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Here you will find a small guide to solve all the doubts that may arise. Choose the size of the document, the margins and if we want the pages to be the same. If we have doubts, we recommend approaching a bookstore and take as an example an edition that we like. Choose the type of letter that will be used. Remember that you must choose a font that does not tire, that is easily read and that suits the style of the publication. For a novel or essay, we recommend using a Roman type font in body size 11 or 12 points. For a book of poetry, it can be composed of a somewhat larger body, according to the aesthetic preferences of each one. Number the pages and create an index, if applicable. Naturally, each of these steps has a large number of options, which can be found in the Word user manual. It is very convenient to make a spelling correction to the book before finishing it, as well as several meticulous readings, to avoid as much as possible the appearance of the awkward misprints. If the provisional document is read by several people, it is easier to discover the faults. Word has an online help where you can clarify all your doubts. The final step to send the files to print is to convert the Word document in pdf format. This tool will create a virtual printer in the computer where you will only have to print your Word document to obtain the pdf file. In addition to the usual physical supports, we have an FTP server for mass data transmission. You just have to contact us at 985 79 19 99 and we will assign you a username and password. You can also carry flaps, which we recommend are not less than 70 mm. It is an economical and very functional binding. Undoubtedly, digital printing is the most used type of binding. Ask us for a sample before making the decision. This cover covers the book on all its exterior surfaces, and in turn can be lined with different materials. The inner planes of the covers are made of paper. An original and creative cover of the book is not easy to design. There are programs like Adobe Photoshop that allow you to design it, but if you are not very expert it is advisable to order it from a graphic designer. The design of the cover depends on the type of binding that we have selected for our book. Consult us before closing the design, to facilitate the exact measurements that must be respected when designing it. We can print from a single copy up to several hundred thousand. However, the unit cost starts to be interesting from 50 copies. If the circulation exceeds 400 or 500 copies, the offset system is likely to cross with the digital one at the cost level, or even less in the case of books with high paging. The best way to optimize costs in the development of a book is to work with what we call page sizes and standardized grammages, to take advantage of both the printing machines and the binding systems, as well as the most common paper sizes. For a reading book, a maximum format of A5 is usually used, a size that can be shortened slightly to match standard formats in bookstores. For the covers, we recommend graphic cardboard 260 280 grams. or coated paper of 300 350 g., in both cases laminated externally. Above these grammages, the book loses flexibility and even in A6 sizes we may have difficulty opening it. For the interior of the book, we recommend offset white or 90 gr. Offset paper, or lower weight in the case of high pages. In case of very thin books, we can increase the grammage to 100 or 115 grams. The books may have flaps, but in the small digital prints this is necessarily an increase. Although in digital printing this is not already relevant, it is recommended that the books have pages multiples of 16 or 32 pages, for the best use when printing and binding. The second best option would be multiples of 8. The design of the job to print, always corresponds to the client, be it a private individual or a professional editor. We can also put you in contact with professional editors so they can study how to incorporate your work in some of their collections. However, we can arrange for the circulation to be made by witnessing the client, making it easier for him to give his approval to the first printed copy and then continuing to print the rest. In offset printing, however, the tests are not only possible but necessary, because we must check that the preparation of the plates has been made without errors in the imposition phase. Currently, we have two test modes for books. On the one hand, the paper test that must be reviewed and physically signed. On the other hand, the visual ferro, which we send by e-mail and which the client displays on his own computer and validates remotely, without having to move from his office or studio. Rustic stitched: The book is lined with a flexible paper or cardboard cover, attached to the spine. The booklets are sewn together with vegetable thread. Rustic milled: The book is lined with a flexible paper or cardboard cover, stuck to the spine. The booklets are attached to the spine exclusively with glue. Acceptable quality, acceptable resistance, medium duration, low cost price. The booklets are attached to the spine with a special adhesive type Polyurethane. Good quality, good resistance, long duration, average cost price. The booklets are sewn together with vegetable thread, although in some economic editions they can only be milled and glued. Spiral: The pages of the book are linked together by a piece of plastic or wire covered with plastic, in spiral form, which is fastened to the spine through a series of perforations made mechanically. Very used in notebooks and samples. Comfort of handling, maximum resistance, long duration, high cost price. Very used in catalogs and samples. Comfort of handling, maximum resistance, long duration, high cost price. Choose the one you like best or the one that best suits the book you want to publish. This cover will be exclusive for you and can not be used by anyone else. In this way, your work will appear in the lists of books published in Spain in the corresponding databases. We also take care of preparing the barcode for the back cover and the management with the Legal Deposit, including the delivery of 5 copies that must be deposited in these cases.

It is essential to provide demonstrable experience in other published books. I'm not a journalist, but I'm finishing my degree in literature. I have published a novel and two essays. Let me introduce myself: I am a lawyer, with 12 years of experience. My spelling is correct and my grammar structures too. I am serious and responsible in my work. I have corrected two books and numerous essays and articles. I have already completed so many projects. Please take a look at my portfolio and profile. I have written several articles of narrative criticism. As well as interviews with writers, musicians, artists. What has led me to investigate about their lives, works, and in general about the subject that I deal with.

A long time ago, students did not seem to know if the paper they presented contained plagiarized content. All they knew was that they were already facing the crime of plagiarism. Unfortunately, they do not have access to Plagiarism. Today, academics are able to edit and edit similar idioms after scanning their documents with the software. Teachers will also find the tool that reduces the burden of returning research papers and filing cases against students for plagiarism. Introducing the system of the inspector of originality considered an important tool for schools, colleges, academies, institutions and universities. Detects infringement of copyrights in its essays, research works, courses or dissertations. It will only take a few minutes to review the document. Make things a little easier for you. Use to track all your written content. Save yourself from the shame of being accused of accidental plagiarism. Although the paid features of Plagiarisma are better and allow you to customize, using the free subscription for scanning purely duplicate content is good enough for you. You should be aware that the result of the exploration is not a matter of proving your honesty. It is a practical program designed to help you track similar phrases.

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