Teacher wanted me to turn in my essay

Let's talking about teacher wanted me to turn in my essay.

Guido always has something important to say or comment, it is not in vain his call, and I attended him. The son of this valuable character in the history of Guatrea, after greeting us and commenting on the customary and already obligatory subject of the situation - country, tells me about his father who will turn one hundred on September 12, 2019. At that moment, it is when Guido Ramón, decided to call this server inviting me to participate in the production of the contest in homage to the distinguished historian and poet. Being privileged by deference, an invitation that in addition to honoring me also makes me proud, because I met Guido Acuña, respected and above all admired. Some memories come to my mind: his slow walk, a slow man speaking, with a serious voice in the style of an audiovisual audiovisual speaker and with a lexicon that no one could pay attention to when listening to him. There are many anecdotes that are told of each visit to that house pregnant with customs. The Muñoz Rondón family did not hesitate to facilitate the spaces of the enclosure to begin the process of the proposed homage project. This enlightened man received the most outstanding acknowledgments from his people and institutions, as well as being invited to preface multiple books by his academic colleagues. Or that I ordinarily imagined my people. " I allow myself to add the characteristics and bases of the Contest. Committed to social and political struggles, Guido Acuña devoted a large part of his life to journalism and wrote in various media at the national level. His love for literature accompanied him until his last days. Among his published works are stories, stories and poetry. All writers, intellectuals, students, general public will be able to participate. 2. Participation can be individual. The works must be unpublished. Only one work per gender of the same participant will be accepted. Once the work is consigned either in physical or digital form, a reception certificate will be issued and delivered. Digital, sending the work without personal identification. Both envelope must be properly closed. Those who use the digital form must adhere to what was described in the previous point. In the act will be a record of the verdict and will be published in the means and forms used by the organizing committee, to promote it. Second place: Bolivars equivalent to $ 75. Third place: Bolivars equivalent to 25 dollars 16. Participants who send works in breach of the aforementioned requirements will be excluded before the final verdict, and minutes will be drawn up with the corresponding motivation. b. The contest will not be considered void, it will be done with the number of participants that submit their compositions and submit to the bases that govern it. Memory can not determine if at that moment I knew what I was going to do there. I'm not sure if I thought it was a classroom to sing. In addition to teaching us to sing, he invited us to practice writing by sending homework. How many experiences, a long learning. I honor myself to remember him as a role model, at all times he defended the Ceista ideal, which I learned fervently. No doubt they are two lists of valuable names, equal to the long list of all those who have spent 58 years for her.

Hopefully an angel will lend you one of your pens, so you can write what you read now. Few are the painters who are painted as children, one of them was Diego Rivera. They say that everyone talks about the fair as it goes in it. I have had to restart my professional life several times due to the nomadism that my private life has led me to, or perhaps inherited from my ancestors. As I was unable to relocate within my dramatic career, I had to accept the position offered by a placement agency as a bilingual invoice in a US company. It was a little over three months since I returned from Guatemala when the director of the magazine Continente told me that it was in his name at the reception of the Russian embassy, ​​since he could not attend. With the fear that a young woman can feel in front of a personality as impressive as Rivera had, I approached and dared to approach him. Of course, he was referring to the one that will soon be restored, that of the facade of the Theater of the Insurgents. When, after getting permission to leave the office, I arrived at the place indicated by Diego, I saw him perched on the scaffolding. I went up this one, despite my high-heeled shoes and my circular flight dress. The teacher was painting Cantinflas. Without stopping working, he told me to deliver my letter to his driver and that he would look for it on Thursday at five in his studio on Altavista Street. I went back to ask permission in the office to leave and I arrived at the indicated time. He received me with the same kindness, however he began to question me as a true "lawyer of the devil": What did I understand by "humanism"? In short, I had to seek justification for each of the statements I made in my essay. But when I felt terrified was at the end of his interrogation on my text, he looked me in the eyes, scrutinizing as if he wanted to read in my brain. I thought that it would only take him to say "goodbye", but it was not like that. The second ordeal was just beginning: "And you, who are you?" I heard it from the abyssal depths of my terror. I explained to him that before getting that job I had bought a cake stand in Bolívar Street, pledging the Pleyel piano that I inherited from my mother and that I was about to lose it because I did not have enough money to pay off the last payment. He remained pensive for a moment. How would you like to work for me? Your schedule would be from eleven to two in the afternoon. This way you will have more time to bond with the theatrical medium again, and it helps that you learn to paint... The following Sunday he sent me with his driver an envelope with money to pay off the last payment of my piano. He was always respectful and generous. The natives came to offer him the pre-Hispanic figures they had found in some archaeological zone and he bought them always paying with generosity. I have three or four of them, which he gave me. Another of its facets was that of its lies, which have become famous, such as cannibalism. And he said them not only with self-confidence, but sometimes involving the same people who heard him say them and who did not dare to deny it to others. It was when he gave me a card with a Dove of Peace, which he drew in one stroke. Another thing that I remember is the frequency with which in his small notebook he self-represented with the drawing of a little toad illustrating a message he sent to the Doña, of whom he seemed to be in love. His behavior was an instant response that arose with the spontaneity that children have, without thinking about consequences. One day he told me he wanted to paint me with a yalalteca suit. He told me where I had to go to pick him up and that he was already paid.

The teacher tells them that they will get the volume of 5 more figures. The teacher asks me to go to the blackboard and draw four different figures and put different measures with which they could get the volume, at the end of the figures I join the desk again. The teacher tells them that to go to recess they must finish the job. The bell rings for recess time, the teacher tells them to take out their math book and notebook and that upon returning from recess they will review the activity. During recess some of the students sit down to finish their activity while they eat their breakfast and those who have already finished go to the breakfast room, they are playing on the basketball court or they are sitting out of the direction with the teacher. Df: Because you lacked some elements when exposing your subject, there were characteristics that you did not mention, but you expressed yourself very well and it was fluid. Miguel: Ah well, thank you teacher.

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