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I could not imagine what could happen, "said Fernando," being able to be in vows very close to what he has done, I did not expect it ", were the words of Bobby. Bianca Marroquín was not present for professional reasons. The one who could not resist taking the role of judge, was the fashionista Rodner Figueroa who showed us his sandunga in the seventh gala. Pol accompanied the queen in this piece that reminded us of Beauty and the Beast. His turn on the track was with the theme of Priscilla "Báilalo". Horacio stood up to applaud him, then the other judges, a fact that had never happened in the three seasons of the show. This presentation caused fire on the track. Thank you, thank you, "said the Texan, and Poty invited Fernando to have a coffee and talk about the friendship they have achieved in the past few weeks, Fernando danced a Mexican regional Horóscopos de Durango rhythm advertising Alicia, Henry and Fernando spoke They showed their evolution on the court and the judges gave their opinion.. The Relentless agreed on the talent of Henry and his charisma The Dominican seduced us with a bachata Then it was Alicia's turn to dance a salsa and her friend Sherlyn was supporting her, Los Angeles road congestion costs the economy almost 20 billion dollars, travels at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour at a height of 249 miles on the planet earth., the three basic options available to the more than 49,000 students to increase their chances of survival, authorities arrested a student in Whittier on Wednesday, who owned an arsenal of weapons and asked the parents to have more control.

And when it seemed like he was going to remain silent, Pampita took the microphone and handed an old invoice to Yanina. I just hope that this situation in life will change your heart and that the next time you talk about a woman you will identify yourself from another place. "Whenever I speak, I do it with respect and I say what I think because frontality is what Carlitos danced everything and Yanina very well in the tricks, impressive tricks, in the dance you lacked a bit, so Rafaela in half. "Pampita:" It did not convince me, the ups and downs of the tricks caused me a bit of fear, we have to control our arms and walk a bit, and I'm not going to do it here, although I liked the show. " Marcelo Polino: "The flamengo was crazy. Who chose the themes, dear, check the lyrics. " One of the most talented couples of Dancing became the second finalist of the contest What a definition!

Characteristics The Mexican wolf is a subspecies genetically different to the wolf present in North America. It is also one of the smallest subspecies, reaching a length not exceeding 135 cm and a maximum height of approximately 80 cm. These efforts paid off, and by the 1950s the Mexican wolf had been eliminated in the wild. In 1976 it was declared a threatened species, and it has remained that way ever since. It is classified by the Union as "Extinct in the wild". Which means that there is no specimen living wildly and hardly domesticated or in the zoo. In the early 1990s some authors considered that there were only 10 wolves left but it was not confirmed. The few individuals who managed to survive these excessive controls were those who lived in the most distant places and inaccessible and unproductive areas for livestock. Nowadays it is a species considered in danger of extinction and protected by laws.

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