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As an essayist he has published the following works: 2014 That fascinating magic of writing. 1995 The aesthetics of hope. 1995 The writer and intellectual honesty. 1993 The aesthetics of hope. 2002 In the blink of an eye. Thirteen Stories in Opposition. 1994 Duplications and Other Stories. 1992 The manufacturer of masks. 1983 Soundbox: 21 fantastic stories. 1974 The owl that stopped beating. Ministry of Education, Panama. As a poet: 2015 Premonition of the rain. 1978 The sunsets of memory. In the Theatrical genre: 1967 If humanity did not paint colors! Ministry of Education, Panama. Anthology of the contemporary Central American story. 2003 Panama counts -Cuntistas del Centenario 1851 - 2003. 1982 Erotic poetry of Panama. 1982 Mexican erotic poetry. 1982 Contemporary Panamanian poetry. 1975 The erotic tale in Mexico. 1971 Critical anthology of young Panamanian narrative. 2011 Of the craft of writing as art and destiny. Tecnology University of Panama. The structure behind the stories. It appears in 21 anthologies of the Panamanian, Central American or Hispanic American story. He was born in Colón, Panama, on December 11, 1944. He has given numerous workshops on literary creation, and of story in particular. And yet she did not understand why she was obtusely fascinated, absorbed, unable to get into her work once and to finish comparing similarities and differences in the quotations of both assigned texts fulfilling the damn task. Now it became dense, syncopated, like a mantra. And he looked at her, he kept looking at her as if he wanted to enter her head, into her soul, literally coaxing it. He understood that it was a male when he saw it change position, uncomfortable, erect. A while later, without thinking twice gave a quick jump and disrupting the precarious balance of three books on the shelf was next to him, licking him, purring his desire. Slightly crestfallen, he allowed himself to watch, and tried not to do the same, without achieving it. Once again I will let myself be loved, will enter into me like Pedro for his house, will make me enjoy, as we will always enjoy. It was then, alarmed, that I realized I had not put on the condom I had bought especially for that night. I did not give it much importance. Afterwards we are not able to think, and although we manage to still feel thanks to a fine instinct for survival, the truth is that our identity has diminished and we are no longer the same. Call it insecurity or whatever you want, it will not be easy and look straight ahead, walk completely upright, consign a proper name with pride without being harassed or pressured. Is that the night is not usually a good counselor when it becomes a continuation of a day that ends without announcing his retirement. Much less when that new blackness that results has been reinforced with its own, until becoming one. The normal thing is that it does not happen this way, that the times and the environments keep for themselves their own, defend it at all costs and not put tares with the others. Also, not everyone is in the movies and suddenly meets the blackness when it comes out and it has been done at night. But, no doubt, sometimes it happens. Even more than one might suppose. And what results is usually a nonsense, an improbable instant birth. Lack of light, stranded in an existential vacuum, I ignore my past and my future, and this present that lives me I do not understand. It is something else that is, something unpredictable, the eccentric minutia that almost nobody perceives at first sight, that tiny grammar of significant estrangement. Because at some point there is a millimeter distortion, a break that makes the difference. The image I saw was identical to my blunt figure: duplication, practically the expected phenomenon. Except for a frightening detail: My double in the mirror was blind, so he did not see anyone on this side looking at him. Winner of various awards inside and outside of Panama. Maximizing the potential of deaf children, youth and adults. I have published several e-books and written two prologues. Currently I collaborate in various literary and social networks and in the Globatium newspaper of Spain and in my personal blogs.

