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Forced by their teacher to write an essay about who they are, they will be surprised talking and having a conversation about the subject of writing really introspective key and at the end of the punishment will discover unusual things about the world around them. The film finds its strength in the dialogues and makes them its motor, almost theatrical. The five confronting students will live a great day and Hughes is allowed a memorable musical interlude, in keeping with the youthful character of the film and with the anarchic impetus of its five high school students, punished for reasons they must discover. The psychological explanation given by Hughes is quite simple, sometimes almost banal in that American effort to turn every suburban tale into a patriarchal account of emotional frustrations. In defining these characters from their own prejudices and making them come together only for a common interest until they begin to express empathy. That teenage verisimilitude, success of Hughes with a cast in a state of grace, is incredibly grateful, although the geek does not come out precisely well and is the only one who runs out of girl at the end of the film. The question would be if Hughes is being faithful to his audience or is faithfully portraying the institute: possibly both are true, which adds an excellent theme to think about adolescent comedy and its surroundings. Watch the video at the original site. In the end, this masterful film takes a concrete, determined point of view, betrayed perhaps the aspects of its dramaturgy that are more suggestive. It does not matter so much what will happen, as what has happened. It is a film much more conformist than we like to remember, but perhaps these values ​​are progressive enough to lead to a somersault that changed a whole genre: it is not little and so must be remembered.

This time, it's my wife's turn. The booktubers are a specialized version of youtubers that, in principle, are dedicated above all and especially to create videos where they review the literary works they have read. Yes, there are people who do those things. The broadcast of that program has raised blisters among the followers of those booktubers... and in the public lover of the fantastic literature of the literary world in Spanish. Because the video makes very, very acid references and criticisms towards that genre, who write about him and the people he likes. And I think I'm not wrong in stating that this is what has bothered me most about the program. The reaction in the literary scene has been sufficiently virulent for me to consider analyzing the situation, in which several specific aspects of my interest converge. The interest is not so much as to make an analysis in my blog, which is dedicated to more academic issues and popular science, which in the end is what I know best... but here. Yes, I like things ordered and in their corresponding scope. I try, as a social scientist must, not to "give my opinion", but to carry out an analysis based on objective elements and empirical data. And my analysis will focus on two aspects: the criticism that is made in the program... and the reaction of those who have been considered affected by that criticism. Calling someone "stupid" or saying "I'm going to burn you at the stake for a witch" can be done by anyone. I, in addition to doing something equivalent, I do it in a framework of work and serious exposure and care and where there is no possible defense to the object of my criticism. Keep reading the interested ones, please. The program and the criticism of booktubers and followers of fantastic literature. You can not expect much from a program on literary criticism on a local television, but the truth is that it is low even for what is the scale. Not so much for the format but for the function: supposedly it is a "news magazine" with a particular segment, the one from which We speak, called "Books do not bite" that tries to encourage reading. The format of the segment itself is simple but has a minimum of technical care: a continuous dialogue is presented between a presenter...... and a supposed expert in literary criticism. The latter is what has unleashed the anger of the community, because although the presenter "follows the game" in a dialectical discussion, it is Avi who launches the criticisms that have bothered so much. By the way, she is not even a journalist. That is not necessarily invalidating it to criticize the booktubers or fantastic literature, but it is not a source with a minimum authority or technical knowledge to analyze anything in professional terms or even as an "expert" without training. This dialectic, this give and take, or this affirmation and counter-affirmation between presenter and "interviewee" is a very common technique in Journalism, especially in audiovisual. It is a way to "give substance" to an exhibition format. It is much more arid to take someone out who simply speaks and that's it. The problem is in the quality of use of that technique, which is terrible, apart from that when trying to execute it ends up noticing the league that the presenter has many more tables than Avi. It is also not very difficult to notice. I can make a lot of criticism of the work of Mara Avi, but the main and fundamental is... that has not been reported on the subject of your criticism. Yes, the typical statement with which you have ever met "I have not read any of that but it seems like shit" and "I'm not racist but blacks stink". And it is no longer that she