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About Search: I go to the gym in my neighborhood. With all the people below, normal and current. The gypsies, marujas, macarrunis, chuletillas and other fauna of the populace. How good it would be to leave the vanguard, descend from the heights and bite in the quarries of the vulgar. Do social awareness work here, in the street, in the most crushed neighborhoods, where it is most needed. And channel it before the power does it from above, before it manipulates it and becomes reactionary. If there is still hope, it is in the people below. One is man or woman in a unique and unrepeatable way in each subject. And we get closer to the center of that line or more to the extremes according to our personality. That is why in terms of identity, and from a non-binary point of view, it is said correctly I am "preferably" a woman. I feel that my identity is "preferably" feminine and the expression of it in feminine represents me and I would not like to have to blur it constantly in the language with a neutral "e". In other words, I like the richness and the exploration in the language but when using the neutral one and thus try to finish with the genres in the written language, we subtract richness from the expressiveness, from my point of view. Leave a comment It is very necessary that the awareness and politicization of mental health reaches society. For this it is essential that we make critical mass and the diverse activist contexts echo the struggle for the rights of people with mental health problems. In such an unjust and fragmented society, it is very difficult to be constantly balanced when everything is opposed. The so paternalistic or blaming attitudes that are the most widespread, contribute to perpetuate the vitiated situations. We have to change our thinking about madness and serious mental health problems. We must build a new culture that reflects the depth and complexity of this reality without pathologizing it. Because nobody is safe from suffering a crisis. Because we are in a historical moment of social fracture that leaves many people out and psychiatrizes them instead of giving them support and solutions. Because in crisis situations it is vital to have close support and can not be given if you do not have some basic knowledge. Because it is still scary to approach the subject and this fear is the result of ignorance. Because the suffering is the result of the inequalities and injustices that we are experiencing. Because there are other ways of being and thinking oneself that are more complex than normal or just more samples of human diversity. You have to start talking about these issues. It is vital, it is urgent, it is very important. 1 Comment For many years, and as a result of my unusual psychic experiences and the extreme psychic suffering I suffered at times, I was often seen through broken glass. It was a crystal subtly marred by stigma, devaluation and small but constant discredit. And obviously I felt myself like that, smaller, useless and stupid than most, because I looked at myself and built myself in relation to that context. Right now I still doubt myself and I am crushed by some very common things in most people. Even sometimes in things that I have more curradas. This is the biggest difficulty, stop looking at yourself with that crystal and find people who do not either. That knows to see behind that crystal what there is in fact, or that directly does not use it. And in spite of everything I had relative luck for as it has been my biography of complicated, because it could have been much worse.... For many compas it is much worse. Posted in Short essay on May 3, 2017 by irentxus. Leave a comment I am very impressed with how we become clueless with people who have a hard time. And I do not mean people in the abstract but more dear and close. We have a tendency to escape of your company because generally we do not know how to face the pain, neither the own nor the alien. We tend to avoid it and run away from it, but facing it is something else. That's why we prefer to stay with someone who is having a good run or is very happy and we get stuck with the coleguis who are low, depressed and perhaps more introspective. Although surely they are those who need it most and most appreciate it. The solution: let the sad people be among us and leave in peace the super happy and happy "all the time". Leave a comment Making mistakes is a daily activity. All humans are constantly wrong. In the smallest things and in the biggest ones, making food or choosing a place to live. But we strive hard to show the other side, the commercial, that of "I'm over," everything is great and I'm wrong a few times. That of I am "capable of everything", resolute and competent. I think we have to be very competent to admit that we live in constant incoherence, we make multiple mistakes but that makes us human, vulnerable and dependent on others. Being mentally diverse in a sick world is a double struggle, with you and with the world. It's almost the worst, more than the crises themselves. And not only to resist, but to affirm that we are worth a lot and contribute many other things. We provide solidarity, dedication, conscience and personal work. Living in the margin of normality hurts a lot, crushes the image of each one, excludes and raises constant uncertainties. We have the right to be crazy and to be seen and respected as equals, to take care of ourselves and others. Let others learn from us too. We are not a shame, we are diverse people, with difficult and intense lives. We deserve recognition of the path we have traveled. Recovering in conditions of precariousness, rejection and social incomprehension to this problem is something that for many people becomes a utopia. For myself, sometimes it has been and I have a crisis that I have to overcome with a lot of care, mutual support and personal effort. Posted in Short essay on March 23, 2017 by irentxus. Love as a project, as a desired path and not imposed. Love built in everyday life with lights and shadows, with joys and also efforts. Love without idealisms or chimeras. Wanting to standardize based on a political or aesthetic ideal that we consider authentic is very common, but also painful for the individual. Because ideals and desires are different things. Because desires are not forced or conformed to the right. The desires are free and involuntary. And from them are born the ideals but NOT the other way around. Comply with external regulations and stop listening to what one wants is a plague that I try to escape, because in the erotic everything imposed wherever it comes from, it is false. Whether exclusivity, polyamory, heterosexuality, etc. Knowing what one desires with so much ideological mandate everywhere is very complicated. Once you know it is much easier to be consistent. The "should be" does not work when you talk about desires, eroticism and love. Posted in Short essay, Feminisms in prose and verse on March 23, 2017 by irentxus. Leave a comment With the one that is falling and allow us to play dirty between us. And no, I do not mean the little chiefs of Podemos. I mean those of "below". Everyone with a little critical mind knows what that is. And I refer specifically to the "down" that are organized. I do not understand why we are so warriors to conquer levels of power in the assemblies but so lazy when it comes to defending spaces of freedom, expression and conquest of real rights. Finally, I think we end up introjecting the structural violence of the system into our own bodies and dumping it on others. Unconsciously but very hard. Dissatisfaction is channeled into the already known hierarchical forms, which we reproduce without thinking. It is what we have learned everywhere and it is what comes to us spontaneously. Something we should do because the assemblies and activist groups could be much more powerful spaces, if the discourses on the horizontality were put into practice. If these learned hierarchical forms stopped reproducing and we constructed truly horizontal participation mechanisms. This does not happen spontaneously, you have to make an effort to create it, reflecting individually and in groups. That way we would greatly strengthen each group and or assembly. Furthermore, if the people who were part of that group defended them firmly, they would also be reinforced themselves. The hierarchical dynamics and their symbolic violence deactivate the potential solidarity of peer groups. Because they favor elites, obedience, passivity and dependence. As if being fucked was embarrassing. If we were really able to show our vulnerability in the political sphere and leave aside the bombastic declarations of companionship, productivism and hypocrisy, our lachrymal, our emotions and our body would come into play. For me it is essential to begin to understand the basic policy as mutual support among equals. Sharing unhesitatingly the suffering generated by the conditions in which we live. No activism should be devoid of mutual support and interpersonal care as a radical priority. Taking care of ourselves we become strong from the vulnerability. Then the wound becomes a commons, a shared reference in which we reflect in an authentic and transformative way. To deny the wound is to deny what unites us, the reason why we fight. If we were all happy and happy there would not be many reasons to change anything. To affirm oneself in suffering as a commons is to begin to heal it, always in a collective way, leaving behind the isolation and the shame for the lost, letting ourselves be blamed for our failures. Looking at ourselves in the eyes of our peers and being able to reflect on each other that wound that unites us, we would be much more powerful as collective. Transforming pain into action and reflection from the real of each existence. From the material and daily life of each one of us. Leaving speeches and treaties of good intentions to move to the practice of real mutual support. Perhaps the recognition of this collective pain is the most effective and transformative vaccine we can find at this moment.

