who would have sworn that, as well as being black, I was sissy. In the film, the Sanfermines pass from Pamplona to Seville. Larguillo left the confinement. 217 and the line, there was always a line, we were a little embarrassed, but it was worth it. You confessed that you had done what you confessed, the good friar, he did not fail, he always asked you the same thing. Father, I accuse myself of killing my wife and my children. Killing, killing, you would kill jags. If Portugal is a republic, what will remain of my crown? 221 have two basic components. A factor of exhibitionism and another factor of modesty, which can be endogenous or acquired. The exhibitionism assumes autobiography and vanity; Some people include sincerity, especially in poetry, as if that sincerity guaranteed quality or we care about the other three milks. Modesty is withdrawn and gets along well with wastebaskets, with drawers closed under seven keys, with slow and good handwriting, and with reading the classics. I count this as an example of vocations neither fulfilled nor frustrated but quite the opposite. When a student or student asks me to leave or come out professionally, I tell them to move their imagination. And I propose or propose an advance or anticipate, that imagine not students but working or worked. And, more still or still, retired or retired. Preferably, I tell you, do not miss anything and live and live everything you like. No mailman, except for Neruda, will miss the letters he gave out, nor the telepizza distributors the pices that the others ate. Work, the one that feeds you and leaves you the freest. My readings, my little music, my books, my good life after school. Beers, girlfriend and friends when I lose sight of your fucking teen faces, I say in Tarantino language. Brighten the salary and life. That I do not see you leveraged tavern, pending the double six or slaves of the king of clubs. Let them give the grandson's cart, overwhelmed their drool with yours. Fuck the macrame courses in the home of the pensioner or pensioner. Let's all laugh, it's good for cholesterol. On April 12, 2008, she was appointed head of the newly created Ministry of Equality, the youngest minister of democracy. She lasted less than Ana for the thousand days. Carande had a doctorate in 1910 with a thesis published in 1916, Notes for a study of the economic nature of work. Economic nature of work, that's Marx, is not it? The cult of R & D is based on the fact that without research there is no national economy. The Spanish Kate Moss opens as a designer to satisfy a market saturated with logos. The street was crowded with people. Beside him also stopped a black Chevrolet Impala, the driver lowered his window and began to shoot. the four, a bullet by name. 233 The dictionary distinguishes between scream, shriek and howl. The following passage should be read with a recited schoolboy tune. Mine are divided into my boy and my girl. And those of others are divided into three. These copies of father or mother can be classified between those who do not like us and those who are fatal to us. Higher degree of infantilism is the squeak. The screech is divided into motivated or unmotivated, and differs from high talk in that it does not respond to a sequence of language but to the desire for prominence. It is called a shout or a motivated shriek that responds to a known stimulus, for example, a goal when they play football, a scare for a huge rat that appears. The cry or unmotivated shriek is known as shrieking machine because it reminds you of the slots of the bars, that every time they sound alone. Whipping the child is considered archaic and can be replaced by Ganasmat, sold in pharmacy. Discover the pleasure of hearing better. Bellman & Symfom enhances the words so you can continue conversations even with a lot of noise. In case of unbearable child, turn off the sonotone. 234 The first pillar is the profession of faith, giving testimony. This profession signals the entry of an individual into the community. The second obligation consists in prayer, which aims to sanctify some moments of the day. The third obligation of the believer is almsgiving to help the poor. Only when the tithe or alms have been delivered is property and fortune considered legitimate and purified. The fourth obligation is fasting and abstinence, forms of self-denial that could last forty days. Since then the fans took to greeting him waving pirate flags. Patch had the princess of Eboli, and did not prevent her from being beautiful and princess. Patch was John Ford, from once they operated on cataracts, to fix the view better by the goal. Of Eta or Eta there are atrocities. One is from Cortázar and says that he does not come down alive from a cross. Glory is a misunderstanding, and perhaps the worst. The whole afternoon between the steam and the set of bathrobes, dryers and towels. The technical part had its merit, nothing more than nails, had to cut and polish 160. And that someone ate them to make things easier for our mother. And if it coincided that a little cousin stayed at home, I do not even tell them anymore. I would have said, like Luis Cernuda, tender little cousins ​​I love you, I love you so much that your mother would think that she was trying to harm you. The trouble is that his mother was my aunt. And my aunt spent them little. it manufactured chemical weapons that would be used against the civilian population of the Rif in the Moroccan war. The Spanish army was the first in the world to use chemical weapons against civilians. Do not leave me, do not leave me, do not leave me. This economy is the same one that made the Manrique Coplas immortal. 245 The place occupied in our childhood by the blackberries of the brambles in the callejas of Cóbreces, is occupied in the south by the prickly pears. Afternoons with fruit and knife legend. When he sucks them, he consents and that snort of sorbet is not frowned upon. Another licensed chupchup was the periwinkle or burgado. This littorrea littorea, beautiful Latin that goes well with the litrona, is an edible marine snail, which enters very well as an aperitif centerpiece. In the bars of Cádiz the burgaos are like the pipes of the sea or the sea. From the Wall to the Towers go only twelve years, acceleration of history like no other. The precocious ejaculate has a name, a cell phone and a couple of acolytes. The liberation of the South was going to allow the ingenious Moon to recover the land of his elders. He died on September 3, 2012. He was 14 times father, 40 times grandfather and immensely rich. Her speech is firm, focused on reducing gender inequality, ending violence against women and ensuring that Muslim women do not wear the veil before the age of 15. The veil is an adult garment, declares Lola Huete, which regulates the sexual relationship between man and woman. Something like that must have been in front of the mirror on the day that the handkerchief was put on by the well-known Saharawi activist Aminatou Haidar, who was the same age as the Swedish minister, wife and mother as well. In those cases, the dispensation was practical, and could always disprove the vaunted papal secrecy. Among the presbyters so relaxed there was everything, Tioska penka! The least of it were the files of pedophile or pedophile priests, who were still kept as larvae under the secret of confession and the cassocks and who would not come out until Benedict 16. Sokar, like Charon, had a boat and it went up the sky to the pharaoh and to the Sun. When it finished to sail the underground river, when arriving at the desert it was transformed into serpent, one that. That's why Sokar is also the one on the sand. Shock, crash, Sokar, onomatopoeias. Aminatou wanted to buy a plane ticket to return to El Aaiún but could not because he lacked a valid travel title. What is not Dantesque will be Kafkaesque. Of all the memeces of the current educational system, the most picturesque thing is the so-called guiding council. The guiding council is not new, it is that a specific department, the guidance department, has been sanctified and placed at your service. In front of academic files with profile and possibilities, there is no problem, the council dictates the most credible itinerary for each student. To the son of the banker Botín the orientation council saw him come to the first one. This child is good for finances. And with her royal highness the Infanta is already embroidered. But when the guiding council has all the art of this world it is against the frontier files, students come from the rumbita and the skewer, minced meat for the guardianship of minors that could scar the volkswagen that the professor is premiering, in installments. To you, Peláez, we see you as an environmental recycler or as a collector of chapapote. To you, Vanessa del Rocío, we see it as a cleaning or aesthetic technique. Jonathan Macael squared off the power supply. Someone has to do those jobs, money does not give happiness, and in the end what matters is the person. 256 does not face military against poets, as we would like, but against priests and lawyers. Between the two sides, which are three, army, church and audience. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, ex-combatant and war maimed, still prefers weapons in the name of peace, which is the greatest good in this life. With The name of the rose, Eco invented the tasting book, which is left to sting. Remember not to moisten the yemilla. 259 represented in one of the arcades. Whoever was, decided to place it because it dominated the xylography and knew that it was the symbol of the monarch contemporary to the construction of the cloister. Another specialist, Borja Hermoso, adds that it would be so extravagant to maintain that the cloister is Romanesque until the last stone as to pretend that someone took the trouble to make it to get a few rooms. On the morning of Friday, August 25, 1944, the Fuehrer wants to know if the Allied troops are already inside Paris and if his orders to set the city on fire were fulfilled before delivering it. Mireille Mathieu sang for the film her song Paris en colère and we were left with her refrain. God save us if Paris is not free. In the image of that refrain, there is no free world if a country is not free and a person is not free if another person is not free. Spain was about to overtake Italy and warm chair 21 of the G-20. The king ordered to silence the Indian of Venezuela and why do not you shut up? It was the t-shirt of Spaniards who not only changed mobile every two times, but also a case, which bores a phone always the same color. See Sunday and letters of the new kitchen. Let the woodcutter wake up and the sleeping beauty wake up. 264 Escriturés to the oven with green repulsas. The scriptures are sold Well fresh calculating one per guest. We gouge the góngoras, with care for the skills, and we glimpse them on a slow fire in their cococha. The repulsas, while, we are tribulando of his trench until they nest well babales. They froscan the escriturés with parchment mino de trevez, and everything to the furnace until crew well gut. They are triscan to a bigja with little grass and more strength for endrin with the green repulsas. Pearl of the alliance are the three cultures. In the Strait, the three banks. Three banks that are planted with guards and barbed wire from Sebta to Russadir. He knew the shapes of the austral clouds of dawn on April 30, 1882. Savant syndrome or savantism is a variant of autism characterized by a prodigious memory but with difficulties when it comes to knowing how to use it. Aleksander Vinter is an electronic musician who suffers from the syndrome of the wise. Since taking on his musical alias, Savant, in 2011, has released seven albums. He claims to compose between two or three songs a day and carries thousands. See that from the control tower he was warned that he had to land at the Belarusian airport in Minsk. The pilot decided to try for the fourth time and they took the ground until the President and the other 95 people who occupied the aircraft were fed up. 268 The 26 surviving chapters of Aristotle's Poetics are considered to be the foundation of literary criticism. Otherwise, poetics is understood, as a noun, that kind of declaration of ethical or aesthetic intentions that roam the stormy world of creation. From Fernando de Rojas, the topic of who writes saying that his thing is not writing, so we will have to believe it is so busy. Free us God from writers in love and writings with the heart. Although you have for example a direct and sincere poet, Bécquer is the phrase when I feel, I do not write. It's time to leave Oh, sincere! So many hectares scandalized Minister Mendizábal. Here the friars would live as God. Send me, Virgin of Valme, to win this battle. And plas, the virgin appeared to him. The Promise, by Bécquer, may be fulfilled here. J.J. He signed his presentation task with a changed media that left everyone frozen. He served himself a glass of fine Saint Patrick and it was the ceremony of a wine, a book and a flower. Then it turns out that, more than trades, they are women journalists who are fatally attracted to political men with whom they form or have formed a couple. On April 18, 2006, a decalogue was approved in the cloister with the slogan without equality, there is no coeducation. The last newspaper of this man, El Tendedero, began. Think what you think, hang it on The Clothesline. El Rinconcillo is a dance where the tuna appears, which only carries a fortune in cintitas, and the typical tungsten of the asphalt jungle that takes an arm from a foreigner, that is, the bag. and our generous friend still offered the bike bag. Since then the purse is said to mean what is different or contrary to what is asked of us. But most, although I understand, does not attend to reasons, does not do anything. And that despair is of political root. I despair and I hope that mine win, almost nothing. Me, what sentimental vote and I left mine in the ditch of the useful vote. Locution for saying that the same thing gives us that gives us the same, wild card where it fits everything. Limbo figured where he will give what does not matter or do not know what to do with it. The sergeant is dictating to the corporal what the corporal has to type on the laptop. Braking footprint two centimeters from the median. Braking footprint two centimeters from the median. Femur ten centimeters from the gutter. Femur ten centimeters from the gutter. Cranial remains on the shoulder. My sergeant, hard shoulder is written with hache? the trilogy of jokes of This is life. Peláez's recruit had died, and nobody knew how to break the news. The drill sergeant offered himself to the captain, to leave him on his account. At the time of forming, the sergeant ordered the company Those who have their mother good, take a step forward, ar! It is used to mean innocent ignorance, which falls from a cherry tree. I'm going to the pelu, I'll leave you there, said looking at the mirror looking queen of Spain. Put the scam on the name it deserves. If the sons of bitches and the judicial orders do not prevent me, and if the disguise accompanies me, I will not miss the premiere. Curious that trailer the same serve as advance of a movie or trailer of a truck. The thriller has left me in suspense. The trailer has left me in suspense. Bilingualism course for middle school. Discovery of pyramids in Egypt. The news was the tool used: Google Earth. The story is set in Britain in the near future and after a partial nuclear war, with much of the world destroyed. In that future, a fascist party holds power in the United Kingdom. Guy Fawkes was the one who had to detonate the explosives when the parliamentarians were assembled. Pimba, he dreamed alone with that glory. Arrested on November 5, 1605, he declared that his creed was to end religious persecutions, refused to denounce his accomplices and was executed. 277 writes in three days Brother Ezequiel, a history of sects, which begins In 1976 I had a brother and a story. 1982 was a year of many things. We had started eating the grapes of Ucd's anger and we were eating the twelve fingers of the hands of the PSOE's health. It seems that the first one of all was the Náutico de Gijón, in 1840. and in Almería, where I worked for several years, the brown talk in the health field. I also worked at the flamenco tablao on the Colón de Cajero to pay for my studies and there I met a flamenco singer and I started dating her, she was exquisitely good and the hormones played out for me and I left her pregnant. Winning the Eurovision festival has allowed him to fulfill his dream of fame, daily surprises, music and fireworks. Pablo León, Madrid, 4 Jul 2014. I had already been to Madrid, but only in passing. The few hours I was there left me wanting more. I noticed that I fit with his spirit, he has a bulky white dress. I do not want to be normal, I want to be accepted. If it is difficult to overcome one sex, let's not say two. My name is Yasmina and I am a porn actress. The joke is very bad, laugh 1 on the Richter scale. Whoever seeks me finds me: either they find me the whistle or my tits find me. According to the Constitution of 1931, that day women participated for the first time with their vote in a general election. The opposition had used all kinds of arguments; from the pure machismo, the fear of the manipulation of the feminine vote on the part of the priests or the conception of a country that still was not prepared for that change. The elections of 1933 were won by Gil Robles' right but in the long run women won. 1713 was the year of the Academy, an institution that did not come to fight armies, but that could have done something more against Anglicisms, since it was so brave with the illiterate Spanish population. An ant and a bear give an anteater. On the morning of Tuesday, July 21, 2009, the foreign minister traveled to the Rock on an official diplomatic mission. The red duchess Isabel spoke so many languages ​​that she wrote in a mixed prose of all of them. The lineage of his style was of the time, like Azaña in The Garden of the Friars. and ends as epitaph editor and giving courses for exquisite corpses. I leave you another year the grapes and a mouth with more or less teeth. 290 is the territory of England, overseas or of itself, but not of Spain. Greenwich and its meridian send in the schedule and in the metric system from the one of January of 1885 with the misgivings of France, that from 1667 had its own meridian, of Paris. We do not know if Allah is great but that this is great if we know it. The old hours were nine or seven. The short hours were prayed in situ Believers or monks interrupted their work and right then they began to pray. In the greater hours, matins, lauds and vespers, the whole community met in church at the bell. And do not ask who the bells ring for. Bagtay, six years old, intends to go to school with a neighbor and learn the alphabet. On the way to school, he is harassed by male children who intend to tear him down and stone him as his elders did with Buddha statues, and not with his Iranian or Persian women, and not just Afghans. To play stoning is like here on a pallet or on a monopoly. starring Linda Lovelace. The film circulated in commercial rooms, not in X or art and essay, so it was a commercial success, they will tell me. Since then it is said or can be said who leaves the language that is a deep throat. The film had been shot in Miami in six days with a minimum budget. 