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It will be that we live in the winter of our discontent and we do not settle for anything. The fact is that it is already: read and seen for sentence. Once the reading is over I confess that the whole issue of rewriting and editing and mutilation has little and no importance. Interest zero beyond the anecdote because in the end, regardless of who has been rewritten, edited or mutilated, the result has been so disappointing that it costs me nothing to understand that all those who one day were called "nocilleros" today want to be " mutants. " To be different, yes, disconnected from according to what works whenever the work is something like this. I understand -I'm not as beast as I seem- that there is someone who sees in this thing a reference of post-poetry or post-poetry itself. It will be that I do not have a heart and poetry because I do not, but the fact is that neither adulterated, like this one, just interested me. It will also be that I lack theoretical apparatus. That this works, is sold and makes the writer a generational myth is a perfect example of what I just do not like in this scenario so falsely literary. Monumental novel, yes; monumentally insufferable. I am not sure that this is exactly the case, but experience has shown me that the great ideas that others had before are always being carried out on the web, and that two weeks later I think of them as if a late genius treat yourself. The nocillas has deflated himself. His blog is commented by two or three geeks who think they are closing in on a star. Now, the ego of the menda has freaked me out. It must have fallen in a basin of ribeiro there in Gaul. The guy thinks he's a reincarnation of Ballard, apparently. As for Loriga, give her a cubatilla and she tells you how the Ulyses wrote in 1922. The question is very simple: seeing the mental acceleration and the egomaniac ecstasy of the noble artist,... what exactly is it that pal pal body? I think it's lexatin 2.0, combined with lorazepam 2.2 for windows. Mentar the name of Borges to sell salami from the cheap. The excuse is the same for Borges remakes that to preface and reprint the stories of Chekhov. Go three attempts that do not pass on page twenty and Ray Loriga stopped reading it in his second novel. Anyone remembers, this was in the Jurassic. To quote Anagrama also hurts, especially since it is dedicated to publish every thirty-year-old South American author with ínfulas. Looking for another Bolaño phenomenon, friend Herralde? I still try to discover why a novel like Ungar's was erected as the first and took the cat to the water. I suppose that now with the change of direction what they will look for will be an Eco more than a Bolaño. I think they're not going to take it out or pocket it. Well, if it is to collect aid for cooperation, yes. Sicarii who steal hippos, etc. But I think the staff is for other things, because the Latin American author of Proustian style, that is out of the bucket. By the way, go peazo marketing department that will be spent in Alfaguara Santillana. You are very unfair to this poor man. Of course, you have to look for the pretensions to which I refer in the text and not in what surrounds you. The work is not a new paradigm, but if we forget the gossip, the work works in itself, without becoming anything otherworldly. Controversial debate served, hehehe. Feel with me, I have a silly afternoon and I do not feel like taking a book because my head hurts. Even with some recommendation of What to read I have gone further. Agree also on the Anagram. By the way, that of Portnoy's lament is today in agreement with you. Now he will be waiting for you to run to suck a little culín. And that I've always thought that your blog is called like that to pitorrearte him. If not, I'll love you a little less, obviously. When I was 20 years old, a friend was just calling me a black cock, you know why. And, of course, the day arrived in I took a lady to the garden who was not so bad. He's still breaking his ass, you bitch. In the case at hand, we would be the HPs. Reply Anonymous | July 12, 2011 at 6:19 pm I think the favorable review itself has dismantled the chiringuito without wanting to. In postmodernity, discourse may become fragmented, but that does not mean that it ceases to be narrative, there is narration in any concatenation of events. Also, I do not think it is, far from it, a postmodern achievement. Both cases seem a problem to me. His literary proposal had bought almost all the numbers in the draw to go unnoticed by critics and readers. It was published by a micro-publisher that had just started its journey, Candaya. Surely many of these authors, within a few years, will have disappeared. Let's get baroque: they will be "smoke", they will be nothing. It will happen with them as has happened with previous writers. They stayed on the road, but they were essential to build the road. Let's support the new names: let's support literature. I wanted to get involved with Aviles and it came out that way. As for your criticism of your book, it is exactly what I would expect from a book of yours based on what counts in your Lamento, never better said. Just take the opportunity to greet as an excuse to draw attention to that review. Regarding the others: I think we are all more or less agree, never to buy a book from this man again. Personally, I think that the problem of ND is not iliation, nor narration, nor postmodernity, that nobody questions him too much. The problem with ND is that it is a pain. Some newspapers, possibly sensationalists, say that it is possible that he has an affair with Slavoj Zizek. Of course, that was at the beginning of the phenomenon. If you are looking for interviews of the time, you will see that rarely speaks of having written, not even written ND. And he brags about that: having transcribed each and every one of the stories of the TV channels in zapping mode, while he was sick in Thailand or there. What I say, I could have done it from Monforte de Lemos like that. But hey, that goes inside the current