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I'm sorry if I've offended you, but someone had to tell you already. Maybe you were not aware of it, but there are many people who hate you and do not be honest because they do not want you to feel sorry. Ignorance is happiness, is not it? Nor do you believe now that for me it is being a good drink; I'm playing your affection, and I recognize how powerful you are. In fact, being a bit smart, I do not deserve too much to be the spokesperson. I lose more than I earn, it's clear that you will not listen to me. At this point, can you remind me why I'm still with this? I am realizing as I write that it is stupid. If there is no one who encourages me to continue, I will not. Although, between you and me, I feel comfortable talking to you because I've already told you what I think of you. I have been more honest with you than with many acquaintances. It's more or less what happens to me when I think of you every year. It's a shame because that kind of people is usually nice, and I'm sure someone is interested in being told how to floss without bleeding gums. It is not as easy as with you, Heat, because you are nothing more than a character who has created my head to vent. You're real, of course, but you're not someone I can really write letters to. I'm getting angry because you're starting to like me, so I'm going to say goodbye. PD: I hate you and there are many more people who hate you. Very comfortable, but then you're going to have to wash the dishes anyway. Awesome, but there are all those screaming and screaming girls waiting in the same line as you. Perfect, but you swallow it back in seven minutes. Lady actress of dubbing, as much as her voice is sweet and beautiful will continue to bother me what you say. It is about imagining a balance with the pros and cons. Although many times it is not a question of deciding but, willingly or unwillingly, a Pandora box is opened and there is no turning back. I will give an example in case I have not explained myself completely well. So much that I could live only by reading books, sleeping and eating. I would end up like a crazy woman for obvious reasons, but let's ignore that. The fact is that I really enjoy reading, okay? But something very curious started to happen when I started writing too. Now, when reading, I am not able to analyze the dialogues, the depth of the characters or the metaphorical implications of some scenes. It's not necessarily bad, but it changes the experience. It's like you know how to cook and you're watching MasterChef, do you understand? It does not happen to me when I see it, but I imagine you can make criticisms with sense. Not like me, I usually make an assessment contrary to the judges. Conclusion: never go to a cooking contest. The true, honest and humble conclusion that I draw from all this that I just wrote is that I have not said anything of the other world either. At first I thought yes but, as I have been writing, I have realized that it will probably happen to almost everyone with movies, series and books. Perhaps it differs in the professional that sounds one when performing the criticism. This has been my reflection this morning.

Reading mobilizes readers a series of feelings, memories, emotions and new ideas that vary according to their life experiences. To become that "most expert partner" is the challenge of the teacher. Hence, reading out loud serves as an example to demonstrate that possibility of sharing what a text can offer when it is read by a person who does it with affection, disposition and passion. Sharing reading is sharing language pleasantly, affirming it as a vehicle of understanding, fantasy and civility. " It is important to systematize, create a time and space that is friendly and daily that is inscribed daily in the classroom • Read aloud beforehand the text that will be read. Not all texts are aloud aloud: you should experiment until you find the right ones • Look for just intonation, enrich the text the expression and the voice. Editorial Colihue 3.Idem ob.cit. In this section, it will be announced that the next day will continue and then start the class planned for that day • Do not choose texts that are used later for other learning. It is important to try to separate this reading from the daily task, so that the children can differentiate that moment and relax.

It is pertinent to affirm that a reader in a loud voice visualizes his office as a playful space, where a reading is not imposed or restricts the readings to a single topic. The people who read aloud are the mediators or interpreters between the writing and the receiver. We can not adopt an attitude of leaders, much less exercise authority in a group through reading. We employ, as Cassany points out, the mediating properties of moralization for a common goal: an appropriate reading aloud. These skills that the reader uses enrich the comprehension of the text at specific moments of reading and encourage students to interpret the writing and be excited to engage in a literary talk with the reader, as I mentioned above. Reading aloud necessarily implies the naturalness of the individual when speaking. The reader must apply that same naturalness of speaking in a reading aloud to interpret and reproduce, both language and writing. In my experience as teachers I can say that reading aloud marked a stage in my life in which since childhood I was taught to read before the public, at first I was afraid or sorry, but little by little I was grasping the taste for reading Without fear of being wrong.

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