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I agree that many times the specialized critic removes the mystery or the interest of the works that she analyzes basically by gutting the work to see what it was that made her walk. Obviously, the film did not fall into my hands from nothing. I knew this title through the British branch of Amazon. They recommended it to me for the purchase of other films of the style I had made and since I did not know anything about it I saw the trailer that was on the film's page. The set of images seduced me immediately so I bought it without thinking. Fairy tale motifs are mixed with surrealist symbolism taken from dreams and nightmares. Valerie is a girl of about twelve who begins to experience the first changes towards adolescence. The film contains very innocent erotic elements, in the sense that they are not created as a sexual stimulation tool but as a symbolic way to represent Valerie's sexual awakening. And I am already doing what he had promised me he would not do. Look, this film I urge you to see, if you want, and enjoy it for the beautiful work of art that it is. Let yourself be carried away by the images and sensations that it transmits to you. Seek your own interpretation. Imagination is really something powerful. The copyright of all the texts belongs to Raúl Calvo. The water monster of Guillermo del Toro.

This peculiar way of relating leads her to live a true odyssey next to a Machiavellian man determined to mistreat her psychologically. To survive the pain and due to their unlimited desire for curiosity, she will practice prostitution in a luxury contact agency. A book that leaves no one indifferent. A sincere, torn book, written against the current politically correct attitude towards sex. A book that reveals, in short, that even in hell itself you can find love. Still of the good times, laughter and others that the fact of reading this book gave me. 3 months ago 0 0 aketza lector 6 Writing about sex is difficult since most of the books there are horrible. This without being a great work at least is pretty well written although it is difficult to believe some of the situations that happen. 1 year ago 0 0 patricia martín miralles lector 5 In many cases I find it implausible. It's entertaining, but I thought it was pretty lame. 5 years ago 1 0 miren lector 4 I did not think it was a bad novel, the only thing that gives you the feeling that it is always telling you the same thing, that there is nothing new that surprises you. 7 years ago 1 0 sheila greses mascuñán lector 4 Not bad in my opinion is a book to pass the time, has moments but the truth is that it is not my favorites. In my case, I read it a few years ago. 9 years ago 2 0 General Menu Who are we?

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