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On this site you can find material to work on reading and understanding various texts, with the aim of exercising and get to get efficient readers. I will also include simce essays, and book reading comprehensions, including some for third and fourth, as well. Here are some suggestions, obtained after my many years of teaching. To achieve this, it is necessary that, at the beginning of each day, at least thirty minutes of exercise be allocated. If the group of children has a very heterogeneous reading level, it is advisable to start with very simple texts, composed of short and simple sentences. Before the use of each text, columns of words that you will find later in it are read. When the reading of these words is already agile, we continue with the full text. 2) Listen to model reading by the teacher, noting the pauses of the commas and points. 3) Read aloud each sentence, several times, until you get a good group reading. 4) Read all the text respecting the punctuation and intonation. 6) Finally, in a sketchbook, each child performs the illustration of some of the sentences in the text, placing a title. 7) While they draw, you can ask the children, what would be the appropriate title for the whole text. For this, oral questions will be used and, each time, the children will make the illustration of it. At this stage and as they draw, it is advisable to teach the children to listen carefully to the individual and loud reading of each child, in order to recognize which aspects of it each student should improve. Prior to this, the professor will do it, in such a way that the criticism is constructive. These points will be written on paper, to be placed in a visible place for everyone. Also, it is taught to congratulate and recognize the achievements of each one, saying that it could improve this or that aspect. Next, I give two models of initial reading types, for heterogeneous groups, that include the previous list of words. Each child must have a corresponding reading booklet. In another file of this site, you will find sixty short texts suitable for daily readings. Mimi puts Memo's monkey on the bed. Memo looks at his monkey, touches him and pampers him. Moni, Mimi's mother, gives peanuts to the monkey. The monkey eats and moves his hand to ask for more. Memo approaches and picks up the peanut shells.

These English teachers teach from "private classes" of English in their homes to professional English classes for companies. If you want one or more teachers, you will find them here. If you leave a message by phone, please speak slowly and repeat the contact information. I am a private English teacher in Madrid Centro. I only teach classes in my studio located next to the Bilbao subway. For more information write to my email. I will answer all the questions. Classes at home Classes at the teacher's home. I offer English classes in companies or for individuals at all levels. I also teach classes on Skype. Between € 30 and € 34 per hour with the possibility of discount. I started teaching English in '78 while I was preparing the higher degree in pedagogy. Since then I have continuously taught a wide variety of students. I use the best of all methodologies as needed to get the best results. The communicative method is my favorite. With so much experience I have a lot of ability to facilitate any need such as fluency or to improve any problem with English. Feb. 8: English teacher available on Tuesdays from 16.30. 660 568 181. [email protected] Classes in companies. Dorothy Hill English teacher. We will take advantage of a wide range of materials through an entertaining and modern method. Ideal if you need English for the working world, to feel comfortable traveling abroad or simply for the pleasure to communicate in another language. The classes could take place in your same company, in my house or, depending on your area, in yours. I also do translations and linguistic corrections of texts. Susan Zahradnik Professor of French English. Hi, my name is Susan, I am Canadian and I am an English and French teacher. I also move to companies and their home as well. I have been working as an English and French teacher for over 6 years. I have worked in several countries and in different situations that helped me develop as a versatile and adaptable teacher. I started working as a translator, but I went back to school and studied again because in my heart I felt that I needed to be a teacher. I love being a teacher, and I love languages. I am genuine, I give everything I have in each class, and you could feel comfortable and calm learning a new language with me. More than 6 years working in schools, language schools, universities, and giving private classes. I have experience working with adults as well as children from two years old and up. I try to adapt to the needs of each student so that the class is interesting, enjoyable and that no one feels embarrassed. [email protected] 673 105 657. Neal Fagan English 20 euros an hour for English. I teach English classes at home or at my house located in the center of Madrid or in the city of Getafe where I work. In addition, there is no better way to listen to the pronunciation of the language. In addition to a telephone number, an email address will be available at any time to consult questions and send essays. In this way, the teaching time will be used more. I offer: - Preparation for official exams in Cambridge. One of the most common problems faced by this type of exam is not knowing exactly what is needed to pass the exam. My main objective is for the student to know exactly what contents he needs to know for the exam and what is expected of him. Currently I work as a teacher in a language school located in Getafe and, also, as a private teacher. 680 689 592. [email protected] Online classes. Classes at the teacher's home. I prepare classes to the taste and motivation of the student on varied subjects. I try to be the teacher-orchestra. € 20 hour face-to-face classes. Discounts for hours in a row, intensive and group classes and Skype classes. I have more than seven years of experience teaching English in Spain. I have worked with private classes as well as in high schools and colleges. My goal is that you finally let go with English. I have a broad schedule from Monday to Friday. Consult for specific hours. 