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When having to work in management assistance, he had to re-read works that he already knew, but that by approaching them from a critical reading for the scene allowed their more or less broad culture to intensify. Dávila's generation grew under the influence of both French and American culture, whose overwhelming rise is inevitable. At the same time it can be affirmed that his was, in fact, the last generation that gave himself fully to the study of French literature. Jorge was making notes, went to rehearsals, discussed a little. Remember that he was very open, friendly, nice, and everything was a wonderful close to Molière's text. With Boussieu, however, the learning experience was not the same. I imagined, very naively, that I wanted to see what parts of the work could be suppressed in the performance. He told me: In the one volume all that you have to cut is indicated. Indeed... I had to cut and arm, with the two volumes, the piece as he was going to represent it. The people who attended the performance were very scandalized, because the piece was quite strong. There was no shortage of those who approached the author to demand and inquire what was happening to him to present such an affront to Cuenca. The result was that Rubén Villavicencio won the theater prize on that occasion. About a month was the time it took for the author to write and conclude the first draft, a period that he took advantage of as a result of his long stay in a health home. The notification of this unforgettable event has for Jorge bittersweet edgings, which are also indelible. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

At 1.91m tall, play at the base position. He was assigned again to the Development League and continued playing occasionally. The boy was right across the street. He has a great, great composure on the court. Both his coach and his teammates noticed that he played a little more relaxed without the enthusiasm of the crowd. The coach also noticed that the young man always arrived early in practice and was one of the last to leave. Team leaders often denied requests to Lin in order to help keep him focused. The player continued to improve his pick and roll, how to deal with defensive plays such as double mark or traps, and improved his shooting technique, especially his three point throw. You have to see it as a resource in development. It seems like they came out of nowhere, but if you look back, your skill was probably there from the beginning. Probably just went unnoticed. He had a worthy first season, playing the 82 games of the regular season, but did not reach the high level he showed the previous season in New York. In addition, the signing of James Harden made him lose prominence and leadership. However, in his second season, he was seen lacking dynamism and his number of turnovers increased. Due to this, in the middle of the regular season, he lost ownership in favor of Patrick Beverley. Of course, they did not enter the PlayOffs. Lin accumulated a total of 11.9 ppg and 4.8 apg in 27.3 minutes per game. Nevertheless, it acted like substitute base of Jordan Clarkson. On July 1, 2016, as announced by the player himself, an agreement was reached with Brooklyn Nets to join the New York franchise as one of its star signings this summer. In those five games he got averages of 15 ppg and 6.2 apg. However, in the first game of the following season, Lin was seriously injured when he fell and broke his knee, an injury that will keep him off the rest of the season. He had 25 minutes of play in that game, in which he scored 18 points and distributed 4 assists. If he is white, either he is a good shooter or he makes good decisions. If he's Asian, he's good at math. We did not recruit him. "Diepenbrock commented that people assumed without the intention of offending, that being Asian, Lin was not a basketball player. It may be the fact that I am Asian-American. It is something that I accept and that leaves me resentful. But I'm proud and I love being Asian-American. However, following a negative response from consumers, the company replaced fortune cookies with waffle cookies and apologized to anyone who might have been offended J. Retrieved on August 13, 2010. Filed from the original on July 24, 2014. Accessed July 18, 2017. Accessed July 18, 2017. 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Is that although I had literally announced that the buyers would be "unknown", I could not help but be astonished at their ignorance. My objection is not "ad hominem"; I have no idea who these gentlemen are or accuse them of anything, it is that I wonder how is it possible to go from long distance transport to aero transport from one day to the next. If it were the case, also a businessman dedicated to the transport of garbage could offer by Airlines if of experience in transport treats the question. The question of how it is possible for a foreign bank to lend such an amount of money to an unknown Argentine businessman left for another post. As a minor detail and possibly important, it is necessary to take into account that there are two types of companies that are sought by money launderers from drug trafficking: hotels and transport companies. No way is it, it was already clarified that the arguments are not personal but in any case sectoral and not valid for any person or company in particular. It only comes down to the undoubted importance that drug trafficking is taking in our country, and its natural consequence in the need to wash the money generated there. I am interested in knowing how the cash was generated to buy Airlines and who is the person who guarantees the balance, and the ignotion does not answer my questions. To finish, I say goodbye with another prophecy and a warning. The note says that both unknown entrepreneurs would be bidding for the purchase of Airlines; I prophesy that in the next few days both companies will decide to unite their "efforts" for the operation to avoid competition. The warning is that if this prophecy is also fulfilled, then I will change my nickname for "nostrajanfidamus". This entry was posted on February 23, 2008 at 12:36 pm and is filed under Politics. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Is that sometimes that kind of 'melancholy' for the fate of our place in the world can be overwhelming. Domination techniques are at least more subtle now. not half a round, throw in the towel at 15 seconds; Plaza and Flechabus to Marsans equal. Side B which in many cases is the truth. I was thinking about how important it is that things do not stop surprising us. For you everything is "unknown", so unknown that enables the sudden creation of a malcontent neologism as "ignotez". Really, you have taken to heart that declaration of Abraham - every day I miss him more - that he prayed that a philosopher is one who does not know and yet speaks. Your comment reminded me of a poem: Every day I miss you more and in my eagerness I name you. Every day I miss you more, in spite of everything. Lalectora Provisoria Says: February 24, 2008 at 10:07 am Mayakovsky. The stupid fat is the only one who dares to remind us that this country is governed by scoundrels who lead us to disaster. Besides boasting of being his accomplice, now you propose as his intellectual police. And when one really knows, one is swollen with wisdom and opens his mouth and from within his being only comes wisdom, words in a musical casui tone that spills over all other beings, lower them and silent. So you vote then, if after all, nobody knows about politics. Nobody "knows" anything today because there is a lack of transparency, not out of mere disinterest. In any case, disinterestedness has to do with many years of foreseeable management and the best thing to do is to denounce and discuss it. What you do know or at least you can guess is that glassiness that often results in favoritism. If the poets have "poetic licenses" do the chroniclers have "chronic licenses"? or "chronicles" is a neologism? In your case, is it called a chronicle license or a chronical license? You are a genius of the pedestrian commonplace of the middle