Yes No Sorry, an error occurred. The theory also predicts that temperatures will continue to rise in the future if these emissions continue. One of the biggest concerns is what habitat we will leave to our descendants, within 50 years. For this reason, it is he alone responsible for improving the quality of life of people and leaving a better home to our children. Therefore, it is necessary that you make the preservation of nature your daily routine. For example, each time you choose a fluorescent light bulb instead of an incandescent light bulb, you will lower your light count and prevent more than 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the air during the life of the bulb. In the same way, disconnecting your outlets that are not used, will be contributing to reduce environmental pollution. But, not only the citizens of a nation should work to improve the quality of life, but also the companies, which have a lot of responsibility. These organizations should review the screaming to avoid the loss of water, which could also become scarce in a short time; disconnect unused outlets and unplug them. Also, environmental education is a very solid weapon that will help to form citizens more respectful of the place where they live and it will be possible to counteract this great problem. In addition, it is necessary Remember that education can be given at all ages and we all must learn to keep our home. In conclusion, we must be aware of the enormous problem that comes to us if we continue to destroy what little we have. From this manual you will learn what the quality of the photograph depends on and why the number of pixels is not the most important. From this book you will know from the importance to the order in which they learn the theoretical concepts of photography and free time they have, to the medium chosen for teaching and the budget they have and need. Load a file of more than 100 x 100 pixels. We are having some problems, try again. You can only upload photos under 5 MB. You can only upload videos under 600 MB. You can only upload a photo or a video. You can only upload a photo or a video. I need an essay by any author...? 7 answers Any ideas please for an innovative project? 6 answers What school from Mexico do you recommend to study for a flight attendant? 4 answers More questions With high school in a single exam can I continue studying nursing at a university? 4 answers Is it in Japan later or earlier than in Spain? 6 answers What happens if I left without dropping out at the University and it occurs to me to enter the next year? Will I be able to re-enter?

A simple analysis that questions the effectiveness of this sanction. But has this progress been beneficial to take care of our home? It is known that the death penalty has been applied since ancient times in different civilizations. Capital punishment was always used based on two arguments: as a form of punishment for the criminal and, at the same time, as a way of preventing other crimes. One of the reasons why you should rethink the usefulness of this measure is access to the legal system. Each one owns his own health and, therefore, is within his power to decide whether to self-inflict damage or terminate his existence. The position in favor of "assisting the patient" if he wishes to end his life can be summarized in a single idea: freedom. The freedom of the patient to be able to make the decision not to stop their suffering. Those who argue against argue that human life is inviolable and that euthanasia is equivalent to assisted murder. They also affirm that life must be preserved, despite the conditions in which the person's health is found. Enter a valid email Thank you You are already subscribed!

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