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Annuity: they are a succession of payments that are partially made in a certain time. Rent: is the payment made on a specific date to rent a place. Payment interval: is the time that elapses between the payment dates for the rented place. For example, when I buy an electric item and the first payment is made, it is determined and the number of monthly payments. b) Eventual or contingent annuity: it is when one of the deadline dates is unknown or unknown. An example would be that my grandmother is pendent and charges 3,000 monthly until she dies.

II.-Omit to know within the established term the contributions withheld or collected. IV.- Simulate one or more acts or contracts obtaining an undue benefit with prejudice of the federal treasury. Elude: Run away, get rid of something; avoid a difficulty. " It is about the violation of the law that establishes the obligation to pay to the treasury what this body has the right to demand. Tax evasion is an illicit that carries consequences that will be referred to later. The verb to give must be understood in a general way and not only with the sense of giving something, but of fulfilling in favor of the treasury whatever the respective legal norms establish. Sometimes the fiscal obligation implies the duty to abstain from certain behaviors. As has been noted, this evader is responsible for an illegal and this evader can be in various manifestations that always conclude in the non-fulfillment of a duty with the treasury. There are accidental tax evaders and evaders that we could call habitual. Both tax evaders must be treated in a different way. Frequently, in the infringement consisting of the omission of the payment of a contribution intervene, in addition to the one who directly benefits from it, other persons who according to the law are also responsible for the commission of this illicit. If all these entities are responsible for the payment of contributions, in case of omission, they will be equally guilty of the evasion of the tax and will have to suffer the relative penalty. There are two cases in the fiscal area in which the double situation of infraction and crime occurs; it is about contraband and tax fraud; both in their various forms. In this way, a double penalty is being applied for the same unlawful conduct, which gives the appearance of a violation of the aforementioned article 23 of the Constitution.

Until I shared yesterday with my genealogist friends on the twenty-eighth anniversary of their organization. The activity was very good, with the participation of two excellent and motivating speakers. The magnificent documentary by Tony Croatto was also screened as an example or model of a live family tree, a film that captures the sensibility of roots and origins of his family in pure movement and color. For all the above I congratulate you. They always distinguish themselves in offering activities that besides being educational are fun and special. Every time the word "raffle" was mentioned, it was corrected to the present members of society that the correct term is a draw. Claiming that raffle is when the payment in money is average to participate in it. Although I do not distinguish myself by interrupting discussions of which I am not a part, it caught my attention because the premise was incorrect. As a writer I know Spanish well and I know that they are synonymous and that it is not true that the term raffle presupposes the payment to participate in this activity. Therefore, I added that the use of both terms was correct. In addition to other unfounded and regrettable arguments that far from clarifying the doubt, increased my uneasiness and perplexity before an irreverent, unjust and unnecessary discharge. So I surrendered my right to defend my position to respect the request of my partner and all those who were present at the activity. But I can assure you that it will not be by lot to accept an invitation again to share in an environment that tried to lacerate my professional pride and my dignity as a human being. Something that I have never allowed or will allow. I pass the page with much regret and I invite you to read with great care the information that I share with you here. I clarify, you do not have to agree with me and that there was never any intention of creating controversy about such a trivial matter. So I leave my genealogist friends the result of my search to clarify my position on the matter in question. The term draw is the action and result of drawing a thing or object. Sweepstakes are activities that take place in most cultures. It is an act where people are exposed to participate in a game where they have the opportunity to obtain prizes at random. There are also raffles of direct formats that is where the acquisition of the numbers or coupons and the selection of them is done randomly with a bolillero or taking a number from a bag or sack. As it is easy to see, the lottery is promoted as a raffle and not as a raffle despite the purchase of a ticket or ticket. This is because the terms raffle and raffle are synonymous. Each and every one of the reliable, valid and up-to-date sources define the raffle and raffle in a similar way. In none of the definitions does it specify that the raffles, raffles or contests presuppose having mediated the purchase of tickets, coupons or tickets. And circumvent how to subject someone or something to the result of random or casual means used to entrust a resolution to luck. Raffle: Game that consists of drawing something between several people. A raffle is an activity that involves holding a raffle among a group of people. The one that is drawn, is the winner of the raffle and, therefore, is awarded the stipulated prize. It is common for a raffle to be made to collect money. However, by use and custom, people have erroneously adjudged the term raffle presupposing that a payment has been mediated to participate in the draw. To date only two are valid. The first three regulations approved referred to contests only and the last to contests and draws in one. Currently one is in force for contests and another for draws. The regulations are the following: 1. 6101 of February 23, 2000. In this he emphasized that the approach is the adequate notification to the consumers of all the information of the contest. This also persists in the format of only contest in its modality of immediate winner or lottery. He added as a requirement that a Notary Public must certify by affidavit the content of the rules. It requires every promoter to preserve records related to the contest for a period of one year from its conclusion. Although it repeals the previous one, it conserves much of the structural construction of the original of 1987. In scope and application it is identical to the one of the year 2000, which repeals. Enter the figure of alternate winner. In this way it is ensured that the participants could win. Eliminates the possibility of dissemination, disclosure and advertising in digital or electronic form. However, it allows the inclusion of email as part of the contact information. Structure the modification of the rules and circumstances for cancellation or suspension of the contest. The promoter will have the opportunity to hold a hearing to see the merits of the case and demonstrate the justification for the cancellation. The Secretary may impose a fine of up to $ 10,000 for violation or noncompliance. This complements the 6754 and separates the sweepstakes from the contests. Amendment to 6754 of everything related to draws. The scope is the same as that of its supplementary regulation 6754. It deals with specific provisions for draws such as the method to be used and the probabilities of winning. To hold contests, there is nothing to buy or pay to participate. It does not apply to activities limited to intellectual, sports or game competitions where some kind of talent, skill ability, qualification or other special attribute is exhibited than the special element that is the predominant element for the selection of the winner. Nor does it apply to non-profit institutions, associations or political parties. " So the pugilato of the terms, and the taboo with the use or abuse of the term raffle does not have any relevance in ethical or legal matters. If the organizers implement some mechanism so that the winner is chosen purposely and not randomly, then the probability of selecting all the participants equally is not reality. The other genealogist friends is irrelevant. Painter, storyteller, professional planner, university professor and motivator. View all posts by edwincolonpagan → This entry was posted in Uncategorized. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments via email. Post to Cancel% d bloggers like this:

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