class who knows nothing at all but just opens his mouth because we are in a democracy. Pablo S Says: February 24, 2008 at 4:32 pm, thank goodness, it was cool. You have less wave than Japanese hair. Sometimes you remind me of those who write in Barcelona, ​​who buzz and laugh about everything, and you think: "these skinny ones should have it clear." Criticizing everything is a commonplace. Like, janfi, I do not believe outrage. And I suspect that of soccer you do not know a cucumber;) Greetings! Now Maia appears: how I would like to get a bit of his deep faith in the administrators, since he seems to know something more than a cucumber about the situation. Frankly I would have liked him to answer any of the questions in the note, but he just ranted and did not raise a single question. The questions are up there. Dale, it's a good opportunity. It's like the guy who when asked, how is your wife? The fat one is a concheta of the Chaco with poop of pigeon in the head. It is like ponerser to answer, seriously and with all the scientific libraries of the world, about the inexistence or existence of a Martian conspiracy to occupy the bodies of the terrestrials. janfiloso Says: February 24, 2008 at 9:57 pm I am not paranoid and I am an enemy of conspiracy theories. I work in the entrepreneur field and my first deposit of the box of self-employed is from the year 1972. The closest I got to oil was when I loaded naphtha on his car. All the business background that quotes before 90 is from a company that bought, along with its history. Does not it really catch your attention that Repsol sells 20% of your company to Eskenazi? Does not it catch your eye to accept Eskenazi Jr. as executive vice president? Do not you care that the guy who organizes the two-tier buses is the one who organizes the flights of Airlines? I do not have the answers Maia, but I'm glad to ask me the questions. I leave you two web pages; the first is the official of the "Petresen Group". The Airlines is coarse at the same level. But also, as a student and student of Carlos, he realized that instead of having fat accounts in Switzerland, it is better to manage a good group of strategic sectors of the country. The best way to negotiate impunity is to maintain some power. Of course, I have bad news. The luxury figureheads will happen at some point. lilia muñoz Says: February 24, 2008 at 11:26 pm What a pity. In the absence of answers, I looked a bit for Grupo Plaza. I see that two of their entrepreneurs recently opened separate blogs ¿? As long as the guita circulates and the country grows, who cares about the origin of the money of the new rich? Janfiloso, you wonder why Repsol sells part of the company to Eskenazi. Repsol sells Eskenazi basically because it is a good business and the guita has no noble titles. Afterwards, we can lose all the necessary time with the juicy details. From 95 to 98 there is no recession, but growth, the same from 2004 onwards. That you have gone wrong, is another thing. janfiloso Says: February 25, 2008 at 10:08 am Maia 1 My economic history refers expressly to the fact that between 95 and 2007 there was the 2001 crisis that took profits from 95 to 2000 and part of those from 2004 onwards. That puts her in a comfortable place as a complainant opponent: she never held an executive position, she could not preside over the country. I would ask: where were you when the pact, Lilita? She lives on the contribution of her copartners and all her leaders end up abandoning her because she is not very generous. It's the same as Kristina: a great speaker, a captivating actress, an intelligent woman. Alone that the other has the device and won. The worst of its crouching campaign was the vindication of the armed forces, gave me gagging. Carrió at all seems to me an opponent picture. There is no opposition that is not functional to K. There is no opposition. The narcos when wanting to introduce their money in the system must resign a significant percentage as a cost, in addition to the one charged by the business owners of hotels, buses, etc. who are dedicated to money laundering. This is why all governments are very familiar with these businesses since they increase the collection, and in many cases also the pockets of politicians. Think of all that you did to the Lapa accident, think about the famous radar issue and tell me if you thought the actions of the hierarchs involved were correct. It is a matter of accountability, of accountability. When this does not happen, when the institutional controls do not generate counterweights, the glassiness begins and the citizenship begins to think and feel things like those that Janfiloso raised very well. Another thing is the performance of the press and what it is able to unravel. In that you are right, but also there the government's action leaves much to be desired, has not been very willing to give explanations to say. In Argentina there is a law against money laundering that is quite harsh and that puts in complicity of an operation to whatever type happens nearby. Of course there are ways to avoid the unproven growth of capital; there are the famous self-loans, in which multinational and "serious" financial entities intervene, and a thousand other mechanisms. It is true what Manos says, they pay a cost but they care if a dirty money becomes legal because of the blood of so many people. Now reckless is to involve people in these issues, as in any other when it comes to blame, when you do not have proof about them. And it is obvious, as Janfi explains from the title, what are forms of washing. All these companies end up being service providers even if they check empty seats or free rooms. Of course, it could be decided: I'm interested in what happens here. But as in any analysis the tree should not cover the forest. Now how do you end up with the money laundering of the drug. Because everything seems to be more serious before the laundering of that cursed money. Or, in your case, is it a commodity? Or why do not you ask them why they live so many who could not easily justify it? And what about the situation in the province of Buenos Aires, after twenty years of excellence in the management of...... who? The K world lowers my hematocrit, it makes me anemic: cynicism to power. But in Argentina there is no politics, there are no ideas. The dictatorship shattered our society. I do not bank to Carrió because he betrayed and dirtied Alfonsín. I do not have the bank to associate with whoever comes, in the name of the coalitions and the agreements and the transversality, etc. There are no ideas, there are no positions, there are people doing yunta as appropriate and according to who finances the campaign: Olivera brings you the twine? The debate was very rich, as is politics. Never again will the Quiquin Olivera seem more progressive or more skilled or more anything than anyone. If I remember Dr. Armendariz, she should. Already a boy Pablito dedicated a post on this blog and did not do me well. Maybe the passage of time makes me see what I have not been able to do until now. For the time being I still feel for him a respect and a gratitude without regard. People, right button, I erase everything, they do not see me anymore. A very honest guy; and it is clear that he did not introduce the drug, the drug had already been introduced in Argentina. But the issue is how to solve all the ills that drug trafficking brings, it seems that nobody speaks; none picked up the glove. I found a synthesis of the problematic of the drug in our country that I transcribe it to contribute some other element. 1968 - Law 19,567: Considers crime drug trafficking but not possession for personal consumption. There are no preventive campaigns. Decade of '70 Construction of stereotypes: "the use of drugs as an expression of opposition to society" and "the concept of drugs" referring to marijuana and hallucinogens. It is associated "sex, drugs, rock and roll" The drug user is considered "dangerous for safety" He is seen as a young man who questions the established order. It is classified as a legal-criminal problem, of a social and political nature. 