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For example: That the listener agrees to repair the tank. That the listener collaborates by donating resources to help the children of the orphanage. That the listener collaborates by donating resources to help the children of the orphanage. The order is determined by the logical formula you use. For example, these are four of the formulas most used by speakers. From problem to solution, from causes to effects, by contrast and by combination of several ordering styles. Formula 4: - Neglected neglected children become wasted human resources. This advance is optional and will depend on the circumstances as well as the time available. With the first words you will achieve the purpose of capturing the attention of your listeners and awakening their interest in the explanation you will present immediately afterwards. An orphan is in a similar emotional situation, because his life is as if he had rolled down the stairs without someone offering them a hand. "This is a combination of question and illustration. Let me say what I think of Mary Miranda. " This is a direct statement. It is your decision and, in any case, an option that you have the right to take. The auditoriums get bored and distracted with more than one greeting. When it is unnecessary, greeting becomes a distraction factor that is not convenient. For example: "I appreciate your assistance. I understand that your time is valuable. Therefore, let's enter fully into the subject that interests us... "Decide if you will use a special treatment is called treatment words or phrases that are customary to use in certain assemblies. In case you want to use a treatment, you are obliged to find out locally what is customary, because what in one area may seem normal or unnecessary, in another may be considered disrespectful. It would be wrong of me to tell you exactly how to say it. The rules of etiquette are more a matter of caprice, imposed on the basis of three basic fears: fear of what they will say, fear of ridicule and fear of failure. That is why the boldest prefer to avoid it and enter fully into the matter without greeting anyone. The latter is what I recommend most. It might even be appropriate in some cases to mention one or two other people in a hierarchical or important order. Mentioning more than two or three will make the beginning boring, reflect incompetence and hurt the susceptibility of those who forget to mention. The treatment is a matter of local customs. In any case, if it is a personal speech, decide it yourself, and if you act as spokesperson or representative of a group, let the group decide. Rehearse each section separately by strictly following the instructions. Day 1: Schedule yourself using your imagination. Set aside 1 hour of the night just to think about your goal and, when going to sleep, spin it in the mind. Until the dream overcomes you, live in advance in your imagination the goal successfully fulfilled. That will program your automatic brain system. Day 2: Rehearse the end of the speech. Set aside 1 hour of the night to repeat the last words as many times as you can, without looking at any paper, and when you go to bed, do it in bed until the dream comes to an end. Day 3: Rehearse the order of ideas of your argument. Set aside 1 hour of the night to order your ideas following one of the formulas mentioned in the fourth step. Summarize them mentally, then write two or three key words that remind you of them. Avoid writing the whole speech. When you go to bed, keep thinking about the order of ideas. Think of the second idea as if it were a bridge that links the first idea to the last. Think of interesting questions that you could ask the public during the exhibition and in some experience or true case that serves to illustrate the point clearly. Dedicate all the time to repeat the order of ideas. Use different words each time. Avoid repeating the same words over and over again. When you go to bed, apply the same technique of spinning in your mind until the dream overcomes you. Day 4: Rehearse the beginning of the speech. Put aside 1 hour of the night to repeat all the speech from the beginning to the end as many times as possible, without looking at any paper. Better if you can do it standing in a dark room. All your interconnected physical and mental resources are prepared as an army for an emergency, in case an extraordinary reaction is required. Your ideas travel at lightning speed through thousands of wires in the brain. Your intestines, shoulders, neck and vocal cords are hit by tension, and your heart speeds up its beats sending more blood and oxygen to the muscles. Your mind becomes like a locomotive that runs at full speed, thinking about the risks and the options you have. In other words, when you are under stress your biochemical machine can function at its full potential. That is why it is so important that you put yourself in positive instead of occupying the unidirectional channel of your mind with negative thoughts. Logically, in no way am I recommending you to put yourself in tension. If you do it the other way around, you will fill several baskets of papers and you will continue to be stuck in the first paragraphs. The step-by-step testing regime that I suggest is designed to be able to speak without paper. What I practice is what I teach. I have never taught a theory that is inapplicable. Unless some rule or some health problem requires it, it is better to talk without reading. The idea will remain intact even if you add or remove some things. If you forget any portion, it is likely that no one will notice. Your expressions will transmit naturalness. Write it personally I have never prepared the speech to anyone, nor do I intend to do so in the future. I can offer some ideas to those who have an emergency, just as a rescuer would help someone who is in danger, although I always encourage the person to make additions and amendments to make them theirs. I am convinced that it is better for each person to speak with their own mouth, with their own qualities and inaccuracies. I have always preferred to help my students improve their presentation based on an idea they themselves have thought of. If a parent does their child's homework, how does it help? Some expose their speech aloud and record them, to deliver the material to someone who converts it into a typewritten text. Naturalness Although no one would deny that language and grammar are important, it is more important to be a genuine person, with all its flaws. Speaking with simple words will never get you in trouble. If you send the speech to your secretary, because you think it will sound better, you could lose the naturalness you need to win the audience's respect and persuade him. Because those who know you, those who know how you speak in truth, will realize that they are the words of another person. That's why I say that it is always better that your words sound sincere despite your shortcomings. Develop your sketch Whether it is to write your speech personally or record it out loud for someone to type it for you, have the outline of ideas handy and develop it word by word. Here I show you an equivalence chart that will give you an idea: To expose in public, either speaking extemporaneously from a sketch or reading all the speech out loud, I suggest using short paragraphs. Large, unnumbered paragraphs are harder to visualize. The boxes help the eyes visualize a key portion more quickly. Language Almost every language has rules. On the other hand, there are rules that can be flexible. For example, poets take what is known as 'poetic license' to violate some rules and emphasize certain expression. In fact, we all violate to a greater or lesser extent the rules of the language at every moment when we speak or write. One day I caught a doctor in Language and Literature, screwing up. So, in no way do you think that you have to take a language and literature course in order to give a speech. Freedom of expression is granted to every human being, regardless of their knowledge of the rules of the grammar of the language they speak. I never studied grammar nor took writing classes or 'vocal imposition' to say or write what I think and feel. Those who are obliged to follow the grammatical norms are those who say they dominate them. Keep in mind that freedom of expression is in no way reserved for those who have studied grammar. As you type, you can press the F7 key, and the team will offer you correction suggestions. Use these data as general guidelines. The program will offer you several alternatives. In addition, the toolbar at the top of the screen can help you much more. Just click and start experiencing the pleasure of writing your own speeches. Proofreaders In any case, if in spite of everything you want or need your words to look almost perfect on paper, there are professional proofreaders. Oratorianet in no way receives absolutely any commission for passing on this information. The team will translate and save it automatically and immediately in that language.

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