On a couple of weeks ago I started to pose a math problem per week, this challenge will last 30 weeks. This week, Lines that become curved, for 9.95 euros with the newspaper. Regarding the date of appearance the infographic does not believe that Apple's terminal is in stores in summer, but rather in September... Perhaps for these few words taken from the article says in the headline and its probabilities.... On its website, it informs us of press releases and acts. But are mathematics, as before the sun, the culprits of the situation? It seems that they do not lose opportunity to show us their inaccessibility. The results of the last tests of diagnosis in Primary have shown that the matter with the worst results of all is, of course, mathematics. We all think at some point. Some, even, we make sure to study something that had nothing to do with mathematics. We did not know, then, that they would still be close, just a click away. Currently, all software requires mathematics for its development and operation. In these moments, Pelayo works in the study of the geometric properties of objects of any dimension using calculation methods. One type of problem that deals with this part of mathematics is, for example, finding the surface of donut-shaped objects, in what is known as "differential geometry". The winner highlights the good moment of Spanish mathematicians and their contribution of the highest level in many different branches. to a lesser extent, of food, while......................... The exam, not conditioning to pass the course, has been divided into two parts to answer in a time of 45 minutes each. The first exercise, of Language, has consisted of a dictation composed of five sentences. Next, the students have faced a text by Philippi to assess their reading comprehension, based on a series of questions. Principals should send these grades to families. The results of the last primary exam, carried out in May 2009, reflected a school improvement of the children of Madrid with respect to the previous year. Of the 20 centers that obtained the best grades, eleven were public centers, five arranged and four private. According to the ratings of last year, the numbers like less than the letters. We believe that the result is random, which depends on what some call luck and others chance. If we know the speed of the coin and the position in which it has been thrown accurately, we can predict the result, because the classical theory says that in our world there is no chance, only ignorance. The team has managed to generate 42 really random numbers, not only demonstrating that chance exists, contrary to what Einstein assured, but it can also be quantified. The development, which is published in the journal Nature, can have multiple applications in real life, such as cryptography. No spy could come up with a key like this.......................................................... You can leave your comments and contributions at the end. It was discovered in antiquity, and can be found not only in geometric figures, but also in nature. The objects that contain this number are often attributed a special aesthetic character, and it is possible to find this relationship in various works of architecture or art. There are numbers that have intrigued humanity for centuries. The first can be compared to a measure of gold; the second should be called a precious jewel. " This relates it in a very special way to nature, because as we have seen before, the Fibonacci series appears continuously in the structure of living beings. The golden ratio, for example, relates the number of male bees and female bees in a hive, or the arrangement of the petals of flowers. In fact, the role played by the golden number in botany is so great that it is known as "Ludwig's Law". Perhaps one of the most well-known examples is the relationship that exists in the distance between the turns of the spiraling interior of the snails, such as the nautilus. In fact, almost all spirals that appear in nature, as in the case of sunflower or pineapple pine have this golden relationship, since their number is usually a term of the Fibonacci sequence. This number also appears very frequently in art and architecture. For some reason, the figures that are "proportionate" according to the golden ratio are more pleasing to us. Although recent research reveals that there is no evidence to connect this proportion with Greek aesthetics, the truth is that throughout history has been used to "embellish" many works. Leonardo's interest in the mathematics of art and nature is well known, and this proportion was not indifferent to him. In fact, in his study of the human figure, embodied in the Vitruvian Man, it can be seen how all parts of the human body are related to the golden section. Also the face of the Mona Lisa encloses a perfect "golden rectangle". Obviously, Leonardo was not the only one to use this proportion in his work. Architecture is not alien to this mathematical value. The relation between the parts, the roof and the columns of the Parthenon of Athens, for example, are also related by the golden ratio. Many consumer products are designed following this relationship, as they are more pleasant or comfortable. Credit cards or cigarette boxes have dimensions that maintain this proportion. The golden number can be found everywhere, and often we are not even aware that it is there. But in general, when something is attractive to us, it hides this relationship between its parts. But do not blame yourself if you still do not hear the name of such a famous character. He was a shy, reserved and even stuttering man who, despite the success of his work, never made public his true identity and even returned the correspondence that came in the name of Lewis Carroll. For many students this subject is an entertaining subject. The Palma Arena velodrome was one of the scenarios that brought together more students. You can leave your comments and contributions at the end. 57,000 Madrilenian children answered questions about European capitals, had to explain what a thermometer is for