gumpismo forrent. It is not the same to fart in the toilet of the office, than in the toilet of a high-speed train. People love to think that a cyclist wins the Tourmalet with great effort. AFM raises this other: hear, take a bike on a curve, ten meters from the goal and raise your arms for the photo. Very simple: say I am an author. He has no text, because he has no subject. A produced a massive identifying effect with nothing involved in anything. Nowadays they can sell you nothing and look like smoke. I already have an anecdote for the future. Excuse the question, but... have you read Nocilla Dream? In this book, there are transcribed passages and written passages. I find the idea of ​​writing a text where authorship does not reside only in the subject who writes very interesting. This is another thing that I would like to discuss. I think these things are best taken with the lightness of a joke and laugh. Maybe that's why I read your criticisms. What's more, I confess it: it irritates me. I consider it a digital ticket. The debate about the death of the author, already raised by Foucault in the 60s or so, an author who asked himself quite honest questions. To your question: yes, I have looked up to where I could get the ND. Do not worry, I read pretty fast, I have that gift. But since I am more rocker than poper, being a lover of the indis, I opted to run away. And honest. I advance my proposal of literary text: reading syncopated whispered to the ears of a good aunt of a rhythmic phrasing in the bar of a bar. If the aunt starts playing with the iphone, it's that you're bored. Have you noticed how many good aunts love beatniks? I just saw it and I authorized it. Blogger should warn of these things. I apologize for I have not noticed before. And do not be shameful to me that surely Avilés arrived worse, later and much more expensive. Zizek is, definitely. He is the most mediatic philosopher of today after Mario Conde. I understand that he has all the hipsters running after him like little lambs. I have a couple of his books to read but I must confess that I never want to. I'm going to take a deep breath and reassure myself. The effort is a swampy terrain. I will not be the one to question the black box on a white background but I have defended it innumerable times where it has been necessary. Not being an expert in painting, I do not know if the black box on a white background has been plagiarized by a New Zealand urban artist, for example. But yes, this subject is very delicate and the comparisons will never be fair. The reference to Pynchon is not free. Always always before giving the button called "Post a comment" it is convenient to select everything and copy. Experience is the mother of science. With Pynchon I have sweated the fat drop. I remember my ingenuity when I got my hands on "The Rainbow of Gravity" as I start with Pynchon. I was incapable, and there the book continues to wait for me, I did not even know if I have enough talent to read it. That is to say, when I say that it seems to me that it fulfills its modest pretensions, I mean that the book aims low and gets it right. Both cases are books with modest, humble pretensions that, at least, achieve their purpose. I'm going to launch another advertising slogan: "you have to fuck a little more". In fact, it is the mother of all the slogans. It was much easier to climb the Tourmalet on mountain-bike the following summer. Understand now that you maintain my anonymity. Just to tell you that, in total, there were five people involved in the review. From your last comment, I do not know what to comment. You could say that you have left me without arguments, because I do not know what argument to make against such nonsense. I guess staying anonymous on the net is always good for screaming. At this point I retire, because I no longer imagine how far his lack of education and his folly can go. I am a kind of NA - anonymous black. Undoubtedly, mixing themes shows a lack of taste and savoir faire on my part. Oscar Wilde himself would have been scandalized. Next time I will try to talk only about the first. Or Zambra's last book, go. For me, you, with your blgo address and photo ID, are still anonymous. The only possibility of maintaining a minimum debate. A minimum distance is required... Gazpacho and health! You have touched one of the topics that I am passionate about. The mega-philosopher Zizej and the Argentine pibón that he has as his wife. I have long swallowed the documentary about his life and his adventures. I recognize that I notice it, often, passed beta-blockers. His euphoric speech announces the rebellion of post-capitalist zombies. The truth is that they take it to New York, and it collapses the auditoriums. Did you know that in his good times Charles Laughton toured the Yankee mid-west filling Baptist churches, at the price of a ticket? Regardless of the final result, the reading of this booklet has been worth it just for these three afternoons that have made me pass. The anecdote of Laughton is understandable. Heavens Laughton... I'm going to get scared in this mess too. That collection in Paidós, cojonuda. I'm going to have to write a letter to his mother again. Did not have enough with the first? I would pass the link but the YouTube version is not subtitled, so it does not work for you. It has happened to me like Mr. Fear. With how funny I had been. He had even joked with the probably late sexual awakening of those involved. Obviously, by then I did not have much desire to remind myself that I deflowered at 20 and damn coincidence. And that. I already know who Zizek is without having seen the Youtube video yet. There is no such thing: neither so good nor so bad. Neither an outstanding work nor dishonest. You can read the book with some tranquility without paying attention to the -as almost always- absurd editorial publicity. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Receive new posts via email. Search 2016: News, promises and other lies. Post in Cancel A% d bloggers like this:

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