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It took thousands of people to see life in a different way, to confront fears, to rethink concepts about money, the rich and the poor. At the same time, he earned the scorn of those who say they can only find a way to get rich: write a book like this. I really believe that: "Rich people are ordinary people, determined to do things out of the ordinary" This can be proven all the time just by looking around us. The rich father invites us to take advantage of every lesson that life gives us, working with our intellect, that is, with money and not money. 87 comments Judenis Reply Feeling after having read the book... I've really spent most of my life orphaned financial education, real estate I'm passionate about, the book a great motivational tool,... I'm going to make it Diana Answer hello martin how are you? What do you think about taking our children to private or government schools? Therefore, what I am looking for is a high level of education for him, regardless of whether it is in the state or in a private one. Where there is that high level of education, I want him to be. The first thing I did was to declare myself free of debt, I started taking virtual courses of personal financial education and I went down that road, re-negotiated with my employers and worked only half time to keep my expenses fixed. Even I am very small I earn very little, but I am happy because I have learned to handle myself with what little and anxiety is a thing of the past. Today you will not have much money, but you achieved that base of mental tranquility, you already have some experience, and time. I mean I'm coming out of the rat race. My dream is to be free, both financially and spiritually, because this book has a lot of spiritual and faith. Because when you reach zero debt, you will experience the sensation of freedom and that may be your second impulse to generate more business and new income. Motivation is important, now that you have it, use it as an impulse towards your goal. And almost 3 years of this I have 2 attempts at entrepreneurship, I do not say that I am an entrepreneur because of that, but at least I'm getting a lot of experience and I hope I can achieve it one day. At least what I achieved 100% is to control my personal finances, and with it recover my emotional and mental tranquility. 2) Take control of your financial life. Now you are in a new stage, and also strengthened by experience and much more conscious. Therefore I congratulate you, and I'm going to make some more comments about this achievement by email, so I'll answer what you asked me out there. I can see the reality in which most people find themselves without knowing how to be an employer... This book teaches us to be employers but not employees to find our freedom and not be more slaves of money.... XQ Asta in institutes or universities eseñan has been a good employee but do not teach to be a good employer....This book makes see the real things that happen in everyday life. I'm very grateful to this book because now I can see things differently. Mirian Answer Right now I'm going through a financial crisis despite having a business, but I did not make it grow by reinvesting. With the information received, I see the mistakes I made, and everything depends on not having had a project or goal. The first time I arrived in 2008 from the hand of a teacher of a course, I read it and it caught me. I was at a stage that I was tired of my first job when I left high school just two years ago I stayed at that job. Then, for reasons of life, I fell back into the world of dependency work but I was always looking for what to do with money, to do something of my own. Today 2014 I met a fascinating business model that brings together some things from this book and through it I can achieve my financial freedom and knowing this opportunity I found myself again with the book to reread it. Is very good because it makes you think and rethink what you can do with money. Marisol Respond This book really opens the eyes of the mind and spirit. The trivialities of life suffocate you and sometimes you think of how to resurface from a world in which you believe that everything is already done. Thank you very much for the opportunity to have read this book and be able to open my mind to new options. After all, wanting is power. Now I'm in college and I'm looking for good learning and I'm investing in it. I still have a long way to go but the advantage is that I already start. Guisela Reply Thank you very much, I am going to focus on the model of my clinic, since I am wasting myself in thinking and not acting. It is not a common therapy and I can also help people a lot to improve their health. My defect or quality is that I care a lot for the welfare of all children, I want it to be based more on children and seniors. I have a lot of charisma and I know I can help. I lack as a force and I would also like to make my own decisions, to be very sure that good things can happen. I will meditate well on my strategy to follow and get out of the rat race. I tell you I want my business to prepare me a lot as a therapist. Additional functional foods. If I am afraid, for the reason that whenever I want to do something new they tell me, that does not work and I am discouraged. I have to promote myself and put my clinic to let me know, without that I think I'm not going anywhere, I've already done a lot of free therapies and you know that everyone comes for free. I do not know if I clarify my decision. I really do not want to be a slave to a company anymore. There you detected a key point "I want to do the novelty, but this does not work". The problem may be in the "I want". You will get clients for free, but the question you have to ask yourself is if these are "potential" clients who will be willing to pay you for the next sessions. If you are going to come alone for free, you are wasting your time. I propose that you continue trying to work in a company, but in a different way. Businesses have a heart And many times the price is expensive and the location is not so good, but if the ice cream has excellent quality, people may be willing to consume it. So, you can be a therapist who wants to innovate in many things, but people are interested in paying more for that? put your best smile and be the best employee every day, while you detect where the heart of the business is. That company that you complain about today may be the "map" to "arm" your own clinic. You have a 3D map live and live to copy. Guisela Answer Hello, I met the book a few days ago, because I found myself at a crossroads of not knowing where I already was. I am a therapist, a tutor, I have high technology products. I do not open the way and I have spent 30 years working for someone else. Now that I decide to become independent, I do not find the beginning or I am not doing the right path. This is frustrating me and I would like to return to work for a year of struggle. The comments of people sometimes confuse PASS transmit their fears. The book opened my eyes in the sense that I have been passive of the people in my house and they have saved. What I want to know is what things you detected in your way of proceeding that do not unite those two points. If he is not part of the plan and says that he wants to have a business of his own but continuously looks for jobs, something is wrong in that line of thinking and he has to change it. If you had to explain in your case the things you detected that you have to change, what would they be? Thank you Ana Answer how they say to live with intelligence. work to live, not live to work. muyyyyyy good each and every one of the tips given so well known but you have to refresh them in our minds continuously if we want to achieve something. Eduardo Reply I love the book, it is very spontaneous when expressing the experiences of the author in a comic and open manner, simplifying the understanding of the economic terms that must be learned, based on financial education. Excellent book and thank you very much for distributing all that knowledge, that I never get to see in my family and the society that surrounds me. I had explored in Network Marketing with little luck. and from there my accounting principles have changed, to the point of refuting them with people close to me and even with Accountants. Today, with the problems in the past I have started to invest, but invest in Time. With great effort I am making of the books of the great Master Kiyosaki. I have read some but I have not studied them. For when I do, I hope to think and see opportunities where others do not. I am with many expectations and with butterflies in my stomach. and he says rich dad "well the first step is to tell the truth" kiyosaky asks the truth about what? and rich dad responds "about how you are feeling" do not have to tell anyone else. everyone in the fund we want things and they merit money materially speaking. the most important share your knowledge with all that you can so that others also reach prosperity. Thanks for the articles, they are really useful for me to continue learning and reflecting. Miguel Answer hello all good the truth I think k rich father is the best book of finansas k e leido exposes you the ideas of way tam censilla., But tanbiem I am sure k the biggest problem to get out of the race of the rat. in reality we are our customs our habits. k I want to join this community and emmate kiera people k same k yo. I believe rich father and poor father has influenced too much on me. Do not worry, to a greater or lesser extent, something similar happened to us all. Welcome to our Community. but sometimes I feel confused because my parents say to stop thinking about it, I am 19 years old but I want and I feel capable of sawing it, but I do not know where to start! It is not impossible, but to use the word "easy" I do not think it is an adequate term. Answering the email that warned you of this answer, you can keep in touch with me for your questions. In your case, the first thing you would start doing would be to work in a bakery for a while and begin to complete a form with everything the business needs to function. This would be the beginning of the planning of my dream. Florecita Reply It was awakening the financial genius that exists within me. Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki for his kindness in sharing his knowledge. Rilmer Reply A great book, for all the teachings it contains; Obviously it does not have to please everyone, I consider that every human being is the owner of his destiny. What I discovered is the valuable information that no author dared to say about money and about our educational system. In practice there are many people who have managed to fulfill their life project without going through college and are financially successful. I always wanted to be an owner and investor, and now this book came to shake my mind and awaken it to reality. I already started to get rid of the old teachings. I learned how to design websites and earn money from employees and self-employed. My mind, my way of thinking is not the same. For example, I thought it was difficult to have a house of my own and I built it from my self-employed income. I was able to give my daughter a 15-year party. Before reading the book, I thought that this type of expense was impossible for me. I heard about this book a few years ago and I regret not having read it before. However, it is never too late to start unlearning old concepts. Marcelo Answer This is a great book, with new concepts about money that surprise us and teach us to see life in another way. It is difficult and you have to have determination but this is starting to please me and that gives me the energy to continue thinking about the obstacles that arise. It connects you within yourself to create, live, enjoy and teach your financial freedom to the world. I am very grateful because I share many ideas of Robert, not all, but many and that is enough for me. Thanks for the space and the information. luis perez Reply hello Martín. I thought it was an excellent book, I'm not the kind of person who usually read. but they recommended it to me, before I used to wait for each week to receive a salary and pay my bills. When I finished reading I realized that the biggest mistake of my life was thinking about getting more money or waiting for a miracle to happen. It has been a pleasure to continue reading and found many weapons to continue with my goals and start my own business. waiting to receive more information about these topics. I send a warm greeting Hugo Answer Excellent books, totally change the way you look at finances. Some books are easy to find others not so much, the game is also not easy to get. Where I can find it I am in Mexico, I also lack the prophecy. All books that are difficult, it is best to get them directly in Cashflow clubs. Ricardo Respond to this book that changed my life, before I did not think about my future and saw everything in a pessimistic way, now I have taken control of my life and my finances. I am very grateful to Robert Kiyosaky for sharing those teachings with people like me. Put a deadline is key, if it is a year, divided the goal of that year into goals: can be 6 bimonthly goals where you work in the microsystems and join them at the end of the year. Miguel Angel Answer I find the help you give us excellent. I consider it as a practical manual whose teachings are capable of transforming the financial life of those who are really interested in it. Then see if there are internet searches in a considerable amount, related to the topics that you are going to deal with. To give you an idea of ​​the search volume of the terms that you are going to talk about on your blog, you can use Google's "keyword tools" or similar ones. Put together a blog on wordpress.com to start stage A, it can take you 5 minutes. That's the basics for what I think you want to do. Stage C would already be to build alliances and hire advertising to sell your product. but being clear that I do not want to go through more precariousness with my patrician family. Answer hello Martin. by sharing your knowledge with all of us, you do it in a fun way, and easy to digest. I read the book, rich father, poor father as in 2005, then read the quadrant of the flow of money and retire young and rich. At that time he worked for a telecommunications company as a salesman of cambaceo to offer the services of the company. We must all have a full-time job and start a part-time business. To invest in my personal loans business. I believe and firmly trust that I have the possession of that money. It is definitely a book to understand and study throughout life. What impressed me the most was that we did not receive this information at school. It seemed that we wanted to steal this knowledge... the book opened my eyes and a new path. A path that I am transiting and that I have just begun to travel. I just bought my first real estate... it's very small, but I bought it at a good price and soon I will start producing a small passive income. I am 25 years old, I am a professional received recently, and reading it caught me. Beyond the financial knowledge that I was able to acquire, it represented a strong stimulus to deepen more and more this world of finance, unknown to me before having read this book. Very good this blog, I congratulate you. Thank you all, I want to share this comment, because we all always ask ourselves what is the way to become rich. Money is simply an idea, business and great opportunities are not seen with the eyes, they are seen with the mind. Financial freedom is to achieve the desired lifestyle, living in businesses that do not require our presence. For me to read this book was to scrub in the carra the blunders I committed for letting me influence by wrong people. Today with this knowledge, I have more courage to return to undertake I am in that process. I would have liked to read it when I was in my economic prosperity and in this way applying the teachings that this book gives, I would have reached my financial freedom... I know it's never too late. Very grateful for sending us information and experiences related to entrepreneurship and the financial world.

Complete texts Discouraged. Internationals for their stories 42 19.1.2. National and foreign novel awards 43 19.1.3. National story awards 43 19.1.4. International rehearsal awards 43 20.1. I hope we know how to recognize and learn the importance of the history of Colombian literature today. Educated by the Jesuits, he was finally ordained a priest and acted as a beneficiary of the church of Santiago de Tunja. He visited Lima where he frequented the academies of the sugar mills of Peru. It was based on humanistic, pedagogical, theological and philosophical exercises. It can be considered as the first national poet of the Colony. Wounded, San Pedro visits him and heals him. His conversion, penance and singular favors that Heaven did in that time. The studies and the persecution in them. It gathers disciples and gives beginning to the illustrious religion of the Society of Jesus. The heroic poem remained largely unfinished. However, it can be admired as a sumptuous and masterly palace where the personal biography of one of the most interesting saints of all time. The author's imagination is overflowing. The baroque thread that saturates the poem enhances the figure of the protagonist. But these personal visions fail to shake the stylistic foundations on which stands one of the most beautiful poems of his time. At that time there was no deep American consciousness but Hispanic. Hernando Domínguez Camargo begins to name the universal world of the continent. Today the poem is a fresh recovered that does not lose relevance and that in itself, marks a milestone in modern Latin American literature. Under the tonic brook-foal, the author lets feel the passionate force of nature. In this poem the dynamic, the sensory matter and the ornamental and sumptuary richness flow with rapidity. El Chillo is an Ecuadorian stream that is transformed into the foal's metaphor. The structure of the poem consists in the superlative description of the living, of the water, of the fish, of the synonyms represented by both the stream and the colt itself. His pilgrimage to the ecclesiastical career is one of the most intense of his time. Many years before, when he finished his Latin studies, our theater pioneer has already written his key work: Thesaurus lingua latinae. Naturally the effect was immediate and extended to American schools. On the features of this small work, write down: "Miser Protasio arrives at 'examination commission'. Most of the entremés consists in the dialogue between this one and Miser Protasio, and constitutes the satire against the gongorismo ". On the parody of gongorism, a double plane is sketched: parody of the baroque forms and parody of their social symbols. The elements of the work are simple. It is done inside a house. The props are two chairs and a table. This reminds us of the resource economy of poor theater. There the static action unfolds. The characters speak without acting. The protagonist is the parodic word. He perfected the studies with his library and with reading. His vastness reaches the limits of history, of which he was a great connoisseur. He founded a study center philosophical He conceived the idea of ​​freedom and all his life gave himself to realize it. This cost him prison and exile. On July 20, he surprised him in the dungeons of Cartagena. As president of Cundinamarca he became a soldier to defeat the congressional army. He undertook a campaign towards the southern provinces. Imprisoned in Pasto, he was taken to Spanish prisons to return after 1820. In 1823, to defend his life, he made his own defense before Congress. Nariño is one of the most professional journalists of his time. He translated from French the rights of man and citizen, which cost him to be declared a conspirator, tried and punished by the Spanish government. Initiated the revolution of independence founded the periodic sheet The Bagatela, of political character. Among his main news were especially very fat News, which hit the ground with a government and made him an arbiter of the situation. His greatest work is his admirable defense before the Senate. There shine the qualities of the good writer, the fragrance of the images and the richness of the idiomatic turns to express their feelings towards the fatherland and before himself. Undoubtedly, Antonio Nariño was the most skilled prosecutor of independence. Its existence is tied to politics. In the military operations of 1840-1842 he revived with his Grenadian the principle of strengthening the government and pacifying the country. From then on, it will start its cycles. His voluntary exile leads him to two returns. In the second, he dies on the beaches of Santa Marta. His existence is reflected in his poetics. The formation of the poet goes through four phases: An initial stage based on classical training. The romantic profile, the fantasy and the impetus of youth just emerges. The second stage shows him in an anticlasicist position. Experiment in rhythm and new stylistic expressions. In the third stage offers philosophical, moral, spiritual poetry. Meditations on man: his being, his origin, his nature. On the threshold of his death leaves the political cycle unfinished. Leave your political ode: Freedom and socialism. Exaltation of the feeling of love. Exaltation of the feeling of freedom. Optics through the pain of loneliness, the homeland, love, returns. In the formal sphere, he exercises the feeling of rhythm in his poetry. Poetry focused on feeling, maturity and reflection. It does not elude nature, it constitutes it in its axis: both human and geographical nature. Other critics point out that the verses of the poet are "so hard that they give the impression of having been forged by a hammer". Actually, in Caro there is no place for tear gas. The sepulchralism does not exist with those gray and heart-rending tones. José Eusebio Caro is part of a double way: Castilian and French romanticism. Basically the founding poet of the first romanticism is a lyric sustained with a philosophical stratum. He founded the newspaper La democracia. It was characterized by its controversial style, by its critical and essayistic work. Incursion for philosophy with pessimistic accents. His verses move between doubt, love and death. It is observed in his poetics, rigidity and lack of melody. His work is there, to the discussion. Questions to delve into his word are not enough. Given these questions, we can say that Rafael Núñez was not very fortunate. He left unforgettable verses but not a solid work. Start in a fable and catch a constellation. His fables live today as yesterday and with the best life: that daily life of the words that take shape between infants and grandparents. He is the poet of the ages of man: seducer of nature, flora and fauna. Rafael Pombo was born in Bogotá in 1833 and died there in 1912. From the militia he went on to diplomacy and later to public instruction. For many years he remained in the United States dedicated to the literary profession. From there it will depart towards the darkness from his house where he will persist in putting a more stripe to the tiger of his work. Rafael Pombo was not much less a bachelor of letters or an amateur to them. He was simply a poet by vocation and by action. Nobody better than him knew how to infuse density to these many teachers through a beautiful and suggestive language. Frankea the 400 poems, plus his fables and other stories painted. In reality this is only important insofar as Rafael Pombo's fertility does not diminish it but increases it. There is not much slip in his work. Only poems violated by their improvisations. Of him we only know what flashes more: his enchanted stories. Like its characters, it had the property of exhibiting a beautifully ugly physiognomy and also the face of the chameleon. His popularity no longer belongs to him: it belongs to infants. Curiously, maturity is fulfilled in its exact moment: life and poetry are mixed in a wonderful point. His 158 translations of the classics contain an exploratory force that in turn receives his poetry. Intense romanticism where the amatorium plays its king of hearts. Everything in these poems is admiring gale. Rich creation, multiple in the choice of expressive resources. Sublime emotion, gravity and austerity. Tempering the feeling. What the old people saw, Sucre defeated, Patria: patriotic lyricism. Descriptive-loving meditation: December night. Descriptive-philosophical meditation: In the Niagara. Many compare it with Samaniego. It is healthier to compare it with Pombo. His tenderness, his ductile alphabet and love lies in the popular memory. His stories are painted in the dreams of infants and warriors at rest. Pombo's plastic imagination made him a kind of Walt Disney. " Two things must be noted about it. We do not really know what they despise: the popularity of Pombo's fables or that seemingly simple world. The first was a creator who took as raw material the Nursey Tales and other themes of the ancient universal tradition and infused them with an elegance and a valuable meaning. The second was an imitator who outlined in his celluloid the alienation and dispossession of the values ​​held by the infants of today's world. Such characters are authentic not just puppets to convey the American way of life and their contempt for oppressed men. He is the poet with the most qualities. The others have more edges towards the defect. Antioquia is a very special space for romantic poetry. Equally to assume the nature and society with epic tones. The natural elements are not taken with exoticism but with the feeling of who returns to a daily place to reveal life, love, nostalgia. This group is unified by the simplicity, the originality, the sacred place of the home, the reconciliation of the mestizo with its environment and its identity. Corn, the vital heart of Antioquia, leaves its beards aside and speaks in the voice of these poets with mythical wisdom. His public life will walk between two parallels: seminar of Antioquia-seminar of Bogota. Business failures-successes in his poetic work. His wife, Mrs. Julia de Isaza, will occupy the center of his poetry. From this kind man we have the path through which Americanity transits in its purest accent. The criticism has been unanimous in recognizing its value. The popularity of the corn poem has only one point of reference: the Martín Fierro. Only that our song has such a singularity that it is scarcely possible to reduce the parallel to a theme and not to a personality. Stripped of all cultural references, this author assumes his universe with bare hands and from there the beauty of his work is born. Not because it excludes referential elements, but because the same dimension of the Edenic symbol does not allow another language to name it than that of its own root. If we add to this poetic freshness, a festive mood, an irony of sadness and grief, we find the alchemy of a beautiful song. As a romantic, he did not pose as "sad". From there, that sweet nostalgia of the lost becomes. Those who criticize its sweetness, criticize the human condition of the word. Our poet did not need to starch the verse. He was simply a born versifier. You can not confuse the magic of his word with the easy and improvised verb. And within the popular poetic tradition of Colombia the number one. His eloquence finally finds a real success. In a country of false prestige, it is difficult to recognize true prestige and even more: to set a precedent so that what is said is not demagogic. It is the struggle of professional ethics. Through this fruit, structure of a nationality symbol. There emerges the humble life of the peon, his heart, his constructive energy. The journey through planting is the revelation of the universe. Everything speaks to us: the tree and its doubt. Everything has a vital breath, mysterious and beautiful. Even the insect reaches its dimension and its kingdom among the trees of its author. " Faced with cosmopolitanism rooted in European parameters, the nationalist criollismo aims above all to exalt the American landscape. They do not reach the individual as much as the brutal, inhospitable and grandiose nature of our continental land. Within this regional-Antioquia context, the work of the sad poet is inscribed. Epifanio Mejía was born in Yarumal in 1838. There he died in 1913, after having lived several decades in the madhouse. The poet's civil death is one of the saddest stories of that era. Everything in him was intense and nostalgic. Gentle and noble spirit that after the age of 31 entered the darkness of memory. He worked as a merchant and was always linked to the paths of his homeland. Among its main works, it is worth mentioning Canto del Antioquia. Although it is not a masterpiece, at least it has a vital and simple, genuine and not artificial breath. Next to Antioquia or the hand of God, it constitutes the exaltation of the vigor and nobility of its people. The emotive vein of the nativist is considered superior to that of Gutiérrez González. His verses are realistic, transparent, natural. The condor, the jungles of Antioquia, the traditions and the struggle of a race in its constant survival, are its essential themes. There is not in its verses tremendismo but soft anxiety and melancholy. Curiously, Antioquia has given a cradle of poets that are unified in their epic song to the rural, to the open paths through which progress transits. He is an anonymous, silent hero who performs daily his singing and pain ceremonies. Actually, the production of Epifanio Mejía was not very large. He only left us about 70 poems. The death of the bull is a suggestive, neat and meaningful poem. The emotion meets the pain of the animal. A communion of blood and death. It is his fidelity to reality that limits the possibilities of the poem. The steer does not reach the perimeter of the symbolic. Reality oppresses the poem for its formalist dynamics. However, as in The Story of a Dove, the verse hurts. Epifanio Mejía also leaves us his poem Amelia. Poem that was not the best and that concluded definitively. The ambitious poetics they were about to consecrate were spoiled by death. Romantic poet by attitude, initial modernist by the way. Lawyer, parliamentarian, educator, man with public vocation. This author had a poem that made time called In the Twilight. He was crowned on May 31, 1930 in Cali. Religion, homeland and terroir are the paths of Ricardo Nieto. As an example of your vision of the world, let us travel without simplifying spirit on your way: I do not know if you are outside or you are inside my soul! Probably its limitation is that it did not incorporate other elements of the world in its poetry to densify it and grant it greater wealth and vitality. Ricardo Nieto picked up the melancholy of the end of the century and managed to reflect a "state of encouragement "with fine accents. He is the most ambitious and stable poet that Colombian literature has left. He is a true creator and with a handful of poems immortality was taken by assault. Therefore, we will only totalize the fundamental arteries of your personal universe through synthesis and evaluation. The only story of his life is a fateful novel. José Asunción Silva holds at his funeral all the