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My tasks in general consisted of designing, elaborating and updating the content of the site. My labors were merely technical. I was not in charge of the selection or writing of the information to be published; This activity was in charge of the various departments of the Faculty interested in disseminating their work through the Internet. Each of the academic coordinators sent the information they wanted to appear on the School's website. But not only the academic coordinators resorted to our working group. The other administrative units of the Faculty sent us the material that they considered necessary to disseminate through the Internet. The aim was to include all the information related to the Faculty and its activities so that it could be disseminated through the Internet. My job, along with that of the rest of the project members, was to make this information available to the people who visited the page. In this way, our job was to create and publish the pages that contained the aforementioned information. During its elaboration, it was always thought about the appearance and functionality of the page. Regarding appearance, the primary objective was to create a page that was visually pleasing to visitors. Consequently, the colors, types and sizes of sources that were more friendly to the users of the service were selected. We used typefaces that were easy to read for anyone regardless of their age or the characteristics of the computer they would use to retrieve the information from the site. The organization of the information of the site was made from large thematic categories divided into sub-categories. Regarding the functionality of the page the main objective was that the site could be seen without any problem on any computer. But these characteristics, which at first glance seem to be a defect, give the Faculty site a great advantage: the universality For anyone who has surfed the Internet, you will remember how frustrating it is not being able to visit a page because you are missing a plug-in or because your computer connection is very slow. When creating the page of the Faculty these aspects were always kept in mind. Creating the page involves knowledge of various computer programs. Some I knew how to use before collaborating in the project while others I learned as I developed my activity. Regarding the relationship between my work during the performance of my social service and my academic training, I must confess that it appears to be null. The result is that at the end of the race our knowledge in this case of computation puts us in a position of computer illiteracy. And this situation is very sad, since the computer in our days is becoming an essential tool for teaching and research in any area of ​​knowledge, from the Fine Arts to the exact sciences. The computer skills that allowed me to collaborate in this project were acquired on my own by attending courses or consulting the books on the subject. Fortunately for the new generations of students of the Faculty, the new curriculum includes a basic training in these subjects. The same University is interested in community computer literacy. Various courses are offered through various departments, many of them with a full scholarship, which is open to the public and not only to specialists in the area. The importance of computers lies in the fact that they broaden horizons for academia, research and dissemination. Within the broad spectrum of utilities of computers we find the Internet, which allows us to communicate to any corner of the world at an extremely accessible price. For example, the Internet facilitates the consultation of databases. Many times the physical presence in the libraries and information centers of public and private institutions, both national and foreign, is no longer necessary to consult their collections. The Internet also facilitates communication; Thanks to email, researchers can be in touch with colleagues on the other side of the world for the price of a local call. Investigations and opinions can be shared almost instantaneously thanks to this resource. In my opinion, and as can be seen in this report, the activities I did during the presentation of my social service if they were adjusted to the objectives of the initial program proposed by the receiving unit. The main supports I received were the opportunity to improve my knowledge and to enter areas totally unknown to me. I learned new things and reaffirmed, through daily practice, the knowledge I had previously acquired. I also benefited from access to the Internet for free. In this way and during my free time I had the opportunity to consult databases and exchange correspondence related to the research of my thesis. Also, I was provided with reference material that was very useful for the performance of my activities. The Internet is a very dynamic medium, in which technologies and procedures that can be applied to the creation of pages are constantly appearing. When doing my social service I had the need to know and, in the best of cases, use the new innovations that appeared in the middle. In some cases I could learn to use, in other cases I had my first approaches that gave me information about the possibilities of each of these innovations, their future usefulness for the development of pages. In this way I obtained additional useful knowledge for my training and the completion of my work. Although it seems incredible, the creation of pages for the Internet is a relatively simple procedure. It does not take an army of people to publish a page, with a well-integrated team of 4 or 5 people is more than enough to create and feed a site. In the dependency where I performed my service I was able to observe that there are 4 people working permanently, they are plant workers; the team is completed with 2 or 3 social service providers. I would venture to say, therefore, that there is little chance of getting a job in this unit. The only opportunity would be derived from the natural rotation of employees, that is, that one of the plant employees transferred it to another department or that it abandoned the project. For some people, the emergence of the Internet is similar to the creation of the Gutenberg mobile type printing press. Its impact is such that it is changing the way of communicating transforming many social structures and conventions. Given these changes it is necessary that we are able to benefit from the new opportunities that are being created in this medium. In principle, for the area of ​​social sciences, new possibilities are opened to disseminate and exchange knowledge at a very low price and practically instantaneously. Web pages may in the future become similar in importance to brochures, magazines and even books. With a computer we could have access to information collections that would be impossible to store in one place according to the traditional way. Printing and distribution expenses would be replaced by the cost of having an online page. A phenomenon that I have perceived throughout all this time is that of the scarcity of content in Spanish published on the Internet. The countries and the Spanish-speaking research centers have lagged behind in the production of Internet content. Compared to the production in English, the Spanish speakers have fallen behind. I therefore consider it necessary for universities and their students to strive to close that gap by producing their own content. It is absurd that there are more studies on Mexican politics made by North Americans or Europeans than those made by Mexicans. Moreover, the universities are the main trench to counteract the excessive commercialization and alienation of the medium. Internet is not just to put virtual stores, online catalogs or chats; it can and must be used for the dissemination of ideas and the promotion of debate. If you continue browsing, we understand that you accept its use.

Yes No Sorry, an error occurred. It is true that in a text you can use any phrase you want, but you must take into account the level of seriousness that you want to give to your essay. What you should not forget is to give due credit when you use or take back the ideas of others, indicating their name and the source you used. The essay does not have rules where it prohibits the use of certain phrases or expressions. Load a file of more than 100 x 100 pixels. We are having some problems, try again. You can only upload photos under 5 MB. You can only upload videos under 600 MB. You can only upload a photo or a video. You can only upload a photo or a video. More questions What to do so that you do not mind the opinion of others? 9 answers Do you recommend books? 5 Answers Would you recommend books? 8 Answers How do I fall in love with a heartbreaker or playboy?

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