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For other uses of this term, see Book and Book. A book can be about any topic. According to the Unesco definition, a book must have at least 25 sheets, since 24 sheets would be a booklet and up to four pages are considered loose sheets. Other times it is also called "book" to each of the parts of a work, although physically all are published in the same volume. The digital book or e-book, known as e-book, is seeing an increase in its use in the world of books and professional librarian and documentary practice. In addition, the book can also be found in audio format, in which case it is called audiobook. The origins of the history of the book can be traced back to the first pictorial manifestations of our ancestors, the cave paintings of Paleolithic man. They are the oldest precedent of the first printed documents that have memory. Gestural signals were the first way to express and transmit messages. The spoken word is the oldest way of telling stories. Through formulas of mnemonic value, narratives were structured, which passed from generation to generation as valuable cultural heritage of the most diverse human groups. These mnemonic rules helped both the memorization and the dissemination of the stories. This is the case of the Homeric poems, which have deserved valuable studies on the subject. Possibly, a great part of the traditions and legends have had such a beginning. This oral transmission had the disadvantage of the "noises" that distorted the message. Most of the time it was the narrator who, depending on his interests, deformed it in one way or another. The writing was the result of a slow process of evolution with several steps: images that reproduced everyday objects; representation by symbols; and the reproduction of syllables and letters. He evolved in the hieratic and demotic scriptures. Other peoples, such as the Hittites and the Aztecs, also had their own types of writing. In the period of the fighter kingdoms Silk was used a lot as a medium for writing. It is also attributed the creation of a rotating table to store the characters, this technique was called typography. But this advance did not revolutionize the printing press to the extent that Gutenberg did it in Europe 400 years later. Unlike European languages, written Chinese requires thousands of unique characters, making individual wood blocks much more effective than huge sets of reusable types. In contrast to the decline of the scribal arts in the West in the centuries that followed the creation of the mobile type printing press, Chinese calligraphy retained its prestige, it was an art. Chinese and Korean Buddhism was the vehicle that transmitted the woodcut to Japan. But Korea made many other advances that revolutionized the way of printing and consequently the book. Between 1234 and 1239 the Koreans who had taken refuge on the island of Gwanghwa, due to the Mongol invasion, did not have hardwood. It was then that they printed 28 copies of the 50 volumes of Go geum sang jeong and mun with metallic mobile characters. The work of the year 1239 describes the method used and ends by saying: printed for eternity with characters of new manufacture. In the capital there were four schools, a school for the people and a school for the royal family and their relatives. The book became the primary tool of literacy efforts that even reached the provinces and remote villages. The boys had to follow the classes that taught them the basic notions such as writing and reading. The characters were improving over time, looking for a more square and more regular than the previous ones, thus facilitating the composition. Despite the difficulties, Korea was able to develop and even export its printing techniques. The sheets were pasted to make a roll. The parchment had the advantage of resisting moisture conditions, was more durable and could be bent without breaking, it could also be scraped to clean and be reused. Many scholastic institutions fell, except for those maintained by the Christian church. During the first centuries of the Christian era appeared the codex, one of the most important and enduring revolutions in the history of the book. It was more compact and easier to handle than the rolls, both sides of the paper could be used, which allowed it to contain more text. Although the codex had clear advantages, the scroll remained in use for several centuries. However, the value of the book is enduring through time. But there were also other circumstances that helped the spread of the printed book, the rise of universities developed a broader market for books among secular and religious intellectual elites. In half a century, the second half of the fifteenth century, the printed book became an important international business, booksellers and printers were primarily entrepreneurs. In 1757 a decree was published in Paris condemning to death editors, printers and authors of unauthorized books to be published, despite lacking such authorization. The draconian measure was supplemented by a decree that forbade anyone who was not authorized to publish religious-themed books. In 1774, another decree obliged publishers to obtain authorizations before and after publishing each book and in 1787, it was ordered to monitor even the places free of censorship. While the censorship became ineffective and even censors used such censorship as a means to promote astute writers and editors. See also: Censorship Normally, a book is printed on large sheets of paper, where 8 pages are housed on each side. Each of these large sheets is folded into a 16-page signature. The signatures are ordered and sewn by the spine. Then this spine is rounded and a cloth mesh is attached to secure the parts. Finally the pages are smoothed on three sides with a guillotine and the spine stuck to a cardboard lid. All this work is done in series, including binding. In the event that the sheets are not smoothed by a cutting process, we speak of an intonuous book. The important advances in software development and digital printing technologies have allowed the application of on-demand production to the world of books. This is making it possible to eliminate the concept of "Exhausted Book" by being able to reprint titles from a single copy, and the publication of books in very short runs that were previously not profitable by traditional media is being encouraged. Main article: Electronic book At the end of 1971, what we now call a digital or electronic book began to develop. From this moment several electronic publishing companies began to appear and many virtual stores started to incorporate electronic books in their catalogs. The next one is Joan of Arc, with 545. Cover: it's also called "pasta" is consistent. It constitutes the external aspect of the book and extends through the cover, back and the back cover. Guards: leaves that connect the covers with the rest of the book. Anteportada or portadilla: it goes before the cover and the title is put. Back cover: Par page after the cover, usually white. Cover: the information in the book is indicated. Page of property rights or credits: Reverse of the cover. Courtesy or respect sheets: blank pages that are placed at the beginning and end of the book. Body of the work: set of sheets that constitute the text of the book. Page: Each of the pages with front and back numbered. Books, two thousand years of illustrated history. History of the Korean printing company. Books and booksellers in antiquity. 