notices that she has not bothered or learned with a minimum of correction of what she criticizes but that she herself affirms it and is proud of it. That already invalidates all his work not only of criticism, but of analysis and as a creator of opinion. Speaking in Palladian roman, that is the rehostia of the rehostia. As if I go to the surgeon to operate on my heart and I find that the guy has no training in medicine but is technical in origami and to top it off he is not in the room because he has not even bothered to find out where the hospital was. And it reflects all of this proudly on your facebook profile. Excellence and professionalism in all areas. They ask us for our jobs, do not they? Apart from the professional and technical quality, one of the things that has most attracted the attention of the program is a continuous lack of condescension and contempt towards the objects of criticism in it. This woman, Mara Avi, in particular, is extremely hurtful in her criticism. That is not necessarily wrong... as long as the object of criticism deserves it. But the booktubers or the followers of fantastic literature, no. On the contrary, they do good: they encourage reading. Criticism is not only uninformed or biased, but exaggerated and even rises in tone. The "tone" is not on par with the object of criticism and is the softest thing I can say. By laughing at and humiliating these people with condescension, it is also discouraging reading. It already costs horrors to put a child or adolescent to read and to be interested in the publishing world and the possibility of writing so that now people like Mara Avi come to laugh at them. There is more to see the sardonic giggle that takes to enumerate the titles of the literary works of fantasy authors or the names of their channels. He goes so far as to say atrocities like these people "will already regret when they are older and look back and be ashamed of the things they did as a young man", "as with the hairstyles we carried". He is not complying with the paper for which he is supposedly paid for his "mortadella sandwich". Nor that this was the exclusive patrimony of scientific analysis. Pussy, less opinion and more facts. You have to see the little job that costs to perform a technical analysis or even based in testable facts. But with very bad milk and transluciendo an envy that even she admits, referring to the success harvested by some of these booktubers, many of them authors as well. Avi's way of belittling the fact that a twelve-year-old girl has written a book, saying things like "it's very basic" is unfortunate. But worse is that the same girl has written seven books before eighteen, that is selling the last and this human incarnation of envy say that "something fails." That a twelve-year-old girl finished writing a book no matter how pretentious the title is is a remarkable achievement and more in our society. If you have continued writing until you make a name and succeed is even greater achievement. And the envious one calls it "failure". And on top of that, with condescension... "at least with this, it does not take drugs or steal." I do not know how you can fall lower. Because look that the booktubers can be made concrete objective criticisms. But it is that Avi what it does is a criticism not only of bad quality but destructive. And where they are given by them, I will do with it what it has done. The diction of Mara Avi is terrible. Pronounce with your ass after having eaten beans. He has such a pretentious voice when he speaks that he predisposes the listener against him with pure courage. It locks in more than Windows Vista underwater. Look more often at the paper than Rajoy. And the speech weaves it like my cat weaves the skein of wool that I throw to him so that it plays: it leaves it made a tangle. Not to mention that you notice that the program has not been worked and improvises more than McGyver. That is another of the issues that has attracted the most attention of his person is that, which transpires an envy that corrodes inside. It is so exaggerated that even admits it herself. And it is one of the issues that have most struck me personally. It is not usually seen, not so clearly at least. It is true that he tries to camouflage it in a humorous way with the complicity of the presenter, but not for those. It bothers her that there are people who have written more than her and that she even sells the rights of her works for films. And look where, it turned out that there was right. The role of fantastic literature today. It is somewhat creepy because Mara Avi reaches the point of being considered "an old woman" despite being twenty-eight years old "because I do not understand these fashions", "the youtuber phenomenon is something that disturbs me a lot". This is neither more nor less than a fairly widespread opinion, that of people who are lagging behind with respect to new technologies and forms of communication and who are dislocated because they are accustomed to the traditional and established. And because they do not understand it, they believe it is bad or harmful. Let's see, I do not want to get into a shirt of eleven rods because I know that there will be people who do not like my words but I'm going to make a criticism that may be getting worse. I'm going to focus on fantasy literature. More correctly, I have to say that I "went". One that adheres to objective elements. The main criticism of the fantasy literary genre is that it is a genre in which it is hard to find quality works. And while the generalization is not