My essay isn t done but i sure am in a sentence

Let's talking about my essay isn t done but i sure am in a sentence.

I reached out to take it, but I could not reach it. I stretched a little more and I succeeded. "Hello? We're supposed to be practicing. "A man's voice screamed. I grimaced and pulled the phone away trying to get up but I could not, Nicolas was on top of me. He had me hugged with his hands on my stomach and his arm and leg on me besides I was using my back as a pillow. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt. I closed my eyes then opened them so I could focus my eyes and saw that it was 8:42 in the morning. I thought "Yes, who the hell could it be?" You were supposed to be here at eight thirty, Rocio. We have a new routine and you need to learn it, "Gabriel said, sounding amused now, he had obviously listened to Nicolás. Nicolás took me to my dance practices every Saturday, with hangover or without it. His two conditions were that I bought his lunch, and that he did not tell my brother with whom I agreed. Peter knew that I was dancing, but he had never seen me do it, I had the feeling that if he did, he would not like it if I danced. Nicolás and Gabriel got along very well, which had really surprised me at first, because I never would have thought that a macho ice hockey player could be friends with an openly gay man who liked to wear something pink every day. I did not want him to bother with me all morning, since he would make me work twice as hard. I stirred a little and put the phone on the bedside table. I turned my head to look at him, he was giving me his trademark smile. I did not really know where we were after what happened the night before, but I thought I had the right to tease her a bit. It was not like she'd never seen me in my underwear before, to be more exact she had seen me like that less than twelve hours ago while she was sick. I heard the spring of the bed creak and before I knew it his warm breath was blowing on the back of my neck, my whole body exploded and my skin crawled. I could not believe he was asking for permission, I turned to him, I saw him standing just behind me and he was only wearing a pair of underpants, he looked like a Greek god. I was surprised when he nodded his head to answer my question, I realized he was impatient, his eyes were fixed on mine. I was not even looking at my body even though I was almost naked, my stomach jerked and I did not understand why. I stiffened as Nicolás raised his hands, little by little, he was giving me the opportunity to stop him as I did not he put them on my hips. The touch of his hands on my skin made me feel warm and the butterflies begin to flutter in my stomach. He pushed me forward against his chest, one of his hands began to drag his fingers around my back, put the other hand on my neck gently. The hand that was on my back started its way down making me tickle, little by little I reach my butt which I touch gently, just once, before I go back up gradually and stay in the lower part of my back. His eyes never left mine. I felt the nervous excitement run through my body and I stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. All of that was totally new to me so much that I was almost scared to death, but in a good way somehow. He inclined his head slowly and I felt my eyes grow larger, waiting for his soft lips to make contact with mine. Just as we were about to kiss each other again, my cell phone rang again, making us jump. We looked at the phone, my heart started to return to its normal rhythm when I started to return to reality. Nicolás was looking at the phone and I had the impression that he was trying to shoot him with lasers so that it stopped ringing. I laughed at his exasperated expression and set me apart from him to answer. The caller ID said it was Gabriel again. I closed the phone and looked at Nicolas again, he was still watching me, but he was dressing at the same time. I smiled at him and he smiled back, that nice and sincere one. Usually he became Nicholas the imbecile of the day, taunting me almost as soon as we woke up, but that day seemed different. I could not help but wonder how long I would doubt that way. I went to my closet, grabbed a pair of black leggings and a tight white top that barely covered my ass, took clean underwear and went to the bathroom to change. As he walks past Nicolás, he grabbed my hand and made me stop. When he released me, I looked at him a little surprised. I needed him to sleep, he kept the nightmares away from me. When I left the bathroom he had already left and I was sorry to realize that I was not surprised. I went to my window to close it as usual and saw a small yellow rose on the ledge of my window. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled, a little confused because it was not Nicolás's habit to do those things. I sighed as I put the little rose in my ponytail and then went to the kitchen, take two boxes of juice from the refrigerator. I went out the front door of the house and got into Nicolas' car, which was waiting for me outside. Have this. "He smiled, and handed me a slice of toast. I could not have slept much and I knew he was still tired, I could tell by his eyes. I finally jotted down with a very hot girl that I've been wanting for a while. "He winked at me, his genuine smile changed by his stupid smile. My insides began to feel as if someone had pushed them with a chainsaw in my stomach. I connect with someone and then came to your bed?, I thought. I was stupid, I had kissed him, in my first real kiss and he had used another girl to have sex. Stupid gigolo, I insult him in my mind I knew I could not expect anything different from him. I turned around so I could not see that I was hurt, I looked out the window, refusing to cry. Crying was for the weak. I almost never let anyone see me cry, but some people went through the defenses I had built, so I could not help it. I ordered twenty donuts in all the variety of chocolate, because they were my favorite. When I got back to the car, Nicolás smiled. I just nodded and turned on the radio. Actually, I was right, I hated that kind of music, but I liked it more at that moment than to talk to him that he was a fucking liar. We stopped outside the studio where my group rehearsed every Saturday, we were a pretty good street dance team. We had entered a dance battle last week against ten other teams in the area and we had obtained second place, winning 1000 pesos in prize money. We had not seen any of the money since he had gone straight to the studio, the uniforms, the music and the flyers and posters. I loved dancing, street dance was my favorite and everything that was with a hip hop rhythm had my vote. It had always been my dream since I was a little girl to have my own dance studio, maybe one day I would get there, but it seemed very unlikely. Gabriel gave me a big hug, I tried not to back away from him, I looked at him and today he wore the pink of his clothes in a cap. I would also fall asleep if I had that ass in my bed, "he joked with a smile as he nodded at my man toward Nicolás. I rolled my eyes and put the donuts on the table, I took a chocolate quickly before they all went and ran out. I went to greet the other guys. I was happy to talk to the kids, when Gabriel called everyone to start. We started working on a new routine that was very difficult and complicated, and even had some elevations that scared me. Almost instantly, I had to wrap my legs around his waist before leaning fully backwards by placing my arms on the floor and rolling my body over it. Thank heaven, we had mats. After the twentieth attempt or so, I pushed Ricardo away from me, laughing. I could not even get up from how tired I was, the sweat running down my back. Honestly, I can not move, "I murmured, closing my eyes, trying to catch my breath. I could tell he was smiling for his stupid sexy voice. He put me in the shower, putting me under the shower, both completely soaked. Water ran down his head, crushing his hair in his face, he looked sexy as hell. His clothes were attached to his body, I wanted to run my hands down to feel the lines of his muscles. He tilted his head forward and kissed me, wrapping his arms tightly around me and pushing me against the wall of the shower. He sucked my lower lip gently and I gladly opened my mouth, I was eager to taste it again. His kiss was beautiful and I was sending waves of desire through my body. Finally, he moved away since we were both out of breath. I saw lust, pure and simple, lust. Nicolás wanted my body and I loved him so much I could see it in his green eyes. I gasped, pushed him back and got out of the shower quickly. I could not give him what he wanted, he could get that elsewhere. He put a finger under my chin and lifted my face so I had to look at him. My heart stopped, and then it began to run because of how sweet it had sounded. Damn, that was embarrassing. Suddenly Nicolás grabbed my wrist, made me stop and look at him. Damn it, Nicolás, you were not even drunk, have you forgotten yet? Wow, that must have really meant something to you, "I spat acidly. I gave him my death look, I took a towel from my purse, began to dry my hair that dripped water. I pulled the pink of my ponytail and threw it at his feet. What I really said was that I finally jotted down with a hot girl I had been longing for, "she said, shrugging her shoulders and smiling, as if that clarified