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Look inward and you will find an answer to your heart's desires. Your subconscious mind has the answers for all the problems. This I have repeated in several of my books and I insist on it for the efficiency in its application. The great secret of the famous men of all times, was his ability to get in touch with the powers of his subconscious mind, releasing them. You can do the same thing they did, with faith, with tenacity, convinced of their firm purposes. The subconscious mind is the architect of your body and can heal it. Keep ideas of perfect health and transfer it to your subconscious before bedtime. Give fair and reasonable orders as to a servant and you will be obeyed. Each thought is a cause and each condition is an effect. If you want to write a book, give a better speech to your audience, you can be convinced that your subconscious mind will respond favorably. You are like the captain of the ship, giving correct orders to your subconscious mind that controls and governs all your decisions and actions. Your subconscious mind will literally obey it and prevent you from doing it. The Law of life is the law of believing in something. A belief is a thought in your mind; Do not think that things are going to hurt you. Believe in the power of the subconscious mind to heal, inspire, strengthen and prosper. As your faith increases, the results will also increase. Change your thoughts, and you will change your destiny. You are what you think all day. Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. Accept what your conscious mind determines. Select a better thought and say "I will buy it, I accept it in my mind". You have the power to choose. Choose health and happiness. You can choose to be friendly or you can be cantankerous. Choose to be cooperative, friendly, happy, lover of things and everyone will respond. This is the best way to develop a wonderful personality. Your conscious Mind is the watchman "at the entrance". Its main function is to protect your subconscious mind from false situations. Choose to believe that something good can happen to you, and what can happen now. His great power lies in the ability to choose. Suggestion and what others say have no power to hurt you. The only power is the movement of your own thoughts. You can choose or reject the thoughts or what others say and affirm the good. You have the power to choose how you will react. You must remember each of your words. Your subconscious mind does not tolerate jokes. Your mind is not bad, there is no force of nature that is bad. It depends on how you use the powers of nature. Use your own mind to heal and inspire all people. Venza that fear by replacing it by the following, "I can do all things through the power of my own subconscious mind. Do not let others think for you. Choose your own thoughts and make your own decisions. You are the captain of your own soul, meaning your subconscious mind, you are the master of your own future, whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and will let it pass. Believe in good fortune, in divine guidance, in true action and in all the wonders of life. Before going to sleep, make a specific request to the subconscious trying to prove the miraculous work power of your subconscious in yourself. Whatever you print in your subconscious mind is projected onto the screen of space as events and experiences. Therefore you must carefully choose the best ideas and thoughts that feed and consider your conscious mind, discarding the harmful ideas, the destroyers of inner peace and love. The law of action and reaction is universal. Your thought is action, and reaction is the automatic response of your subconscious mind to your thinking. All frustration is due to unfulfilled wishes. If you fix your attention too much and comment frequently on obstacles, delays and difficulties, your subconscious mind will form a wall of contention and block your own happiness and peace of mind. You will interfere with the normal rhythm of your heart, your lungs, your organs if you feed worry, anguish and fear. Feed your subconscious with thoughts of harmony, health and peace and all the functions of your organism will be normalized again. Keep and keep your subconscious mind occupied with the hope of the best, and your subconscious will faithfully reproduce your habitual thinking. Imagine a happy ending or a fortunate solution to your problem; feel the emotion of achieving something and what you imagine and feel will be accepted and achieved with your subconscious mind. Know that faith is like the seed sown in the earth; it grows later according to its class. Sow the idea in your mind, water it and fertilize it with favorable expectation and manifest desire. The idea that you have for a book, a new invention and what you want to do, manifest it, make it a reality. When you pray for another person, keep in mind that your inner wisdom can modify the negative molds in the minds of others with great results. The miraculous cures that you have heard about various reliquaries are due to the imagination and to the blind faith that acts in the subconscious mind, releasing the power to heal. All disease originates in the mind; nothing appears in the body that has not been conceived by the mind. The symptoms of almost all diseases can be induced by hypnotic suggestion. This shows the power of your thinking. There is only one healing process and it is faith. There is only one healing power: Your subconscious mind. Whether the object of your faith is real or false, you will get the result. Your subconscious mind responds to your thinking. Look over faith as a thought in your mind and this will suffice. Develop a well-defined plan to transfer it or transport it to your subconscious. Visualize the desired end, feel it a reality. Hold it and follow it until you get the desired result. Once and for all learn that faith is an image to your mind and that what you think will be realized. It is foolish to believe in diseases or something that damages or injures you. Believe in perfect health, prosperity, peace, well-being and divine guidance. The great and noble thoughts with which you live will become facts. Apply the power of healing prayer. Choose a certain plan, idea or mental image; join mentally and emotionally to her and as long as you are convinced of such an attitude, your prayer will receive an answer. Always remember: If you want to really get the healing power, you can get it through faith; This implies an understanding or knowledge of the joint work that produces your conscious and subconscious mind. Faith comes with conviction. Blind faith means that a person can obtain healing results without understanding or having scientific knowledge of the power of the forces involved. Learn to pray for loved ones who need your help for being sick. Quiet your mind, and your thoughts of health, vitality and perfection; transpose them to act through the only universal subjective mind and this will be felt in the mind of the loved one. Use trial and error techniques to build a better and splendid life. His desire is a prayer or supplication. Sketch your desire to the maximum without leaving details; Feel it a reality and you will experience the joy of seeing the answer to your plea. Want to complete things in an easy way; It has the support of mental science. You can build a radiant, happy and happy health, through the thoughts that you form