or calculate how many meters there are in three and a half kilometers. Among the 100 centers with better classifications there are 36 public schools, 35 concerted and 29 private. At the end of that same list, among the last 100, public education wins by a landslide, with 81 centers. If the results of this test were enough to take the pulse of education in Madrid, the truth is that it goes through the hair. The approved schools approve but worse than last year and the private ones get a good. The public continues to the tail, but improving. In one year, the percentage of approved students has increased three points among public schools, while the private and private schools have dropped. And, as a detail, it is imposed in prosperous areas of the capital. In 95 of the 179 municipalities in the region, the publics have obtained the highest percentage of passes in the language exam. And in 96 they obtained a higher percentage of passes in mathematics. Public education is the majority. In Madrid, there are seven centers of this type for each private school and almost duplicate the private schools. They are more, but they leave worse unemployed in the test, an evaluation very answered from different sectors of the educational community. They consider that the results do not bring improvements from one course to another or involve greater effort on the part of the Ministry of Education. Education then defended the exam to motivate schools and because parents demand that information. The reply from the group of directors was that, although those of compensatory students do not score, they are in class the rest of the year and are part of the group and its evolution. Just take a look at the list of the top 20 schools -that the Ministry of Education made public last Wednesday- to see how some centers have experienced meteoric climbs on the list from one year to the next. The private school Style rose more than 200 positions. Several schools give different keys. They speak of pure luck, of a class with better students than the previous year or of a thorough preparation. Two experts consulted also offer different formulas for success, including picaresque. Among his conclusions he stressed that a university parent or a good family environment have more influence on school success than other factors related to educational policies, such as reducing the number of students per class or the percentage of foreigners in the classrooms. Cabrales admits that there are many variables that can not measure. He considers that the main key to the success of those who have overcome positions is the effort. And consider that data should be included as the number of students per center or low on the day of the exam to avoid manipulation. And, like the principals of primary school, he claims that the data include more variables, because "you can not compare one center with another to which first-year foreign students arrive who do not even speak Spanish." The next exam will be in May. School children must complete all tests in one morning. In Madrid there are seven public schools for each private school and almost double in number to the private schools. You can leave your comments and contributions at the end. The objective of this book is that the reader "can appreciate that novelists insert in the literary discourse references to mathematics in a natural way", explained the author. In the same way, Spanish literature is completed with statistics, means and arithmetic calculations, Del Rio assured. You can leave your comments and contributions at the end. The seeds of an apple cut transversely are distributed forming a starry pentagon. The flight of the falcon when it approaches its prey, the arms of the tropical cyclones or the shells of many mollusks follow a logarithmic spiral. The promoters emulate the group of participants that organized a Carnival of Physics with a remarkable success of participation. Among the participants are both professionals of Mathematics as students and fans, united by the interest in spreading the knowledge of this science, although the Carnival will be open to the participation of any interested person through its website. Isabel Fernández jumped for joy a year ago, when she was invited to the queen of the mathematical summits. It sounds comical and enigmatic, but she corrects: "Exciting." The appointment: next August in Hyderabad. She has come to lunch by bicycle from the university, where she works as a teacher. During the meal, Fernandez is a machine gun that shoots complex ideas marinated with smiles that make her intelligence earthy. When his enthusiasm allows, he attacks the salmon salad. The mates impregnated his life and the tangents mixed with flat curves with a childish, soapy flavor. You have some control over the properties of the surfaces and put them to the test, "he says resolutely. Next summer he will explain to the mathematical elite his advances in the geometry of soap bubbles, along with his partner Pablo Soto. But I have not made a pomp in my life, "he warns. Surprising that this young woman has not thrown herself into a Mistol bathtub and wire in hand to implement the forms and sweetness that adapt the bubbles. They are all formulas and more formulas that you write on the blank page and then contrast with your colleague Soto on Skype. With it, the theory does not come down to practice. After 40 minutes, the tomato juice follows halfway while the phrases are pressed, but at least it savors the cod accompanied by an "excellent" cream of sweet potato. With the small mouth confesses that the classes in the faculty serve him "to recover the self-esteem and solve problems that you know". Before leaving, he jokes about his conference in India: "My legs will shake, but I will try not to notice much." The Bulgarian authorities ordered an investigation after the same six winning numbers were obtained in two consecutive rounds of the national lottery. One expert in mathematics calculated that the probability of the same six numbers coming out twice in a row is one in four million. However, he clarified that