funerals of our unfortunately silenced in its fullness. Son of an illustrious family, he was educated in private schools. For his manly physical beauty, his friends said to him: "José Presunción". The young Joseph frequented the literary gatherings that took place in his house. From 1863 to 1886 he undertook a trip to Europe, became friends with the work of the French symbolists and with Tennyson. He himself was a self-taught person who read avidly on literary, philosophical, and psychological subjects, and who learned some languages. When dying his father he exercised family and economic power. However, the inherited debts left it with a red balance and it fails. The national government decides to help him and appoints him secretary of the legation in Caracas. There, Silva isolates himself and fiercely confronts the tasks of the bureaucracy. To tax his tragedy, when he returns to Colombia in the ship Amérique it is shipwrecked near our coasts and, with him, some of his unpublished works. As soon as he returns to Bogotá, he tries again to recover his fortune and family prestige. It establishes a tile factory and fails. The events he has experienced-the death of his father, of Elvira, the loss of his poems-are irremediable in their existence. Sunken in desperation makes mark his suit. The suicidal bullet will bleed the heart of Colombian poetry. They say that in his bedroom there were books that the poet had probably been reading. He was buried in his night suit. The historical date: May 23 of 1896. Tendency towards the Becquerian romanticism. There is no sepulchralism or melodramatic. Only a deep pain, softly bathed in bitterness. Silva was not reactionary, as many people think; his attitude was anti-bourgeois. That is why he lost his social and economic position. Encounter with symbolism and stylization. Personal expression in rhythms and meters, musicality, correction, precision. Bitter and disenchanted background, hard realism, pessimism, bitter irony. Silva starts as romantic and properly with a decadent bias, saturated with ingenuity and bitter philosophy. The poet made his poetry and poetry made the poet. The first gave him life, the second killed him. Silva was a neurotic man, a dandy, a burdened heart. His sadness settles everything with a magical and lunar veil. His melancholy is fine as the winter of his verses. In Silva it's always raining. He was a total misfit: he was never dead anywhere. Da depression went to the impetus. Business failure, establishment of companies. The hands of the fatum were leading him over his family and aesthetic deaths towards his last death. His poetry is the possible thread of his erratic, mysterious and plenilunate existence. This third nocturne is the masterpiece of modernism. One night is a mathematical poem, Einstein, where the decalogue of the modernist avant-garde is based. His long life is a testimony of adventure. We may be able to do it. Leon de Greiff was not a man: it was and will remain a myth. The intelligence and daring creativity of Leon de Greiff do not need epithets because he has devoured them all. The vast wheel of his imagination creates a legitimate, coherent, syncretic world governed by his alter egos. In his work, the autobiographical is emphasized: loneliness, demonic passions, the bohemian musician and the bohemian musician. Death as life, nostalgia as the world, knot the lunar hair of their texts. With León de Greiff, Colombian poetry grows: that is, it no longer leaves a leaf on the tree Thank you, but leave a tree with good shade. Reading it is the best way to experience it. His work is organized with a bold mastery of the language, in a deep sensuality, a love without claudication, and with a desperate independence. In the center of this throne, León de Greiff reigns in the middle of his doubles choir. There is no liquid metaphysics in our music lover. There is an expanding universe, which is living. It is equal to the real world but within more symbolic and powerful dimensions. Minister and diplomat, man here and there, restless cultural promoter, ardent polemic presence. His books are the reflection of his fearsome deck. He was not a man: he was an arsenal of brilliant personalities, not mediocre, but mythological. His work has not been valued because it is a pyramid that the indifferent can not raise. And also, because there, there is a challenge: the world and its diabolical comedy. To avoid Zalamea in a book like this is to elude our identity. Because Zalamea has the best of Colombian poets: creation, high flight and universality. The word of Tuerto López is fragile before the zalaméic accent, capable of breaking walls and armored invisible walls. His main works are: The wonderful life of books, work to fall in love with the literary world. The ignored and forgotten poetry, beautiful flower of the Indian and the mule, and other studies, essays that have filled the national letters with strength and robustness. Imprecación of the man of Kenya and the complaint of the black boy. Descended from an English Jewish family from Jamaica and a Creole family. After completing his high school studies in Bogotá, he returned to Cali in 1852. As a warrior, he intervenes in the country's civil wars. Combat General Melo and General Mosquera. They are the dark times of the second Boya Homeland, in which the nation is the center of partisan anarchy. In 1856 he married and began his poetic exercise. It has published some works. In the road camps he suffers from malaria. As soon as he is elected deputy for the conservative party, he resides in Bogotá and publishes his novel, thanks to the collaboration of Mr. Caro. The success was fulminating: continental and national. And even more: start your universal career. Without pressing it in his hours of creation, he was writing one of the most beautiful novels in the country and the first one of Latin American romanticism. After 1857, he modified his political ideas and linked himself to the liberal party. Again he is elected deputy and, in 1870, he left for Chile with the position of consul. Oppressed by the defeat, he left for Cali on the road of no return and settled in the nostalgic Popayán, where he worked in school inspection. He works as a teacher in the normal school and writes a liberal newspaper. In the coming years we will find it in the midst of political struggles, between skirmishes and revolutions without revolution, and heading one of them. Political factors will veto this trip. In poverty, solitary, takes refuge in the family environment. The adventures have been left behind. The mines he explored will no longer give him the gold. Two partial failures: two authentically romantic lives. A few months later, the government decided to grant him mining discoverer rights, which allowed him to formalize an advantageous contract with an American company. Already ill, full of literary projects, he died in Ibague in 1895: the year of the nocturnes. Malaria did not allow him to survive his glory. It can be defined as an adventurous parable. The disappointment persecuted him throughout his life. Everyone thinks he could not write a disastrous work. At least one work rich in human facets of his time. This world of love and death has been again and again simplified, again and again interpreted. In the present, many seek to undermine its dimension by reproaching its tear-jerking tone. The sensibilities change with the times but Maria is still present, undefeated, because in her we live with or without handkerchiefs, full of prejudices or without them. Only a work capable of withstanding so many years of painful trials is a work of classical fact. María is not an artificial novel: artificial is the era in which we read it. María is not an absurd book: absurd is the time in which we assume it. To get to it, as X-504 says, it is enough to be naked. Then again it will be possible "paradise" and also the history of our own identity: that freedom that dies and that is reborn. Those human dreams that crack and recompose themselves. Mary, ocean for all wills and for all theories. We will scarcely delineate the features of this exciting world called Mary. Its reading is the only reason for this simple exploration. This novel will have a place of honor in the realm of joy, because only by understanding our death will we understand what we were and what we will be. His presence survives to the present. What Mary is worth for romantic realism, also Manuela is for realism manners. With both begin the successes and the mistakes, but also the foundation of a reality. Manuela and El Rejo to link affirm their legacy. The density of Manuela, and the semi-freedom of her characters make her a relatively coherent novel. The deep knowledge of social life serves Eugenio Díaz to capture a sociological testimony. The fact of not being a historical novel is pointed out. Better yet: a fictionalized chronicle. Eugenio Díaz reflects the reality but also interprets it in an action and characters. That is why it still survives even if it is with one foot on the abyss. The pamphleteer voice is not felt and this favors it. His lyre is festive but surrounded by derision and darkness. It is not strange that we have bequeathed manuals of urbanity and spelling. His family was related to important gentlemen linked to the viceroyalty. His escape from school, his social relationship with his aunts, exemplify the origin of his affable and audacious vein. His life is inscribed in the whirlwind of power. He assumed the presidency of the Republic in 1900 ignoring the government of Sanclemente. Immediately came the separation of Panama. Sad milestones for a presidential poet who at the bottom of the glory of power hid a festive being. It is popular from the Rio Bravo to Patagonia. As a fable, it has a very well-adjusted structure, both in the meter and in the rhythm syntax. Its content level is based on a filigree structure. Others consider that his most meritorious work is El Moro, autobiography of a horse. The truth is that in this fable the charm, the festivity and the complicity with this dog that belongs to the anti-hero animal characters is felt. Become part of the gallantry of Rocinantes and Gatos Bandidos. His novel Domestic Dramas was left unfinished. His most celebrated work is Olivos and olives, all are some. Sequence of costumbristas pictures that are concentrated around a drama of love. The costumbrista novel is enriched with this mocking and caustic tone that Santa Fe uses to demolish the masks of those corrupt and foolish politicians. Some critics cite in his essays about him, that he is the first regional novelist in America and they establish this appointment with the astonishment of knowing it. The fact is quite simple: Tomás Carrasquilla was a novelist over his fissures. Carrasquilla is before them and after them. Haggling consecration is a mode of shame. Carrasquilla is above our inferiority complex: he is a monumental novelist with everything and his smaller abysses. That's why we do not need to prove it in this study. Simply get to him through his work that in itself was ahead of its time and is current as a newborn. Its limitation in the universal space does not diminish merits to its novelística. If it had had a publicity boom, it would be better known on the planet, but that's not why Carrasquilla would be better. An author does not do the number of his readers, but the coherence and quality of his work. It is not a matter here of disguising its limitations by its regional language. Nor to grant an undeserved consecration. He was not a visitor of literature. A trilogy of novelistic spaces and a cluster of solid stories. His homilies demonstrate irrefutably that he was not a tourist. He was an interpreter, bordering on the level of creation, which left as his legacy some important propositions. Among them we highlight: Proclaim the virtue of the autochthonous and the terrigenous in front of the scholar and the foreigner. Rejects the escapist modernism and assumes nationality and Americanity in its maximum consequences. Proposes a literary July 20: literary emancipation and political emancipation. It is with José Martí the thinker who seeks his identity in his own mestizo culture. It says "no" to imported and artificially assembled models. If he erred, he erred being honest, being a prime diver in his regional adventure. His phrase that we can summarize in "Colombian literature for Colombians and not for Europeans" is revolutionary. That we can not write in European for them, but in American for us and for the world. Only by being ourselves can we be everywhere. Tomás Carrasquilla was well aware that only the region can reach the world. Many years later, the greatest novelists of half a century would affirm this concept. Among them Mario Benedetti, that plural creator of our peoples. In this way, the Antioquia universe becomes Colombian, American and universal. After completing his primary studies, he travels to Bogotá. Then enter diplomacy. For his legal work, he was part of the commission that was to draw the limits on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. Many years later I would conclude that epic work in a house in Sogamoso, the threshold of the Llano. This silent expeditionary, explorer of the dramatic problems of the rubber companies and oil workers, will blow up the American novel. To do so, he will use all his skills and his links to universal literature. It can be said without hesitation that with it the novel of identity is established. Promising land consists of 55 sonnets. From the same adolescence the plan of expressing the life of Colombia was set, particularly its tropical face. In love with this project he made it happen with the passion of an Arturo Cova. These Alexandrines and hendecasyllables were appearing in magazines and newspapers of the capital and it was not long before their national consecration, especially among the intellectuals of greater value. The theme of his sonnets captures the personality of the Amazonian world and its surrounding geographies. They are not mere museum naturalist translations, but sonnets with wings, trembling like the lost whirlpools, which exhale the torrential vitality of American geography. The structure of his poems is mathematical and perfect. Rhythm, rhyme and meter go hand in hand orchestrating the tropical symphony in 55 variations. Sensoriality, feeling and vitalism are the sources where these charming sonnets come to light, where terrible omens already exist. However, in Promised Land, the world is still possible for contemplation and sweet singing. Later, that universe will become a supreme and implacable rival. The result of this battle will be The Vortex. The formal structure is as follows: a prologue, a narrative by Arturo Cova in three parts and an epilogue. From this arises then a triangular education of the black world: the averno not of Dante but of the American life. In this way, Arturo Cova distances himself from the jungle and immerses himself in it. He is aware of being a victim and is not aware when he lives the circumstances of his tragic destiny. The triangular structure also occurs between the mountains, the Llanos and the jungle. The first ones are the angels descending to hell. Alicia and Griselda the angels of purgatory. And the last two: the princes of hell. The characters, the action and the jungle are biting the tail. Thus we arrive at a Riverian definition of what vortex means: green hell that devours itself to be reborn, an animal that resurfaces from its own blood. No one loses his foot in The Maelstrom. His engineering is a challenge to the imagination. Deep Bohemian, reflective and creative mind, discreet presence. His dedication to literature has a professional sense: he lives for fiction but not for fiction. But in itself, is a right-hander of the trade, which has conquered one of the most respectable stadiums in national letters. His work remains fresh and exceptionally goes hand in hand with the Colombian reader. Although at present it has not been valued with enough depth, at least the tradition of silence has not been able to demolish it. Through the space of critical realism, it crosses the theme of Colombian violence. Before calling them novelists of violence, we prefer to place them in a wider territory: the world of critical realism, a world that registers not only the phenomenon of violence but also the epic of the national man against his historical destiny. The criterion of violence serves more to devalue the novelists of this group than to interpret them in their universal richness. They are not chroniclers of a historical milestone: they are creators and interpreters of the contemporary world. The phenomenon of violence is a raw material but so are the dream, family conflicts, the solitude of a community. We believe that this group of novelists has the ability to transcend the apocalypse of the 300,000 dead and reach new dimensions. They explore the nationality, identity, miscegenation and consciousness of our current people. Therefore, we emphasize that its classification as a topic of violence is a very close shirt for them. In the same way that Mario Benedetti does not contain the political aspect, likewise the partisan hecatomb does not contain our writers of half a century. These historical frameworks simplify many times the reality and do not allow us to show the diverse and multidimensional world of the consecrated. 1952: The guitar, Seventh Annual Story Contest. 1957: Riña for four roosters, national contest of autochthonous story of Manizales. 1963: Revenge, first prize in the national fair of Bogotá Contest. International rehearsal awards: 1956: Brief praise of death, second prize in the Central American Literature Contest. Its existence is already part of popular memory. About his past, his present and his future and also about his works, so many books have been written that with them a fantastic library could be built. His influence has highlighted magical schools, a horizon of enchantment and a breath of insomnia over the Latin American people. His characters live amid the nightmares and happy dreams of maidens, teenagers and nostalgic colonels. He is the first national writer and one of the most representative of universal literature of all time. Their expeditions around the planet are marked by a mission. The Cuban revolution and the defense of human rights outline his political work. The Alternative of other times is today the "alternative" of the Colombian writer. Gabriel García Márquez is a man committed to the vocation of being of the Latin American people. But also as a writer is a man faithful to creation. His books are based on an irrepressible need. In it artistic vanguard and ideological vanguard go hand in hand. The second, because of his exile from Colombia marked by the power's point of view. However, it has a clairvoyant power that overcomes everything. Its invulnerability lies in its modesty. The fame as an advertising montage that surrounded the Latin American boom, is not a shadow that diminishes it in the light of the unbelievers. On the contrary: it returns them credulous Because his fame goes beyond magazines and becomes authentic. To that extent his 1982 Nobel Prize is a glorious recognition. Colombian Technical Standard for the presentation of research papers. Manual of Colombian Literature. Manuel Mejía Vallego, a semblance. Ruth Yanira Urzola, my "teacher", who with her classes full of teachings and wisdom, makes us understand what is the importance of study in our lives and at the same time with her genius and patience we have much more love for him. Act 2: 1816, Holy Faith of Bogota. Entry Credits Soft classical music, ex. Classical music Beethoven: the heroic. Condemn the philosophers to the inquisition. Stop the rebels and banish the revolutionaries. March 16, 1781, El Socorro, Santander. Invasion of Napoleon to Spain, 1808. Hey, your majesty, abandon the throne. Criollos receiving criollos? How ridiculous... I sell them, if they want it. Do not you think he deserves an answer from us? And then you who is, a realistic chapeton? So penco... To pull the respectable, son of his very same mother... And why do you want a damn vase? To make a reception to another criollo? I call you so that in a few days we can name our own government board. On the night of that day Juan Samano, the military commander of the Spanish army ordered the arrest of the demonstrators and the crushing of the rebellion. Right now I bring you those fascinerosos! I swear to God that I will fulfill my duty until death! I swear to God I will not disappoint you... I promise you a federalist homeland, in which each province will have its autonomy. Out federalists of New Granada! The internal division defeated us.

Its people, its places, its streets. The president spoke of supporting companies and producers so that they improve their competitiveness and can join the world markets. However, although positive, the measures announced are insufficient and therefore demagogic. The government does not want to reduce the prices of the products and services it offers because it depends largely on income to maintain its inefficient bureaucracy. We will continue waiting for the government salary tabulator law that Felipe promised in his campaign. The leader added: "That the value of Mexican labor is not minimized for the enrichment of the economy in North America." Perhaps Dona Beatriz thinks that we have already forgotten the interest PRI governments had in that regard for the protection of migrants. It was not that diligent, Beatriz, the governor. Not in the year 2000, when Vicente Fox won the elections. Perhaps there is the origin of more than some lawsuit between connotados blanquiazules. With such a robust intention, as Martinez feels, the mastiffs must be tied up, because the voter is frightened. Such confidence does not upset, especially tricolors. Apparently, the atmosphere that prevailed during the talks between the presidents -elected this one, that function- was better than expected. What they tried, alone, is a mystery at all costs. Calderón wants a "strategic alliance", and said so. He specified that up to now 150 infringements have been lifted against carriers that are charging unduly 5 pesos for the service. Unfortunately, in Zamora, transporters have violated the official tariff for years and nobody does anything to them. The former as a way to solve the problem that had recently arisen in said geographic demarcation and thus preserve social peace, grant legal certainty and documentary certainty. In these events, all Michoacan interested in making reflections and specific proposals to elaborate laws and make government decisions that favor the organization of society in order to make participatory democracy possible. But I recognize limits and, in some questions, the fundamental ones, I always accept authority. And it was thoroughly Don Javier, because it grabbed even when expressing what should and can be the Christian love between couples, very different from the trumpeted from the show, but inconsistent at the time of the hour. And it's not about anyone dominating, nor about the woman submitting, but about making a family community with shared responsibility. But there are more, much more responsible bodies such as the State and religious leadership. Because he said: "Today Mexican families face a landscape and an environment of insecurity. For example, the calendars that Guía gave this year, each photograph has in its foot what happened in each event. The global crisis comes to Mexico and our president Lic. Felipe Calderón Hinojosa has launched a plan that tries to mitigate its effects. At one time, those of proportional representation were necessary but now they are only an economic burden, added to the previous thing, the bureaucratic apparatus of San Lazaro must be thinned. It is clear that many of them have no reason to be because of the little or no work that I carry out I put the example of the previous ones: suplader now I think they are coplader, the state of tourism and the list can be extended. Mainly from time to date the road and road infrastructure has been carried out, with little good results since many works have been of poor quality because the bumps make their appearance very soon. But it is also convenient that in this time of crisis, the municipal administrations put their two cents. In principle, they should review the number of people working in each of the areas and have efficient staff. On the national scene, the state leader called. The state leader made it clear that the only way to promote actions to solve the economic crisis is through investment in social infrastructure in all its areas, such as education, environment, among other primary sectors such as health and sports. As a second purpose, he said, the intention of attending the State Council of the party had as an objective to make an invitation to the militancy so that in the next internal electoral process, the party will be able to leave united. These are the flags that Mexicans, fundamentally the popular classes, must defend, "he said. We must leave behind the representative democracy that is running out; today I come to tell you that we must continue insisting on having in our country the figures of participatory democracy. " However, "independent of constitutional obligations, we have a partisan obligation to inform militants of the way we govern, how we did it and what we did." The members of the State Council unanimously approved the governor's proposal. The 16th of this month was the deadline for interested companies to acquire the rules and documents of the contest, which must have a minimum stockholders' equity of 300 million pesos. The central moment of the party on the 12th was the concelebrated Mass that was officiated at 1:00 pm with the participation of priests both from the parish and from other parishes. In addition to members of various groups of apostolate of the parish pilgrimage faithful from other populations, including Zamora, as well as a large group of charros. At the passage of the pilgrims came hundreds of families from here and from other towns that applauded the Virgin of Guadalupe and who were moved by the fervor of the pilgrims. During the homily, before the faithful who filled the temple, Mr. Cura referred to the work of organizing the party and the concerns around it especially in relation to the economic situation. He valued the work of all the people behind the party. He pointed out that sometimes the people who work for the party suffer misunderstandings and worries but that in the end they can say with satisfaction that they fulfilled. After calling that the party next year be prepared with more time and not wait until December or January to do so, the priest said that the love of the Virgin maintains and will keep everyone together. He appreciated the effort made to make this year's party look beautiful and lucid. He pointed out that the music or the rockets are not the party, but the gathering around the Virgin of Guadalupe and in that context he pointed out as a big commitment to focus more on the faith and live more according to the principles of our religion. He referred to those who distance themselves from the Catholic religion to embrace some sect which they do, he said, out of ignorance. For this reason he considered it necessary to eradicate religious ignorance. He pointed out that the party is possible thanks to the efforts of everyone, whose support he acknowledged and thanked. After asking the Virgin of Guadalupe to remain present, she vowed that the faith would continue to grow so that all would be better Christians. Outside the church, after the closing mass, the charros made an exhibition of their dancing horses to the sound of band music. And at the end of the mass, at the time of thanks, he mentioned people who made relevant contributions to carry out the party. To all of them, the Zamorano bishop explained the meaning of the sacrament of confirmation, one of the three denominations of Christian initiation, together with baptism and the Eucharist or communion. Thus he will be able with the firmest will to stick to fulfilling the will of God and reject with great decision everything that opposes him. And what God promises is complete happiness, heaven, eternal life that begins after this life. And in this context, Bishop Navarro focused part of his homily on the family, which is a promoter and promoter of human and Christian values. He invited to be attentive to this meeting of global importance. There are human and Christian values ​​that many are responsible for fighting, and he referred to the fact that the family is actually formed by a man and a woman, within the project of God. And he mentioned interpretations that are not anywhere near the love that God wants in families. And he clarified that there is sometimes the confusion of love with the pure exercise of sexuality, in the act of union of man and woman, which is important, but that does not reduce love. But neither is the kind of affection we have towards those who are useful or convenient, but neither is that love. Love is affection but not affection for interest. And you learn in the family, but with facts. For example parents who worry or get tired, and reprimand when necessary. Love expresses itself with facts, not only in little words and poetry. Then the Bishop Zamora recounted various anecdotes taken from his pastoral experience, to explain what is considered true love from the Christian perspective, which had clearly captured the attention of the parishioners of Ziquítaro, many of whom smiled with the occurrences. You have to see things with the optics, with the look of faith, said the bishop, and so you can see differently. Finally he exhorted us to respect human life, which does not belong to us, but of which we are servants. At the end of the Mass, the parish priest Manuel Vázquez thanked the priests and the faithful for their presence. And those of the parish council and all those who in many ways have collaborated for the progress of Ziquítaro. He asked for a round of applause for everyone present and for everyone he had just mentioned. Then he remembered the events of the afternoon, which included a procession with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. But before the dances of each neighborhood would meet and then go in procession. And, in the end, at 7 o'clock in the afternoon, the final celebration. For pure hobby, Guadalupe organized the group for the Virgin. He used only his imagination, he proposed it to the parish priest and the organizers. The complete party certainly included a free dance at night on the basketball court, it was contemplated another for the 13th in the same place, but for cooperation and that same day a jaripeo in the town round, in the neighborhood called La Viscosa. A year ago there was an incident, a lawsuit in the ring, which did not happen to major, even when it aroused malaise in the population due to the unfortunate antecedents of distant times and fortunately already gone. But they take nostalgia and surely, it is assumed, they carry the purpose of returning them and their families to their homeland, which for them is "the Navel of the World". It was precisely Mr. Bishop who first split his portion of thread. It was also the one in his portion of the thread that touched the first plastic doll of the 4 of the thread. According to the custom, those who find a