293 and leave the demonstration in the opposite direction to the police charge. The bofia gave clubs safely, to the mochilillas, to the beards, to the aunts without plucking. Scarves and ties, Alicia Albarrán. 295 and enjoy attentions and tributes for having become men. In El Quijote we had read ¡¡Well it would be that they kill each step of the people of the watch with whom it is called! It is still risky to ask in Espartinas what time it is. He came to idolize Wagner while becoming a vegetarian. The man left his gravestone written. Whoever comes to see me will know who I am. By making a moral critique of a system that is neither moral nor ceases to be, the essence of what we speak is being denied. Comme d'habitude is the domestic song of a distant couple who does things by routine, including sex. My way, on the other hand, is one of those songs we say in the middle of the road, Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita. I did what I could and I did it my way. Bridge, they say, impersonation or cannibalism. The case is the lawsuit for the rights of My way and how second parties were good. Sociability and thematic unity within a reasonable variety save any conversation, even the most stupid and banal, as long as the group does not fragment. Then criticize from behind the imbecile or the idiot who has not stopped talking, we have more than enough. Thalamus is the site and epitalamium, the words for a wedding. To investigate is to see what others do not see or what is not seen. 304, tango by Gardel and Le Pera, the snows of time plated my temple. In music, variation is a theme that is repeated with changes throughout a piece. The measles of insolence and impertinence proper to age. In 1982 Martin was not thirty years old. Ezequiel was his brother and a brother always sticks to the sole of our shoes, we are made of the same sole as him. It is present in as many tribes as they have been colonized by the white race. Who has tasted human flesh, says that the human snack leaves a taste similar to pork, go for God. And to some extent it is logical. Because you, pillín, to inflate your résumé and to us the balls have been self-editing for years and so anyone has a bibliography like churros. Nor do you need to go to New York. And authorized companies and autonomous entrepreneurs. As there are electricians and plumbers authorized. 312 The European Court supports the French law of 2011 that prohibits burqa in public spaces. The first woman arrested for wearing a niqab, surrounded by photographers in Paris. The court understands the need to identify people to prevent attacks and fight against identity fraud. What a stick for the alliance of the three that were three, and none was good. The old left had succumbed to the songs of a man's sirens, a vote, we are all equal before the law, and other trifles. Leftists and socialists became mental straws to avoid class struggle. By running away from her, both joined the car of equality or freedom, which led the alleged left to defend the burka that the right banned. 313 Panic in the Village of El Rocío. A young agent of the Civil Guard confuses a picture of Buly with a bomb. So much that they spoke years after Las Setas. The X, the ten, began again to last as days in an almanac, and had to put a limit. They did not leave the account of the old and three acronyms of walking around the house. The D of five hundred comes from a thousand when it was written with the Greek obsolete letter digamma,?. Writing has an unconscious and a very conscious part, publishing and being criticized. The poet is an invented creature that signs with your name. Writing means forgetting oneself, and there are ways of forgetting how to be present. Poetry is a mixture of accidents, grace and pitfalls. We have to cheat to look for innocence. If not, you only dedicate yourself to be yourself. The Inquisition was tight and Loyola had to be made a saint, not that bohemian madman who gave him his life as a pilgrim. As Cervantes was aware of the Company's interest in hiding the original work, he also concealed it, but left clues. That is the work of Federico Ortés. The volume and the volume I arranged by dividing the book into three with fine razor barbera. It does not weigh me anymore or startle me when I return to it among the books that give me good night. I continue to share a Public Administration that serves, through its employees, the general interests. My other bald favorite, my brother Quico is, after our mother, who made the best deal with the devil. Studied in: Technician in wastewater treatment. We have not gotten the fifth speed yet, but the mouth already begins to know me to nitrate. Feeling somewhat doggy in the first kilometers. Overcome the wall, I begin to enjoy. The half marathon I brush in 1.48.42. I start to ditch, although I feel that my ass is still heavy. I do not want to scare, but in this reunion between my shoes and the asphalt, my heart has pumped more than 2 thousand liters of blood. By car, 7:30 am and walking, 10 days. 322 Alleluias of the sidewalk bike 1. The bicycle as a vehicle... Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous! He created the Sevillian school of stylist bullfighters. If they had listened to him, it would not have happened. 326, disembarked in the islands in pious mission. He arrived bearing a whale's tooth as a present for the great chief, a gift with which to avoid the ferocity of the mountain tribes. I do not fear the Indians and we hope to bring good, wrote the missionary in the last letter he sent to his wife and which is kept in the museum of popular arts and customs. They ate everything except their boots, which also went to the museum. There we learned that ºF 451 is the temperature at which the books burn, 233 degrees Celsius. Fahrenheit 9 11 refers to the 11-S of 2001, the date on which freedom was burned. A dystopia or anti-utopia is a fiction where massive manipulation and indoctrination has been imposed by a totalitarian state, for example. Father Patero was a good trotaconvent, and he got along well with our father. But a friar alone does not move devotion and we none leave religious ideas, rather the other way around. At the beginning in exchange for a trola. My mother always gave the same answer. The disgust that your father is going to take, although we believe that our father was the first to spend a kilo of the masses and the priests. When the grandma came, my grandmother, my mother made an effort not to notice anything. Suddenly the table that was never blessed was blessed, or at night the rosary was said around the brazier, things that made us lazy and infinite sleep. and dividing those years by the distance in kilometers that separate one from the other. The formula for the Patriotism Index would be: time taken together colony and metropolis, divided by the distance in kilometers. For prizes and contests that are admitting sending by email, you need a computer and programs word, pdf or similar, plus a mail account. The author is taken and, in a separate room, his wife and children are taken from him. The subject will normally be free or subject to what the bases command. Previously we will have a cool buddy ready to read the original and give him the honors of very original, macho, and of great merit. In the absence of a fresh buddy, it is also a couple or consort, avoiding as far as possible the species called kinswoman, considered vulgar in these environments. In venues spread across the geography of Castilian, more than a thousand literary prizes are summoned throughout the year, see on the web. Of all the prizes, we chose ten or twelve, those that seem more prestigious and better paid. The Planet continues taking the palm, 600 thousand euros. Sign the councils, councils, savings banks or institutions whatever they are, the endowment of the prizes will never lower one million pesetas free of charge and discounts. Speculation comes from speculum, mirror. In the mirror the glow of a skin, the wet lips as before speaking, the familiar appearance of clothes and furniture. That could have been paradise, an exotic refuge in an exhausted world. 335 The Pacts of the Moncloa were drafted and ratified in two separate packages, the economic and the political. Keep God's eyes on the great statesman and better democrat. Year and later, on Wednesday, December 6, 1978, the Spanish Constitution was approved in a referendum. Four of the five signatories of the Pacts of the Moncloa wanted the amnesty because they had their hands or the press stained with blood. Put the scam on the name it deserves. I also keep good memories of the Librates guys, a whole era of possibilities and hopes. With my scholarship, there was no more. My last destination was the office of Corteconcepción, although the guards did it in Aracena. 337 The word bis, from Latin, twice, is the execution or repeated declamation to correspond to the applause of the public. The public will applaud during the last few minutes and will go back to sortir per dir that I could not sing an altar. So bis, huh? Well, take plas. It is not proven that there is applause from pla or that Llach was given a show of hostages at the police station. Cavafy comes from the Giant's poem about the barbarians, who for all their inheritance left us a path to the north and an endless west. 338 Man vs. Food, carnivorous chronicles. Before leaving on vacation, I say goodbye with the defenestration of Adam Richman, protagonist of one of the most repulsive and at the same time most addictive food programs on television. The protests came quickly and the extrode began to answer in a very Zen tone and very typical of people who are at peace with themselves, but on a diet. Eat yourself a sack of shit, you imbecile. What a pity your father did not use a condom. Grab a razor blade and take a bath. The most interesting thing is that this has ended the program, and not the barbarities that have been seen in it during its four seasons. The theater does not change anything or influence any social or political change, because the public will see a play first of all to entertain themselves and to leave a few hours of their daily routine. At most, the author can place, in the hope that there can be seen, before the viewer a mirror. Elias Canetti in The Comedy of vanity or vanities represents the dystopia of a regime that has publicly burned all the mirrors and photographs to combat what it defines as the evil of vanity. Someone in Canetti's comedy says that a photo is a compromise between the vanity of the camera and that of the person photographed. In a copy shop, they pass their manuscript sheets one by one until they reach the order of five or six copies required. Staple or bind to taste. If the envelope is not self-closing and it is the ones that leave rubber in the lips, the stickiness is killed with your shot of orujo or aguardiente. Then the escrow is added to the large copies to form your good postal package. This package must weigh about ten euros in postage stamps and be properly wrapped in packing paper of these that are now carried, mostly pellets, with the convener address well placed and without forgetting in clear letters for the prize such and which. He goes back to the street and keeps a thick line in the post office. The certified package is sent. If you do not certify it, the truth is that it does not matter. Until recently, it could help you to recover your copies from among the purgatory of the non-winners, and to console yourself with that saving for the next, that your good money costs. But lately, on the face they go and recycle the copies. But if this book was written by me. 341 "Writing is nothing but a preparation for not writing, for the state of poetic, intellectual or sensitive grace. I write to calmly arrive at silence, which is dying. Or zero as the brain of more than one. Directly I write not to write. Quiet in the allegretto, restless in the staccato. When I look at our exam and observe the hundred questions, he puts on my white face, I shit and I pass the whores. To the end of this life you'll be facing the night. Truth, the light, and you may will survive. At the end of this life you will face the night. Truth, light, and you may survive. Life is the biography of death. Humor, more metaphor, I told you, where the fuck is humor in the biography of death? When the Biparty came to hurry to gag the old King, constitutional experts agreed that it was illegal. The aforadero has arrived at this town. Do not pass up this opportunity. We collect and deliver in your own home. Attention, ma'am, the aforadero has arrived at this town. 343 Adriano, Adrián, Latin He who comes from the sea. Adrián and Natalia, holy spouses, September 8. Adriano de Caesarea, martyr, March 5. Adrián de Canterbury, abbot, January 9. Adrian 1 died in Nicomedia of Bithynia in 304. He was so touched by the willpower of Christians that he mistreated and martyred Emperor Maximian, who became a believer in Christ. When his wife Natalia, who was already a Christian, knew the reason for her arrest, she was very happy. She was the one who helped her husband and the 23 imprisoned Christians. Sentenced to death, the visits were banned but Natalia disguised herself as a child and was able to enter. He had the courage to witness the execution. They were going to burn him but a storm hit him and he put out the fire, a fudge, so he ripped off his hands and feet and died bleeding. Natalia went to Constantinople with the relic of her husband's hand, that of the ring, the hand of request. The two are buried in the abbey of his name in Flanders. From Adrián 3, Bede reports that his disciples knew Greek and spoke Latin like English. As abbot, he illustrated England with his doctrine and example for forty years. Goscelino de Canterbury left us a story of the discovery of the remains of the saint, who were incorrupt and gave off a soft fragrance. Recent excavations confirm this story. San Adrián became famous for the miracles wrought in his tomb. 344 is a sequence that proves the ambiguity of the language, as a couple with or with. Another day I heard on the radio, and read in the newspaper was Kurdish, a native of Kurdistan, which is just as pathetic but is not the same as dying drunk. Everything indicates the useless struggle of structuralism to make the language exact. The traffic of notes comes from afar. Although emerged against comparative grammars, historical and positivist, structuralism meant the most savage effort to deactivate the dialectic. With the Russian revolution formalism entered the scene. Critical immanentism buries under the weight of relations of presence-absence all allusion direct or closed to reality. In May of 68 the reflections were aimed at defining literariness. It would be in the common sense of secondary teachers the referential fallacy: literature expresses our society. This will not participate in the Tour. You shit in their dead, said in fine. It is taken by someone who ends up being scrapped. Disappeared between Spain and France. The ends of the Nottingham Forest. Martín Calamar dreamed of eating it with kisses. Cameroonian exporter of Espanyol. The surgeons will pierce the skull. Thermal jets and everyone with their dishes with some diarrhea and elderly. The high empire of leisure and business. Make a game, fill your jars. The coach waits and we have to go back to Prague. Already released, in 1965 he opened a law firm and promoted social mobilizations, until in 1969 he was suspended from the practice of law. There will be a day when everyone looks up. I was thinking a depressed, expedited and unimpressed professor and philologist Martin Calamar de los Cojones. In addition to everything that exasperates us or makes us lose our senses, a curious fauna of ruffians and pimps, facades, copla and mancebía rests in the quicios. They are very sexual and very the coffers. Joining them and finishing the frame at the top is a lintel or a bow. That is where in the old regime a shield or motive of weapons was put. The most normal thing is that a door is used to open, and the doors are opened by necessity, out of curiosity or habit. Of habit, there is little to say. Doors open as you breathe, without realizing one of that opens them. The doors thus opened lack interest; if it matters the sociology of the latch in the bathrooms. An entire declaration of principles. First experience: a book intonso. I bought a book on Thursday that called me by its title. In bibliofilia, it is called intonso the book without guillotine, which must be defoliated manually by knife or letter opener, a detail that emulates the old editions. Second experience: origami. 288 divided by 16, gives 18: the eighteen booklets of the book. The maid was already well dressed. Third experience: poems without punctuation. From the calligram and the surrealism, the rejection to the points and commas is something familiar in the poetry. cummings, poet born in Cambridge, cambridge, for his friends. Stories or avant-garde or experimental novels have also been written without signs and without the opposition of uppercase and lowercase letters. Any reader of poetry has experienced the shadow of that doubt that gives the pass a page and see that the poem continues or, conversely, that the poem was over and we, without knowing. Total, that the maid follows. In submerged economy, valet or gorrilla. Epicenter arrived in a boat and it seems that it stays. Epicenter is named after a leperos joke. Seismic movement next to occur, stop. And after three weeks: Controlled seismic movement, stop. Epicenter and his cronies in jail, stop. We have not been able to answer before because we had an earthquake of balls. Vladimir Putin: cut, cut! Fixed that his wife should not miss ideas. And to wait between milk chimeras and tales a telegram that is not to arrive. The wait becomes frustration and that frustration must be put to cool until it settles. For weeks, successive months, the procedure is repeated starting from the copy shop until completing ten to twelve frustrations according to the mood, taking care that the work does not result in any case or finalist. 352 The dwarfs have always grown me up, only this time it's real. Adrián has been placed on one and Teresa on the other. The dwarfs, either make you a child or make you old, and we are in it. Adrián was born on 11 of 11 of 11 and Teresa, on 13 of 13 of 13. With good judgment they put Teresa Trinidad. When it comes, Adrián reminds me of the tender one with spurs that we have been without wanting. Teresa, sometimes queen and others, Princess. But when the show starts, when you see the face and they stop being an X, then, friend. 