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Tomorrow I have the first 3 exams of selectivity to re-enter the University, but here in Spain. The road is easier, cheaper and faster than the homologation of the professional title, so it was my option in October of last year. And these last weeks I've been depending on them. Yesterday I went to the recording of a radio program in which Rosana performed, playing acoustic with 4 musicians. She, as always, did not put any problems. Whatever they say about it, I've never seen a bad gesture with a fan. As an example, after a song he approached to give a kiss to a boy who was moved. Then, they told him that for him, a lost fan, it had all been a surprise and that he did not know what was going on until Rosana entered the studio. And she gave him another smile and the word "big". Great moments that happened and we passed the ones that were there.3. I have not stopped participating in the literary workshop, which involves writing and sharing so many things with classmates. And my daily life continues, because life does not stop turning for exams. A kiss for her and for all who read me. As I always say, it is a pleasure to go through this corner as it is to listen to you in the workshop and be part of your life. A huge kiss and a lot of shit for the exams!!! I do not know what the exams were like. I do not have a bad feeling, but I'm not sure it worked out either. What relieves me is that 3 go and only 3 left for Saturday 30. Rosana's was very nice, very relaxed. Kisses to both and thank you for always being with me on the blog. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog, and receive notifications of new messages by mail. Post to Cancel A% d bloggers like this:

Search for musicians who have influences. I compose and I can also sing. Send message to send demos. I play lead guitar but not virtuous, hopefully not rhythmic since my goal is to improve speed, scales and techniques. At this moment we are two guitarists. Equipped with own amplification and 7-string guitar.2. Responsible and with availability to rehearse twice a week. Clearly a responsible, committed, motivated and available musician is needed. If you are interested you can get an idea by viewing the material published on the fanpage www.facebook.com aforafusion and write me by intern. I also have some themes created by me, and if dps if something more professional arises it would be ideal. So if someone cares to move the slit doing music with us and with a commitment, it is welcome. With affection and sweetness, the priest. At this moment we are bassist, guitarist and keyboardist and vocalist, all with live experiences with other tributes and original bands. Although we are without a drummer, we still have continuity in the rehearsals, and we usually rehearse on the weekends. I'm thinking of Cali style music and the dandee like for example the following songs or similar songs. I'm not interested in cover. Anyway, I'm looking for someone to sing and ideally can write songs, to complement ideas and see if something good comes out of all this. So far we have a series of own songs, two guitars, a good singer and you only miss us. If you are interested, please contact me and we will send you material in case it suits your musical style. Greetings! We have our own material that includes topics etc. prox show's.tocar electroacoustic guitar also. prox show's.tocar electroacoustic guitar also. 6x5 full equipped room, available from January 5, first month 80 + month warranty. The style is mainly rock or pop. I play guitar, bass and keyboards, equipped. I have experience in bands, duos. These clips can be recorded in a studio, outdoors, or any previously agreed upon dependency. Duration up to 5 minutes, includes video clip with mastered audio. The idea is to leave with everything in March 2018. Familiar with varied musical genres, from jazz to metal and many others. Commitment and 100% desire to play in a group. The style is classic and Latin Rock. We are looking for a singer who sings well, equipped, who has the ability to learn song lyrics. I have a lot of experience, I live in the florida sector, I am looking for a band that is available in this sector or surroundings. We played in rehearsal rooms located in the Nuñoa and Santiago sector. I've been playing guitar for 10 years. I cover everything except tribute bands or weak weas. Someone interested, send me a message. own subjects. Sacred essays every Saturday morning between 11 and 14 hrs. own subjects. Sacred essays every Saturday morning between 11 and 14 hrs. I am interested in starting forming a tribute band to gojira to generate cohesion and from there to start an independent band. The idea is to spend good times doing music. I have equipment and room possibilities. I also have 20 years of experience as a drummer, I have taken classes and I read scores. I have gone through almost all musical styles. I come out of a band that failed, so I offer my services immediately. I'm looking for covers, playing at events and also aspire to create their own songs. I handle a wide range of gutturals, like tbn melodica voice. I also have songs to contribute. I play more blues, rock, funk. I'm looking for a cumbia band that's already armed and needs a drummer; I have experience and complete equipment. And some points from the metal or the thrash. You do not need extensive experience in similar projects, but a knowledge according to the instrument. I'm looking for drummers, bassists and another guitarist to form a rock band. 12 11 2017 - arturoespinolaWe need a drummer interested in the creation of music within the range of the metal genre but without absolutely closing the genre. We are looking for a bassist who is committed to playing and especially responsible, we rehearse once a week in Quilpue. We will be attentive to your comments. There are several ready topics and opportunities to play. We recently released an EP to several audio platforms, and we are projecting to record a disc in a professional way. we have activity of live performances in pubs, festivals, concerts. I know a place where they could let us play a couple of songs. Projection for cocktails; marriages, graduations, concerts. Availability for trials and prescriptions; It takes a good mastery of the instrument to make it unison with the tin whistle. We commiserate on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the downtown area of ​​Santiago, on San Francisco Street two blocks from Alameda. I have thought about adapting songs to acoustic versions, in terms of the type of music, I am quite open in the theme of musical genres, in order to get it right. hard rock, some classic rock, some prog, a few touches heavier from time to time. We are making great songs that need a good voice. Man or woman. With good tour and a lot of repertoire. We have demo and experience playing live. 139,990 The pedal has in Promusic until 16 04 18. The band is ready and urgent saxophonist is needed to go out to play places and generate money. Contact: +56999559503. we rehearse every Tuesday from 9:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Estudios del Maipo. I have also sung current popular songs, so I do not close if the project is interesting. 26 10 2017 - diegolliz good group! 26 10 2017 - lmendoza92Hello brothers! 25 10 2017 - blackfireBusco band or musician that has time and space to play Thrash and make their own songs. I am old school old, I have experience in bands. No problem touching first or second guitar. If there are quenistas and charanguistas, it would be perfect too. The idea is to grow as musicians. I am 23 years old and can contact me at +56979632219... We are two self-taught musicians. Only people over 40 years old. Person who transmits and does not use the damn word "Hobby! I would like to form an adock band to play in the streets, squares, corners, etc. The idea is to generate income for this we would use public domain songs with more orientation to Chilean rock since it is better known I'm a drummer and all other singers would be missing, etc. I expect serious answers, as for vocalist, for female preference, since they have a wider range of voice when making high notes, I live in Puente Alto, I make songs and models Through a program I have knowledge, control and experience, and songs already done We need a drummer to master blassbeat, double pedal and setbacks We have a space where we can rehearse homemade!!!! We have a space where we can rehearse homemade!!!! I am a singer with years of experience singing in different groups and stages, I have also sung alone, but now I would like to develop a more s of equipment. I play folk guitar and some quena. It can be a duo or band, it does not matter. We rehearsed at rehearsals in the center in lecture halls for hours. We are Under drums and guitar.

