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By continuing to use our website, you agree to our cookies policy. The departure date is not valid The return date is not valid. The cities of departure and arrival are identical. There may be no results. How to save on the purchase of your plane tickets Do you love to travel but the price of airline tickets is too high an expense for your budget? Buy your tickets at the best price and without losing time following these 6 golden rules: 1. Anticipate the time of purchase. Buy the flights as soon as possible to benefit from better rates. Buying the tickets in advance ensures you make a good purchase.2. Choose a last minute flight. Another strategy is to buy the tickets as late as possible, since it is easy to find discounted flights. You can always find tempting offers if you are more flexible with the destination and the dates of the trip.3. Optimize the dates of the trip. Seasonality is a crucial criterion. Compare prices effectively. We offer you a flight comparator that shows in a few seconds the price of airline tickets of more than one hundred travel agencies and airlines. Perfect the search before you buy. Prices shown by agencies and airlines change from one day to the next. Compare prices at different times to avoid buying flights on a day when rates may be higher. It is always better to make sure with a second search. When buying airline tickets, choosing airline tickets can also avoid additional expenses.

But calm down, there are certain parameters that you must take into account when writing a text, whatever the language. Our goal is to help you to write better in English, for that send us your essays, as well as practice and choose the best essays to publish them on the site. Below you can find the basic structure of an essay, examples and tips that will magically make English writing successful and natural. My sister Mary is the best - Example of a descriptive writing. My everyday life - A first-person essay on his life. The development or body of the text details the content of the text. You can start with some key phrase and then give more details about it and your opinion. It is very important to represent your ideas clearly and to stay consistent with the topic. Avoid starting talking about a topic and ending with others as it is not congruent. Finally, the conclusion is the final part of your writing and should provide the reader with a summary of all the main ideas that you detailed in the development and give your opinion about it. Keep in mind that this last paragraph should not be too long. Remember that it is a summary of everything you have said before. It is not necessary to use complicated grammatical structures because they can confuse the reader or they can make the reading heavy. The connectors will help you link the sentences and give a sense of continuity to the paragraph. To not repeat over and over again the subject or the people you are naming and use his pronoun substitution. It will make the reading lighter and the attention of the reader will go to the actions and details that mentions in the writing. Sure, they can help you translate words that you do not know yet how to write them in English but do not trust them when translating sentences. It is best to write with the knowledge you already have and not stress or press yourself to use phrases or forced vocabulary. Remember that learning a language is a continuous process and that it will never end. Use the verbs, vocabulary and connectors that you already know. You will feel confident and confident about what you will write and the text will flow easily. This will help you to refresh verbs, vocabulary and how to organize sentences. If you do not know how to say a word in English, it's best to look for it in a dictionary. It would be very helpful if I offered you synonyms and antonyms so you do not always repeat the same word and vary the text. Reading will help you to have a box of ideas in your head for when you want to write a text with a similar theme. It is very helpful to do this habitually since you will always learn a new word or expression and you will be aware of the new phrases that are used daily. It is difficult to achieve but with perseverance you can achieve it. This will help you to easily remember expressions that can not be translated into your language and that will give a special touch to your writing in English. Always review your reading process, you may come up with new ideas or notice redundant phrases. Punctuation marks in English are somewhat different in English and Spanish. It is recommended that you review when using the comma, period, semicolon, etc. If you follow all these steps and apply all these tips, you will be able to write in English as a native writer. You just have to practice and be perseverant. Thanks Reply Your email address will not be published.

Skip to content We use our own and third party cookies to improve your experience and our services. If you continue browsing we consider that you accept its use. You can get more information in our Cookies Policy. Other Recent Searches Suggestions appear when you start typing in the source and destination fields. Tourist Class The standard travel class on any flight with cheaper prices. Business Class Offers the best comfort and service experience. Select this option if you are entitled to a large family grant. Remember that you must present the supporting documentation. Select your residence if you have the right to the subsidy. Remember that you must take your Certificate of Residence. So that we can inform you of any relevant news about your trip, you can provide us with your contact information in booking management. The prices include all charges and fees with possibility of early payment, updated to November 10, 2016, but these may vary. Some methods of payment entail management expenses. The prices shown correspond to searches for flights from Spain recently made by customers. These prices may change depending on the availability of seats, possible variations in rates, fees and other supplements at the time of the consultation. The prices per trip are applicable by buying round trip tickets. If you choose to pay for the trip with one of these cards, an additional charge will apply for reservation of 1% of the final amount on long-haul flights and 2% on the rest of flights. In iberia.com the Best price guaranteed.

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