353 is a company that generates stories designed from the ground up as transmedia universes. Predictably, it is still heard during the parades. The song has been performed in all known languages. Regretter is worth feeling, yearning, regret, regret. The letter is one's own and in the end there are two. I do not regret anything because my life and my joys today begin with you, car ma vie, car joies, aujourd'hui ça commence avec toi. The song would have been worthy of My way in its best version and in the end what happens to Comme d'habitude, which loses with love in between. they correspond to Drumcondra primary mathematics test, which is a standardized performance test in mathematics, designed for elementary schools in Ireland. Between 2006 and 2009, when 30 thousand hectares were being built per year, several manifestos from universities and professional associations warned against the expansion of the real estate sector. The one who speaks only expects to speak to God one day. Touch it, I can not; Touch me, I should not. I feel unable to forgive anyone because I have sinned seeing her my mother is getting tangled entangled as the mosguito in the vineyard or marries me or is that this pope does not understand anything small mess. The technique separates from the tradition to the reproduced. By multiplying the reproductions, the technique puts a presence in the place of unrepeatable presence and gives actuality to the reproduced that goes out to meet each recipient. Both processes lead to a commotion, the reverse of the renewal of humanity. With peace and non-violence, and with the pick-up strike, there are more containers of five forks. That smelly smell, the acidity, the chard tone. With peace and non-violence: In the container it is not touched, it touches our penis. The load of spices brought by the Victoria more than covered the expenses of the expedition. The dead are supposed to be included, like the VAT. and maybe you go to the pater and do not remember what you had to confess. It was formulated by the Marquis de Bradomín, who was immortal for his sins, relied on last minute confession, enjoy this life and the other. But calculate and do not go over how long you trust me, as the first Tenorio was spent. In Easter are very populated with people up and down, very theatrical and popular, the steps of court. In Seville the Nazarenes of the steps of the court all go white to match the tunic of their lord, as a sign that they are also taken by them for being crazy. If the image carries the cross inside out, we take it all the way back, and do not talk anymore. 366 Graph of a polynomial or landscape of summit and valley, capitalism lacks on the one hand what is left by another. In the crises of capitalism what one party lives as a loss, another part lives as a gain, opportunity or development. Therefore, when we speak of the crisis, as of the seasons, we would have to clarify to which hemisphere we are referring. 367 dispenses with the dance and becomes sling or bolt when it is sung before the bonfire or a simpecao. or that are threatened by satanic international terrorism. That unanimity of the warmongering camp is the one that broke Kelly with its touching slump. And from a whiff, the English pack organized the typical horrific picture that we were tired of seeing in the houses when we were visiting. The hunt of the fox, or rather, that of the mole. Pressure on high employees of Foreign and Defense, to see who the hell had gone from the language. Floats, floats, and does not do the ball. The burqa is culture, the ablation is culture, the geisha foot, the sheet of the gypsy wedding. Culture, like Carthage, must be destroyed. In India you are untouchable because you are disgusted and do not leave or enter the internet. Here you are untouchable and you are a sponsor, a protégé or a mafioso. It is a sample of current painters, who instead of painting canvases they will do it on fans. The fans are large, and the painters have absolute freedom to paint, break, play and what comes to mind. For the catalog we would like you to send us if you accept a text of two or three pages that has been agreed to pay with 50 thousand pesetas. Assuming you are Sanchez Ferlosio and you write two folios, how much would you earn with each folio? Convert the result from pesetas to euros. Antonio Gramsci's concept that affects ideology, systems of ideas, doctrines and beliefs. The power does not act only by the control of the State, but by the cultural preponderance that the dominant classes exert through the educational system, of the civil and religious institutions and of the mass media. The proof of a hegemony is that the dominated classes gladly accept their condition. 373 Migas is a famous dish from Extremadura and other parts of the poor lands that take advantage of what they have. In our literature, daughter of hunger, the crumbs are associated with the unfortunate hidalgo of El Buscón, who with crumbs by the beard wants to pretend that he has eaten. El Hidalgo de El Lazarillo used to put a toothpick between his teeth. Of boys, they advised us to do like Tom Thumb, the prudent little boy who was throwing in the story bread crumbs to point the way and not lose the return. Another thing was that the birds came down from the high sky to eat the crumbs and that, anyway, Tom Thumb was lost. L'Amor che move il Sole and l'altre stelle. 374 that gave Daniel Lebrato the only literary prize he won in his life. Friedrich Nietzsche's aphorism: our tools for writing also work on our thoughts. Lu Miranda article of indifferent date for intestinal motility. Wimmen's focused on feminist concerns, sex and politics in general. He released the first lesbian comic strip. The laxative hemeroteca, news that you shit, has its origin in the prehygienic times to the paper of cellulose. Who uses the digital press, that is lost when cleaning your ass. 378, the cult of images is due and the authority of teachers, norms and models is a deserved authority. Antonym of iconoclast is iconodule, for example, in the phrase Had an iconodule in the crotch. She had had a handful of lovers and that made her a special morbid. Courting her had become his reason for being. It shows in his album Le chat bleu and especially in Heaven stood still. Phaedrus and For a winter god gave me ink to kill the giant. 381 Writing is a superstition. When he smoked, he believed that without a lit cigarette he could not write, without a single coffee, without whiskey. By hand or by machine, I am bipolar. If I write something for a printed page, I have to see it on the screen or, better, on paper to get an idea. Fountain pens is what I like to give as a gift when I'm a father, a tito or a godfather. In my long life on the blackboard I always used a small capitals cursive that is badly called capital. For the student caucus my spontaneous letter would be illegible. In the Faculty, one year they gave me an unread test, which is why it was illegible, and I swore that it would not happen again. I get the colors of the ink myself, like Juan Ramón, mixing blue, red and black inkwells. The test of a good wide-stroke pen is that, like a long-standing car, you start at the first without the need to salivate or moisten the tip. 382, frequentative of coactare. The artist's cache is due to the signed and certified contract. And elegance will come to be the real seal something of prestige and authority. La lettre de cachet was a sealed and secret letter that supposed the prison of the bearer. Authentic kills stamps and kills more. Lights of bohemia led me to imitate the theater in life, to act continuously. It has default personality. He met Threshold, he left the race and he dedicated himself to poetry professionally, that is not the same as professional poetry, and that's why he knew how to keep quiet in time. Neither Benet liked the cinema nor me, what he wrote. He is one of those who pass his cojitranca prose and his anacoluta syntax for avant-garde narrative. Back to Region was a cult book that made me more uneducated. It is called bodrio, German broth, a badly seasoned stew or pork blood mixed with onion to stuff black pudding. I, of course, will not return to the region, even if they give me black pudding. 385 A cameo is the shooting star that helps to promote a work. In the Anglo-Saxon theater, cameos were scenes with prestigious guest actors, which gave a shine to the show and began to be called cameos, miniatures set in a jewel. Madrid, 1631, golden centuries more or less. It smells like rogue and shrapnel, and opposition, agenda and free shift of 1979. It seems proven that the car of culture works despite everything in the Spain of Austria. You have read it in wiser and respectable authors: the air of strangeness of those who look in the mirror and do not recognize themselves, as if doubting if it is he who coughs, who appears behind the dark circles. By denying yourself, you affirm: the actors do not dress, they disguise themselves. Who does not know you thinks: of another. There is no more paper than the one you give life to, the one that behind the steam returns you and holds your gaze. You celebrate the vests and the hat and the cane that you presume to choose before everything is true, true the wolf. And very good people, added the typical neighbor who does not fail in this kind of events. The triangle they formed with Berta, her lover, was devoted to killing teenage girls, bodies of evil. They even adopted the daughter of one of their victims and at five they gave him to eat human flesh. It was precisely the daughter who showed the police where the remains of the murdered girls were. She wanted hamburgers, like all of them. The victim cried before dying and finished filling empanada. Breakfast with Catwalk Lawyers. 391 It is falsely attributed to me the saying that there is no good Ana. A friend of ours, all the girlfriends she had were called Ana. If the Angelus goes away, she knows what Ana was thinking about. The first seamstress I had was also named Ana. At that time the seamstresses who sewed for the street only took women, for that reason there were tailors and because the husbands wore badly that their mistress saw another male in smaller cloths. Ana sewed for me until one morning she found everything stiff and in the same marriage bed to the tolerant husband. The police did not come to bother me this time. The man was in treatment. Of the few who endure the diminutive, Anita. That effort was comparable to that of the enlightened ones for uniting homeland and progress, past and future, without leaving the French in the photo. It does not matter what a foreigner says. Suppose simply that the foreigner has not arrived and that his words therefore do not exist. I deplore the anglicism flash back but worse it sounds to me the expression back, synonymous with contraception in our stale and prolific popular sexuality. Said in fine, backward time or inverse chronology is called analepsis. This game of buying and selling real estate arose when the United States began to come out of the crash of 29. 399 If on Saturdays he played a shower of eight, and on Sunday morning, a mass of twelve, on Sundays it was time to go out to the countryside. The pine forests of Oromana, a guess. Little ice cream, omelet, breaded steaks. And there, yes, there in the field we played ball and catch. To anything we played and came back at night already with the stick helaito in hand, tired and tired, and to bed. To fit so many in a car, my father had some Seat 1400 or 1500, which were the most familiar cars. The hardest thing came when the civil traffic guard. The stoop, I had regular, but the love of the window has lasted my whole life. 400, that I do not imagine pounded otherwise. She came Thursday and Thursday has returned, museum. one of the most hot-blooded novels, and of the first of the historical genre, Sinuhé the Egyptian. For something computer is said to be computer and hieratic to everything immobile or traditional Egyptian. 405 Thursday of Corpus in Seville. At the orders of the great metropolitan man, who is the archbishop, the men recompose the order that became blurred when going to the Village. Again the rods, the banners, the dark suits remind the city who is in charge here. Without searing and without sacramental cars, the party is reduced to the umpteenth procession. The Tarascan, from the French Tarasque, is a mythological creature proclaimed by Unesco, the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, within the section of the giant processional dragons. The beast had, as is logical, the entire region frightened. Santa Marta went after her, preached her faith in Jesus Christ and returned to the city with the meek convert to Christianity. The inhabitants, who did not know it, attacked the thing that frightened them so much that they died without resistance because they would go straight to heaven. In Granada, every Wednesday before the Corpus Christi, there is a dragon that assembles a mannequin dressed by a last minute designer. You will be in you my mada, Lola, but in your mouth it will be in my same day. I am enmimismo, you entimismas, he or she is engrossed. And it's not that the other did not pay attention to her boyfriend, who did it. Everything so that her Eusebio was given by alluded and gave to her, of step, the cinnamon in branch that went asking for all lights. In order for you to understand it, death was in your jargon if you die and luck if another one dies. The most serious cases of harassment can end in muicide, tuicide or suicide, if I kill myself, you or him or her. from here, damn, or you empty the fucking charger in your fucking face fucking monkey and then I put the hot spout through your girl's pussy and then my cock, so you know what is hard. Everyone in jail is a Berlanga movie. In a model jail is going to celebrate the Day of the Prisoner. Politics, culture and show business see a propitious occasion to increase their business. The business continues, starting with the State, the jailer. There are already countries where the prisoner pays out of pocket his own expenses for accommodation, food and security, clothing and food. In Spain, at the end of two thousand many, of a series of famous criminals, the people asked for their entry into prison. Excluding residual terrorism, the criminals, some had robbed the State or individuals and others had committed some civil or criminal offense. Against economic crime it should be enough to return the stolen goods, with a good fine and expenses. Imagine that the reasons for robbery and begging are becoming obsolete. And depriving of total or partial freedom is already done without penitentiary institutions. We are all more than controlled. Just as the Enlightenment conceived a justice without scaffolds, now it is time to start thinking about a world without bars. 410 That night the Bello, comforted by affection and good food, taught his protector the sacred books that in a pitiful bundle he had been able to save from the barbarous plunder. Talk about his sect and his god, Basalt. He shone in the conversation as a sensitive spirit full of candor. And once the theology had bridged the two, he regained the memory of the road question. I'll tell you how, but before resting. After the frivolous and peliculero paganism of the Giant, who like me? proposes a loving re-reading of the Jewish myth and popular Andalusian religiosity. The guard of the post, seeing my father as a child, believed the first that had been unintentionally, and not a terrorist attack. Go and look for another parking lot, man of God, he said, setting up the bikes. 413 The sulfur, the torches, the lamp of the first tavern that opens before the day. The break in the crowing of the rooster. Beats of bells, drum and conscience. The psalmody, the preacher's voice. The cavities of the plebs market day and ash. The toothless laughter of the children between the electricity of the horses. The corner where the anvil and the hoe. The minstrel who has already good for lost the wages of this day. The madonnas fan with balcony and fop. The alley where the water abounds goes, the prostitute and the pickpocket. A touch of straw, mud in the cassocks, heat. The finger on the nose of some monago. A fly around a very serious guard. The hay cart, the christs, the knife and the pincer. That one who preaches the redemption of the flesh. The friend who is not and the one who is but denied us three times. The singing of the buzzard and the callus in the hand of the executioner. The Dominican who shouts penitentiate, penitentiate. Your tears, a sea that was the sea next summer in Lombardy. The Law of God, the epic, the easy gold of the carpe diem. The advances of the caries and the printing press. The heart press in the dentist's waiting room. Medieval cuisine tasting menu. Porridge, soup and suckling pig. 414 The key is in the third day he resurrected, that the same is 48 hours that 72. Neither on the moon do all the authors agree. For Matthew the day they killed Jesus it was not Friday but Thursday. In the north of England on Sunday, men had the right to raise three women from the ground three times in exchange for a kiss or a six-penny silver coin. The same thing women did with men the next day. In some parts of Germany on Easter day the servants whipped the maidens and on Monday the maidens took their revenge. They were released with the succulent Easter eggs. Tamara had a body of those who create hobby. If they tell you in drawing class draw a good aunt, you paint her. You imagine that a star gave you a name, moved your waist and all the South. He wore a pencil and fine silver ankle on his left ankle. And an infinite fatigue in the rest of the body. Jartita to edit and correct, until the bow of enduring some and others. Marry me and you'll see how we have many little books. Tamara would pass me her editorial stamp, her design, her distribution network, her schedule and her contacts. In exchange and with the title of proofreader, without pay or social security, which for that I charge the State, I would take care of the rest. There I leave the keys, dear. And he went to the sales to buy half a dozen anklets. It is the first owner of eucalyptus timber forests in Europe and the second world producer of pulp. The headquarters are in Madrid but the eucalyptus is planted far away, also away from the cellulose plants, which give a fetid atmosphere, migraines and perpetual nausea. The eucalyptus entered Spain by Galicia in 1860. The word eucalyptus comes from the Greek eu and kalipto, which means well covered, closed or hidden. The Hussite doctrines accentuated Czech nationalism and prefigured the Reformation. With our conservative idea of ​​old quarters and historic centers, this to cover a facade of merit calls our attention. Neither Deus aedificet frustra domus, to understand us. 418 Education mixes culture, education and professional training and has received progressive worship under the public and gratuitous invocations. The new culture continues to know Latin and continues to aspire to perpetuate itself among us as a class. The suffix -ista seems tag, not always well received. It is seen in the common word, good when we go to the common fund or when we think of the good of the community. But they put him -ista and, you see, communist. Other times it interests to be -ista. Without professional artists, the history of art has been written, but anyone says this to artists. The question is who in the mornings will go to put bricks or to scrub floors and who will stay at home to talk with the muses, to see what they bring that day. 419 or Claude Rains at the end of Casablanca. 