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Writing-and-speaking articles-See articleSummary of essay writing is a skill that includes your ability to absorb details and express it in your own way. You can use this effective for large tasks. It is necessary to practice this way of writing essays in order to master it. If you can write a synthesis essay well, the other types of essay writing will seem easier. Those who can produce a summary essay can effectively be hired by major organizations. Political organizations and companies are known to hire people for their skills in the summary. They use these individuals to produce summaries of important news published in various newspapers and magazines. Therefore, if you can write an adequate summary essay you might end up working for one of these important organizations. A general summary essay has two main characteristics. It is shorter than the content of its original source, and phrases ideas from different sources. For the development of these two characteristics in your essay Summary you need to understand the origin of enough. There are different techniques that you can apply to improve your skills in understanding a source. To learn how to write a good summary essay, you must practice by creating a reader summary. You can create a reader summary by reading part of a text and then producing a summary without looking at the text. Once you have finished doing this, you can reopen the original text and compare it with the summary to see if it has been left out of the important points. Once you can do this successfully, you will be on your way to creating a Quality Summary essay. You will also find written essay summary much easier. To write well a synthesis essay, some writers choose other ways to improve their methods of remembering the essential points of an original text. They can write down the main points on a piece of paper, and learn how to link other smaller points to them. You could divide a page into two vertical columns, drawing a line through the center of it. In the column on the left, you can place the main points of your original text. In the right column, you can summarize the points. You have to get used to this process, because you plan to make a written summary much easier. A synthesis test is not different from other tests in its design. You are still going to use an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Your summary essay can not be complete without this general outline. However, the conclusion of a synthesis trial is constructed differently compared to the way it is in other trials. While you can finish the points in this final part of your essay by summarizing, it is rare for you to put in your own thoughts here.

