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Informative blog about the current tendencies of the Internet Technologies in the social field. By gathering a number of informative resources from useful websites related to the topic, we will try to answer here the common questions that the new "Bloggers" are formulated. The word Blog is a contraction of "web log", a phrase that is very common these days. A Blog is the ideal space to publicize a product, service, idea, or whatever. It is the perfect space to exchange valuable information with visitors, and expect benefits from this activity. Blogs represent a high traffic of visitors, and quickly expand into directories and sites of interest. Writing a Blog can boost the presence of your online business, or simply share and discuss ideas with like-minded people. For all these reasons, opening a Blog is definitely the first step in anyone who wants to position themselves successfully in the virtual universe of the Internet. A platform for Blog is the program you use to advertise the content on the web. Just as you could choose between which word processor or web browser to use, there are also a variety of blogging platforms available. Some are free, and in other cases you will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription. Some are hosted online, while others require you to host on your own server. Some are planned for individual Blogs, others for group publication or to create small user networks. By far, the easiest way to start is with a sheltered platform. Both services are free, and you can start your blog very easily, with a minimum configuration. If you want to have a greater degree of control over the presentation, modification and location of your blog, the autonomous or self-hosted platforms could be more adjusted to your needs. Movable Type, on the other hand, provides excellent support, since it is a paid service. Generally speaking this activity happens inside your Internet browser. The problem with writing online is that browsers can be tagged, or your Internet connection can suddenly be cut off and left stranded. A solution for this problem that many people adopt is a program for Blogs. It looks a lot like a word processor or a program to publish, just send your finished work to your blog. Unless you are writing for your family or for a couple of friends, the best way to distinguish yourself and get readers is to focus on a particular topic or interest. The way people will commonly find your Blog will be through a search engine, and in that case they will be looking for something they want to know more about. So, you have a niche, you have found where to host your blog, and you have set to work with an editing program. Many beginner blog writers will write something more appropriate for an essay than for a blog post. These are a few tips to make sure you produce a lasting impression on your readers. Probably the most important part of any post on a blog is the title. Because it is what will make the reader who finds your message through a search engine decide to visit or not your site. This is the brand or inflection point that determines whether they will read your message or will prefer someone else's. Once you have a great title, the next thing to consider is what happens when your reader actually arrives at your site. Surely, it would be good to think that they will read everything you wrote once they have accessed. In fact, many readers will disappear from one place in seconds unless they are enthralled and encouraged to stay. The use of images in your Posts is an essential component that will really help attract the attention of your readers. But where are you going to find them? If you have a little time, it is very possible to find free photos and graphics, cheap or free to include in your posts.

They write in the present of the future that is coming. Write the books you would have liked to read. I tell you again: live first and then write. Write for those who have no voice, you included. Never write a praise to anyone who does not deserve it. Write to have readers, not to have books. Write, and write well, but if you are honest and do not belong to literary mafias or have power, do not expect the immediate compliment. Do not write for the ruler in turn, but beware of the gulag. Do not accept more religion than literature. Remember that in the beginning is the verb. Create, as a writer, your own genesis and apocalypse. Do not forget that all religions are, after all, fictions. All of them have one foot in the manual of good manners and the other in the fantastic story. Let literature be your homeland. Just do not take it out or corrupt it or do it badly, like our rulers. In it he answered the questions of people interested in writing verses. A sample of that patient and prolonged poetic pedagogy. Both ways of approaching it are wrong, and the worst thing is that they release the neophyte from the need to work on his verses. It is gratifying and pleasant to tell our acquaintances that the spirit took hold of us on Friday at 2:45 p.m. and began to whisper mysterious secrets in our ears. He did it with such vehemence that we scarcely had time to write them down. But at home, behind closed doors, we corrected with determination. We cross out and revise those expressions that seem from another world. The spirits are a marvel, but even poetry has its prosaic side. It must let see the beauty of the poetry conserving its form and retaining, in the measurement of the possible thing, the style and the spirit of the time. Kr., From Warsaw You need a new pen. The one you have makes many mistakes. My dictionary answers no. But poetry is, was and will be a game. And, as all children know, games have rules. We have already suffered enough despair and we have entered the dark depths too many times. Reading your poem "Ocean" we discover ourselves struggling in a shallow pit. Conceive your life as an extraordinary adventure that has happened to you. For the moment that is our only advice. The subject has ceased to exist in poetry. Of course, it continues to develop as part of life. But these are two