422 The photo was made by Vincent Leroux despite the owner's reluctance. A heraldic emblem representing the crown of Castile points to a Castilian origin of the cloister. Truth said who said that paradox is the mother of all things. The attorney spokesman for the property of the farm assured the press that the family had never placed any impediment. The cyclist also believed that they were not going to give their doping. Jailer, jailer, do not take me to death. Everything will be to give his life a didactic texture that justifies the fun, the desire he has to talk about himself. I was starting what Menéndez Pidal would call good love. In Google, Book of good love wins a good love for a win. Jubilemos the spelling, terror of the human being from the cradle. Let's bury the rupestrian haches, sign a treaty of limits between the ge and jota, and put more use of reason in the written accents, that after all no one has to read tear where tears say or confuse revolver with revolver. Bottle to the sea for the god of words, 1997. Don Ramón was saved by adding legend to his legend. Get ready, Danielito, and laugh at your mancos in Lepanto. Josep María Vilamajò had been a private investigator for 40 years. A year ago, an insurance company commissioned the case of a man who had lost an arm with the chain saw he was carrying. Detective Vilamajò the court seemed too clean to have been an accident and also, and this is the key, an amputated finger was in suspect disrepair. The man belonged to a family in Valencia where everyone was unemployed. They had more than eight policies subscribed and the family had convinced him to amputate an arm and collect 600 thousand euros. The man went down to the bar, took a little carajillo, anesthetized himself as best he could, and cut off his arm at the elbow. But he forgot to remove the wedding ring, which he then tried to recover. His study, very serious, and the Litoral website, fill us with anecdotes of life in Cádiz from February 5, 1810 to August 24, 1812. Anecdotes as to what and why it is called tortilla francesa. Be that as it may, with Bernard de Chartres that concept of time and art and of the artistic schools we call postmodernity is inaugurated. Bernard de Chartres was the first postmodern, the first to complain about going to write a verse and find it already written. Sweet of the new publishing era and like bees to honey, my friends writers went to Maria with their flowers. As one of our people replied, it is not crime, but fortune and privilege, that friends are also good friends writers. And unlike other collections, the SH never entered banderías or supposed schools, so frequent among people of the guild. We did not care as long as each one did or did his job. We gave quality in my institute, which was filled with authors, and quality in bookstores, where the little books took them out of our hands. 428, the fastest system to get a child up for adoption is to win the sympathy of people directly related to the issue: social workers, nuns. A good file is in the hands of Sr. Maria. 431 The normal thing is that the school album keeps like gold in cloth exercises whose only grace was the appreciation of the affective environment. And the mother's mother's day But what poetry so petite has made my girl. And what else will give this eight-syllable octosyllable and that with nine, woman, if the important thing is communication and she the synalefa does so. Married man who stays working while his family is away, usually in summer. You'll tell me, Daniel, what do you think? That is why it is identified among altarpiece woodworms with a padlock sealing its lips. Let's go, brother, and walk in the shade. 433 If from the nursery they tell you how well you do something, the most probable thing is that that something is installed in your head and you want to be an artist, musician or poet. Consult with the guidance department or with my mother telling me from Son boy, to see when you write me a romance and not those strange things, that no one understands them. He sang this song so many times and at such a long age, that Le métèque was aging with him and it could seem like the umpteenth song of the old green. In 1968 Moustaki was 34 years old and the sweet captive, soulmate and living source, 20 years, which we have said is nothing. Marina Rossell adapted the lyrics without going overseas. Amb aquest de metec, link to trobar-te i to feel com és d'immens aquest camí. During the Syrian siege of the Samaria region there was a great famine and the price of the most basic thing skyrocketed. A donkey's head, says a Greek chronicler, came to cost more than sixty drachmas in the market of Samaria. The book that teaches us the twisted lines of God tells the story of two women who, to alleviate hunger at home and lack of money, ate the large son of one of them by virtue of a pact that can be imagined. Every day a mother would throw her son into the pot. The first woman complained to the king that the second woman, with the little girl full, refused to do her part and sacrifice her son. The king was walking along the adarve of the wall of the quarterdeck, when a woman shouted to him, saying, Help me, my lord, king! This woman had told me Delivery to your son and we will eat it today; we will eat ours tomorrow. We cooked my son and we ate him. Today is tomorrow, the next day, and I have said Delivery to your son so that we can eat it as agreed, but she has hidden it. We know each other from the Bicicultura and the collective book Poets by bicycle. Rebeca works for El País and was covering an event that could interest me. Salvador Iborra, teacher and poet, 33 years old, stabbed in the bottom of his house. Salvador Iborra left written in Catalan a poem that some friendly hand stuck as an epitaph on the walls of the neighborhood. Today is not for anyone and less for you. He has no dreams for love or fear. They forget that third bike, between vehicles, the ultra supporters of the bike lane. 443 I started to leave squid ink. The 2010 edition had had regular acceptance among my circles and did not stop the comings and goings between comics, and my general practitioner who, like Manuel Machado, had forbidden me to write more. My book had even the squid in the cover photo. When I saw the picture of the giant squid that Tsunemi Kubodera brought me, I thought the fucking squid looks a lot like someone I know, this face sounds to me. I turned the photo over and put it inside out. Go to the cover, turn the squid around and tell if I'm lying or exaggerating. 444 Pulp is a popular term that refers to a rustic binding in cheap illustrated publications and popular consumption. The term pulp refers to the waste of wood pulp with which a yellowish paper was made, astroso, of very poor quality and without guillotine. Actually, there is no genre that is pulp fiction, since pulp is a print format, not a literary genre. In 1910, the magazines are influenced by the fiction police, variant of the genres of mystery. The gangster genre became very popular in the Prohibition years. With its touches of luxury and eroticism, the pulp of gangsters dignified the guy by showing the criminal as a hero. By the 1930s, a good mafia pulp could sell up to a million copies. 445 In 1615 Cervantes senses what we know about him today. In fixing the modern novel at the height of Don Quixote 2, the critique left out what is strictly the adeene of the genre, the conquest of the democratic and vulgar self, the first person of common characters neither heroes nor saints. Tito Jaime requested an investigation. 446 The dates of Easter Sunday vary between March 22 and April 25. And from there, the movable parties, which move more than three months, 107 days of the year. The bridge of the Guadiana, built in 1991, made the Ayamonte ferry romantic. The last physical deterioration of the dictator had begun on Tuesday, October 14 and on Saturday, the last rite had been administered. From that day he was kept alive by his surroundings, which tried the succession solution more in line with his interests. What follows may hurt his sensitivity. it is inscribed in the series of the second movements or adages such as Beethoven's Seventh, which did not support the protagonist of La naranja mecánica. The ceremony, named Tres suits suit, was watched with a magnifying glass by the family police. This Pedro Dominguez, my lieutenant, is the same one who scandalized the street with an aunt on the arm dressed as a bride and with a belly of embarrassment about to break water. As they asked the same thing for a photographer as for the closest maternal one. The day that Rocío and Pedro married half the earth trembled and the other half kept wondering what we were waiting for. Sevilla will continue to have that special color that is neither sky nor blue, and that will be the Baroque. Thesis, Goebbels: When I hear the word "culture" the gun. 452 and then do not give it to us, with the moral that said: No, you spend it. 454 The center forward marks a lantern, looks to the right and throws the penalty from the left, some add The bastard. Pretty word the word bluff that the same lightens the truth, that puts us in a sea of ​​doubt. In poetry and songs the most beautiful thing is the conditional if, like freedom. If you tell me, come, if you call me, yes, if you call me. What I can write the saddest lines tonight was a bluff of the young man who by 1920 was beginning to be called Pablo Neruda. At sixteen, woman, he could have written those sad lines that night. But neither that nor the other night he wrote them. Everything included the animals of the bestiary of Maica Espín. Why my jaw still hurts, like a carajote, of that right. Why do I still have nightmares? Rating agencies for risk or rating are companies that rate financial products of companies, states or governments. Cannibal nicknamed Eddy Merckx because he won everything, even neutralized exits. It is understood by cannibal love that leaves nothing on the plate. Against cannibalism, moderation, or become vegetarian or vegan. The word vegan is a loan from the English vegan, by contraction of the adjective vegetarian. Their inventors in 1944 were pure vexatious vegetarians because many people who called themselves vegetarians ate dairy products or even fish. Since 1944, each November is celebrated World Veganism Day, a movement that has gone so far to the point that a pure vegan person does not wear a garment of animal origin. And the goosebumps, only if they are live farm chickens, not slaves layers for the white man. What better than to hire a Lazaro and marry her to the good one of Lazaro, if total, all three won. and it contained an extremely harmful dioxin concentrated up to 55 times above what we would call normal, which would cause cancers, diabetes, lymphomas and horrific malformations. The US Government did not recognize the harmful effects until it was noticed in its own soldiers. Well, I see you totally orange. Fifteen thousand Marines sued and Congress compensated those who had served in the infested areas. According to the Red Cross, there are one million Vietnamese who live with consequences and one hundred thousand children with malformations. Cleaning operations will last four years and will cost 43 million dollars. In 2004 Vietnamese citizens filed a civil lawsuit in the courts of New York. Judge Jack Weinstein dismissed it when considering that selling chemicals was not a war crime and that the herbicide was designed to defoliate, not to affect the population. That is, they had not read the instructions well. 460 In 1982 and as a book to use TOK began and ended between two appointments of authority. The appointment of the end was in cult plan. Like when you shit hard and you stay so comfortable. The initial appointment was The truth will set you free. The truth of Jesus consists not in the sincerity nor in the knowledge of the authentic, but in believing what even my poor grandmother, who did not have studies, believed himself at face value. To the son that you have, put him Juan, who is an evangelist name for easy things. 461 is following the trail of the Moors of Spain after their expulsion from the last kingdom of Granada to Timbuktu, where some families keep the keys to their Spanish homes and the account of their exile for five hundred years. The last thing has been the destruction of Sufi monuments of Timbuktu considered heretical by the Salafists and Unesco's patrimony of the humanity. They started by demolishing seven mausoleums or marabouts of ancestral saints from the area and then attacked the carved wooden door of the Sidi Yahia mosque. A tradition, five centuries anchored in Sufi mysticism, says that this door must remain closed until the end of time. My aunt Leocadia tells me that she was so stingy that she did not have a refrigerator because she did not trust the interior light to go out when the door closed. It was not, but a reporter was needed. Joaquín Alegre collected autographs. Between the three they carried the memory of the social life and the weight of the literary chick in the city. Among the thankless graces, a black man in front of the lethal injection: tell the governor that he just lost a vote. On my nightstand, an anthology of suicidal poets. Unity of the prosema is the reverse, or line for thought words, also called versoline, vergle or verson. The characteristic of the verson is in the -on. Of this species, inferior to the verse and to the line, it is the verson, verses. Words that are written in the same line or line evoke in prose the singular reading attributed to the verse and to the reading of the verse. 470 It is not the same to be a mole as a deep throat. Deep throat is said of a class of frigid women in principle until the flirting sexologist discovers to them that it is that the clitoris has it in the tonsils, it takes already. Very English and even patriotic if the mole does not change its political skin. What never exceeded the pure Dr. Kelly is that in the campaign of infamies and tripping against his person he will be called without knowing deep throat. Since the Watergate case, it is also known to the high official who goes the language against their superiors. Dr. Kelly, who began to be identified with fingers of high treason and press headlines, did not like to go down in history with porn language like a deep throat. Movement of spoons, in imitation of movement of swords, military coup, machotes them. Movement of spoons in all the works of the half hour of the breakfast, banks, offices. Movement of spoons in an institute. Domestic conspiracy that usually coincides with the time of recess and develops in four phases, namely. The first, gossip, murmuring or data collection. The spoon band talks and talks until the subject is fixed. In the second phase, take measures. Competition of solutions to which leading teachers, students and saviors of public education choose. The third phase ends in a decision taken, whether it is a written norm or a binding agreement. If the band of the teaspoon is seen with strength they seek a cloister or school board agreement. If they do not get the accounts, go to address or head of studies and, if there is chemistry between the offices, until the inspection. So you get to the fourth phase in which someone or people rub their hands for having got away with it while someone passes it regularly or directly, you yourself, you fuck like Herod. Do not ask who the spoons are for. 471 As some have done, I I will also leave my epitaph written. Mine, thinking about the effort that someone will have made to go to see me, will say What to do to have a beer. Way of wishing you to drink it well, not to my health, that it is better not to move, but to yours. From corpse insepulto, you do not want to know more. Do not open your eyes, you scare the creatures. Nor is it a plan for you to come back, we believe you, to tell you. Arrive and be introduced, by name and with two kisses per cheek, whom you have already forgotten or who you will never see again. The colleague that you see very often but persists in being your friend and in knowing the last of your last details. Or the other one who asks you, in what institute are you now? As if you were now in the age of changing schools. And the last straw is the dumb bird that comes to you with the question of what are you writing now? With patting on the shoulder. My epitaph, son, I am always writing my epitaph. After Lorenz, other studies have been defining and branching the phenomenon of harassment. Among humans, harassment or harassment has the name of work, moral or psychological harassment that can sometimes lead to physical violence. The most serious cases of harassment can end in suicide. The clumsy soldier in Kubrick's metal jacket. They are bullying, sexual, real estate, computer and stalking or stalking. Between the harassed part and the harassing part, half consists of jealousies and rivalries. 473 may present with fleeting hallucinations in the transition to sleep. how in Kars, the city of the deepest Turkey, there is a series of suicides among believing girls. Some girl, to meet the prophet, gets to make a wig with his own hair and then rapa to scratch the head. So when putting the wig is covered. And it may be rain, it's time to close and I put a roll with the bookcase glasses, Dorothy Malone. Taking my thumb to the brim of the hat, I will have asked and I will have conquered it completely. And when the scenographer tells us by the mike that we have to leave, the scene is good and we catch the red color eating partridges. 480 In Madrid, and to kill the wait, we went to the cinema to the double programs of continuous session, unknown in Seville. 481 Damn it, Pegothy, you gave me. Oh Flánagan, it has been unintentional. I really wanted to shoot the Flagerhy worm. But, Yónathan, how could you do this to me? You will see when Abigail finds out. Bing, bounced a bullet in the plate of the priest. The plaque had saved his life and now it was he who fired at pleasure. Pug, pug, and gas boiler burst from Saturday's shower. Oh Pegothy, let's see how we shower, damn it. They all die when the bullet hits an explosive deposit in the West Fargo. 482 A summer in the Sierra rereading Borges goes a long way, also for excursions or fleeting incursions. The urbanism of the town responds to those border settlements of half mountain, walled enclosure, old town, widening and new slums. The whole is the result of grievances and memories. The thing is that, between one and another, they have left the town without a clock. And we, in the age of the pranks, without knowing it. Hans Bethge was a poet and translator to the German of oriental poetry. I remember the view of the walls of the city of Ávila from the train, what a marvel. That exception was because I had to accompany the yaya, the grandmother, from Madrid to Santander. If not, we always traveled the whole night on the express until dawn in Aranjuez or past Reinosa, even more exciting. In the Renfe's travel office, our mother paid for and reserved a full second-class apartment with eight seats, even if we did not travel exactly eight. With the large family card, taking the apartment exclusively cost us well, as emigrants who go to the grape harvest. Six or seven travelers from the same family would have been too much for the guard civilian or the nun who was going to mess with us in the apartment. 