674 616 974. [email protected] Online classes. Classes at the teacher's home. Classes at home Legend: Classes at home. Classes at the teacher's home. Currently available for online Skype classes. I also work part time at the British Council. I have all the necessary materials. Classes by Skype and telephone too. 26 euros an hour at my home and 32-35 euros an hour at home. I think it is important to improve fluency and pronunciation without forgetting to expand vocabulary and improve grammar. This way my students improve their confidence when speaking English. 669 789 194. [email protected] Classes in companies. Daniel Richardson Professor of English. Starting at € 20 per hour at my home in Lavapiés. Native English teacher with 5 years of experience teaching in Madrid. I also have experience teaching children of various ages. I have taught English by phone and also online. Experience also with residential immersion courses in English. I use in communicative style and try to make the classes fun. Class time: minimum 1 hour and a half Native English teacher with a degree in English and Spanish philology. Extensive experience of 25 years in teaching individual one-to-one and small group classes in large and small companies in Madrid. My method is essentially based on adapting as effectively as possible to the needs and mode of perception of each student and especially to expand and apply their grammatical knowledge to practical use both orally and in writing. I teach classes only in the downtown area of ​​Madrid. Individual classes € 25, in small groups € 17, in companies € 35.35. I'm Katherine, from London, and I'm a certified English teacher. The classes are totally adapted to your objectives, whether you are a student, a professional or you want to learn English as a hobby. I use a system that guarantees total immersion in English and will make you speak from the first moment. € 18 - € 30 per hour depending on the type of class. I am an English teacher in Madrid Centro. I have experience teaching all ages and levels, and I teach general English, exam preparation and business English. I have more than five years of experience teaching private English, and I have taught in English academies since June. I teach classes at all levels, individuals, children, groups and companies. 677 687 715, for WhatsApp, +447724585349. [email protected] Martin Horrocks English for business and for special purposes. Trainer in business communication and English language. I am a very flexible teacher and trainer, with extensive professional experience. I work closely with my clients to achieve results within tight schedules. My goal will be to reinforce their communicative competence as well as their safety in a stimulating environment that suits their needs, while improving grammatical accuracy and expanding vocabulary. I have a diploma in teaching English as a foreign language, I have practical experience in business management and marketing in an international context as well as experience as a Cambridge examiner. English teacher of London with 12 years of experience teaches English in companies and individuals and also in floor. I also have more than 14 years of professional experience in marketing, advertising, magazines and design agencies as head of production and project manager. 25 Euros the hour classes, 12 euros - 30 minutes Skype. I have worked with children as well as adults. Do not hesitate to ask me if I can help you in something else. I offer dynamic classes where the student learns through speaking and practicing new grammar or vocabulary. I help my students level up. I adapt the classes to the needs of my students. I evaluate levels and needs to be able to create each class. I give classes at my home, metro Av. I would not mind moving in the morning to a company or office in the center of Madrid. [email protected] Paul Kelly English teacher. Online Skype classes: - 1 student - 20 euros per class. I teach classes in companies, both commercial English and general English. Paul has several activities for students on his personal page in English classes. I teach classes to companies, individuals and also in my own home. The "method and materials" depends on the needs and desires of each group student. Normally my students have something of a learned base and they want to achieve or improve their fluency and confidence by talking about what is always missing. It may be because they need help with interviews, presentations, video conferences, etc. I have a lot of patience to explain and correct and I know that sometimes I will sound like a broken record with my corrections. I have more than 20 years of experience and I am also an examiner for the Cambridge oral exams. My students say that my classes are very dynamic and interesting. More information: Private Teacher. 606 450 499. [email protected] Classes in companies. Classes at the teacher's home. Martin Bounds Native English teacher. I offer private lessons in the following topics: General English. Preparation for interviews and resumes. I've been in Madrid for two years, working in an academy while I give private lessons. I focus on dynamic classes, using a variety of visual and stimulating materials. With my academic background and 5 years of experience working in engineering, I mix an open and friendly environment with professionalism and good organization. I specialize in business English, exam preparation, entering the labor market and conversation classes to improve fluency and pronunciation. All my students have access to their own personalized online folder, which contains materials and history of the classes. From 30 euros an hour, depending on what kind of class it is and where it would be given. I am innovative and creative and I incorporate day by day entertaining pedagogical tools in class. I am available to help you, whatever your goals may be. 634 928 629 [email protected] Classes in companies. Classes at the teacher's home. I have taught German to students of all ages and at all levels in language academies and companies. If you do not find a native teacher in your locality or at the time when you want to give classes, I could serve you with German classes through Skype. I teach the classes via video conferences with didactic materials and a method that adapts to your needs. Contact me