1974 - Law 20,771: Penalizes both drug trafficking and possession for personal consumption. Consumption of pharmaceutical production substances High social visibility of the "problem". Image of the user of drugs as sick, discriminated against that of the delinquent trafficker. The use of drugs is classified as a psycho-social problem and it is distinguished from trafficking 1986 - Agreed of the supreme court: It declares unconstitutional to consider the possession of drugs for personal consumption as an offense. Campaigns inform about substances, symptoms and signs of consumption. 1989 - Law 23.737: Trafficking and possession of drugs for personal consumption is considered a crime, but in the latter case it offers treatment as an alternative to prison. The campaigns focus on the dangerousness of drugs and abstinence from their use. Says passed: February 26, 2008 at 2:40 pm It is unfortunate to see how certain people serve the cause of the "regime" by attacking the lonely voices that oppose it... useful idiots call them? maiakovski Says: February 26, 2008 at 4:04 pm The regime? Regime had the conservatives to which Carrió joined. But hey, it seems that there are many people like you who do not care too much about that topic. The profits of the 90s left the country, dad, the same as the royalty of Santa Cruz. Do not tell me you're one of those giles who left the money in national banks! janfiloso Says: February 26, 2008 at 6:35 pm! cashes papa vo if I had it clear! dad shabe dad, to decide if the moshca goes to the national or international bank must have a prior request, dad! Pedante remembered me, but macho did not do it to you. When you want, we compare fixed deadlines in the urinals, dad. But I had refrained from commenting on the presence of the Maiacovsky subject. And that Federal defended this subject. On that occasion he also defended agents of Stalinism. Moreover, he declares himself Stalinist with pride. What is said a 'rebel' of the letters. Who ends up acting like a bully and a pimp. Angel Rubio: you did not invent anything. In literature and politics. I clarify why you say that currently there is a qualified vote and it is not like that. It was a beating they gave to students last year, not Ottalagano precisely. If you do not know, I invite you to read their page. Your claim for democratization is valid. I would say that since the reform of '18 that many claim, but forget that it was achieved with measures-of-force. It would be like that if a man were fulfilled, a vote. Which is just one of the slogans. Currently governs a weighted voting system, where a minority has greater electoral weight on the vast majority of the members of the institution. Even that minority, the teachers, is even smaller, since all teachers do not vote. Without digging too much, one can also observe the existence of cliques that really exercise power, intone with powerful economic forces. Except the combative guilds of teachers and the aforementioned battered students. You were a student of this University? Thanks to this reform, the University became the great scenario of social mobility in this shitty country. I will not argue with you about it. It's like discussing the secular and free. Several assemblies have finished the shots in Law, for example. The weighted vote is not such: the superior councilors arise from the vote of all and each one of the members of the university community. If you do not get that vote, or people do not vote, the problem is another. Even so, despised by people like you, it is still the great house of studies in South America, to which I am proud to belong. The statute can be modified not exactly at the time of the Assembly. I stand at the polling stations, it's in hand and I make the revolution with my insurgent forces. To be representative you have to have people: politics is like that, Galois. Good or bad people, but you have to have it. And if not, put bullet, as it seems that you propose. I end here my participation in this discussion that is taking a tenor that I do not drink. Then I explained who Ezra Pound was. Maybe that's why you call me pedantic. Those under eighteen do not read these blogs, they go straight to the pornographic pages. And I also had some position, assembly member, delegate and member of student centers. But that does not mean that I do not have to realize that they are run by cliques. And yes, including Shuberoff and his descendants. If the vote were democratic, one voter would be worth one vote. A faculty, minority, has more weight than the others. And that cloister does not include all the teachers. The vast majority of them do not vote. If that is not a qualified vote, I do not really know what it is. Those who use weapons are the federal and the military. It seems a lie to read these things. The reformers of '18 used direct action and you know. And they made the reform based on mobilizations and pickets and takings. Although of course not the ìtacas. It's ridiculous to have to explain this, but it seems you do not understand. Not as a salute to the flag or a reminder 'in memoriam' which is what most of those who say their heirs propose. I'm surprised you do not know, with the information you are. On the contrary, they are people who have faced "democratic" repression. On the other hand, I do not know what that is about the ridiculous monarchy. I ask: do I defend it according to you? In short, bad thing if you approve a comment the blond. I would think that I am missing something. Rubito: I do not know if you use revolutionary self-exiled for economic reasons as an insult. If so, I tell you that I prefer that insult and not be a bully and pimp of the federal. And if you do not use it as an insult... well I repeat the same thing. Mariana Says: February 27, 2008 at 8:58 p.m. I have to go sooooo for the 45! It seems to me that you are explaining a university intern to the members of that community and it seems to me of a total absurdity. University leaders tend to become political leaders, it is the most natural thing in the world. But do not run it from the generals of the law. They have been functional to K and his interior minister like nobody before, ever. The rector that we have is the test. The social reality of a country sometimes can not be perceived through Reuters or the internet, friend. The in situ on these issues is central. It pains me and it surprises to be confronting with you in a discussion of this type. I respect you as always, but it seems to me that the one who is wrong is you. And the performance of the reformers of '18, with methods of struggle, pickets and others. I guess you do not justify the repression of that time. But the argument that names Reuters and the Internet, does not seem valid. I militated for years in teaching environments, University included. And also, my colleagues are in situ. And they give me better information than the agencies. And about confronting... due to a comment I addressed to my esteemed stalino-Peronist poet, this debate emerged. And in the debates, I try to make my position clear. 2) Maia of my life is not only much richer than you. But it is very sad to see you doing the Kunkel with pseudonym and deliveries. 3) A lot less than 45 I have, like so many other people that inhabit this planet. In fact, I must confess that while you were attacking me with fury I read, between yawns, fourteen poems of the great Ezra. 5) Use pseudonym because of how rich I am, I'm afraid they kidnap me. 6) I'm leaving, I promise not to usurp the blog again with these nonsense. But the thing is that this little bit is terrible. Now he decided to become the macho. 