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They ask you to open an account with your information and pay, of course. Many of you have asked me where they could get it... Well, they already know. Many of you have asked me where they could get it... Well, they already know. It will publish a novel about death, forgetfulness and sadness. Stresses the conditions of his mother Tantana Ricart, a surname that is forgotten that she carries. Almost nobody knows but, even Aristotle Onassis tried to woo her but she did not let him approach her. " She maintains that it is not mentioned that she is Ricart's granddaughter for several reasons. It is a Trujillo that has refused to participate in the inheritance of his grandfather. The classes, which are taught to young women, serve to alternate with his work as a novelist. In the tablao he transmits his knowledge and skills to a small number of girls. Being with her, in addition to the technique of flamenco dancing, you learn a lot from her vision of life. In the same way, I want to express to you that I have been very pleased with your way of writing and presenting the various topics that appear in it. In her opinion, she had to make the publication when the people mentioned in the book were alive so that they could defend themselves. She did not plot me right because anything she had to say when he was alive so she could defend herself, "he said. Against dictatorships It was reiterative to point out that all the time, and at 57 years of age, has always been against any kind of dictatorship. Aída Trujillo understands that any people can overcome all their problems and get out of poverty without the need for a dictatorship, while at the same time affirming that in Spain, where she lived until five months ago, she fought for democracy. Trujillo When asked about his opinion of his grandfather's dictatorship, he replied that he does not like imposed things. He wrote the play "In the shadow of my grandfather", in which he warned that he can not be classified as "trujillista". In 1930 he took power after the military coup that ousted President Horacio Vásquez. The following year, he organized the Dominican Party, which controlled Dominican political life for the next three decades. At that time he was an absolute dictator, with the title of generalissimo of the Army. Among the public positions he held are that of Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1953 to 1961. It is a fictionalized story, just as I have lived it. The president knew so much that he even felt admiration for some of his declared enemies, such as Professor Juan Bosch. That was something that Aida heard more than once in the mouth of Tantana, her mother and who, as a child, could not quite understand. " About the "just, democratic, kind and detached management of Trujillo", in Pgs. 329-334: "... I can not be your judge, even if I disagree with the way you acted as ruler. The last experiences at your side, the memories that I then sheltered in my mind like gold in cloth, are so different from what I discovered later! Thanks to all that blood and suffering poured out for you, I knew the good life... Thanks to you I did not know until very late how hard it is to make a living. However, the guilt that I have felt intuitively for so many years has been a burden too heavy for me. Now I know why, in my heart of hearts, I felt them as dirty, harmful... I began to realize... thoughts that repulse economic well-being because they are closely related to abuse and crime... ". 59: "Religion was something that was practiced at home but in a very light way. Yes, there was occasional attendance at mass and there were priests friends who visited the family... ". Not like his daughter, Angelita, who was also very pretty but did not resemble her at all. She was a young woman who always went about her business and Tantana, on the other hand, had an altruistic and loving character ". 62: "It had been many years since Dona Maria had demanded her husband to sleep in separate rooms. When he learned that he had a lover he really loved, he could not forgive him. But, some time after they contracted marriage, the spouses had not understood each other, creating an insurmountable distance between them. The relationship became a political-social convenience in which neither was happy. In her book "In the shadow of my grandfather", Aída denies the bloody methods of her grandfather, but at the same time she is responsible for denying many of the lies that her aunt expresses in the "composition" about her father. The purpose of writing the book has been... to vent all my grief for having discovered those hidden facets for me about what my grandfather was, whom I considered the best, and who was Trujillo. That was very painful, I started writing an intimate diary that was expanding and ended up being that book called 'In the shadow of my grandfather'. Throughout the book there are brushstrokes of fiction where the real mixes. According to her, her grandfather was a tender and loving person during the seven years he could be by her side; Trujillo was the dictator who, with a firm hand, defeated the integrity of the Dominican people. It is expressed in the following way, that we write, not literally but as we remember from an interview: "I have never tried to justify anyone. I grew up thinking that my grandfather was the most loving and tender of the world; as I got older I dared to investigate and I could face the dictator ". What follows is a faithful transcription of his expressions: "The value of human life has no price. Not a few historians were the ones who discovered me the fact that Joaquín Balaguer murdered many people with impunity. That there existed also, under his calm and cultured aspect, a mandate of terror and violence. " And I ask again humbly and with the greatest respect here if, with my statements, I have