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and the reference to the cell or rangosi that other book is closed, see if it serves you something commented on in these Conversacionessaludos, hector. The problem is that there are users of my SharePoint who upload new documents with names that other documents already have, and by politics, you can not replace or delete the previous document. So I wanted to know, if through a workflow you could assign something new to the name. For example: Name of the document date of the day. And if it is not for a work flow, by means of which you can do that. Does anyone know if with Transaction Notification this can be done? and he does not let me continue. I thank you for your collaboration since I have not been able to install it. Important information to track problems, deblocking if necessary, etc. Important information to track problems, deblocking if necessary, etc. It is important to keep in mind that the file you are trying to modify is protected. Try opening it on a PC to see what happens. I want to generate an invoice report that specifies the information of a client for each page and its respective purchase detail, I am doing it in winforms with visual studio 2008. In that case how could I make my sub-report dynamic according to the document? Or if there is a better way to obtain this report. in the windows event viewer you will have the error. I had until several days ago the adobe cone in the Word toolbar. I honestly do not know if there are possibilities to do this type of relationship. copies the excel cell and paste in word linking. Now what I want to do is copy the information from that table to another table without the duplicate document numbers. For example, I have a Textbox and, what I have written, I give a button and in a listbox is stored files with that name. What interests me most is setting the file extension. I hope you can help me. I imagine that you also want to include the files of the subdirectories. I also think that for what you propose you could directly use the method: Directory. GetFiles as you will see this method other than the directories have search options, and also options to include subdirectories. For example, if I wanted to share a file of my Skydrive in a forum or pad so that others can see or download it, everyone would see my name. Based on what you are saying, we inform you that this feature is not available on SkyDrive. We hope that the information provided will be useful, any additional questions, we appreciate you contact us. Do you want to open the file now? Even though when you open the file, the data you save appears correctly. the weirdest thing is that it was perfect for me to create it and add data from visual, but as I was modifying the code, this happened. I have an application with which I copy files from one location to several other locations. Normally I only pass certain files but there is a need to pass all the files of a certain extension when needed. These files are usually images and when we have to make all of the files in a folder we have to enter the names one by one. How can I tell the fileinfo in its copy function to search for a file that only has one extension without having to use chain settings? Since the name of the file I give it to me, putting the extension was very simple. I would like to ask you if you can help me with a Word macro theme. The intention is that in the company all documents are saved with a name that is always the same format, always containing the date of creation. I am open to any proposal since I do not have limited what the user should do as steps prior to the macro. For example, we could use environment variables as the name of the user who started the computer session. Or the name of the network domain. Or a field that is in the template and that is mandatory for the user to fill it out. Or that at the time of saving the macro asks for the free text that you want to be added to the date... What I want to say is that at the moment I do not limit the format, the important thing is that the system always believes the same type of document name. I thank you for the help in advance. It is a functionality that in my company is not used, people only open a document every time and the documents have no relation with each other so what you propose is interesting to know but does not apply to this case. This last of the date was unknown to me and surely it is useful for me, I will put it into practice in a few minutes. I appreciate the help and your attention, you have helped me a lot. and if it's like that in Properties, can not you find the size "Oficio"? hello - when you say that you have loaded the three columns, but only show one, is this because you are loading a datatable? Thanks in advance, regards! Once this file is generated, all the accesses to the normal excel file give the following warning instead of showing the user who has it open. Thank you very much for your time. It was a synchronization center theme and the files available offline. After removing these files again it shows who has it open. db: Management network on same vswitch as vm traffic? the message is "this modification is not allowed because the selection is locked" this happens in all the documents word and excel. the system is blocked and I can not write or make changes and no document that already exists. the message is "this modification is not allowed because the selection is locked" this happens in all the documents word and excel. Internet Explorer 8: Faster, simpler and safer. Then it comes to the emails that you define, but the attached document with a different name than the one that was created and extension.dat arrives, and it can not be opened. Like the client continues in Pl5 and does not think to update for the moment and needs an answer to this. I'm doing a project in which I have to do the following: Capture user information and that information print it in a word sheet in an established format. I would like to know how to do that from c # and the information save it in sql, and not in excel. I mean in Word format, but from c # capture the information save it in sql and c # same send print the word document. Look on the internet and tell me what to use "" and even then it does not work out. Can I still combine character fields with numeric fields? Look on the internet and tell me what to use "" and even then it does not work out. Can I still combine character fields with numeric fields? Is it possible to change that name to the document? I do not know if I'm doing it right. Hello everyone, I have a problem to open an Excel document from a button. I do not know if I'm doing it right. Thank you Hi, I need to make a macro so that when you combine a document with an excelme list, save each document created on a new page. I already searched everywhere and did not find a solution for how to stop printing that first sheet with information from the file when I send a file to print. If someone can help me I would appreciate it very much. Hello Hector, your problem is solved by configuring word in printing options and disables a small box that says, print information of the document, and that's it. Your printer will stop printing the document information. If I can open them when I open the excel and from there I'll open file menu. I went to the web and look for the option of protected files. You must do this in each document individually. In Word you can modify the normal.dotm