by mail or via Skype to tell me in detail how I can help you. [email protected] Michelle Doherty General and business English. € 25 private lessons, classes in cheaper groups. This is why I can help you make presentations, interviews, negotiations, treatment and communication with the client in English with ease and effectiveness. I also offer general English classes to children, teenagers and adults. My classes are dynamic and entertaining conversation but very well structured and always adapted to your needs, objectives, level, schedule and location. Highly qualified bilingual teacher, with several years of extensive experience in different academies and companies, teaches in Madrid Centro. Classes for all levels, Preparation for official exams, Business English. Use of updated materials methodology according to the needs and interests of the students so that the classes are interesting and productive. I am a committed, dynamic and flexible teacher. I adapt to each student so that learning is as efficient and fun as possible, because I believe that the best results can be achieved by combining effort and motivation. 25 - 35 euros per hour in companies. Other areas considered by blocks of 2 hours or more. British teacher, titled, bilingual. Highly qualified and motivated, with a successful record with business students, general English and private students. I offer: · Courses in companies that prepare clients to develop their professional activities in English effectively and safely. Before each class the student receives material by mail and then receives a sheet of corrections. The first class is test and free. Companies: € 30 per hour in the center. € 25 per hour for individuals in the downtown area. I am an English teacher and I teach to adults, in companies and particularly. The available time is preferably from 12.00 in the morning to 22.00 at night. I have my own vehicle and I can move out of the center of Madrid to give at least three hours of classes, two days a week. In Madrid center, an hour and a half. Being autonomous from the labor point of view I can issue an invoice for the hours given. Christopher Wright Professor of Business English and General English. 25-27 euros per hour - individuals. 30 - 35 euros per hour - companies. I am an English teacher with 9 years of experience. I offer classes and intensive courses in companies and individuals. I also have experience in preparing interviews and presentations. I use a dynamic method with a focus on practice and a wide variety of material. Send me an e-mail indicating your needs and preferred hours. 695 513 466. [email protected] Classes in companies. Classes at home Classes at the teacher's home. David Overton English teacher with a lot of experience. Bachelor in Spanish Philology. Experience in teaching English for more than 20 years. I teach classes at all levels, individuals and companies. 91 287 7646. [email protected] Classes in companies. I offer classes in companies, individuals, intensive, preparation for interviews and interpretation. Also, I teach English classes for children through art. See information for class rates for children. Minimum of 30 euros per hour for other classes. These courses are a way to support language learning by immersing children in English while enjoying and learning concepts and art techniques. These courses are aimed at children aged 7-12 who have a special interest in art and improve their English. The courses have been designed primarily for children of bilingual schools or children with English skills and who already have an intermediate or higher level of communication. Skype individual sessions: € 15.00 30 min. Group sessions: € 295.00 quarter. Specialized online courses: from € 95.00 quarter. Being a British native and daughter of teachers, English training focused on Spanish speakers has been part of my life from a very early age. More than 5 years ago I decided to devote myself full-time to helping Spaniards improve their English and in these years I have worked with a wide variety of clients. Apart from general English for adults and teenagers and the preparation of official exams, my business academic training has also allowed me to specialize in teaching English for business. Located in Getafe, my classes are characterized by their dynamism, the variety of contents and their adaptability to the specific needs of each client. When working in a variety of modalities my main objective is to motivate the student to practice their English beyond the traditional school schedule in order to progress more quickly. Face to work with companies, I also offer training management services, facilitating that the client benefits from the bonuses of the Tripartite Foundation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I hope I can help you achieve your specific objectives with English. 620 892 576. [email protected] Paul Steeples Classes at the teacher's home. I adapt the classes and materials according to the needs and interests of my students. I use videos, articles, exercises, roleplay and any other activity or subject that helps the evolution of my student. Between € 25 and € 35 depends what type of class and if it is private or business. I am a native of England and I teach to adults or young people from 15 to 16 years old. I have as clients several important companies known by Madrid and also private students. I teach business English, general, conversation or to develop specific skills. I am also a life coach & business coach and I design and manage online courses. Only teach classes to students over 16 years with some prior knowledge of English. I am an American with a degree in Romance languages ​​and post-graduate studies in teaching English, bilingual and with residence work permit. I have been teaching English in Spain for more than 25 years in companies, schools, universities, language centers and individuals. To date, the pass rate among all these students has been one hundred percent. I also work with teachers who need to take the test of English skills to practice in bilingual schools. In the same way, I am very capable to help those people who need to improve the skill in oral and written expression to both Conversation level as an academic and business level. 