everything. I shook my head, I was still angry. The wording did not matter to me, everything was the same and I still felt betrayed and used. You're a fucking stupid womanizer and I can not believe I let you kiss me. I could feel the tears threatening to come out, so I turned my back on him. I turned around to look at him again. Explain please, "I said sarcastically, waving my hand in a gesture to continue. All this time it was just you. "He looked at the ground like a small child and I could not breathe. I liked him, but did not Peter let him get close to me? Anyway, he's a womanizer who has sex with three or four different girls a week. He has not even had a girlfriend, he only has dates! Rocio - my thoughts appeared and they ran over each other, I could not even count all of them, my head started to hurt slightly. He looked at me pleadingly, he was suffering. I could tell by his face, but I did not know what to do. If I took the risk, I knew that I was going to fall in love with him and there was a good chance that he would break my heart into a thousand pieces, I did not think I would endure the fact of losing him. It had been a constant in my life and I needed it, probably more than I needed Peter. I knew that the decision had been made, it was not really something that could be thought and reasoned the pros and cons. When Nicolás kissed me, everything seemed fine and correct, just as it should be. I returned the kiss, wrapping my arms around him tightly, pressing against his chest. I had never seen a shy or vulnerable look in Nicolás. His offer, the pleading expression on his face was enough to blow a hundred loose butterflies on my stomach, that's how my feelings towards him materialized. I pretended to think about his proposal for a few seconds and his expression of shyness fell to a resemblance to disappointment. He finished the kiss just when he was almost out of breath. I looked at myself, to realize that my white T-shirt was attached to me and everything was completely seen through it. I laughed uncomfortably and wrapped my arms around me, blushing like crazy. He held it out, handing it to me, smiling with his beautiful sincere smile, the beautiful one. So take the opportunity to take a nice bath that made me feel relaxed and fresh. I grunted at the thought of another party. They did not get wild or anything, but they would stay until at least two or three in the morning. On top of that I could not sleep well, there would be a great disaster to clean in the morning. I dried myself and wrapped my body in a towel. When I stepped out of the bathroom, I hit Nicolás directly. His hands reached out to hold me, grabbing my wrist so I would not fall. I tightened my towel and tried to calm my racing heart. I pulled his hands away from me and stomped into my room, whipping the door as I passed. As soon as the door closed, he touched. I hated when I used that little voice. It was his sleep-time voice that I had trouble saying no to. I dragged the door open and he smiled at me as he entered my room. I put it on, being very careful to keep the towel tightly wrapped around me. I gasped thinking he would ask me to return it to him. I could do it every time I started to feel vague and rested around the house. Anyway, it looks better on you, "he replied, with a smile, looking at my legs. A change of clothes and some other things for tomorrow since I will spend the night here. I think it's very sexy for a girl to see her man's clothes, "he purred, scrutinizing me again, which made me shudder. I dragged the door open and I looked at him. I dried my hair straightening and applied makeup, almost never used it even for parties, so I just applied a little silver shadow, some mask and change my transparent lip gloss for a pink one. I put on my blue bra and matching thong midnight and looked through my closet. The parties in our house were always incredibly hot. Peter and Nicholas practically invited the whole school and everyone was going, making everyone hot and sweaty so I could not put on many layers of clothes. I found a pair of black short shorts and a tank top, then I put on my long necklace and my silver sandals braided with a bit of heel. He had a nice figure, toned, not very thin and curved in the right places. I had gone to my mom, with long legs, rounded hips, narrow waist and breasts slightly larger than average. I was not the most attractive girl in the place, but I was happy with myself and that was all that mattered to me. Peter would not like my outfit. She was probably showing too much skin for her taste, even though she was completely covered and compared to the human leeches that Nicolás used to have and he hooked around, she looked like a nun. I briefly considered the fact of changing my clothes but decided otherwise, I would not be hot, all sweaty and wearing jeans only because my little brother would not like the men to look at me. I waited until the party was on, so that Peter could not tell me to change as if I were a little girl, in front of everyone. They must have been drinking for an hour or so. Peter noticed me and gave me the look of death that ran in the family and signaled me to return to my room, modulating the word "change" with my lips. I shook my head and smiled sweetly, mingling with the people at the party, quickly reaching the other end of the street. room so he could not see where he was. Wow, lights burning tonight, "he said, looking at me, but not in the perverted manner with which the boys looked at me as usual. Gaston and I had been friends for a long time, he had been dating the same girl for the last two years and was completely enthralled by her, which was really sweet. They never miss these parties, in fact for them it was just a good excuse to walk in front of all the handsome boys in the school with little clothes, especially Peter and Nicolás. Lali had her hand on his arm and Cande was pressed to her side. Peter looked completely disinterested but enjoyed the attention, as always. I was used to the two of them being attentive to each of his words, every time they came to my house they flirted with him shamelessly and walked around without a shirt, laughing at his lustful expressions. I rolled my eyes and returned my attention to Gaston. Right at that moment he grabbed me from behind. I let out a little scream before the person spoke and I realized that it was Nicolás. His hot breath ran down my neck, making me shudder. He could smell beer on his breath, but he never got drunk. Peter did, but Nicolás always seemed to be the one who kept control in case things got out of hand. When I got to the kitchen, what greeted me was the sight of a girl lying on the kitchen counter and two boys taking shots of her body. I recognized the girl easily because of her black hair and her lack of clothes. He let out an excited cry when we entered. Nicolás squeezed my hardest hand and made me a puppy face, asking for help in silence, I just laughed and pressed him towards her. He grabbed my hips and climbed onto the counter, taking a step between my legs so that our faces were inches apart. Go to bed then so I can have my drink, Rosa. He just shook his head, looking funny and taking a step back, pulling me a little from the counter to stand on my feet again. I took a glass and I poured three quarts of vodka and added a splash of orange juice that I took at once. I'm going to get drunk that night and it will not make me order anything tomorrow. "I patted his chest and walked back to my friends. After a few hours, I was pretty drunk. I did not feel very stable on my feet, but I continued to dance with my friends anyway. Nicolás was talking with some of his teammates not far from me and was watching me. Do not be stupid, Lali, he's probably making sure he does not throw up, he has to clean up tomorrow. "I finished my drink and dropped my glass on the carpet. I felt someone grab my hand and I looked back to find Nicolas smiling at me, a true smile and I could not help but respond with another. I was so drunk at the time that I did not mind being dancing with Nicolás; I wrapped my arms around him and rested my face on his neck. He smelled surprisingly well, so I asked what he would know if I licked him. And in that moment I realized that I had thought about licking Nicolás like it was an ice cream or something, I laughed at my own idiocy. Nicolás pulled me away a little and made a face like "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Which made me laugh even more. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, looking amused as he pressed his body against me. The song was not really slow, so we were swinging pretty fast and half rubbing each other. I loved dancing and he was pretty good at it, our bodies seemed to fit perfectly. I could feel how he started getting aroused but I did not care. Nicolás had been pressing his erections against me since I was twelve. He woke up with one every morning and most times also I had one when I fell asleep. It was weird the first time it happened and it really made me crazy. I never knew if it was true or not, but I had no reason to doubt it. It was embarrassing for a month or two, then it became a joke between the two of us and as we got older we just started ignoring it. In fact, he looked very cute when he smiled so sincere and it was funny that I had just realized that, since I had known him forever. You know for everything that has happened. I was sure he was drunk because of the little red touch on his ears, it always happened when he got drunk. I shrugged my shoulders and left them in their little meaningless discussion for me, besides I did not need to see their stupid fight and I was sure that in a few minutes they would fix as usual. When I turned the corner of the kitchen door, I ran into a boy I did not know. He was maybe a little older than me, probably Peter's age and he was really handsome. His black hair was a little tousled, falling on his forehead and practically covering his clear eyes. He smiled and held my waist trying to steady me as I watched him. Immediately I jumped because he was touching me, although I did not really feel it because the drinks had numbed part of my brain. I had already removed his hands from my waist, so I stepped back to regain some personal space. I did not recognize him from school. Are you going to school here? Actually I'm looking for my little sister, but I can not find her. I could not avoid the natural reaction of my body. I wrinkled my nose a bit, which made him laugh. "You're not her friend, are you?" He could not believe he had made that face when he mentioned his sister. I know it can be a pain in the ass. No, I was not there, at that moment I laughed when I realized that he had just left there, so of course he was not there. We had a couple of glasses of that until I realized I was really drunk. I leaned on him heavily while chatting and laughing at random things that really did not make sense. Suddenly, I hit the counter in the kitchen and pressed his body against mine. The family panic began to rise as my heart accelerated, he began to bring his face slowly towards me. I gasped and withdrew my head back, hitting me with the cabinet that was behind me, the blow was so strong that my eyes filled with tears. I groaned and pushed his chest, trying to pull him away from me, but his hands were firmly attached to my neck. I felt him lick my lower lip so I closed my mouth tightly as best I could, but he did not move. I started to go crazy, I literally asked to feel how the panic attack took place while my heart crashed against my chest and exploded my ears. The next thing I felt was that he was no longer on top of me, he had moved away but he did not understand why. I raised my bewildered look and I could see Nicolas leaning against the wall, his arm crossing Pablo's throat. He looked so angry, I really began to feel sorry for Pablo, who was now beginning to change the tone of his face to a red, you could tell he could not breathe. I started to feel sick, literally sick. I got up and tabaleé towards the bathroom, vomited what looked like liters of vodka. I moaned and blushed, turned to sit on the cold floor, when I felt someone's legs. I could not be scared, I could smell his lotion. But I could not answer him, I just leaned over the toilet again and vomited another bottle of vodka. Nicolás, while holding my hair, began to rub small circles on my back. After a few minutes, I felt much better. I tried to get up from the bathroom floor, but it was so uncoordinated that it did not work. Nicholas smiled and leaned down, sliding his arms under me and lifted me easily, as if it weighed nothing. I sat in the next section, next to the sink. I took my toothbrush and put toothpaste. I smiled faintly and brushed my teeth, until I made sure that all the taste of alcohol was gone. I nodded, and he picked me up bridal style and took me to my room. He removed the covers and was about to throw me into bed, when I remembered that I was still wearing my party clothes. I do not want to go to bed with this, "I murmured, looking at my clothes, I realized that I still had my shoes and my jewelry on. Nicolás put an arm around my waist, holding me and took off my necklaces. I removed the button on my top and started to pull it out of my head, but got caught up in the process and started laughing. I heard him sigh, as he pushed me to sit on the bed and he took me off. When I managed to look again, I saw that he had a funny expression on his face. He kept my legs in the air and pulled my sandals one by one. Quick as lightning, Nicolas, lifted me out of bed and took me back to the bathroom, just as I had before held my hair and rubbed my back while my stomach emptied again. After brushing my teeth again, he took off his shirt and put it on. I thought he was going back to the party, but he did not, he simply closed it and took off his jeans, climbing onto the bed next to me. I could still hear the party outside. Nicolás wrapped his arms around my waist and moved me to his chest. I could not stop thinking about the guy who had kissed me in the kitchen. Before I understood what was happening to me, I was crying. Nicolás laughed and I felt even worse. I could not believe he was laughing at me. - It's not funny, Nicolás! That asshole did not steal your first kiss, "he said, seriously, looking me straight in the eye, bother me more because it made me feel like I was flying with his stupid green womanizing eyes. I was your first kiss a long time ago, "he explained, with a half smile that made his face look beautiful. I frowned, trying to remember something that I thought had never happened. I was thirteen years old and my damn leg hurt too much, you got very nervous and you asked me what you could do to make the pain go away. "He closed his green eyes and shook his head at the memory, he had a small smile at the corners. of his lips. Right after that, Peter left the house and surprised us. I remember that he punched Nicolas in the face for that. Shit, Nicolas had my first kiss. I was not sure how to feel about that, it was really nice that time. I figured it was a good thing that Nicolas had my first kiss, at least that meant he was not stolen by a fool while I was drunk at a party. I smiled at him and he smiled back. We remain in absolute silence; I did not know what to say and apparently he did not either, we both kept quiet. After a while, I was still awake because of the noise coming from the party. It was about one o'clock in the morning, so it would probably go on for at least another hour. I turned around and found Nicolás watching me. It does not make sense that we are both awake here. But he shook his head and pulled me back to his chest. After about half an hour, I raised my head and looked at him again, he had fallen asleep, he looked so calm and sweet without mentioning sexy. I preferred never to look at him that way. I knew that he was beautiful and had an awesome body, but it had never occurred to me to look at him like that. My eyes moved to his chest. I wondered how it felt to touch those muscles and without thinking I put one of my fingers and traced the lines of his muscles in his stomach. I laughed because I had been surprised. I wondered why he was not like that with me all the time, I was sure that if that were the case I would be in love with him, like all the other girls. I rolled my eyes, trying not to think about the stupid games he would surely propose. If the view changes suddenly the grimace will be stuck forever, "he joked, running his thumb across my lip. The movement for some reason made me melt inside. I stuck out my tongue and licked his thumb in jest, waiting for him to walk away and tell me what he was doing was disgusting. I heard a small moan that came from his throat. The sound made something deep inside me tingle and throb. He moved his head close to mine and then stopped, his lips were a few millimeters away from mine. I swallowed and without thinking, I closed the distance between them, pressed my lips with his slightly. I felt as if he passed me electricity, my body began to tremble and I had the need that he will touch me more. He responded to my kiss immediately, pulled me closer to him and ran his hands over my back. I raised my arms and put them around his neck, I tangled my fingers in his hair. His lips were soft and fit perfectly with mine. He slid his league into my mouth and massaged mine tenderly. It tasted amazing, I felt it while exploring my entire mouth. My whole body was burning, wanting more... Suddenly, he turned away from me, making me moan and I began to ask myself internally that I had made a mistake. Nicolás nodded and withdrew his hand from his mouth. I cleared my throat quickly. I'm just tired, so go away, "I yelled, trying to make my voice sound angry. Now you can go, what are you interrupting us. Now go away, "I cried, biting my lip and hoping he would have believed me. Nicolás tilted his head down and I felt his soft lips back on mine, he pulled away with a sigh when Peter yelled again. I got sick so I came to bed, but now I'm fine. I looked at Nicolás, he smiled at me with his beautiful smile and pressed his lips once more against mine, the tingling returned instantly. Nicholas's hand slid slowly down the side of my body as his tongue returned to my mouth. One of his hands reached the bottom of the shirt I was wearing and slipped underneath, ran down my thigh and touched my hip. The fingers traced the material of my thong, his hand was on my butt. My skin seemed to burn where he touched me. In that moment I returned to myself. I realized that this was too fast for me. I moved my head back breaking the kiss and I pulled out his hand so he would stop moving on me. I nodded, I was trying to catch my breath and calm my body. "It's okay, Rosa. Let's go to sleep, "he suggested, with a big smile. He pulled