in the hidden study of your mind. Experiment scientifically until you personally see how there is always a direct response from the infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. Feel with joy and happiness to see the certainty with which your wishes will be fulfilled. Any mental picture projected in your mind will be the substance of the expected things and the evidence of the unseen. A clear mental image is worth a thousand words. Your subconscious returns to the physical world any image that you keep fixed in your mind, supporting it in your conviction. Avoid all mental effort during the prayer. Introduce yourself in a drowsy state, fall asleep, grope, shuffle what you have thought and release it convinced that you will receive the answer. Remember that a grateful heart is always close to the riches of the universe. To affirm is to establish that something is like that and you maintain this true attitude, regardless of any contrary evidence, you will receive the answer to your prayer. What you resolve and feel as true will happen. Solve to have harmony, health, peace and abundance. You impede it in your vital patterns giving room to negative thoughts. Entrust the subconscious with the task of solving any problem, before falling asleep and you will receive the answer. Recognize that you can remake yourself by just giving a new plan to your subconscious mind. The tendency of your subconscious is the conservation of your life. Feed your subconscious mind with affirmative phrases. Your subconscious is always reproducing them according to your mental patterns. You have a new body every eleven months. Change your body by changing your thoughts and keep them that way. It is normal to be healthy; It is abnormal to be sick. Remember that within ourselves is the principle of harmony. Thoughts of jealousy, fear, worry and anxiety destroy and destroy your nerves and glands, attracting diseases. What you affirm consciously and are convinced of will manifest itself in your mind, body and business. Affirm kindness and enter the field of the joy of living. When your mind is relaxed and accepts an idea, your subconscious begins to work to execute it and make it a fact. Think and plan independently to traditional methods. Convince that there is always an answer or solution to each and every one of your problems. Do not contradict the desires of your heart, with the breathing of your lungs or the functions of any part of your anatomy. Lean heavily on your subconscious and proclaim frequently that the action of the Divine right is taking place. Imagination is your most powerful faculty. Imagine that you are cheerful and have a good face. You are what you imagine yourself to be. Avoid the conflict between your conscious and subconscious taking advantage of the drowsy state. Imagine the desire fully planned again and again before falling asleep. Sleep in peace and wake up victorious. Accumulate wealth with the sweat of your brow can lead you to be the richest in a region, but it is not necessary to enslave or exert so much effort. Wealth is a subconscious conviction, take the idea of ​​wealth into your imagination. The misfortune of the majority of people is not knowing the invisible medium that supports them. The conviction of wealth produces wealth. Keep it in your mind at all times. Your conscious and subconscious minds must agree. Your subconscious accepts what you really feel. The dominant idea is always accepted by your subconscious mind. The dominant idea should be Wealth, never poverty. Such affirmations increase and multiply your losses. Deposit thoughts of prosperity, health and success in your subconscious mind; it will return you with compound interest. What you consciously affirm, you must not destroy it a few moments later. This neutralizes the little positive that has affirmed. Your true source of wealth are the ideas of your mind. You may have an idea that provides you millions of dollars. The Subconscious Mind will give you the idea of ​​what you are looking for. Envy and suspicion are stumbling blocks, hinder the flow of wealth. Be happy with the prosperity of others. The blockade to wealth is in your own mind. Destroy this blockade now, at this moment, putting yourself at peace with others. Do not want to have just enough to live. You want all the money necessary to do everything you want and how much you want to do with it. Learn to know the riches of your subconscious. When money circulates freely in your life, you are financially healthy. Look at money as the coming and going of the tide; the tide is constant. When it comes down, be convinced that it will rise again. Thus you will always be in abundance. Knowing the laws of the subconscious mind, you will always be in abundance, regardless of the way it arrives. Do not form the idea that money is a God; it's just a symbol. Remember that true peace and wealth are in your mind. We are here to enjoy a balanced life, this includes the acquisition of all the money you want. One of the reasons that many people have to adjust necessarily to a narrow budget, is because they speak contemptuously of money, and of people who own and enjoy it. When you criticize money, it moves away. Do not make money our only goal. The subconscious mind will return you with compound interest, everything you request. There is no virtue in Poverty. It is a mental illness and only yourselves can uproot or cure this disease forever. We are not here to live in a dump, to wear rags or to live hungry. We are here to have an abundant life. In him there is nothing good or bad, what we think will be like that. Money is not impure just as copper, iron, tin, which we find on earth, is not. All impurity is due to ignorance of mental power. Visualize the final result that your subconscious will cause when responding to your request and he will comply according to this image. Cease in the attempt to obtain something without giving anything. Pay attention to the chosen goal, ideals and investments and your subconscious mind will back it up. The key to wealth is the wise application of the laws of the subconscious mind, impregnating it with the idea of ​​wealth. When he is full of peace, happy and does everything he likes to do, he will succeed. Look for what you like to do, and then do it. If you do not know your true expression, ask for help and she will reach you. Look for what you like to do, and then do it. If you do not know your true expression, ask for help and she will reach you. Specialize in a particular field and try to know the background of that specialty, more than any other. The lucky man is not selfish; his main desire is to help humanity. There is no real success without peace of mind. The lucky man has a great spiritual and psychological understanding. If you imagine a clearly defined goal all that is necessary will be provided to you to reach it through the amazing power of your subconscious mind. His thought attached to the conviction becomes a subjective science and according to their faith, "this will be done". The power of a sustained imagination causes the amazing powers of the subconscious mind to work for you. If you are looking for promotion in your job, imagine being an employee, supervisor or want a transfer or change of position. Form a vivid and real image. Hear the voices, see the gestures, and feel the reality of all this. Continue doing it frequently and constantly occupy your mind with the desired mental prototype, you will be glad to get