these coincidences happen. The results of the investigation will be known in a few days. Geometry is one of the oldest fields of mathematics, but it has undergone a revolutionary change in the last 50 years, recalls the prize committee, composed of five prestigious mathematicians. Gromov has led some of the most important developments in the field, providing highly original general ideas that have opened new perspectives. According to his colleagues, "Gromov is always looking for new questions and constantly thinks of new ideas to solve problems that have not been solved for a long time." Throughout his career, they say, "he has been the author of profound and original works, and remains extraordinarily creative. Gromov's works will continue to be a source of inspiration for future mathematical discoveries. " Among the several important results of Gromov's work Muñoz cites the theory of pseudoholomorphic curves, within his own field of work: symplectic geometry. You can leave your comments and contributions at the end. For no more than fifty years a movement has been developing tending to show the friendly face of Mathematics. Well despised by others, who consider it an unforgivable frivolity. That nobody is scared: these pages do not pretend to be a didactic exhibition, but a degreaser of mathematical reasoning, I hope that it is not boring. Sample buttons taken from my garden, which touches the reader to cultivate and flourish in solutions, good gifts perhaps for children, nephews or grandchildren. Casimiro and Nicasio meet on the street. Pluck the hairs one by one... -You, always the same. And the sum, the number of that portal. Casimiro casts a glance, and meditates a moment. Shouted a guy with the look of a trilero. A large poster explains:? One lies and another tells the truth. try, get the saved bill of 10??. Below, three boxes with their respective labels. There is no doubt that, at six euros the bet, we would have to discover the ticket the first time, so as not to feel cheated. It is clear that, after each bet, the croupier will have to take the pieces and go with them to another part, right? The important thing is to compete... and win! I entered the dressing room just finished the career of my five friends. I meet Aniketo urging on his sports bag. To finish: Guess, riddle. If you notice my sides or their opposite angles, two you will see that they are equal and the third... flaw. Good profit. It is easier for you to be struck by lightning, than the fat one of the Euromillion. However, the human being opts for intuition, rather than numbers, when making decisions. The possibility of dying by lightning in Spain is one in ten million, the chance of hitting the six figures of the "primitive" is even lower: one out of every fourteen million. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your account of Google+. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. It's great your simulated company, piece work in team. It is being an unforgettable experience for young and old. Navigating through the categories or using our blog search engine you can find other interesting websites of almost any topic, assess them and comment on them. 0 Matesymás Interesting website, there is a press and math link. Proposed and solved problems, to group a community of people interested in training their mind and enjoy the beauties of mathematics. And "Fallacies of Internet and other loves" where I expose the daily world of relationships, where our roles undergo the transition of the moment. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

Among the members of the family, Rosa stands out, with eighteen years of age, and Clara of only ten. The first one stood out for its inhuman beauty that resembled that of a mermaid and the second daughter had a very peculiar character and a particular gift: clairvoyance. Clara embarrasses her family by questioning the existence of hell during Father Restrepo's mass, who accuses her of being possessed and atheist. Nívea prayed that his brother would arrive safe and sound. Rescuers were sent to search for the body and returned with a closed coffin that supposedly contained the uncle's body. In the coffin brought by the rescuers there were only sandbags. The buffet consisted of a large roast pig that was accompanied by some gifts that sent him from the south. Clara announces that there will be a sudden death of a member of the family, but nobody pays attention to her. After the banquet, Rosa gets sick with the flu and Doctor Cuevas prescribes a break and a lemonade with a drink of liquor. Severo orders Nana to follow the doctor's instructions and give Rosa a lemonade accompanied by the aguardiente that accompanied the pig. The next morning, Rosa dies. Doctor Cueva suspects there is something suspicious about his death and performs an autopsy on Rosa. The autopsy is performed in the kitchen of the family where Clara witnessed the macabre process. The result was that the liquor that had been placed in Rosa's lemonade was poisoned. Nobody knew the origin of the liquor but it was meant to end the life of Severo. Ferula has dedicated her life to the care of Doña Ester, who is bedridden due to severe arthritis. Following the death of Rosa, Esteban's natural mood worsened. Her husband quickly squandered his money and took the family to bankruptcy. Esteban did not want to go back to the mines but he needed to work to provide his family with money and so that they would not lack anything while they lived. The peasants, who lived off the land, had not seen any landlord or owner on the land extension for more than fifteen years, so they live in total chaos. As soon as Esteban Trueba becomes unemployed and sees the fruits of his effort, he realizes that his sexual appetite is not satisfied. To satisfy his desire for meat, he rapes a young virgin peasant girl, Pancha Garcia, whom he leads to live in the main house as his housekeeper and lover. As a result of his relationship with Pancha, Esteban begins to take an interest in the peasants. He builds a school and makes plans to improve the quality of life of