7) Janfiloso loved the post. The University belongs to the territory of the production of knowledge, the scientific development and the training of citizens, I see nothing wrong with the qualification democratically organize this field. To think otherwise is demagogic. Society, on the other hand, is a broader and more irregular territory because the only way to equalize that irregularity is not to qualify the singularities of any of its members in order to equalize them. A vote = a man does not apply in all systems of representation, nor in all societies or in all institutions. We leave it here in respect to janfiloso and the original theme of his posting. There will be other opportunities to follow it, they present themselves all the time. I think you do a little bit of cheating, right? You already did it in another post and in a discussion that you also started. It was you, by a comment of mine that did not allude to you but pointed to the blond poet. And it seems that you do not finish your participation, nor does it distress you, nor surprise, dear. I am also surprised that you do not pay attention to the fact that the teachers who vote are a minority compared to their own colleagues. And those professors who do not vote have shit salaries, oh, coincidence! Explain to me why they are mobilized along with these students, breastfed babies according to you. With the criteria that you use, the electoral college should continue to exist to elect the president of Argentina. There is no case, some Democrats defend equality before the vote when it suits them. The rest of the time is "demagoguery." Against that type of proposal, the reform of '18 was made, which surprisingly I have to remind you again. Grant me that slip: sometimes - or always - the posts trigger other topics and discussions that have nothing to do with the author. I do not have friends in the blogosphere, I have them in my life. Here we discuss-or try-ideas or play for a while and have fun for a while, why not. It's like that, it's not a matter of bands. I confront people if people offend me, not my ideas, like a pair of misogynist imbeciles to whom I have already asked them not to address me. Agreement with Janfiloso in this and in that not. Agreement with you in this and in that not. Cut it out with Rubio and with disrespecting myself discussing people, you're a long-formed guy to discuss ideas and not commentators. Again, and if it were to be repeated, I send you a kiss and all my respect. The rest of the commentators will thank you, like Gonzalito and many others. We were discussing university policy and you said, more than once you did not want to continue, but you go back and forth and come back.... Paraphrasing the Moria, if you want to shut up, callá. That I do not tell you to keep talking. It brings back memories of my youth. You make a show of knowing who I am and you intend to show me your fixed term in a urinal. And it is impossible to find out who you are, because the world of poetry is as full of idiots as you are that it is impossible to distinguish you. As he does not know how to read, he interpreted that my response to Janfiloso was a defense of those who took money from the country and that I was doing the macho! It must be from La Guacha, it must be. He does not even know that in the justicialismo they call me Python. Luckily he says he left, but I reckon he'll come back, with another nick, of course. And I clarify one thing, my family is working class, like me. I was never from the petty bourgeoisie. What did not stop me from reading and studying. In your narrow mind the laburantes have no right to cultivate a little and to get out of the daily alienation. And even less to discuss politics. That is for the petty bourgeois like you, who are also men of the ranch. So many steps that applaud the Federal. In that you are loyal to the general: the workers' of home to work and work at home ', right? If my rhetoric 'troska' is anachronistic, yours, Stalinist, I think it goes back several centuries. And above you believe that I am petty bourgeois. I continued to hatch eggs in Palma de Mallorca, cotillo trosko. zelaya Says: February 28, 2008 at 7:16 PM maiakovski solo against all hit maia pegue maia champion full weight llp. if they even fight x fight with him!!! That you'll know why I came... And yes, I know more about politics than you, that's for sure because it does not take much. To the stalinos the 'troskos' we give them a hundred thousand laps. They are a race in retreat, daddy. Of course, I continued to encourage the assassins in uniform while you drink some beer in front of the TV, for that sure you serve. But be careful that they are treacherous. The buchones and panderers end up burning. Luckily, they do not force me to do it with your poetic work either. dasbald Says: February 28, 2008 at 8:38 pm So they do not force you? I thought that your compulsion of amateur proofreader did not leave blank spaces. Anyway, I see that you were definitely not so proud when Flavia confused you with me. It was another of those smiling iconic faces that you put to cover your imitation of an applied student. They give them so many rounds that the Stalinists held the socialist block for fifty years and the Troskos can not win a university conflict. You do live in a cloud of farts, skinny. Another thing: change the photo, because the face of a flagged turntable covered with a well-trimmed beard that you have really flips over. It is entertaining, there are beautiful women and they have all worse wave than me. Over the worst, you are proud to have charged for that, a barbarous honor to be a prositute, is not it? 2- you misrepresent my comment, saying that I implied that homosexuals are not men. Speak with a little more respect and do not insult, because doing the math behind a screen, that if it is sad, skinny. It was almost as romantic as Sisi Empress! It took so much water to put out so much fire, but at the end of my comment it was a barbarian. Now you defend a bureaucracy that murdered millions. What a man of guts says. But I notice an interesting change: now it's a university conflict. Before they were ridiculous claims of dad's kids. Your task is simple: show that I have to fight against my will, having exhausted all possible means of reconciliation; Decide if I am capable of lying even in the most trivial way. Please, remember me, since destiny has not given me enough life to be remembered by my country. The game of derision and character has shuffled its cards. I wish you a very good-malitzia night!!! stone and nose Says: February 29, 2008 at 1:03 am who won the fight blaquier - galois? Galois, the revolution is not done without the most punished by the system, here they are Peronists; become a friend That's why we fight together with many Peronist comrades in different places. But people like the door, do not fight anywhere. And I do not think he's punished. Dad's kids sometimes make fair claims, like all kids. For example, for some to argue intensely is the equivalent of "becoming macho". And that being a male is not a sexual role, but something like grabbing a punch in the street or at a football game. Those who know more about history say "ah, males were the guerrillas in the 70s". Then, do not be confused, they will say "but political violence was a terrible thing, two minority apparatuses fighting for no reason and holding all the Argentine people hostage". I like to fight with Galois, because in his general stupidity, at least he does not avoid conflict. To all this: what did Cristian de Flores mean? you refer to the text about gallois evariste? It's cute, I liked the start, "I've been provoked by two patriots." put a little wave, that's the idea. maia, the synecdoche is poisoning you, although surely It's not you who he kills. Why are you like young college kids with dad's kids? you will be thinking about a more or less social type, a type of humanistic graduate that many of us know, and that does not close you completely. You can put them as avatar, total is free. Anything ask me, that I teach you. You came out very well, with the face of an intellectual and a fighter. The very pretty blonde, pity the separation. And the suit, impeccable and worthy of you. Only if we defend democracy will we be able to preserve peace. From this principle, in my opinion, three others are derived. The first is to constantly search for dialogue with the adversary. This dialogue demands, simultaneously, firmness and flexibility, flexibility and solidity. The second is not to give in either to the temptation of nihilism or to the intimidation of terror. Freedom is not before peace but neither is it afterwards: they are indissoluble... Dialogue excludes ultimatum and thus is a renunciation of absolutes