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The part of the test in an exam can have an approximate value of 25% to 35% of the total points available, so it is worth the effort to do well and earn more points. I'm not afraid to say the obvious: if you do not write well in Spanish you will not write well in English. Therefore, you have to pay attention to all the composition rules in Spanish, they are the same in English. The dictionary does not say anything about the practice, but you will have to write an essay every week or two and correct it, to bring you to the best possible level. There are three points to note about the dictionary definition: 1. But it also implies that anyone can read it. The topics will be specified and you can choose the one you want to do. In my opinion, this does not mean that it is the one that seems easiest to you. The topic you choose should be the one for which you think you have the most vocabulary or interest. So this could also mean your favorite - and, for this, the easiest. b) 'Television is a waste of time.' c) A letter to a friend that describes where you live. The instructions will tell you that you should write with a pen and not with a pencil. If you decide that the 'particular subject' of the essay is 'pens and pencils' you could write a wonderful essay of 300 words, but you will not earn points. This was not one of the topics that you were asked to write. The specified time is the period in which you must finish the task. It does not mean the time allowed to write the essay. If you think you can write during the whole period, you will lose points. Each essay must have a beginning, a development and an end. You must know what they are and where they are. It is your responsibility to use the assigned time correctly. It is quite simple; In a 30-minute test you must give yourself three or four minutes to think and plan what you are going to write. At this point you should make brief notes. If you choose the question 'television' you might think, what does this phrase mean? Then you can think about the order in which you are going to present these elements. These minutes are very valuable, because they can give you 5 to 10 points that, otherwise, you could lose. Try to make an impartial review of the trial for simple mistakes. It is or is not simple, it has or not all the reason or it is wrong, it is only an opinion and so on. As for the subject 'where you live' the simplest way ends is that it is the best place in the world and you would not exchange it for anything. Or, on the contrary, that you would. I could have more to say about this topic, but I finish it here because these are the essential points you need to know now. Note: you will realize that I finished this essay, simply saying that it is the end. You are allowed to do it in your essay as well.

When I was 12 years old my father died serving in the army, he has always been my hero and when he was decorated posthumously I felt very proud. I think it was the happiest day of my life, although living without my father has not been easy. My mother decided then that we would go and live with the grandparents so that they could help her take care of my two little brothers. Brenda is three years younger than me and Joel, the youngest, had just been born when my father died. My grandparents ran a business, a small store and my mother took care of it. I like it because although my mother has to work many hours, the store is on the ground floor of our house and I can go see my mother whenever I want. I try to receive a good training. I'm on the athletic team. The weekend I work in my mother's store. She has always instilled in me the need to work and earn my money, so I distribute the purchases at home and with the tips I receive, I get the money for my expenses. My main qualities are the constancy in the study and my passion for sport. My strongest faults are that I have a very strong character and that sometimes I get frustrated easily. In the workplace: Aspiro to be military like my father, which is the example I follow. When finishing the University my desire is to enter the army and develop my career there. On the social level: My friends are important to me and I want to maintain my intimate circle of friends. I hope to meet new people when I go to University, with aspirations similar to mine. When I finally work I want to save money to buy a nice house and someday be able to travel to France, where my mother's family is from. On the intimate level: I would like to be a person that maintains its values ​​when I am away from home and my family is not there to "take care of me". I want to improve my character and learn to control it because it is essential for the military career. I also have to learn to accept criticism and not feel frustrated when things do not go well the first time. For this I thought that I could use the Tai Chi practice, which helps to relax and release tensions. Currently I need to write my essay on personal life and this will help me a lot, although I imagined how I should Do it I wanted it to be perfect or at least as close as possible. This project is very well structured. Thank you very much for your help, guide me. Notify me of new posts by email.

The topic is controversial and I have decided to defend the even more controversial position. In this way I can challenge you to make an essay defending the opposite position, but following the structure that frame. It is said that piracy could lead the music industry to disappear. We could support the thesis with a lot of data, but it is an argumentative type of work, so we are going to rely exclusively on opinions. The record companies were happy with this system, since they fixed the price of the records and kept a very high percentage of the money you paid for it. The artist, many times, was the one who benefited the least from the fruit of his work. The musical offer is huge, do not depend on the radios to choose your music since you can access websites of unknown groups that you can hear in forums. With all this the musicians no longer depend exclusively on the record companies to promote themselves. Now they have alternative channels and there are already numerous examples of groups that succeed thanks to the Internet. When they become known, people begin to demand that these musicians act live, since authentic music lovers always want to see their singers and groups show their faces on a stage. And this is where the artist really collects economic benefits, in his tours. Conclusion, where I summarize what I have said and reaffirm my initial thesis "So download music illegally, does it hurt the musician? On the contrary, it can make your income increase to be known by more people and therefore have more potential audience for your concerts. I appreciate it. Reply Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email.

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