the answer. Your subconscious mind is a storehouse of memory. Hold this phrase and the deepest currents will make this happen. Hold this phrase and the deepest currents will make this happen. The idea of ​​success contains all the elements of success. Repeat the word "success", to yourself often with conviction and you will have enough subconscious compulsion to achieve success. By paying conscious attention and direction to the solution of a complex problem, your subconscious mind will supply you with all the information and will give the result to the conscious mind. If you are perplexed by a problem and can not find the answer, try to solve it objectively. Get as much information as you can from the investigation and also in other ways. If the answer does not arrive, transfer it to your subconscious mind before sleeping and the answer will come. The answer does not always come from one day to the next. Keep transferring your question to your subconscious mind until the day it arrives and the shadows vanish. You delay the answer thinking that it will take you long to arrive because the problem is very big. The subconscious mind has no problems, she only knows the answer. Believe that you believe the answer already found it and the way it would feel if it already had it; the subconscious mind will respond according to your way of feeling. Your subconscious is the archive of memory, all your experiences since childhood are archived in your subconscious. Scientists, meditating on ancient manuscripts, fossils, etc. They are able to reconstruct scenes from the past and make them come alive. Your subconscious mind comes to your aid. Transfer the problem to the subconscious mind, before falling asleep. Trust and believe in it, the answer will come. She knows everything and sees everything, you should not doubt her power. Action is your thought and reaction is the response of your subconscious mind. If your thoughts are wise, your actions and decisions will be correct. Do the same with all the problems. There is nothing difficult for the subconscious. Control vital functions. The Guide or help will come to you while you sleep, sometimes during sleep. The healing currents are released and in the morning you will feel rested and rejuvenated. This will give you peace, strength and confidence. Sleep to obtain peace of mind and bodily health. Lack of sleep can cause irritation, depression and mental disorders. You need eight hours of sleep. The medical research point of view indicates that insomnia precedes psychotic disorders. During sleep you are spiritually pierced. Adequate sleep is essential to have a vigorous and joyful life. The tired brain is a cause of anxiety to sleep and will sacrifice anything to obtain it. Many people who have fallen into microsueños when driving a vehicle can be a testimony. Persons deprived of sleep have a poor memory and lack adequate coordination. They arrive at the state of confusion, bewilderment and disorientation. Have absolute confidence in Your Subconscious. Recognize that your tendency is to conserve life. Occasionally, the response of the subconscious will come as a real dream or a night vision. You can be prevented by a misfortune as the author of this book was. Your future is in your mind now, based upon your usual beliefs and feelings. Ask for infinite intelligence to guide and guide you and for all good to be in you, and your future will be wonderful. Expect the best and invariably the best will come. The most amazing things will happen to you when you beg like that. Do the scientific prayer together, stay together. The best time to avoid divorce is before you get married. If you know how to pray correctly, you will attract the right partner to your way of being. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman who are interpenetrated by love. Their hearts are one and they move in unison. Marriage does not bring Happiness. People find happiness by immersing themselves in the eternal divine truths and spiritual values ​​of life. Then, man and woman can contribute to each other to achieve their happiness and joy. The right partner is attracted by immersing himself in the qualities and characteristics that are admired in the man or woman desired and then the subconscious mind will fulfill the desires as if by a divine order. Form in your mindset the prototype you want as a spouse. If you want to attract an honest, sincere and loving spouse, you must be honest, sincere and loving. He must not repeat his matrimonial error. When you really have the idealized type of couple, embed it within your being as you want it. To believe is to accept something as truth. Accept your ideal partner already, from this moment. Do not be surprised, because or where you will find the couple that asks. Transfer your desire implicitly into the wisdom of your Subconscious Mind. She knows how to do it and you do not have to help her. You are mentally divorced when you induce resentment, resentment, ill will and hostility towards your spouse. He is harboring his error in the bed of his mind. Stop projecting negative prototypes against your spouse. Send her thoughts of love, peace, harmony and good will and her marriage will grow more beautiful and more wonderful through time. Radiate love, peace and good will with each other. These vibrations are received by the subconscious mind resulting in respect, affection and mutual affection. A scolding woman demands attention and appreciation. She demands the love and affection she deserves. Honor it and exalt its good qualities. Show him that he loves and appreciates her. A man who loves his wife does not do anything indelicate, not in word, thought or action. When there are marital problems, see a doctor who is an expert in that specialty. You do not go to the carpenter to get a tooth out. Never discuss your marital problems with relatives or friends. Never try to remodel your spouse. These attempts are always futile and tend to destroy the pride and self-esteem of the other. However, raising an atmosphere of resentment will lead to the outcome. Cease any attempt to make your spouse your other self. Pray together and stay together. Scientific prayer solves all problems. Make the prototype of your spouse as she is: happy, happy, healthy and beautiful. Keep this mental picture and you will enjoy a marriage in harmony and peace. There is tremendous power within you. Happiness will come when you acquire a sublime confidence in this power. Then, it will make your dreams true. You can overcome any defect and carry out the desires of your subconscious mind. Whoever trusts the laws of the subconscious mind will be happy. You must choose happiness. When you open your eyes in the morning, say to yourself: "Today I will be happy, today I will have good will all day, put your whole life, love and interest in this affirmation and you will have chosen happiness. Even more, pray for the peace, happiness and prosperity of all the members of your family, your associates and all the people in general.You must be sincere, in wanting happiness.Wish is a feeling with imaginative wings and full of faith Imagine the fulfillment of your desire, feel it as a reality and it will crystallize. Happiness comes in response to your plea. Remember, your life is what your thoughts make of you. Happiness can not be bought with all the money in the world. Some millionaires are very happy, others are very unhappy. Some simple people are happy, and some are unhappy. The realm