My teacher wants me to turn in my essay

Let's talking about my teacher wants me to turn in my essay.

I wanted to play with the double meaning of the word essay. In this blog I develop my ideas, what I am living, learning about education. But for me it is also trying something new. In these four years I will rehearse how to be a teacher. In this blog I am including all the activities that we carry out in the subject Theory of education. This project is called the Learning Footprint and aims to collect all the learning evidences and reflections of the subject. It is about, when the time comes, to look back and see the road traveled: everything we have built and everything we have learned. I have to say that it was never my first choice. I have enrolled this year after being in the Faculty of Medicine of Salamanca. I started excited and little by little, without realizing it, I was overwhelmed, stressed and angry with the world. It took me a while to realize that I liked a lot of medicine, but I did not want to be a doctor. Maybe it sounds a little weird, but it's like that. I love knowing interesting things. But knowing things is not what fills you in life. The path to your goal gives you clues as to whether you are going in the right direction. I have already said that it took me a while to realize it. So it was time to reflect: what do I want in life? For me it is what it is about, happiness. And I started thinking about all those moments so far away for me that I felt life was wonderful. I remembered when I was a monitor, what I enjoyed with the children, how comfortable I was, the enthusiasm with which I prepared the activities. I also remembered the afternoons of study in the living room of my house when some of my friends came to explain chemistry, physics and mathematics. I have had a hard time making this decision but now I know, this is my thing. I can not explain what I feel, but it's a lot like being in love. For me this is so different from everything I was doing... I am in a transition stage not only academic, but everything in general. And I feel that I can take better advantage of my abilities. I see in myself a potential that I did not see before and that makes me strive with hope. I admit, I'm always in the clouds. I lose myself in the ramblings, in future projects, in how I would do things, in the infinity of perfection. It is good to be reflective, but a little pragmatism would not hurt me. I would avoid many sufferings. Always delivering everything at the last moment, always checking, making changes, stopping at the details. What it costs me to start doing something... My head goes a thousand per hour but the folio is still blank. I have great capacity for reaction and that's why, even if I always get caught by the bull, I can deliver things on time. Because in the end I am never satisfied with what I give. I hope that little by little I will find the balance. With all this, I have to say that for me making this blog has been a challenge. I have lost the practice of writing what I think and what I feel. Always memorizing folios and folios of data and weird names. I have felt my brain atrophied, rusty. In this career I am having the opportunity to live more fully the subjects. Now I stop more to understand things, to spin around, to do everything mine. It's a rhythm that I can carry and adapts more to how I am. This in medicine for me was impossible most of the time. I want to dedicate this blog to everyone who is supporting me in these strange years of my life. They have an infinite patience and that means that they must love me with madness, as I love them. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Post to Cancel A% d bloggers like this:

It gave me feeling because many children saw her as a second mom. I also think that the context has a great influence on the planning, because in the video we can realize that they have free places where children can be quiet or can do various activities without any danger. They can "take advantage" of the places, customs, traditions, among other aspects that help the child to understand more about life and learn in a meaningful way when making the relationship of the theory with what they live. Unfortunately most teachers expect a bonus in exchange for their update, or in exchange for new learning, when they should do it for their own person, for being better and not for commitment.