and their despotic pretensions of totality: we are relative and what we say and hear is relative. dasbald Says: February 29, 2008 at 8:38 pm To be or not to be? I repeat in case it was not understood: to assume the conflict is not to hold on to blows. Nor is an analysis completed. To assume the conflict is to stand from a clear place and understand that the other has another place. However, I inform you that in person I am twice as unpleasant as in the blog and that many tried to shit punch. It was not too much for us to say, to the majority, a couple of times I lost. If you think you can be the third winner, set a date and place to meet and see each other. Apparently you do not know anyone of those races. I reaffirm: in general, and at risk of being unfair with some exceptions, dad's kids. How can it be otherwise otherwise? The usual progre argument, which says that this would legalize the existing social exclusion, loses its weight as nobody makes a damn for reversing that exclusion. Galois, I know: you went to Spain to do a graduate degree. zelaya Says: February 29, 2008 at 9:19 pm perooón perooón that great sooooos my generaaaal how much you are... Yes, maia, what do you want me to say? You're radical, maia, next to you angeloz is grapefruit. I left a comment in another post, but your high level of political debate seems to consist of slitting or proffering the odd insult. You are intellectual, dad. In Economic and Exact, I entered at the same time that I worked. And my old lady worked in a fish canning factory in MdP. That gives as a family of workers, or is it from the bourgeoisie? Go to cheat giles with the right-wing tale of the tariff. As I told you, you did not invent anything, you just repeat the same old nonsense. You do not even know my brothers. You, stop selling rotten meat as if it were confidential information, you are a simple carry and bring. But still, if you only knew people of letters, what? If you're going to argue, I argue with arguments, you're not at a party full of Finns, Italians and Chileans. However, you have the right to continue saying all the bullshit you want about me, because you also give me a lot of laughter. You do not know the desire that I have now to meet you! You must be a sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Another statistic: 99.9% of blog posts are either children of a father or children of a mother or orphans adopted by some justicialist pointer. they have better fun with the counter strike. Yes there were grimy doing the piolas at night, it's true. At night the male license plate grew, but not because the boys came to carry bags in the port but because they went to La Giralda until 5 in the morning and got up at 2 in the afternoon. The future was not very promising for anyone looking for it there. And that they do not know what a blog is... I do not know, unless you are 25 years old and then we are separated by fifteen years of life and things have changed a lot.... I do not know too many lawyers, dentists or architects cabecitas negras.Ustedes si? I see them hammer in hand making the subway hole or loading bags for Cliba. We like it or not, five centuries alike. Gonzalito; Do not call me Marianita I do not know her, call me Mariana or lady. Do not mock me or treat me like a boluda. With that name and from the dark do not make me the taura or pass me your phone that I am taura. You know who you talk to and I do not. Become a man, we get together in a bar and there he tells me those witticisms full of intelligence that he tells me in the blog. A great pleasure, a joy, Mariana. you're the party, maia, no sex but you're the party, let me treat you as such. You're the typical asshole who shouts "I argued with arguments" but forgets what was said. I never spoke to you about majorities, turnip. your middle class majorities not just from below save them for your resentful nightmares and for your sportman fascinations x Palermo bars. Tell me where you escaped a proposal, because until now I only read generalizations about the student component shrouded in archaic dilemmas of Peronism. and you do not have to be a lead and bring to know that in your life you could have a constructive vision of the public university, because you do not bancás any form of knowledge that does not imply synergy with the one that occupies the place of knowledge. synergy that, from your horizon, is chupamedismo. If you were a student, you would be the most trencero. that's why I said "at the most you'll have a brother lawyer". you jump the guard, what confidential information do you speak? and you warmed me up you know why. I think the gun you have shoots cebit balls. They consider you a harmless bug. And please, if you are going to defame as in the comment to which I allude above, quote the source dear, so we all laugh. janfiloso Says: March 1, 2008 at 10:20 am To be or not to be? You said in what grouping did you militate? I say it for that division that you make between little black heads and "filthy ones doing the piolas". were they so filthy that they were not like you? since the 90's you can make a career as a story or letters only from 17 hours. Likewise, apparently everything bothered you, because it also bothered you that there were classes at 10 pm you say. I said that I know graduates who are not dad's children, although the latter does not seem to be a precise definition. people who did not work part-time, let's say. the same, all good with the half turn. Poor of those who suffer from the arrogance and idiocy of only looking at their omligo. that at my door covered with dew you spend the nights of winter in the dark. You do not see that it is an answer to Janfi's and his allusion to Saint Paul. At least he takes it with humor, but hey, for you to do that you would have to get away from literalness even if it was for a minute. Rolo Puente: sex is overrated, like your comedy shows. Maybe it's a more profane way to express a feeling of despair like the one I'm transferring you to. Excuse me if I go some 50 years back from the luminous image that you sent a while ago, and I'll copy you a little bit darker. Greetings, children and remember that I wish you a very good malitzia afternoon!! Apparently the one who seems to explain everything is up to you. I doubt that things have changed, since they lost their historical faculties. But if you want to associate me with the Strip, it does not offend me at all, on the contrary. Of the management in which I participated, I keep friends of both signs that co-operated in the same direction. People with a political position and possibility of representation, not like Vanella and her boys, who could channel this force to get people, because they are 75 or so. And thanks to them we have the Hallú copado. I do not have K friends, nor Frepasistas. And not to filter, pure chance, it will be. That of functional to the right is older than Methuselah. Hallú is where it is because of the entire center-left that crumpled when there was an opportunity to defeat him. As always with the right, from the happy Easter onwards. it disintegrates, it encapsulates, it does not progress, it does not understand the urgency of the hour. Someone with a socialist orientation in Argentina does not know who to vote for. El Pato etchegaray is not over anymore. It has the same posters since 83 and as you have left over, it re-pastes each election. I deserve the greatest respect patricia walsh, I say it with sincerity, a mine with principles from beginning to end, but not with the boludo child of first candidate to deputy. If I tell you that we are aimless, I mean it, with regret. I end up voting for carrió, associated with estenssoro and olivera, and then I regret it. At my age, my old people started voting blank, and it's something I still can not stand. They never accompanied the popular movements. Argentina is not beautiful and polarized as you think, Galois. The struggle is no longer radical-Peronist: it is an antiquity, and the radicals also became extinct from the face of the earth. The fight is good people - people of evil. People who want equal opportunities and social justice - kiosk people with a desire to make cash