30-35 euros per hour in companies depends on the area. I am a native teacher with more than 10 years of experience and a degree in communications. I teach business English classes for adults in companies. 638 184 561. [email protected] It has its own car. Dan Rebon English, English for business. Discount for longer classes or more than one hour a week. I have more than 10 years of experience teaching English in companies and private students, during my time in Madrid, I have helped directors in multinational companies achieve their linguistic objectives. Discounts for intensive courses. North American English teacher with 9 years of experience. In addition, I teach math classes) and science in English. I work with children, teenagers and adults. I am also an official examiner of the Cambridge exams. I have a certificate in the teaching of English as a foreign language. Bachelor of Chemical Sciences. 610 667 511. [email protected] Zac Tobias English classes. American teacher with 5 years of experience teaches English at all levels. Proficiency in Spanish, French and Chinese. Discounts for groups and intensive courses. I adapt the classes to the needs of the student fulfilling 5 objectives. Call me and I will explain in more detail the dynamics of my classes. 629 749 723 [email protected] Matthew Slavnik English classes. I design my classes to the needs and tastes of each student in a dynamic and effective way. Also available for classes by Skype and by phone. Long experience teaching classes in companies, colleges, universities, and individuals. Successfully prepares people who want to take the official exams in English, language habilitation for teachers or who want to take part in interviews. Dynamic methodology and oriented to achieve the desired objectives. Emma Ferguson - English teacher with extensive experience teaching English in companies and individuals from different sectors. Jo Steel - Freelance English teacher teaches online classes. Verónica Curlette - Licensed English teacher, with a degree in English literature, pedagogy and linguistics. Jorge Rodriguez - Titled bilingual English teacher with more than ten years of experience in andragogic education teaches adults and companies. Joel Salgado - Native English teacher teaches conversation classes at home. Heather Krusen - Native American English teacher teaches at home to children and adults. Nonso Ejimofor - bilingual English teacher with more than 5 years of experience, she teaches in companies and academies. Cyril Auzero - Professor with 17 years of experience as a French teacher, he teaches French to companies and individuals. Thomas Lewis - Experienced teacher teaches general English and business English classes in businesses and academies and individuals. Tony Silvero - bilingual English teacher. Kevin George - English teacher teaches private classes in the center and the outskirts. Monica Migliarotti - Conversation classes with certified teacher and with extensive experience with a dynamic and entertaining method that will make you speak in English from the first moment. I moved to Madrid in 2016 and I offer conversation English classes. I have more than 7 years teaching classes to students of all ages and levels. Chris Davis - Bilingual North American professor with experience for companies and individuals. Email info to [email protected] Classes at the teacher's home.

We must work in the perspective of generating a new critical awareness of species. It is necessary to establish a clear criterion that allows us to discern what type of event constitutes a singularity for the evolution of our species and which does not. The logos are neglected because they are productive. Knowledge societies must assume that they will always face the issue of not-know unknown. Example: lack of sufficient scientific evidence before the total consequences of climate change. There is a growing pluralization and dispersion of knowledge and this makes it contestable. With this preamble I contribute my own opinion: Nothing is the panacea, the human being has the capacity to take advantage of his resources and talent so that as a species, he transmits the knowledge he requires for his survival and growth. At this moment the use of networks is an explosion, in the not too distant future it will create other means of learning. Do not confuse the means with the purpose. In education issues there are no recipes, nor a single medium or educational strategy will cover all facets of a learning process. With the typical face-to-face class a direct dialogue and a dynamic exchange of experiences between teacher and student, student teacher, with the advantage of physical and emotional closeness is achieved. Through the networks I believe that another kind of emotionality is presented, and other talents are taken advantage of. it can not even be glimpsed because the technological advances that are taking place will surely replace or complement the use of the networks in the future. In what I agree with the published essays, is that there is a danger that knowledge will be trivialized. Sharing knowledge exponentially does not necessarily ensure that it is the correct knowledge, other times it will be. I like nature and art. In this new dynamic it seems to me that it will be very important not to let being trivialize knowledge. I imagine in this environment access to opposing points of view on the subject. Modeling different ways of inhabiting the network and learning in it, through exercises that expand their horizons to continue learning beyond the course. Encourage connections with recognized experts in the field with whom they can dialogue and collaborate to build knowledge. Hehe ☺ They are just loose ideas that we could talk about. Reply anacg73 June 18, 2014 at 3:45 am Well yes, it's definitely a challenge. The other day I read a phrase on Facebook where a student challenged a teacher: "Show me something that is not in google". Reply norapatylc June 18, 2014 at 11:47 pm It was to answer that appreciable student: the experiences lived.... that only to live them teaches you what does not teach you with the same reality any publication, however excellent it may be. And yes Ana, surely new things will come later. Greetings partner of this path. The society of Ignorance. The second contemporary age. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Top% d bloggers like this:

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