doll in their portion of a thread must offer tamales and atole on February 2. That we have hope as a Christian virtue, and true hope. That we have the certainty of better goods and that hope makes the road less tiring. He said that we always look for complete happiness and health and that sometimes we complain. He pointed out that it is not easy to preserve the harmony of matter and spirit but that when one has hope one day we will have full harmony. He also said that for many God is an idea that they have not deepened. That God is Father, not only the origin of our religion. That is a reality that we have not valued and that we should value to know in whose arms we are. In this context he referred to those who have the habitual will to do evil instead of seeking to do good; in highlighting what offends and destroys instead of pointing out what it builds. He recalled that we have a voice that can be in contradiction with the majorities and called us to say what is the voice of God. That if we see this situation from the faith we will not let ourselves be handled by economic situations. That way God will help us and we can make this a happy and happy new year. He gave thanks to God that allows us to carry out our work. He acknowledged to Mr. Bishop his sensitivity and respect for communicators and freedom of expression and wished him a happy year. He expressed that it is a very important moment. He considered that the new Unit is very important because now that the Colmich celebrates 30 years as part of the celebrations, the catalog of the first 100 doctors graduated from that institution was taken. He added that the Colegio de Michoacán has been a very successful PhD program, with a lot of experience, with 30 years of life and that 2 of the programs are of international competence. In his turn, the governor of the State, Mtro. He referred to his interest in being present at the event because, he said, "we must demonstrate in the facts the support to an institution as prestigious as our beloved College". He announced that his government will continue in that line of support. Each level consists of a teachers' lounge, cafeteria, room for students, and cubicles that in total are 16. Eras areas are communicated by a corridor. Francisco Pérez de Salazar and had a cost of 15 and a half million pesos in round numbers, including the building and its facilities. It should be noted that in the framework of the anniversary that same day there was an anniversary ceremony at 11:00 in the auditorium of the institution. Likewise, acknowledgments were given to the most senior staff in the institution. One South facade of the new building. Three Hall in the first level of the Unit. 10 thousand tickets of 100 pesos each will be issued by lottery; the distribution will be made among Education workers, parents and friends of the Mexican teachers. The money collected will be used to improve the buildings and equip the 10 most needy schools of each union section... in no way for the benefit of local leaders. The "Calvary" of the Hummer began in Hermosillo, on October 11, 2008, do you remember, "Dad? Accurate that 40 percent of the alcohol consumed in Mexico corresponds to the informal market, which means that this amount represents contraband, counterfeit, adulterated or traditional beverages. In Mexico, more than 60 percent have said more than once, cheers! In any case, the controversy does not end, because the figure of the Michoacan liberal politician who gives the name to the medal "is not something linked to sport". Silvia Gabriela Arzate was pregnant and her ominous homicide is very worrying. It is a danger to the civilian population that uniformed people shoot cars that do not stop at roadblocks. International public opinion is alarmed by the social decomposition that exists in Mexican territory and by Calderón's speech that does not correspond to reality. If the deaths of innocents continue, the country will send a serious message abroad: that Mexico is not a modern and civilized nation, and that the military is allowed to kill anyone who does not stop at a checkpoint. That is why, I insist, does the Mexican State exist as such? The protest of Andrés is a sign of the desperation of young people - I am included here - in the context of a country that offers few or no opportunities for development. Andrés also says that: "I believe that intelligence, knowledge, curiosity and reflection help tremendously in the fight for equity. And, finally, despite not knowing an ideal model, you can see that acting locally is better than not acting. " The words of Andrés, in the middle of the virtual network, remind me of other words that were written on the walls of 68 -that in 2008 we remember 40 years- emerged from those who dared to dream and demanded the impossible, to be realistic. Because 68 was not a year but a whole time, because at the same time it was the Prague Spring, the French May and the Mexican October. Throughout the world poems were petitions, the demand was clear and in a single cry: imagination to power! Resisting is the great legacy that those brave young men gave us, resisting hell. We are nomads, the nomads resist in the desert. They say of all of them that dying is not in their next plans. Dona Amalia, considered, with justice, a great mother of Spanish exile, was a woman committed to the most dignified social struggles. His memory is already a vital part of the historical memory of the Mexican people. Until January 13, the brutal killing has left 917 human beings and 4,100 injured. The serious demonstrations in support of the barbarism carried out by the fascist government of Israel offend our human condition, or what remains of it. I have many issues left on the keyboard, about some I will return without a doubt, I must finish. In 2008 I met so many people, I trust that some of them will become great friends of the desert. I speak of more in Amora, hell, I drank the sibilant zeta and that is not the liquid consonants. There are different versions about your identity. Each person can choose the one that is most convincing. The biblical theory San Mateo is the evangelist that extends the most when speaking of them, but still leaves us with many doubts about the real personality of these enigmatic men. He speaks of three magi who came from the East to worship the King of the Jews, in the version best known to all. They brought with them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh and their arrival alarmed King Herod, who ordered the killing of all newborn male babies of Jewish families under his jurisdiction to avoid being overthrown. The magicians were guided to the portal of Bethlehem where Jesus was, by a luminous star. This happened in mid-March in the first year of our era. He gives a thorough description of the characters in the first six chapters of his most famous novel: Ben-Hur. Wallace confirms the names of the kings, but the means of transport of visitors varies. Ensures that by orders divine, they arrived in splendid white horses. Skeptics claim that they were neither wizards nor kings. Welcome to the language craze of our teenagers who are creating their own style and writing rules. A kind of hodgepodge between Spanish and technology, which is understandable in some way by the constant use of instant messaging in the network and text messages abbreviated in the cell. For example, to give intensity and emotion to a phrase, young people close it with many signs of admiration, the more you use the message the more emphasis you will have and the better understood. In other cases, in the majority, the omission creates conflicts because it is not known whether the sentence was interrogative or imperative, whether it was an assertion or, on the contrary, a refusal. Hopefully our students will appreciate Neruda's words in the future, and they will be more reflective and more interested in the background and form of the written texts; Maybe during a university career, as happened to many. But I wonder what will happen to those who do not continue with their studies and see themselves in the need to enter the working world as receptionists, secretaries, assistants in offices, etc. How, if that culture that began with practicality became a habit. How, if the contents of Spanish often remain in the category of memorials and inert after passing an exam. There will be no more protests because they will know that indirectly you understand them. In summary, the writing is alive and in constant evolution; it's good to be dynamic and expand its borders through technology... Even better "to make it possible for words to work like X-rays, which if used properly can go through everything. Don Luis left in 1942 from his hometown to Guadalajara to study high school. At the end of that decade, in 1978, on November 8 he was invited to join the National College. His works received distinguished recognitions. All his intellectual life turned to historical knowledge and its dissemination in university classrooms. His colossal work as a constructor of institutions was the foundation of the first research center in the area of ​​social sciences in an average city of the Mexican province. In that idea of ​​Don Luis, different personalities and public bodies also believed and strongly supported it. In the words pronounced on the occasion of the founding of the College, Dr. González asked himself the motive of "how and why have we come to give here? Almost everyone agrees on the need to establish other institutions of higher level in the province, and mainly in urban areas on the airstrips or take off. It is said that the rising cities must receive humanities institutes. As this city that welcomes us today is on the rise, there has been some who say that Zamora does not serve as the headquarters of a humanistic staff. "Zamora tradition is present in valuable works of understanding... Zamora has a rich cultural tradition that cries out for a center of historical studies. Zamora changes and progresses so rapidly that he needs, in order to harmoniously conquer his future, the research and suggestions of anthropologists and sociologists. " The Colegio de Michoacán will grow to the extent that it can sip the juices from the land where it is now planted. " At first, this was somewhat difficult, but definitely the roots of the teacher-researchers were achieved over the years. Don Luis firmly believed that "for the graft pledge must be stuck to the tree. The close and cordial union with local groups although they have different interests to those of ColMich, will be the only thing that prevents us from being a ghetto. " Many of the children of teacher-researchers have been born, raised and studied here. Even some of those offspring have married zamoranos, integrating fully to the social and cultural life of Zamora. The achievements in both centers, he said, will not be to store them in the ivory tower. " We aspire, "repeated Don Luis," to the formation of star players in the social anthropology and history teams of Mexico. You do not want to serve those who only look for a way to make a living. Nor to diploma collectors. In the second week of October 2003, our founding dean still had the courage to talk with me by telephone about the annual Colloquium that was 25 years old in those days. As coordinator of the event, I wished that Don Luis's health was not so undermined so that he could preside over it. However, it was no longer possible to count on his physical presence and his wisdom. And in fact, I can not get rid of the fragile and cadaverous figure that our children approached us in a wheelchair to take his hand and give him the last goodbye. Exactly a week later, the last battle of life was lost by Don Luis at the hands of an illness that devoured him completely. His people that he loved so much, and to whom he offered a full life in the field of History. Today, January 15, 2009, our affectionate memory is always alive for the founder of our beloved institution. At the beginning of this Letter... I mentioned all three in the same paragraph. In order to understand the cultural and political importance of the work of the Méndez Placarte, one must situate oneself in its moment and in its personal and family history. Let's assert our values. Let us raise them and corroborate them, affirming our authentic personality. Always doing our universal, to make our own universal: double and great function of writing ". There are many points of contact between this conception and the work of Alfonso Reyes. Unfortunately, the Mendez Plancarte brothers, leaders of this renewal, died extremely young. " Perhaps some wonder why the library and the archives of such brilliant Zamora are not found in Zamora, where in addition to many letters there are works in progress and others unpublished. But fortunately here they are, open to those who want to work in them. But above all to know how it was possible for Zamora to produce characters of such great depth, and try to get Zamora to resume his privileges. As we know, every 3 years, all the families of the world are invited by the Holy Father to come together to celebrate the great gift that is the family for human beings. May the Redeemer, born in Bethlehem, give all of them the serenity and the strength to walk united in the way of good ". The interest of the Holy Father is not new. The parents are the first evangelizers of the children, a precious gift from the creator, beginning with the teaching of the first prayers. This is how a moral universe is built, rooted in the will of God, in which the son grows in the human and Christian values ​​that give full meaning to life ". That is what great human coexistence can do, in our great city, in our Mexico and in the world. " Once the conclusions of the Meeting are announced, we will try to make some reflection for this purpose. Go to bed There is no cure for the common cold researchers discovered that sleeping less substantially increases the risk of getting sick. They also measured sleep efficiency, that is, the percentage of time they spend in bed without being able to sleep. Afterwards, the scientists poured a rhinovirus solution into the volunteers' noses and monitored their health for 5 days. Almost all the subjects had become infected and more than a third had symptoms of a cold. For those who had a sleep efficiency of 85% or less, the chances of being infected were 5 times higher, compared to those who had greater sleep efficiency. 1 large onion, in the same way. 150 grams of Manchego cheese, sliced. Way to prepare: All vegetables are split, they put the salt, pepper and basil and a stream of oil. They are put in a proper micro-piece, covered with appropriate paper, put into the micro 5 minutes. Take it out, add the cheese and add another 3 minutes, and it's ready. The emigrants initiate the diaspora to the North, once again, as every year. Those who are "fixed" go without worry, but those who do not... to think about the "coyote", hide it to the Migra... There is a lot of talk that 2009 will be a difficult year in the world economy. There are those who predict that it will be the worst economic crisis in history. But, if one depends to live on the remittance received from an emigrant? However, if something distinguishes the Mexican people is their deep sense of solidarity, their ability to share, even in a situation of scarcity and shortage. That sense of solidarity is rooted in the centuries of community life of the ethnic groups that populated our country before the arrival of the Spaniards and that continues to manifest itself to our days in different ways. That tradition of solidarity makes the "January cost" less heavy because we always find the hand that supports us. So, even though times are difficult, we are willing to share the goods with which the Lord has blessed us. The July elections also influenced the decision made. They are the Julian elections, which push the government to declare crude winter gasoline prices. Felipe does not crave scorn nor minority in deputies. The decrees announced, before the wealthy class, have an obvious purpose: to increase their deputies. Apparently, President Felipe Calderón fell twenty in relation to the serious global financial crisis. Months ago, the Michoacan assured that it excited him and even craved that this happened. It would be the occasion to show himself as he was. Thus, we would know what material is made of. Calderón is in his environment, because of the excited crisis, and he even takes it for granted, that the President leads her. This incandescent embers has to burn us, buddy. He also demanded that the government of Felipe Calderón call for an "alliance or pact" in which the political organizations commit themselves, above their interests, to move the country forward from the crisis. Everything, framed in the possibility of returning to Los Pinos. And today he has cast his eye, a chair, the big one. Susana Esquivel, accounting technician, is Moreliana. In the same way the Dip did. The program will seek, in addition to maintaining the jobs that already have, generate many more jobs and opportunities through the self-employment scheme that is currently a successful formula tested and proven by many experts. In his message, the head of the Executive said that the year that culminates represented a special responsibility when assuming the position that the citizens entrusted to him during the electoral process of last November 2007. Godoy Rangel thanked the opportunity offered by the Michoacan people to walk together and "build every day, with the effort of all, a better Michoacán". This continuity will be accompanied by the exercise of the 2009 budget. This scheme seeks to encourage this population sector to improve their living conditions. As an example of the above, 23 companies are operating in the entity. And since everything is intertwined and is "devilishly" complex, there is no human being who understands everything, neither institution nor instance that can therefore solve everything. But something is already important, face it. And the other, the optimist, that the government took a 10 and we are going to fight it well and we will become an island untouchable by the waves of the universal debacle. It will depend on the perspective from which it is seen. Worse, it would be "sitting down", that is, passive, if at the end we do not provoke the crisis. Palliative or not, even the "proletarians" understand that the rise of fuels bounce in production prices, transport, freight and freezing for a year it can favor. And that the drop in 10 percent of gas, in the country of euphemisms when for decades, all "adjustment" in prices means rise, is better than nothing. And that promoting that you buy what you have done in Mexico, is not a bad thing. And that focusing things on small and medium-sized companies does not hurt big business. And if they agree to meet the "captains" of power and money, something remains in the design of the new Mexico that is being targeted. And the proper scheme does not have those who, in order to maintain their power, deconstruct economies and poison with rockets and bombs the relations between groups and nations. Because, or what, the phenomenon is real and universal. It seems that the "bambilete theory" is not outlandish: one of the players fell and the other, he did not find anyone to play with and everything was trabbed up. Hopefully, God forbid that utopian dreams come true, despite climatic changes, warlike vexaias and blind enclaves where the ill-gotten money is treasured. Your extended family is one of the most enterprising here. It is enough of both abuse and mediocrity to perform superficial works that do not work but only for the period that they are in power. The day, this Thursday, has not long crossed its own equator. If the main nave of the church of Santiago Apóstol is full, of light and of parishioners, the lateral ones - the sacred enclosure has the shape of a cross - do not fall behind. Against what we thought the little regulars to the site, the Eucharist that is celebrated has nothing to do with the last editions of the Nativity party. Since Christmas Eve, many things had changed in the streets. And that does not only say the Pope. As a society, we can survive. Today the great ones of the world say it, those of advanced countries. Those who are making urgent meetings and urged by the economic situation. Only from a reorientation of the course can we survive as humanity. A Mexico that today, it is said, is the most insecure country in the world, unfortunately. There is no interruption or noise or childish crying that distracts the audience. That has to be our aspiration. " Because he does not become incarnate in an angel, but in a human being. And in a human being with all the limitations and all the weaknesses. Or of what angel did God say: I will be a father to him and he will be a son to me? The minutes are consumed, they slide like fresh water between the fingers of the hands. The tranquility, the peace of the Newborn is perceived. It seems as if time has stopped. The exhibition, for its clarity and forcefulness, is well received by the Christian assistants. We are not profaners 10 minutes before 13 o'clock, the sacred place is almost empty. The Catholics of this community have complied with the precept of their faith. However, the announced program does not end yet. And the pews of the church ships begin to color in light tones. Like the White Christmas that invades with its joyful and even nostalgic notes the enclosure. Satisfaction that is increased when the clarinetists, saxophonists, the 2 baritone players, the 3 saxorcists and the flutist give themselves to give life to the beautiful piece. Group consisting of 30 elements - the director and a relay, in reality is a child who aspires to be part of the band, including-. Maybe it's not what those who leave are waiting for. Maybe they want to hear something about how much the radio stations have served them, here and there: corridos of narcos and pieces for dancing. And it draws attention that these young people like this type of music. A couple of sisters, daughters of the congregation of Jesus Host, really enjoy, with the musical exhibition. The clock of the church marks the 2 of the young afternoon, with 15 minutes. And it seems that this has not started. At 8:30 in the morning there was a mass of first communions. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon the solemn pilgrimage took place at the end of which the Eucharist was celebrated. Day 2 was solemnized by the residents of Denver, Colorado, who at noon attended a Eucharistic celebration. Day 4 was solemnized by the merchants, bakers, planters and members of the ejido Emiliano Zapata who participated in a pilgrimage with the group of guards and then attended mass. That day burned down a castle donated by the Estrada Ramírez family. On the 5th, the civilians residing in California solemnized and at 7 o'clock in the evening the numerous pilgrimage of the faithful from the community of Ucácuaro arrived. Day 7 was solemnized by the small agricultural owners and the tomato growers. On the 8th it was solemnized by the emigrated men and at 6 in the afternoon the numerous pilgrims from the community of La Soledad were received. On Monday the 12th, the main day of the festivities, it will be solemnized by all the faithful of the parish. That day the central act of the party will be a concelebration that will be officiated at 1:00 p.m. However, the largest popular manifestation of religiosity and love of La Guadalupana will consist of an evening pilgrimage after which the closing mass of the feast will be held. For this purpose the streets show striking repairs. This year the pink and white colors were chosen for the repairs that the neighbors make in different materials and varied forms. Javier Navarro Rodríguez who conferred the sacrament of confirmation to 75 children and adolescents. As has been happening in recent years, the party was held last Sunday, the first Sunday of January, in order to take advantage of the stay of the migrants who live in the United States and who in these days have started the return trip to the neighboring country. In preparation for the day of the festival, on December 31 the young people participated in a procession accompanied by a music band. In the evening there was a very busy dance in the beautiful new main square. On the 1st of this month was the day dedicated to the ladies who at 5 o'clock in the afternoon took part in a procession after which they attended a mass. At the end in the main square there was the presentation of a folkloric ballet and an orchestra. Day 2 was the day dedicated to the professionals, the ejidatarios and the gentlemen in general, who participated in a procession accompanied by the local authorities. At night that day the group Suspiro Norteño appeared in the plaza. On Saturday 3, the eve of the party, it was dedicated to the migrants and municipal authorities, who took mañanitas to the virgin. In the afternoon they participated in an emotional procession. After their arrival they joined the procession. At night in the square was the presentation of the famous northern group Cadetes de Linares. A crowd came, like never before. At 6:30 in the morning, the first mass of the day was celebrated. At 8 in the morning there was a mass of first communions and at 9 in the morning there were baptisms. The procession left from the gas station, at the junction to Jaripo, flagged by elements of the municipal police. There was also a Pastorela with her striking dress and all the characters. The Jacaranda music band from Jiquilpan closed the procession. The procession traveled practically all the town from north to south and from east to west. Javier Navarro Rodríguez, who as always arrived punctually, at 12:30 a.m. But also, he said, there are other things that unite us as being Mexican, even if we do not live in Mexico. Another element that unites us is that we share the same faith because we are adopted children of the same Father. The Bishop dedicated a part of his message to a large group of children and adolescents who were confirmed at that mass, to whom he asked to stand. He related the first part of his homily with the theme of confirmation to emphasize the importance of this sacrament and in that framework he pointed out that the faith that unites us all is faith in the true God. He pointed that faith can grow but also diminish and even disappear. He said that with Confirmation those who received it will have a growth impulse in their faith that is deepening in it, knowing Jesus Christ more. In that context he commented that it is curious that there are those who know what is good and what is bad and, like the song, they always fall into the same mistakes. He pointed out that we are all invited to the Feast of the Eucharist. It is the party in which no one is excluded or nobody needs an invitation. He reiterated that the things that divide us: soccer teams, political parties... the men invented them. Finally he called the faithful to shake those who seek division and asked because the Virgin of Guadalupe one to all. Then he proceeded properly to the rite of Confirmation that consists of two parts. They also burned a lucid castle and traditional bulls with their hunts. Since then, an extensive program of events that continued in its first stage throughout 2008 has been launched. In this framework, a commemorative magazine will be put into circulation. At 11 years of age he entered the Seminary of Zamora. Then he continued and finished his studies in Rome where he was ordained priest on October 25, 1931. This happened in September 1932, in full religious persecution. He was confessor, spiritual father and teacher of the Seminar of Zamora but he felt more attracted by the more direct apostolic action. After a prolonged illness, Father Ochoa died on August 8, 1984, at the age of 75. His canonization process began in its first phase on March 16, 1997. The diocesan phase of that canonization process is now nearing completion. Because we still do not know all the horrors of hell and because I do not want to know them, I conjure the chance with harassment, the siege without respite to hell to not get used to live in it. I would like to find another tone for these lines, but I do not get it. But Israel is wrong if it thinks that it must defend its sovereignty and, furthermore, lies to international public opinion when it perpetuates the ruthless killing of hundreds of innocents - until January 6, more than 555 human beings were massacred. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert must be tried in international courts as a genocide. The Hamas movement and its hate speech will only disappear when the Palestinian people do not wake up under a barrage of military fire. The states of Israel and Palestine have the right to exist, but the path of dialogue is the only way to make this happen. I am moved by the courage of the Israeli citizens who demonstrate in their country against the violence of their fascist government. For this fact I want to think that peace is possible. The zapatazo in the name of humanity was thrown by the Iraqi journalist Mountazer al Zaidi; paradoxically, today this good man is arrested. And as in this year the Holy Kings with so much crisis left my shoes empty, I also throw my pair that is a real stink bomb. The presidential elections in the United States, which are historical, have generated many expectations not only for the black population, but for all the people who expect a change in the way of doing politics from the empire. Obama is a man trained in the academic world, will he have the vision of a statesman to be sensitive to a planet that does not look much like the beautiful campus of the University of Chicago? Maybe I should have more ambitious dreams: sweet dreams or wet dreams? It is the minimum that could be expected. However, today the Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office seeks his extradition. The Mexican government must also reject Lucia's extradition. The "security" policy of President Felipe Calderón is a failure to start. Calderón took the military to the streets to fight the drug lords, but does not eradicate the problem of origin: the poverty that finds in the easy money of the narco an escape valve. And in this deranged war the attack in Morelia is one of its most terrible faces, the other: the faceless face of the headless? The political parties will no longer be able to directly contract their electoral propaganda in the media, so that their quantity and equality between parties will be more controlled. The citizenship, personally or through organizations, may join the control of the campaigns. In fact, there are already associations that, in the manner of "citizen observatories", will monitor and denounce, where appropriate, violations of the regulations. The electronic media themselves, in the spaces they have achieved, as remnants of democracy, will help to identify and denounce electoral crimes. The written press committed to the democratization of the country will have more elements to do its task of generating a better informed public opinion. The challenges we face are not easy; we would be naive if we did not recognize it that way. Quite possibly we have made a parenthesis and, not to continue suffering from the painful reality of our world, we have not even wanted to read the newspapers or watch the news on television. But this does not mean that suffering, violence, war, injustice... or the economic crisis have disappeared. If everyone thinks only of their own interests, the world is heading to ruin. " The memory of the Savior's birth urges us to "seek the face of God" in the year that begins. It means that we have the opportunity to actively define the different forms of God's presence in the world, in history, in others, in our family and in ourselves. Faced with the terrible reality, we are called to know and reconstruct the face of God even when we perceive it in a blur between so much evil and lies. We are invited to strengthen unity in the dispersed, to deepen the truth of the apparent and the superficial. With so many people suffering, we want to contemplate the real face of God and strip him of so many masks that he has hidden from us. Our mission will be to show the true face of God and make him present, in the midst of the evil that surrounds us, assuming that works are loves and not just good reasons. Saint Ignatius of Loyola has emphasized that "love must be put more in works than in words". This does not mean that what we have expressed in these days has not been true or that love does not also occur in words or other more affective manifestations. Simple and simply, in the works there is no possibility of deception. Given the magnitude of the challenges we face, we have a definite option: we continue living without acknowledging and thanking so many graces and benefits received from God or we begin a new year with an attitude of hope in their action and in our collaboration. A bad diet is undoubtedly the most important in this matter, but also the lack of daily exercise and the generic factor collaborate. The latter, however, can prevent and reverse with a hypocaloric diet and exercise since adolescence, when the stagnation in growth begins. It is what is called a hypercaloric diet that is directly related to being overweight and that is at its maximum expression in "fast foods". Everyone needs protein, carbohydrates and fats, but in a proper distribution that does not mean overeating or lacking. Indeed our way of life has been changing towards "fast food", as happened in the United States a couple of decades ago and the bad eating habits that lead to overweight. The fact that housewives work, sometimes has led to concentrate food in two meals a day. In addition, the trouble forced to make the serious mistake of having a light breakfast, and the stress of daily life causes anxiety at the time of the last meal. Three direct causes of overweight. Basically it's about balancing the needs of our organism. In general, it is about eating everything in a balanced and orderly manner. It is also recommended: Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Replace red meats with white ones, since white ones have a lot of cholesterol and can cause cardiovascular problems. Do not drink water when you are eating. Decrease the use of condiments and salt, since they provoke anxiety and increase appetite. Since he came to power he has distinguished himself by his eccentricities, but also by the ostentation he makes of his wealth and the way he humiliates his governed. On the day he took office, he went to the ceremony mounted on a horse that cost him 2 million pesos; then he would throw money at people and another 5 thousand in low denomination coins, on November 20. These figures of the arrival of migrants to Michoacán is not definitive, since it is necessary to record the arrival of civilians, both at the Uruapan airport and those entering through state roads. Many arrive tired from the trip, even upset by the harassment they have suffered along the way. There, with an architectural style inculturated to that physical landscape, will finally become reality and for this 2009, the maximum house of studies of the Indian towns of the State. However, while it has taken enormous effort to manage the necessary financial resources, these are not the real challenge. Because it is not a University anymore. As those many that we have neoliberal court. Much less than those that exist should not, as are the universities duckling. It is, then, an approach that starts from the indigenous to the intercultural. And from the intercultural to the indigenous. Hence, it must have as a priority task to begin to prioritize all elements that consolidate the physical and human geographies of each ethnic group. What it means to abandon all those vices that so much diminish the quality of many institutions. It is about ending definitively with that fateful inheritance that has bequeathed us the pretension of a totalizing culture, which can not be other than the dominant culture. But it is also about maintaining principles of interculturality. Never again attitudes of submission and assimilation. Never, either, a blind entocentrism. Finally, it is about eradicating every individualistic approach in the generation of knowledge. Just as today they have it as a real objective, the vast majority of educational institutions. Time for joy, but within the limits of the spirit of the moment. Time to renew the hope of a better individual and social life, over easy pessimism. It encourages action, the exercise of personal responsibility. With my best wishes for peace and tranquility. Otherwise it would not be a human action. This is true on an individual and general scale, for one person and for the entire society. For the practice of human rights, the first thing is to know what they are and what those rights are. These are based on the dignity of the human person, created by God in his likeness, intelligent and free. That Declaration means a huge advance for humanity. It is a mandatory point of reference for universal human behavior. The ongoing challenge to be met is respect for each person's human rights. But it turns out that never begins at the time announced any of these events, but always late, sometimes up to half an hour or more. It would be a commercial, cultural and even political union, similar to what is now the European Union. In addition, the moment is opportune, before signs of weakness of the empire and growth of a common conscience. It had been a while since he had entered. Its architecture, exterior and interior, is splendid. All an architectural and faith monument. It follows that of Mexico and, I am not sure if it precedes it, that of Puebla. What, I must confess, I did not like was the pile of glass lamps for lighting of the central nave and the lateral ones. They give a little the appearance of a Versailles salon. He reiterated that "next year we will invest more in public works, mainly in basic social infrastructure, to improve the living conditions of citizens and fundamentally we will take care of employment in Michoacán." The PAN legislator indicated that "citizen participation is the substantial element of a democratic system. Its purpose is to strengthen and build tools that allow, through the generation of spaces for participation, the integration between civil society and the State. The initiative includes the plebiscite, the referendum and the popular initiative. Drawing Contest "With drugs do we play?", Which involved about 300 girls, boys and young people from 79 municipalities of the entity. In addition, the second and third places were awarded and several honorable mentions were given. The winners of the contest will receive prizes of 10 thousand pesos in the case of the letter and 10 thousand, in the case of music, in addition to the official recognition issued by the organizing committee. Fees and fees increase by an average of 6 percent. No new tax items are established. Naturally, he was head of state and the "geopolitical" fact was commented, but nuclear war was not going to be unleashed for that, even though he was on the verge of unleashing himself for other causes. Besides that they are disrespectful to those in power. The smart bombs that scared half the world were not exactly respectful. Not for those who did not have time to be scared when they fell and destroyed them. Neither respectful massacre against thousands of victims, most innocent, by the invasion and the equally violent replication of local groups. The idea would be to make this entity concrete, "as a mechanism that integrates all the countries of the region and that allows an organization with rules and issues of representation". Since I remember, since the 1960s at least, Latin American unity has been raised. The specialists will tell us what it means, where it points. In my defense, I have to affirm: the time has come for all citizens to have an opinion about what happens. Nations of the first world where wealth is well distributed do not have to deal with such troubles. Amen to comment on human rights, respect for life and other values ​​that trample such initiative. Hopefully that stitch does not prosper, because then apart from fucking and with the "justice" that we have in our courts, now it turns out that they intend to dispose of the life of the citizenship. The language of young girls is already scandalous. Adal Ramones must earn a fortune for perverting the language of young students who seem to have never attended an educational classroom. Rafael Solana Salcedo said, meanwhile, that "those who have no contact with books, live only the animal part of their existence." Enough of so many expressions that offend the ear and so much noise that nothing has music. It is not that I say with this that all past time was better, but what is seen and heard today, it is worse. I also want to make an observation and a comment. In the first part of his writing he shows us his tiredness and anger after listening to the news. He wraps himself in the silence of his p'urhépecha nights. But as his words seem hollow to him, he turns on the sound system and hears "that wonderful sonorous psalm that is the eighth Brucknerian symphony" appropriating "without another's prayer". In his second and third pericope, he criticizes the "agnostic dictatorships" that is, those that teach that the human mind is not capable of knowing the absolute, that is, God. To a certain extent I understand them: speaking frankly I do not believe that God exists either ". With these words out of context, it would seem that Francisco Martínez is an atheist. Francisco Martínez does not believe in the god that everyone can manufacture according to their convenience, and who is also worshiped. To that contingent god that can be and may not be like the things that exist. That is why he cites the science that teaches that what exists in time and space exists and that it has weight and measure. We can not enclose it in the categories of physics or mathematics because it is not matter. Francisco resumes the CD on his sound system and continues to pray. So far my observation and comment. I mention that making mistakes has been a common practice because it is clear that with the current ones, for the most part, we did not know how to choose. There are few who can tell us that they have worked well in commissions, that their work in them has been taken to full. It is already an achievement that some initiative passes to commissions and more it is that there is not frozen because it is seen that the president of Mexico or his party can improve the image, become adepts. There should be a team of all but there is not and everyone does what they want without following a national plan. Already for these dates are mentioned names of those who want to be as candidates, there are many from each party and in them we find some municipal presidents, local deputies and some council members. Everyone wants to be in the internal choice or that the finger points to them, but there is a point that should be mentioned. In a short future, you must legislate so that whoever wins a position of election continues in it without being able to contend for another. Next year, let's vote and choose well those who will serve as legislators. In the first half of November, I had the opportunity to visit our older brother, Mr. Lic. And what was my surprise, when he mentioned that he had died almost a month ago. I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. I could not understand why life presents us with its own and extremely complex manifestations of the case. There were many wonderful moments that we shared with him. We felt like good friends, in a family atmosphere. Hence the great love that always united us. We met and treated each other not with the formalities of a priest and parishioners, but as close friends and brothers; certainly with great respect and with a unique familiarity. Better this message for all, without distinctions of any nature in ideologies, beliefs or colors. He was always an example to follow. If I remember more, in the aforementioned San Juan neighborhood, we had to start from scratch in order to start an enormous task and concretize a great project: the construction of the chapel and the primary school. And only the big ones decide to face and face and give their heads and raise it up, despite the disagreements and the adversities to be able to concretize this magnificent project in its entirety. There is no doubt that the pressures of all kinds, the stress and the great challenges faced by these men were determining factors in their lives, which in part generated neurological disorders. We will always carry it in our hearts. His word in the desert of this community remains and will remain in our hearts and in our souls. Despite not having the space or adequate facilities, the Promoter has been working with many limitations in its project of care for underprivileged and unprotected children in the municipality. Even with the purpose of protecting the lives of children from before birth, there is an intention to support mothers who need it to prevent and avoid abortion. The tasks that the Children's Promoter has been developing so far have been possible thanks to the generosity with which members of civil society have participated and contributions from the members of the association. You also have the support and sympathy of the parish authorities. He indicated that with the official delivery of the road section will be allowed to reduce times and costs in the movement of goods and supplies, having a safe and reliable road for vehicle traffic. Calderón Hinojosa mentioned that this highway was modernized through a public works financing model, in which the private initiative makes the total investment and the government is paying for it, through a 20-year concession. He said that the payment will be made as long as the company complies with the commitments made to have the road in optimal conditions and maintain the safety of it. In this context, he informed that an investment of close to 600 billion pesos will be contemplated for next year. He reiterated that this year has been completed, modernized or expanded the largest number of kilometers of roads in the history of the country. In this context, he also announced that the tender for the release of La Piedad has already been tendered and until the conclusion of the concession. He pointed out that this will not be the only work in which Michoacán and Guanajuato will work together, since several projects are planned for the road and security sector, for the benefit of both states. He also warned the mayors about a year 2009 that is expected to be difficult in economic matters, for which he said that Michoacán will be prepared to face it from all angles. In the framework of the evaluation and follow-up meeting with Michoacan mayors, the state governor reviewed, together with members of his cabinet, the progress in terms of agreements on works and actions. In this sense Godoy Rangel exemplified that his government will let go to the 8 percent of the personnel that at the moment works in a position of directive and that at the moment not without indispensable. The third axis is readjusting internal finances to generate economies that allow more investment in these actions, that is, less current spending. The region had a real growth in application of resources in the order of 190 million pesos more than last year. It has a length of 21.60 kilometers; had a cost of the order of 35 million 194 pesos and benefits more than 11 thousand 925 inhabitants. He summoned them both to keep in mind that they are part of a whole. He called for the activities to be carried out with honesty and loyalty and not to generate hatred or resentment and to make the discussion serene. He also asked to respect the rules of sessions, to adjust to the times and not to fall into personal allusions. He called on them to guarantee the voters that their vote will count. Oliveros Herrera added that it must be demonstrated in this electoral process that the democratic path remains open to achieve the transformations that the country requires. He called on political parties to strive to carry out proactive campaigns and to establish agreements to guarantee debate campaigns, ideas, proposals but in a civilized and peaceful way. He called the citizens to participate and guarantee the triumph of the popular will. On the other hand, Leobardo Escobar considered that date as a momentous day because the recently approved political reforms that include aspects never used before are put into practice. He invited the party representatives to be congruent between saying and acting. He invited them to think about how to respect the popular will and not how to avoid it. He added that National Action is vows because the collective effort has fruits, to put what is on everyone's part to live better. That the work of the Council is for that cause "that drives us to be here, is for Mexico." He invited the Council to assume the functions that the law grants in the matter and to give value to the principles established by law. He spoke out against the neoliberalism that has plundered the nations. That we do not trust anyone; that Mexico is experiencing a gradual annexation to North America; that there is loss of identity, of values. He spoke against the inference in the process and against the intervention of the so-called powers factual Finally, the draft agreement was approved by a majority but with modifications. In general matters a really meaningless debate was generated and perhaps due to ignorance of the rules. That debate took place around the election of the secretary of the Council. Hence the need to rethink this situation so that, through the management of the three spheres of government and of the citizens themselves as well as the vision of various social actors, regional development criteria can be unified. The capital has been in its own right a space and a character privileged by literature. This definition is fortunate to speak of a phenomenon that in recent years has become apparent in the novel, although it can be said that it has always been present. Narrating cities is not something new, but the way they are told. The writer decides to appropriate the most suggestive characteristics of the metropolis to build an inherent form of the literary work. Who wants to go through the secrets of the alleys should read the city as an open book, so the urban space is presented with multiple possibilities for the experimentation of a textual architecture. This fact can respond to the historical-social context in which we find ourselves. The process of urbanization, the exacerbation of the power of the capitals and the migration and abandonment of the countryside and the towns show that the topic of "praise of court and disregard of the village" is more valid than ever. The most transparent region is a living and risky sample of that totalizing narrative search for Mexican culture. All chilangos - of all colors, smells and tastes - of all social classes parade through this scenario that in itself is a character. The characters in the city of the palaces are fragments that question the identity of the Mexican, masks that are shells, mirrors without bottom where we reflect and discover. The ambition to achieve a more just society was perverted in the ambition of a few for money, with the tax sacrifice of the exploited majority. After the revolution and with some social stability, the nation launched into another simulation, like so many, of modernity. In the end, this was mere institutionalized corruption and complicity: "Mexiquito will always be Mexiquito". In the air we breathed the intention of besieging fate, forming one, recovering it or dying in the attempt. Three men wrote their biography with the city. Rodrigo Pola is the character of difficult labor, of wounded pride, the marginalized who sacrifices literature and love for the success of a Jaguar. Pola builds his revenge through his cinematic "Acapulco on the roof," but for that he betrays himself, "he anchored in the center," always "between two worlds that rejected him." A reading in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Most Transparent Region - neglect, reader, I will not overwhelm you with a succinct account of the eternal tribute to Fuentes. The pages that have not stood the test of time are those that have the setting of the countryside, the province and the revolution. There, where Rulfo writes literature, Fuentes barely rehearses. However, the urban form of the novel continues in force, despite the fact that its creator stopped being that young man in his thirties who wrote a modern work to become an intellectual very well connected with political power, the one he criticized so much. His work has long since moved away from its readers to become institutionalized in early petrifaction. Stones that serve for a mausoleum, but not to found a city. His novel shows that the history of the country, the history of marginalization, is a blip, a hoyanco from which it is impossible to escape. Of that city of Mexico, that of the hearts that light the last cigarette, there is almost nothing left, although the words remain. The revolution died, says Fuentes. A decade later the movement of 68 would initiate a process to kill the authoritarian dinosaur. That city also died, it fell on our feet and in the air was its dust. In that beautiful city all lived and survived, even the snobs, now here we breathe smog and the dust of those muds. I am an adopted son of this monstrous city that falls in love with me every day and makes me cry. In the most transparent region of the air". Children are educated from small, through various mechanisms, in the belief systems of the family. Explicitly or implicitly, adults pass on to their children the values ​​that seem essential to them. This attitude is necessary and basically correct, but if it is not accompanied by a fundamental value such as respect for the ideas of others, it can lead children to assume a behavior imposed in relation to their values. This can lead them to have attitudes against those who think differently. Great wars in humanity and terrorist episodes have been caused by ideological differences; he who thinks differently is not only someone with whom I do not agree, but who becomes my enemy. Mahatma Gandhi, one of the ideologists of nonviolence, said: "Violence is the fear of the ideals of others." This sentence of a man so reflective and deeply pacifist makes us think how important is the value of tolerance in families at the time of educating children. Certainly Gandhi knew about discrimination, since he was a victim of it because of his Indian origin, in the years of his childhood when he lived in England. India is a nation with different religions, where the caste system is still very strong. It was dominated and colonized for many years by the English, who imposed their language. Unfortunately in schools there is discrimination; perhaps in our country it is smaller than in many other countries of the Latin American continent. Sometimes children are victimized because of their social and physical differences. Peers can produce a great deal of suffering. It is not enough that parents do not have derogatory and arrogant attitudes towards different characteristics, it is necessary to go further and take care of language, which can often be discriminatory with differences. For example, we must be careful with the jokes that children are told, because many of them constitute stereotypes full of prejudices. Prejudices are transmitted as a kind of affective contagion and are the maximum expression of intolerance. Who judges from the negative is placed in a situation of superiority and places the other in a position of inferiority. Every day we move towards a world in which we live together with people of different origins and values. In order to achieve a peaceful and nutritious coexistence, it is necessary for children to learn to value the contribution of other cultures. Tell your children stories from children of other cultures. Take them to see temples of other religions and if you can not do it personally at least explain to them that there are other creeds different from yours. Show them your way of dressing and eating, valuing their contribution. Appreciate, for example, the merit of the original ethnic groups. Open the imagination, heart and mind of your children to appreciate humanity as a whole, helping you to build a better world, where there is room for differences and value the contribution of all. I believe that the benefits of Uruapan in terms of climate and natural beauty, plus the warm welcome that we have given them as a correspondent, has made this colloquium have a quality that I had not seen. And I would like to draw attention to the interest that your dissertation on novel and education aroused, how do you appreciate the reception of the audience to your conference? We can hear good music on the radio, look for good television programs, read good books through the libraries. Because for them the different can be very beautiful, they are able to see the other, to respect it. They are able to appreciate the difference in physical, aesthetic and cultural aspects. There is the fundamental issue of tolerance, which is a culture that we must learn from childhood and through these talks. We have repeated in the Advent prayer that has prepared us for Christmas already next. But what is the world we want the Savior to come to? It is a world marked by profound changes and acute conflicts; a globalized world that suffers the effects of a terrible crisis, product of the speculation of the richest. A world immersed in a process of interdependence increasingly common and with a pace so accelerated that it is almost impossible to stop it. Yes, it is urgent that Jesus come again. We see serious contradictions, tensions and growing paradoxes. We can not deny an unusual development in terms of immediate communication and virtual technology and, nevertheless, many experience the anguish of loneliness, isolation or exclusion until they reach the desire of suicide. Many continue to become enormously rich, while the majority live marginalized and excluded, afraid of losing their jobs or the little they have saved during a lifetime of enormous hardships and sacrifices. Our world is increasingly transnational, urgently needing to protect its local and particular identity. Many lose it in order to ensure a better life like thousands of our brothers who emigrate to the United States or other developed countries. Knowledge brings us closer to the deepest mysteries of life but the dignity of life itself, of the person, of the family, of the country, continues to be threatened. We emphatically emphasize subjectivity - young people, in a very special way - with the idea of ​​recovering the right to "the private". We demand everything and we give nothing or very little, in such a way that this vindication and the desire for a freedom, thus conceived, produces in us an atrocious selfishness. It is very easy to lock ourselves in our own "I" or in the small group of those who think like us to reject any way of thinking different from ours. Hence the strengthening of groups with a marked ideological nuance, or conservatism at all costs or populist left. We seek ephemeral gratifying experiences, the idolatry of one's instinct that does not imply any commitment and the satisfaction of my personal needs and desires. Our only point of reference is "our space" that grows and develops chaotically without any respect for others and the consequent contempt for authority, order, and discipline. Religious, family or civic ideals are in disuse or are viewed with suspicion. We face a hurtful superficiality, a weak will. Our center is television, computer or cell phone. We are continually bombarded by millions of messages - often contradictory - without having the opportunity to make a synthesis. We feel weak, divided, fragmented... Fortunately, we are also aware of the presence of God who inspires people of all cultures and races to promote reconciliation and peace. For all this, this Christmas may help us to contemplate how the Lord sees evil in this world and does not repent of his creation but decides to become flesh. With this, he wants to teach us again what his project of salvation really consists of. It is God himself who acts, he puts himself in our history, he does not leave the work in the hands of others. Freely chooses to get fully into our complication as a result of his look full of pain, empathy, solidarity. A mercifully loving look. From a humble peasant family, he made his first studies in the convent of San Bernardino, in his native town. In 1730 he entered the Franciscan congregation, in which at the end of her studies, changed her name to that of Fray Junípero. The group arrives at the Port of Veracruz on December 7. While his companions continue on their way to Mexico City on muleback, Fray Junípero and a companion decide to make the way on foot. As a result of that trip he contracted an illness in a leg that will accompany him the rest of his days. The poor muleteer was baffled: "I have only cured the killings of the beasts." So did the muleteer with some herbs and a plaster and being supernatural work of God or natural herbs or both, the fact is that he was noticeably relieved. The next destination of Brother Junipero should have been the inhospitable Apache territory. However, the death of the viceroy stopped the departure of the missionary group to those lands, so the friar had to wait in Mexico City for several years before receiving his next missionary destination. The delegation left Mexico City on July 14, 1767. In 1768, the expedition left for those lands. The ship San Carlos sails by sea, while a retinue of cattle, pigs and horses come by land. The deed of Fray Junípero and his companions had begun. From the foundation of San Diego, in the course of 15 years, other missions promoted by the missionary were founded. When they arrived at a convenient place, they built a chapel, some huts for the friars' residence and a small protective fort against possible attacks. They welcomed the Indians who approached, moved by curiosity and, once their confidence was gained, they invited them to settle in the vicinity of the mission. At the same time that they catechized the natives, the missionaries taught them notions of agriculture, livestock and masonry, provided them with seeds and animals and advised them in the work of the land. Some of them also learned the techniques of carpentry, blacksmithing or masonry. The women received training in the tasks of cooking, sewing and