of happiness is in your own thoughts and feelings. Happiness is the harvest of a calm mind. Keep your thoughts on peace, balance, security, divine guidance and your mind will be a producer of happiness. There is no obstacle to be happy. External things are not causal, they are effects, take the only creative principle within you. His thought is the cause and a new cause produces a new effect. The happiest man is the one who advances towards the highest and best. Believe in the good of others and is bringing goodness to you. Resentment and hatred are mental poisons. Do not think bad about others, so they do not think bad about you. You are the only thinker in the universe; Your thoughts are creators. Your mind is a creative medium, therefore, what you think and feel about others, will be your own experience. This is the psychological meaning of the Golden Rule. As you believe that a man thinks of you, so you will think of him. Cheating, stealing or defrauding others is attracting misfortunes, frustrations and limitations of oneself. What you do to another you will do to yourself. You are the only thinker in the world. You are responsible for the way you think about them. Your thoughts are reproduced. Get emotional maturity, do not stop other people from differing from you. They have the perfect right to disagree with you, and you have the same freedom to disagree with others. You can disagree without being unpleasant. Animals perceive their vibrations of fear and jump on you. If you love animals, they will never attack you. Many undisciplined humans are like animals, very sensitive. Your inner conversation represents your silent thoughts and feelings, which attract the reactions of others towards you. You want for another what you want for yourself. This is the key to the harmonious relationship with others. Change your concept and estimate your employee. Feel and know it by practicing the golden rule and the law of love and he will respond. No one can irritate or upset you if you do not allow it. Your thinking is creative, bless it. If someone calls you a fool, you have to answer them. Love is the key to the good of others. The love and understanding, good will and respect for the divinity of the other. Have compassion and understand the mental hunchbacks that have been negatively conditioned. To understand everything is to forgive everything. Rejoice in the success, promotion and good fortune of others. By doing so you will attract good fortune towards you. Do not allow emotional scenes and tantrums from others. Keep your ideal knowing your mental prototype which will give you peace, happiness and orientation towards the right, good and true. What you bless, will be blessed. All you owe to others is love and love is to desire for someone what you want for yourself. Health, happiness and all the blessings of life. The vital principle seems to favor you when you attune yourself to the principle of harmony, health, joy and peace. The vital principle sends neither diseases, nor accidents, nor sufferings. We attract these things about themselves by our negative destructive thoughts based on the law "What we sow, we will gather". Your conviction about the vital principle is the most important thing in your life. If you are really convinced of the existence of Divine Love, your subconscious mind will respond by giving you innumerable blessings. The vital principle does not hold any grudge against anyone. Life heals a deep cut in his hand. Life forgives you when you burn a finger, reducing edema and restoring the affected part perfectly and completely. The guilt complex is a false concept of the life principle, nor does it punish us, nor does it judge us by its false beliefs, negative thoughts or self-condemnation. The vital principle, neither condemns nor punishes. Natural forces are not evil, it is the effect of their use. It depends on how you use the power that is within them. You can use electricity to kill someone and light up your house. You can use water to drown a child or quench your thirst. Good or evil supports thought and purpose in man's own mind. The vital principle never punishes. Men punish themselves for their false conception of God, of life, and of the universe. Their thoughts are creators and they create their own misery. If someone criticizes you and these mistakes are true, rejoice and appreciate the comment. This gives you the opportunity to correct yourself. You will not be hurt again by criticism when you understand that you are the key to your thoughts, reactions and emotions. This will give him the opportunity to pray and bless others, and consequently, himself. When begging to get guidance and act correctly, take it as it comes. Understand that it is good and very good. Then there will be no cause for self-apprehension, hating or criticizing. There is not something that is good or bad, only thought does it. Your desire to feed can be achieved without killing someone to get it. Resentment, hatred, ill will and hostility are behind a heavy burden of discomfort. Continue until you pass your mind and have real peace with them. This is the acid test of forgiveness. Suppose you had a tooth abscess a year ago, it was very painful. Ask yourself, now it hurts?. If so, the roots of hatred are there, alive and destroying it. This is the meaning of "forgive seventy times seven." The answer is within each question. Infinite Intelligence will respond when you call it full of faith and confidence. Habit is a function of the subconscious mind. There is no greater evidence than the amazing power of the subconscious embodied in the strength of the habits acquired during our experiences. Man is the result of his habits. You have the freedom to choose. You can get a good or bad habit. Any mental image, supported by the conviction that you hold in your conscious mind, will crystallize your subconscious mind. The only obstacle to his success is his own thinking, his own mental image. When your image is dispersed, return it to the contemplation of your goal. With this the mind is disciplined. Your conscious mind is a camera and your subconscious mind is the sensitive plate on which the image is printed or recorded. The only bad luck that can haunt you is your constant and repeated fearful thinking. Break it, knowing that whatever you start must end it. Imagine the happy ending and hold it with complete confidence. To reform a new habit you must be fully convinced of its need. If your intentions to eliminate a bad habit are superior to those of continuing it, you have half the way in your favor. What others say can not hurt you unless you admit in your thoughts that they have mental involvement. Identify yourself with your goal of peace, harmony and joy. You are the only thinker in the universe. Drinking excessively is an unconscious desire to escape. The cause of alcoholism is a destructive negative thought. The cure lies in believing himself free, sober and perfect until he feels the emotion of having freed himself from vice. Many people remain alcoholic because they refuse to admit that it is. The law of the subconscious mind, which keeps you bound and inhibited to act freely, will give you freedom and happiness desired. Your imagination guides you towards the drink turning you into a slave, let it lead you towards the liberation of your vice beginning by imagining that you are already free. Your imagination guides you towards the drink turning you into a slave, let it lead you towards the