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About Calls Module 2. Texts and worldviews M5. It is required to participate 3 times to have 100 points. Discussion forum: Argumentando means people. The thesis The star Realizes all these activities to have a good performance in the module. My position is against this phrase. My three arguments that support my position are: 1. Technology has served for family members living in different countries, communicate more easily and at low cost, with cellular applications such as what's app or Skype. Technology has collaborated to find people, family or friends, that we have not seen for a long time and we did not know about them. Technology has helped to form groups of help and collaboration among citizens: to disseminate information, to find missing relatives or pets, to demonstrate against what affects society. For these reasons, it is false that technology has distanced human beings. Monday, August 14 at 8:00 p.m. Check the support material that will help you with your tasks. Book The battles in the desert, here. Discussion forum: Write someone else. 8 comments February-July 2017 I share the materials that will help you advance your tasks. I invite you to the synchronous session this Monday, July 24 at 8:30 pm, enter here. Integrative activity 6 "Review of a text" Work file. Below you will find the activities you will do during the week and support material to achieve good results in your tasks. Integrating activities Integrating activity 3. Theater Work file Inclusive activity 4. Leave a comment This week you will perform the following tasks. Applications of linguistics Discussion forum. Linguistic diversity in Mexico Formative activity. Haute cuisine Training activity. Coplas de Manrique in current Spanish version. Resource-Book on rhetorical figures. Watch this video where I teach the 6 basic rules of spelling. 7 comments Updated for Generation 8. Texts and visions of the world, we will continue with Unit 1. The text as a creative and communicative manifestation of the human being. Integrative activities of Week 2 Integrative activity 3. Forums Class forum: A text in two versions. Objective: Identify 5 differences between a book and a movie. Discussion forum: The lives of the authors. Objective: Reflect on what inspires authors to write their works. Synchronous session Tuesday November 1 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. I explain how the activities are done. Check the video and lean on what I share to accomplish your tasks. 1 comment Last week of Module 3. Language in the relationship between man and the world. Social practices and forms of citizen participation. Objective: You will perform an essay at least 3 pages. You will expound your position on the consequences that a natural phenomenon leaves. Forums Class forum: What can I find in a speech?. Discussion forum: My commitments to the community. Synchronous session Tuesday, October 11 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. I explain how the activities are done. Review the video and lean on what I share to accomplish your tasks. Save notes, links, documents online.

2012 From web pages to the largest scientific articles, the presence in search engines required to increase its popularity has allowed all that written content can be seen and plagiarized without much difficulty. Both the indexing and the speed of response of the powerful search engine make possible a good check of the content on the network. Lover of the new technologies, science, the academic world and the applications of the previous themes in the network. Write in since the end of 2011. I will have to be more careful and changing verbal tenses, site phrases, and some other word added. If someday I am a teacher, I will come back here, so I hope never to return. Although I have a beginning, I do not I will be very original. But when I want to write about something, I immediately go and do it, and after writing it I document to avoid some mistake of package, but never the other way around. Of course it would be too much of a coincidence but it could happen. Thank you very much XariUh, pity that there is nothing to avoid the plagiarism of photographs! Very interesting anyway! Juan Diego Polosí that there is, among them tineye. Pingback: Between digital literacy and the functional illiteracy of knowledge: question of tools, education and pedagogy? but the compilation is quite complete, very useful!

To them, and to all those who appreciate the value of culture, this space is addressed, with the intention of exposing conflicts and proposing solutions to solve them. The Bubok team sent us an email entitled "10 keys to write a book": 1) Plan your book. Writing a book is like building a building: before you start writing make sure you have a plan. Think well that you want to tell, how you are going to organize the information in chapters, how you are going to finish it. 2) Do not let yourself be overcome by the blank page. No hurry, no pressure, but with perseverance. Remember that it is not about writing a masterpiece, just about finishing your book. Reading is the writer's oxygen, it will inspire you and motivate you. If you are writing a novel or a book of poems, read novels and poems. If you are writing a non-fiction book ─ an essay, a self-help book, a cookbook... ─ read similar books. Reading is the warming of writing. 4) Impose a fixed writing schedule. It can be two hours each afternoon, the weekend mornings, or three hours on Thursday night... It does not matter. The essential thing that, once you decide your weekly writing schedule, you respect it. You will only reach the top of the mountain if you walk even if little by little. 5) Always have a dictionary on hand. It will help you express yourself better and not repeat yourself. If you write fiction, an Ideological Dictionary will also be very useful. Do not try to write complicated, with long sentences or complex language. Keep in mind that the first purpose of language is to convey ideas, so clarity and simplicity can be our best allies, especially if you are writing your first book. Imagine your future reader as a friend, not as a judge. You need the precision, the precision and accuracy to make your book interesting. This is true for any type of writing: if you are a novelist and your character travels to London, search for names of streets or specific places in the city. If you talk to an anthropologist, look for the terms they use to express themselves. And if you write a non-fiction book, gathering data is an essential step for it to be useful to your readers. Pass your book to friends, acquaintances or better yet people you think meet the characteristics of your future readers. Ask them their opinion in a very specific way: what they liked most about your book and what less; if at some point they have become bored or if there is something that is not well understood. Do not get defensive and try to convince them that your book is very good: accept their opinions and take them into account when reviewing. Reread what you are writing and go making the changes you think appropriate. When you finish the book, let it rest for a few days and then read it again with new eyes. Do not be afraid to rearrange the chapters, alter phrases or expressions or even cut out whole pieces. The words are your work material, mold them as you need. 10) Do not forget that writing is learned by writing. The first book always costs more and the result may not satisfy us 100%... It does not matter, take it as a practice: the next one will be better. Writing is like any other activity in life, the more we practice it, the better the results. After writing a book what steps to follow to publish. Well I really I started writing my book 6 months ago and I take approx. It is a fact of real life that was surrounded by a series of events that marked my life. I have read a lot and I have seen many videos of how to write a book. I have so much information that I need a helping hand to clear up doubts and continue. I wanted to thank you for publishing this genius. No doubt I've savored every bit of it. I have you marked to see more new things of this web. The trouble is that every time I read what I write, I change it. I have started 4 times this year and each time with a different argument. I think I already found the definitive one. As for what to build a house. Under my humble and ignorant point of view, it is the most difficult. I never know what the next page will be about until I write it. Since he pushed me too hard to want to do well the first time. My life a life like any other... but Mine!!!

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