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The book the abnormal part of a sociological analysis of abnormal behaviors, the text is a compilation of some Foucault seminars, which were later written. Foucault in all his seminars is guiding you through a journey over time to reach what he calls the abnormal. It begins with the analysis of some cases given by psychiatric expertise where it shows the inability of the expertise to perform this type of case. Much in the style of Foucault begins with a critique of power where he dismisses it as grotesque. Searching for the therapeutic technique or punishment is the work of these experts dressed as judges. Categorizing all these not as criminals, delinquents or perverts but rather in a category called abnormal, the punishment goes on which is not in the standard line. All these were subjects that could put society at risk. The norm standardized the power, then become judges of normalcy. Foucault begins with a division of 3 figures, the human monster, the individual to correct and the masturbating child. Besides condemning everything abnormal, incest and other types of "sexual deviations". The search for the normalization of everyone who attends the norm from my own point of view is what power does, confinement is what it practices, it is its formula for solving problems. We can conclude then that the abnormal individual has been taken into account by institutions and scholars, the figure of the incorrigible monster that attacks society is classified, studied and filled with controversy to anyone who deals with the subject. The importance of this knowledge in psychopathology is inherent, since it starts from the study and the conceptualization of abnormal behaviors. Where many people could come into conflict and say that this is not entirely true and can be revocable.

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And I would say rather, nullum hominem a me alienum puto; I am a man, to no other man I think strange. Because the adjective humanus is as suspicious to me as its abstract noun humanitas, humanity. Progress it is to unfold the spirit with the events and with time, following the continuous course of the revolution in which the moral nature is agitated, without parking in principle or in any idea that is not the expression of the needs of the present. D. Nicolás Antonio, who on the other hand mentions him with singular appreciation, does not even indicate with certainty the place of his birth. But on this point there is, however, an old chronicle that clarifies our doubts. The best trial for direct download

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