liberation of your vice beginning by imagining that you are already free. The real cause of alcoholism is destructive negative thinking. When fear knocks on the door of your mind, have faith in the divine law, in the law of all good things and your doors will be opened. Tell yourself: "I will be the master of fear" and it will be. Fear is a negative thought in your mind. Suppose it by constructive thinking. Fear kills thousands of people. Confidence is stronger than fear. Nothing is more powerful than faith in the Divine Principle. It is behind failure, illness and bad relationships with others. Love is an emotional addition to the good things in life. Fall in love with honesty, integrity, justice, goodwill and success. Live in the happy expectation of the best and invariably the best will come to you. Fear supports amnesia at the time of oral or written examination. You can beat him by saying frequently: "I have a perfect memory for everything I need to know" or you can imagine a friend congratulating him on his brilliant success in the exams. If you fear swimming; Swim freely and cheerfully in your imagination, mentally throw yourself into the water, feel how cold it is and the thrill of swimming through the pool. Make it real, by doing so subjectively you will be propelling yourself to enter the water and conquer it. You will see how the fear will disappear quickly. We are born with only two types of fears: the fear of falling and the fear of noise. All other fears are acquired. The abnormal fear is very bad and destructive. The constant tolerance of fearful thoughts produces abnormal fear, obsessions and complexes. You can overcome abnormal fear when you know that the power of your subconscious mind can change the conditions and bring to reality the deep desires of your heart. Pay immediate attention and devotion to your desire that is opposed to fear. This is love that eliminates fear. When you fear a failure, pay attention to success. If you fear an illness, feel in perfect health. If you fear an accident, ask for divine guidance and protection. If you are afraid of death, immerse yourself in eternal life. God is life and he is now his life. The great law of substitution is the response to fear. Whatever your fear has a solution in the form of your desire. If you are imprisoned by fear, desire freedom. Mentally concentrate on the good and acknowledge that your subconscious mind will always respond to you. The things you fear do not exist except through your thoughts. The thoughts are creative. That is why it is said: "What I fear will fall on me". Think of the good and the good will come to you. Cultivate and express them; stay young mentally and bodily. Some medical researchers say that premature aging is caused by the neurotic fear that produces time. Age is not the flight of years, it is the birth of wisdom in the mind of man. The most productive years of our life can be after sixty-five. Receive with joy the passing of the years. It means that you move to a higher point on the scale of life that has no end. The Divine principle is Life and he is your life in this moment. Life is renewed, it is eternal and indestructible and it is the fulfillment of all men. You will always live, since your life is the life of the divine principle. The evidence of surviving after death is irresistible. He can not see his mind, however he knows he has it. He can not see his spirit, but he knows that he lives in the spirit of the artist, the musician, the speaker. Recognize as real in your mind and heart the spirit of goodness, truth and beauty. He can not see life but he knows he is alive. Old age can be called the contemplation of divine truths from the highest point of view. The joy of old age is much greater than that of young people. Your mind is occupied with mental and spiritual athletics. nature slows down your body so that you can meditate better on divine things. We do not count the years of a man until when he does not tell us. Your faith and convictions are not subject to decay. You are as young as you think you are. You are as strong as you think you are. You are as useful as you think you are. You are as young as your thoughts are. You do not sell your gray hair, you sell your talent, skill and accumulated wisdom through years of hard work. Diets and exercises will not keep you young. As a man thinks he is, he will be. The fear of old age after mental and physical deterioration. The thing that I fear will fall on me. You get old when you stop dreaming and when you have lost interest in life. He has aged if he has become irritable, eccentric, petulant and troublemakers. Fill your mind with divine truths and radiate the brilliance of your love. Look forward, for at all times you are contemplating infinite life. His retirement is a new adventure. Take new studies, look for a new interest. He can do things, which he always wanted to do while he was busy to live. Pay attention to live life. Become a producer and not a prisoner of society, do not hide your talent under a barrel. Some great philosophers, artists, researchers, writers and others have completed their work being older than eighty years. You are a child of infinite life that has no end. Try to grow your own food. He has the obligation to put his knowledge at the service of animals. that the last river has been poisoned. only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you discover that money can not be eaten. "

It is Monday morning after a weekend of restful rest, and we face the week with enthusiasm, we intend to work more and better than ever, while dedicating ourselves more time to our family, we will eat better, we will try to drink less coffee and maybe we will read a little more Who knows, we will even finally start up that ambitious project that we always leave for later, that we do not have enough will power. Some people affirm that with willpower one is born or not born, that it is something that can not be trained, and that is why we cross our fingers and hope to be able to not get carried away by the current. One can improve his willpower, but it is also true that, although few remember it, the will is a limited resource, so it is better not to waste it on what is not important. s proposed by the guru to carry out everything we propose. Avoid making unnecessary decisions Our head works well to some extent, but little by little it starts to get worse and worse, until it says "enough". It is at that moment when our will disappears and we say yes to everything. As Haden recalls, the more decisions we make throughout the day, the more each of them will cost us. If, on the other hand, we only have to decide on a handful of things, we can focus on each of them without experiencing mental fatigue. It also implies that we must put ourselves in situations in which we do not have to think. Haden gives the example of those who can not stop checking their email. The more it costs us to access it, the less inclined we will be to consult it, so we will gain in time and effort. Haden uses the example of clothes: do we really want to start the day, at seven in the morning, thinking about what we feel good about? Although at night we are more lazy to stop to think about the costumes, the effort will be rewarded the next day. It is about those small decisions that, little by little, exhaust us. Reserve for the important ones. Willpower is one of the qualities that distinguishes the winners. As the research explains, people get tired over