away from me a little and leaned back, pulling me to his side. I put my head on his chest and hung my leg over him, my arms were on his waist. His lips brushed the top of my head, I closed my eyes, I felt happier than I had been for a long time. I had my head on his chest and my leg above his crotch, he squeezed it as usual, it was already full of "morning glory" that for what he knew, it happened to almost all the boys. When I tried to move him, he tightened his grip, muttering something in sleep about not wanting to go to college anymore. I moved my arm and touched his stomach. I could feel his erection pressing between my legs. I gasped at the feeling, it was strange but it really felt good. I tried to free myself, but that only made us graze in places where I would have preferred not to do it with my brother's womanizing friend. My body began to tingle and I could not prevent a small moan from escaping my lips. Oh my God, that really feels good! His expression quickly changed to his trademark smile, which he wanted to punch out of his face. Do not be mad at me all day today, please. I did not know what I was doing I was asleep, I'm sorry, Rosa, can you forgive me? I gave myself I turned around and buried my face in his pillow, I could still smell it and that made me feel safe and calm. I sank into a peaceful sleep for another hour. After dressing more calmly than yesterday, I concentrated on my iPod and was dancing happily as I walked to the kitchen when I saw him eating my cereal again. I sighed furiously and stole the cereal from her hands. We both nodded and headed to Nicolás's car. When I was entering school, Gaston grabbed me and took me to a place where we were alone for a talk. He seemed a little desperate; his hair was disheveled, as if he had been pulling it or running his hands over it a lot of times, his eyes were tense with a lot of stress. Now, what kind of things do you like? You could also give him a new jeweler or something to keep inside, "I suggested. He has a taste for ancient jewelers at this time. I'm going to skip the morning to get it, "he said, smiling excitedly and running after saying goodbye. I walked back to school, and noticed that there was almost no one. I started running down the hall; I could see Nicolás and a couple of his friends walking towards me. When I passed him, he took out his foot to make me stumble, but before he hit the ground he wrapped his arms around my waist, and lifted me up. I still had not let go of my waist, took a step forward and pressed his body against mine, his hands sliding to my ass. I hated being touched; It brought back memories of my father and what he did to me. I gasped, and before I could even think about what I was doing, I pulled up my leg and hit him on the balls. I was struggling to breathe and my hands were shaking. I turned to run away but he grabbed me by the hand and pushed me towards his body again. His voice broke a little, it sounded as if he felt pain. He looked directly into my eyes; I could see the honesty in his deep green eyes. He gave me a hug and put his lips on my neck, just where he joined with my shoulders and breathed deeply through his nose, sending his hot breath down my neck. That's what he always did to calm me down, when he cried on his shoulder; this was the only thing that seemed to work. I could feel his heart beating fast against my chest, so I concentrated on breathing at his own pace. I moved back and he was just looking at me with regret on his face. I should not have done that, Rosa, I did not think, "he said apologetically. I nodded and buffet, wiping my face with the sleeve of my sweater. I looked away quickly, feeling uncomfortable. When people touched me, even the girls, my heart would go into overdrive and I would always start to feel sick. The only exceptions to this were my mother, Peter and Nicolás. This was the exact reason why I did not have appointments. The idea of ​​someone touching me or kissing me made my skin goose bumps. I looked over his shoulder and realized that he had a large wet spot where he had been crying. I looked around and realized we were alone in the hall, I gasped in shock. You're already ten minutes late anyway. I sighed and reluctantly climbed inside. I did not really care about spending time with Nicolás, but that depended on which of the two Nicolás would be with me, that of the night or that of the day. The Nicolás of the night was considerate, affectionate and attentive. The Nicolás of the day was a coquettish son of a bitch and a bitch. However, both the Nicolás of the day and the night made me feel safe and protected. I turned to look at him as he drove, he had a small smile on his face. Great, one hour with Nicolás of the day, my worst nightmare. I was not paying attention to where we were going, so I was surprised when we pulled into the parking lot of the ice rink. Maybe they had a good coffee inside or something I thought. I gasped, were we really going to skate? I had skated a couple of times in my life, and it was a disaster. I frowned as he spoke, wondering how on earth he knew my shoe size. He passed him two sets of skates and he smiled again, took my hand and dragged me to the benches. I realized that the lady did not stop seeing Nicolás while we walked away, she was licking her lips looking at her ass. I laughed and looked at her, which made her blush and look away. Nicolás, I was not worried, "I scoffed, while rolling my eyes. We put on the skates and headed to the ice. There was no one else there, probably because they were a little over nine in the morning. Both had been skating for years, but I had never been able to do it. I loved to see people skating and I always wanted to learn, but I was literally denied. Nicolás took both my hands while I slid all over the place. Try to keep them straight. He laughed even under me, pushed me to the knees, leaving me on horseback, when I realized I sat down quickly by his side. I could not stand up so I had to wait for him to get up first. Stand up straight and keep your feet still, I'll help you until you can get the balance. I managed to stay on my feet for a few seconds before losing my balance again. Again, he grabbed me by the waist and leaned back so that I fell on top of him. I could feel the ice begin to wet the back of my jeans, making me tremble. You're going to hurt yourself, "I explained, frowning. I stared at him, surprised. Maybe he had heard it wrong. "You're improving, you lasted at least a minute longer than the last time," he joked with his patented smile. OK, that one was more like Nicolás than I knew, I should have listened badly after all. Well, one more minute is fine for me. You know I can not do this, "I complained, falling again instantly. He managed to hold me just by grabbing my hips, pressing our bodies and lifting me from the ice so that I could place my feet back on top of it. I felt my heart start to beat faster, but it was not due to the usual fear that someone would touch me, it was something else I could not understand. I blushed and looked away. I think my ass is frozen. I heard him take a deep breath and let out a sigh. I looked back and saw him frowning with his eyes closed, looking like he had been hit or something. He placed his shirt under my waist and tied it with a knot in the front. Next time I'll bring an extra sweater for your very delicate ass, "he said, grabbing my hands and starting to pull me once more. It's not like I was not having a good time, although being there with Nicolás, it felt weird. Well, that was not strictly true since it actually felt good, for that reason it also felt weird. You're doing it, "he whispered, which of course caused him to lose his balance again. I pressed with him for the third time, laughing hysterically. Ok, that was really fun and it did not hurt. Usually, when I was going to skate with Peter and he got tired of catching me, he just dropped me on my ass all the time. In about thirty minutes I was usually very bruised and sore, so I gave up. We managed to skate three whole laps before I fell again. After what seemed an eternity, the track began to fill with people and my stomach began to growl man. Each time I fell less, but still holding the hands of Nicholas in a death grip. The first period should definitely be ending. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and took a big breath of air through his pearly white teeth, producing a whistling sound. Ok, that had not sounded right, maybe we had also asked for the second period. My heart started to accelerate again. He just stayed there looking straight into my eyes, I began to feel a little dizzy. Suddenly I realized that I was not breathing well, so I took a breath in an irregular breath. He withdrew, but he left his hands on my waist, holding me. If your brother finds out I've been with you all day, he's going to cut my balls off, "he said with mock horror, making me laugh. Instead of holding my hands to help me get to the other side, he continued to hold me by the waist, skidding in reverse while dragging me. I did not really know what to do with my hands, so I placed them on his shoulders. When I started to fall again, he bent down and picked me up in his arms, keeping one of his firm forearms under my butt and forcing my thighs around his waist with the other hand as if I weighed absolutely nothing. He turned around and skated forward, fast. Actually, I was a little scared. You skated through it, "I explained, frowning, but at the same time smiling, this kid was really weird! It seemed a little uncomfortable, but then he rearranged his expression to his usual smile of "I make the girls melt." I felt a little guilty for not allowing him to have fun because he had to take care of me all the time. I'll sit here, it's okay. You should also have some fun, "I suggested, giving him a smile. On the way back to school he went through the McDonalds car service. He turned to me and frowned. "Why are you looking at me like this? I shook my head, staring at him in amazement. Well, it had started to scare me. Nicolás laughed again and pulled me out of my thoughts when he parked the car in a place so we could eat. I was talking openly about a concert I wanted to go to and a movie I had seen last week about zombies that he said would have killed me out of fright. I was surprised at how easy it was to talk to him; We had never spent so much time together and alone before. Usually whenever we went out we were with Peter or with a gang of guys, or had some human leech attached to his body, or we were sleeping. It was actually very nice and fun. I could not help wondering why he hid his amazing personality behind a façade of a prostitute, with a masculine attitude of a chauvinist pig; It should be as it had been at that time more often. I nodded and finished the rest of my shake. "Do not you trust me? I have had many opportunities to touch you or force you to something else during the last eight years, right? I know you would not hurt me, just that it's hard for me, I do not like people to touch me. No one had ever pressured me to tell the details of what my father had done. I had refused to go to therapy since he left, my mom and Peter had tried to talk about it but I just did not want anyone to ever know. I was ashamed of that and what my father used to do to me. None of my loved ones, of the people I loved, had forced me to speak and I loved them even more for it. I need you to know. "He traced circles in the palm of my hand. I still looked really hurt and upset, I wanted to make him feel better, but I did not know how. All he could do was tell her the truth. It's something that I do not have any control over with the only people that do not happen to me are with my mom, with Peter and with you. I'm sorry if I upset what happened today at school, but I could not help it. That seemed to make him feel better because his face lit up. Let's go back before your brother has the attack dogs ready to rip my throat, "he suggested, chuckling. I settled into my seat while he drove back to school. We entered the parking lot of the school five minutes before the bell rang. You're not supposed to spend more than the necessary time alone with you, "he said, shrugging. of shoulders. He looked into my eyes again, making my heart race a little. And take into account that I am a "nasty prostitute" like you so many times you have called me. Apparently for Peter, the only thing I want to do is touch your very nice ass, "he said with a smile. Which to be honest would be happy to do, of course only if you want it. It would be like a payment for the skating rink, "he teased, winking at me. He had just spent all day with that boy having a great time but he had been able to ruin everything with just one sentence. I stepped hard in the direction of the math building where I had to be, to at least pretend I had been there. I saw Peter walk towards the car, so I gave him a few minutes before making my way and getting into the back of the car as if nothing had happened. Peter immediately gave Nicolás a slap on the back of the head. I laughed while Nicolás gave me a dirty look, take out my iPod. They are supposed to be parties after the game. I mean, can not anyone else do it for a week in their house so I do not have to clean up after your idiot and drunken friends get away? I sighed, feeling defeated. I do not know why it bothered me in complaining about it, it always happened independently whether I liked it or not. I turned up the volume on my iPod to drown out the voices of the guys who were talking to who they were going to tangle with that night, I started looking out the window. I could see Nicolás trying to make eye contact with me through the mirror on the driver's side but I ignored him and pretended that I was completely lost in the song that sounded. Nicolás moved his weight slightly. I was hugging myself in a spoon from behind, breathing deeply into the back of my hair. I could feel the usual "morning glory" pushing against the narrowest part of my back. I quickly silenced the alarm on my phone and cocked it in the stomach. I'm still tired, "he murmured, pushing me harder against his chest. The last time it became an hour and Peter almost catches you here, "I murmured, nudging him in the stomach once more. He moved his arm and immobilized my hands on the bed near my head, in a prayer position. I sighed and closed my eyes again. There was no way to argue with him when he was like this, he just did not have the energy at this time of the morning to fight him. We both slip back into the dream, instantly. I jumped up and also Nicolás, it was after seven. Nicolás will drive today so be ready to leave in half an hour, "Peter called through the door, before striding down the hall. Rosa, why did not you wake me up? I looked at him in warning, and gave him my best death look. I could make that dream come true, "he mocked, his face inches from mine. Now, get away from me, Nicolás, and go to enlist. You drive today, apparently, "I hissed, nodding toward the window. He climbed out the window, silently, closing it behind him as he left. I walked towards her and secured her before heading to the fastest shower of all time. His hair was disheveled in his usual appearance as soon as I got out of bed, which to be honest did look like that when I had just gotten out of bed. All he ever did was slide his hands through his hair a few times and add a little wax. He looked just like every morning, like a fucking supermodel. He wore worn-out low-waisted jeans that let his underpants look a bit, and he always made the girls melt. Today he was wearing a white shirt that showed his perfectly sculpted body and an orange and gray short-sleeved shirt over it, which had completely unbuttoned. His green eyes were bright with fun as he looked at me. I shot him a death glare, making him smile mockingly. Peter threw me a juice box. I looked seriously to Nicolas one more time while he started to laugh. Of course I looked tense, I had half an hour to shower and get dressed. Peter had no idea that Nicolás slept in my room with me every night, his was like that, he would go crazy. Peter was very protective of me, always had been, but it had worsened since Dad left when I was thirteen. Well, I said it was, but the truth was that Peter and Nicholas had come home early from hockey one day and they had found out that my father had knocked me out, and he was trying to rape me. Peter had finally realized and he, along with Nicolás, had beaten him, almost killing him in the process. They had thrown him out of the house and told him that if he ever returned, they would kill him. He never came back and that was three years ago. A little after that, my mom got a job at a huge electronic firm, she was the director's personal assistant, so she traveled a lot. He went twice more than he was here, so we only saw her for about a week a month. Peter was my only supervision, although sometimes it was more what I tried to take care of him. Nicolas was also very protective of me, but we still did not get along, even though he literally spent every night wrapped around me in bed for the past eight years. He had sneaked back into my room the next night to see me crying again and we had ended up falling asleep once more. After two weeks it had become a normal thing. It was not something we ever talked about, it just left my window unlocked and he would come in once his parents checked on him to be asleep. They had never caught us in eight years. Although we had been close a couple of times. A couple of years ago, Nicolás's mother had found his bed empty, but he had lied, saying that he had escaped to a party and stayed at a friend's house. Nobody suspected that he was next, with me. It was as if he had a double personality. My blond hair was still damp because I did not have time to dry it for its stupid "ten minutes more", so I had it in a disheveled bun. I had put on my tight jeans and a red v-neck top and a hood, along with my converse. I had added minimal makeup, and some light lipstick. I showed him my finger and walked to his car. Resting against him, angrily, I expected to be honored with his presence. The way to school was the same as always, they sat at the front talking about football and parties, and I sat in the back listening to my iPod, trying to ignore the smiles of Nicolás in the mirror. We parked at school and the car was immediately besieged by people, just like every morning. Nicolás and Peter were considered "sexy players" at our school. They were last year and the dream of every girl, the boys wanted to be friends of theirs, and the girls wanted to sleep with them. Nicholas laughed as I cringed, getting out of the car and trying to evade the horde of sluts that were pushing me because they were trying to throw themselves at him. A girl nudged me on purpose. I looked at her in