weaving. Who has traveled such places can verify it. His remains rest right there, at that time this geographical space belonged to Mexico. Once cooked, they peel and split into thin wheels. The other fruits are also peeled and sliced. The lettuce is cut into pieces of regular size. Mix the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper until they are well incorporated. In a salad bowl the lettuce and the fruits, beets and bathe are washed with the dressing, a teaspoon of sugar mixed with a little water where the beets were cooked. At the time of serving, add the peanuts and the snack. He was a good teacher and a better speaker. For that reason he was imprisoned and tortured; moreover, stripped of his teaching position. He came to believe that the best school is the one that liberates and transforms, not the one that constitutes the "temple of individualism". Literary critics, essayists, writers, journalists and students will evaluate the works. One of the objectives of the recognition is "to create bridges and literary relations between the 2 countries, so that Mexican authors can be translated and made known in the schools of both nations". Once again, millions of Mexicans demand: first justice, then charity. The only son that survives them is the Ing. That is a disaster... How much lack of patriotism since you left! ". Now education is basic for everyone, especially for our country. We are lagging behind in progress because we are lagging behind in knowledge. Still in matters of education, a profound reform is needed in our country. You who have just been titled hopefully will be a ferment in this desire for a better country. One strategy that American standards are following is to reduce the number of man-hours, in such a way that the income of our compatriots they are reduced and therefore remittances are also cut back. But if the window of migrant labor closes or narrows, that of the possibility of replanting corn is opened, since finally the federal and state governments have turned their gaze to the field and have begun to support the planting of corn. In general, the world food crisis opens enormous possibilities of economic growth to agricultural economies, such as Zamora and in general, Michoacán. The best thing would be to organize with our neighbors and with our coworkers to form consumer cooperatives that allow us to buy wholesale at lower prices. Do not dream of a time without work, without conflicts, without responsibilities. Now we are talking about economic crisis here and in the whole world. But who is going to solve the crisis, whatever its size? Well everyone, not only the government, although it is the first one that will have to go forward. We already have a broad enough program to develop against drug trafficking, violence, corruption, historical social inequality. The new year can not be lazy. All for lack of national solidarity, for petty personal or party interests. That or similar spirit of greed and irresponsibility is what also deprives all officials of a certain rank, of all levels of government. The serious issue is that those who assume a position of government, whatever the degree, are an expression of society itself, leave it. It is also a very serious lack of respect for life that is committed against the human being in gestation, innocent and defenseless. But there is another form of violence that perhaps goes almost unnoticed, that of those who die because of a road accident. I do not know in what part of the city such an initiative has been started, so many times announced and even begun, but many others postponed by previous administrations. So far, in the center, nothing has been seen about it. In the same document there is an increase in the "sidewalk containers", or small trash cans attached to poles. Another habit of domestic is to deliver the garbage, after a tip, to a street sweeper, whose task is only to drive the garbage that each one collects. The garbage of the house is collected by the collection truck. At the conclusion of this phase, which began in November 2006 and ended in November 2008, the Michoacan delegation exceeded the goal by 27.21 percent of the estimate. Reyes Hernandez said that the new credential obtained by the beneficiaries in the state will allow in the medium and long future the consultation of medical, economic and social benefits, in addition to the streamlining of the services offered by the public health institution. In 2009, the number of modules was increased to a total of 24 in the administrative-medical units in the field of delegation, which will make it possible to bring said credentialing service closer to a larger number of beneficiaries. He stressed that the structure available to the Migrant Secretariat in 110 municipalities to provide care and services to nationals and their families is the largest that exists in the country. The resources allowed the agency to create and consolidate training programs, promotion of productivity, comprehensive attention to violence against women and direct attention in legal and psychological matters. I had expressed shortly before that, in my opinion, among the professions I most admire are those of priest, doctor and teacher. But in this last case, of the teachers who teach, not of those who rape adversaries or knock down doors in demonstrations. The teachers agreed on that. If he says that to you there, they will immediately withdraw the medal, I told him. He is a man of good humor and for that reason I also asked him if at the time of gratitude he would read or improvise. There are no adequate places in the center, he told me. And so it was presented by Mayor Guzmán, during the act which, in fact, did not attend the regidores of opposition extraction. Small but enough room for relatives, colleagues of the union circle of Don Tarcicio and social representatives. For me this was a big surprise, he said, because when I worked on the works that were mentioned, I never thought about this reward. Thank you all and your colleagues who have always supported you "in the sweet and the bitter," said Mr. Tarcicio. For me, more than a job, it has been a sport. And now, thank you very much, that sport awards me with a medal. My dad, I remember him very fondly. His joy is the joy of those who, attracted by the laughter, go out to see them. You wanted, you wanted to be in front of the newborn and you succeeded, for you it was true that whoever wants to do it is more obstacles to find. Wanting is power and you had a purpose and you could fulfill it because you wanted it. It is said that with you a prophecy was fulfilled that said "all the kings will fall before him", that is before God. Yes three kings worshiping and giving gifts to the true God, a true joy of yours, a true honor and, therefore, your tenacity to find it is to be admired. My dear Santos Reyes, today I remember them with affection. Each Meeting is celebrated with a central theme that inspires all the organized events. It will be developed in the form of papers, communications, testimonies and round tables. In all the previous dates a special message of the Holy Father has been had, being present or making it arrive in virtual form. It recommended to the municipal presidents to apply the saving in the current expenditure within their administrations and to allocate the greater resource in investment; this will contribute to the development of Michoacán. In this regard, he recalled that his government "will lead by example" in applying the Austerity Plan, without allowing any high official to increase his salary, with the purpose of allocating resources for productive investment. He added that these meetings are a sample of joint interests, where partisan issues have been left aside, to give priority to evaluations that will allow designing strategies and actions to improve living conditions and stimulate development in Michoacán. The councilors agreed to express their willingness to collaborate with the government of the state, in order to attract more works for each of the municipalities, in addition to continuing their participation in the next meetings to be held this year. For this work were allocated 6 million 996 thousand 699 pesos, for the benefit of more than 18 thousand 413 people from the two municipalities, in addition to generating 677 jobs. This action is added to the works completed in 2008 within the Road Reconstruction program, which contribute to have more prosperous municipalities, with greater safety and more benefits for society. The investment for the walker "Morelos" had a cost of 1 million 300 thousand pesos, and will benefit 3 thousand inhabitants, in addition to generating 45 jobs. Javier Navarro Rodríguez ordered two new priests to whom he has already entrusted his first pastoral task. Raúl Duarte Castillo, as well as about fifty members of the diocesan presbyterate. The mass was solemnized by the choir of the Major Seminary. The ordinands remained at the side of their relatives, in the first part of the ceremony, awaiting the development of the rite of ordination. Before the homily, the presentation of the aspirants to the priesthood, made by the rector of the Seminary, Pbro. The Bishop asked him if the candidates were worthy, to which the rector replied affirmatively. He finished that part by giving thanks to God. That God's plan is divine and human and chooses those he wants based on his merits and chooses unconditional instruments to make it clear that the work is his. That the priest must be transmitter of certainties and truth. That there are colorful and expensive gifts but the free gift is not taken into account. In that context, he pointed out that being a priest is a sacred gift. That the priests are bearers of good news sustained in a testimony of life. He told the then-elected priests that the Church trusts them and presents them as candidates. He called them to be constant in prayer, to practice charity, to preserve the eucharistic wonder. After the homily the central part of the priestly ordination was celebrated, during which the elect to the priesthood promised obedience to the Bishop and his successors. The ordination ceremony continued with the laying on of the hands of Mr. Bishop on the head of the ordained. Then the rector of the Seminary, the vicar general of the Diocese and the other concelebrants did the same. The new priests were clothed with the ornaments of their ministry. Unlike other occasions this time they were helped by two of the concelebrating priests. In other occasions the relatives of the ordained did. The Bishop also proceeded to the anointing of the hands of the new priests with the sacred oil and the handing over of the chalice as a sign of his priesthood. The rite of ordination concluded with the kissing of the concelebrants while a prolonged ovation resounded in the holy precinct of the cathedral. The new priests joined the concelebrants to continue the Eucharist. Before the blessing, Fr. Jesus Ruiz Ochoa, secretary of the diocesan curia, gave the new priests his first appointment already mentioned. Not a triumphalist motive, it would have to emphasize, not a superficial joy, but rather something profound for him. He said it, and he remembered, on the 5th in Morelia. It is like the day of my childhood when I heard the voice of the Lord, and in adolescence; But today he is the 25-year-old priest who was ordained here, he said. All the sacraments that he can receive, here he has received them, explained the Piedadense bishop. But now he brought me and here I am in your midst, with great pleasure. With the pride of Piedadenses, but who are worthy of the name of Christians, he exhorted those present. At the beginning of the homily, the Piedadense bishop, now also a formal pastor of his land, made the first personal reference to his countrymen who filled the temple. Of course Christmas is memory, a memory, especially now that we have the manger. We remember a past, wonderful fact that fills us with tenderness, but how many people when thinking about Christmas, just think about what happened. The Lord is here, the same one who was in the manger of Bethlehem, he explained. Only an indirect reference, when mentioning his step by what he described as a cross, that the Lord gave him, "so that he feels". Months later, he began to preside over celebrations like some wedding, or in some festivity together with local priests, activity that intensified during the last months. Naturally, he was not going to tell me, the bishop who was seen sometimes walking alone, but he pointed out that it was here, and there where he traveled often. Yesterday, after the mass, in the same plaza many of his countrymen approached him to greet him. Now, visits to his land will be linked to his function as bishop of this archdiocese. That is why all those reminiscences exposed to the countrymen during the homily. That day, when I found him alone in the portal above and asked if he had a new function. As if to rush an answer, I ventured the opinion that wherever I was, I would be a pastor, a leader. Look old photos Read a good book. Sing in the shower Listen to a friend. Accept a compliment Help an old man. Fulfill your promises Finish a desired project Be a child again. Listen to nature Show your happiness. Write in your diary Treat yourself as a friend. Permit yourself to make a mistake Make a family album. Take a long bath For today do not worry. Let someone help you Look at a flower with attention. Lose a little time Turn off the TV and talk. Listen to your favorite music Learn something you always wanted Call your friends over the phone. Who seeks to silence the voice of restless madness to deny your existence. The authoritarian authority fementida tried to hide your criticism, but does not know that the truth stares him in the eyes and can not hide the anger; Perhaps shame comes. Get out, Luis, a new praise awaits you for madness. When there are many people who must participate in a project, the utility of the means to achieve the necessary scope in that communication is very valuable. The public tasks carried out by governments, at all levels, require the means of social dissemination. This is very well understood when one considers that these tasks can have a national scale, covering the population that covers the entire territory of the country. But not only governments perform tasks of public interest. These institutions also need social outreach services through the media to the extent that the communication they need to establish is directed to broad sectors. On very rare occasions, these media support media communication services to individuals, even if they develop projects of generalized social benefit. Non-governmental associations are even further away from the possibility of accessing media services without the need to cover the high costs that, as advertising, they charge for their services. Rates tend to escape completely from the budget ranges that almost any independent organization can apply in their action plans. The "good will" of the owners of media tends to be conspicuous by their absence and the spaces of courtesy are rather sporadic, scarce and insufficient to really benefit those who need to summon the citizens. The local media prefer to fill their pages with bland information that they extract from the Internet and not "give away" information services about events of interest in the life closest to their readers. This democratization, although it sounds more like a political issue, also has to do with the economic possibility of accessing the media. People are sent to the incorporated schools to know, what is happening in our schools; that is, they are not thrown into oblivion. They are schools that we follow up, with which we share an ideal. We have what would be the supervision that we can generally do annually. There is a lot of self-evaluation, schools tell us how they go, what they need, how they need it. And there are also, for example, school audits. Approximately one hundred young people from different careers and who are the ones who have achieved that achievement during the last months. The degree is the culmination of a process, it is difficult. And for many years there were very large numbers of interns who did not give importance, did not have the time or did not have the support or resources to achieve their degree. And only those young people who were very interested in that stratum of brilliant students that there are always in all groups did. Before it was thought that only through a thesis could the degree be achieved. Today many options have been opened. For example, in law there is the option of taking a diploma, of entering the specialty. It happened exactly what you said, the lags went lagging behind, they started by not giving importance to the degree. And the other is the satisfaction that gives the educational institution to see that the boys go ahead and achieve the goal. Cuca has lived doing good, and that is saying a lot, especially in these recent times. And now I think that I did not frequent it enough in other times and that I missed many things. I always saw her-and I see her-young, because she has one of those souls always ready to give, to share. I wish he wrote his memoirs... even if they are premature, because he has things to say and we would share many teachings. Carlos Slim denounces the bank usury. He added that we must take care of "the wage bill" and "form human capital". There are 998 pages in which there are many facts unknown today by most Mexicans, including the PAN. Unknown because they have been deleted or hidden the official history for many decades, and because those who should make them known have not done so. The starting point that she offers us is invaluable, and there is no excuse. From a humble peasant family, he made his first studies in the convent of San Bernardino, in his native town. In 1730 he entered the Franciscan congregation, in which upon finishing his studies, he changed his name to Fray Junípero. The group arrives at the Port of Veracruz on December 7. While his companions continue on their way to Mexico City on muleback, Fray Junípero and a companion decide to make the way on foot. As a result of that trip he contracted an illness in a leg that will accompany him the rest of his days. The poor muleteer was baffled: "I have only cured the killings of the beasts." So did the muleteer with some herbs and a plaster and being supernatural work of God or natural herbs or both, the fact is that he was noticeably relieved. The next destination of Brother Junipero should have been the inhospitable Apache territory. However, the death of the viceroy stopped the departure of the missionary group to those lands, so the friar had to wait in Mexico City for several years before receiving his next missionary destination. The delegation left Mexico City on July 14, 1767. In 1768, the expedition left for those lands. The ship San Carlos sails by sea, while a retinue of cattle, pigs and horses come by land. The deed of Fray Junípero and his companions had begun. From the foundation of San Diego, in the course of 15 years, other missions promoted by the missionary were founded. When they arrived at a convenient place, they built a chapel, some huts for the friars' residence and a small protective fort against possible attacks. They welcomed the Indians who approached, moved by curiosity and, once their confidence was gained, they invited them to settle in the vicinity of the mission. At the same time that they catechized the natives, the missionaries taught them notions of agriculture, livestock and masonry, provided them with seeds and animals and advised them in the work of the land. Some of them also learned the techniques of carpentry, blacksmithing or masonry. The women received training in the tasks of cooking, sewing and weaving. Who has traveled such places can verify it. His remains rest right there, at that time this geographical space belonged to Mexico. It seems to me that, indeed, we have the sincere desire to correct some aspect of our life. However, at least from my personal experience, we could run the risk of staying on good intentions, infected by the atmosphere of the parties. And in the face of this situation, which overwhelms us because it goes beyond our possibilities, it would be very meritorious if we were encouraged to have a desire to renew our life. At least deepen our faith and purify the hope that, what is within our reach, could be better. We always get surprises when we give ourselves the opportunity to see them with a cleaner and more confident look, even though sometimes we are pessimistically convinced that everything will remain the same. I take the risk of appearing naive, but I am terrified that we will not change even when it is evident that we are all getting older every day. When it seems that we do not react to the fact that we see Die to some friends of your own age, without doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes, we do not even become aware of our own limits, weaknesses or inconsistencies. It fills me with anger and confusion that, even knowing our problems and the ephemeral nature of our existence, we remain tied to the same stupidities that have prevented us from being authentically happy and free. How sad it is to verify that we are still tied to our fears and atavisms without getting to the essence of things, to the fundamental. I choose the risk of loving and forgiving. I ratify my daily prayer to die faithful to my vocation and mission in an unconditional surrender, despite and in the midst of difficulties. I determine to serve young priests even when I never hear the word "goodbye" or "thank you". I will try to be close and respect my family and friends whom I love from the bottom of my being, even when there is the possibility that they would forget me. I want to spend and wear myself out in the passionate experience of my priesthood, centered on Jesus Christ meditated, known and loved with ever stronger and coherent passion. I ask God for a passionate love of truth and justice and the courage to denounce everything that goes against them. I am aware that, in the end, the only guarantee that I have done well, will be the cross. In spite of everything and everyone, I want to live what I have left of life with a radical faith in the future. I long to live the gift of my vow of chastity in a creative way with the joy that the non-existence of my own children drives me away from a sterility that kills. I am happy with the freedom to enjoy the fatherhood of young people, fellow travelers, with the humble gratitude of what we have longed for together. I would not want, in any way, to be a scandal to those who observe my priesthood in the Society of Jesus. But, if by my own weakness and infinite limits, I can not live this shared new year dream, it is my deliberate determination to do well the things that I have been ordered to do and not blame others if in the end I do not do what I want and desire. The body has changes that would not occur without that half hour of exercise and that result in several desirable consequences ranging from calories burned to good humor. Now, if that exercise time is done in the middle of the work routine, the work will also be favored in an important way. All of them registered in a gym or in gymnastics classes given in the same establishment. Thus, their times, the frequency and the intensity they chose were measured, although most chose to exercise with moderate or strong intensity and for 45 minutes. The condition was that twice a week, at the end of the workday, they had to fill out a questionnaire concerning their productivity at work. 72% reported that physical activity improved their time management during working hours, while 74% said that their management in the workload was superior. Meanwhile, 79% said that their mental performance and their relationships with their work colleagues were enhanced. The respiratory system also benefits because exercise improves the bloodstream of the blood and oxygen more easily reaches the lungs, allowing more energy to be produced at the cellular level. But also your brain works better. This is due to endorphin, a neurotransmitter that allows the connection between the neurons, producing the synapse and causing the information to arrive from one nerve cell to the other. The specialist indicates that endorphin exercises the neural networks created in our brain and that represent feelings of satisfaction, joy or well-being. of peeled and sliced ​​tejocotes in 4 parts ¼ of Kg. of guavas cut in pieces ¼ of Kg. The fruits and the cane and the unburned sugar are put to boil about 1 hour, then the jamaica is mixed with the burnt sugar and you put a little bit of bacardí, cover and serve very hot. With the promise of absolute clarity. All the councils were committed to comply with the principles of "certainty, legality, independence and impartiality," and the councilors were sworn in for "respect and impartiality." Before Mexico appears Haiti, with an expectation of economic growth for 2009, of 1.8 percent. Another reason for envy, do not you think? The project and work have reportedly, with the Vo. The gruesome calculation was made on Sunday 11. But the Zamoranos took to the streets and raised their voices, protested with mass marches, battle rallies and a hunger strike. Víctor Manuel Ortiz, who was not a PAN member, decided to accompany him on the strike, in solidarity with his former high school teacher. They blocked one of the 2 traffic lanes. The truth is that those days of December 1983 marked a generation of Zamoranos and Michoacanos, to the extent that a young high school student who accompanied his dad and brothers to the rallies to this city today is the president of the Republic. Zamora became a laboratory of democracy and alternation in power. 25 years ago Zamora marked the national course. Mexico moves within a culture of corruption. For its part, the world of finance, from the small to the large company, devotes a high percentage of its investment in corrupting elements of the bureaucracy. President Calderón says he is determined to abate such corruption. One imagines him as a dirty old man, with a grown beard, good-natured, who lives in a round room full of tiliches. What is not surprising is that there are people who use this type of loan. Since then the city began to be another, in all aspects. The presence of the Guide in the event was, I believe, decisive. But now that the black gold is trading low, the price of gasoline stayed up and is still rising. To date, despite being producers of more than 50% of the gasoline consumed in the country, it costs more here than in the United States. More now, with so much progress in science and technology. New words are being created, others are combined. Let's talk about corruption and impunity, which have done so much damage to the country. " It seems a grotesque fact, the one that Andrés Manuel undertakes; because people do not understand their quixotic spirit. The evil is related, with this legislature. The pretended openness is dream demand, because it is the TV that commands, and imposes on our culture. Labioso and trickster, Manlio with the Great dreams. With his pasture herd, where he exercises a monopoly, he passes oxygen to the duopoly, so that they do not throw firewood at him. It took a long time, and the economic crisis showed its true magnitude, for lawmakers to address the issue of credit cards, with the invaluable of their interests, and try to put in waist the bankers. They are foreign corsairs, united to nationals. Capitalless stateless, only one goal has been met: squeeze the most fucked, via criminal interests. This governmental strategy focuses on preserving the culture, traditions and biodiversity as the basis of the social economy of the inhabitants of this lake, as well as promoting the fishery of native species. Only in this 2008 have been allocated 700 thousand pesos for the production of 860 thousand pups of White Fish. The boats had an investment of 256 thousand pesos. The state governor mentioned that his government is committed to working together with the municipalities that are on the shore of Lake Pátzcuaro with a single objective, the conservation of the body of water. With this, the number of vehicles with which police forces and aid units have been equipped during the current administration amounts to 180 and the investment exceeds 48 million pesos. Godoy Rangel indicated that signing the agreement will help to be more efficient and give better results to citizens who claim their governments public safety, peace and tranquility. But this I extend to any systematic report, be it mayor or ruler of any level, or investiture. I'm thinking that maybe it's due to my rural origin and my fixations on earth, and now also, on Earth. And if the lectures, the battlefields are planetary, the errors are worse, as we are seeing these days with the enveloping crisis generated in the heart of money. And the first level, in its part of the first rows, that of the special guests, of course with all the compliances of the case. It was impossible for me to identify if a very visible group of peasants, at this stage level, had any preference, at the time of the applause and the cheers. Of course the speech of the young PAN ruler seemed well achieved and exposed with the proper and accepted spirit among the youth. But the marked lack of self-criticism of the administration was about to turn the act into a rally, judging by the lively response of the party concurrence. Area currently isolated from traffic, by drainage work. The day after tomorrow, the Guadalupan, which as in all of Mexico, is celebrated with devotion. That is why I invite you to take care of what belongs to everyone. I must mention that both are outstanding nationally in the piano classes with grades of 10 and 9, respectively. The string orchestra was composed of violins - it is one of the classic stringed string instruments. The arch is a soft curve rod of 77 cm. The choir that consists of 140 members, on this occasion was presented with approximately 60 among sopranos -among the choristers is the most acute voice and here they have several specialties- and mezzo-soprano -is a voice more serious than the soprano-. You have to say things clearly, the concert started big with two pirekuas - it's a musical genre very typical of Michoacán, they're songs in Tarasco even though some mix Tarasco with Spanish. The first one they played was Flor de Canela and with this it was enough to realize that we were listening to one of the best choirs at national level. After that beautiful pirekua, I continue another one that is my favorite: Josefinita, which is no longer lacking in the repertoire of orchestras and wind bands. Prior to the end of the concert they had to delight us with Pigeons Messengers - a compliment for those who included them in the program. Congratulations to the choir and the string orchestra for their concert of height. That allusion caused that part of the concurrence of the ground floor applauded vigorously to the PAN ruler, the shouts of support rose and the speech of the speaker almost finished in rally, for his fiery oratory, rather than in a response to the mayor Guzmán Romero. And the auditorium was full, but not with massive assistance, as the PRD alderman noted. After the prolonged thanks, Guzmán Romero acknowledged pending issues and problems that will require