Informative writing is like the exhibition, since its purpose is to inform or explain. The informative text explores the plot of a work and explains it literally: "What happens in the story drama poem? The informative texts are limited to communicate data based on the work. The summary and explanation are examples of informative writing. The information that is included in these types of text is usually organized chronologically, that is, according to the order in which the facts are presented in the work. The argument or persuasion tries to convince the reader of the validity of a fundamental position. To achieve this, he recognizes the existence of other opinions about the subject and then presents information that invalidates them and supports the writer's position. In the same way, an argumentative text about a literary topic goes beyond the literal of the facts of the text to offer the individual reading or response of the writer, plus the textual evidence That supports this perspective. The argumentative essay explores questions such as: "What does this story drama poem mean? The analysis focuses on a specific element of the text: the characterization, for example, or the scenario or the narrator or some aspects of the language used by the author. The comparison comparison strategy could examine several texts by the same author or several texts by different authors. It is likely that most of the essays that you have read as a requirement of a class; therefore, in this case your reader will be your teacher or your classmates. Although it is normal that they also know the work, it is generally considered a good idea to remind them of the most significant elements of the text. There are two techniques to do this. One of them is to start your essay with a brief summary of the work. reminds the reader of the important events of the work; At the same time, limiting yourself to a single paragraph helps to control the tendency to start counting the details carefully. Then you could identify the protagonist of the work and briefly review the significant events. After the summary comes the presentation of the thesis. The other technique to bring to the reader's memory the plot of the work is to begin the essay with the thesis and then to interweave the important events in the presentation of the evidence. The thesis The thesis presents the fundamental position that the essay will develop and defend. The thesis is a contestable statement about the text - that is, that it can be proven or refuted. One of the main characteristics of the argumentative essay, which was seen in Chapter 5, is that it manages to establish the legitimacy of its thesis including information that supports it, as well as opposing opinions. The argument about literary works may also include contrary opinions. However, it is very important that the evidence includes some citations in order to use the language of the text itself to support the thesis. Note that all the evidence, direct or not, is directly linked to the ideas affirmed in the thesis. All the evidence has to contribute directly to the defense of the thesis. The paragraphs of evidence should not look like a simple list of points, quotes or comments without any relation to each other. In fact, like a frame or scaffolding, the thesis is what gives solidity and consistency to the essay. he will choose a literary work to read as the basis of his essay. In the first part of the writing plan, identify the work you selected and briefly explain the subject of the work.2. The thesis Examine the data you have gathered about the work through its reading, discussion and comment and identify the thesis that they support. Now complete the second part of the writing plan. The purpose and the reader Its purpose is to convince the reader of the validity of his thesis. The organization and the details Examine your notes and choose the details that best lend themselves to support the thesis that you eliminate those that are not directly related to the thesis or contribute to produce the impact you wanted. Decide how to organize the essay; elaborate a scheme in which the thesis is presented and the details that will be used to support it, all organized in a logical manner. If you do not know or do not remember a word or expression in Spanish, enter a wildcard or write it in English and keep typing. For the following versions, however, it is essential that you review your grammar, style and vocabulary use well. Share your essay with a partner or partner. Serve as a reader and criticize others mutually. Technique for a checklist The following review process can be applied to both a colleague's writing and to his own composition. To use this process, you must examine the writing that you intend to review, answering each of the questions. You should always start reading the text as soon as possible to have enough time to think about it carefully before preparing the draft of your essay. Take notes on the text in your notebook. In fact, it is likely that the essay that meets these characteristics will be ineffective in persuading the reader. Another name that is applied to the argumentative essay is a persuasive essay.3-How do you know if an event is important or not? You can not know it if you see it isolated; you have to see it within the context of the whole work. If you have difficulty understanding a text, you are on the right track! Valete of that difficulty to help you find the thesis of your writing. What you do not understand, what does not seem to make sense, is your starting point. Looking for a way to untangle what is not clear and solve the problem you have with the text is the process that allows you to confer meaning. And when you have achieved this, you will have identified your thesis.5-When you write an essay on any given topic, it is very likely that you will have to make several preliminary readings and investigations in order to find additional information and details to include in your essay. When you write an argumentative essay on literature, we already mentioned that it is not absolutely necessary to investigate what literary critics have said about the work. Research that is crucial requires that you read the text carefully more than once. But many writers find that the thesis changes and evolves even more while they are working on their essay. The most common symptoms are the use of very general terms and the lack of a specific context: for example, statements that are so general that they can be applied to any work. On the other hand, when writing, part of the writer's task is to anticipate the reader's needs and recognize any expression or word that is part of a "personal language." This enlargement of the prose sometimes helps the writer to identify the weak aspects of his argument: it is possible that the implications of some given word go beyond what can really be sustained with the information one has.

In this essay I will describe or try to describe who I am, my problems and a little about my philosophy in this life case that involves my personality and my behavior in general in the aspects of life. For this I must first ask myself: Who am I? Every time I ask myself, who am I? I consider myself an introverted person, so I reflect on wanting to know myself in all contexts of life, both emotionally and socially. To talk a little about me, I want to say that I do not like telling people who I am or what problems I have, but I think that after searching for many careers in my life, it is necessary. The day I found what I was looking for in a profession, I decided to enter and try, so I got to study Culinary Art. I think after going through some psychological and psychiatric diagnoses in my life, they have come to the conclusion that I have Asperger's syndrome. This syndrome is not a disease but if a disorder, many people can confuse it with autism, although they may have a resemblance they do not turn out to be a serious form of autism. In other words to summarize is a very mild form of autism, that is, I do not have a hard time talking or interacting with people but if I maintain long friendships, according to the latest diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome there is no cure but without pharmacological and psychological treatment. I consider it important that I face this syndrome day by day, so that meditation, relaxation could help maintain a more stable emotional state. To conclude about who I am, I think I still can not know it emotionally, it is difficult to discover oneself, so I hope to achieve inner peace through everything learned in this class.

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