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And even if you read literature does not change the world, it can make it more livable, because the fact of seeing ourselves in perspective and recognizing ourselves in the experience of others helps to open new doors for sensitivity and understanding of ourselves and others. I'm talking about a field where language is being built; of a field that is never immutable. A literature teacher is, above all, a voice that counts. Their work, like literature itself, is risk and uncertainty. His privileged office is, basically, to read. It does not appear in the curricula or school textbooks or in the function manual, but it can be taught. And a teacher can "teach", that is, transmit, the love of literature through her vital attitude, which is the text par excellence of her students. When they leave school and forget dates and names, they can remember the essence of those conversations of life that were woven between the lines, when the teacher took out a book and shared with them the emotion of a story, without asking anything in return. Because deep down, books are that: conversations of life. And about life, it is urgent to learn to converse. I think we read to talk and say and tell each other, never understanding at all. And perhaps no one is there to give them a decoration or to attest to the miracle. Some coordinates to be named and read in those symbolic worlds that other human beings have built. This particular fact allowed me to feel more confident and confident in expressing my ideas to others, thus improving, in addition to academics, interpersonal relationships. From the experience, which became this reading, it should be emphasized that the metamorphosis was an interesting text to the extent that it managed to capture my attention to the point of imagining and feeling the world in which the story developed. All of the above is possible if as readers we do not limit ourselves to deciphering the text, and instead we manage to recreate in our own imaginary experience the experience that draws our attention in the text. I will start by narrating that in the place where I live, Copacabana, was a small town and therefore few educational institutions in the 80s. In my youth there were teachers who marked my education, being positive references in the pedagogical practices that I faced every week with elementary students. The above is supported by several authors, who claim that literary aesthetic experience gives a self-understanding, because there is a reencounter with the self, with himself. Yesterday I learned for the first time that 1 plus 1 are 1. I did not want to be under any circumstances like the teacher Tronchatoro of the movie "Matilda". But where to continue this training? The University of Antioquia was my option, that is how at another level I started to train as a primary school teacher, while my childhood friends were looking for a desk and a stethoscope. Everything begins in my student stage, when I had the opportunity to complete my baccalaureate. This text became that invitation to not stop dreaming, to cultivate in the heart the most beautiful desires of freedom, where there are no more borders than those that we still have in our thoughts, perhaps because of the fear of accepting things as they really are. They are. Each one of those books has a special dedication, as only she knew how to do it, in them she highlighted her valuable friendship. I can answer with confidence and truth, the plot that each one has. Today it is easier for me to understand that phrase that someone said: "wisdom does not give us what we read, but what we understand." Taking into account that you are immersed in each of the stages and processes of life, it is essential to enhance and enrich it in the different processes developed in the school. Therefore, to achieve significant knowledge the teacher must have strategies and methodologies according to the context, resources that account and needs of students. Procedural knowledge refers to the knowledge that the individual has about the execution of tasks. Conditional knowledge refers to the ability to know when to use, knowledge, according to the context. chords at the school level and the characteristics of the institution. And is that my aversion to reading had a reason to be, was not free and had nothing to do with my skills or abilities. And it's not that I did not like reading, on the contrary, I found it nice and striking, but the teasing of my classmates more than my desire to read. However, I was attracted by the stories, novels and chronicles that were rarely shared by teachers in the classroom, or that were left as homework to read at home. After the above, I still have the following questions: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the work articulated by teachers in the preschool and first grades? She learned these stories when she, too, was a girl. This experience that I had with my beloved grandfather, served as the basis for an unusual interest in reading to be nested within me. These were part of their stories. This image has always wandered in my memory. We fought between my sisters to enjoy their company, but I earned it, because I came home just once invited, to share conmigomi bed. I remember that many times while telling me a story, I was falling asleep and immediately woke up pending and still she telling the same story. That December I did not release shoes, because we were eight little brothers and the others also needed. These also brought different sections such as short novels, secrets to improve the skin, tricks to care for clothes and accessories, etc. This was my motivating source to love and enjoy reading. A book is the best decoration of a night table. Always consider it your best friend, because it can accompany you anywhere and it will never disappoint you. Writers frustrated in the love they project in the couples they have created, what they have not been and will not be, simply because they do not dare to live real life. Literature allows me to create my parallel universe, where I can not be me or maybe where I really can be.