more attention and investments to solve them. There is a disproportionate administrative centralism, even when government support has been provided by the State. His criticism against public insecurity, lack of training and sanitation of the police and increase of the number of elements, increase at the same time, of the criminality and the consequent complaints of the citizens for this was also strong. Starting in January, the state government will be willing to sign the agreed works and immediately begin construction. In this event there are several events related to gastronomy but the main focus is culture, which is why during the Festival there will be diverse cultural expressions. Due to various circumstances, the Festival had not had the momentum that this year has, both for the quantity and quality of events as for the number of institutions, dependencies, agencies and people involved. This Sunday 14, at 8 o'clock, there will be a half marathon through the streets of the city organized by the Club Coraza. There will also be presented a mimic of Jairo. On Wednesday 17 at 4:00 p.m. in the main square there will be a chess tournament while there at 7:00 p.m. the play "Patria errante" will be presented. That same Wednesday at 17:00 in the forum of the House of Culture will be presented a rock group. Christophe Pierre, a dozen bishops and some 200 priests * Dn. Carlos returns home with maturity and mettle: Dn. The Cabildo de Catedral was also present. It should be noted that due to the urban chaos caused by a mobilization of teachers, which succeeded in paralyzing much of the Historical Center, the celebration began late and prevented even the timely arrival of some bishops of the pastoral region. Carlos, the prelates and concelebrating priests, as well as the officials and the faithful present there. After 20 years of serving the Church in other lands, he returns home more broadly, with the maturity and mettle that has given him experience in 2 very different dioceses. In particular, I thank the Pope for agreeing to my request that he be granted to me as an Auxiliary. Bishops present and especially the bishops who make up this Ecclesiastical Province, recognized them for their closeness and collegial affection. He said that the participation of many priests has represented a greater effort, since that Friday is the first of the month. Carlos grew and formed, in which he later saw more than 20 generations grow and be trained. " Carlos is aware that Christ has reached him and that he must continue on his way to reach him too. " That he has achieved it in different ways, with joys and sorrows. Then, referring to the vicissitudes of Bishop Carlos' episcopal life, "he understands very well that a football match lasts 90 minutes, which must be played from beginning to end and that sometimes in the minutes of compensation or overtime a match is resolved " And later he stressed "we are talking about the genuine spiritual balance, typical of mature men, trained in Christian doctrine, who are aware of the way traveled but know that the indication of arrival will only be given by Christ. While this does not happen, they should keep running. " He also recalled that this is a life of struggle, of sacrifice, of love and sometimes of thorns. That the diocesan community that saw him depart now receives it. At the end of the Eucharist, Bishop Carlos addressed a greeting to the concelebrants and all those present, seasoned by his usual good humor, where he recalled many of the experiences of his priestly life. Christophe Pierre especially his presence, the concelebrating prelates and their friends and family in general. He pointed out that we have to look for the civilization of love and life and undertake the new evangelization. He called to continue the path "until we reach Jesus as He reached us first". After the inauguration mass, visiting priests and personalities were invited to a meal for some 500 people in the main courtyard of the Minor Seminary. Carlos Suárez, who now returns with his own loaded with experience. In the food, before leaving a huge cake, visibly moved Dn. Carlos Suárez gave a message during which his memories surfaced from the first day of his arrival at the seminary, "endearing place" in whose greater patio he was now offered his return meal. Always with good humor he remembered his 3 "lawyers". His third lawyer is, he said, Dn. Monsignor Carlos is the oldest of 6 brothers. Jacona Another round plus the world around the sun has given. One more year begins and you are not here by my side. My eyes shine, it is a tear that escapes me without calling her. My thoughts fly to others times, when I was happy at all times; when your love for me felt immense. There was no pity that my love withered, there was no betrayal that hurt my heart... They call me to take a picture, I have to disguise my sad face, put a false joy to my aching soul. I remember the times we loved each other until we were ecstatic. But the joy has been short and the pain very deep for not having you anymore. I spend hours in my room reading your letters full of words of love and I would like lightning to break me. I see you in the twilight of the afternoon and I see you in the preludes of the day; I hear your voice in the trill of a bird that crosses the sky at that moment where I look for you and I feel that your hand brushes me with the wind... I cry in silence, nothing is true. My parents wish me a happy year, but I can not deceive them, they know the truth, I can not forget you! They put on the records, the dance goes on, but I lock myself in my room. I take out the photo album, I raise my glass and I toast with you and I relieve myself by crying kissing your portrait, asking God when? but I know very well that it will never be like this... my love for you is eternal until my last breath and there is more of my own burial. Pastorelas are presented in the houses of the participants and in the atrium of the church. The streets are decorated with paper, plastic or natural flowers. There are interpretations of music, dances and Christmas songs through the streets on the night of the inns. The tradition concludes with the mass of cock at 12 o'clock on the night of the 24th. The streets are adorned according to the neighborhood that corresponds to organize the inn. Live births are presented. Inns are made in each neighborhood and each neighborhood. In addition, pastorelas are occasionally presented. All, word that gives its root to Allium, name of the genus to which the onions, the pore and other members of this family belong that are indispensable in the kitchens of the whole planet. With you bread and onion The saying implies that in order to be with the loved one, one is willing, even to spend hardships, and this is better understood by knowing that for centuries the onion was part of the basic sustenance of the most needy. It was one of the first vegetables to be grown because it grew in different soils and climates and, as it is preserved for a long time, it is an excellent source of flavor. The Code of Hammurabi foresees that a daily ration of garlic and onion is indispensable for the lower classes. These foods along with a beer formed the basic basket of ancient Egypt. The rich certainly did not try them, perhaps because of the fear of smelling the poor. They were granted magical and antiseptic qualities. The Romans brought garlic and onion to the conquered provinces, especially to the British Isles, where they were very well accepted. Allium family It is difficult to make a classification of these plants since they are very easy to hybridize and their names vary depending on the region where they are. Here we will mention those of more generalized use. Onion From the Latin cibus, food. It is the sixth most cultivated vegetable in the world. There are very small varieties such as those of chambray which are considered giants for weighing more than a kilo. They are classified by their color in white, yellow and red or purple; for its taste in sweet or spicy. White tends to be stronger, although this varies depending on the season and the place where they were grown. The small and somewhat immature onions are what we put on the grill, to accompany the meat. The French boast that they make the best onion soup. Garlic If not used prudently, it can overwhelm any preparation. Used wisely, it highlights and improves the other flavors, while the sumo remains in the background. Its flavor well fried and seasoned can be sweet and subtle. There are people who can not tolerate it when it is very abundant. If you eat garlic in considerable quantities, there is no way to eliminate the evidence completely, just tricks to disguise and mitigate it. In addition to a dental hygiene as the dentist commands, you can chew twigs of parsley or mint or roasted coffee seeds. However, your person will dismiss the little sociable fragrance of garlic. Onion The smallest of the family should not be cooked because this dissipates its flavor. It must be as fresh as possible, chopped at the last moment and added generously. It goes very well in soups and salads. Scrambled with butter or cream for baked potatoes, in omelette or fish. Their purple flowers are also eaten. Poro Provides a subtle aroma to the soups and thickens them slightly. It is essential in the famous Vichyssoise and is also very helpful in Chinese food. Pore ​​fried strips are a good addition for countless dishes, do not brown them too much because they are bitter. After 40 thousand 770 expressions received between January 2007 and March 2008 it is reported: The main complaints regarding the contents of the open television programming are: 1. Bad treatment of homosexuality. The themes that caused expressions of congratulations were: 1. Contributes and promotes family values. It contributes culture and knowledge. Programs help in social issues in a responsible manner. Attractive and interesting topics for children. The themes of the congratulations: 1. Programs with timely news. Guidance on various family topics. Provides knowledge and educational programs. Contents of personal improvement. Programs that are too explicit about sex issues. Language in double sense and albur. The programs where they make fun of the listener. Esotericism programs deceive people. Ads that show too much erotic charge. Ads with sexual content as a sales resource. Commercials that denigrate relationships. The themes of the congratulations: 1. Announcements in favor of the family. Advertisements in favor of ecology. Another part of the complaints points to violence, the promotion of addictions and the topics of esotericism as poor content in the media. The congratulations, in general, have to do with the promotion of values ​​and the dissemination of knowledge: - The family as a value. Within two days we began the novena of "the posadas", which once meant for the Mexican Christians an authentic preparation for the birth of Christ. We know that things have changed and although we could spend some time in silence and deep prayer, given the current times, I fear that it will not be like that. The memory of my beloved relatives and friends who have come forward on the road and I miss them, with more and more strength and consciousness, comes to my mind. It also determines me to contemplate with immense pain my country that is struggling in a crisis of violence, despair and frustration. I can not worry about the economic situation of most of our families who will face an extremely difficult year. It will be worse than the past, I do not know; Maybe nobody knows. Advent is par excellence the spiritual season of hope and in it the whole Church is called to become hope, for herself and for the world ». I confess that I need to believe much more. What's missing is the naivety of childhood. I find myself growing older, more tired and less open to let myself be converted by the simplicity of these wonderful days. It is not that I do not believe in others or that I contemplate selfishly. Nor do I worry excessively baldness, fatness or wrinkles. I would prefer the simplistic ignorance of childhood to the absurd prepotency of knowledge and science. Naturally he did not share sin, but for our salvation he suffered all the consequences. And so, immersed in my noises and nonsense, I asked the Lord to let me taste and feel like a child. I beg you to give me - and give us - the hope of believing, expecting and loving like children when they feel deeply loved. A few days to contemplate to the God who became weak and small, I pray insistently for Christmas to iron me the wrinkles with which I have been aging the beautiful memories of my childhood. If you want to wick with bacon, ham, prunes. They are given pickets with a fork so that they can penetrate the vinegar and smells. The next day it is put, with the same thing that it was soaked, to boil a little on the stove until it is sancoche and so it does not last as long in the oven. Before you brown it is given a greased cream, with this it is better. It is served with applesauce or mashed potatoes. How to prepare the mashed potatoes: half a kilo of steamed potatoes, peeled and hot pressed. Add a spoonful of butter, a little milk, salt, pepper and a little nutmeg. Both acknowledgments are made 40 years after the Slaughter of Tlatelolco... so you do not forget. Now, the local authority will have to face a labor demand, besides monitoring the fulfillment of the contract with the IP. Despite the evidence, the Mexican government insists that it is not "aid, but cooperation... in exchange for nothing", which is gratefully acknowledged. For three days, the 20 workshop attendees reviewed the phenomenon, its origins, the role of aggressor and assaulted, exemplified cases that occur in their institutions and were given tools and techniques to detect the problem and its management. In the event it was emphasized that the School of Pedagogy has the firm conviction that education is the best way to achieve harmony, progress and well-being of men and society. They assume with determination that the professional in pedagogy is a fundamental actor in the promotion of the full and integral development of people in their multiple dimensions. The symposium program included a panel on the current situation and work challenges of the professional of pedagogy, where the importance of updating pedagogical content and another on the role of education in the face of social violence was highlighted. Propose support material for the treatment of depression among young people In Mexico, depression is the main mental illness and the fourth general condition in order of importance. In Uruapan, the statistics registered by the health institutions in 2004 indicate 1688 cases of depression and between 1 and 2 suicide attempts per week. Although these statistics fall within the country's average ranges, the ways of approaching and confronting the problem must have their own characteristics according to each region of the country. However, with the current pace of life, the pressures and expectations towards young people and the social context, the rates of depression have increased both in quantity and in its typology. However, it is necessary for the population to be aware and aware that it is a metal disease that has a cure. After questioning the supporter about his research and proposal, the jury awarded him an honorable mention. As an introduction to this period of festivities, on November 30th at 7 o'clock in the evening there was a very busy procession in which, in addition to hundreds of Reyenses, a band of music and several traditional dances took part. That same day at 10 o'clock at night, a monumental castle burned down and livened up the Ecor band, from Tingambato. On the 16th, Christmas festivities with traditional inns will begin in preparation for Christmas Eve. On the 24th, at 9 o'clock in the evening, it will be the arrival of the pilgrims with the Child Jesus. At 10 o'clock at night it will be the solemn concelebration of the Mass of Rooster. This pilgrimage will depart from the parish of Santa Rosa, located in the northern part of the city. They will be received at 5 in the afternoon to immediately proceed to the celebration of a mass. On the 29th at 4 in the afternoon will be the pilgrimage of the faithful of the parish of El Carmen, of this city, who will participate in a mass at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. On that day at 7:30 a.m., collective marriages will be celebrated. On the 31st, at 10 in the morning, there will be a special mass of thanksgiving with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the day. At 10 o'clock in the evening the blessing will be with the Blessed Sacrament and the last Mass of the year will be concelebrated. Jesús Sahagún de la Parra will concelebrate the festive Mass. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the traditional and imposing procession will take place with the blessed image of the Lord of Mercy. In preparation for the day of the festival, on January 4 there will be a liturgical ceremony. On the 5th at 11 in the morning a Mass will be celebrated for the sick. It should be noted that from January 28 to January 5 will be in the atrium of the temple a series of cultural events. Therefore, in 2009 work will be done to promote traditional objects through these collective brands. In Morelia and in Zacatecas there have already been events for this purpose. The products that suffer from unequal competition are the Paracho guitar and the Tlalpujahua sphere, as well as other types that are made in pewter and aluminum. That this vision was strengthened by the current government. In that sense, he recalled that in the 40's the indigo was no longer used in our country. Currently and thanks to various actions in the area of ​​research and the participation of farmers in the region of La Huacana, the works made with this material have been recovered. The recovery of the ax was also achieved, an insect that produces a fat essential for the production of the maque, with the virtues of our crafts. It has also gone back to work on corn paste, a technique that was in extinction for a while. Example of this, he added, was what was registered in the community of Irancuataro, where baskets were produced for bread and strawberry made of reed and suddenly they stopped having market demand when changing packaging systems. In the contests that are convened in Michoacán there are sections for products made with natural dyes. Currently, there are 46 distribution centers for raw materials and financing for the acquisition of tools or new equipment that they can use. It has directly served 6 thousand 286 craftsmen in the direct purchase of handicrafts for an amount of 3 million 298 thousand 401 pesos with 43 cents in 82 locations. The creativity of the artisans was stimulated through the realization of 46 competitions, with 8 thousand 79 participating artisans and an amount for 3 million 116 thousand 790 pesos granted to 1,515 winners, from 38 communities of 21 municipalities of the State. One thousand 857 individual credits were granted to artisans from 85 localities in 36 municipalities, for an amount of 6 million 298 thousand 180 pesos. For family reasons at 13 years old he came to live in Tingüindín. At age 19 I travel to the United States as undocumented. Interviewed Angel Chavez in the portal of the parochial notary of this town, where the pastor provides him the space to teach some of his classes, said he has an innate ability since childhood. Angel remembers that since childhood he expressed his creativity giving shapes to figures on the floor. Then he snatched the down of the person with whom he worked to make his paintings. From the first month of residency in the United States, he was presented with the opportunity in the artistic field when he was offered to paint a mural in the restaurant where he worked. There, he said, he started to raise his sights. He traveled the United States from city to city. This led him to be in more than 45 cities. He alternated his use with painting. What he earned he invested in materials. He stayed there for 2 and a half years until he chose to dedicate himself fully to the plastic arts and especially to painting, but always opening spaces to work in other areas in order to move forward in what he really likes. To fulfill that possibility, he returned temporarily to Tingüindín. Angel dreamed that some day his works would be sold in those galleries. Angel commented that he has always liked to respect the work of other artists and that is why he always seeks to create original works because "when a copy incurs piracy," he said. He narrated the sufferings that as an artist he found on the border so that his works were exhibited in the galleries. One of the obstacles was always the lack of a CV. He said that during his stay in Tijuana he insisted again and again for 2 years to allow him to exhibit and sell his paintings in one of the galleries. They always ran it, they rejected it. He decided to exhibit his works in the street, near the art galleries of the tourist area. Then something happened that Angel expected and above all he wanted to happen but whose magnitude was not imagined. The lovers of pictorial art began to prefer and even look for the works of the street artist over those that were sold in the galleries. Until then he managed to open the doors in the galleries. Although he is self-taught, Angel dominates not only the brush but also the artist's language. He masters the techniques of oil on canvas, oil, textured and high relief that he considers his own style and technique. He also makes sculptures in bronze, marble and stone. He has created several techniques such as mixing paper with sawdust and airbrush. He claims to master all the tools of art. Angel considers himself the creator of his own technique and pictorial style, which he defines as something similar to Cubism. It is, he assured, a style that people like and that has given him success. The school opened on September 13 at 5 pm in the main square. Consider that it is possible for each artist to produce one to two pieces per month. He counts and estimates that if he manages to gather 100 artists, each month between 80 and 100 new works can be created that will allow opening at least 3 galleries in different places. Angel acknowledged the generous support he has had from everyone to develop his project. The parish priest provides him with the space of the notary's portal. In Tingüindín the school has 45 students of which 15 are adults and the rest are children and young people. I live from art but I also live for art. My goal is to bring together many artists and grow together, "said the artist. Since he was born in Zamora, he lives in Tingüindín and travels constantly asking him where he is considered and how long he will stay here. Consider that it is natural for an artist to come out to know what has to do with art. Of his students he said that some can be very good and decide to look for other sources of learning to improve. Of him and his future he said: "I am going to continue creating my own works. I want to become great and the more I have and know I will continue to help others. " Angel Chávez Cornejo prepares for this month the first exhibition and sale of the works of his first generation of students in this town. But he is also an exemplary citizen and a congruent man. This should be accompanied by education, home ownership and the recreational part through sports, aspects that were very clear since the founding of this company. The Vitro Clinic was a very careful aspect; It seems to me that, with great zeal, the doctors who are there have kept this mission quite purely. An etcetera that I recommend reading in the magazine Milenio. The overall amount proposed in the 2009 Budget Project presented a negative variation of 26.2 percent in relation to the amount approved for 2008. In absolute terms, the allocation is reduced from 40,478 to 29,880 million pesos. " And on December 6, President Calderón said that we need a "change of engine" in the economy. In itself we were the country that invests less in this strategic line. And this despite the fact that everyone knows that countries that are growing at a great pace decided to invest large part of their budgets in education and in Research, development and innovation. No wonder Mario Molina decided to become a US citizen. The total cost has been $ 35,000.00. In order to pay this sum, the neighbors have committed to help weekly. To this day the amount of $ 2,000.00 has been collected. The chapel will be the center of God's love for his children. There everyone will find help, guidance, a comfort. March 7, 1965 We want you to know * That there is already light on the posts where before there was only a useless spotlight. Everything would be fixed if those who go to the water do not throw it away. The parents have not given or how little they committed. It was painted inside and outside, the pit for the toilets is being finished. Today it is elements of this neighborhood that reinforce the teams of the leagues. We want to ask all these guys with such a big heart and sports spirit. Prepare to applaud him, to cheer him up and sustain him. They will be the best athletes in your league. Therefore, young people between 14 and 16 years of age who have some elementary school studies are invited to present themselves to the father during the week. Classes will be free, from 5 in the afternoon to 8 in the evening. As soon as the students have learned their work, they will start paying. This could be the beginning of a small and modest school of arts and crafts that is so lacking among us. They saw them hard as they had to play against twelve elements: the referee and eleven players. With much desire and a lot of heart. At some point, small commercial advertisements began to appear that, I suppose, collaborated with some amount for the works of the neighborhood. Already in 1966 the weekly is diversified. The same administration committee, chaired by maestro Luis, discussed what had to be given to the father each month. It's not pay, he told himself, but a share of assets, it was agreed to give him 500 pesos a month. The neighbors managed to pave Corregidora Street, the backbone of the neighborhood. As a result, in the August 28 issue, we exhort the neighbors of that street: We hope they feel proud of having achieved something that seemed very difficult, the paving of their street. But now it remains to do something more important, be at the height of a beautiful street. in the presence of a group of gentlemen, some corrections that were created more important were interpreted and made. It must also respond to the place where the chapel is located, in a poor neighborhood, of hard working men, in the midst of poor constructions. That is why the chapel can not, should not be elegant, lavish, but poor and simple. But still be beautiful and proper for worship. He left only one recommendation: the union between all, love always. I am no longer among you, but my heart will never stop being. I have always loved them in the Lord with all my heart, with all the strength that I am capable of. Dear friends, you must believe who has loved you more than your own life. These are reasons that are imposed before feelings. I'm not tired of you, I'm not disappointed. I am already many kilometers away. I have always loved them, I will never be able to stop doing it. I suffered a lot, a lot... Friends, I want to say many things. I want to say one last word. My heart stays between you, I can never forget them. A great illness has settled in him, surely he will soon die of it. Be certain that it is already good. Immediately he descended the hill carrying his beautiful cargo before the Lady of Heaven. Immediately he gave the order to come and see him. They venerated it as a heavenly thing. Subsequently, he placed her in his oratory. In an amazing way, the fame of the miracle had spread and the neighbors of the city came to the Episcopal house to venerate the Image. He told her that it was best to stay at home, to keep the houses and lands that their parents and grandparents left them. Juan Diego he built with his testimony and his word; in fact, they approached him to intercede for the needs, petitions and pleas of his people. The same town was the one that communicated everywhere the great Guadalupan Event and, with the characteristic indigenous memory was transmitted from parents to children, from grandparents to grandchildren. Already for these days, pilgrimages are performed with dancers, floats and music. We hope that it will become the trigger for a development model different from the one proposed, at least the last 5 federal governments. The alternative for hundreds of families was to sell livestock, leave ranches and migrate north. Originally from that region, descendant of ranchers, he had studied commercial relations in the Tec. He began a work of linking producers and academics in the search for alternatives to rescue economic activity from the cultural heritage of that region, heritage acquired during More than 400 years of producing and incorporating knowledge. The Cotija cheese can have a dream future if the federal, state and municipal governments understand the model of alternative development that poses to the country and that can be replicated, successfully, in many other activities and regions of the country. But it has a huge comparative advantage with products that are the result of creativity, accumulated knowledge and geographical conditions of this land that is almost paradise. It will be a matter of reading it carefully to see how we are doing. What is not yet known, because they have not yet "uploaded" it to the internet, is the issue of the salaries of the city council officials. An example for our federal executives. It has been present since the birth of what is now Mexico and in the main events of its history. Under this criterion, the municipal authority, for several years now, determined to completely eliminate the use of colette in every civic party. Not because it is a religious motive, people can be abused, but on the contrary. There are many other ways to call attention to an event, or to celebrate it, without causing unnecessary inconvenience to anyone. The bad thing is that this disease attacks, manifests, when it is in power. Between Martita and Vicente, there is a true love. Who gives himself completely, is lost, insane. Nothing is imprudent, what Monreal has proposed. The bad thing is that, already in the post, many lose their sanity; and there the legislature does not give a chance to the spare. The proposal will be turned over to the Congress of the Union, so that it can decide if it is appropriate. Once again this matter, with how well justice is applied in this country. Surely innocent would be those sacrificed, by judges so heartless, as are criminals. Governor and Congress will have to be more prudent. And that a judge, dead with laughter, sentenced the confessed to death. The national project officer of the Fund pointed out that even this program in which the entity is a pioneer is already in a second phase, that is, in which strategies, actions and concrete objectives are established. The modules for the registration will be open 60 days. This discovery of the black thread reminds me of those past years, in the then and here regional, when more than one pater or materfamilia gave the child