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Hypatia Library Skip to content. But we do not all like the same, do not you think? It can be a revolutionary experience in us as different. We want to know what it is for you; we want you to share your experience. For some it's fun; for others, evasion of reality. Some people read to discover worlds or to live other lives. You can start to hang out or after a recommendation. Reply txiskotxiskis April 27, 2013 at 4:25 pm Without reading you can not live, why not decide to write? In such a way that even reading makes you cry, or laugh. Reply alberto April 18, 2013 at 11:39 am For me reading is a unique experience. Whenever I read books, I feel happy. Because I read books I acquire a lot of knowledge and I learn new things. Reply aaron uberti April 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm I like to read motorcycle magazines because I am interested in the information they provide. Reply Elvira April 18, 2013 at 7:24 pm The love of reading is born in the home. The school and the institute closed the circle. I had great teachers who loved to read and there were spaces for the exchange of opinions and values. I can not imagine without one, two or three books on my bedside table, the home studio or the department desk. Nor can I imagine going on a trip without books. Reading is company when one is alone. Reply [email protected] April 20, 2013 at 10:40 am For me to read is to live other worlds and other lives. To be able to go to the past and what is to come. To discover the Victoria Falls. Live in the Russia of the tsars. Be Emperor in Rome but also a slave and gladiator. About to be shot, remember the afternoon when I met the ice. Fight against windmills. That person of whom I speak does not dedicate part of his life specifically to reading, he shares it with her. After reading a book, unconsciously my life is related to him. The way a good book influences, perhaps making us change, educating ourselves and creating illusion; that for me is what reading really means. In summary, reading for me is a fully-fledged creative act and of course, of abstraction. I have asked myself so many times that question that I never get to define it completely, nor do I find the exact words. For now, I'm sure of few things, like when I read I feel more comfortable than ever. I also get to be alone with myself, without anything interrupting me. I also read for trying to understand other thoughts and even for knowing my own tastes better. Reading is appropriate with a part of the author, is to share and enjoy hundreds of words chosen with perfect precision, evoking the most sincere feeling. I think reading should be something optional. In short, reading for me has to do with freedom, it is related to bringing people together and being happy. Reading makes you transport to any part of the world and be anyone at any time possible. When I read I feel and suffer things that would otherwise be very difficult to live. Throughout my life I have read books that I liked more or less but all of them have marked me in some way. You will never be the same when you finish reading a book, because that book will have left a mark on you, even if you are not fully aware. Answer Jennifer April 22, 2013 at 4:30 pm For me to read is to evade for a moment of everything, start a sentence and not be able to stop because I feel identified with the protagonist or the story. Answer Rebecca April 22, 2013 at 4:33 pm For me reading is to blow the imagination to another place. Only after realizing this I was able to define what reading represents for me. Sometimes a shelter, sometimes a weapon. The use of reading in my case changes to pleasure but maybe that is what keeps me tied to it. Each word is a window with views of wonderful places. Reading immerses you in other people's stories. If you like to read, these stories mean that time does not pass in valde. I can be reading crime novels - black novel - for hours and even then, time flies by. As long as you read what you really want to read, it is an action that we should all do frequently. In each story you become a new character with its peculiarities and peculiarities. For a moment, you leave your problems and the reality of life aside and forget everything around you, focusing on a totally different story from your life, which is an inexplicable and unique fact. Normally, I do not look for a book. My fingers caress the crust of that being that inspires and that breathes exhaling attraction through its paper mouth. My breathing is matched with his in that only first contact that will define my future relationship with that book. I can not easily explain that feeling, maybe those in love with reading as I can understand. The pages printed with firm words emanate an odor that has always fallen in love with me. Maybe it's the essence of paper pages, of moisture and magic. I get dizzy for a second, when my brain tries to conceive that universe that, the author, in the aurifluous movement of his ideas has managed to capture and protect in that delicate container that is the book. Eager, my fingers traverse the snowy paper and my lips recite the first words there printed, murmuring to a volume that only my heart can hear. From that moment, everything inside me seems to change. My rational sense gives way to the torrent of imagination of my interior. A fire burns in my gaze, forcing me to appreciate each stroke of ink, to value each letter, to sigh each word and to live each dream. I do not immerse myself in history, history floods me. The life of its true owners, the characters, consumes me. However, when I find myself sunk in the depths of that fantasy ocean, I do not drown! Every breath of air fills my lungs and my brain with new information that propels the wings of my imagination. When the characters smile, that feeling urges me to smile. When they cry, tears escape my being. My avid eyes travel the horizontal path of each line and capture each feeling as their own. The pages fade at the speed of dreams, while I go forward and go deeper and deeper into their world. However, the moment of the outcome arrives. The mystery so well hidden, the