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The main theme of my essay is about what are the differences and similarities of present Mexico with Mexico described in the novel. In reviewing these changes I will have the necessary tools to get a conclusion of how we look or differ from Mexico before. In this essay I will highlight which customs, ideologies or social problems are still present in the current era, as well as how the lifestyle of the population has changed. We will analyze the changes in different areas, such as politics, ideology, customs and the social environment in order to obtain a clear comparison of current Mexico and Mexico as reflected by the author. Remember the words of Confucius "who does not know his history is condemned to repeat his mistakes". All these elements are key pieces to be able to start a comparative analysis with the current era. Next I will analyze some ideas expressed within the text with which I can make my comparison. Currently almost the entire population has television and radio at home and many times more than one, thanks to new technology tools, mobile devices with internet connection have simplified communication and the exchange of information. Japanese Chinese Chinese: eat poop and do not give me. In the end I can say that Mexico has not changed much in the political and social, many of the current problems already existed and continue to exist. In habits, habits and technology if we see a great leap in society, as well as the increase in technology and the opening to new ideas have changed our country and its inhabitants. We still need to learn a lot, both from the past and the present, in order to have bases for the Mexico of the future. Work: Mexico through the centuries.

At the time of the exam the subject is given, this will usually be the central idea, it can usually be included in the introduction. From that moment and to date I feel like the only person responsible for their well-being, their health, their education, their laughter and above all their cries. or at least try it, I would like you to review it, I think I am missing many points and commas. The main idea usually goes in the introduction although it can go anywhere else as in this example they mention it at the end. Login or register to comment Sent by juve ruiz on March 7, 2013 - 7:33 am Hello! You can also describe events, landscapes, people, etc. The important thing is that berries losing the fear of writing. After writing it by hand, I recommend that you pass it to the Word program, it will correct much of the spelling, although it does not correct the grammar very well. Once you have a little easier to express your ideas, start practicing the introductions and conclusions, I will soon put an article on how to write concussions. I am going to have the exam in December, but as I started with the Writing, please give me a topic to practice while the day arrives. I am clear about this topic thank you very much God bless you! My concern is the following. I would like that despite your guidance, they are very good! that you add the part of identifying the concepts to be able to do so called conceptual maps, which are very important! just to be sure, greetings!

As a result of my interest, my parents enrolled me in art classes with the intention of developing my creativity. However, I have seen over the years that in the training of art, there are limits to the way of expressing ideas. I have not had extensive training in the various forms of life expression, but I have attended enough classes to see how most of my teachers emphasized the "right" and "wrong" way of expressing themselves specifically in the fine arts. All those questions have remained at the back of my head, waiting to be answered or so less, discussed. For me, the theme I chose gives me the opportunity to explore the use of power and influence in a medium that I appreciated with my whole being, art. By researching this topic, I hope that I can "unravel" the definitions of art and consequently, take parts of each type or classification of art to have broader sources that influence creativity. Now, many know him as one of the legendary figures in the art world. It was monumental in the movement of "Cubism" that influences, in certain ways, the works of Basquiat. During his life, many know him as a genius of the art world but also, he was numbered as primitive without training. Myths about his life say that he grew up in the streets of the ghetto, ignorant of art and its history; It was not the truth. His essay captures the similarity and differences between different types of art. The organization is good and therefore the essay is fluent. I am interested in the aspect that "graffiti" is not considered art by critics. I think that anything can be art. However, all of your information is supported by written or image information. One criticism is that the blog should have more than one variety of sources such as images, writings, and videos. I'm sure a variety of sources will help support your subject. Reply Enter your comment here... You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments via email. Post to Cancel% d bloggers like this:

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