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Here everything is controlled... but there is a decision or free will... but that is a process... Leave a comment if you live the live not only makes you company depends on you to live.... I say tomorrow, because remember that there is no time here... hehehe... but it will be my birthday... Like a day like today like any other day... Since there is no time here, it is difficult to understand, but that's the way it is... The dream is just a dream but I'm not leaving... I'm present... in your present... What we live together does not compare to anything... with the love we felt the docitos..... mamita... More! For my birthday..... I give you all my perfect love... For my birthday..... I give you all my perfect love... Leave a comment What would a river be without stones...?

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Half of them, the study drug is added to the standard treatment. The rest are offered an inert placebo in addition to the standard treatment. Very few volunteers today receive only a placebo. This situation only occurs when there is no treatment available for the disease in question. Clinical trials are secret. Its final results are usually published in scientific journals that can be read by any interested party. In addition, at the end of the study, patients have the right to know whether or not they received the new medication and what the results of the trial were. The clinical trials are for terminal patients or for the elderly. In fact, many investigations are carried out with young people and with patients in the early stages of a disease. Some trials are reserved only for people in whom all other available treatments have already been tried, without success. Only one third of adult patients who participate in cancer drug trials are older than 65. Experimental drugs are too expensive for me. We even receive attention that is many times higher than that given to patients outside the trials. If I start a clinical trial, I can not leave it until it is over. It is as if we were throwing a coin, one group is given the study medication to another group, the placebo. The purpose of the "double blind" is to avoid intervening the subjectivity of the doctor or the patient when evaluating the answers.

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