494 While countries misnamed producers are bleeding humanly and economically by prohibitions that only benefit the big narcos and the great powers, these are not interested in ending the illegal drugs business. They will continue to support the prohibition policy and will not go against tax havens. They have the collaboration of bobismo and global simplism. Ask Montero Glez. Tax havens move 600 billion dollars a year from drug trafficking, trafficking in persons or trafficking in arms or goods. Javier Villán wrote that the future of a country whose teenagers go to Chiquito's trailer, is not a good future. 500 Fly cojonera is said of a person who is very heavy or annoying. To me the scriptwriter of TdC has asked me to make fly cojonera, unpleasant intruder in his sweetened story. 501 Remember the movie The Night of Marriages, which was quite on the charts. Friday or Saturday nights, couples marry the city. They go out with friendly couples to chat, drink and take some tapas. When they walk, they go ahead talking about their things and they talk about theirs behind them. At first I doubted much of my approach. The complicity between both want to make us believe that it is due to friendship, to what they appreciate each other, to everything they have experienced, but they do not talk about how lonely they are. And although he dodged this type of thoughts and conversations, there was a day when he could not hide, nor give himself more deadlines. On the day of his death he smelled of sickness, of whey, and of food passed through the mill. My name is Clara, I am twenty-three years old, and I lost my compass at the moment when I became aware of myself. With sixteen, I witnessed the death of my father, and from that day I began to see something beautiful in death. 502 Roman Gubern, From bison to virtual reality. The virtual reality radiated from the centers of computer research has coincided with an increasing colonization of the world imagination by the hegemonic cultures, which press to impose a planetary aesthetic and ideological uniformity. Virtual reality is illuminating with new light the meaning and evolution of images throughout Western history, driven by its aspiration towards referential illusionism. It is not surprising that the media have become artificial and innocent screens to hide the less pleasant aspects of reality. 503 The word genius is great. Genius, gene, has to do with producing, producing or reproducing. Ingenious was literally Don Quixote, but not great, nor were the geniuses of Aladdin's lamps genius. While merchants and bankers or entrepreneurs strive to justify inheritance, exploitation and profit, the genius artist is a figure who despises the aristocratic or capitalist hand that feeds him. The Bohemian poet hunts metaphors looking at the roof of a house that has been made tile by tile, brick by brick. Putting bricks is not a vocation, and art does. Art for art, which freed the work from religious obligations, brought in the end a new god and new priests. The genius and the artists, interpreters of a world that others, poor humans, we would not understand without them. One day I wanted to take them to the third of letters, and was a first of humanities with very little humanity, by the way. Another day I looked for the old cou and I found myself in a second year of high school, which was not interested in anything that did not go into selectivity. And successfully crowning the recitals was complicated. The habit of whistling to applaud, which is like wearing mourning in a white dress, had already been imposed among the boys. And the dedications, that's another one. It was customary that, after the performance, between whistles and applause as it was said, the girl climbed or climbed the stage to hunt and autograph capture. Logically, my overdrafts and my courses were going to end up as fools or mortars in Babel. The canis were reaffirmed as tribe by naming by name to their opponents, who were the posh on the side of here of Nervión. Canis, posh and flamenquitos agree that they rarely use the alarm clock. Its lights are lights of bohemian and illusion and nobody wants to be a pringao. 505 awarded with three million dollars against the writer Salman Rushdie, author of the novel Satanic Verses, published in September 1988, fetua increased to six million dollars of reward. It has been more difficult to cover the backs of those who had to do with the book. In successive years the translators of satanic verses were falling to Japanese and Italian, and the Norwegian editor, seriously wounded by gunshots. Then take a water lily that will discuss your things with the first hummingbird that walks by. If I saw that love gets serious, where I put the flower, put the vase. 508 that the killing of Hipercor. One favored the Transition and another hindered it. Another type of terrorism has been the kidnapping of officials, for whom Eta called for the rapprochement of Basque prisoners; and that of rich people, in exchange for money. When a rich millionaire is kidnapped, the ransom is paid, and in peace, which denies that the terrorists are never negotiated. The last focus of our interest is on the rescue ethic. We have been in police custody for 50 years and we were failing. According to the UN World Drug Report 2012, cannabis is the most consumed illicit substance in the world, with between 119 and 224 million consumers. 513 In Italy there are more than 350 waste monuments, 160 in Sicily. A legion of real estate ghosts whose architectural style even received baptism, Sicilian incompiuto, unfinished Sicilian. Giarre has been called the capital of this new style because it has seven of these unfinished jewels. A luxury place, corner in the Puerta de la Carne where his father opened a bicycle workshop, the prosperous family business. Retired the father, Paco hired a handyman who did his dirty work and he was reserved to charge for box and sales of little weight, a chime here, some gloves over there. As owner, I was always going to have a beer with him at the Modesto bar next door. Daniel, what I like is playing the drums. The Modesto bar made him an irresistible offer and Paco, who is human, could not resist. He closed, sold and turned his Triana so happy. I have seen many workshops close. Most are consoled with how easy it is to fix a puncture. The hard part is not filling yourself with fat and reaching your destination without losing your composure either. In Galera the most terrible thing was to bore, not to like, to have a spade. For domestic games, we went together creating our own adhesions and languages, like a jargon of our own. Espanúper meant to propose some new entertainment and that the invention would fail the first time. Then someone said ¡espanúper! and the rest of us knew that this seemed boring and that he had not been very successful. The house of the Lord was the bathroom and going to Mass was going to the toilet. There, what we left was called a milestone, a stake or a doll, and if he stayed among us, we baptized him. The challenge was that Rogelio could resist and see how many pit tank blows he could bear without breaking down. The dolls of my brother Carlos had to surrender them to brushes. Those were the first thanks and misfortunes of the eye of the ass, then come those of Quevedo. Our thresholds are already treading our bones, Jerusalem. Spaniard, or Spaniard, was our rosebud, our particular sleigh. which seems to be demonstrated in the Man of Atapuerca, who practiced a cannibalism that my Wikipedia calls gastronomic ancestral. 1868: Isabel II distanced herself from what the country thought, because of her good manners, a glorious revolution. And Rubalcaba, who convinces his people: Vote monarch. Votad monarch, that none is more good than the king of Spain. Seguidillas de pique of King Felipe, next appearance. The songs of pique are typical of festivals such as the May crosses, which divide the town in two by the rivalry between the cross above and the cross below, the fountain and the square. 517 Confidential testimony of a literary agent with plaster in the eyes. They take us as a scavenger species and hunt rewards. It is hard to split the rickety copyright. But authors and editors make use of us. If you know how to read, if you appreciate talent, as a literary agent you are worth a whole reading committee. And if you know how to move in the offices and sell the donkey to the capitalists of the book, much or little margin that is your benefit, the more you benefit from each other. The author leaves unpublished, which is what the fucker wants, leave unpublished; and to the publisher we give the business done. 518 Never be the stranger of a caption, the one that comes out next to the protagonist without his name being known. Nor be the clearing of the throat, the cough that remains forever immortalized in the concert recorded live. Do not run out of prize, for not having bought the ticket, the day that your neighbors touch the fat one. It is not a cheese anymore, it is a better one. Soon there will be cows and chickens that give milk or author's eggs. Cybercrime moves more than 300 billion dollars a year. 519 The Spanish 17th century, being of fallen empires and of less flamboyant thirds, deserved the name of a golden age. When the Transition, an enemy had democracy and was the dirty game in the last breath of the Franco regime. Like sperm, all parties wanted to be the first to reach the egg, do what the Pce called the exit to light before anyone else, and occupy the first place in the starting line. They also taught us to flee from easy rhymes or rhymes that facilitate, do not tell me, the task of their lordships. Sonnet is with rhymes campanillo and pixie, infinite and grandchildren. Similar rhymes of gerund, looking, asking, flying and crying. There are still those who believe that poetry consists of what instead of how. Or who, speaking in verse, speaks in clitic. Or in gargling, I say góngoras. Speaking in ferm, video and story. Polipo was, not octopus to the Galician. 521 honor diploma; 2) Honorific card. It is like a canonization, from blessed to holy. To begin his sanctification the Church has the super miraculous healing of a little boy of two years, seriously ill with measles, peritonitis and fecaloid colic. Preferable that they had asked him if the calamari sandwich wanted it with a bun or Viennese bread. Meteorology Statal Agency. A storm is approaching by the West that will leave showers of moderate to strong. Cleared for humanitarian reasons from early in the morning, the aggression of diurnal evolution will increase in the afternoon. Few changes in the mutilation of the creatures, loose shots of southern component. Evening missiles in the mountains, very loud or bombed in areas of high pressure. Swell to strong swell in the high seas, rolling to majarones force 3. Intifadas isolated occasionally weak. Bitterness, unchanged or in slight ascent. wins the Eurovision Song Contest From Querelle de Brest, they know literature and cinema what life already knew. Gay pride of the queer is to occupy the highest point in the trophic chain of sexuality who, according to the myth to the beast, would throw himself up to a brick of glasses, as long as he has a hole where he put his powerful drill. And watch out, kid, with insulting fag. We're talking about the fighting man, the Alcatraz boss who, if he catches up with you, you're ready. On the other hand, the gay pride of the ladybug is the morituri salutant before the ¡Ave, César! The man and the bear, Amor de Dios, 38. To leave San Isidoro was to enter the environment. Prince, in Amsterdam will already be twelve o'clock. And spit dry, interdental, very brief. Coating, by electrolytic deposit, of a solid body with a metallic layer. Adventures, meetings and impressions, by Roberto Farona. Do not deceive the Almax or whoever believes that, once more brown, another looser, the thing is urinal or urinal. Tumors are colon, not diarrhea, which then flee from colonoscopies and go from the squeeze to the funeral home. I am surprised by the simplicity of Eden Baratillo, close, cordial, agile and pleasant conversation. In the city of processions, to be another procession that goes inside. To throw a handle at the end of the month and scare off collectors, we pretended that this was the house of the monsters and that the collector was going to eat everything. Even the older ones scared us. 529, but in the face of insecurity due to drugs, theft or violence in marginal neighborhoods. Without equality there is no coeducation. Interestingly, the Academy continues to limit the use of overlapping metrics, with so many uses available. In movies, certain overlapping shots are called fades. It is the typical tobacco smoke that superimposes another smoke, that of the boat or the train that the protagonist who smoked remembers. In the conversation the overlaps are a sign of coherence, and in the novel are not rare paragraphs or chapters encabalgados. The palm is carried by the Quixote whose chapter 4 begins with the elliptical formula of La del alba would be. If the pause we did was well served, we will have forgotten that the innkeeper at the end of chapter 3 had left the hidalgo to go at the right time. The scribe would be like a notary. Scriptures, donations to the temple, inheritances. The literature is still a bit far. Avatar in Sanskrit means descent or incarnation of a god. For the internet, avatar is an icon that identifies a user who sees himself or herself as something divine. Its premiere in Seville, at the Cervantes cinema, began to separate me from my family. Its editors wrote their name with lower case letters to represent their unusual syntax. His is the verse nor Christ with his hands can already fish here. if I write it is in case it leaves some so hard consolation we have it to continue as if nothing had been irreparably broken in the neurons that stored blows cries declarations of love like shots. The allergy to punctuation, the rejection of the signs has to do with the free verse and the poem in prose. The points and commas, those traffic signals, when disappearing are supposed to leave a more open circulation to the free association of words and ideas, a poetic chaos. Amorphous and undefined state that is presumed prior to the ordering of the cosmos. The fact that there was a state, even if it was amorphous and undefined, prior to the cosmos, angered a cleric who had not heard that the times of theocentrism had passed. Lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit. Wolf is the man for the man when he does not know who the other is. Here and in Mazagón, I mean. But you, always in movement. Lebrato to see the errata in the book and his friend in the ocean shot himself. 537 To count an atrocious event, the opinion demonizes a subject that is designated as an isolated phenomenon. The guilty subject, strange and rare case, will have a biography that explains it. Being an orphan, unhappy, a history of violence; and will have acted under the influence of an aggravating or mitigating drug of the crime. To this isolated individual agree the slogans of full compliance of sentence, life imprisonment or death penalty. Another attitude, which is the one that costs us the most, is to recognize that the criminal was and is simply one of ours. Follow a list of rapists, snipers, suicide. Social retraction, shyness or isolation do not make anyone a murderer. A young man kills 20 children and 6 adults at a school in Connecticut. A murderer without a story, Lola Morón tells me, one of my bedside psychiatrists. Symptoms are compatible with disorder of personality, autism, paranoia, social phobia. Breivik or the debate about madness. 538 Talegón, doctor, was the family doctor. His name was Eduardo Talegón and he had his office near the house. But in health, as in almost everything, our mother sent. Convinced that we never had anything of importance, her kit weighed little. Band-aids, mercuro and aspirin. Anything else, mimitos that you have to remove or inventions to not go to school. The thermometer was his hands placed on the patient's forehead. You are clean, you do not have a fever. He sent our good father a couple of aspirin. The man had a delicate stomach, prone to ulcer. One day when something hurt, my mother administered two aspirins. As a widow, my mother still had a broad future of youth and beauty for her age. Her three widowed sisters, who had gone ahead in caring for their husbands, were waiting for her. The Martinez were three and my mother, just to fit all in a car, put first and get out there to unknown whereabouts. Once we wanted to give them a mobile phone. 539 tested positive for all the negative and had to undergo life-or-death surgery at the Sagrado Corazón clinic in Seville. They removed a polyp from Galician, from when he fled to Fisterra, and three colophon tumors, the three malignant ones. The surgeon must have been more attentive to the party channel or to the nurse's channel, because the operation was a disaster. 541 Penultimate example of scabies with taste, it does not sting, the year 2011 ended with the municipalities that aspired to host the nuclear store lamenting of which they qualified a political decision. Mariano Rajoy Brey had been sworn in on December 21. On February 29, 2012, Rasquera, an agricultural town in Tarragona of barely 900 inhabitants, saw the cannabis crop as a way out of the crisis. The middle name, Marleen, will be the girlfriend of a friend or a young nurse, go see. The poem inspired the musician Norbert Schultze, who truly made the song. The girl under the streetlight was premiered in 1938 by the famous singer Lale Andersen and although only 700 discs were sold, one of those discs will have a fortune. From earning his dogs by criticizing songs, he started wanting to make a song like My way or Ne me quitte pas himself. Lebrato would take out his songs as he knew, humming and hoping that Ortega's fine ear would put that in code. Pepe Ortega did not know where to go. I close the study, the antiterrorist that falls, so asshole. Yodemayó stayed for Psycho-type showers. 