time, so it is harder for them to make good decisions, even without being aware that they are getting carried away. Recharge the batteries What kind of life would we live if we could only face important decisions in the first hour? Of course, you have to recharge your batteries throughout the day, and this can be as important as getting up rested. There are two very simple things we can do to keep fatigue from being with us. On the one hand, take small breaks both physically and mentally from time to time, and take advantage of them to drink fluids and eat well. As Haden reminds us, hunger leads to bad humor, and bad humor to bad decisions. When our glucose levels are low, we tend to prefer short-term rewards rather than long-term rewards. That is, the perfect scenario to let us fall into the arms of all those temptations that have cost us so much to escape previously. Think long-term goals Mental fatigue, as we have just pointed out, makes us opt for the easiest solutions. We are so tired that everything seems to cost us a world, so we promise that tomorrow we will really meet our goals. It is clear that it is a lie: the day to start is always today. This is probably the most complicated step to take, since it makes us focus on something abstract and distant, which we do not know very well if we will achieve. Haden recommends keeping memories of what we really have to strive for, be it a photograph of our family or, as with one of your friends, the mortgage that remains to be paid. Photographing represents a great risk D.R. We got into the car - my wife, the children, my parents and my wife's aunt - and we left without taking anything. I do not know where we will spend the night, but at least we are safe. Tomorrow we will see if it is safe to go home; What else can we do?". Bombings of civilian areas In Mosul, I visited the families of five young people who died on June 7 when an artillery shell fell on the rooftop where they were sitting drinking tea and talking. My boy has been taken from me, and my other son suffered injuries so bad that he will never recover. The others fell by, luckily without causing more victims. The older brother of Seif, the only survivor of the group on the roof, is bedridden and it is evident that he has great pains. Large fragments of shrapnel tore at his chest, abdomen and groin and caused severe damage to internal organs. He spoke with difficulty, between grimaces and moans of pain at the slightest movement: "Nobody left because of the situation, so we were sitting in our house, with the family and neighbors. We did not hear any shot before the one that affected us; If we had heard it, we would not have stayed on the terrace. I only remember a glow and a lot of pain. " The artillery is too vague and should never be used in residential areas full of civilians. The repeated use of such weapons in this way, without due consideration for the damage caused to the population, violates international humanitarian law and is a war crime. There are many cases like this that do not transcend, because when civilians flee from one place to another even family members lose contact with each other. Rather, his brutal record raises the fear that he can do the opposite, if not now, later. But, as in most conflicts, abuses are not committed only a part. While the clashes continue to intensify, the civilian population is increasingly in danger of suffering innumerable violations of rights at the hands of all parties. These are the seven profiles that usually classify the human being, and that derive from the six cerebral dimensions that we all have and that define us. According to Davidson, these dimensions are not mere conventional conceptions, but properties of the brain that we all have and that define our character. For example, the impulsive would have little attention and low self-awareness. The anxious, a slow recovery, a negative attitude, little attention and a great conscience. And the optimist, a mix of quick recovery with a positive attitude. The main thesis of Davidson's work is that although we are in one of the groups mentioned above, we can alter it through different mechanisms, such as meditation. It is a concept that poses a big question. If we can alter our way of being by changing our brain, it is likely that we all want to have the same qualities conceived as positive. One thing is a trait and another thing the pathological. When we begin to think that we have a problem, it is when we have to consider that maybe we should take measures to change ". Davidson adds that it is the variety of profiles that allows the world to continue functioning, especially in regard to the work environment. For example, a great social intuition can be useful if you are an agent of the secret service, but not especially important in the case of a programmer, who should have more attention. The main difference is to go from being guided by the stimuli of our environment to being able to direct our own life ". Within everyone's reach The possibility of change is good news for those who think that we are conditioned only by our biology. The theory of Davidson opens a door to the fatalism of some visions, which consider that our character is predetermined in advance and we can do little with it. While reviewing the literature available when writing my book, I realized that mere training and action in the environment can shape the way we breathe, for example. There are many opportunities to improve this brain plasticity that we did not know about five years ago. " The definitive demonstration that our profiles do not remain stable over time, but change even in our adult age. The way parents behave with their children determines their future. Those who enjoyed specific qualities such as being more affectionate, more open, got the brains of their children molded in that way. " Meditating towards happiness It has been in meditation where Davidson has found the best tool for this personal change, by finding a direct relationship between these practices and positive thinking. A commitment that reaches our days, in which the neuroscientist is in full investigation about how meditation can provide a high degree of satisfaction in just eight hours. However, Davidson had to face the rejection of the scientific community after adopting this point of view, at least at first: "It is increasingly being accepted. At first there was great resistance because there was no conceptual framework where it could fit. And yet, now we do. Rather, on the contrary: the universality of his approach leads him to subtract precisely what is specifically religious. What I wanted to show was how these kinds of practices and attitudes could work out of a religious context. " The visible and the invisible Davidson tells a funny anecdote that happened to him while he was studying, in the seventies. Immediately, Davidson realized his mistake, and pressed the correct button while apologizing with a "sorry, I changed my mind". It's a curious way to explain the way in which psychology has evolved since the seventies. However, Davidson burst into the scene in a brilliant way, proposing another look in which the emotion and the internal processes of the brain have a greater importance than the merely external. You have to show a high resistance, persist and find enough evidence to support your ideas. " Moreover, it provided results that "had never previously been found in neuroscience." According to Davidson, it shows that