her little skirt that looked more like a belt and her top showing her stomach, and I grimaced. She looked at me with a frown and I heard Nicolas and Peter laugh. I just laughed and walked away. It was usual for Silvina and I to have this kind of comments for the other. She had gone out with Nicolás for a while, well, if she was going out she had sex a few times, and then he left her. She still did not overcome him and wanted him back, to the chagrin of him. He inclined his head close to mine. I'm sorry about this morning, "he whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I nudged him in the ribs, making him smile and move away. Peter hit him in the back of the head. Nicolas just laughed and winked once more, making me roll my eyes. Nicolás moved away and walked straight to what he looked like his last conquest. He smiled seductively and she blushed when he immediately started flirting with her. I found my friends, who were practically fucking Peter and Nicolás with eyes and dreamy expressions. I mean, you're so lucky to live with Peter! I'd love to see his sexy ass walking around all day, "he purred, fanning his face. I did not understand why, but every girl in school was in love with them. He linked his arm with mine and pushed me into our first class. The school was fine, as was normal; I was quite popular due to the fact that my brother and his best friend were the most wanted guys there. They took care of me, which basically meant that they warned all the kids to stay away from me, that to tell the truth, it suited me because I did not want to go out with anyone. I loved my classes, it was quite popular among the teachers because my grades were never below an outstanding grade. I always did my homework and I never arrived late; I prided myself on it, even though I was not a nerd. At lunchtime, I sat with my friends when I heard the usual sighs and giggles. The girls started checking their hair and fixing their makeup, so I knew that my brother and his friends were coming to the dining room. I sighed when Lali and Candela began to look at them with lust, as was the custom. I rolled my eyes when a hand appeared behind me, stealing a handful of my potato chips. I hit his hand when he went to steal more. Go buy your own food, idiot-I deserted, annoying. He put his arm around my shoulder. I know you've missed me without seeing me all morning, "he said smugly. All my friends sighed and looked at him with nostalgia. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to take you home today. Your brother has a date, so... "He fell silent, smiling at me. Then, I would insist on waiting at home until Peter arrives, which meant I would have to cook for him too. He laughed and kissed me on the cheek as he stood up. He put his arm around her shoulder, his dirty, disgusting lips descended to hers. I frowned, and looked back at my friends when she practically started doing it with her in the middle of the dining room. Lali, Candela and half the girls in the dining room were looking at him with lust and with hatred for her. Nicolás Riera just had his arm around you and he kissed you on the cheek, I would give anything to have those sweet lips on me, "Candela said dreamily, making me laugh. After class I reluctantly went to the parking lot, where a smiling Nicolás was leaning on his car, waiting for me. I decided to look out the window and ignore him; I was still annoyed with him for "the ten minutes more" this morning. He stopped in the store parking lot a few minutes later. I sat there and crossed my arms over my chest, refusing to go down. I walk around the car and opened the door for me - Come on, Rosa - he repeated, holding his hand for me. He put his hands in the car and picked me up easily, throwing me over his shoulder, laughing. He kicked to close the door and started walking toward the store. "Damn me, damn you! He just laughed at my few attempts to get down, and kept walking. Once in the store, he finally put me on my feet. I looked around, embarrassed, to see if anyone had seen us, but it seemed that no. I reach out and tuck a few strands of loose hair behind my ear, his fingers lingering on my cheek. I hit his angry hand and I looked at him. Most girls would love me to do that to them, "I reply, shrugging my shoulders and going to the magazines. I stomped with my foot, then I blushed because I had looked like a little boy doing that; luckily, Nicolas was not looking. I grab a sports magazine and a chocolate bar and went to the counter to pay. I was happily flipping through a gossip magazine when two guys approached me. I nodded in acknowledgment and put the magazine back, quickly moving away from Nicolás. My heart started to accelerate as I looked around frantically. I do not see any boyfriend - said the other mocking me - What if we go somewhere and we know each other better? I pressed against him so hard it hurt - I hope they were not bothering my girl, "he said casually, but I could hear the anger in his tone of voice. Nicholas was always protective with me; One time a boy pushed me into a puddle when he was seven, and he went straight to the boy's house and punched him in the face. We were talking, that's all - The boy lied, raising his hands innocently. Come on then, Rosa, "said Nicolás, guiding me towards the door. Once outside, he turned to look at me- Are you okay? I was fine, my heart stopped as I tried to get out of my chest as soon as I heard his voice. He opened the car door and waited for it to come up before circling it to his side. Once inside, I throw something in my lap, look down and saw a bar of my favorite chocolate. When I got home, I went straight to work on the lasagna for dinner. Nicolás passed through the kitchen while making me feel violated when he looked at my body. I can not believe this morning. I do not like rushing; I've seen and felt like crap all day, "I said bitterly. He was so close to me that I could feel the heat radiating from his body, it was strangely soothing. The lasagna will be made in an hour and a half; I imagine you stay for dinner, "I said. It was not a question, I knew I would. I'm not sure Peter would ask him to stay with me when he was away, but Nicholas always did it anyway. He grabbed my hand and approached me, he was so close that my chest touched hers, I could feel his breath blowing in my face. Please stop being all a bitch with me, you're not like that, do not hit that paper, "he said softly. I guess I've been a bitch with you, "I admitted, trying to look away from her beautiful green eyes, it seemed like they were seeing my soul. I liked this Nicolás, he who took care of me, he who was different when we were on our own. He gave me his adorable puppy face that I could not say no to, and I felt my willingness to hate him fall apart. I laughed and rolled my eyes. I'm going to do my homework before dinner. I had no idea why the atmosphere had gotten so weird in the kitchen; everything was very confusing. I shook my head and took out my calculation task, trying to start at least. After dinner in silence, I finished my homework. It was only eight thirty so Nicolás decided to put a movie. He put Final Destination, and we sat on the sofa to see her. I felt a little uncomfortable for some reason I could not understand. I was sitting here as always, but something looked different. I watched him several times, I was sitting there watching the movie, with one leg bent over the other, my arm hanging casually on the back of my chair. Neither of them moved until the movie ended. When I looked at him again, I realized he was watching me intently. I cleared my throat because he was still staring at me with a strange expression on his face. I'm going straight to my house then, I'll be back in half an hour, "she said, getting up to leave. I followed him and closed the door behind him, a little bewildered. It would probably be because I was so upset with him this morning that I did some silly things. I quickly changed into a tank top and shorts, brushed my teeth and went to bed. It was cold and too big, just like every night. After about twenty minutes or so, I heard my window open and close new. I heard how his clothes fell to the floor and then the bed sank behind me. I raised my head so I could put one of his arms under my neck. He pressed his chest against my back and wrapped his other arm around me, throwing one leg over mine. I heard him sigh while I twisted to get closer to him, I loved that Nicholas slept with me, the bed did not feel good without him. I'm just tired, "he murmured against the back of my head, pressing his lips to my hair. Good evening, Nico, "I whispered, kissing his arm. I knew why he did it, my dad had to be home in exactly sixteen minutes and he liked dinner to be at the table as soon as he entered. Peter approached, playing with his Spiderman figures. She looked at the clock again and shook her head quickly. Dinner will not take long and we need to eat as a family. Peter's face fell, but he nodded and came to sit next to me. I immediately snatched the little man from his hands and laughed when he gasped and snatched it back, smiling and rolling his eyes at me. Peter or Peter as we called everyone except my parents, was a cute boy, with brown hair and dark eyes. He was my older brother, and like the older brothers, he was the best. He always took care of me at home and at school, he made sure no one bothered me. Peter was ten, and two years older than