different issues. But they can be cured if they are discovered in time. K., Poznan Throughout his life, most poets have not used as many majestic words as you've packed into three short poems. That kind of words should not be taken lightly. Real blood runs through them and ink can not replace it. He advised them to write about what they observe around them and how they live each day; about what has been lost and what has been found. He encouraged them to use what was around them as a tool to develop their art; images of dreams, objects of memory. You are not such a good poet as to be aware of his wealth. " This advice may seem superfluous and stupid. That is why we support our argument with one of the most esoteric poets in the world of literature. We know at least five hundred definitions, but none of them seems sufficiently precise and comprehensive at the same time. Each one expresses the flavor of its time. A skepticism of birth prevents us from giving a definition of our own. Mr. L-k, you do not expect that the Icarus of today has to rise above a landscape different from that of antiquity. There is a slow aggregation of molecular successes; but spontaneous and miraculous generations never. Those who say: "I have bad luck", are those who have not yet had enough success and ignore it. Freedom and fatality are two opposites; Close and far views are a single will. And that's why there is no bad luck. If there is bad luck, it is that we are missing something: that something you have to know and study the game of the neighboring wills to move the circumference more easily. Of the salaries For beautiful that is a house it is first of all - and before its beauty is demonstrated - so many meters of front for so many of bottom. Badly paid, they could have honored themselves with it; poorly paid, they have dishonored themselves. As beautiful as a house is, first and foremost - and before its beauty is demonstrated - so many meters in front of so many in the background. Badly paid, they could have honored themselves with it; poorly paid, they have dishonored themselves. That is why I admire and admire camaraderie, provided it is founded on essential relationships of reason and temperament. Then it is one of the holy manifestations of nature, one of the many applications of that sacred proverb: unity makes strength. The same law of frankness and naivety should govern antipathies. However, there are people who make hates as well as admiration, dazedly. And this is something very imprudent; is to make an enemy, without benefit or profit. A failed blow does not stop hurting at least the heart of the opponent to whom it was destined, without counting that it can hurt to the right and left some of the witnesses of the combat. Of the beating The beating should not be practiced except against the henchmen of the error. If we are strong, we lose ourselves attacking a strong man; although we dissolve in some points, he will always be of ours in certain occasions. There are two methods of crushing: in a curved line and in a straight line, which is the shortest path. The curved line entertains the gallery, but does not instruct it. I recommend this method to those who have faith in reason and good fists. To cover a fabric is not to load it with colors, it is to sketch lightly, to arrange the masses in a light and transparent tone. The cloth must be covered-in spirit-by the time the writer takes the pen to write the title. It is said that Balzac blackens his manuscripts and his proofs in a fantastic and disorderly way. A novel then passes through a series of genesis, in which it is dispersed, not only the unity of the phrase, but also that of the work. Without a doubt it is this bad method that often gives to his style that I do not know what is diffuse, run over and embroiled, which is the only fault of this great historian. Daily work and inspiration A very substantial, but regular, food is the only thing necessary for fruitful writers. Decidedly, inspiration is the sister of everyday work. These two opposites are not excluded at all, like all opposites that constitute nature. Inspiration obeys, like man, like digestion, like sleep. Of the poetry As for those who give themselves or have given themselves successfully to poetry, I advise them never to abandon it. Poetry is one of the arts that most report; but it is a kind of placement whose interests are only charged late; in compensation, very grown. I challenge the envious to quote me good verses that have ruined an editor. The art that satisfies the most imperative need will always be the most honest. I doubt very much that Goethe had creditors. Do not have creditors ever; At the most, do as if you had them, which is all I can afford. Write and roll the paper where you write your scribbles and throw it or put it where it belongs: in the filth of oblivion and what was not. It is a lesson of humility and a desire for quality. If you are a genius, do not keep reading, I will only provoke your yawns. If you're not, never post anything out of a first sitting. Correct, but do not be a fanatic. That obsession leave it to the one who lacks ego and self-esteem. Correct, but between certain limits. Flaubert was wise in saying that correcting too much is like cutting down an entire forest to build a bedside table. Aspire to the masterpiece, but do not expect it to come with your first book. Writing is learn to write. Writing is going through stages of search, learning and achievements. Literature is an accumulation of books, not good intentions. If you have already corrected the writing, read it out loud. You will realize that you have to correct again. If you already corrected that again, do not get rid of the writing. Put it in a dark drawer and wait a month to read it again. Do not be overwhelmed by the masterpiece. Remember Rabelais, who said that creation is a "do what you can". It depends on you, however, if you use it as a pretext for carelessness and laziness or to get what is best from you. Keep in mind what Bukowsky said: there are too many poets and too little poetry. The same applies to the story or the novel. If you want to be a writer, you