secret so well kept of the destiny of those who live in those leaves, finally comes to me. All the experiences that I have lived with them have taken me to this place. That end makes me breathe easy, and know, and understand. I understand, and I'm happy to understand. My satisfied hands close the book and I contemplate the volume for a few seconds, remembering everything I learned. However, I feel that something is missing. I feel that I belong to that world, that I want to continue enjoying with the people of that universe of paper. All experience is embodied in paper and everything you want to see and hear you can find either in a book or in a simple newspaper article. It is an art that everyone should be able to enjoy, since it is the best exercise for the mind. But that morning, before choosing fresh fruit or looking for the best price of "fabes", my father went with me to the imposing building that presides over the market and where the public library of the city is located. There I enrolled in the children's section and I was stunned by so many bookshelves full of books I had not read yet. I, at home, barely had a couple with some titles. The charm of that place, to which I would return every week, would conquer me forever. Nowadays, it has become part of my daily routine. When you get home after a long day, immerse yourself in that wonderful story before falling asleep relaxes you.. isolates you from all the problems that you will have to face the next morning just put your feet on the ground. When you want to disappear for a moment from the reality that consumes you, reading is a good option to comfort yourself. Reply veronica April 25, 2013 at 10:06 am For me reading is a way to pass the time, to be able to travel to other places. When you find a book that you're passionate about and you're hooked, you do not stop until you finish it, when you get to the end of the book you're left with more desire to continue reading a continuation. Reply paulavazquezmartines April 25, 2013 at 11:18 am For me, reading is an entertainment. Reply ismaelestevez April 25, 2013 at 11:35 am I like to read, because when you start reading you get hooked. When you stop for a while to eat you can not get up from the couch and keep reading until you finish the book or you stop at a place you do not like. Reply Lauurius April 25, 2013 at 11:47 am For me to read is to be able to travel to another world, forget about your problems, to be able to flee for a while from them. Reply aitanacruz April 25, 2013 at 11:55 am For me reading is a fantastic thing, it's like a total disconnection of things, it takes you to another world. It seems to me one thing that everyone has to do, because that's what it is for, books help you many times with memory and spelling mistakes. I recommend that you read, because as much as you do not like it, you can find your ideal book that describes you. Reply Luis Angel April 25, 2013 at 5:12 pm For me reading is like getting on an adventure trip and not stop until it's over. What I like most about reading is the tranquility that it brings. When we put ourselves in the place of the protagonist, we see what he sees, we feel what he feels... that is empathy. Maybe those people who say that reading is a bore or a waste of time say it because they have never come to feel something similar. I hope that one day you change your mind, because letting yourself be led by what you read is a wonderful experience. In my case, when I read a book, I get completely into the characters and I feel totally identified with some of them. So much so that when I stop reading it, I still believe that I am in the story for the next hour. It is not easy to find a book that really fascinates you, but with the passage of time, every person throughout his life will find a predestined book for him, no matter how little he likes reading. No matter the age, any time is good to read. Reading greatly develops the imagination, each person can imagine the same book in a different way. Reply bibliotecahypatiadecamargo May 10, 2013 at 9:48 am Your comments are so enriching... Thank you all for sharing your reading experiences! You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Receive new posts via email.

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Then, I will analyze elements of the Fantasy identified by Tolkien as poetic and finally I will explain why that is important to me. The initiative arose in response to my annoyance when I found that the only Chilean articles published about the forty years of his death were texts that focused on biographical or sociocultural rather than literary aspects. In this second part, I will focus on the distinction of the concepts of allegory and applicability, analyzing why Tolkien prefers the latter, as should all Fantasista. Next, I will expose some elements cited by the author in his essay On fairy tales, interpreting them as a kind of fantastic poetics. Finally, I will conclude the essay in its two parts trying to explain why all the aspects developed above are important for me as author and reader of Fantasía. So the first question that arises is this: why would anyone think that an allegorical approach could enrich the reading of Fantasy? In relation to the allegorical aspect, Tolkien contrasted it with the concept of applicability. This is of fundamental importance not only to understand the work of English, but also to understand the essence of Fantasy, hence it is so serious that some confuse them irresponsibly. Because the allegorical reading, in general, is valid only to the extent that it seeks to interpret the text according to a single reading that the author has concealed. That is, the allegoresis does not read a work for what it is in itself, but for that hidden meaning that could be extracted after denying the aesthetic relevance of the original meaning. Of these pleasant and furious talks was also born his column "Enough of biographical readings of the work of Tolkien", which is quite explicit in its title as to be glossed here. Returning to the allegory, I will try to expand a little more. In this case, the dragon is annulled in its fantastic nature -and