template and add the footer. only that I do not find in which event it is shot and if it is with a select case and the cell id. I have the word document as activedocument and the saved excel. I do not use a link, it has to be linked to the word. Excuse me, better late than never. I was served what you put me and apologize for not thanking you before. I already dealt with fields but surely I do not know how to create them, because it simply does not work. Thank you hello try to combine correspondence. there you link a word document with the data in excel. So I want the document to appear on the form when I select a person's name. That code of that page I use and adapt and it does not work for me, I do not know if there is a easier way to do what I occupy. As I wanted to change the name, look on the internet and they sent me to do and write netpliwt or something like that. If I let the name change but when I rebooted the account had disappeared. Now every time I enter the desktop I get a warning from windows scipt host telling me that there is error loading script! Hello Aiditaaa23, It's good that you are with us in the Community. I can tell you that you must create a new user and for that, there is the link below with a video and you do it so that it does not generate conflict. Press the keys at the same time2. Select the Programs tab4. Try it and let us know if the solution was useful or if on the contrary you have more concerns, we are attentive to your answer. Update your operating system to Windows 8. Use the option Mark as an answer if you have reached a solution with a comment. If you have found the answer to your query outside this site, share it to help others with the same problem. If a book includes unsupported content, you can still open it. However, unsupported content will not be displayed and you may not be able to edit the book from your phone. If a function is not supported, the calculated value still appears in the cell, but you can not edit the book on the phone. I hope your help to this problem thank you very much. I hope your help to this problem thank you very much. I wanted to duplicate the document and I copied and pasted it to make a new one. I do not know why that happened but they have been deleted from the two copies. I made a form with which I register each new provider and capture it in the catalog. In the Combobox2 I get a list of names of suppliers from the catalog. In Office 2000 I knew how to modify the document template to make the file name automatically on the left and the page number on the right. Try to do it but it does not work out. They were temporarily saved in the document "6565d400". Close the existing document, open the temporary document and save it with a different name. this happens very often, and even following this instruction, the files were generated with office 2003 and are migrating to office 2007, what can I do? Basically my question is how could I access a specific column and make distinct and other sql queries? Regards and thank you very much in advance. There are also examples and suggestions in the development area of ​​ to carry out this. In a forum they were doing what you want to do, I pass you the league so that the checks!! Gli aggiornamenti sono aggiunte to software that consentono di prevenire or di risolvere eventuali problemi, di ottimizzare the protezione of the computer e di migliorarne le prestazioni. Per cui è consigliabile effettuarli semper connessi ad internet. Example: I need the name, the ID number and the identification number to appear in other parts of the document but I want to know if it can be linked, in order to write it once and repeat it in the other places where I want it. Thank you very much for your collaboration, may God bless you! MiguelIf I do not understand the question correctly, you must use correspondence combination templates. Personalized fields can be placed wherever you want and as many times as you wish. After changing the operating system, under the same environmental conditions, we are presented with the following error when recording a calculator of Excel, previously opened from a shared network resource. They were temporarily saved in the document 'xxxxxxxx'. Close the existing document, open the temporary document and save it with a different name. "However, it would be more beneficial if I could obtain the data in the following way reader where field_11 is the name given in the database query. achieve that, look for some on the internet but they have not helped me, and as far as can be done in php.An attribute value can not contain. '' Question: How do I recover all the contents of the book? start the program I see the rectangular sign with the name and symbols of it, the one that appears when it is started loading the program, and there it stays locked. It does not get to open the window itself of the Word, nor appears the new blank document The same thing happens to me if I try to open an already created.docx document, but I can open the Excel perfectly, for example, so that I only have the problem in Word. I can do more. Above elWord is the one that I use the most and it is very necessary to me. Please, if someone can help me I would appreciate it. It hangs up starting every time I try to open the program and you have to disconnect the PC. However, thank you very much for your response. Well thank you very much, I'll try to implement it! To avoid writing by hand the name of each server I would like it to read of the excell name of each server. I barely get it from visualbasic, I do not want to use the 6, and I would like to learn how to do this. In advance thanks for the help. If you have seen my blog tell me where do I suggest that you concatenate the values ​​of the query in a string? I want to open an excel document and it does not allow me to make changes or anything. Ok, thank you very much for your answer, then I'll buy the license. Regards, Erika. Why can not the user enter the information in the same form to print? Can this be done using a macro? Hello Hector, thanks for the references, the second link I could not review because it gives an error, apparently the page does not exist. In that case, what should the definition of the variable be? I reiterate what I try to do: in a directory I have the images in jpg format. In a separate Ecxel sheet I have a list with the name of the image and the description of that image. Moreover, I have files saved with images in word, power point and only a blue box with a red cross in the upper left that says Can not show the image at this time. Many thanks in advance, good morning, Eduardo. Paratu second consultation, check this link. You will also need to exclude the sheet on which you will consolidate the data, and use a variable as a counter to keep track of where you will paste each column. I would like to know if you can help me for future questions I have!!! But if I open the office program first, and then I search for the document, then if the logo appears on the document and I can open it. Thanks I will try to find it as you recommend. However, what does not vary is the information on the account number. My idea is to do the following: create an Excel book with the info about all my suppliers that is called Book 2. It is a good idea because you avoid writing errors. Then copies, dragging down, the formula in the cells you need. It says that I do not have permission to record. Word can not record due to a permission error in the file.