and send it to Zurich. And Nestor, go, Nestor already stole for the campaign of his son in 2036. It would not be time to suspend discussions of PC version 1917 and think that we have to join forces? rich children hate poor children and then want to kill them, more dead than they are. Now, too late for tears. I do not think the kids are too hard for you, really. I simply put myself at your level, that's all. I do not think you let me know when we meet. I think you're going to do the jack olympically, because I know people like you. And enough to be without avatar. You have lots of photos circulating on the internet. As I told you, let me know that I teach you. The color of the tie, a detail. I mean, in case you do not know about these things about 'technology' either. Beata Says: March 1, 2008 at 5:48 pm I was asking you to better understand your "position" as you evidently bet on the future of Kirchnerism. I think your Peronism is closer to Lamborghini than to Cook. You make me remember El fiord with his party "sodomizations". There Perón is the phallic signifier, the one who orders the void and hides the lack. Because the male you understood it in their sexual conception, not in the sense of grabbing pineapples in the street. For you the male is the one who catches the weakest and above recites Pound. It's Darwinism recital porn. You also relate it to a model of paternal masculinity. It is the typical oedipal ambivalence. I felt summoned when you asked for a specialist. Cousin of Galois, I am amused by your furcio: the link is not me, it is a namesake. Alejandro Rubio is a very common name. If you know as much about psychology as about the history of Peronism, poor your patients. The very rogue was double agent. And the police, by order of Anibal, also accompanied them or rather liberated the area from Viamonte to the bass, so that the children take the rectorship. Two fearsome twins those Fernandez mustaches. the Sopranos, children of chest next to these. I kept throwing corn at the geese, who never tire of pecking. That's right: do not let down the guard that are lurking, they want your head. Left-right, left-right. Rearmate and I returned to the arena with the look fresh and inflamed. Pelá a bit of poetry, that for a while you come half mean, crazy, blinded in this discussion silly. In something is right Maia, generates a rating of whore mother. So much that it has 70% of its reserves in treasury bonds of that country. Then, this extraordinary rent should be applied in developing science and technology; for this the government has given them the rank of ministry. That's strategic thinking. It's what developed countries do. Alejandro Rubio is a very common name "The blonde is right. The photo of the real one is the one I put. By Internet's fault I found out about its existence. Hallú is where it is for the creeping policy of the center-left. The order of the liberated area is already psychiatric. And that the whole press accompanied them. Because I can pass you quotes from the three newspapers that I named you that show just the opposite. And I said it because you named 75 'kids' and you talked about representativeness. The truth is that those who have been losing because they are anxious, are the same ones who wrinkled before the right, as I already told you before. Put me now that out of respect for Janfiloso we have to leave it there. I imagine that your nick is ironic... more than to maiakovski you look like alfredo carlino. Yours was a vulgar psychopath of a young psychologist who wants to talk about the lack, the phallus, and all that for the purposes of dogging. Anyway, if you want us to get together coffee to talk about my father and your mother, all good. The commonplace is usually the most common truth. I do not know how many people want my head, but I think with some certainty that it is difficult to get it. As we are in democracy thanks to Peronism, no one can send me prisoner or kill me for exercising my unrestricted right to free expression. The other punishments do not give a damn. With that you pay the internet connection and channel your absurd ego somewhere. There is nothing more petty bourgeois than your ambition. Beata Says: March 1, 2008 at 9:46 pm I do not psychopathize. You spoke alone of fathers, phalluses, sodomizations and Peronism. The only thing I did was to unite the parts. pits and nose Says: March 1, 2008 at 11:14 p.m. I totally agree with what Maia says about the university. also about the common places. the worst defect that maia has is not being Peronist, it is being K. maia is fighting the world... leave Maia alone, deep down he is not a bad boy.... If it was for the form, maia already won. Cristian, you're projecting, it's the other way around: those who do not love me speak badly. You pity your friends. Down the market and back to reality, dad. johnny rodriguez Says: March 2, 2008 at 11:58 am who shit is christina de flores? I am not happy as you imagine me. rosali rodriguez ojeda Says: March 2, 2008 at 12:37 pm She s a widow. Her glory had died many years ago. He says that to the ¨facu¨ of philosophy and letters go the children of the masons, as is known by all. He also makes comments with numbers and quotes he gets from Google: a titan, Cristián. It's a bit like Quebracho's when they burned Sobisch's place. it's raining... Sunday... closed facu... empty locu... do not you really like dating? I make very good potato cake, and I have a phenomenal pisco to drink with tonic, pistonic, the drink of the Peruvian masons. who shit is cristina di flowers! johnny rodriguez Says: March 2, 2008 at 6:52 pm ai have nou time for pavadas... your neim now... or.... good malitzia dinner with marian....! vacances, iu nou gud lack, kristina di flowers, and good malitzia dinner you! dont guory dasby, ai had a big uan bai bai, my tapas go nau... ai guish a very japi japi dinner, kristian! And I suppose you're reading this Sunday morning because you know what's left of me is more than you'll ever be. An authentic potato cake from Villa Luro. And I appreciated that I give you pisco, because in general you have Quilmes, and if you do not bring a bottle too, it is considered a breach of the neighborhood ethic. less if he lives in the Peruvian neighborhood and cooks ceviche like the gods. I left envy, or at least I wrote a realist poem seriously about the level of the disease. What surprises me is that I continue with the old ones. It seems that the house does not give to rent a derpa, che. Let us suppose that in a few days they discover you and by a boring chance we learn that you are dead. Or someone else like any of the Foucault book. Peruvian restaurants are fine, but we have to be more motivated: true regional integration is Peruvian cooking at home. It does not suit you to make him cake meat to marina mariasch? She is cute, young and sexy and I have nothing to offer you. It is proposed that such action will result in the result but the results are not seen. There are contests, debates are held, statistics are planned. A dazzling future is postulated. My great-grandfather already heard that dazzling future. The lower class asks for bread, peace, work. The upper class asks to lower the Argentine cost. A strong leader is needed to synthesize the aspirations of the people. Elections are held and the winner is 99.9 percent. From the balcony he gives a harangue: "Responsible for the authority with which I have been invested, I will not hesitate to make extreme decisions in the face of the serious situation that we have inherited from decades of waste, social insensitivity and blindness to the profound problems of the Nation." Closed applause, drums and drums. Now we are all united in the same effort as a single man, the 24 hours the television passes tapes of Esculapio, life is smooth as a lake on a windless afternoon. It is true that no one eats or takes, but that is temporary. On the street we greet each other, we smile at the sun, we breathe the air of imminent happiness. It's very good, especially for its topicality... or did something change? Taking into account the above: a) what you wrote is a morbid stupidity. More stupid than morbid, to be fair. b) praise