correct, the fact itself is true. It's a genre where you have trouble finding quality literature. That there is but is not majority or by a long way. And they are not because of objective elements of analysis. It is not the same as a "fun" work to be "of quality". We can not be as closed-minded as they are. We have to take into account all the elements of analysis in the debate, and admit those that are true. I say this because it is what has surprised me the most about the reaction against this woman. The defense, in my opinion, has passed three villages and I have found some answers that enter fully into the defense that a fan would do. I know very focused people as a general rule to which, after see the video, he has lacked foam from the mouth of rage. Now... Is fantasy literature so bad... does it have so many perverse or harmful effects as to ban it, belittle it, or dismiss it? The answer is: yes in general lines. And the kids have a hard time overcoming that. And yes, reading must be encouraged from a young age. Something similar happened to me at the Conservatory with music... They put us first with solfeggio to try pieces that were more boring than a clam aquarium. And if they do they will be exceptions numerically speaking very little relevant. Each literary genre has its space and its target audience, both the fantasy genre and the classic literature that supposedly Mrs. Avi likes most. Fuck, now we learn that people want to have fun while reading? May have fucked us with the flowers. And we must leave the new generations space to discover literature in its own way and way. A few, as we all did. The new technologies must be respected and not afraid, ma'am. Another element to keep in mind is that the fantastic literary corpus increases in quantity and quality as time progresses. Although I have to admit that it seems to me that lately every god is writing, and writing a book of "personal experiences", of "how bad the system is"... or fantasy. In short, that's where we have to find the meeting point: we have to encourage reading among younger generations. Doing it through the fantasy genre is not bad but beneficial, especially if it is done through quality works... and with attitudes such as those of Mara Avi we do not encourage reading, but the opposite. We make readers see even writers as losers when that is flatly false... and dangerous: as if a kid who reads today does not already suffer enough risk of bullying as to go on giving ideas. Or practicing that same bullying. You can express your dissatisfaction with public institutions financing a television network that carries out programs like this one in which Mara Avi collaborates. As an economist I always say that one of the most forceful ways to protest is by attacking your pocket. Remember that to protest you have to know how to do it well... write at the keyboard or scream what anyone can do. I saw it, I stayed until the last minute and I was surprised that the Spaniards gave television minute to two women as bad in their work as they were. Obviously the "book criticism" takes the cake in that aspect. I am of the idea that, in order to criticize something, you must know it, and if it is much better in depth, maybe that is why I endured until the last minute. I'm not a fan of the booktuber, some are very good but I despair focus on fashion novels and those of publishers; I feel sold and reviewing material that I would never read. There are so many books published every year that there is no time to lose it in books that do not go with certain kind of fussy readers like I am. That does not detract from their work, I think it's excellent that they dare to comment on books and try to encourage reading in a country that has an average of 2.9 books per year per person. An exceptional effort but that's not why I'm going to spread it like that. Learning from the capitalist world in which we live, if I do not like something, I do not consume it. Maybe in the future I will change, improve and I can give it a new opportunity, but while that happens I can talk about the project with fundamentals. And ok, digress too much in own feelings. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Because I said it was about time someone was serious about this. Everything you should know before you start. And you better know that you find out the account that brings you My scientific dissemination blog, where I talk about more serious things. A rigorous study on the meaning of the term, its history, evolution and relation with other similar terms in Spanish, Japanese and English. Post to Cancel A% d bloggers like this:

Do not worry, we'll take care of you In the disclosure you do not necessarily have to use the documentary or report format. Many times it can be inserted in a clip that speaks of pop culture, which contains interviews, lists or exhibitions on a topic. The disclosure has changed its formats and there is much more than before. But the discursive form has also changed: it is not only the expert, many times they are passionate people in the subject and with a good research team. Or, it is the choice of popular themes, but with a deepening in which contrast the consequences of being interested in something and propose a reading that affects us and concerns everyone. It is important to note that, I choose programs whose duration is not longer than one hour because it is important that, from clip to clip, we learn something new. In charge of the portal and supplement Vice. With everything pretentious, stupid or smart they can be. Wisecrack