545 The only normal song the guy did was in the fall of 2010. It's called Café a la Carte as the show he tuned into. Here we put lyrics with moral immoral. Put now the letter to the comics that have been getting into vein from school, kid. Neither Spain recaptured, which was conquest, and El Cid was only a pet on its own, a slip. 546 Coplas for the death of Rubén Rodríguez, national teacher, son and grandson of rubenes. Let the neighbors of the school scream, wail! and the oaks are without acorns. Rubén Rodríguez today has not come to class. The fault is threefold: the grandson, the son, the father. If where you are, do what you can, I could. They look for you alive or dead the three Rodriguez, the father, the son, the grandson. If the trunk comes out, let them save you. And a cigarillo and a double whiskey on Thursday. It's not good to play truant at our age, Rubén. It is old that the people who leave us, always leave us without having thrown the penultimate cup. I met Rubén in his house as a teacher in Corteconcepción. As if they did not make enough straws the kids. His courses adored him and the teachers all cried for him. 547 Platero came to the violets before none, and stayed there, rolling in the sand. The girls came back protesting stifled, raising their stockings, holding their hair. I told them that Platero had won the race. It is known that too much parsley is harmful and abortive. Of the accusations against Juan Cobos, that of cronyism was true. JCW took it from the limbo where it was. While work is paid at a socially established value, art acquires an individual value: what someone pays for it. The work of people in the shadow of art and artists, or the brilliant careers of their children, does not appear as art or work or merchandise. The lady who sleeps between cartons speaks. Today the oenegé have not come. The Rafi, my partner, has a cough that I do not like at all. To me the things of religion and kindness have always done me very little grace. Telling what brought me here would be to tell you my life. Included in the Degeneration of 70. Andalusian heterodox poets, Fernando Merlo appeared dead with a syringe in the arm behind the bar of his own bar. He had written it in the sonnet In his veins, that which begins These channels that you see bruised. Those that carried life and food are warm cobras of short poison, white horse with the temple of snow. Trotting heart and feeling that by the waters of the blood pours with rapid flow the slow death. The word eschatology serves two completely different masters. The set of beliefs referring to the end of time and the study of excrement. San Juan is as eschatological as he who eats shit. The priests do not like that much, and some smarter pater has proposed the word eschatology for the apocalyptic, like that, with jota. The reverend patrons or tempers more would like to be pedophiles, the very pedophiles, the very ones. 554 God and artist are confused, because neither of them has the glory in their heads or any other destiny than to invent paradise. Neither music nor poetry, Martín Calamar's relationship with painting was not easy either, in a color blind. Well more commissioned collaborations and catalogs. 555 the phrase would be Andres asked Maria why she had slept with her mother. Of more we know that all the grammars consider the sort of articles or adjectives secondary and redundant feature. His mother or his mother solve what English resolves with his and her. And it would end with your mother's ridicule of you, so shocking, yes, but so useful at times for the speaker. Be the brand's gender of the possessor and not of the possessed object, and in peace. His mother sounds like his father. What was lying down is less redundant that Mary is lying down, because Mary will never be lying down. Renaissance and romantics loved antiques and disaster. Today, taste tends in good time to also preserve the ruins. In between are doubtful reconstructions. In the Sierra de Huelva, two manual castles are seen. Now, the tendency is for the restored to be differentiated. 559 Transversal refers to secondary topics in a main conversation. Let's suppose a dinner talk in which someone, you, remembers the proverb that says that when the finger points to the Moon, only fools look at the finger. It is evident that you want to point to the fundamental, and that the Moon and the finger are only occasional signifiers. 560 The descent of the mountain, by Lars Iyer. It is time for literature to accept its own death, instead of continuing to play the puppets with their corpse. We must denounce the farce of a culture that dreams of things that it can not create, because this farce is our tragedy. We must face with humor the darkness and the bitterness of the situation in which we live. There was a time when writers were like gods. They lived in the mountains, like emaciated hermits or lunatic aristocrats. They wrote for the sole purpose of communicating with the dead, those not yet born, or with anyone at all. They had never heard of the market, they were mysterious and antisocial. Although they may deplore their lives, marked by loneliness and sadness, they lived and breathed in the sacred kingdom of Literature. In time, a second wave of writers emerged. They congregated and agitated crowds, provoked scandals, got into politics. More than one among those who wandered idly around the plaza thought he could try it himself. Soon the writers began to settle in flats of the city and accepted jobs. Entire cities were colonized and occupied by writers. Now you sit at the desk, dreaming about literature and absent-mindedly reading the Wikipedia article about the novel, while you sip something and watch videos of dogs and cats on your mobile. You write a bit on your blog and you tweet the deeper thoughts that you are capable of. You rave your brains trying to add your own opinion on some fashionable topic on the net. Finally you click on open new document and you wonder what the hell you could write now. We know that it was like that because we see it in a brief photo album that was multiplied by three, for each of the three families, maternal, paternal and even. Marriage and birth are considered exemplary in their series. The ready made is a pretext to activate a series of ideas, where the central thing is reflection by the context of the work. What ultimately determines that simple objects become art, is the loss of the function of use of the object. This deconstruction of the sign, Duchamp goes back to Mallarmé, whose syntax is interrupted by synaesthesia and semantic incompatibility. For Duchamp the work must be utilitarian and disposable. In this way he breaks with the concept of genius, or talent. Art remains a habit, a very accepted repetition. A marriage neither dizzy nor mendicant and a very funny girl. The baby finally learned to compact his poop. What a salt shaker, then, hiding them here or there. The number of pecks was calculated at 625, two of them by ateese needle. The toilet performed more than 80 services. When the tides of Santiago and Santana were alive, the waves returned the garbage bags that we had left in their place on the beach. The tide did not make distinctions and the same regurgitated us our bags that those of our neighbors. People came to ask if that was rented for September. We knew we would not see them again. 564 had its last crisis so far from Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 July 1936. The uprising isolated the marriage. The episode of his conversion follows the hand of his Christian woman and the Jesuit Bonifacio Zamora. In February 1938 he entered the Academy. Then he published very little, almost all religious. In his diary of 1918 abound republican or moderately socialist concepts that would have liked to eat like rice with milk or squid in his ink. The second on the left, there you have it, uncle, Jose Julio was telling me pointing to it in the photo. Instead of going to the gym, the aunts are now playing bulerías dancing. At nine o'clock, it's your Legend's turn. Under the powerful influence of love I see people come and march. A giant squid, filmed in its midst for the first time. Tsunemi Kubodera, from the science museum of Japan, advances in the knowledge of the great invertebrate. It is estimated that these animals can measure up to 18 meters and there are even larger abyssal squids. He has a silver body and big black eyes that he will know, in total darkness, what they serve him for. Majestically nothing in the most absolute nothingness. is a book by Javier Gomá Lanzón that, faced with the necessary progress, indigestion of 20 dollars of Marxism, advocates moral progress. The class struggle is inevitable, like rancor, and it goes out and returns to history, no matter how much tar they throw at it. 577, who has requested that Ponta be removed from his doctorate. The person in charge of the Cnatdcu detailed that of 307 pages 85 were copied without indicating their source and the same 40 pages of the bibliography. In other words, everything except the colophon and imprint, the pages of respect, and he greets the dedication to his mother. 579 would have given up telling his Good Love just because it happened to him. The archpriest was searching through the basement of the cassock to see where naughty demons have left the file. Side effect of the sanjuán posture is that over time the gentleman has left the right shoulder as recessed and higher than the left shoulder, scoliosis characteristic of well-educated males. These eyes are called eyes or look Manolo Vara. 587, cut into pieces, if you want regular, flour and fry them in very hot olive oil. When they are golden brown, we take them out and spread them, without weighing them, on absorbent paper. They are served on a tray at the center of the table, with slices of lemon. They are caught with their fingers and accompanied with Cruzcampo beer or chamomile wine. The anemone of sea or ortiguilla is small and of cylindrical form, with cells urticarias to hunt small fish and seafood, that catches with its tentacles. Live attached to underwater rocks. That happened on Saturday, February 11, 1933. Imagine me now in a different skin. Imagine that the cold is the jailer, the shit, the potty and lice. That I am not what remains standing like a shadow until another shadow recounts to me. Maica Espín was already a consecrated author when Tamara introduced her to me. At Sobrehilado, what Maica had in her bag was fantastic. A beautiful bestiary in poetic prose, in his impeccable album and everything, that would compensate a bit the hegemony of the verse in the collection. To get an idea, Maica Espín charged half a million for each lecture or literary reading she gave. Without counting the populist Gloria Fuertes, there were not two like her. Whether it came or came for free to our books and to my institute seemed more than a privilege. I also imagined that it would take the street students. She was a good communicator, of those who handle perfectly the carelessness, the carelessness. As soon as I could, I put Maica's disk in my computer and there appeared on the screen, based on five or six lines each, the endearing bugs of her childhood, that they say is the paradise of poetry. From the teddy bear from its first straws, to a dream King Kong. He did not cut a hair, he joyed her. I gave everyone Garamond 12 and in a jiffy I had the book prepared, ready, now. 590 Bring me the imbecile! It has its origin in the following fable, whose protagonists do not mean that they were animals or the opposite. There was once a language teacher who went to receive in September, as every year, his courses and among them a first of baccalaureate. The teacher, newly appointed director of the institute in addition, had chosen that group 1A because he had told his head of studies that would be the best, the pearl of the groups of letters. It happened that in the same initial test of the first day the level of the course was seen that it was not very good. On the second day of class, the head teacher, who had not yet done with the faces of his group, arrived with the initial tests corrected and with a prepared anger. A Chaves Nogales, to understand us. Carande lived in 37 of Álvarez Quintero, as far as we went to bring it the day that the institute was named. Don Ramón was proud not to drive anywhere. 595, the traditional drink of the region. Then we proceeded to break the chain of the curse, symbolized by a balloon launch by the descendants of Thomas Baker. Another relative of the missionary, Les Lester, declared that the whole family was extremely surprised by the importance given to this event. The family thought that he was going to attend a small ceremony and found himself next to the prime minister and the Great Council of traditional chiefs. The Fijians, like Kelly, had a repentant conscience. His speech is very sweet and what he says, very interesting, although I did not understand anything. We had to use a little machine that translate you. After the ceremony there was a tea or fraternity tea, and then, each one to his destiny to preach in the world. Animal harmful to small game, such as the fox, the wild cat, the kite or the carpanta. hambriña, from the Galician hambrinha. Sadness or melancholy when in extreme famines one remembers what the food was like. Son of something, I also love, with respect to the servants and young well-off and idle. With rigor, señorito is an epiceno name that includes and is worth male and female señorito señorito. The señorito is based on the possession of the land, takes his rooms out of the field and spends them in the city, a figure and compendium of the good life. The topic is typical, and the future, how long you trust me. The people love and hate the señorito, the señorito learns and the señorito sucks. We do not have a fat girl, but let's go dew. to know what we were doing there. You will say summer, because no, it was not so clear. According to our mother our tito was very good and the work in the field very hard. Our cousins ​​there were convinced that those of Seville were real little boys. The second versions of Ezekiel already arrive in Garamond and we can see that the author had switched to the word processor. The first Garamonds were profiled entirely by the Stempel foundry in 1924, with italics and rounds based on the original drawings. Influenced by the English cursive letter, the italic italic does not look like anything in the round or they look like two independent and different letters. As a typographic measure, the cyan has twelve points and is equivalent to just over four and a half millimeters. Play with the advantage of being the spoiled letter of the Department of State. Predetermined by word or similar, there are those who do not come out of times so they kill him. roman times, times new roman and nimbus roman. Then there was not only currency exchange but fights to see who of the three catered to the tourist and offered everything in everything to them. The signature of the checks, sign here, was particularly attractive if the tourist went untidy and when she stooped to sign she gave the view of the suffering bank employee. The most suffered was me, that as in the military, I was mistreated by the veterans, who asked for the best views. One or a desert designates a male or female tourist through the streets of Seville at around four in the afternoon in the middle of August photographing the Giralda with a beautiful Japanese camera. While the guide explains the situation, 28 Japanese faces look at us without moving a muscle of the face. He speaks to you through a micro audio guide. Each tourist receives it through an earphone. If the bank entered a desert that was moderately good, it stopped talking about football. 609 None of the Plomez lives from the printing press. The machines are hard to find, expensive and uncomfortable to transport. That's why they asked for 4 thousand euros through a video to buy material, and they have already gathered more than 10 thousand. The printing shop is nourished by orders such as posters or wedding invitations. People like the imprint left by the guys on paper, the bite. Before the bite was a defect and now is what distinguishes you from digital printing. For the first time, a woman from Qatar, who would run with a headscarf, was going to participate in the 100m freestyle Olympic series. The free, the newspaper will say. To rejoice the birds, with male air was fixed on a beautiful girl who was very good and sitting. The girl, thinking that the man with the cane and hat was asking her for respect, got up politely towards him and gave her her seat. The daughters of the mothers I loved so much kiss me already and kiss a saint. Another day at the Perico bar, three girls who were at their point asked me if I did not mind taking a picture with them. You look like a character from another era, gentleman. Definitely, I was staying in the pure facade, in a gravure. You will end up like the marquis of Leguineche in National Heritage. While the three wenches fluttered their twenty years of channels and ports, I asked for another beer to the health of the Marquis de Leguineche. What they throw us: to kill powders to be dusted, almost nothing. 2nd) The praise of culture is raised to snow, knowing that nobody will be against museums, conservatories or plans to promote reading. 3rd) The individual interest is left aside: it is not that the artist wants to live for the face of a remunerated leisure, but for a work. That churrete that we saw on the walls of the painting room is already in the national gallery. The Presbyterian Church is characterized by the government of the elders with democratic and hierarchical elements, the power is balanced between clergy and laity, and between the congregations and the ecclesiastical government. Each congregation is governed by the pastor and the elders, who are elected. The ordination of priests resides in the community and the presbytery functions as a communal bishop. In 2003, Moon began his campaign to tear down the cross, based on the fact that the cross is a reminder of the pain of Jesus but had become a source of division between religions, a symbol of oppression and superiority. The American Conference of Leadership of the Clergy, a group founded by Moon, buried the cross and put in its place a crown. as in the phrase Sincreble that in the bars of Seville there is someone who has a corner reserved for his name. Truth that who left Seville lost his chair. with the church that with the Church. In April 1987 I came across the church, with small letters and capital letters. A literature teacher is made to deal with religious classics. Everything is that they enter the canon. Rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar can be forgiven for its propaganda status. Mío Cid also makes propaganda. What he has never had is the classic card, so I never felt obliged to give an account of the fellow, whose image for us was the Camilo Sesto babosillo. The School began with a space for peace and the School Day for peace and nonviolence. When he died, I was with Javier Lama to remember his sad figure. The Nobel peace prize Barack Obama says he has evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the president???? Archived in movies already very seen wars chemical weapons religions blood shit will continue squid ink 2525. The duality of this song shows how well it sometimes comes not to know English. A foreseeable, but eschatological letter in the end, for an obsessive melody repeated over and over again in a crescendo that could never end, like Ravel's Bolero. Young people who did know English danced that as if they did not know it. The one I was going to, Jumanji's, the one with the animals at home. He is credited with 16 songs and 22 sonnets, from a Provencal school. If in each meddling he meddled, he wants me to walk well inside what, if I look for him, I can not find him for more than love stir the clear day. Whoever looks for the mountain on a beach should then bathe in whatever there is. It is not little if a pool, better than a sewer, catches you close. In the matter of love, in what we walk, the same are the legs that the hands. 