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3.- The commentary is a short, highly subjective text. Usually, we find comments about movies in our daily press. This format is a manifestation of opinion journalism: subjectivity is the voice of a critical conscience. Perhaps there is a way to recognize certain comments: in the manner of an editorial that carries the photo of the analyst. 4.- The essay is a long text, of an academic nature and designed for a magazine or a book. 5.- A review is a summary of the story accompanied by a file. It does not necessarily have an opinion. Usually, it does not carry a signature. Inform, encourage people to see the film. 6.- It is optional to prepend the technical sheet. In some cases it manages to help the reader. Everything that can guide you is welcome. Do not forget that the film critic is a bridge between the viewer and the film commented. Do not forget that there is an international standard that requires that a film be rated based on 5 stars. It is recommended, in the case of the social communicator, that along with the criticism a box be attached in which the qualifications of several analysts are confronted. This will allow you to better guide the reader. 10.- In the first paragraph goes the most important information about the trajectory of the director and succinct information of the plot. 11.- Compare the released film with the previous titles of the director. Verify if the filmmaker has progressed or has stalled. Do not talk about the director's movies you have not seen. It is necessary not to write about a film that has not been seen. It is important to analyze the discovered intertextuality. Do not forget that the critic is a fisherman of analogies. 13.- It is vital that not much is told about the plot and that aspects that the viewer should discover alone are not revealed. 16.- Do not say that a film is good or bad, or is "more or less". They are traditional and superfluous judgments, which say nothing when analyzing a film. A good critic, even in the corridors of a cinema falls into this kind of value judgments. 17.- Do not copy Internet ideas as many columnists do. Own ideas are the product of a long patience. 18.- Maintain independence with the businessmen who distribute the films. The promise to write favorably about the last title seen in an avant premiere for social communicators is a form of prostitution. 19.- Answering questions such as What do we find more interesting or disturbing in a cinematographic work? The orchestra conductor who analyzes a score separates it mentally to see how the melodies and the motives are organized. Every analysis involves dividing something in its component parts. The thesis on a film will be a general presentation of the functions, effects or meanings of the film. Our analysis will show how these arise from the interaction of the parts that make up the film's formal and stylistic systems. " Note: this does not mean that each technical aspect has to be analyzed. One or two aspects can be highlighted. The dramaturgy of color in this film photographed by Vittorio Storaro is an appropriate theme due to the intention of making this film a comic of moving images. 21.- Analyze the art direction. If the cast has the name of a great interpreter, we must analyze his acting style and his contribution to the film. If there is silence, does it have any symbolic meaning? To give preponderance to certain types of sounds and not to others, do you have any intentionality? In other words, the breathing of history. 27.- Take note describing with accuracy the cinematographic techniques that are most used. This last question, for example, is related to the previous point. 28.- Determine the overall structure of the film: dismantle it in three acts with their respective knots. This dismantling will be done to praise the scriptwriter or, failing that, criticize him. A script is stripped through this structural debris. In addition, it gives us an accuracy on how it is built. For example, it is valid to say that the first act or approach is poorly structured and immediately to support this claim. It is not enough to say that the film has an ill-fated outcome. We have to argue such an assertion. 29.- This brings us to a vital point. It is not enough to throw generalities such as "the lighting is deficient" or "the performances are unequal". We have to support what is affirmed. 30.- The conclusion of the film will depend on the rhetorical ability of the writer to provide arguments. Throughout the article, the arguments can support a matrix idea. This thesis, depending on each critic, will be the core of the text and must be completed in the last paragraph. The director of Jules et Jim gives an interesting example. He says that the lack of knowledge of a critic is measured by his ability to be surprised by the remakes. Since most of them have not seen the primary film text, it turns out that he admires the rehash as if it were really the original. The manchurian candidate is a recent example that fits well with this peccadillo. B.- Ignorance of the cinema technique. If a critic does not know anything about the metalanguage of cinema, then he can not go beyond any language. C.- Lack of imagination and creativity. When speaking of this sin, Truffaut attacks the criticism in which the whimsical and superfluous assertions are the order of the day. D.- Chauvinism more or less conscious. When speaking of this sin, Truffaut lashes out at the critics of his country who usually comment on foreign films over the French. Transposing this sin to a Latin American context would imply criticizing those who always write about American or European films, disdaining Latinos. E.- Use of insolence and professorial tone. At this point, Truffaut mocks the critic who advised a director to remove from his film a quarter of an hour of scientific explanations. The director concludes affirming the following thing: "For the critic of cinema there are no authors and the films are like the mayonnaises, they go out well or leave badly". F.- Judging of the films based on the alleged intentions of the same. If the critic does not know the history of the cinema and even less his technique, worse can judge a film by its appearances. His ignorance disqualifies him to guess the author's intentions. G. - Lack of acceptance of the complexity of the film commented. If the movie to comment is a simple invoice, it would be best to accept it. In truth, listen to me: do not give too much importance to the critics ».

Well, take them off and start using Stickies... it's cleaner and more practical. Then remove them and start using Stickies... it's cleaner and more practical. Stickies is a program with which you can leave notes on your Desktop to remember things. These notes can be fixed anywhere or even hidden until you indicate it: mark an hour and they will appear as an alarm. Of course, Stickies is very customizable and allows you to change the font, color, text size and appearance of the notes. If you like a certain style, save it as a predefined one for later. Softonic does not advise the use of this program if it violates the laws of your country. Through them we personalize ads, provide social network functions and analyze our traffic. We also share information about how you use our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. By continuing browsing, we will consider that you accept the above. You can change the cookie settings and get more information here.

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