me, so he always helped me with school work. Peter and I got off the counter and grabbed the things, heading to the dining room. My dad was very particular about everything, if everything was not exactly right, he got angry and nobody wanted that. My mom always said that my dad had a stressful job. She always got angry if we do something wrong. If you have heard that saying: "Children should be seen and not heard", well, my dad took that to another extreme. Instead, he liked: "Children should not be seen or heard." At five thirty he came home every day, ate dinner immediately, and then Peter and I were sent to our rooms, where we played in silence until seven thirty when we had to go to bed. Everything was fine until he got home, and then we all changed. Peter always remained silent and did not smile. My mom had that look on her face, like fear or worry, and she started running around hollowing the cushions on the sofa. I always stayed there and silently wished I could hide in my room and never leave. Peter and I set the table and then sat quietly, waiting for the click of the door to signal that he was home. I could feel my stomach fluttering, my hands starting to sweat as I prayed in my head that he would have had a good day and be normal tonight. Sometimes, I was in a really good mood and he kissed and hugged me. The little girl told me how special she was, and how much she loved me. That happened normally on Sundays. My mom and Peter went to hockey practice and I stayed at home with my father. Those Sundays were the worst, but I never told anyone of those days, and how much he touched me and told me how beautiful it was. I hated those days, and I wished weekends would never come. I much preferred it to be a school day when we would only see it for dinner. I do not like it at all, it made me feel uncomfortable, it always made my hands tremble. Fortunately, however, today was hardly Monday, so I had almost a week before I had to worry about it again. A couple of minutes later, he entered. Peter shot me a look that told me to behave and held my hand under the table. My father had brown hair, the same color as Peter's. He had brown eyes and always had a scowl. A shiver down my spine as he spoke. He put his briefcase aside and He took a seat at the head of the table. I tried not to show him any reaction; In fact, I tried not to move at all. It always seemed that I was the one who got everyone in trouble or did something wrong. It always seemed that I was the one that made things worse for everyone. Our relationship with him changed completely. Just then, my mom came carrying the pasta and a plate of bread with garlic. We all started to eat in silence and I tried not to move uncomfortably in my place. So, how was the school, Pedro? Peter looked up nervously. I tried to get into the ice hockey team and Nicolás and I... "he began to say, but my dad nodded, not listening. Okay, be courteous and not digress. I shuddered with his tone, wondering if he was going to hit me, or maybe he would send me to bed without dinner. It sounded like a ready answer, she always did that, had her answers ready so that she would not say anything inappropriate that made him angry. I reached for my drink, but I was not observing properly and I overturned it, spilling the contents on the table. Everyone's eyes flew to my father, who jumped up from his chair. Suddenly my back hit the wall, the pain went through me and I bit my lip to stop crying. Crying made it worse, he hated crying, he said that only the weak cried. I saw him move his hand away; He was going to hit me. I held my breath waiting for the blow, knowing there was nothing I could do but endure it, as always. My brother jumped up from his chair and lunged at me, wrapping his arms around me tightly, covering me. Theirs was to my father while he protected me. He slapped me, sending me to the floor, then turned to Peter and kicked him in the leg, making him moan. Silent tears ran down my face. I could not bear to see my brother hurt; He was just trying to protect me. When I got into trouble, he would provoke my father to take her against him instead. My father raised his plate and drink and strode into the living room to finish his meal, muttering something about us being "the worst children in the world" and "how the hell he could get stuck in this life". I crawled to my brother and wrapped my arms around him tightly, clinging to him as if my life depended on it. I'm sorry, "I mumbled under my breath, crying over his shoulder. It's not your fault, "he said hoarsely, gave me a small smile and trying to stand up, moaning. I stood up with a jump and helped him up. I could hear movement so I looked up to see that my mother was frantically wiping the table. We had a good house, four bedrooms and everything was on one level. My father earned good money so we lived in a nice area, but he would prefer that the house was smaller so he would not have to work at his job. Maybe then it was like the old dad, taking us to the park and buying me toys and candy. Peter came to my room and we ate in silence, sitting on the floor near my bed. He held my hand tightly when we heard my father yelling at my mother from the living room, something broke, and I shuddered. I started sobbing so Peter wrapped his arm around my shoulder, squeezing gently. Do not worry, "he whispered, stroking my hair. Once I had calmed down, and the screaming had stopped, we played cards for a while. When we were in the middle of the game, we heard heavy footsteps coming through the lobby. Peter stiffened as the steps passed through my door. They did not stop however, thank God. I let out my breath that I did not realize I was holding and looked at Peter, who gave a small smile. I'll see you in the morning. "He said with a wink. He left the room and I watched him crawl down the hallway to his room, he turned to me. I locked the door quickly as he told me. putting up my ear in the wood, I listened to make sure he did the same with his. I ran back to my bed and threw myself on her, crying silently. I could not stop, I was sobbing and sobbing. It had been stupid tonight and I had it hurt my brother again! And probably my mother too, because of the sound of the noises in the room. Suddenly, there was a scratch, a noise banging on my window. I opened my eyes suddenly to see Nicolás outside, looking at me sadly. I got up and ran to my window and opened it and slid it up silently wondering what the hell I was doing here. But the stupid boy just climbed into my room through the window, closing it silently behind him. I held my breath, looking at my door with wide eyes. If my father caught him here he would go crazy, he did not like Nicolas coming and playing in our house, he always said it was very noisy. I shuddered, wondering what my father would do if he had heard the window open and knew he was here. Nicolás did not move; he simply wrapped his arms around me tightly and pulled me against his chest. I tried to push him, but he just held me tighter. I started crying again in his chest; Peter's thoughts being hurt before they flooded my head. Nicolás was tall for his age; I was ten years old, just like Peter. They were best friends, and they had been since we moved four years ago. He had light brown hair, which he usually tipped with too much gel, and green eyes that were like windows to his soul. When Nicolás looked at you it made you feel like you could fly. It was very nice; All my friends were crazy about him for some reason. Nicolás and I, however, did not get along quite well. I leaned back to look at him. For some reason he looked so sad; I had tears in his eyes while he just kept hugging me. Peter and I begged him not to say anything and he never did. He threw me on the bed, rocking me gently, just like Peter always did when I cried. I looked at his chest and realized he was wearing shorts and a Power Rangers shirt. I frowned, a bit confused as to why I would have put that on, it was very cold outside. Then I realized that he was wearing his pajamas. I looked at the clock to see it was almost eight thirty. I've been crying for more than an hour. I just wanted to come and make sure you were okay, "he whispered in his turn, still holding me tightly. I bit my lip, oh God had seen me crying, I have to look so weak for him. The only people I had ever cried to before were my mother and Peter. You have to go. "I whispered, pushing him again, trying to get him out of bed. He just denied with his head. His arms were wrapped around me so tight he could not even twist me. I slid even closer to him, pressing my whole body with his and sobbing into his chest. I can not believe we were asleep, this is so bad. His eyes snapped open and he looked at me, surprised, then looked around my room. He opened it and started to climb outside but I caught his hand causing it to stop. He looked up at me with a confused expression on his face. I really needed that hug the other night, that was probably the nicest thing that Nicholas had ever done for me. I saw him go through the hole in the fence and went back to his own window. He closed it and greeted me, I returned the greeting and then went to get dressed. The thought of Nicolas coming sneaking up here and being in the house without permission, made my stomach hurt. We were very lucky not to be caught. I shuddered to think of what my father would do if he had come here to find Nicolas in the house during the night.