617 For bicycles, traffic lights neither open nor close, they simply transform. With your foot grounded, the bike becomes a pedestrian, and you can play with the color or the traffic light that interests you. Pedestrian or wheeled vehicle with wheels, the bicycle changes with such ease that whoever is not a bicycle does not understand the country. The fear of cycling is the fear of freedom. For Buchanan the territory of a political community is divisible and a new frontier is voted, it is not voted within the established borders. María Moliner specifies the etymology of anagram in the Greek ana, backwards, and the root gram. We must remember the throbbing question. Whether or not Brother Ezequiel was published, on behalf of who and who would be its editor. When he broke with the Party, he made false passports, erased the traces of his militancy and some say that even the very ruin camouflaged his accounts not to pass the alimony to his ex-women. Who was who, find out Vargas. The trembling hand that holds the glass of whiskey at night, at the time of the working day becomes a right hand condemned to submit to the productive machine that follows the rhythms imposed by the prevailing need to produce surplus value. There is no need to fear the temptation of the merchandise. Expenditure and excess are programmed very efficiently by consciousness engineers. After the alleged democratization of art, it comes to an end. If it were not for the institutions that live on art, art would not exist. The counterculture stains the walls with the poetics of graffiti, erasing the representations of the simulacrum. It is about breaking or tearing something that comes from the authorship of power, of inscribing our rebellious and hermetic sign on public walls. Then it ended up being like the hymn of reconciliation. The Pce ate a brown of 19 seats. With a hundred more, and almost reached the Psoe, which took 118 and continued to grow and grow until you win the elections of 1982. Murder in the Central Committee, 1980. He swore to himself that the cejijunto not tell him not even for his holy mother. Imagine, almost a kid, and already plucking the eyebrows for your whole life. He tried the male abrótano but, male, did not effect him any. Fuck, Lebrato, often hormonazo. He tried to do the permanent when no man did it and left the Hairdresser Eva that was nice to see but, of course, the permanent lasted two days. When the theater went to contact lenses. Nobody wanted to do Trigeo, so that role was the protagonist, which was what the teacher was for. Aristophanes with glasses, you can not imagine, and neither can he. When that stage was over we were already in 1986. Then he returned to the glasses, this time redonditas lenses, of which they call John Lennon and before they were called quevedos. 635 By context I know whether vacillating or vasilar is moving with insecurity or, on the contrary, it is presuming. And it was not the same to go behind the pack as to drive and drive. And whoever says that I am a social resentful, I answer that, by that rule, others will be grateful stomachs. In my dream I am on my computer, handling the keyboard so quietly. Well, not so calm, pounding the keys like culprits. In the background, although very visible, there is a salad of brochures of these literary prizes. To my left and turned inside out you see or should see two photos, each in its silver frame. In one a group of family is portrayed and in another one, a handsome one with airs of Paul Newman. The others, those of the other photo, are my wife and my children, with the good grades that they have taken me and I have not taken them to the hypercor or the water park. Something tells me What horror, I must wake up, this is the nightmares no more. However, the ruler of bad dreams tells me to wait, that there is still more. And it zooms in on me like someone who makes a grace. I go through the chapter The Ultrasound of Maripuri and it seems that I am leveraged in a narratological problem. This was that Maripuri approached me so gladly followed by a string of young children, a dog and a little bottle of a pretender. In nightmarish language, I'm pregnant again. Instinct told me Wake up, uncle, last stop. But the ruler of bad dreams answered Still asleep, that there is more. Back to the foreground on the keyboard. So much so that I give F1 asking for help. I look for mari other maris and appears on the screen Mariconchi, who is not pregnant and washes the shirts very well. First I make a block with my Maripuri, the children, the dog and the preacher. I close my eyes and hit the Delete key. The computer bastard, wanting to make things easy, still goes and asks Are you sure you want to send My family to the trash can? of recycling? I close my eyes again and give Intro, OK. My wife and my children disappear. The güindous assistant iconillo bows to me that nobody has asked. You win terrible to wake up, that this is very strong, but it does not matter and I continue. To eat I will call Telepizza and the danones will give them to an oenegé of yoghurts without borders. From the trip to Prague we returned just for the night of the pescaíto. My girlfriend and I were already of the Incas, that is, of those without ca. There was a booth that had us as partners, La de los 20 y pico. You could see that we were the peak because they threw us out the first time. We had a lot of people from abroad, woman. From that moment all our friendships, on the edge of the source, like they wanted to give us their asylum on Monday of the pescaíto. Look that the lighting is good for young people but you are not old enough to see how the cover lights up like the one who takes the grapes in Plaza Nueva. Typing but good with or without the corresponding comma, Google throws 44.3 million results in 0.23 seconds. Vertigo gives Juan and Pablo are in the antipodes, and do not fall. The difficulty of modern life is to stop being in contact. An Englishman dresses to belong to a group and an Italian to differentiate himself. Sevillian tailoring dresses señoritos and capillitas between the two extremes but with a defect. The little and bad that Sevilla adapts its wardrobes to the summer. The thread, the linen, the cotton, fresh fabrics and light colors identify in Seville liberal and progressive professionals of those years. The guidelines in dress have something to do with the contempt of the young man to the bicycle, ivy campus vehicle par excellence that conditions the clothes. Being a dandy, jipi or ivy in Seville is complicated because one exposes oneself to a continuous catwalk. Stripe and hair, the Sevillian gentleman does not risk anything. Do not go and take it for a ladybug. Its sense is that of sight, which is not at odds with how much they touch and kiss each other, with each other males. The defeat of Trotskyism, the majority of Stalin against the minority of Trotsky, was the great social defeat of the 20th century, the great play. The Wall fell and it is well fallen. Let's see if Israel's wall in the West Bank also falls. 641 For the record that at school I did what I could. Today my colleagues have a surprise for me. I hope you do not make me talk because I'm very embarrassed. Gender now seems to be three: male, female and we'll see. Have if this course finally I get the certificate. The joy that the relative will take. Sorensen had been born of a social worker mother, pacifist and feminist, and a lawyer father who became a prosecutor. Danish and Russian, half Jewish, he was educated in the unitarian faith that preaches nonviolence. That smelled of scorch and he preferred to be like a calzonazos. He did not know, he said, that to be a director of the company, he had to kill anyone. To the old cyclists, to the classic bicycle, we will always have the black and white of a line on the right of the road. or those of Abran puertas, by Buly. 645 was simply the first pediatrician to define the syndrome that later led to his name. In January of '55, at the age of 22, he recorded the Goldberg Variations, which he repeated in 1981. He thought that he would better serve music from a recording studio. Not like others, who do not know how to retire on time. 646 23-F. The desire to finish politically at all costs with Suarez obsessed everyone, from the opposition to the king himself. The switchboard was saturated with calls. Sabino Fernández Campo took care that this paragraph was deleted from the Spanish edition. 647 We have gone from being in the clouds to being in the cloud. If it were snowball, at least it would be a clean thing. And it does not matter if you read it on screen or on paper, because there could be a kind of lens or camera that cannibalizes you. A kind of Fool who reads it, that just by reading it we are already fools. Titles or signs of dignity or jobs that, together with a more main one, they award a person. Putting of parsley is understood backwards, afflicting or tarnishing. Google alerts are emails that you receive when Google finds new results on web pages, news, etc. that talk about you. 648 When the still young but already somewhat emaciated secretary approached discipline at the ready and suggested to his master a truce for that night, Yen told him Ora et labora. But if Luna endured his praying God well, the young man began to resent the mallet giving. Battling on two demanding fronts was undermining its high strength. Compliant as he was, he preferred to lose health before power. That time, Luna, lying face down on the bed, noticed that the flogging had subsided. Still without fear, God asks me to suffer. But behind him came a gasp, the supreme effort of the one who for the last time irrigated Luna with his mortal condition. The mission of the Envoy was over. 649 All roads lead to Mahler. Gustav Mahler considered himself stateless as Czech in Austria, as an Austrian among Germans and as a Jew all over the world. How much to write symphonies and symphonies for, in the end, the four or five truly unforgettable movements that we take to bed. Austro-Hungarian or Prussian, Mahler has some pachín pachín. Those trumpets of the Second. After talking so much with God, they forgot that people have to speak softly. 650 was already Clemente of El Palmar at that time. The one who had seen the virgin. Well, that Clement, was not he blind? Ezekiel had to seek life in his religion, so call it a sect. Sect was the first dozen Christians. Ezequiel had to improve the method, perfect the faith, acquire ease, look for an image and be protected by his own. Ezequiel there could not prosper. Renfe took over the service in 1945 and modernized it with ferrobuses, motorized train cars. On December 31, 1984 he made his last trip. In the oldest of La Jara you will not see a chimney. Why, if there was nobody here in winter. We took the tartana or the train and on the fifteenth of September the house was closed until the following summer. My Asperger had me completely bewildered. I neither opened the book where I said nor followed the tasks that others followed. In the end he got a 10, and in all the exams he did in his life. I was beginning to forget things, not to leave the house without Padilla and to remember Macondo. Asperger's Syndrome is diagnosed with that name since 1981. Because of his extensive knowledge in a subject of his particular interest, Asperger called his patients little teachers. My Asperger was a little professor in numismatics. and Association to Enlarge Love. They passed themselves off as representatives of tea or tea. Evading capital in Spain was almost elegant, and they soon went on parole. So binding are the plans that once they were going to put us lift we would have put a lift of those from kitchen to restaurant dining. There I send you an atlas or a printer. The Big House got the nerve to become invisible behind what is called a patch of trees here. 662, better known as Fly me to the Moon. Felicia Sanders did not record In other words on record until 1959. Three years earlier, Johnny Mathis had recorded her with the winning title. That everyone thinks it's Frank Sinatra's song. Immune to the bite of the days, of the night and its winters, I offer you a horizon without limits. Do not be, killing me, a routine. One more week, and my brother Pepe arrived with another igloo. with urban graffiti and tattoos on any part of the body, motillos such as sewing machines that run off and are suspended at the institute. Cani's variant is the obesity, predator of pipes, trinkets and foods directly garbage. Obese cani is always willing to show his love for his obesity. The painted canis and obesitas differ in two, to the public in General and someone in particular, dude. I feel like I love you, little princess. Well, you're going to feel it, you asshole, you bastard, said the father of the prinsesita taking the shotgun. To that I put pellets, as I repaint the fachá. Well, if I put that kid to him. 668 The vulgar discursión is of those that would deserve the pardon of the learned house. Bad sign of the Hispanic genius is that for most of the discussion is synonymous to fight and a strong discussion is not a great debate, but a row here I wait for you. Moral and Christian mythology link the quarrel with the dispersion of tongues and with the sin of pride of the Tower of Babel. Furious at so much arrogance, God made it possible for the masons to infiltrate foreigners whose languages ​​were unknown to the first builders. The subsequent confusion prevented the normal development of the works, and the works had to be suspended. For macarrónico, the rocker Silvio and the ragazza of the sú elevatore. By the way, the tower was half built. In case of deeper interviews, Yónatan and Yésica are among those who think of that. 670 In the Western philosophical tradition, enlightenment is seen as a phase in cultural history marked by a faith in reason, which occurred in the 18th century in Europe. In Eastern religion the concept also appears in the Abrahamic religions, as in the Kabbalah tradition and in Judaism, in Christian mysticism and in the Sufi tradition of Islam. To these three routes could be added a fourth, the judicial, in case of damage or splashing to third parties. 671, and the Drae admits architect. 672 Where death puts a revolution in what was the coexistence, the separation will put the same but without the consolation that bring the topics of the mission accomplished or love to the end. The one who separates thinks that he could have done things differently, and he will feel guilty. Against that bad conscience, the majority is uneven taking advantage of the attraction of one of the parties towards another person who passed by there. 673, a student asks if he can check Wikipedia, and the teacher says yes. There were people who took out their phone, their tablet or their smartphone. A week later, the professor was registered. The file is the longest distance between two parties in conflict. Don was director until July 2013. Fervent admirer of private education, it took a long time Delegation to remove the driver's license institutes, although look who they were going to give. In public education, it is called ideario or hidden curriculum to which, under the layer of excellence, works for the private. The file was left in water of booze. You are very hungry or live a postwar period. Anything is cooked to make a broth, the locks, the first herbs you catch, and the stew. The Costa Rican family claims her partner and biographer Maria Cortina the legacy of the singer. The artist herself proclaimed that she wanted to drink it all in life and die without leaving problems. In civil law, the legitimate is the portion of property that the law sets certain heirs forced. This obligation is complemented by the fact that a person can not donate in life what he could not bequeath after his death. The non-mention of forced heirs does not harm the legitimate one. If the testator indicates it, he will be able to have half of the legitimate one to improve the children or descendants that he designates. The last third of the inheritance is freely available. If the deceased does not have descendants but yes ascendants, these and the widowed spouse take or share the legitimate. Manuel Ramos considers him a genius. He was a compulsive creator, who always had several projects under way and was ahead of the editor. A few years before he had stopped writing, besieged by his ghosts and without the tutelage of his wife, Zenobia. The gods had no more substance than what I have. Final testament of an unfinished poet. Now you know that you can not love what It does not hurt Worse was not to be; that's why you exist. The inconceivable nothing precedes you. Deprived of the fierce assault of the images, of the atrocious whiplash in the senses, we delude. Never live stopped being a dream. What a sad sordid noise life. Only children enjoy listening to it. Find out what happens to the poem. Or if Majestically nothing in the absolute nothingness. 680 general on November 12, 1976 under the slogan For liberties. Afterwards, the Ugt broke the unit. Compare the Commissions and Ugt programs and highlight the differences. The unions distinguish the word unemployment and the word strike. with the winner, but the editor Jesus Visor sees the other more commercial book. 685 The story of Elmyr de Hory is that of a revenge, the mockery of a painter of great technique who, expelled from the system by critics, decides to laugh at those who have marginalized him. Today, there are so many false elmyrs, the hard part is to find a real one. An authentic Elmyr could reach up to one hundred thousand euros. 686 take the hundred thousand and allow me the vanity of the picture with Alberti in the newspapers and the weekend at the Atlantic hotel with my Skinny, spending the pasta between dresses and undresses. Everything that marginal and distanced art promised as an alternative must now be present in life. We agree that the great challenge of art is to recognize and manage his death. The first thing is to stop simulating that what the culture industry offers is art. When it is proclaimed that everything is art, it is the end of art. Painters who pretend to paint, poets who want to convince us that the muses are still inspiring them. 688 Pedophiles, zoophilics, whores and pimps, chorizos and bankers from around the world looking at the map. After a while, the business grew in the abbey, with a good bag leaving the obolium. And so many men light the blessed candles at night. San Pedro, who knew it, laid down his accounts. The abbot with the duel gathered his trapa. Brothers, to the confessional without guasa!, that here to the one who sin will fall penance with interests. The pious ones remain without criminals folding their new lace panties. Patrick, the poor man, the angels gave him a sonotone. is organized around three impressive fabrics by Titian inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses. Contemporary artists reinterpret them. A robot, a giant phallus and a Diana in a cage of almost dark wood. When the visitor approaches, the woman's eyes make her feel a meddlesome look-alike that has become confused. But the visitor, who has paid his entrance, continues and through the grilles sees the woman given to cleaning work. The macho use of women was criticized. Andy Warhol presented an invisible sculpture, a pedestal on which rested his own imprint. The idea of ​​flat thinking is to ignore the roots of behavior, immorality or crime. By focusing on our role, and not on the work, it becomes impossible to talk. Women in body in the shop windows. We entered a coffeeshop, hashish, marijuana. The politie ensures that flat thoughts do not step on it. Beware of the photos that are made. And to the plane, to tell friends. Anyone who doubts such good prose is Don Juan Manuel. Although nothing can bring back the hour of splendor on the grass, we should not grieve because beauty remains in memory. Siegos that we put, mows. That, a touch of typix, colleague. 