aspire to literature, not to the vanity of being called a novelist, storyteller or poet. Mauricio Carrera, writer and journalist. Suddenly, it appears and emerges, one follows it, one goes after it. Concreting, one works with: imagination, intuition and an apparent truth. I think that is, in principle, the basis of every story, of every story that you want to tell. As a story or a book is published, that book is dead; the author does not think about him again. As soon as the character is forced by the author, he immediately gets into a dead end. One of the most difficult things that I have had to do, precisely, is the elimination of the author, to eliminate myself. When that happens, he becomes an essayist. But I use that word in a modest, not ambitious way. That is, I suddenly know that something is going to happen and that what is going to happen can be, in the case of a story, the beginning and the end. In the case of a poem, no, it is a more general idea, and sometimes it has been the first line. That is, something is given to me, and then I intervene, and perhaps everything is lost. But then I have to discover, through my very limited means, what happens between the beginning and the end. And then there are other problems to solve; for example, if it is convenient that the fact be counted in the first person or in the third person. And the date, say 1899, the year of my birth, for example. Because who can know, exactly, how they spoke those dead orilleros? That is, I can proceed in comfort. II Believe that your art is an inaccessible top. When you can do it, you will get it without knowing it yourself. Love your art as your girlfriend, giving her all your heart. V Do not start writing without knowing from the first word where you're going. In a well-done story, the first three lines have almost the importance of the last three. Once you master your words, do not worry about observing if they are consonants or assonants. Useless will be as many tails of color adhere to a weak noun. If you find the one that is necessary, he will only have an incomparable color. Do not get distracted by seeing what they can not or do not care to see. A tale is a novel refined of cuttings. Have this for an absolute truth, even if it is not. IX Do not write under the rule of emotion. If you are able then to revive it as it was, you have arrived at art halfway. X Do not think about your friends when writing, nor about the impression that your story will make. Count as if your story had no interest other than for the small environment of your characters, of which you could have been one. Not otherwise is the life of the story obtained. The language belongs to the speaker: Liberté, fraternité et musique!

A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. When you come up with an idea that contradicts the traditionally stipulated, what do you do with it? In our academic, professional and personal life, why would we need to write an essay? If taught well, mathematics can be appreciated Not all students feel appreciation for mathematics. Young people currently only worry about their own problems. ControversyStudy of languages ​​in young people1. Restlessness Young people in Managua should be more concerned with learning an indigenous dialect rather than studying the English language. I write to apply for a 100 percent scholarship grant that will allow me to start and complete my university studies at the prestigious institution to which you belong. Taking into account my academic performance in fourth and fifth year of high school and the economic situation of my family, I consider myself in a position to take advantage of this scholarship. Good argumentsThe ones from Barcelona are stupid. The people who use Facebook are silly. I also agree to be aware of the importance of my studies throughout my career. I will apply to a career with great demand. I will attend the indication of writing four sentences for each answer 2. I will conjugate the verbs in the answers, since the conjugated verb means action, and I will respect the accentuation.3. In the evaluation, I will remember what I studied in General Spanish, I will write an assessment based on a series of criteria4. When paraphrasing the phrases, I will remember what I studied in General Spanish about the levels of reading comprehension. 5. I will be honest in my answers, not because I have a bad grade if the teacher discovers that I plagiarized, but because it is simply the best. Restlessness Why are controversial ideas? 2 out of 3 dentists recommend Colgate. If there are no more questions, it means that everyone understood the class. It is correct to say bad words because almost everyone does. Use the above resources to demonstrate the validity of one of the following two ideas: In a dating relationship, adolescents are able to live the feeling of love. In a dating relationship, teenagers are not able to live the feeling of love. An essay starts from a point of view about a concern 2. In an essay you want to prove the validity of a point of view 3. Point out the five situations that most caught your attention in the novel The shadow of the wind and what concerns are addressed in Each of these. Among these five indicated concerns, you must select one to be the basis of your essay. It proposes 5 counterarguments and 5 arguments based on 5 sources of information. Draft your outline based on what was indicated in the previous matrix. First series of counterargument plus argument3. Second series of counterargument plus argument4. Third series of counterargument plus argument5. Fourth series of counterargument plus argument6. Fifth series of counterargument plus argument7. 3) Your development paragraphs will contemplate a counterargument, an argument and a situation, developed according to your style. 4) Use connectors between sentences and between paragraphs. 5) The types of associations can help you. 7) In your concluding paragraph, you will reflect if you have fulfilled the stated objective. Use a symbolic title to name your work. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

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