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I see through the eyes of the devil and I gave myself as a tool of death and I paid for the torture to be consumed. It's true, I kidnapped poetry from nothing, I blackmailed nothing and demanded everything I did not have. I do not feel anything, I destroyed the main function of poetry and I do not feel anything. The fine poet destroys the main center of the poem, his heart; the coward poet criticizes the form and surface of art. That's how I realized that I have a stomach for art and I started creating, creating and creating. It turns out that I'm also smart for art and so I became a poetry destroyer, then the right hand of aesthetic invention. I am here for you to call me an animal, and yes, I am an animal, that's why my poetry has no regrets. March and endure absence and question following you on a path. Far from the altar of fire, it is time to change the time and spit specters.

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The same justice to act unjustly, placing itself on the side of the criminal for the mere fact of being a public and powerful man, to hold power. to the news so they do not report that kind of news that is a bad example? but at the same time they are also contributing with impunity? or to the common people who "swallow", as it were, those news stories, which are suddenly rigged and are not true? Well, this is where we have to think, what is the truth, what is true and what is the lie. knowing the handbook or the resume of everyone involved. who has done such or such through his long political career. If your life has been full of dark and criminal episodes. from there I will conclude who says the truth. But for that, I have to see and read other types of news that make me see the other side of the coin, to be a critical citizen. So I will come to think autonomously, without being carried away by the passion for one or the other, and I will be autonomous, free and responsible. Only with citizens like that, would the country change. That would be the solution to the problems of the country. Quality assured by our moderators I want to register! Ask Ask Philosophy 5 points 47 min. You can specify in your web browser the conditions of storage and access of cookies

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