We have to recognize that, at first, our interest in reading it was not very high. By prejudice, we assumed that he would talk about generalities about animal abuse without identifying the real cause, the speciesism; but when we begin the reading we verify that the person who wrote knows the question of animal ethics. It is a joy to learn that other colleagues are contributing their bit in the centers where they work. Doing an activity for high school students has allowed us to describe with greater severity the exploitation suffered by animals. We understand that at this age, his critical thinking is fully developed so that the speaker has been able to express his vision about speciesism with greater freedom. It has been a pleasure to see the attention with which they have listened. That's why we want to thank Begoña and her tutoring group. We hope that there are more and more students like her. For many years I have lived fully integrated with speciesism. I believed that I respected other animals, because I never "mistreated" anyone, I felt affinity and peace in contact with them, I hated bullfights and I could not stand the explicit violence. However, it seemed perfectly normal to eat their bodies or dress with leather made with their skin. The normalization of oppression to animals is overwhelming. It was other people who had already understood the reality that took the blindfold from my eyes. I remember the exact moment when I became a vegan: it was not with bloody images of slaughterhouses, but quite the opposite. I was watching a beautiful video of a sanctuary in which several inhabitants of different species came out and their leaders spoke of them. Then all the horror of the animal holocaust that has been taking millennia fell on me and I knew that I was going to dedicate the rest of my life to make it visible and fight it. From Aula Animal we thank you for sending it to us and we congratulate you for your work. You can access the book in pdf version here. Here we leave you a fragment of his introduction: Do animals fall in love? The goal of sexuality is not just to have babies. Animals also like to caress, hug and mate for pleasure. Couples of common coalfish continue to copulate although their chicks have already been born. Common guillemots, dark dolphins and many other species also make love outside the breeding season. No small one is born of these relationships; its sole purpose is to give pleasure. The pleasure and well-being that animals provide strengthen their bonds of union and their feelings. Similarly, more and more studies in the field of psychology, warn of the direct relationship between animal abuse and aggressive behavior in childhood. It is a sample of itinerant photographs so that it can be exhibited in schools and reach as many students as possible. The sample consists of a series of images, mostly provided by Tras los Muros. We leave you with the story of Claudio: Attend schools is very important. It is a job that can be difficult, but it brings great benefits. We know before starting that part of the students will not even listen to us, or not interested in the topic. But for those people who listen to us and have an open mind to new ideas, it can be an activity that changes their lives. In 2016 we reached 1200 students, in 2017 about 1000. We have two projects for students. The first is to project the film Cowspiracy in different institutes. Sometimes they see between 300 and 400 students at the same time. A few weeks ago we projected it in an institute in Piacenza and the Vice Mayor of the city came. Then he joined the colloquium on animal respect. Our talks on animal rights usually last between one and two hours. In these talks we use photographs of industrial farms, as well as nice videos that show the intelligence of pigs and chickens. With this we intend to show the different faces of these animals: their intelligence and ability to feel in front of the horrible life they have to suffer. We try not to focus too much on videos with cruel scenes, and we dedicate more time to kind scenes that will possibly last longer in their memory and will help them change the vision of those animals. The best time is usually at the end of the screening or the talk, when we tell them to feel free to pick up our brochures or other materials. Generally everyone takes a brochure of each type to go deeper into what we have talked about. This shows that we have touched something inside and we can go home happy to know that we have sown some seeds.

Not all students follow the same paths to learn. Some have fast rhythms and others, slower; some easily learn certain things, while others find it difficult. 1.- Would you consider it essential to have a Smartphone now? Essay The so-called "discovery of America" ​​has served many people of inspiration to show the facts in different ways. Quantitative methods for business. Suggestion for study habit: Dear representative and student: 1. Read the programming attached to your notebook, Unit Nº 1. Read all the U1 of the text and notebook carefully. The actual functioning of the groups in the classroom can generate different assessments, depending on the perceptions of the teachers or of the students. 1) Explain the activity which takes one of the friends around the picture. Imagine that the dog smiles at you with its ice-cold contact. Procedure: Receive an attentive greeting of welcome to the teamwork of week three. It consists of the development of the social benchmarketing guide.

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