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The truth is that the Internet offers us a whole sea of ​​knowledge, but as an open sea it is, it also brings confusion and elements that cause noise. Venezuela is between any meridian and parallel of the world where Venezuelans had to go to live well looking for a better quality of life. Pursuing a bit of tranquility and security, even a little bit of future for them and theirs. Venezuela today is a country scattered around the world. Where the talent, intelligence and work of Venezuelans are located, there is Venezuela. Venezuela is in every oil company in the world that has seen its production increase and improve its activity thanks to the talent and work of the Venezuelans that they hired. Venezuela is where there is a television station, a newspaper, a radio whose programs and productions have been improved and increased thanks to the creative work of Venezuelans who help to grow free media in other lands. Where the publishers take advantage of the imagination and capacity of creation of ingenious and original Venezuelans with formidable stories, many times impregnated with the nostalgia and the exigency of the exile. Venezuela will be in those countries where Venezuelan people arrive every day to deliver in far and strange lands all their effort and work to make this world a better place. Venezuela will remain where all those young people who are today looking for the best way to go to a land that offers them more than an accurate shot, an ominous discrimination, a chain insult will live. This, this corral north of South America. This republiqueta of the living, assassins and criminals. This is no longer a country but a parody of the Banana Republic. This, this land of tame famine tails is not the land that gave birth to pro-independence heroes. This is nothing more than the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Shadowed, debased and sad, as bequeathed by a megalomaniac man who thought himself an intergalactic and immortal leader. A resentful being whom they now intend to convert into a deity. " I simply like harvest, I would add that in Venezuela there are still very valuable people who try to get ahead in rough seas and with a lot of turbulence. It shook my soul its title and first paragraph. Then, he connected me with realities that seem fiction. The closing was a song of hope. Congratulations for such deep and well-accommodated reflections, whose invitation is to fight to return to be a united, transparent and recognized country as a whole. Reply Your email address will not be published.

I have also experienced that terrible and chilling situation, and that is that they usually already have what they need, and it is a headache to find something for them that is perfect. With this article I want to save you hours and hours by going to music stores and searching hundreds of pages on the Internet. I know that a gift is something very personal, but I will keep it in mind and show you cheap gifts, useful gifts, and interesting gifts. My recommendation is the Tuner for string instruments Mugig. It is the perfect tuner for both beginners and professionals. It is easy to use on a stage, and is easily used with one hand. It can also be used with capo while being quick and precise, with a simple and intuitive use. If you do not know what can be given to a musician, this option is cheap, useful, and you will be right without a doubt. It can be placed anywhere on the shovel. Very low consumption, has auto shutdown after 5 minutes to save energy. It has a normal design and does not attract attention, but it fulfills its function. It should also be noted that if you have spent a lot of money on the guitar and you come without a tuner, this is great because its price is low. Elena - It's small, it fits between the fingers, very discreet and it refines with great precision. I use it for the guitar and the ukulele, and, as it tunes through the vibration of the strings and not of the sound, you can tune your instrument in places with a lot of noise and this will not affect the tuning. This atypical instrument with nylon strings has 6 strings, is played like a guitar and has the same intervals, but has the size and tone of a ukulele. Take this miniature guitar everywhere, including the case it brings. Of the guitalele I can say that for the price that has this very well finished, with a matt varnish. Ray - I almost use it more than my normal guitar. For the price it has, it is worth it, and there is no fear of breaking it or damaging it on a trip. It is a great instrument that looks beautiful, easy to learn, suitable for both children and adults, and that can inspire to awaken someone's potential rhythm. It is one of the best birthday gifts for children and beginners, and the perfect answer to what a musician can give you. It is size 23 ideal for him and for beginners. It has surprised me very pleasantly, since its price is not very high. The Bec - I gave it to my nephew, who already knew how to play the guitar and wanted to try with ukulele, and it was a success. The price-quality ratio is wonderful. It is a perfect gift for any guitarist and you will stop wondering what can be given to a musician. The rope and mast lubricant cleaner keeps your cords clean and fresh, prolongs your life and maximizes comfort and speed when playing. A perfect gift for any Guitarist Electric, acoustic or classic! Comments: Oriana - The product was a birthday present, and the person is delighted with the product. I recommend it for a professional