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For some on the left, he glorifies an unjust war while paying homage to an incorrigible murderer who has a simplistic view of the world, of good versus evil. None, say the creators of the movie. Since "Sniper" broke the box office records with the incredible amount of 107 million dollars last weekend, everyone seems to have an opinion about it. Experts, veterans and Internet critics from both sides of the political spectrum spent last week analyzing the 132 minutes of the film, and the autobiography written by Kyle on which it is based, in search of material for political arguments. It is a republican platform movie. "Some people even turned to Twitter to say that the movie made them want to kill Arabs and Muslims.All the controversy is no doubt attracting more people to the film, but the creators of" Sniper "say that many of these spectators are overlooking the central point, the cost to him was his physical health, his mental health and almost his family. " Art, misunderstood "Sniper" is not the first artistic work that has generated contrary opinions in our cultural and political wars. Springsteen, a defiant supporter of the rejected, did not like it. Gekko became a role model for a generation of aspiring "Masters of the Universe". Even today, people who hope to strike the big blow keep Gekko's quotations on hand, aphorisms for which they can be guided. Guthrie did not hide his loyalties in a verse that is rarely sung. And yes, it ends with real life images of 2013 in which thousands of Americans appear on the roads, waving flags as Kyle's funeral procession passes. But in subtle ways, the message of the film, and the moral, does not appear so black and white. Another scene shows a mother crying at the funeral of her son, a veteran of the Iraq war, while reading aloud a letter written by him in which he questions the point of the war. By the time he returns from his fourth term in Iraq, Kyle has evidently lost his appetite for war. He has separated and separated from his wife. On the other hand, maybe the "Sniper" message is the one you want. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

I do what I want ", while talking about how many people have assumed he is homosexual.In August 2013, he declared his homosexuality publicly through a video on YouTube.The first thing he did was to tweet the news:" I can finally get married. I am very proud of you. "He later made a statement in which he said:" I was very happy today when I learned that other states have legalized gay marriage. Even though I have no plans to get married yet, it's good to know I can do it, if I wish. "Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love really is." Bomer's revelation was not open, but many have congratulated the actor for recognizing his sexuality, which had led to gossip in the industry. I am almost 10 years away from being in a relationship with a woman. "He became engaged to his partner, Michelle Rounds, in 2011. John married David Furnish in December 2005. He only lived my life, not necessarily in secret, but simply I was living my life. "Skyes was referring to the passage in Proposition 8, where gay marriage was prohibited in California days after his wedding," I met this woman, I fell in love with her, and I am a public figure. " He told People magazine in 2006 that he is, in fact, gay. Baxter is in a long-term relationship with construction contractor, Nancy Locke. The actor is married to the writer-producer writer Brian Hargrove. Follow her on Twitter at @sallykohn. I wrote about how pathetic it is that, historically, most of the Oscar-winning directors and producers have been white men and that this reflects the implicit prejudices more widespread in Hollywood and in our society in general. Some people criticized my argument on Twitter. Among other things, they accused me of resorting to the issue of race and echoed the twisted and conservative idea that the liberals who denounce racism in society are actually racists. If you are viewing this note on your mobile, look here the gallery. So I answered with a question: I asked the conservatives if they did not attribute it to racism, how would they explain the lack of nominated black producers and directors and Oscar winners. However, they believed that he blamed them for the racial prejudices implicit in Hollywood. What I did was to accuse the dominant cultural institution in the United States of at least having failed to challenge the prejudices implicit in society in general and, in the worst case, it has replicated them. In my original essay, I wrote: "Does Hollywood exclude women and people of color who hold powerful positions as director or producer more than in other factions of American society and business? Probably not, but who does it? It does not make it worthwhile to issue a criticism. " That brings us to the fuss number two. Some people even accused me of being a pedophile. That's why, as conservatives are obsessed with having a conversation about this, let's do it! Culture - with a capital "C" - is political. The necklines and length of women's skirts are the conscious decision that the fashion world made regarding gender and sexuality. Decisions about which families will be portrayed or excluded in Disney tapes - and in particular children's films - are political. Although a single father raises one in four children who currently live in the country, usually in the Disney tapes appear single mothers as evil. At least single parents get a better deal. Although there seems to be a gay family in the most recent Disney film, Frozen, and there are six other reasons why this film could be the most progressive in the studio so far, the film continues with the long tradition of children's stories that promote heterosexuality It would be good if my daughter saw that. But of course I want the children's films to go a step further and actively reflect the total and positive diversity of families that currently exist in the United States, including gay families like mine. After all, we talk about Hollywood, the land of gays and those who love them! The rights of homosexuals have spread throughout the world and receive the moral and political support of an overwhelming majority of Americans. The reality is that mass culture is amazing and frustratingly reactionary. Conversations about race, gender and sexuality in the most popular films are often lagging behind, as is society. And that a prince marries a prince. And for a plumber to marry a teacher... For heaven's sake, why does everyone have to be rich and royalty?! The opinions contained in this text belong exclusively to Sally Kohn. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

I'm terrified of them, and I do not know how to film them, "he says. That's what excites me. "You said that this is a personal story and that" Birdman "is a symbol of your own inner voice. I think there's some therapy, somehow, an exorcism. I learned that I can be very dark, although I also have a very sharp sense of humor. I think being intelligent creatures means having two ideas at the same time; one can have happiness and depression simultaneously. And that's what this guy is really struggling with; is the duality that we all have. Sometimes you feel like the king of the world, and 30 minutes later you are a dead piece. I was asking myself that question: "You seem like a very happy guy. I accept that. The film was held as one of the few that holds the appearance of a continuous shot. It technically attracted attention. There were not many achievements of science or technicians involved at all. The technique of the film was very primitive. The big challenge was his concept and how to execute it. When I make films in a conventional way, I make a lot of shit that I am ashamed to show, and I directly take it out. In this case, my shit will be out there forever. From the moment I thought I would do it in one shot, I thought the battery would be my ally. My father always woke me up with Gene Krupa on Saturdays. All the time I'm setting the pace on the table. That percussion and that drums would help me have a metronome, a kind of guide for us, to find the internal rhythm, the voice of the actors. And finally they became a character. They become the heartbeat and are executed when anxiety reaches its peak. Some of the songs that Antonio recorded before filming, I played during the rehearsal, so that the actors knew. Destroy more lives than any other person. It reminds me of the master in Whiplash. It was very minimalist; He always challenged us to do more with less. He always said to me: "If you can not transmit and convince the public without tools, nothing, then you are not a director. If you need many things to convince people, then you are an administrator. "I did a couple of jobs, but I am a terrible actor. We have a very sharp language, but we admire each other; He is a very important person in my life. And Michael has been so kind to me. The last time we were all together, it was almost a year ago, at a dinner for the Academy. There is another director, Christopher Nolan. All my life I loved to collaborate. I told them what the concept was. It was a fascinating, confessional process. If anyone wanted to give himself credit, when signs of ego surfaced, it became material. Today everything that is emotional is rejected. Everything has to be approached from the intellectual, but when it is seriously funny it means that it is true. And already won 139 international awards.

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