Pablo's friend will try to gather the disparate and crazy news of the Internet that our character gathers to gather a file of them and have a space to share them with the world. And above the holder is false, since 17 d 32 if q have it. Richard Wilkinson graphs reliable information about economic inequality and shows that things get worse when the rich and poor are very far apart: real effects on health, cost of living and basic values ​​such as trust. Greater physical and mental well-being, 6. Greater equality between men and women, 7. Higher quality child care, 8. More time for family, friends and neighbors, 9. Improve the transition from employment to retirement, 10. In the Italian case, an average worker has to work 10 days to equal the income of one hour of work of a manager. That's why he tends to raise his voice and grow in public with his sense of humor. 70% of the economy depends on consumer spending. But the middle class does not spend for the loss of employment and purchasing power. And companies do not hire because they do not have clients. Meanwhile, governments have fallen into the trap of austerity and are contracting even more from the demand. Purchasing power has plummeted since the late seventies, while the rich have been increasing the differences. The richest 100 Americans earn more than the 150 million Americans at the bottom of the pyramid. The study claims that it could be terribly unstable. The experiment consisted in choosing two normal people to solve a questionnaire. If the examinee failed, the examiner had to administer an electric shock by operating a lever. After each failure, the voltage to be applied increased by 20 volts, until reaching 460 V at the end of the experiment. The result was that 60% of the participants reached the end. The experiment has been repeated over time in different areas, including work, with similar results. Practice half an hour of sex a day. 4. The localized guards will have to pay you and count in the day. 3 gominolasdepetroleo 3 weeks ago What does 2018 have in terms of food?

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