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Spain has health indicators that place it at the head of Europe and this, following the reasoning of Professor Starfield, is largely due to the work performed by professionals at our first level of care. Every day we have breakfast with the need for a new cut if we do not want to give up the benefits of a health system that does not stop reminding us that it is unsustainable. Nobody doubts that health debt requires urgent measures. Some have already been taken and many of them directly affect primary care. It is the picture of the current moment that crosses our primary attention, of what is happening today in the points of continued care, clinics and health centers of each of the autonomous communities. Nobody doubts that health debt requires taking urgent measures "We detected that many communities confuse the urgency to do something with the need to show an immediate result." To dispense with an office or to close a health center in the afternoon implies an undoubted saving that the interested person can put on the next day on the table as a supposed example of efficiency, but it is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow: the patients will go to the hospital making expensive a service that would otherwise be more efficient and economical. Full and partial closures have not been made available, so we observe with extraordinary concern that in most autonomies the great sanitary cut is being applied precisely on the first level of care, with constant changes and in a somewhat chaotic way. ridiculous denying the need to be supportive in the effort in view of the serious difficulties current rates but we do not appreciate for now that the cuts are being proportional. The management measures could have greater impact if one takes into account that the expense is greater in the hospital setting. In fact, the primary budget in almost all autonomous communities does not reach 15%. It is also alarming to see that in many communities there is a feeling that the methodology that predominates in the application of measures is that of trial and error. Everything indicates that following this advice is going to get harder every day.

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The very constitution of Humanity as a social species is linked to the development of cooperative relationships at work. On the other hand, the social conflict derived from labor relations is one of the most important issues in the development of the history of mankind. Human work has achieved an assessment in two fundamental aspects. Individual In the construction and validation of your own individuality. I work alone in my profession, example of the leaves. Collective Contribution to society in the specialty that I develop. Contribution to the economic system, because if I win, payment. Work transforms man as an individual and social being. It is the scope of personal aspirations where personal satisfaction is sought. On the other hand, work must be profitable, that is, it must generate a social return. It is carried out within a social organization of work. Thus, unproductive work does not increase the possibilities of the instrumental plexus that constitutes the economy. We have two elements: the subjective one that involves the person who exercises his activity and the objective that implies the scope of means or labor instruments. There is a tension between personal creativity, on the one hand, and the homogenization implied by competition and the division of labor, on the other. Many times the relationship is not clear: you do not know if you work to live or you live to work. Work is a central category of Sociology. Each social formation develops a specific type of social relations to attend to the work activity that decisively impacts the characteristics of each society and the culture and form of its inhabitants. The very constitution of Humanity as a social species is linked to the development of cooperative relationships at work. On the other hand, the social conflict derived from labor relations is one of the issues most addressed by Sociology. A company is above all a social organism, as are other indispensable institutions for the harmonious and productive development of a human society. Public Powers, trade unions, political parties, education institutes and non-governmental organizations are active in every plural society. Each institution fulfills a purpose prominently Social. The company can not be stigmatized as an entity contrary to the social purpose of the institutions. The mission of a public or private company is to produce goods and services of high quality and at reasonable prices for society. There is the mistaken notion, even in advanced societies, that the company is only an entity that produces profits to its shareholders or taxes to the treasury and the contribution it makes to society as a whole is unknown. The efficient company achieves technological and managerial skills to produce a good or service that the collective needs for its material and spiritual well-being. There are businessmen who defraud their clients and suppliers by taking an exaggerated portion of their social value, or tax authorities that impose taxes beyond the rational. Both can decapitalize a productive entity. That is why a responsible State protects the constitution and social function of the company. The Theory of work-value is a theory that considers that the value of a good or service depends directly on the amount of work that has been incorporated. Thus, Adam Smith considered that work was the exact unit of measurement for quantifying value. For him the value was the amount of work one could receive in exchange for his merchandise. It is the theory of value commanded or acquired. Although it was not the determining factor of the prices, they oscillated towards their price of production thanks to the game of supply and demand. In this essay he affirmed that all production costs are labor costs that are paid in a direct way or accumulated to capital. He thought that prices would depend on the amount of work incorporated in the goods or services. Awareness to the families of the sector the Moor about the value of love in the population of the neighborhood in the municipality of Gómez.

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