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Giuliano Gallorini helped by two lay people and Sister Anna who need to manage and respond to the correspondence that comes in all the languages ​​of the world. It is a very complex work for such a small group, but it is done in a conscientious way every day: it would be impossible for Pope Francis to read and personally respond to thousands and thousands of letters. The first activity, explains mons. Gallorini is ordering the letters according to the language, then the envelopes are opened and their contents are read. Pay attention to my call and do not delay the consecration of this nation to my immaculate heart; if not, humanity will suffer intensely because of the domination and slavery that this nation and its allies will exercise. The banner of communism will make the blood flow and many nations will lose their identity and become slaves of an authoritarian regime that will submit them and impose their laws and ideologies, making the blood run. Then he hid with his servants to observe the reactions of the passers-by. First came a few villagers. Instead of removing the stone, they simply surrounded it and moved on. Then merchants passed by, with their carts full of merchandise. After criticizing the king for not cleaning the tracks, they followed their route. Other passers-by happened later, but none made an attempt to move the stone. Then a peasant came with a load of vegetables on his back. He looked at the stone and, after placing the bag of vegetables on the ground, pushed it with all his strength to remove it from the road. He was already retreating when he noticed a little bag right where the big stone was. When he opened it, he found that it contained several gold coins and a note that said: "These coins are for the person who takes the trouble to move the stone from the road. Could you intersect with two normal people alone and with no support? The only time I confessed was when I took my first communion and it seemed to me, at age 9, a half-hearted thing.. I really needed to confess to end my days according to the Law of the Lord, but I do not believe at all in their representatives nowadays. That is why I have come to this medium for you to intercede as much as possible by calling her on mobile: 56 9 9331 5683, house: 56 22 4915707. and by our church always, Maria Fernanda. May the Lord give you a long life to continue building this world for good because it is full of inhuman vanities and people. Pope Francis I have so many problems ho maybe they are proofs in my life and my children and grandchildren suffer, there are times That I wonder why so much suffering. I was bothered by my father and since then my life has been an ordeal, in my marriage it was also difficult. Now I am a widow, I am a grandmother of 9 grandchildren. Thank you, God fill you with Blessings!! Inside it has a church, in which the doors to celebrate Masses for the community are never open. What I find surprising... now we need so much to strengthen our faith. I would like to know what your opinion is? I ask you a few minutes of your valuable time to bless this painting that I will then donate to the Church of my Neighborhood. I know that Jesus Merciful will help many people who need it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Receive new posts via email. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

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The disease has its origin in a rare genetic mutation that affects one of every 20,000 newborns. The dance of the genes on chromosome 7 causes diverse affections on their physiology and also on their behavior. The specialists have established three specific and characteristic features in the behavior of those affected. First the "emotional empathy", or a special sensitivity to be interested and take charge of the emotional states of those around them. Second, the "competitive deficit", or the tendency to avoid conflict in defense of self-interest, even gregariousness. And in the third instance, a decided inclination for the practice and enjoyment of the arts, especially music. Different geneticists, neurologists and psychologists often use expressions such as "prone to optimism", "generators of enthusiasm" or "determined supporters of their own and others' happiness", to define the habitual patterns of their vital attitude. The theorists of evolution argue with a scientific basis that genetic mutations are the levers that nature uses to ensure the survival of species and their constant adaptation to the environment. It was a genetic mutation that allowed to breathe air to the first species that ventured out of the water. And it was another mutation that made wings grow in the first animal that gained mobility with flight. It was also a mutation that transcendent physiological change that allowed man to walk upright and free his hands to handle tools, or that transformation that darkened the skin of hominids most exposed to the sun. Sometimes I look at my daughter and I wonder if nature will not be playing again the trial, the success and the error with the genetic codes, to save the human being from his self-destructive drift. My daughter, with her "emotional empathy" and her "proclivity to optimism and happiness", or me, with my natural tendency to selfishness and extreme and aggressive competitiveness. Perhaps nature gave us an opportunity to ensure for ourselves survival, adaptation to the environment and progress. And maybe we have not taken advantage of it. And perhaps also nature has decided to undertake its own path for change. I was impressed by your article, so much that it has moved me. I share with you the strange sensation of not knowing if the differences of which nature has endowed our daughters is playing or not. She also has a special way of conceiving effort and work. It is not better or worse, it is different. I think it is necessary to break the presence of the right media in national politics in some way so that they inform properly and do not distort reality, so that it serves their interests. on January 19, 2011 at 2:35 pm | Reply Mario Beautiful text, beautiful conclusion! In spite of everything, it is always beautiful to wake up, in the midst of so much nonsense we can find a beautiful lesson to learn. And even if you do not believe it, you will be an example for many people. She more than anyone, therefore, deserves that gratitude. A very, very strong kiss for Lucia. The symptoms of your daughter are the high values ​​that we fight and defend the socialists. Let's leave Darwinism to the liberals and embrace Willianism. I assure you that I have tried to treat the subject with the utmost respect and with all the affection of the world. You can imagine that I also know the other side of the coin in the illness of our children, suffering. I know him very, very well, unfortunately. That's why I thought it was a good idea to offer the most positive side and hopeful. In any case, I repeat, I'm sorry. All my solidarity and all my affection. I totally agree with your writing, and of course this disease is very hard, but... my son makes me happy every day, I believe that very few people can offer unconditional love and at all hours of the day like them. From here I send a message of support to all those children and adults who suffer from this disease and let them know that those around them feel proud to have them at our side. We fight because our children have the best possible medical attention. But I feel privileged and I would not change a bit of "abnormality" in my "Williams girl". on April 30, 2011 at 7:47 pm | Answer alexander hello my children contagian of energy and happiness asus schoolmates and everyone wants their nature sing dance without thinking what others think. I am also the mother of a wonderful girl with SW, and I have recognized myself in your words. on January 24, 2013 at 9:42 pm | Reply kiony mendoza grax to all! by ke in one way or another make me feel ke in this I am not alone I have a beautiful baby with sw and at first I can not deny ke moria but every day that loving and kind human being taught me to see life in another way I give grax to the almighty by him. I have read several of his articles, all of them precious, but the one that impressed me the most was the description he gave of Lucia as a champion of joy. Thank you very much for your collaboration and a very special kiss for Lucia and for all those who dedicate the best of their lives to those affected by this syndrome. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

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