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Do Netflix account, but of books. By following that page I have read authors that I had no idea before. And... what most do memes is that we are all poor Latin Americans and either we have to read on the cell phone or we steal the books between us. Almost all memes are very basic, only for an impressionable public. It is also annoying that the same admins intervene... all the time. I do not know the others but I find the whole rehash of self-references stifling. The important thing is that the page is great. I have a question: who should I talk to to get a job as a manager here? I had an aunt and the last time I saw her she asked me as if I did not know anything, that my name was trembling. Thanks to this page, people are more 100tifik4!!! But I'm sure it's because I do not read the classics or I read Spanish. What else can you ask for from a page? I am not very literate or very cultured, but I am like the Cap: "I understood the reference! So that you do not spend so much, Bookmate has a promotion in Mexico for 3 months for only 19 Mexican pesos." Each appointment was a session with the spirits. photo was a haunted house, each kiss had the ghostly imprint of the lost, it should be noted that the air comes from the air, to suffer and love one does not go unnoticed

simultaneous to. Present I doubt that snow tomorrow.Dude that you are at home 3. previous b The perfect present c Imperfect I doubt that he has already gone.I doubt he had the task 4. previous to another action d pluper I doubt he would not have said before crying group of the subsequent past or 2. simultaneous imperfect C. I doubted she would be late. I doubted she was angry 3. previous d pluper I doubted she would have been too late Completed actions: It's strange that my friends did not call me At first: I'm surprised there's still not started his p final project Ongoing: I doubt that my brother was smart in high school. They were studying when I entered the room. I'm surprised they were studying too late. Habitual: He has never had a boyfriend to treat me like him. I doubt he went out to the beach. I like to make crafts. Direct Objects: I want to dance with my boyfriend. After leaving and doing: My parents will not let me go to parties. I recommend talking to the teacher. Verbs of perception used with direct and infinitive objects: I heard her sing during the concert yesterday. The infinitive as object of a preposition: Thank you very much for helping me. Before dancing, I put a back. I had to take medicine since I was ten years old. The problem has nothing to do with my friends. It's hard to study for my grammar class. Al + infinitive for an action that occurs at the same time as the main verb: When crying, my parents embraced me. Upon entering the building, I realized that I had lost my bag. On signs, mandates, and questions: Do not eat. I went to work without having slept much. I went to work without eating anything. The participles present: A cause Being a young girl, I never went to parties. A condition While his partner was in the room, he did not study much. To express two simultaneous events I heard music running. With the idiomatic expressions, the present participle indicates the location The room is passing the bathroom. I would have played for another team. Spanish uses a variety of times to express probability: The future - express probability in the present: Who will be in the kitchen? The progressive future - express the action verbs: What will they be saying? The perfect future - express the probability in the present or perfect present. He will have gone to the beach to play. The present conditional - express the probability in the imperfect. The progressive conditional - express the probability with action verbs. The perfect conditional - to express the probability with the pluperfect. It's probably tanning. I was probably relaxing. I like various types of coffee. I like the various types of coffee. The order of the words: My mom liked romantic movies. Like is used with professional people - who likes their work but not necessarily their personality. Falling bad: with people and food Enchanting: I love dogs. Missing: My book is missing ten pages. Missing: You need your pants. Stay: They stayed two days. Sobrar: My family left a lot of food after Christmas. Items: like, fall well, love I like the beach. Significant changes: agree to agree to work two days during the week. Argentina imported bananas from Ecuador. to be interested in I am interested in Latin American culture. to look like Him resembles his father. sitting down The children sat their grandmother in the chair. To play When I was a child I played the piano. the passive voice: The house was destroyed by the storm. That story was written by my partner. Many people will attend the concert. The concert will be attended by many people. We had taken the literature test. The literature test had been taken by us. imperfect of the indicative She said she sang. present subjunctive He wants me to cook. imperfect subjunctive He said he wanted me to cook. perfect present of the indicative She has played basketball. pluperfect of the indicative He said that she had played basketball. perfect present of the subjunctive I hope my brother has written his analytic essay. pluperfect subjunctive He said he hoped his brother had written his analytic essay. Preterite I sang your favorite song. pluperfect of the indicative He said he had sung his favorite song. Future Will take out the trash tomorrow. Conditional of the present He said he would take out the garbage the next day. Perfect of the future For Sunday I will have finished the semester. perfect conditional He said he would have finished the semester by Sunday. imperfect subjunctive He told me to open the door. They said they were going to dance at the party. They said they had already gone to the bank. If I were rich, I would buy a big house. She said that if she were rich, she would buy a big house.

Cloak with belt: Patterns of girl. Personalizing a T-shirt for Carnavales 24. Customizing the car seat cover. Flamenco dress skirt 22. Sleeve for knitting needles. He started with the bracelets made with rings from the cans and shortly after he made his scarf with crochet and a super cool beret. Well one day he told me that it was not necessary to make a flamenco skirt very hard. So, here is the result: The skirt is totally circular. To do it we need to measure the length that we want the skirt to have from our waist and the waist contour. In the case of Inés, the measures to be taken into account are 65 cm of skirt length and 57 cm of waist circumference. To explain it more easily, I will take as an example the measures of Ines. To cut it, we have to make a square with the fabric folded in 4 equal parts that measure the length we want it to have. From one of the corners, we measure all the time 65 cm, forming a curve. To form the curve of the waist, we need to know the radius of the circumference. To do this, we apply the corresponding mathematical formula: waist contour divided by 6.28. Because you have to divide by 2 multiplied by pi. Therefore, in the case of Inés, the radius is 9 cm. So, always taking as reference the same corner, we move the other end of the meter marking our measurement to form a circle. We cut the fabric by the waist and by the bottom. We already have the full circle. I chose to put a small waistband that fit the hip because it seemed that way it was more beautiful. To do it, I cut a straight strip 15 cm high and the length corresponding to the hip contour. I have done the drawstring for insert the rubber on top. I have pinned the waistband to the skirt and sewed all around. Then I joined the two ends of the waistband, I passed the rubber and, after adjusting, I closed. After trying it on, I decided to put a flyer down. To do this, you just need to cut a straight strip, gather it and sew it to the skirt.

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