702 It is known as the crisis of air traffic controllers in Spain to the conflict that led to the total closure of airspace in Spanish territory on 3 and 4 December 2010. It all started on the night of November 28 when the airspace was closed Galician for the non-attendance to the work of 10 of the 28 controllers, who argued that they had fulfilled all the working hours of their annual work day. It was Sunday of operation return. It was Friday before the bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception. Saturday, December 4 The state of alarm was declared for 15 days, something unusual in democracy. The TV aired salaries, hours and working conditions of a group not so badly treated. The worst thing was that those who then applauded the hard hand against the controllers today are more than controlled. They began to soak the neighbors' beards. 703 that they gave them to have their daughters in the best schools and then marry them with a good dowry. Look at your brother, my mother said. You do not know what hurts your mother tells you look at your brother. The extremist pastor Terry Jones, Coptic refugees and even the Jewish lobby could be behind this youtube that will show how the Arab spring was an invention of the press financed by the western democratic lobby, and that with Islam is not played. Take pastela, which is there like the spring roll. Although the Academy has the parody for a burlesque imitation, parody is the worthy end of genres that otherwise would have gone down in history. We will not tire your mercies with the amount of masterpieces that cinema and literature owe to parody. Lobby is an English voice that means group of influential people, organized to press another of certain interests. studied in Huesca humanities and medicine in Alcalá. Its success was such that it was reprinted four times before the end of the century and another ten in the first half of the 17th. It was translated into Latin, scientific language, and there are more than 50 editions in almost all languages ​​as a precursor of psychology, professional orientation and eugenics. Huarte proposed to improve society adapting the instruction to the physical and neurological constitution of each one. The work had problems with the Inquisition because of its theories on conception, and figure in the index of 1584. But both circulated under the rope, which allowed the redacted edition of Baeza in 1594. 706 differs from traditional Islam in its concept polytheist of God. In a similar way to Mormonism, consider that there are various beings that achieve the status of God. That Allah did not die but was transferred to a spaceship and bequeathed a council of 24, consisting of 23 black scientists or scientists, presided over by another Allah. The 24 predict the history of the world 24,000 years in advance. Blacks are superior to other races and the white race is the artificial work of an evil scientist named Yakub, who created a race of white people to dominate the world for 6 thousand years. The whites and the Jews are demonic beings, blue-eyed devils. European to modern medicine, mid-19th century. Personality based on humors is key to the comedies of Molière. As far as the Justice of the tribe remains. Me and a beer we formed a good reading committee. All Double Erre data came in the envelope. Three telephone numbers and two addresses. It was clear that the guy wanted to be located. And I started reading that wit. Impeccable prose, fine cinnamon, it was true, the best I've read. They wanted to revive the Overcast and publish it. There was a rather illogical zoo and a girl in a jewelry store. There was a Volkswagen like mine destroyed in a suburb school. Quan creus that already was, it begins to començar, sings Raimon, pure funk. When a few pages later I saw that he was going to do errands on a bicycle, instead of the crossed out the crowded beach did not feel like it, I confirmed my fears. Manuscript was and more, the original and more: unique copy. In any case, I did not have the courage or courage to continue reading. The guy did not seem like he was going to go around with little girls. Exactly what my doctor had forbidden me. But, above all, it was colorblind. From a family of five brothers, at 12 we see him giving private classes to other children, first at home and then at the church. He wanted to open his own school, study law or medicine but religious dissidents were prevented from attending or teaching in English universities. Part of the image that others call red seems to me little more than a shadow or defect of light. In Galera the color blindness was discovered by the men, who otherwise, our sister Carmen. You are painted the green trunk and the brown leaves. Lorca was not new to flamenco. Flamenco times ran through fusion and the most was mixing flamenco and rock. The least, to reach an agreement with Leonard Cohen. There was a hodgepodge of copyright, the Lorca family in the background. Neither Cohen spoke Spanish nor Morente English, but there was chemistry. I was crazy to get home, drop the folder, sit at the fireplace and hear what had happened to my father that afternoon. He had earned the respect of the purists and had given lectures at the university. Omega is not a job that seeks the white and unidirectional beauty, the aesthetic for the aesthetic. It is a song to the dead, a requiem that bleeds modernity that takes us to Lorca more jondo. In full recording died the mother of Morente and the son understands that Omega, poem for dead, will give title to the album, which will be a song to those who are no longer. The statues fell as the Great door opened. Morente died on December 13, 2010. Because I love you, I love you, my love, in the attic where the children play. 721 It begins as long as there is some mystery for man, not for the woman who poses as beautiful or lavish treasures, nor is the old world of vintage and wages, all the trousseau embroidered by girls, a mystery. It follows that there will always be poetry or music or painting, fine arts, its altar will be the society of authors. Speak the chacha of a family consisting of 5 units or pax. The couple and three children, two boys and one girl, aged from one to four years. My name is Yasmina, I'm from Ecuador and I'm 27 years old. I work cleaning, taking homes and taking care of children or elderly people. The gentleman is always traveling. If you ask me, I'm apolitical. Someday I will also be a mother. Also brother and sister to give Mother Nature Another turn of the screw. Positive, the horse was black with a white spot on his forehead. Negative, the horse was now white and the black spot like the bad conscience. In this life, if you have to start something, you better take it with good people and love you. You learn everything, even ridicule. I also learned to smoke my titos. And blond Fortuna, no, that's a thing of ladybugs or ladies; Ducados black and deep. It hits me that machete comes from macho and that machete is passed from machito to macho. The flying pan was taking effect by turning on its own handle, bounced on the floor of albero, made the jump of the frog to hit the front row where my friend Jorge sat. The barracks was at the top of the hill. The guards did not have more to go down and there they had us, throwing bottles in the Tomb of the Lame. The only difference between an educated person and another that is not corresponds to that precision. Let others boast about the pages they have written; I'm proud of the ones I've read. The task I undertake is unlimited and has to accompany me to the end, no less mysterious than the universe and me, the apprentice. As an apprentice, Fernando Duque was referring to a model airplane that we were both flying at the time. Flying, it is not that we flew much, but we took a dark roof that made us look beautiful pilots. Then I learned that I was ivy, from another era. With that look, it was easy to find him. 728 and cut his tongue so he would not speak. The pastor knew the shortcut and came to Blancaflor before Tarquino. Blancaflor read the note of her sister and with disgust, horrified, aborted her belly. It would have been a female and Tarquino what he wanted was a boy. The fetus ended up in jail and thrown into the pot for dinner. Tarquino put on the table: Sosa is the stew, give me salt, I feel like it Said Blancaflor: That you are eating so rich, wet bread, that is your daughter. With such opinions, you will understand that the safest place for women was the house, and even more so the convent, the house of God. Tracted the use of women. If I had chosen a character, I would have done the same, I would ask for St. Thomas. 737 and was deputy in Cortes for the liberal party. He put his pay with hers and he proposed to bring the beds to him because of the cold. I remember my father's gentlemanly manners and the nobility of his hands to treat things, whether they were fabrics or folios, his calligraphy to mark and invoice, to carry the books. Already retired, I was interviewing over several Saturdays in the aftermath of Galera. She had forced her children to go with her father on that trip from which none would return. Another Seville seems to be founded on the river. Kentucky next to home, who would say it. According to the Oxford, the galley reached its maximum splendor in the 16th century. I did not know that a ship, and war, would hit a time of splendor, engine of the galley slaves to row. The galley appears for the first time in the naval battle of Salamis. The Spinning Envelope, May 2, 1990.. Between the jaw drops and the drooling abeles, are the twin loves. The garbancito is the life and to do of trileros it is not given us badly. I leave to you, as your pen or péñola left Cervantes, the commitment of the fraternal loves offended. Cioran said that Don Quixote was inventing the events, while we do not know how to escape the events that haunt us. The manufacture of mustard gas was not an obstacle for the Spanish government to cavitate importing and importing chemical pumps caviladas from Germany. The campaign of bombings with toxic gases, which would continue until 1927, reached its lowest point during the Primo de Rivera dictatorship. 745 I confess that sometimes I get confused between Ribera and Titian. In the opera I read the subtitles and I appreciate the dubbed movies that all say that they do not have to like me. I confuse the retrosabor with the aftertaste and between the fine chamomile and the last one, for me the two are good. I say miniño and ayminño because I do not have other eyes although they tell me to have them. And this is what one says to the waiter: If you do not mind, could you have it? It is necessary to fall in that the friturines already come breaded. Wait until Monday does not generate risk because, past the scanner and the detector, there is no danger of explosives. it was that there were weapons and that there were armies1, also English and French. Three Spanish soldiers, one Catalan, one man and one lepero, hitting each other in the front of the Ebro. Catalan and Catalan are asked the way to hand what to shoot at in this way. And the lepero: because the Republic did not dissolve the army1. Answers opens easy or short the roll for the arduous history teachers who so love to ask in their exams for the causes of the First World War or the Civil War. One sits anywhere and a telephone conversation crosses the entrance to a world in which, out of modesty, he would never have penetrated even if they had asked for it. The so-called social networks are even more imperious and untimely. You open your computer and the house floods you with intimate confessions, with conclusive declarations, with extemporaneous publicizations of the most extravagant attributes. In a world where nobody values ​​anyone, everyone has a pathological need to feel valued. Not even Narcissus, drowned in the river of his own appearance, would have dared to imagine a reality in which each image was but an almost exact reflection of his own. It happens to you when you enter and enter to no one knows where and you have no idea of ​​what you are leaving behind or if you can return. Of the four or five structures that cinema and literature have left us, that of the trip without return is the most disturbing. While I'm looking for Kurtz, I'm looking for myself and at the same time I'm doing like Kurtz, of the same subject as him. Cavafis made the trip the adventure. The backlight of those who can not go back is also illuminated by another verse by Cavafy. Honor to those who defend and guard their Thermopylae in their lives. Formula to mean that an argument or a story asks for continuation elsewhere. In the 19th century travelers from the Northern Hemisphere imagined an end to the South. Caníbalos and caníbalas look better galas and Gauls and humans cook at your point in 20 minutes. When you feel boil, serve yourself with beatific smile. If it is good meat of good people, let it cook without saying bad words or splashing a lot of water and be a good dish. Uncook, carve and chop. It is served with a sprig of parsley and a lemon slice. It admits a center of salad with vegetables of the time. But fidjis beings have taken care of. Fidji Life Annoyed, the number 10, when you sink your teeth into your guts, stumble over a metal object and split a molar tooth. The pension and investment funds had not been invented. I love that prize with all its bourgeoisie. See you this autumn in Barcelona. 759 At dusk, the whale was still in sight, always to leeward, as if she were the one waiting. The author blames the abrupt end of the novel on the wise Fristón, the imaginary chronicler of the deeds of Don Belianís. The short novel in Valle-Inclán. Rhetoric and ideology in the popular novel. At present we will consider popular novel even those cases in which the protagonist is predictably problematic; and no conclusion will seem happier than an abrupt end. It is absolutely impossible to conceive the horror of my sensations; However, the curiosity to penetrate the mysteries of these horrible regions predominates over my despair and will reconcile me with the most odious appearance of death. We rush towards some fascinating knowledge, a secret impossible to share, whose discovery carries within itself the destruction. Maybe this current will lead us to the South Pole itself. The crew crosses the deck with restless and tremulous steps, but in their faces the anxiety of hope overcomes the apathy of despair. Suddenly the ice opens to the right and left and we spin vertiginously in immense concentric circles, circling the edges of a gigantic amphitheater, the apex of whose walls it is lost in darkness and distance. 762 It begins with wanting someone who does not love us and ends up loving those who do not love us. Only at the beginning do we go straight to the simplest of affections, which is mother's love. But from there, already involved in what is called love by choice, often happens what to me, that I started loving who did not love me and I ended up loving who I do not want. I do not argue if it is better to love than to be loved, something I learned to look with eyes of The dove's collar. When the different lights of passion align, we call that total eclipse falling in love: passion love that can give in love friendship or love friend. The love passion, of its own surly, is left to tame by the desired partner. I love you but I do not want to live with you the hangover of good times or the indelicacy of the time that will come. In unequal dealings with people who feel inferior but appreciate and seek our closeness, you and you seek life in that way. This is what Eusebio Valladares proposed to call the usteteo, a chaotic and emotional mixture of you and you, until the victory of one of the two, usually you. Daniel, just to thank you for the last course with you, the good classes and gatherings, fun and example for any student. Without further ado, thank you for the treatment provided by you. At the time of the verb, proximity is imposed: I thank you. At the time of the complement, the distance of the deal comes back, you. Like the tram tracks on Hernando Colón street. 764 I hope it's nothing, but I heard my computer very strange tonight. In the technical service they told me that the fan was dirty, I had it cleaned, and I'm calmer. To mine I downloaded the pac cleaner and the regenerative set and, the truth is that I can not complain. The pac cleaner is there day and night. If you make a mistake and confuse the day with that of the night, nothing serious is happening either. It happens that it takes a little longer to start. Of how the practice of incineration is destroying the cemetery of all life, or of all death. In general, the great classic epic poems lack a conclusion. It is written, said Ahab, tomorrow will be the third day and the third is the last in the life of a wounded whale. I will finish with her, not her with me. The darkness had increased noticeably, attenuated only by the glare of the water reflecting the white curtain before us. Bands of gigantic birds of a pale white flew behind the veil. And an abyss opened to receive us. 766 Near the end, we will all become pastors as Sancho Panza wanted. 767, the same catwalks, the Calvin Klein, the blue eye contact lenses. Couples who once had a baby and now, a problem. Two who never finish the race and two who want a fine arts and another, architecture. Some look the other way and work in military factories. With what we have been in the family. I can not, however, criticize them. 770 The last haiku of love left to us by the protagonist would have said that Everything is love, less love. However, we will remain with the doubt because presumably the assistant who found him there on the table did not understand anything and threw it in the trash. 771 I have only one balcony and I'm not sure what I should do. My national fervor wants to correspond to everything, but I only have a balcony. I have not had time to remove the blanket that I put with the image of the Macarena to celebrate the passage of the 50th anniversary of its canonical coronation and I still have to wash the costumes of the Rocío, clean the botos of dungarees and sands and remove the horse. In my street they are putting the lanterns of the velá. My monotonous religious football patriotism, I can not fit into a single balcony. When life goes wrong, make a photocopy and shoot the original. 772 and what is meant by job creation. The one who speaks only expects to speak to God one day. Or zero, like the brain of more than one. Directly I write not to write. 780 I leave this squid ink 2525 to whoever wants it. I leave this Ink of squid 2525 whom I do not know but knows me. I leave this Ink of squid 2525 with the resentment of being seen by whom I will no longer be able to see. As pella to the owners, take whoever could, as the Archpriest wanted his good love fulfilled. In the year twenty five twenty five, 2525. Miguel de Cervantes 257, 319, 329, 421. The Miracle of the Andes 202, 279, 652, 752. Tres Piedras 39, 209, 213, 563. Bacon de cielo 604, 624, 644. Vocations, holidays, same.

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