the peasants, although in no way does he want them to become his equals. Pancha García becomes pregnant and Esteban loses interest in her. Pancha leaves the main house and returns to live with the peasants and it is at that moment that Esteban gives free rein to his sexual desires and rapes a number of young peasants. The workers are not satisfied with the treatment that Esteban gives them, but they are not listened to because Esteban says that he gives them the comforts enough and a fair salary. That's where he meets Tránsito Soto, a girl of only twelve who worked as a prostitute, who borrows money to be able to get ahead and promises to pay him some time. Esteban feels bad because he has not seen his mother in years. In trying to get Clara out of this state, many doctors invent remedies but none has any effect. La Nana, on her part, made costumes to scare Clara and start a scream, but she can not get it. Clara's muteness causes her to be removed from school and taught at home. Clara is an avid reader and starts a habit she will have for life: write the most important facts in her notebooks to write down life. Clara had on her apron a slate with which she communicated with others. On one occasion Honorio, the gardener, tells Clara about a dream she had had and she interprets it perfectly, making the gardener earn eighty pesos in a lottery. As Clara grows her powers of clairvoyance sharpen until she predicts natural disasters, read the letters and begins to play the piano with the lid closed. Severo does not like his daughter's eccentricities and forbids them, but Nívea, knowing her daughter's gifts, approves and helps her develop her skills. During Clara's silence, Nívea tells her the countless stories of the family. He arrives at the precise moment to say goodbye to his mother who makes him promise to marry and have a stable family. Severo and Nívea present Clara, but warn her of all her eccentricities. Esteban does not see his abilities as an inconvenience to procreate healthy children. Seeing Clara, Esteban is captivated and they put a date on their marriage. During the exchange of rings on the day of their engagement, Barabbas arrives bleeding from a stab in the back. The dog approaches Clara and dies in her arms which ends the ceremony. Ferula was nervous because the new marriage of her brother would mean that she would have to live in her house that was in ruins. At the same time, he realizes that Clara does not really belong to him. Shortly after settling in the city, everyone finds out that Clara is pregnant. During pregnancy, splint care becomes more intense until you reach the point of bathing. She also tries to teach women about gender inequality, but realizes that women can not follow her advice. Upon discovering the talks his wife gave to peasant women, Esteban becomes angry, but she simply ignores his reproaches. Clara has a very difficult pregnancy in which she returns to her state of muteness as in her childhood. However, Toto Toto's plans were bigger and he plans to form a cooperative of prostitutes where each one of them is a member and does not depend on anyone. All try to hide the disastrous news to Clara because she was in a state of gestation. Clara finds out about the death of her parents through her dreams and premonitions. The head of Nívea can not be found and is buried without a head. Clara, however, through her premonitions, comes to know where her mother's head was and goes in search of her. Férula offers to accompany Clara in her search for the head. Guided by her premonitions, Clara finds the place and recovers her mother's head. As soon as they get home, Férula helps give birth to the twins. The head of his mother is kept in the basement in a black box of hats. Clara begins to get together with the Mora sisters with whom she conducts séances at home. Ferula was thrown out of the house and Clara, not knowing the reason, looked for it without success. While Esteban Trueba became rich, the economic crisis came to the country: the peasants invading the city in search of work brought diseases. The reunion with Blanca, after For a long time, it was very emotional and both feel that their feelings for each other are too strong to be denied. After the holidays ended, both said goodbye with kisses, hugs and tender caresses. Both had come to the conclusion that at their young age they had become secret lovers because no one in the family should know about their feelings. The Trueba family returns to the city after their summer vacations and are taking their dinner peacefully.. Suddenly, Férula entered the dining room, very old and pale, approached Clara, grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her on the forehead. He did not speak to anyone at the table and everyone was stunned. Clara scared, with tears in her eyes and with an upcoming asthma attack told Esteban that her sister had died. When they arrived at the house of Férula, which was located in a poor neighborhood, they found his body on the bed dressed in old elegant clothes. Nobody paid any attention to him and at four o'clock in the morning the movement began. Everyone ran in terror trying to flee. At the time when Esteban left the house, the wall buried him. The replicas continued many hours and in the end the volcano erupted, burning everything and leaving ashes. After a moment, he noticed that his great-grandfather was different; when touched, it fell. Esteban was furious on horseback; He found his daughter and whipped her. He took her home, had her treated and locked himself in his office to vent his anger. Clara entered the room and Esteban insulted her, telling her that it would be different if she had done it with someone of her class. Clara told him that she had done the same as her father, but with the difference that she did it out of love. Esteban punched her, leaving her without teeth. Trueba took an ax and cut off 3 fingers, but Pedro Tercero fled on his horse. Amanda and her little brother Miguel were orphans; that's why she took him everywhere; One day he accepted Clara's advice and with great regret he enrolled