The immigrants had an analog childhood, without screens or keyboards or mobile phones. His way of learning to use them is mostly from the teaching form. 1993 is the date that distinguishes natives from immigrants. Technology develops every day, and what is a novelty today is not tomorrow. That more computer training centers be added with enough resources to train vulnerable populations. Hatuey, where computer courses are taught in three sessions from Monday to Friday and Saturday, to more than 120 young and adult students, qualified and complemented in the different contents of the areas. Realization of an essay about the incorporation of the computer in the classroom, taking into account the particularities of our Dominican classrooms. Emphasize the challenges presented for this incorporation. Make a personal assessment assigning a number from 1 to 10, where 10 is the most important to each of the advances cited. Summarize in a paragraph the importance of these advances. Find two articles on educational technologies on the Internet and express an evaluation of each one in two paragraphs. New technological tools have been incorporated in the teaching-learning process. Technological advances bring changes in the uses and customs of educational institutions and students. Web 2.0 imposes on the education and training system to update itself and set aside certain practices to replace them with others, more enjoyable and closer to their recipients. The revolution that the Internet brings to social life is, therefore, transferred to the culture of educational institutions. But Web 2.0 has also changed the way students learn. Now it is possible for students to publish their textual and audiovisual productions on the network and share them with others, while receiving their contributions. The technological tools provided by the web 2.0 are countless, and it is necessary that education incorporates them into the classroom, enhancing the training process. Teachers can easily explain complex instructions and ensure student comprehension. Teachers can create interactive classes, more enjoyable, which could improve student attendance and concentration. The first aspect is a direct consequence of the culture of today's society. You can not understand the world today without a minimum of computer culture. We must participate in the generation of that culture. It is the great opportunity, which has two facets: 1. The second aspect, although also very closely related to the first, is more technical. This second aspect has to do very closely with the Educational Computing. Getting to do this job well is very difficult. It requires a great effort of each teacher involved and an important work of planning and coordination of the team of teachers. Although it is a very motivating work, tasks arise everywhere, such as the preparation of suitable materials for the student, because there are usually no texts or educational products suitable for this type of teaching. We have the opportunity to solve that necesity. It is about creating a teaching so that theory, abstraction, design and experimentation are integrated. The discussions that have been maintained by the different working groups interested in the subject focused on two positions. Currently it is thought that both positions have to be taken into consideration and do not contradict each other. In any case, it is fundamental to introduce computer science in the school, the sensitization and initiation of the professors to the computer science, especially when it is wanted to introduce by areas.

In a few words are a set of programs that help us store, manipulate and retrieve information in a database. they must include a data dictionary where the detailed information of the data with its definitions is shown. is required to be updated in real time, this allows different users to be aware of the changes. Among the main routines are: 1.- Create and organize the Database. 2.- Establish and maintain the trajectories of access to the database in such a way that the data can be accessed quickly. 3.- Handle the data according to the requests of the users. 4.- Register the use of the databases. 5.- Interaction with the file manager. It consists in controlling the interaction between the concurrent users so as not to affect the inconsistency of the data. interprets the user's input requests and sends them to the operating system for the transfer of data between the secondary memory unit and the main memory. View this document on Scribd And it also explains what is the feedback of a system. icopcion Create a free blog or website with

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