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Each player takes a board with the squares facing upwards. The essay consists in the interpretation of a topic without the need to use a documentary device, in a free, unsystematic way and with a will to style. This part constitutes the presentation of the topic on which the author will develop his own point of view, as well as the reasons why he considers it important to approach this topic. mfjen the content, and deepens more about it, either offering answers about something or leaving final questions that motivate the reader to reflect. Conclusion In this section the author expresses his own ideas on the subject, it is possible to give some suggestions for solutions, close the ideas that were worked on in the development of the topic and propose lines of analysis for later writings. Contemplate the other 10% of the essay, about half a page.

In my last essay I want to conclude my assessments on altered states of consciousness. My purpose is trying to convince the ideal reader that more research on subjects as out-of-body experiences are worth it from a scientific point. I want to show that a belief in out-of-body experiences does not matter to recognize that these things affect large parts of the population in a real way and to understand more about that helps us to understand how human consciousness is born and dies. Nowadays no one disputes that both experiences exist, but their meaning. A large part of the scientific community is skeptical about this issue, although much of that skepticism is bad information or prejudice, as it could be in several debates on the subject or even in published works. According to this approach, it is only an illusion, due to the abnormal processing of visual information and something that could be clumsily explained as the way the brain processes the position of the body. "The essay is very detailed, descriptive, and organized., clearer organization, and few more transitions and grammatical corrections, Tom's essay will be very well written.I like that Tom says his opinion at the beginning of the essay.The evidence may be more detailed in the body of the essay, but this It will make the essay more organized.The writing of this essay is very good.There is a wide variety of vocabulary and sentence structures.The essay could use more transitions.Tom uses at the end, the other way around, to conclude, and on the other hand. Tom's essay is very advanced, it is important to revise, because a word without an accent can be completely different, for example, "For a long time I had a theory" was had, without accents, these words They are not verbs and it does not make sense. This is a very interesting topic. This essay shows that Tom has spent a lot of time researching and he knows what he is discussing. It was very easy to understand and I know that with the corrections, this essay will be very good. In the end, in my opinion, all that seems a joke and distracted the eyes of the real issue. Many of the investigations in psychology do not have much logic and the investigations are not observable in scientific or repeatable context. Research with rigorous scientists and without an agenda is the most intriguing. Departments with elaborate verification methods such as physics, biochemistry, pharmacology and neuroscience work together to try to explain that phenomenon. But at last, the conclusion of those studies show that our sense of ourselves should not be limited to our mind and that there are ways to deceive that brain system. Researchers try to explain how the lack of oxygen could be the cause of hallucinations before dying. For decades those who lived the experience radically change the way they see life and death: they become less materialistic, more spiritual and even suffer the rejection of family and friends who think they are disturbed.

At this time, open up to read this it depends on you. I hope you have made the right decision, and have not judged the book by its cover. They created life, time and death to maintain a perfect balance in our present. Many people have tried to locate them but most have not returned, the few who have arrived in their native towns their sanity and their faith disappeared, they did not return to be the same. But they had the certainty that each stone caused a single power that will make them stronger than any being on this planet.

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