You should not let the reader guess what your position on the subject is, you should establish a clear position. In addition to presenting your position clearly, you must present elements that justify it, be they reasons and examples. C) The conclusion in which you summarize and reaffirm your opinion but using different words. Here you draw a general framework of the subject and clearly establish your opinion with general ideas that support it, these general ideas will be developed in the main body. Here are some phrases used to express opinion. I am afraid that is not true true. I'm afraid that is not quite true I do not share his her your view. In the main body you justify your opinion; your thesis; your position Here are some phrases used to give reasons. Expressions used in Conclusions. Expressions used in conclusions.

I guess many, especially the protagonists, will say that this makes me the least suitable person to tell this story. Once I asked my mother to explain what had happened while I was still on time to have a different opinion of myself. We stayed in the same hotel room. He gave all his children a trip to Europe as a graduation gift. We all touched a part of Europe. After 80 consecutive hours with my mother, I finally had the courage to ask her. He stared at his sudoku book and began his story right where I wanted it: on the last day. I asked specifically about that day to confirm that everything had happened as I believed. I was, no, I'm sure I was two months old. But my mother corrected me one day that she read an essay about my first tattoo where she barely mentioned her divorce. Actually, you were eight months old when your father and I separated. Not two. "I always thought I was two months old, so I tell the story, the story that I often use to justify my way of seeing the world, I used it several times with the same person to lengthen a break after leaving university. I just wanted to remind him that the torment of those last three years was not because I was bad but because I did not know how to react to love, because everyone has never had parents so cold that they are able to divorce when their baby is two months old. Apparently not even mine could.I have not changed the details of the story or my reasons for telling it, I use it to convince myself that my parents never tried to be a happy family. They gave me their love, they did it and they still do it, what I do know is that, did they know that doctors recommend listening to classical music when the baby is still in the womb to stimulate their intelligence? parents separated when I believe, then it means that I managed to listen to screams and cries. The melody of a failed relationship. This makes me think of my childhood. I do not know what my baby life was like, but I'm sure it was not good at all. I imagine that he understood the anger and the complaints before knowing the meaning of the words that shouted. Those emotions stayed with me. I learned to deal with that in my own way. I've been a slob with all the women I've dated. I lie to them and do whatever it takes to fight. It feels good to try to hurt the other person because that is what we are supposed to do. If my parents separated when I believe, then it means that I managed to listen to screams and cries. The melody of a failed relationship. There is another story about the relationship of my parents that I always tell people and that probably is also a lie. It starts with my mother talking on the phone with my father. Angry, if I remember correctly, or maybe not. The fight -discussion, conversation, whatever- was who would lead. The problem was that my mom took us to my father's house on a Friday afternoon leaving school. On Sunday afternoon, after mass, our father took us to our house. The calendar was always the same. The problem was that this time none I wanted to go around in the middle of a snow storm. Well, maybe it was just snowing. Or maybe it was just a blizzard. The point is that it was enough for adults to announce that it was dangerous to leave. There is a shopping plaza where I lived that was very marked. The reason why it stayed so etched is that it is just halfway between the houses of my mother and my father. I remember that they mentioned that square when they were fighting over the phone. Here the story gets good. My sister and I were wearing our winter clothes and had to walk like penguins in the snow to cross the parking lot in the square and get to my father's car. The most important thing was that the transaction was over before driving became too dangerous. The story is not very interesting and sometimes I'm not even sure what happened. But I think so because he gave me one of my only intransigent dogmas. Everyone says that it will not be like that, that it will be different, but the simple possibility is enough to scare me away. I could not do the same to another person. And less my son. My parents fought for everything that had to do with us. It was as if they had read it in a manual for divorced parents. I'm glad that parents can use that kind of phrase. Sometimes it is necessary to have phrases that you know will save you. Only once did I see my parents fight in person. It's good that they separated when he was still a baby. We have all heard that phrase. Okay, they did not, at least not directly. Our mother always said that we did not have to feel guilty for rejecting our father. We probably would have rejected it anyway, but anyway, his opinion helped. All they have to do is try not to be crap. My parents were not. It could have been worse. What I do know is that I only saw my parents fight in person once. It's good that they separated when he was still a baby. I never saw the uproar before the separation, unlike my friends, whose parents divorced when their children went to high school, high school or later. And I appreciate it. Although sometimes not so much. When I was in college, the girl I was dating argued with me about our parents' relationship. His people - who, as far as I know, are still married - fought throughout his childhood. That he ran to lock himself in his room every time he passed. According to my reasoning, if I knew what it felt like to be in the room with my parents hugging and smiling at each other-with the knowledge that the world was fine because they were together-I would be a better man. My two sisters were bigger than me when my parents divorced and today they are very good people. They are the best mothers I've seen. The only time I saw my parents fight was when I was 20 years old. They met after the court handed down my sentence. The sentence was nothing compared to the punishment that was his meeting. We went to a Starbucks that is inside the square that I mentioned before. None had moved since that storm and, again, none were willing to go beyond the square. My dad came with a list of the topics he wanted to discuss: if he was going to be able to spend the next semester in South Africa, if he was going to go back to college and a litany of irrelevant things like where he was going to live. It had only been 15 minutes since we started talking about whether he was going back to school or not and they were already fighting. They stopped talking about me and started arguing about something that had nothing to do with it. I never knew the reason for the fight because I could not decipher his words. I could not believe they were fighting when they were supposed to have come to save me. This is how it will always be, I thought. That summer was the saddest of all my life. And still, at that moment, I felt happy. They did not notice but he was smiling. My parents were behaving as normal parents. With flaws, without being in love at all, but together. Mom and dad. It's what I was trying to explain to my girlfriend but she never understood. Together, in the same room. I have almost never had that privilege. As my sister now has a baby and my other sister has two, my parents have to be together in the same room more often. Although sometimes they have also gone to other important events, such as at birthday parties or preschool graduations. I think they even stood next to each other in front of a slide to catch their grandson. Every one that is in the park or in one of these events greets each other.

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