him in a school. In the university Jaime was annoyed because he was the son of a senator and he thought to take off his last name. Noticing that his girlfriend Amanda was not going home, Nicolás went to visit her, learning that she was pregnant with him and wished to abort the child. At Amanda's request, Jaime intervened with fear and made her abort. This pleased Blanca because she did not want to have a married life with the conde.Jean exported Inca antiquities among which were huacos, precious stones, gold relics and mummies. Blanca especially feared the mummies that were kept in her house because at night she felt the sound of footsteps and laughter, thinking that it was them. Her husband forbade her to enter a special room, the photo lab because she said that the photos could be damaged, so she secured it with a key. Blanca, feeling curious, broke the veneer on the door of her husband's development room and saw that the walls were covered with naked portraits of the servants and some erotic pictures. This is how Blanca discovers the count's morbid personality. They said that they should not worry about her, because she was protected by the stars. The family helped to remove all traces of Jean and the girl was told that her father had been a nobleman who had died from a fever in the desert. She was the only one who could enter his room to take medicine books and read them. Clara sensed her end and days before she began to prepare everything to start her new life. Esteban, when finding out, was with 2 thugs and destroyed the premises. The next day, Nicolás and his followers undressed in front of the Congress in protest. Esteban who was in the congress left in order to catch him but suffered a cardiac arrest which took him to the hospital. He recovered and sent his son abroad to see him no more and not destroy his good image as a politician. I told him stories about children, but when I did not know them well, I changed the story continually. They bribed the guard and dug up the coffin. When he took her to the hospital, a carabinier pointed his gun at her; It was Esteban García. One day, Jaime noticed that in the streets there were posters alluding to his father, in which a mother begged a soldier from Moscow to return her son. The conservatives, led by Esteban Trueba, come out of their shock state and mount a campaign on different fronts to discredit the new elected government. In the form of oppression, they withdraw all their money from the country and stop the production and transport of basic goods. Seeing the reaction of the Socialists, Esteban is preparing for a military coup. With the new political caucus, Pedro Tercero occupies, against his will, an important position of the government. Pedro Tercero again demands that Blanca marry him, threatening not to see him again. This threat is not taken into account by Blanca who mocks such a request. Blanca, like the others, finds alternative ways to make a living by storing and carefully saving what she is able to buy on the black market. Alba surreptitiously steals her mother's food from her reserves and distributes them among the poor. Esteban to find out what happened in the Tres Marías, takes a gun and goes to his property. The peasants take Esteban hostage, who can not be rescued by the national guard. Luisa informs him that soon there will be terrible bloodshed where Esteban will be on the side of the victors, but that he will not gain anything, and that Alba will be in danger. It suggests that they leave the country. Aware of what is about to happen, the president calls his closest friends, including Jaime. The military forces attack by killing the president and taking Jaime prisoner. Due to the sociopolitical position of his family and his profession, Jaime is offered the possibility of renouncing his political opinions in exchange for his freedom, but he refuses. Esteban not knowing the fate of Jaime celebrates the coup. Despite some concerns he has not to be immediately reinstated in the Senate, Esteban tries to believe that there will only be a brief period of dictatorship and that after power will be returned to the conservatives. Miguel says goodbye to Alba and joins the guerrilla. Esteban recovered his estate, along with other foremen; He killed the animals and set the peasants' house on fire, dislodging them. Blanca told her father that she was hiding Pedro Tercero at home and asked her to help her get him out. Esteban lovingly said goodbye to his daughter and asked her forgiveness for all the years he had treated her badly. They embraced each other lovingly because then they did not see each other again. In an act of kindness, Alba hid the refugees and refugees in the house on the corner. One day Miguel appeared, converted into a guerrilla and knocked on the door of his house. Alba was happy to see that he had not died. In addition, he told her about the weapons he had hidden on the mountain with his uncle Jaime. They destroyed the house without finding anything and ordered Trueba to sign a paper stating that the search was made civilized. The old man got upset and said he would not. She had become the owner of the place that no longer functioned as a brothel, but as a dating hotel, where many people from the government came. After a while, thinking that it was Clara or sometimes Rosa, she died peacefully in her arms when she was in her bed. I could not finish the book and with this I believe that except for my test tomorrow. you helped me people, I promise you! The truth is that the book had already read to me last year but I needed to refresh my memory a bit. Luis M. May 12, 2012, 14: 57 Your summary is nice. Nomás that a little long but in general, well, very well. Reply DeleteUnknown25 September 2012, 11: 51 Very many thanks, it has helped me a lot. vicente14 November 2012, 6: 48Not bad. I hope that my colleagues allan did the same for that the teacher is very meticulous for reading controls and even with reading this fabulous summary they are saved from it. I hope you have obtained a good grade.

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