offended any of them. " His work was criticized in the Dominican Republic without it being read. That was something that Aida heard more than once in the mouth of Tantana, her mother... ". In addition, his statements are a lunge to the intended attempt of his aunt Angelita to claim the name of the tyrant. Production techniques in the metal-mechanic industry, with Metaldom. Courses and seminars on electrical installations, with the College of Engineers. In addition, he advised theses and gave monographic courses. A press conference was also held, attended by various journalists from different newspapers and publications. The writing of In the shadow of my grandfather is mixed with historical and incredible facts, combined by many touches of fantasy where the imagination began to fly. The motivation of the text was an intimate diary of the author written more than 10 years ago, but when the chronology of his life he had to face his grandfather, he needed to create an outlet and thus began to write the book. Under this dynamic the novelist stressed that she is almost certain that her grandfather for that time would have been democratically elected, only that she was afraid to lose power and brought out the worst of herself. Aida also mentioned what has happened in his country of residence, Spain, with the figure of Franco and how his descendants are treated these days. First of all I think it's a novel, narrated in the third person. The novel, a long time ago, stopped obeying traditional patterns, and the same has happened with poems. Those of now have nothing to do with those of before and nobody dares to say that they are not poems. Fictional memories of a loving grandfather, of which the Dominicans keep a bad taste. The critics have aroused a great morbid and the book has been sold like hot cakes. He left me in one piece, with his mouth open and strongly impressed. I never thought that someone close to the Boss would give him to look for his good side and he would find that this man did not have a hair of goodness. Nor did I think that a person who had inherited the millions and the properties that he left could fall into inopia and have to go to live in a wagon, in a campsite. Nor that his life was so hazardous. Well, going back to the novel, I think a lot of people have demonized it without reading it. It is well written, and also, provides data and facts unknown until then, at least for me. I understand those who do not want to read it. What can not be ruled out is that Aída Trujillo did not find, nor will she find in the rest of her life, a single act of kindness from her grandfather towards our people. The book is taken from his Diary, sometimes with fictionalized facts and in others with fiction and some time the reality comes out, as in all novels. Dominicans are terrified that others, and not us, write about the Tyrant. That the granddaughter present to the grandfather as good and affectionate, does not surprise me. I have a friend who was married to one of the worst torturers of the 40 and tells of the good husband and father. But do not tear the garments that come from a book by Angelita Trujillo. However, to my recently turned fifty years, I realize that my feelings towards you remain paradoxical. And, at this point, I have assumed that they will be until I die. On the one hand, I still love the one who was, after my mother, the most important being of my early childhood. My first love that every time I remember you, resurge in me with more strength. The last experiences at your side, the memories that I then sheltered in my mind like gold in cloth, are so different from what I discovered later! The one whom I knew and loved so much was a tender grandfather and a just ruler, not the ruthless and cruel man that history speaks of. I swear that at first I believed all the information about you in the books to be false. And I did not recognize in her that man who was my adored old man. I also discovered that the place where you were killed is a place of remembrance. The visitor learns that in that place, finally, after a very long thirty-one years, brave men freed their country from your tyranny. Somehow, I will always be an exile. Because, after you, the surname Trujillo means exile. If I persisted in returning to live here, I would have to reach an intellectual and spiritual maturity that I do not think I could ever reach. They would always point me with my finger, no matter what I did. I would lose my identity as a person because it would not be Aida, but Trujillo's granddaughter. I would not have freedom, nor independence, nor autonomy, things for which I have fought so hard. I would not know if I should reveal my last name, if I can speak clearly, if I am allowed to open my heart to a stranger. Because I would never know if that stranger was at some point in his life harmed by you. Sorry, grandfather, deep down I would like to be like that and be able to think only about what interests me, forgetting the rest of the world. But, as much as I have tried, I have not succeeded. Many people claim that I suffer unnecessarily. I wish that, after so many years since you left this life, you have been able to reach your peace and your spiritual as well as physical divinity. A material life that knows how to heal all the damage you did in what was your existence as the absolute ruler of a beautiful country that saw us both born. Besides rewarding, it turned out to be a beautiful and indescribable experience. I was rewarded, by far, for all the effort, the illusion and the dreams that I was pouring into it while I was writing it. But I am open to any other possible suggestion. It could even be translated into other languages. Thank you all for existing in my life... even if it's just reading what I write! This entry was written in April 2010. This novel was put into circulation in September 2011 in Santo Domingo.