the poetic work of the blond because yours is ashamed. It is already known that love is blind and makes people do stupid things. And sometimes I put them in writing. Among which of course I include myself. That's why you insist on questions like criticizing googleo and the uses that people who dominate them a bit better than you. I recommend you do some cursito. Nothing too deep, something within your limited capabilities. Do not be something that gives you a stroke for the effort. And to distinguish between the different aspects of Future Jazz. Except clear, that you only like the boleros of Luis Miguel. Do the favor, if you have a little dignity of not making such ridiculous comparisons. and music, with it being bad I like it. mmm, marina mariasch... I like it more laura wittner, did you read it? I recommend a book of poetry, called the coffee drinker, is available in bookstores. I once said that reading poems by Marina Mariasch is like reading poems by Laura Barefoot barefoot, in a park, with fogwill, laiseca and houses talking to you next door! Is it like that in the world of poetry? cristian de flores Says: March 3, 2008 at 11:02 am I just entered your blog. seriously liz fraser is one of your favorite singers? I have, I think, all the cocteau records. well, I have them on cassette most. I saw them in the great rex, were you there?, opened with blue bell knoll closed with heaven or las vegas. hug Galois Says: March 3, 2008 at 11:24 am I protest Mr. judge! Out of curiosity: who is the one who has work and will be remembered for 30 years? To think that Dasby talks about kitsch. Now a thread of anticipated post mortem reminders is put together. Only the grief of those who do not want. Rubio will not be mourned by his readers of his poems, but by his father. Transcendence through the work, unfortunately not. To Rimbaud you read it but you do not cry it: you will cry eventually for something else. Let's cut it a little with Galois, right? In Ciudad Abierta you should find several of yours to wish them a blow on the toilet no longer deadly, but corrective. That at least leave them aphasic so they do not talk anymore. You know them, if I do not give you the list. I do not want to sell you rice with weevils because I'm like Disco: I do not want you to come, but to come back. And of course I was in the Rex, but if you have the Twins on cassettes, the one that takes me ten years is you, friend! Nor to his guests in the gramila of the Japanese garden, except two of them. I do not read poetry of the last 20 years. All the time talking and talking and talking that unbearable by God, wanting to build communities, inviting parties. Pancito with wine would have to give you, until you fall asleep. Galois: I bank to death to Pepe the fan that banks you. you do not keep cassettes of the years of alfonso, of those that were already sold and with a photocopy of the cover? I bought them at the liniers credit gallery, at the famous place of Safo, a Peronist precursor of house music in Argentina. In politics I prefer loyalty to ideas, not people. janfiloso Says: March 3, 2008 at 12:37 pm To see boys and girls. What does not decline Mariana Says: March 3, 2008 at 12:52 pm What party did I invite? In fact, Friday is my birthday and I did not invite anyone. What community are I inviting? Why are you attacking me like that, Cristian? Let him kill that old happy Easter! And with Chacón, everything more than good. If the evening is without you, it is also without a hunk. At least Galois has picturesque shirts. Well, this pavada is just to make Janfi win the alfajores box. Charlie Says: March 3, 2008 at 1:34 pm The fruit guaymallén are great. By the age of Mayakovsky and yours had already lived a thousand lives. Poetry and life for Rimbaud went hand in hand, do you remember? If there was something he did not care about, it was posthumous fame. Well, that's why your conscience leaves you a little calmer and gives you a break so that you can prepare a little book. Today, the most countercultural attitude is to seek anonymity. We live in a world where everyone has exceeded their fifteen minutes of fame. I agree that we should select the comments, not just from it, you can not ruin this way an interesting space for discussion that has been transformed into a series of messages of doubtful taste. Greetings to F and Q, I guess you do not like all this too much. I already realized by your mail who you are. I never quite understood how it is that he keeps coming, I would not have allowed him to enter the blog in his place. I speak for myself, but I suppose many will think the same, some have already expressed it. I will not continue with this discussion, I have already said everything I had to say. From very young they feel that people enjoy hearing them and simply can not stop. One militates from mallorca in the workers' party, is the biggest wimp of the European Union and lives to take pictures in weddings. The other drops half a dozen invoices with pastry cream and quince, every afternoon with her friends from the non-teaching staff of the UBA, who are also bored with their willful talks of parent reunion. Both think that this space is to tell the life of each one and "fall sympathetic" to others. But let it not be said that you love it. Look at Cristián the titan, who came running. They ended up forming an adorable couple. And who says you also end up related maiakovski and the beata. To maiakosvki it is necessary to recognize something to him: raises the rating, there is no return to give it. The reader was half bored and the guy appeared and injected him with some adrenaline. See you later, boys, have a good time at the party. The greater the reaction of the community, the more likely it is that the user will return to behaving like a troll, believing that certain actions achieve their goal of causing chaos. Skilled trolls know that an easy way to get angry is to claim dishonestly that this person is a troll. At other times a person may not understand or immediately fit into the social norms of a forum where most of the participants do. As a result, acting slightly outside of the norms causes that person to be qualified as a troll. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between a user who simply has different values, points of view or ideas and one who behaves intentionally like a troll. Unfortunately, many users react aggressively to the first impression of a supposed troll, which sometimes leads to disgruntled novice users or political minorities are considered trolls. "" The "puppet troll" often enters a forum using several different identities. As the provocative comments of an identity attract increasingly critical responses from other forum members, the troll intervenes in the discussion using a second identity to support the first. For example, a skilled troll can turn an informative discussion about tricks and techniques to alleviate disease X into a heated, completely useless discussion. This can prevent important information from reaching those who need it most, thus increasing human suffering. Janfiloso, you are closer to the alfajores. They have different names and they contradict each other! If your prose is not effective, do not be scared with the others: your world is not in danger. I'm going to Montevideo in half an hour, I leave you relieved. from what I understand F comment from the headquarters could detect the origin of the comment, in that case it would be wrong to add a symbol next to the name of the commentator if it already interacted with another identity. On the other hand, boys, do not get confused: here do not form adorable couples but adorable discussions. let's forget then the alfajores, let's keep throwing sticks of the jungle. We take care of other things. I do not care about the identity of the commentators but the verisimilitude of, say, the characters. Now, all this for me is an unforgettable sadness. Now I have to think what city it avoids is Marcela, what dasbald is Anastasi? Beata quintín? it's like preparing a roast for 20 and falling 5. at the end, the only one I think is in Gallois, although who tells you not to hide Mariana. I got depressed, and