shows that philosophy is everywhere. It helps us to think like philosophers and read like learned subjects that could not have anything of learned. If you know English, it is a great source of information to have fun and have faith in your vocation. The recipe has three main ingredients: a guest, a sober scenography and a great interviewer. Charlie Rose is not just a talk show, it's a guide to what people who want to do journalism have to do. Rose's personality is impressive, but she lets her guests express themselves, knows how to carry on a dialogue, editorialize and communicate the news from her program. Technically it is impeccable: it is a black background, a table or a screen for weekly news. It is an exercise where public television and the internet work ideally for people: because they release content that not only informs, but also makes the spectator exercise his capacity for analysis and synthesis. Punset is a writer, disseminator and journalist. He knows how to be interesting without being controversial or gimmicky. He knows how to take controversial issues and choose the personalities he will interview. You know how to ask a question and direct your program so that you are interested in both clips and complete. Here the parameter is that what sounds simple to do, is not in execution. The one in Chihuahua was a big surprise and a respite in the way the news was given. The motivation of Torres and his team is clear: they do what they like and they do the program they would like to see. They are a good mix between spontaneity, capacity for synthesis and research. In addition to remind us that geek is the new sexy. This is a find that I was lucky to find thanks to Bojack Horseman. He is a reviewer of cartoons, cartoons and animation of children and adults, which is not well versed in anime. Calderón presents new materials with a fresh and critical vision. In addition to that he is interested in the data of the dubbing, the characters, the plot, the stroke and the script. It raises definitions, discussions and problems in the phenomenon of animation, but always publishes in a way that people think and consume responsibly. Calderón also researches and thinks about a culture of hatred and irrational and irresponsible consumption of successful series. His editorials are a delight and a feature of his great argumentative capacity and dissemination. This actor, comedian and driver takes news as a pretext to editorialize and make people think about what is happening in the world. Oliver's personality is not typical of English, he is a geek who combines humor and information to talk mainly about politics, but not in a solemn way, but as a diatribe that helps you analyze the problematic assumptions. Oliver is not pedantic and is helped by good jokes and good ideas to explain his position. Combat magical thinking and combat the boredom caused by news and overinformation. It is a critical option of the late night and contemporary news format. This is a channel about books, in some cases it says how to take care of them and in others how to make our reading pay off. Reading and arguing are things that matter, plus you can be reactionary and you can be rebellious with the most powerful weapon of all: knowledge. In charge of the portal. We love the lists, but the curatorship of these is incredible: they not only make you know a little more about what you like, but they present you with new shows and alternatives that you can reconsider for their rarity or for being cult. Not only do they contribute to culture and entertainment, but they make each list a historical document, because it is a filter of the most significant culture. The platform offers a wide range of options for critics, reviewers and analysts who comment on a new aspect of the entertainment industry. Certainly, the Critic of Nostalgia is the best of this channel: not only is it the pioneer and founder, but also the most popular and best produced of all the collaborators. The character of Walker has a collection of reviews of the worst movies and the worst series that the entertainment industry has known. With some exceptions that open a discussion between the Critic and other youtubers, Walker talks about analysis of shots, reading of scenes, visual effects and plot turns badly made in the cinema. It is a product of Channel Awesome where they analyze series from the seventies to the present. They analyze them as a unit, first episode, more relevant episodes with a kind of audio blogs. In addition to always editorialize on the phenomenon of the series and the second golden age of television. It's called that because they comment if a series has jumped the shark. He is a reviewer of songs that describes the context in which they were written, if they were one hit wonders or if the artist has a kind of block or genius. It also analyzes the letters and counts with the best of the year. That if, when an artist does not convince you, do not let go, without being a troll with the musician in question. Without more, the disclosure is, where least expect it. And yes, I remember that the simplest thing is always the most difficult to execute. Per... 10 Examples of Internet disclosure In the dissemination, you do not necessarily have to use the documentary or report format. In a rigorous investigation. I managed to make this provisional list of li... Silverio or the master of chaos by chaos Is Silverio an artist? The something else: what I would add to that list. Education in Europe 1400 - 1600.

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