I turn on the desk lamp and our space lights up with his smile. That spark in his eyes, that look with a certain flirtatious brightness I love. We are here, together after of our little battles of mistrust, that's why I feel victorious. I prepared some music, but my nerves will not let me find it now, so I choose randomly. Meanwhile I look at the bed and see her lying in her floral dress and I can not help but look at her, her calves thin but firm. He sees me watching her and flexes his knee, nervously moves his feet and his elongated fingers dance nervously. I want to say that I see the utopia come true, but I only manage to answer: -Nothing- and I lie down next to her. He gives me a hug and we give ourselves in a passionate kiss. I caress her thighs under her dress, my hand trembles at the feel of that soft, warm skin. She shivers a bit and bites my lips. My excitement is notorious, I would like at that moment to take his delivery and lose myself between his legs, but I hope. The stripping of her little panties, my hand goes up her thighs and caressed her pubis and reached that border, where access to paradise begins. Slowly and delicately rub her clitoris, while our tongues are delivered in a ritual of swords and fire. My fingers get wet in his crotch, he moans and squeezes his legs. Take my hardness and guide it to your crotch. I enter slowly, I enjoy this first time, his legs embrace my waist when I am completely inside and we remain motionless for a moment. I do not listen to music, I feel his breath in my ear, he mutters something I do not understand, his hands caress my back. Soft spasms are reassuring that hurricane in which he became. It arches its back, a calm dance that goes away until being still and smiling, again. Xime ^^ Hi awelo, how nice your post! gerardo_rp Pinchi chingón story... someone to tell me what he tried. Lisho Bogüi Video if it is not fake. Cesar I was going to read it and then I saw the picture and the desire disappeared. I guess more or less the same as one takes to read this post. You read but you do not understand draks® The first of all the first? or the first with a new partner? Yerba McGill that same question I asked myself when I read the title of the post, I think it refers to the first in your life. It is a simple resistol, that minds so stubborn. Yerba McGill was question, wero. Lisho Bogüi Ah ok, feel confident to open it in full board. Congratulations homs, pass it chingon! And if you're going to take cold chelas "envita", do not be like these who are just showing off. Juanito Podrido Happy day güey. That you find a Grupo Modelo truck overturned on the highway. He gives me a hug and we give ourselves in a passionate kiss. I caress her thighs under her dress, my hand trembles at the feel of that soft, warm skin. She shivers a bit and bites my lips. I want to say that I see the utopia come true, but I only manage to answer: -Nothing- and I lie down next to her. 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Cheeses.- For those who do not walk with puterias My heart beats nervous, I approach her looking for her mouth. He gives me a hug and we give ourselves in a passionate kiss. I caress her thighs under her dress, my hand trembles at the feel of that soft, warm skin. She shivers a bit and bites my lips. I want to say that I see the utopia come true, but I only manage to answer: -Nothing- and I lie down next to her. Yerba McGill with their respective likes to each comment was enough, it was not necessary to c & p the whole litany, I think. Tenchi was excited because at last someone read one of his posts. Agüelo What if someone else did not read it from corridito, so the story does not lose the thread. Rancherokee do not limit it, I'm sure he already printed them and they are in the process of framing Cesar I detect some envy but above all jealousy in your comment. Agüelo decomposed your detector. Cesar Hasta ahora?, mmes luncho. 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Agüelo Hijoles Güerita, I would like more than to be able to please her, but I am not at her level, I appreciate the favor she gives us when she visits us. Agüelo Snails, they've scammed us! Cesar Why are you leaving so early? a ya, because only the bosses stay late. Tenchi Chi Cesar hahaha, tenchis there are you. Tenchi The Gloris is no longer there, what do you want to enter? Cesar But he's going back, right? Tenchi Yes, as the kids enter the school. Cesar "Yes, as the kids enter the school." It seems like a key, surely it would never be a message for the awelo. I hate mauras I remember when a post from the awelo was almost almost a curse, but today...... in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a tyrant. Cesar Hello maura, greet me do not be like that, nobody has read it in case you were with the earring. Today I appreciate being able to read one of his notes in which, prostitution was part of his miserable life. Afterwards they explained to me that it was water of horchata, but even so I did not dare to taste it. Cheeses ▓ Moder.

Movie not recommended for children under 12 years of age. There are only a few hours until the new year begins. On a television set several stars gather to wait for the chimes and celebrate the arrival of the new year together. But in reality, this special program of New Year's Eve is being recorded in the middle of August outside of Madrid, with a terrible heat. Both compete to have the greatest possible role. There is also a growing hatred among the presenters, who compete for the attention of a producer who, in turn, struggles to prevent the closure of the chain for which he works. Little waste has the film. The director has confessed that after finishing the script was "tremendously scared." But the singer did not hesitate and accepted the role. The title of the film is taken from the popular song by Raphael. My big night is included in the album Whatever they say, from 1968, and it was a version of Adamo. Then he did not want to dare to call the artist and ask for his participation. This guarantees the correct functioning of our services. Back to Top

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