neuroplasticity works. The fastest is to place the address of the auditorium in the car's navigator to find out without further ado what was the only project built in Italy for the last Pritzker Prize. The other is to first approach the historic center of L'Aquila and check the state of the reconstruction of the city five years after that earthquake of 6.3 magnitude. Only if this second option is chosen can it be understood to what extent it was important - and still is - that an audience made of imagination and cardboard tubes rose over a sea of ​​rubble, corruption and bureaucracy. The teacher Di Paolonicola and his students enjoyed last week of the good conservation of an elliptical concert hall, elegant for its simplicity, built diagonally on a square of 25 meters on each side, crowned by a flat pyramid and supported by 44 columns. They told me that their engineers did not consider them safe. When I showed them, showing them my previous works, yes, they settled the matter by simply saying that in Italy it was not allowed. Before I had been allowed to use a steel roof that I found abandoned by a road, but then I was also told no. As long as the project went ahead, I agreed to renounce the cardboard structure. From that moment, they no longer agreed to meet me again. " Then, they had lowered the roof, something that I could not allow in any way because it would resent the acoustics of the audience. Then they asked for another 150,000 euros to reform a project that they had altered. I've worked all over the world, I've even done it in Haiti, but something like this has never happened to me. " The explanation for all that meaningless mess came later, when the politicians of the time and their successors were falling in a cascade accused of corruption in the works of reconstruction of a city. Fortunately, the audience of Shigeru Ban was saved from burning and the result can be enjoyed every week. The triumph of effort over laziness and corruption -so good comrades- is present every morning and every evening behind the big red curtain of a cardboard audience. And not only was dedicated to make money at home, but also took care to divert it to secret bank accounts, in addition to refusing to pay taxes, as it was considered that it was far above the obligation to tax with the Treasury. There were several sources of income that earned him huge profits, being one of the most profitable the royalty that generated the copyright of the book 'Mein Kampf'. Only for this concept, Hitler received from the relevant agencies important sums of money as payment of royalties for each printed book. Hitler charged a royalty in concept of image rights for each stamp in which it appeared and was sold. The small art gallery, a real box of chocolates from the old Dutch art located in the heart of The Hague, reopens its doors next week after two years of expansion and remodeling work. That's where his mother dies after confessing his obsession with the work, for that bird, that "living creature" that emerges after seeing so many still lifes of dead pheasants. For Gordenker it is more than a coincidence. That's why we feel it so close, that's why we like so much to contemplate it up close. It pushes us to look, look and keep looking. It is that intimacy that creates a special relationship with the painting. Also, and do not be surprised, I think it also has to do with its reproduction: these are paintings that look good on postcards and posters. And that quality makes them special, more accessible, more popular. " The mystery of the goldfinch is already caged in the Mauritshuis, where it has gone from wearing a mobile panel in a hall to a space of honor. Too many victims - real and fictional - for the memory of a poor little bird. The director of the museum recognizes the strange power of the work, the optical illusion that creates contemplation. The bird really looks alive. A visitor photographs 'The young lady of the pearl'. In the old building there is only one concession to the new life of the museum: a circular and transparent elevator that joins the street with the new underground lobby. The rest, once crossed the doors of the gallery, is an explosion of history and antiquity. Walls covered in dark colors, noble woods and a room, called the golden room, restored to the detail to relive its 15 Pellegrini murals. A nod to the splendor of this old glory that still floats on Lake Hofvijver. When we closed we had about 260,000 visits. That percentage can not grow more than 25%. We care about quality, not quantity. In that sense we launched a message contrary to the rest of the world's museums. It's the last thing I remember, "he explained after his rescue. When they found him, on October 31, he had almost no pulse, his organs were numb and his body temperature had dropped to 22 degrees Celsius. He was in the same place where he had stretched out to take a nap. Uchikoshi had entered into a state of hibernation, which saved him from death. The case was called "revolutionary" by Japanese hibernation experts and Uchikoshi became the human being who has lived longest in a state of hypothermia. But he is not the only person who has gone through such an experience. Although it sounds like science fiction, suspended animation is a technique that has been on the table of leading laboratories for decades. And, for the first time in history, it's going to be tested on humans. In the hospital they see cases of this type every month and their chance of survival is less than 7%. But the next 10 patients who come to the emergency room with a picture of this type may have better luck. If a patient is dying and suspends you, you have the opportunity to bring him back to life after fixing his structural problems. The protocol is perfectly studied. When a person who has suffered cardiac arrest arrives at the hospital, after a traumatic injury, and attempts to revive their heart have failed, the entire Tisherman team will be summoned to the operating room. The doctors will replace the patients' blood with a saline solution that, once frozen, will leave your body in a state of practical cellular inactivity. This will allow them to gain time to heal their wounds, but in the meantime the patients will be technically dead: they will not be able to breathe and will not have brain activity. Scientists who study suspended animation have a saying: "You're not dead until you're hot and dead." If cardiovascular resuscitation does not work, doctors will try to 'suspend' patients. A long-distance technique The first human trial of this type of technique comes after numerous successful experiments with animals. Maybe in a few years someone will discover how to do it, but it will surely take time. "After we did these experiments, the definition of 'death' changed," says Rhee. They have no vital signs, no pulse, no brain activity. I sign a paper knowing that, in reality, they are not dead. I could suspend them at that moment, but I would have to put them in a body bag. It's frustrating to know that there is a solution. " Although the first suspended animation trials will only keep people in hibernation for a couple of hours, scientists work to find ways to lengthen the suspended state, and not just to gain time in a surgical operation. But to see this we will have to wait. Maybe in a few years someone will find out how to do it, but it will certainly take time. " Post in Cancel A% d bloggers like this:

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