guitarist. Client A - Basic kit with everything necessary for the maintenance and care of the guitar or electric bass! Very convenient to record melodies from the computer, the laptop, and many other devices. They provide you with the mini folding tripod stand and the 180 degree rotating clamp. The adjustable volume of the microphone makes the voice recording more professional. It can be rotated 180 degrees for precise positioning with tripod support. Comments: Águeda - Microphone to sing with certain professionalism. Highly recommended for those people who love karaoke. It is blue vintage type, and it brings to put the sponge, as well as a tripod. Alain Rivero - I needed a microphone and I chose this one because of its design. The sound is very good so I would call it a professional micro. I recommend this microphone 100%. This microphone has a sound quality more than good, with professional finishes and a complete set of accessories. And all for less than € 35. Where is the trap? Well I have no idea, but of course the value for money is unbeatable, and will help you with the damn mystery of what can be given to a musician. This microphone can not be used with mobile phone, Apple computer or tablet. If you would like a better sound effect, you should use a sound card. Comments: Javier - It is a microphone that amazes for its value for money, in addition to providing a professional touch. It comes perfectly packed and well protected. Easy to assemble plug and play. BoxterFox - The truth is that this microphone is very good in relation price-quality, and I think you can not ask for more. Above is a perfect pack, as it comes with the arm for the table, an antipop, the cable and the spider. Your musician friend can sing anywhere without worrying about cables. Perfect gift if you do not know what can be given to a musician. The best, the battery that lasts more than 6 hours. I bought one for myself 2 years ago, and I have already been asked by friends to buy 3 other speakers. Rafael Corrales - I did not know what can be given to a musician. I was looking for a device with battery and enough sound quality, and this one has everything. The connectivity is complete, and the two microphones are very useful and easy to use. From the best you can find and solve the question of what can be given to a musician. The M50x provides an unprecedented experience for the most demanding audio professionals. It's the bad thing about buying headphones online, not being able to try them. And for someone as demanding in sound as me, these have been the solution. Jesús Durillo - I am an amateur audiophile and I was looking for a sound as real as possible, and I think I've found them with them. The lows very well adjusted, the perfect mid and high tones. Mix and create the perfect ambience with this dual-channel DJ controller that lets you split the dance floor. I gave it to my husband and he loved it. I do not give the 5 stars because sometimes it is unconfigured, and we do not know if it is by the table or by the PC. For the rest, I recommend it without any doubt. Lucia and Pablo - I imagined it bigger but after seeing it in operation I am delighted. My son, who is a break dance lover, enjoys creating his songs. Just in case you are looking for amplifiers, you can see also Choose the best acoustic guitar amplifier! so you have more options and you can know what can be given to a musician. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Your username or email: Do you already have an account? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Request information without commitment. A friend has asked me to guide him to get a ukulele. Live guitar lessons in Madrid and Skype, inform yourself in private message. Visit my blog on Guitarbend here. The one I took to the hangouts is a "concert" size that is an intermediate invention between the tenor and the soprano so that he does not lose part of the ukulele essence and have the comfort of not sticking his fingers in something as small as a ukulele mast. If you do not want this I'll tell you a plan B, because I have not spent so much on mine. You will see how a lot of price varies choosing a mahogany top to an acacia top, the latter being more expensive. The choice of a solid top instrument, but the back and sides repelled, makes the product cheaper and does not hurt the instrument too much. The middle range is thus plagued. The tuning improves, the touch improves, the timbre is tempered and the volume increases. You have the possibility to buy the serious sun or the standard sun. The guitarists appreciate the serious sun because for strings they have that string more and it looks more like the guitar. As you can see, once you have chosen the repertoire that you are going to play, the options of size, wood and string are going to fix you a bit. The cost is 44 in thoman, from the brand harlie benton. With small adjustments it is very worthwhile to start trying if you like or do not like the ukulele. and finally I have an electric soprano that I took to the hangout for the joke but that is not an uke or anything. hehehehe If you need more information, tell me. The problem with uke is that it is a great unknown. Pd.- Do not convert the link when I insert the facebook video? And my photo gallery in Guitarbend here. is a magazine and network of guitarists and musicians dedicated to our greatest passion: music. If you continue browsing you are accepting it. If you continue browsing you are accepting it.

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