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The urbanist Zaida Muxí questions the division of current cities into abandoned spaces and those destined for tourism. He criticized the "museification" of the city, understood as the development of suitable areas -belle and safe- for the consumption of foreign tourists, in front of the "city of abandonment, of those who lost". Muxí's phrases are a synthesis of his concern for globalization. They are two concepts of the business world that are transferred to other areas. The first is the appearance of a pleasant space, which hides a very studied program on a large scale. I move it to the way of being in the current city, where we have to be more consumers and less citizens; lose any critical spirit in front of reality, where the only thing that interests us is fun. Disneylandization is similar. And I answered: "It's not right, if you look further." So, I thought that this way had to affect the cities. The conclusion is that it is a slow rationalist city. The rationalist city is the interwar one that tries to respond to the problems of the postindustrial city, contaminated, with a new working class that lives in a terrible way in the European cities. It is thought that the way to solve this is to separate the home from the work areas and the leisure or recreation areas. The more unequal the society, the more this division is noted. I would say no because no, there is sustainable exit from the model in which we live, so at some point it has to burst. Because just as on the planet we are 20 percent who enjoy the benefit of resources, in the cities the scheme is repeated. There will always be 15 or 20 percent that can be consumed and for them these sets of luxury and segregation are built. And everything is increasingly segregated, monitored, closed because the difference with the other is increasingly contrasted. And for the global money, which needs immediate profitability, the city becomes a source of performance guarantee. Most of the investments in Puerto Madero are made by people who buy projects and before the buildings are up they have sold twice as much. The issue is that, as in all cities, to make a march you have to ask permission.

If the first paragraph is stimulating, unusual, the reader will want to know more about the opinions of this writing. The ability to start a text is an art that can be practiced following certain patterns. At the beginning it is difficult because we find ourselves without a previous thought to go to, it does not cause an original thought and a personal touch of the author. It is the cornerstone.Ideas for the introductory paragraph: 1. Give a concrete example that will lead to general conclusions throughout the text.3. An anecdote or quote introducing the subject.5. An exception to what will later develop. A good way to carry it out is to exemplify, justify with clear reasoning. It is ideal to use a paragraph for each idea, in the first sentence the subject will be presented with a statement that will then be shared in the rest. The expressions must vary in length, alternating short and forceful expressions with other long and compound expressions, which will give dynamism. The essential thing about a paragraph is that it is the logical development of a topic. The last sentence must act as a conclusion. The last paragraph should give a closure to the ideas developed above.

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