to the teacher and gave him wide-sleeved so that he would "throw him out" if he did not understand and that nothing else I ordered the eyes. Of course it was a way of expressing himself, nobody was going to take it literally. Or when someone found out about the beatings that the head of the family, that is the paterfamilias, gave to his consort. I say this, because even when it does not look like it, something evolves. It is about sharing knowledge to establish actions in reality. Even when more and more are reporting. It is not worth damaging them, causing suffering. And teenagers, that sometimes in the streets they need of respect, offensive words. Or in cases of discrimination, in a matter of competences. We will continue with programs such as legal assistance, trying to eliminate any form of violence against women. So far, expressions, written in my style, of the young leader Ma. Iniquitous systems that dominate the Earth, for which radical measures will have to be established to fix things, little by little of course. One of them, plane feminize the world. It must be at the same time from the local, community, to the world level. These ideas have been raised for decades and now, by the urgency of the moment, are "going down to the base." From the periphery to the center, but also from the center to the periphery. Globalism has caused an event that was once isolated and local, now results in international damage. The success of India could have been anywhere. Let us remember that history repeats itself, as Machiavelli says in the Prince, and to the terrible disproportion between excessive wealth accumulated in a few corresponds a burden of social misery provoked by the insatiable greed of the rich. It is not enough with existentialist philosophies, axiological or vain thoughts of the New Age. It is urgent to rescue the world from the barbarism of global warming and the "voracity of the group of eight"; more than ideological, actions are taken for the benefit of ecology and for the care of the poorest. The world is in suspense, human life hangs by a thread because these groups are armed with very destructive arsenals that can end up in hours with half a world. Truly it is inconceivable to see the large number of streets that are unpaved or paved as in Zamora and Jacona, to mention just one of the basic services that requires attention. In our region, the municipal authorities, and just a tour to verify it, are carrying out works that are of benefit to the citizens. It is not only what we are used to: light, paving or asphalting of streets, but also some others. I say that they are needed because if the motorists were respectful of those who need to cross a street, there would be no accidents and neither the governors would allocate economic resources for traffic lights. But we must also say, if people had a road education also little or no accidents would have. Until a few years ago, accidents in this city were scarce and now, on a daily basis, the media inform us that someone is in the hospital or died when he was run over. It is good that pedestrian traffic lights are installed, but also that this action corresponds, through the media, a road safety education campaign. In aspect number two, installing waiting booths for public transport users. In a city like Zamora, where there is a very high percentage of users and the wait for your bus is usually made by standing up in full sun or rain, it was essential that the authorities take care of this need. At this point there is also something important: when waiting stands are installed, public transportation must be ordered in terms of stops for the ascent and descent of the passage. At the moment the units stop where the user makes the signal and for the descent of the same way it is enough to press the button and the driver for the micro so it is half street or is in double row. There are cases in which you risk to who is going to descend because there is continuously missing some motorcyclist who tries to pass the micro on the right. If it is convenient to have exclusive stops for ascent and descent of passage, this measure can also make vehicular traffic more fluid and will prevent people from risking their lives when descending when the unit stops and is in double file. Our life was another and as the field would green again, if our soul died to everything that is idolatry, to everything what is egomania. If, like the field in the fall, it strips off all dry leaves and branches, and its silent appearance in summer or "the dry ones", and of asceticism, it sins. There he met parents and kindergarteners who carried banners in which they demanded that their school be opened. Guadalupe Muñoz Valencia, supervisor of kindergartens. The head of the sector tried unsuccessfully to convince the parents to wait until the following week to open the kindergarten. He argued that he was trying to find a solution to the conflict through negotiation with the parties. The parents, supported by the municipal president, maintained their position that it be opened at the same time, considering that the building could not be subject to negotiation because it is not the teachers. Before retiring and the opening of kindergarten, the head of the preschool sector said she was satisfied with the parents' concern for the education sector. On the other hand the municipal president, Enrique Mújica, condemned the strange intervention of a group of teachers who in past days verbally assaulted educators and scared children who are still in treatment for the scare. He condemned the irregular behavior that does not correspond to educators, assumed by professors who came from outside to verbally assault the educators of the aforementioned kindergarten who do want to work. He pointed out that the problem among teachers is a strictly union problem that neither the parents nor the municipal authorities need to resolve. He pointed out that he does not agree with the behavior assumed by some professors who do not fulfill their responsibility because he is attentive, above all, against children. He said supporting the children and education by conviction and reproving the behavior of those who came from outside to create the problem in kindergarten Oscar Wilde. That behavior does not help the respect that should be held for their quality as teachers. Enrique Mújica demanded that teachers not come to Cojumatlán to solve their internal problems in a violent and uncivilized manner. The mayor also said he was respectful of the teachers' union problem and that it is a problem that he will not get into. He also said that his position is not against anyone but that that position is for peace, respect and education. After the mayor arranged for the school to be opened and for the school principal to do it, she clarified to the parents that there is no other circumstance other than wanting to work. Before retiring from kindergarten and leaving permanent police surveillance outside of kindergarten, Enrique Mujica told the parents that none of them caused the situation that kindergarten is experiencing. The mayor also warned that in the conflict there are conditions that can not be accepted as they run to the principal and 2 more teachers for the simple fact of wanting to work. That, he said bluntly, we will not allow it. She announced that the kindergarten director will have all the support of the municipal presidency "because you need to have the courage, conviction and decision to stand firm as she has maintained her decision to work". After clarifying that he does not seek confrontation, the mayor said that parents are right and nothing will happen to them. He called for caution and also to be aware of the evolution of the problem. According to the information obtained by the reporter, the conflict broke out on October 28 when around 11 in the morning thirty teachers came, mostly from Sahuayo with the intention, they say, to expel the director. The director has refused to suspend classes which goes against the action plan implemented by one of the fractions of the so-called democratic magisterium that has been promoting various mobilizations and strikes. In the same position of the director are 2 educators of kindergarten. Some of the children were so scared that even some of them suffer the consequences. It was a fact that outraged the parents and the authorities themselves. After those events, the head of the sector decided to close the kindergarten for security and to avoid confrontations, according to her argument. Since then the kindergarten remained closed until Wednesday when the mayor decided to open it. With a spirit at the same time audacious and responsible and restless and joyful, let us reconstruct the way of educating them, because that is what they require in the times we are living. " It was 50 years ago that a great project and a huge step towards the development of our region took place in this city. The institution of a new public high school became a reality, thanks to the vision and commitment of people delivered with the city of Zamora and its young students. Citizens trained to be able to exercise a profession that would improve the living conditions that were maintained in the municipality at that time. Our high school has managed to consolidate great professional careers, has managed to consolidate great changes that in the region were urgently requested. Our school has been a source of training for citizens committed to the development, not only of Zamora, but of the entire country. Our school has delivered extremely extraordinary results that have greatly benefited the lives of many other people. For this reason, the commemoration of these 50 years should not and can not pass as an anniversary. It must become a moment of true consolidation. Our school must once again become what it once was, one of the best institutions of higher secondary education in the country. The years that this school passed through were intense and complex, of a long struggle. But this high school knew how to show its enormous vitality, its validity, its ability to train students, to solve problems and propose solutions. He regained his prestige and regional leadership. However, all of the above becomes at this time a new starting point, a new opportunity to rise above any circumstance and show the world as a true institution, committed to the formation of new citizens. And this has been the nature for which we are constituted. It is not a simple coincidence that we are Nicolaitans, it is a mission that we have to face as an institution. And as Unamuno would express it: our best commitment to the future is to give everything to the present. This is, in truth, the best moment to resurface, we will have to become the high school we want and in which we believe. The current context in which young people live is marked by paradox and complexity. We are this new generation of young people who are facing the effects of globalization. To strengthen the school requires a true commitment of all those who integrate it, it requires a real teamwork that allows a new formation of socially responsible students. In the current era, in the era of knowledge and in a world in constant transformation, the task of the students and teachers acquires new challenges. Our work becomes increasingly demanding. Partners: The future we build every day, with each step we take. I firmly believe in this school, in the steps that it will begin to take from this moment, and in the place within the history in which we will meet again. As students, let's dedicate ourselves to this school, let's commit ourselves to a new education, let's fight to defend our school. It will depend on us if we take the challenge and assume our responsibility or if we miss the opportunity to adopt a wild and selfish behavior. Therefore, I also believe in a high school deeply committed to this region. A high school that provides the opportunity of study without economic barriers, without distinction of creeds or classes. I trust a high school that educates young people to be free, autonomous, critical in opinion and creative in action, capable of assimilating the good and the bad and fully exercising our rights in society. I trust that in this school the teaching of an equitable education will begin in its access and innovative in its contents. That is why I believe in this school, which has managed to maintain itself for 50 years and that will continue for many years to come. Here he started litigating and practicing as a lawyer and he later obtained notary number 2. From his marriage they had four children: Josefina. María del Refugio who was born on December 7, 1928. Her childhood was characterized by being a thin girl, with little weight, for which she received special attention at home. At the age of 15 he entered Catholic Action and taught catechism to girls aged 7 to 15; for 15 years he was a catechist. This part of her life she remembers with joy because she had the opportunity to meet and serve many people. With his mother he learned to make food and pastries, he also worked at the Notary. It was the year of 1960, in Tarecuato there was already a primary school attended by these religious. His boy is called Carlos, in that home he was welcomed with love, when he grew up he was sent to school. Fidelia until a few months ago was still at your service. In the course of all these years many events are reflected. Before the school period was from February to November. They had the opportunity to learn directly in the institutions, how the German Catholics handled their works of community service. They also had the opportunity to travel in groups with other Latin Americans to Interlaken and Freiburg. For Cuca, of course, this supposes a range of beautiful memories. Upon his return, he began to study Psychology, taught at the Normal School and devoted himself to vocational guidance. In the summer courses he studied Pedagogy. He also worked in Chaparaco secondary in vocational guidance, he likes to work with young people. The young children of the home of Rosa Verduzco are given piano lessons on Wednesdays. She goes to the Cereso of women every 15 days to visit the inmates, at least for 10 years. He is a minister of the Eucharist and also brings communion to Trini. Prepare children for the first communion. Together with Mother Mary, she served an avocado garden for 4 years to support the religious community. I write these lines because Cuquita will fulfill his well-lived 80 years on December 7th. They have prepared a mass of thanksgiving and a meal-party, which certainly deserves. I dare to describe it, although I think that here in Zamora it is very well known. Currently, she rents two rooms of her house, each of them is occupied by a teacher, and also lives with her a niece, a young granddaughter who has a one-year-old girl. She is pleased to say that they are the joy of her house and that she is never alone. We ask ourselves how and at what times he has done so many things and everything in service to others. To qualify Cuquita, there would be many adjectives, but for those who have had such a fruitful life and such a clean trajectory, there are plenty of words. People like you honor the human race. The tradition in Mexico and the world in terms of electronic media, radio and television dictates that its "social functions" are to entertain, inform and educate. The very origin of Mexican radio and television is located in the intention to entertain, entertain, to win audiences for advertising messages. This is the nodal point of the possibility of making commercial companies of radio and television stations. The technological resources of the electronic media strengthened the possibilities of making journalistic genres part of the entertainment and, therefore, of the media offer in privileged times of radio, and especially of television. In this way, it is already common to go from the stellar telenovela to the star news without losing an audience. This has been achieved by basically giving the same treatments to the dramas of fiction and those of reality. The report of the news has even been musicalized, in order to emphasize its emotive aspects. Culture continues as the ugly duckling of commercial television. The presence of gossip and "Reality" and "talk shows" are considered in the list as genres. In a classical classification they would be part of entertainment, in general, but it is well known that in the Report they are broken down by the importance they have acquired. Both "genders" have in common the mediation of "realities" in the form of entertainment. The "reality", the Big Brother is the most famous, they put real people in supposedly real, but extreme situations. The curiosity of snooping is the raw material of the show and the engine of the success of the programs. The "talk shows" promote formats of interviews or talks that provide a dye supposedly "journalistic." The themes are "serious", at least for its participants, and in many occasions morals are attempted after making true emotional autopsies to the invited participants. They do not escape from morals that tend to be based on pure revenge and justice in the hands of the "respectable" who punishes the bad guys in the movies with their booing. The "gender" of "sales" is striking, which is the time devoted to programs that are specifically designed to sell products through television. The table does not include the transmission time devoted to commercial announcements, which are not simply the source of funding for the radio and television stations, but their very reason for being. Especially in electoral times and by law, the number of programs corresponding to the so-called "official times" increases. It is not a matter of playing down the social function of the means of entertaining. Nor do we mean that the functions of informing, educating and spreading culture should be boring. What must be stated is that the function of simply entertaining does not require quality in general terms and yes, from a mercantilist perspective, to entertain with quality leaves the public emissions. Juan Diego died on May 30, 1548. He was born in what is now Cuautitlán, Edo. of Mexico, where even a few years ago there was a hermitage in his honor. It is said that he was baptized by the first Franciscan missionaries and belonged to the Chichimeca ethnic group of Texcoco. The one chosen by our mother was absorbed and beside herself with amazement and "he said to himself, am I worthy, worthy of what I hear? Without any embarrassment, he decided to go where he was called. Glad and happy began to climb the hill and when he reached the summit he met a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman who was waiting there standing and called him to come. The Indian came out of the Bishop's house very sad and disconsolate, as he realized that his words had not been given credit or faith. And much I beg you, my youngest son, and with rigor I command you, that you go again tomorrow to see the Bishop. He looked for a doctor to achieve his cure but could not find anyone. This is the beautiful task of Advent: to awaken in us the memories of goodness, thus opening the doors of hope ". Clear the suspicion and substitute it for trust. Answer sweetly, although you would like a brutal response. Encourage a young person to have confidence in himself. Find time, take time. Celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation. " These simple recommendations can help us deepen our hope that the Lord is near and we should not worry about anything. They constitute an invitation to live with more joy and less immersed in a sadness that bitter, paralyzes and murders. And who lives near them lives near black ponds. " We know that these great saints were not naive, much less and, in fact, with their life and testimony they help us to believe and hope. Especially when we find that in our lives there are not missing situations that worry us, make us sad and sometimes anguish us. When we face situations that make us cry to the degree that we want to say "I've arrived so far, I can not anymore". It is precisely in those moments, when joy sustains us, that it gives us a new way of understanding our existence and our mission in this world. It allows us to affirm with the book of Proverbs "the one who in his heart has a joy lives a continuous celebration". Advent invites us to celebrate a beautiful party that goes beyond simple fun. Having fun means "moving away from", running away from reality and can lead us to build false scenarios to forget about our pain and our sorrows. That's why there are so many fun filled with outrageous laughter that comes from those who feel loneliest, empty and saddest. The false joy is that which leads us to act with infantilisms and to try to justify our vandalism and aggressive actions against others. Lying joy tends to seek in the wine or the drug a false value to project against others our loneliness or bitterness, our resentments or remorse. They laugh "against" something, against the reality of their inner deserts. Precisely for this reason, Advent invites us to see life with our eyes wide open and not wear glasses smoked by the smoke of despair, lack of faith or the absence of love. The great saints have seen the world with optimism even when their life has been immersed in pain, persecution and illness. Ask for forgiveness if you have been wrong. Stay in the church longer than usual. Contemplate the beauty and wonder of the earth. The devil is dark because he knows where he is going and always goes to the place where he comes from, because he lives in darkness. " The dance of Tziman Uarhari is presented. 20 days before the party the young ladies of the community take a bath and wash the clothes of the Virgen de la Concepción in a spring. The image, dressed in the purépecha style, carries an ancient legend related to its discovery in the Pantzingo forest. Of the most venerated in the region. Contest in the main square. Pilgrimages and assistance from locals based in other communities. Music band and food stalls. Burning castle, music through the streets and religious services. Traditional exhibition of regional products, popular fair. Music band, burning of castle and sale of appetizers in addition to religious services. Religious events and presentation of a live painting about the apparition of the Virgin in the atrium of the church. Religious services, there are harvests, music and castle burning. Dawning through the streets, pilgrimage on the eve of December 12, masses of first communions and baptisms, newly relieved women make pilgrimages to the temple in typical regional costumes. Celebration of mass in the New Temple. Music band and religious services. Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe with mañanitas and band. Patronal feast, dances of the conquest and community food. Romeria to the Diocesan Sanctuary. Daily pilgrimages in the novena. Mañanitas, concelebrated festival mass presided over by the bishop and castle at night. This city has become known throughout the country for being the producer of a dessert of milk that was born, according to the account, from an "accident". The nails are threaded by distributing them through all the slices. They bathe with the orange juice and sprinkle with the sugar muscabado. It is put in the hot oven for 30 minutes. It is removed, the cloves are removed, it is decorated around with pineapple slices and cherries. It is bathed with the juice of the pineapple and goes into the oven for another 10 minutes. He also spoke out against any kind of protectionism, starting with the one currently applied by Bush in favor of large bankrupt companies. The convenience of this measure, he explained, is that other games centers or "machines" are points where infants and teenagers have their first contact with a cigarette and then "other things." That is why he proposed the creation of free electronic entertainment centers. In the capital alone, 18 women have lost their lives violently. The main causes have been personal aggressions and violations, having been involved with crime, passionate motives and problems with the couple. The common denominator is that women were sexually assaulted and then attacked cruelly and viciously. We have our own projects and programs, which generate a significant amount of resources. They are distributed throughout the Republic and Central America. For a better quality of life -Congregation Mariana has already worked for many years in a spirit evidently of help. The main theme, as my president said in her speech, is health. But the fact that people get sick means that they stop working. There is no income for the family. But there is also the reverse process: that when people are cured, they no longer know how to return to productive life. There, is where the how we are going to help them is born. The fact that, for example, you no longer have to walk a bucket of water many kilometers. All these types of actions are carried out. Where they invest, for their own town halls. To improve and raise the standard of living of each of its governed. And we give, in extension, these donations that you have just seen. With optimism, there were no more than 150 souls among officials, special guests and people in general. Hence my question: -And the response of the municipalities, how have you felt? I believe that they join, obviously giving better attention to their citizenship. It is a very important amount of city councils that are working with us. We are already close to the 80 municipalities with which we are working. And the challenge is that next year hopefully it can cover all 113 municipalities. Neither politics,... nor to sell -without partisan tints. Here, we have supported all the municipalities that have wanted. That is, here is a matter of which they want to work. The only thing that is asked of them in exchange should not include political issues, partisan issues, religious themes or profit motives. Because we also do not want our aid to be sold... Financial entity -They handed over, last week, as far as I know, 60 tons of cement to this municipality. We work with everyone. We work with all cement companies. We are a financial entity. In the case of cements, we buy them from whoever sells them. Simply and simply, we are someone who is trusted by many people: who deposited their money, their donations and their trust in us. And we are crystallizing and executing, what you saw today. There are no bad guys - If something sister to the people, Oaxacan and Michoacán, it is poverty. We have 26 agreements, in the different states of the Republic. But unfortunately, the marginality belts exist, right? Here, is really the one who wants to work. There are people who are poor, because they have not found the door. And he has played over and over and over and it has not been opened. But unfortunately there are also poor people who like to be lying waiting to be taken, right? Those people are not important to pick it up. And we have never even suggested anything to them. They joined, as well as the rest of the town halls, to these more than 80 city councils that are working in the State. In the sense that that pylon have to apply it in favor of the people. " We must leave the political issues, because we are in full exercise of authority. Not only the fact of voting or paying taxes is what makes us worthy of a better community. We have to have an active participation. Perhaps in the election of our community actions. Perhaps in the choice of what are the satisfiers to meet our immediate needs. We are the first time we have come, from Oaxaca. We did not know this region at all. Without caring any kind of anything. " The clock is approaching at 16 o'clock. The delivery-reception of supports has finished. The sound equipment is no longer heard. Now, in small groups, many of those attending the event, walk to satisfy their appetite. The almost total absence of visitors generates a more favorable environment for recollection, for reflection, for the veneration of Christ the King. In addition to the fact that the inhabitants have the space and the environment to venerate as they are due to Christ the King, they also have the time and place to appreciate their own masterpiece of ingenuity and skill: the sawdust rugs. Like in the party of the last Sunday of October the streets of the population show elegant and complicated composturas made by the neighbors, like arcs decorated with fruits, crafts, flowers and sweets. That beautiful, so laborious work is undone once the priest passes with the Blessed Sacrament on the table and after him the crowd that accompanies him in the procession. In a few seconds the work of art is turned into dust. It should be noted that the "girl party" or "people's party" has been celebrated just 5 years ago. As antecedent of the "small party" a procession was held 6 years ago during which the tour was made with the image of Christ the King that year was acquired. Before and for a half century practically only the celebration of the last Sunday of October was celebrated. The feast of last Sunday had as a central element the procession with the Blessed Sacrament. The procession began around 4 in the afternoon and ended at 7:30 in the evening. Hence, most participants have done with a candle that lit when darkness came. Throughout the journey altars were raised in each of which the blessing was given with the Blessed Sacrament. The procession concluded in the main square where the priest gave the final blessing with the Blessed Sacrament. He said he felt excited because the party was very beautiful. He pointed out that this "girl" party is taking its rightful place. He also said that this feast has an eschatological tinge and he vowed that the signs of faith, of love, of hope do not remain in a vacuum. After remembering that people come and go, he called the young people to take a special role in the party. He asked to be consistent and made vows because the feast one to the faithful. The "girl party" ended with the burning of a huge castle. The inaugural act was chaired by Lic. The new queen of Cotija Cheese wore a dress made and decorated by herself. The decoration is precisely the Cotija Cheese theme. He recalled that the same was a producer of cheese that muleteer. He insisted on the need to maintain a common block because he pointed out that the production is so small that it is not worth the division. That the result has been extraordinary because they have managed to bring together a work team with academics and leaders who mentioned. There were also conferences on livestock, cheese, history and society and as a novelty a meal prepared by an international chef who prepared a menu that includes the use of Queso Cotija. Only microbial cultures that reinforce the safety of the product can be added. The cheese must maintain its traditional cylindrical presentation, whose dimensions on average are: 40 centimeters in diameter and 18 centimeters in height, weighing around 20 kilos corresponding to the most common size and weight. Any variation in weight and size must save the parameters of quality specified in these rules and the height diameter ratio. He noted that the infrastructure that is now available will be of great importance in the development of Cotija Cheese, as it will allow producers to apply new ripening, packaging and presentation techniques. He invited the authorities to come closer to the field where