the blogosphere is so sad that I do not know what other page I'm going to open every time I get stuck in a translation. The only thing I wanted to clarify is that I'm not a troll, I did not even know they existed. Greetings, especially to Janfiloso, I hope you can have your alfajores. The trolls have been a revelation. For a long time, I saw the word and thought that somebody wanted to say "troll", but I said it carefully. Afterwards, it did not give me the meaning of the phrase. I swear that the above is true and that I am me. dasbald is Dr dasbald and Mr dasbald. Because so much aggressiveness wanted to? It seems to me or do you have something that goes beyond the discenso with Galois? Why do you attack your photographic work so artfully? Why do you detract in that way? Why do you appeal to borderline narratives with the sinister to disenfranchise someone? So superior, overcome, superman you believe? And while it is only my opinion, it is very ugly to be told in such a public medium. And yes, Dasbald, your poetry makes me want to kill myself as you do the photos of Galois. Even sometimes I sign as "Blaquier". In other blogs I have seen pineapples and more tremulous attacks. Take it with soda, especially F. And go buy the alfajores. every day you learn something new, like this from the trolls? How I would like to be a flavia to know everything, how I envy you, beloved flavita! but let's continue with the comments, even if it's because of Janfi's alfajores! although if I'm not mistaken, the comment 250 was the boedo, he will have to buy the alfajores! Beata Says: March 3, 2008 at 10:47 pm Here they are forgetting something... maiakovski took off when he ran out of silver bullets. I agree with the one who said that maia brings raiting, he is a great animator. No doubt it was not his best matches but I'm sure he will return in search of revenge once it heals... he does not give up or even beaten. besito ale dasbald Says: March 3, 2008 at 10:54 pm Trolls and now silver bullets? The only thing missing is that maiakovski is the Van Helsing dorctor! Now I'm more afraid than Flavia! I do not know if it will be because I speak Swedish, but sometimes I do not understand you a damn Dasbald! It is not that the number that belongs to the team itself as if it were a chassis number, but it is assigned by your supplier from Internet. Did you see Dasbalito that is not that hard? Agnetha needs surgery and that refloten his career... You, chubby, you need to run to get you floats down!! As well as it is that there are programs and sites so that your IP can not be tracked. But, there is always a but, a person more or less expert in these issues can detect where each person connects and thus minimize the effects or neutralize those that supplant identities. Which unfortunately I'm not even remotely. Clarification addressed to those who like to talk about games, networks, and laser guns. janfiloso Says: March 4, 2008 at 8:04 am Thank you all for your cooperation. The Guaymallén are already won and I am satisfied, get to Fechoría for me would be a dream, but with the achieved I am more than satisfied. Fechoría has already arrived, in more ways than one. I leave you an uncertainty: did you realize that digital criticism delays an hour? There is a huge amount of sites that reflect that time confusion. I guess the site clock will work reflecting the official time of the country from which it is accessed. And the Kirchnerian time change may not be so official. Che, I'm not going to flirt any alfajor. Frida Says: March 4, 2008 at 2:50 pm Agnetha is a bitch! Dasbald, if you need help, I'm with you! Something like the "rarisima trinidad". I leave from now, made the complaint. And you Frida, do not play crazy. You know very well that I divorce Bjorn because of you, bitch. Now you come to make the friend of the dopela! And yes, put a wig on it and it looks like Benny's chubby! Janfi dear, let me know if you've already won dinner at Feccias, I want to see what I'm going to wear. You can not deny that I have collaborated with you in this. But the evolution of the comments gives to write an essay and present it to a contest, there are even scenes of terror. Besides, I think you have to share the alfajores with Maia as first in the row. Besides, did you know that there is an intense academic literature on alfajorcitos? You can not even begin to try them before reading and thinking a lot. 4) Take the alfajor with both hands. And reflect on how it can be so delicious. The true flavor of the guaymallén arises from the previous philosophical reflection. 5) Start biting the top cover, leaving the bottom one intact. This procedure is vital for the correct intake of Guaymallén. 6) Once all the top cover is consumed, eat the milk candy in front of you. They told me that you raise crocodiles in Australia, and that the business is not going well at all. Your music, on the other hand, is excellent. You do not know because the giles like you do not tell them all my life, so they revel in what I tell in rotten Autobigraphy. Being a man is not lying, Cristian. And you're a little man, as all your ex-women know. You do not look like a poet, you look like a policeman. No need to say so many, but so much nonsense so that the rest of those who write here know how read and informed you are! Maybe you get confused because in Australia we had a lot, a lot of success. Anyway. If you get angina, take something for your throat, Dasby, it should not be for reading me. Able to be your boyfriend who gives it to you. Once Scandinavian crabs grabbed me, I thought it was Frida's fault, but it turned out to be Bjorn's fool. Sometimes I think you should get off a little bit of the horse, nice, because you can fall down and hurt yourself. Obviously I do not follow because I fattened myself; but I do not know, sometimes the comments of maiakovski are very lucid but sometimes that dogmatic conception is felt towards certain things that tire and cramp. janfiloso Says: March 5, 2008 at 3:14 pm I received a message from wordpress congratulating me because they assume that the post reaches 300 messages and if it sticks to 295 they give it to me as fulfilled. If you reach 400 then I also like free and the next guest pays 50% and so on. In 1000 comments, you have a dinner for 6 free in the Alvear. if I go, it would be to find me with Gerardo Sofovich, but nobody guarantees me that day will be. In any case and while I reshuffle the gibberish, I wanted to thank the team, because this would not have been possible without you. The commentators are really the mainstay of the blog and we have to support each other. Thus the "reargentinization" or perhaps "autralization" * of part of the capital of the oil company was achieved. But when a sleeve of mediocre people starts to rummage through things that they do not understand by pure bad taste, we must put the points on the i's. I think it's perfect that you're a doctor and I do not get involved in your relationship with your old man. Very interesting the offer that you present to me, but Plaza Once is half a quilombo, I calculate that the building is a den selling base paste and cheap prostitution. That is why biodiesel, the gas itself, since the peak gas will arrive some years later, or electricity and hydrogen. Galois Says: March 5, 2008 at 7:06 pm Rubio is running to the derpa. If they sell base paste, you're at ease, dad! Note that it was only to be 3 out of 300. janfiloso Says: March 6, 2008 at 4:19 pm! No Leo, do not tell me that. Please lie, tell me that just when the oil runs out, electric cars come. What if it could be used to accumulate energy, like a battery. Mickey Says: March 6, 2008 at 4:29 p.m. I was fluttering around the topic of peak oil for a job that I had to present. The development of biofuels in Brazil is the example of how, when the need encloses, the development of alternatives takes place. The rest would be accompaniment. janfiloso Says: March 6, 2008 at 4:59 pm Charlie! There is more boludo than loose hydrogen. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Receive new posts via email. Post in Cancel A% d bloggers like this:

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