even as a character-, to become a concretion of the hero's fears. We tend to think that this type of interpretation enriches the reading experience of a work, but I disagree. I think that, especially in Fantasy, they would end up missing one of the essential specificities of this: the coherent creation of an autonomous world impossible. If a dragon does not read like a dragon, why write it as such in the first place? If this is the only thing that matters to us, why write Fantasy? Because in Fantasy, a dragon undoubtedly awakens atavistic fears that no one but him could awaken. But, for the same reason, the basic and instinctive fear goes beyond the unknown or the wild. A dragon is a fascinating creature, which has nothing to do with any similar beast of our world. And this is something that can only be achieved through well-written Fantasy. The above refers to the applicability. That is, not to read the Fantasy as a cover that must be removed or decoded to reach the true pulp, but to conceive and enjoy it as what it is in itself. Read in it, I insist, what we want to read. In this one, the author is dedicated to analyzing fairy tales as a reader rather than as an academic, but in the journey he does a lot more than what is only stated in the apparent surface. All these, in their way, vehemently crumble most of the prejudices attached to the Fantasy over time, either by the already recurrent ignorance in which I have insisted or by the recent proliferation of fantastic works of appalling artistic quality. To tell the truth, it must be clarified that these components are not present in Tolkien's essay to challenge a certain conception of Fantasy. Yes, exact: not as a literary genre, but as a manifestation inherent in the human being. Tolkien employs in his essay a simile with the figure of a prisoner: would we call a coward who wants to reach-or even touch-for a moment the true horizons of human existence, beyond their earthly limitations? This leads to renewal: accustomed to the decadence of our daily life, Fantasy allows us to glimpse a different life experience that we can bring back to try to return to it the state that once had-or should-have. But, of course, there can be no hope without a major break. Well, the assumption that despite our natural human limitations, we will always have the Fantasy as an alternative to stop a moment, close your eyes, and open them with a different look for that same stagnant vision. And it is that the Fantasy, in my opinion, is practically the only real redeeming expression. I must confess that, for some time now, I have felt uncomfortable with the recurrence with which I return to these components to refer to the imaginary and visions of Fantasy as a literary expression and way of life. In this sense, I have finished analyzing some works to show why they are worthy of being called Fantasy stories, in contrast to those fantasy texts that are so much in vogue today and that are presented as the only manifestation possible for the genre. Saving the natural distances, I have sometimes wondered if I will not be acting like those who use, for example, the monomito of Campbell as a model of analysis. I do not intend to make a superficial analysis of a work of Fantasía, one that allows me to break away from an academic duty or be published in any literary site. If I go back a thousand times to these concepts, it is because the first time I read them I was really impressed as a reader. By then, I had been a redeemed fantasist for a long time, and I already had my own visions and conceptions about gender. However, suddenly understand that almost everything you thought or felt about it was explained as deeply, sincerely and elegantly as Tolkien had done so long ago, it was almost a revelation. In those moments I felt what only my favorite fictional works had caused me: This man understands me. Emotion and anger: it is impossible not to be a bit fëanorian when you only have twenty-five years... and you are a woman. People who deny the existence of dragons... And why do I care so much about preserving what I esteem the essence of Fantasy? In other words, what makes it relevant to my life and my personal aesthetics as an author? Well, I feel that Fantasy saved my life, from a prosaic point of view as to allow me to cope with my youthful days with integrity until I find a tremendous personal sense and vision before existence. Reality, its enigmas and ravings are always present in our lives, in one way or another, but Fantasy can only exist to the extent that we believe it... and believe in it. And that conviction, that hope, is something that has nothing to do with mediocre academic exercises or superficial readings that are abandoned or forgotten within a few years. In a similar way to Tolkien, I am increasingly convinced that Fantasy is not so much a thematic narrative subgenre with certain characteristics as something that transcends even literary notions of this type. But the ego, of course, will always be present. One of its expressions could be considered, by the way, the wording of this text. For someone for whom this is not only his passion, but one of the pillars of his life. In fact, they would not even deserve to be considered "visions about Fantasy", because they simply despise it, ignore it or annul it. Even so, these truncated attempts at analysis may be acceptable in their own way, of course, but they become insufficient when focusing on the full aesthetic potential of Fantasy. Because of the effect they had on me. Because perhaps one of the most forgivable expressions of my ego as a reader and authors is the sincere and burning desire to achieve, one day, to conceive a work worthy of dialogue with those that have moved and touched me so much. Waiting for that moment, if it comes, I can not but give myself to the defense of those universes that mean so much to me and that are the pillar of mine. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2012. Santiago de Chile: Planeta, 2010. I would like you to tell me where I can find Tolkien's complete sentence about the allegories. Some things still need fixing.

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