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Choose the most suitable alternative to our profile as professionals and be able to complete the professional career with satisfaction. The academic and sectional research committee will monitor the different processes of the degree alternatives developed by the students, to whom the respective application has been accepted. After an analysis of each of the degree proposals offered by the University, the student must choose one of them which will devote the corresponding time to achieve the culmination of their professional career.

The origin of the integral calculus dates back to the time of Archimedes, a Greek mathematician of antiquity, who obtained results as important as the value of the area enclosed by a parabolic segment. The derivative appeared twenty centuries later to solve other problems that in principle had nothing in common with the integral calculus. The most important discovery of the infinitesimal calculus is the intimate relationship between the derivative and the definite integral, despite having followed different paths for twenty centuries. Once the connection between derivative and integral is known, the calculation of definite integrals becomes as simple as that of the derivatives. In Newton's theory of fluxions the mutual reversibility of the problems of calculating fluxions and fluents was clearly evident. For Leibniz the problem was more complex: the integral initially arose as defined. However, the integration was practically reduced to the search for primitive functions. The idea of ​​indefinite integration was initially dominant. Such a general formulation grew unusually fast. Euler needed in the years 1768 and 1770 three large volumes to give a systematic exposition of him. The operation with what this was obtained was called integration. The primary concept of such a calculation, of course, was the indefinite integral. Calculus itself had the objective of elaborating methods of search for primitive functions for functions of a class as wide as possible. The Integral calculation can be applied or it can be better used to calculate areas between curves, volumes of solids, and work done by a variable force. In this case we will be emphasizing the calculation of volumes of cylindrical solids and washers. When trying to find the volume of a solid, the same problem arises as when searching for areas. We have an intuitive idea of ​​the meaning of volume but applying the calculation we will see a more exact definition. A particular and simple case is to find the volume of a cylindrical solid ie a cylinder. In particular I think that the Integral Calculus is very useful to know the area of ​​non-regular figures, it is also useful to understand how certain results are derived.

Compilation of student work, collected over time that provide evidence of their knowledge, skills and willingness to act in certain situations. The initial training is part of an educational process where learning is developed through school experience, performing various activities of the teaching practice. Likewise, the accomplishment of school practices allows to challenge the practicing teacher, locating it in real situations that force the resolution, decision making and even address contents that in many occasions were not foreseen in the working day. With this, we come to the approach that much of the pedagogical knowledge is developed during the professional practice and in real contexts. For this reason, teaching experience and reflective practice are central points of study to enrich teacher training. According to the points mentioned, this section presents the theoretical-conceptual framework, emphasizing the importance of the school experience for teacher training. In that sense, the present analysis is done from two perspectives: the first consists in describing the experience obtained in the course of normal education focusing the study on the participation between teachers and students of higher level. Generic Competences Professional Competences Use your critical and creative thinking to solve problems and make decisions. Design educational plans, applying their pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge to respond to the needs of the context within the framework of the plan and basic education programs. It generates training environments to promote autonomy and promote the development of competences in basic education students. Collaborate with others to generate innovative projects with social impact. It critically applies the plan and programs of study of basic education to achieve educational purposes and contribute to the full development of the abilities of students at the school level. Apply your communication skills in different contexts. Use the evaluation to intervene in the different areas and moments of the educational task. Use information and communication technologies. It promotes and regulates inclusive learning spaces for all students, in order to promote coexistence, respect and acceptance. Acts in an ethical manner before the diversity of situations that arise in professional practice. It uses resources from educational research to enrich teaching practice, expressing interest in science and research itself. Intervenes collaboratively with the school community, parents, authorities and teachers, in decision-making and in the development of alternative solutions to socio-educational problems. Likewise, the missing professional skills located in the previous table were developed during the socio-educational intervention project. It is expected that future teachers will be updated and make sound decisions about the changes that should be introduced in their performance as the main responsible for the teaching-learning process. A reflective professional practice at the university. Developing reflective practice in the office of teaching. I will let the content of this blog describe me. I thank you in advance for your visit, the time dedicated and the comments that you send me.

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