This was a public school, and I had attended only private schools. And they were worried that I could surround myself with bad companies, and even, that I had problems with a teacher. Public schools did not have a good opinion from my parents. Fortunately, that was not the case. I particularly remember a teacher, who taught Physics and Chemistry classes. To motivate us to get better grades, he gave us a pen. This way of motivating us to study with a reward is called the "law of reinforcement", and is part of a current of psychology called Behaviorism. What my teacher tried with this kind of gifts, was to motivate us to make more effort in our studies, and thus, obtain good grades. Effort and discipline is what any teacher expects from his students, unfortunately, it is not always the case. What my teacher was trying to "reinforce" in us the habit of studying more, hence this technique is called "law of reinforcement." Subsequently, this concept gave rise to a branch of psychology called "behaviorism". Some have even called this theory "psychology without a mind". This theory sees the human brain as a "black box", as an inscrutable system, to which the stimuli arrive, and has as outputs the responses of the individual. It is curious that if the word psychology means "study of the soul or the mind", this branch of the same psychology denies it. However, currently some behaviorists have begun to consider also the cognitive factors, the processes of the mind. Something I also noticed was that those who received the reinforcement were students who usually had good average. There was no change in the most backward students. They did not try to get better grades. The reinforcement did not influence them as my teacher surely expected. Now I have the necessary elements to explain why this situation occurred. In a simple statement, the law of reinforcement says the following: "A behavior that achieves desirable consequences, will be repeated." In other words, if an individual likes the result that he had a particular behavior, he will be inclined to repeat it. If any young person got a favorable response from the girls when wearing a certain jacket, he will continue to wear that jacket. If a soccer player wins using certain "tacos", he will always play with those "tacos". Or if a teacher has received a satisfactory response from his group with a certain behavior, he will repeat that behavior next time. This principle applies even to animals, in fact, began to study from observing the change of behavior precisely in them. The results have been extraordinary. A pigeon was taught to examine pieces of radio that advanced on a conveyor belt. The bird evaluated each component, and those that were defective removed them from the lane, for which it received a portion of grain. There she sat all day, very focused on her work. So, where did my teacher fail in trying to make us try harder? Rewards or reinforcements must be delivered in the shortest possible time. For this technique to be effective, a reinforcer must follow immediately to an answer. The mistake my teacher made was to prolong the reinforcement's appearance too long. We had to wait a whole month to receive it. Often, students are promised things if they try hard, but in the very long term. It is not convenient to promise a child a holiday trip if he behaves well for a year. It is useless to promise a nine-year-old boy a car when he turns sixteen, on the condition that he improves his grades. For animals, the reward should appear seconds after the desired behavior. Of course, children can tolerate more delay than animals, but the effect of the reward disappears over time. Children simply do not have the maturity to think long term. Still many adults have problems with that. The reward must be attractive to the person. I think my teacher's intention was good, but failed to choose the object that would serve as reinforcement. A pen must have seemed unattractive to more than one. Maybe if the reinforcement had been more free time for the students, the strategy would have been successful. The reinforcement should be something that the person wants. In the case of animals, reinforcements are those that satisfy physical needs, such as food. For people, it must be something that satisfies psychological needs, for example, words of praise. The correct reward that modifies the behavior varies from one person to another, but we all seek the satisfaction of our emotional needs, such as love or acceptance. People are very interested in what others think of us. This also works in the negative sense, the words of rejection or disapproval also modify the behavior of people. For example, the child who is told by his classmates "you are the ugliest of the whole school", or "you can not do anything right", children may become withdrawn or give the impression of being lazy. I myself went through an experience like this. I have never had much interest in practicing any sport, and there is a reason for this. Since I was in elementary school they always made fun of me when we played soccer, baseball or basketball in physical education classes. I was a rather withdrawn and self-absorbed child. Maybe, with a little more time practicing some sport and some words of encouragement, I would have excelled in sports activities. Unfortunately, this never happened and teasing only reinforced my introverted behavior. Even as adults, we remain vulnerable to this type of comment, even from our friends. In the case of men, what I have noticed is that they urge them to marry and they are very afraid of getting old. Some criticisms of this technique have emerged. Many see in the rewards a kind of bribe. Parents are afraid that they are manipulating their children. These parents expect their children to fulfill their obligations simply because it is the right thing to do. But when you want children to overcome a certain base, they must apply some kind of reinforcement. To those who think that reinforcement is the same as bribery, I say, do not all adults work for a salary? In the classroom it is very common to talk about what is called "curve". If a teacher sees the reinforcement technique as a manipulator, it can cause the highest grade obtained to "inflate" to the highest level possible to "help" his students. This way all the students go up in grade, according to the amount of points that the teacher added to the highest grade. This practice actually hurts the student, establishing a reputation for low standards for the school. When this happens, the excellent student can not be recognized by the average student or the poor student. Good students will suffer because excellent grades will be seen as regular by other institutions. They should accept that the police are manipulative when they infract a driver for going over the top The Treasury would also be manipulative by charging someone a fine when they are late on their tax return. The justice department is manipulative when it arrests a person for committing a crime. Some prefer the term "administration", which serves the interest of all, even when the consequences are unpleasant. After all, why fight for something in this life, if nothing is going to be gained? If this control based on reinforcement is applied properly, it will yield the desired results. I can say that almost all learning is based on this principle. It is also quite safe and predictable. And how it was not going to be, after all, the world works under the rewards system, and it also works perfectly with human nature. Dobson, James: How to raise sons. 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