the producers of Queso Cotija are located lack essential services such as water, electricity and roads. He recognized the support for this from the Lic. In the same way he alluded to the audacity to participate in the international cheese contest in Italy where he obtained the first place. He acknowledged that in this program the federal government participates with 80 percent of the resources. For these productive projects, producers are supported with equipment and machinery, basically with troughs for the production of cheese. It is, he said, a team that does not change the artisanal process of Cotija Cheese production, but it does allow for greater safety and better quality. However, he acknowledged that the production of Queso Cotija is small, so for a long time the problem is not the market but the product that is not enough to cover the demand. He exhorted to work together to increase the production of Cheese, win more prizes and this is reflected in better opportunities and higher quality of life for producers. Vargas Arreola recalled that Michoacán ranks first in collective marches in the country. He commented that the collective brand not only represents quality and differentiates the product but also serves to unite people. He recognized the struggle of Cotija cheese producers to achieve integration for production. For this reason, he considered them an example of positive integration. He referred to the support he has given to that sector as mayor. There Cotija Cheese pieces can remain at least 3 months and up to a period of 6 years in the process of maturation which allows to obtain better quality and, therefore, a better price. The cava is a totally closed concrete vault with special ventilation that guarantees an optimal maturation of the cheese. You have access to the cellar through a door that closes hermetically and through which, through a grid, you can see the cheese from the outside. After the visit to the cellar all the assistants could take part in a tasting of the different varieties of Cotija Cheese and with different periods of maturation. Accompanied the cheese with the traditional mezcal of the region as well as guacamole and fried beans. The annual production of the cheese producing region is between 400 and 600 tons with a value of production close to 70 million pesos. Regrettably, this initiative has not had the desired follow-up. This mark or sign is placed on the product to indicate especially that it has been prepared by a specific group of people in a given region and through its own process. The exhibition - and a collateral event - have aroused various reactions so far. Greed and ambition; gluttony and addiction. That worries me when I see the cracking of the model of industrial development that gave personality and prosperity to the City and the State. And he will be in a position to ask himself questions about where we are and where we are going. " And he concludes: "Croupier card or bartender cup? Step by step we have been configuring not a big city, but a big city. " González Parás pointed out that "history must also know how to communicate", and that is why we must recognize the production of this work that has a didactic function. Lévi-Strauss was born in Brussels on November 28, 1908. With long periods of silence, since 1975 he has not stopped filming. Famous for his sermons, Vieira worked most of his life in Brazil, where he defended the Indians. Made with a great economy of means, with extensive and compelling dialogues and sermons, Word and utopia rests in an extraordinary actor and in a magisterial direction. At the time the learjet 45 was precipitated it was less than 4.5 nautical miles from Mexicana's Boeing. The dialogue shows that the pilot has much less experience and expertise than the co-pilot, but it is not known for what reasons he is the boss and not the other way around. After a few seconds there were screams and a "diosito" there. Then... silence, flame and tragedy. This is another sign that corruption has not come to an end. Such is the case of the anniversary of the date considered as the starting point of the Mexican Revolution, on November 20, when it has been customary to hold a sports parade, this year was anticipated on Monday 17 of the same month. Given the shortage, or scarcity, of food, the government is promoting agricultural activity. Governor Godoy from his campaign, in his inauguration and at any opportunity expresses his opinion in this regard. It is practically inside the city. That is why I had always thought that one day a plane, when taking off or landing, would fall on the farmhouse, causing enormous damage to human life and material damage. The accident of a small jet, the famous learjet, has already occurred. However, to date, many Catholics do not yet know what "Aparecida" is, nor do they perceive positive pastoral effects of such an important meeting. Tv Azteca will have to modify norms, formats and tones when transmitting its newscasts. The terrible broadsides against their enemies could be less strident and tendentious. Maybe that's why the new owner talked about everything that separated his particular businesses. Don Fernando has not said anything about that television station, with the avenging sword, waiting for it. Ricardo has to be testing, his opponent is powerful. The news system will have to be moderate. If it muddied the lawyer, today it could be unofficial. But they will be "marginalized and isolated." And we do not leave, because it would be disloyalty and an enormous irresponsibility to abandon the project for which they fought and their lives were offered by more than 600 companions. Ortega has the rejection, of a wing of the United Left. Guadalupe, of loss, will have to be deputy. But both have caused a strong shake. It seems that they will throw away the responsibility to the weakest link in the chain, that is, to the pilots, who are already dead and can not defend themselves. " Luis Téllez has collapsed the pedestal with the saint, with a tale of horror on an accident. The unprepared, responsible pilot was predicted. Yes, the analyst said it, but a calm balance will not show that it is better to blame the dead man, canijo! There are about 300 mezcal producers in the Michoacán region that generate at least 30 thousand liters per year of the distillate, mainly based on the industrialization of agaves such as Cupreata and Inaequidens. And it is inevitable to think that now this dependence juggles money to overcome the gale generated in the heart of money and the once almighty empire. The dates were changed, in the civic calendar, perhaps for practical reasons. This Sunday he had his internal election to renew the local leadership, he has been in charge for months. The latter has previously held executive functions, and ensures that there was no opposition to the winning formula. True, the differences within that party contributed to make it impossible for him, until now, to win the municipal presidency. In some cases, the president, the secretary and the entire secretariat of the committees are already appointed. We have to rebuild the party, say who will be secretary general and then work hard to be able to compete. Armed struggles for power between tribes, groups, ethnic groups and between governments and organized crime, there are everywhere. And that yes, we want or not, it surrounds us all. In some houses they only use the manger with few figures and that's it. One where the shepherds have a large area and walk pastoring their sheep. And why not, a birth where there is a land in which something that was usual at that time was planted. You should not miss the star that has served as a guide to the Magi, it must be great and beautiful. There should also be some bonfires distributed at several points and, of course, with due care, there could be some truth there. There is much that can be had in a birth and everything is a matter of starting the imagination. But it is also convenient to ensure that the figures are made with the same material. But schools, congregations of mothers and, of course, the municipal administrations can intervene, without missing the Mithra. The priests from the lectern must invite the citizenship so that in their homes, in these times, there is no lack of a birth, they must even orient what they must contain. It is time to make births, to return to a tradition that should not disappear. First of all, self-examiner of yourself. Sensitizer of a people, historian of the same and protector of his legacy. Researcher of the identity of each town. Propagator of the culture and originality of each town. Ariete of the Culture of that same town. Bastion and the dawn of the events of the same town. Missionary of culture, art, customs and deeds. Respectful of the political, social and cultural sense of the citizens. Example of love for your country, your state, your municipality, and your own region. Which surprised us by their dedication to what is so ours and that they know more about the subject than ourselves. I want to make extensive and attentive the invitation to anyone who is interested in the subject whether it is authority, professional or simple apprentice, like me. Because although I do not have any of the qualities described to be a chronicler, I am interested in learning. You are also invited, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. It should be noted that, as expected, the Teatro Obrero recorded a full house in this concert. Also the same day 12, at 19:00 hours, an artistic festival was presented where there were dance and rondalla contests. Finally, in women's volleyball the first place was obtained by the high school "Ing. They had a large team of almost a hundred volunteer collaborators, both the teaching staff, the administrative staff and the students of the institution. This food was offered in the courtyards of the educational institution itself. Attended directors, students, teachers and external guests, among which the mayor. Finally, he called on the entire community of the institution to continue striving to make it possible to celebrate not only the 51st anniversary next year but the first centenary in 50 years. He commented that in order to inform citizens about the state that the public administration keeps under the terms established by law, the media will be used. In another aspect the mayor said that this first year of management has been agreements, knowledge. He commented that in this sector has been supported with cultural scholarships. He assured that there is no excess of personnel and no bureaucracy. That in this way it has been possible to speed up the solution to many of the common or particular problems posed by citizens. In response to one of the questions that were asked, the mayor referred to the problem of roads in the city. He referred to various projects that go in the direction of attacking that problem. He commented that the previous legislature of the State approved a budget of 25 million pesos for the development of the executive project. He commented that this release would have a length of between 18 and 20 kilometers and a cost of about 25 million pesos per kilometer. Martínez Vázquez commented that if immediate measures are not adopted, the road problem will gradually become more acute. Each year a thousand new vehicles are incorporated into the vehicular park that transits through the city. The mayor referred to the problem of drinking water supply and the projects that are there. He admitted that it is difficult to have water because Zamora does not have its own sources of utilization if deep wells are not available. On the possibility of taking advantage of water from Camécuaro, he said there is a study but it turns out that farmers in the valley have a federal concession for 40 years. In this area, he announced the prompt start-up of a broader waste separation and classification program in private subdivisions, restaurants and others. To this end, the government will accept the benefits of a federal decree that establishes the cancellation of a fine of 500 thousand pesos applied to the previous municipality in exchange for the implementation of these actions in favor of the environment. Also, in response to another question, the mayor referred to the possibility of having a new airport. With satisfaction he referred to the fact that, without major resources and few personnel, this year it was possible to keep dengue at bay, which last year caused havoc. He pointed out that this work allowed the municipality to receive a national prize that in the economic sense translates into around half a million pesos. We know that efforts are made by each of the dependencies, but we require that these efforts be added, combined and strengthened the basic services that can be offered to this population, "said the head of the Migrant Secretariat. The latter on their way to the United States. Roa Bastos emphasizes this because the principle of eternity resides in the repetition of something with minimal differences, thus eternity maintains unity in diversity. As in Comala, in Itapé, the dead speak with the living, perhaps all are dead. Christ died on the cross, but the salvation of man did not come, the death of the messiah seems to be useless, no one is a prophet in his land. The word is the voice that denounces the tyranny of ideologies when these are assumed by man as imposed religion, when extremes touch any ideology is fanaticism. Dust we are and in dust we will become, but then how to overcome "white death", "She"? Returning to the country, it should be remembered that at the beginning of 2006, by Presidential Decree, Seguro Popular was instituted, a pension plan for older adults from all over the country whose families are in the lower income strata. The problems are many and in the economic circumstances in which the world lives nowadays, the difficulties increase to give a form of attention to the list of elderly in continuous increase, being able to arrive at problematic situations in the broadest sense of the word. The motto in the case of the diseases of life is "prevent rather than regret later", but in the case of old age it is suggested that it can not be applied. Broadcasting is a medium that preceded television, as a technological and business base. By its own characteristics, the radio is a medium that has advantages of social scope with respect to television. From 13 to 18 years old, the percentage barely reaches 18%, which drops to 15% in the population between 19 and 24 years old. The power of the audiovisual language of television can be a determining factor in this phenomenon. Finally, people like to see and hear more and in many cases television is used as a radio, as background audio while multiple activities are carried out. The cost of television sets, and the variety of sizes in the devices, has multiplied it, taking it to a consumption that has gone from the familiar to the personal. Before everyone had their radio. Now the tendency is that everyone has their own television in their own room or personal corner of the houses. The quality is then, in most cases, in a second or even third plane. After all if you are not going to pay much attention, what does it matter if what you hear has quality or not? He studied philosophy in Granada, Spain, from 1915 to 1918. Given his precarious health, he had to return to Mexico in July 1926, precisely when the armed conflict was going through its worst moment. His brief apostolate was held in Mexico City where he devoted himself with passion to various priestly ministries. He was the initiator of the apostolate among employees, clerks and domestic workers. In his multiple hiding places, he cared for the religious who fled persecution. He used all kinds of disguises to circumvent the surveillance to which he was subjected and with his bicycle he moved to clandestine places to take communion to hundreds of faithful, especially on the first Friday of the month. He helped single mothers at a time when society rejected them openly and cared, in a special way, for the prostitutes for whom he founded a house where they could achieve their regeneration. It was remarkable the continuous detachment of his personal objects to help the poorest and needy. He helped the families of the Cristeros, but he was very careful not to promote violence. He felt, however, that Catholics had to defend their religious freedom. In spite of his weak health, which he disguised with jokes, he displayed a surprising activity, as if he suspected that the Lord would soon call him home. However, he was so loved by his parishioners and his important activity that the government decided to eliminate him. The innocence of the three was undoubted, but the protests of foreign lawyers and diplomats in the face of the unjust detention served no purpose. The government not only did not follow the legal procedures, but also put the execution half an hour ahead to prevent any legal recourse in favor of the Pro brothers. Diplomatic interventions only succeeded in saving Roberto, the last one to appear before the peloton. With luxury of publicity, Miguel and Humberto were shot a little after ten o'clock on the morning of November 23, 1927. On the way from his cell to the wall, Father Pro comforted one of the men who took him to his death and that he asked for forgiveness. When they asked him what his last wish was, and in front of the firing squad, the Jesuit answered: "Let me pray." and fell to the ground to receive the coup de grace. The magicians from the east asked. It is the questioning of Christians today. The first principle Lafont calls "perfection" where the event of the fullness of time is realized in the most perfect way. The second principle is that of "imperfection" because in one way or another the Kingdom of God is not manifested in the lifestyle of each individual. In effect, the Kingdom of Heaven is already among us, mainly in the most intimate but possibly we forget it. Now lack the perfection, the finished thing, that is to say: the consummation. The climax will be when Jesus Christ comes gloriously for the second time to close history and annihilate death and pain. Nothing will remain without being restored in Christ. On returning from that place we celebrated with a simple but meaningful dinner with the people who opened the doors of their home together with their family, to San Francisco and my "tocayo" birthday. On Wednesday, October 8, he took us to visit a natural park that is traveled by car with exuberant vegetation, high up, along with beautiful landscapes overlooking the sea, called "17 Miles." On Thursday we moved back by car on the 101 freeway continuing on the 405 to Santa Ana, it is easy to drive in those places is only necessary to provide the road maps, there all are by numbers and observing the rules of road there is no problem. Saturday was exclusive for My wife went shopping and preparing the return. With fragments of the heart between the hands I arrive timidly until the entrance. Drops that explode in the fleeting lamp, in fluid sparks. Prisms that break in artificial waters. Water pyrotechnics, thousand impacts of rainbow splinters. Concierto lí qui do de salpicante go, games of light in light: the mouth of the Earth. Mouth: the rock of the Earth between the earth, eternity clock with dropper. Face of rock, rough gullet, internal. Belly of latent and expansive rock, the passage to the transparent darkness, variegated from so much calving... Bridge of time. Hang the white leaf litter cocoon wild banana in the plot. White, promise for the pilgrim hungry for repose and whiteness. White sleeps the jaguar, white the tapir, white the deer, the peacock and the tepezcuintle. Whites in the lap of the Earth with dreams of crystal, dreamy crystal. Another one sees me, looks, perplexed: it is a reflex and contrasting substance that nourishes and fecundates without touching me. Another me, harsh softness, caressing with silent waves. Tenacious, angular, tender tops, round chasms and dark hollows. Rock water that lies in the pond, treasure water, faint torrent, crystal skin that touches in silence the absence that brings me to these depths. Unitary drop that multiplies in myriads of ridges and reefs, ice, needles, unfathomable abysses. Water treasure, torrent among its gems: world guarded by the old X'otz, bat watchman who receives us. I drink the color of the water from the air with my lips very slightly open, as if with a quiet kiss, tenuous, I responded tenderly with tenderness... I drink and the liquid comforts me. My life returns, the soul returns to the Center. I drink and I leave fits and desire for other times, for other universes. Caress of interphase between silences, clear smoothness, fleeting heat of touch. I immerse myself in the invisible waters. Calm epithelial transparency, touched by the can of goats, stony hail, Rain of rock. Rain of rock: Timeless aragonite clouds, calcium cirrus, stalactites of a forgotten time that reveal themselves before fleeting eyes. A single hug, the cliff and the river. walls that approach and surround me. Cannon that invites to go to the underworld, Threatening to end here. Incarcerated infinity vault. Forest inventor of calcareous chemists. Vibrate your photosynthesis of darkness: stone alchemist. Magician of the time and the subsoil that transmutes the clay into white, white, and into crystals the vegetable humus. Crack and caudal, hidden birth, sprout from the deepest depths mouth and matrix of the center of the centers. Craftsman of the water that generates the forests in the stone. Water forests like a confrontational kaleidoscope, in which the river runs through the crystals giving life in strange geometries and leaving its germinal impulse. Deaf rumor, Silence of the waters or cry of the rocks? Hidden torrent, Rumor in the distance... Deaf silence, fast runoff from this forest. Cry of the water, silence of the rocks. Prelude to the giant dome that leads to depth. Mother water, mother earth, stone water. Recite me, receive my caress while you take me to the original site germ of love, threshold of consciousness that enlightens me and reflects me in you. I kiss the rock of water, rock water. Strong and subtle, run over and slow, like the skin that covers me and renews itself, turning scars into garlands, and sad sores in a fresh spring. Already back in the doorway I whipped the air, hit the sunlight. I leave the waterfall, crystal water, rock drop. Stone water, mother arms, rock kisses. The curtain of strident jewels, collisions of the sky and the underworld, asteroids of the inner cosmos. It is time to return to the world of noise, color and light. There are harvests in the square and at night burning of castle and jaripeo. The square is adorned with a banana stem and hanging from agricultural products, as well as paper flowers. He On the 29th there is a parade, there is a music band and snacks are available all day. Way to prepare: It liquefies everything, you put cinnamon or vanilla, to taste. In caramelized mold it is cooked in a water bath. More or less is in 45 minutes. So what appeared by decree, disappeared due to invalidity failure... as a warning for local legislatures, municipalities or holdings that want to shout for independence. Thus end 8 months of "accusations, disagreements and feints," but they begin the dispersion and give up. Elena Marqués, one of the most beautiful women of all times in our country. With these lectures, the students had the opportunity to learn the latest techniques in concrete management as well as the lines of research that are currently being developed with respect to their durability, resistance, handling, mixing and recycling. In this way, future civil engineers will be able to design projects incorporating modern construction processes. He added that the greater the knowledge of the areas related to the administrative, the more elements will be available for better decision making. He explained that in his experience it has been basic for the administrator to manage the principles of finance, asset flow, internal control, as it makes his work more effective. Finally, he pointed out some of the main marketing strategies used in the company where he works. With this talk the students concluded a series of exchange of experiences with businessmen and executives of the city who explained how is the performance, challenges and approaches that their companies have in the administrative area. He explained that what the state agency is looking for is to take up the initiatives of the previous government and consolidate those that have a greater future. He argued that what the Collective Mark does is to identify the product with its production area, with its fame gained nationally and internationally. The intention of this collective mark has to do with grouping the avocado and its producers around this unique and exclusive identity that protects both the producers and the consumer, "he said. We see that the authorities are committed and involved for the sector to keep walking and give importance to the packer sector that was forgotten for many years. On this occasion the elections were held in squares installed in the center of the city where all the electoral sections of the municipality were concentrated. It should be noted that the elections, both committee and council, were held in this municipality after the groups or internal streams failed to form unit forms. The same happened in another fifty municipalities, including Jacona, in which it was necessary to hold elections as in Zamora. In most of the municipalities it was possible to integrate unity or consensus sheets and in that case it was not necessary to hold internal elections. This time, the PRD militants, duly accredited, were able to cast their vote and, by decision of the state leadership, 100 sympathizers plus residents in the municipality with the condition that they present their voter card. Regardless of the fact that during the whole day the voting was huge even until minutes before the closing of the polling stations, there were some of them where at certain times, mainly in the morning, they got to have rows of voters. Voting At the end of the intervention of the candidates, 3 tables and 3 ballot boxes were installed for voting. He exhorted them to stay united, to arrive strengthened in the federal elections next year and to provide the party and its candidates with the necessary votes to take them to victory. Feet 1.- Part of the PRD members attending. During this talk, those present were informed that the mosquito transmitting dengue is known as the "Aedes Aegypti" fly, which is identifiable because it has a of "argollitas" on its legs and on its back. Containers of water in the open are some of the factors that contribute to the reproduction of the mosquito. A great disadvantage is that the reproduction capacity of the mosquito is very fast, so it is essential to take into account all emerging measures to address the detected cases and try to eliminate mosquitoes and larvae. There are some actions that allow the mosquito to fight in its reproductive stage and in its adult stage. Any amount of water is enough for the female to hatch her eggs. It is also recommended to thoroughly wash the homemade deposits such as the laundry. Another way is to attack the fly when it is already an adult, that is, in its aerial phase. In this stage the way to attack it is by fumigations; nevertheless the mosquito is very strong since it hides and survives at high and low temperatures. In addition to fumigations and nebulizations, personnel from the Ministry of Health are making home visits to detect possible risks and advise families. The most common symptoms that a person with dengue presents are high fever, headache, pain in the back of the eyes, pain in the joints and occasional rash. More than a year after the start of the modernization work, there have been a series of setbacks that have to do in most cases with the failure of the construction company to which the works were originally assigned. It was necessary that, as has happened in the case of other roads in the region, people organized and blocked the road as a means of pressure to be heard before the corresponding authorities. With big machinery it was then started to raise what was left of the old road at the same time that box was opened on the sides of the old road to expand it twice as wide, that is, from 6 to 12 meters of "crown". Almost simultaneously they began to expand sewers and bridges throughout the journey. At the same time work was done on the bases for the rest of the road. Even in a section, a "box" of no less than half a meter was opened, including a thick filter layer to correct the faults derived from the marshy origin of the terrain. However, the speed with which the works began very soon became pachorra and then abandoned to the degree that the use of that road became a heavy burden for the users. The extension of the bridges also stopped and from time to time a bricklayer was seen raising the walls of those bridges. After months of inactivity and before the problems that the abandonment of the work caused to those who travel daily on that road, groups of nonconformists chose to block it as a measure of pressure for the work to be completed. In the rainy season it was discovered, for example, that some drainage works were left in such a way that the water flowed out and flooded the road with the consequent risk for the users and the deterioration of the work. After all this, finally, machinery has been seen again on the road itself that proceeds to rehabilitate the dirt roads that were damaged by the abandonment and the construction of the folder. For days we have been working on the continuation of the construction of the folder in the approximately 9 kilometers that were pending. Work from west to east. If the works are not resumed soon, the works can be finished. It should be noted that asphalt binder 3 small sections are pending. One is a few meters and is located on the sides of the Tocumbo Bridge. The other pending section, which is currently being worked on, is located in Santa Inés towards the west. Of course, once the construction of the asphalt folder has been completed and the extension of the remaining bridges has been completed The vertical and horizontal marking of the road and the construction of ditches where required will also be missing. He commented that the country has everything to consolidate as an agricultural leader and this is demonstrated by the fact that in the last 2 years Mexico contributed 33 percent of world exports, more than 510 thousand tons, with an economic income of more than a thousand 200 million dollars. In the same period, avocado trade to the northern country has increased from 13 million to 580 million dollars in 2008, with the leading Michoacán avocado producing 90 percent of the national industry that generates around 250 thousand direct jobs or indirect The event was attended by federal, state, municipal and national authorities. He stressed that medical care benefits, fundamentally, low-income residents. This serves the constitutional provision that Mexicans have the right to health. He indicated that the three orders of government are making joint efforts and have already made 45 thousand surgeries, the vast majority of them cataracts. we are from here, and from there Post in Cancel

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