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The expectations we have about something will not always be the same as reality, many times we will be disappointed, but when they are better than we had thought, they simply surprise us. The experiences that I have been accumulating in my first semester have been innumerable, since they have all left memories that will not be easy to erase. Making friendships in the University is usually a little complicated, but I'm glad to have found partners who can give me the support necessary to get ahead when I need it and I will do the same for them.

skip to main | skip to sidebar This is a humble opinion that I wish to express in this brief essay. But without doubt, the most popular connotation or that first comes to mind, is that of economic poverty. In this sense, we usually refer to the impossibility of a person, group or society, to solve their minimum needs. Poverty, seen in the capitalist personal economy, occurs when not having a good pay job or simply not having it, does not get money and so can not spend it on what is necessary for a good life or survival. The lack of opportunities offered by a country for the development of a person, are essential to get out of poverty. When comparing different countries of the world, the difference of poverty of these is remarkable. When the country is in a state of poverty, it is called underdeveloped, which means that they have not managed to develop their economies to offer society opportunities to live. In its counterpart are the developed economies, which in addition to providing good opportunities in most cases, have extra economic reserves and large investments. The explanation of the reason why the country is poor, is very varied. One reason is the lack of natural resources, in the absence of resources such as fertile land or land with some valuable material, which means that obviously there is no work or what is necessary to sustain a population. It is like the case of some African desert countries, since they do not even have water for consumption and avoids the chances of survival. But although the former is the usual reason, there are many countries that have a good amount of resources, but that have other equally serious problems. Like corruption, which directs people's resources to private individuals, ending up even more with the possibilities of getting out of poverty. Poverty has another problem and it is the fact that it is a kind of cycle. To get out of poverty, the person can make good decisions that make him prosper, for this a good education is needed. But since basic needs can not be solved, it is impossible to learn. So it ends up destined to be poor, and spread that poverty to the children you have.

In a world of whites, black is the perfect target. Racism is a physical or psychological aggression. Racism is a form of discrimination maybe because of its skin color, hair color, origin, etc. Racism is something that has been going on for many years because white people always had the power and took them to the people of rasa orcura as slaves keeping them tied, beaten and humiliated. Racism can be defined as a method of racial, social and cultural discrimination that consists in disparaging differences between people. Many criticize the one who is different, I am different, I fight against racism. To culcluir, racism should not be used anywhere, or any person as it can affect a lot in the psychological of the affected person. In a world of whites, black is the perfect target. Racism is a physical or psychological aggression. Racism View more presentations or Upload your own.

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