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I'll have to keep this account. 19:25 19 Nov 2008 I do believe that blocking Dodo is justified, and I also consider that what you have done is unjustifiable. Needless to say, what I have told you is far from even remotely like such nonsense. In the first place your presupposition that I act by enmity. Even more I usually agree with their positions because they are common sense. You already know that the presumption of innocence also rules here, do you have any other proof of my "enmity" outside of your presupposition? Examples: Penquista block by editions like this or very recent Igor21. In that sense, the blockade that I have applied to Dodo for this edition is the same. The time of the blockade is in line with Dodo's trajectory of the provocations and personal attacks veiled and also open outside wikipedia: it is normal in wikipedia that the blockages are increasing by recidivism. Wikipedia has evolved since you stopped using the buttons, Gaeddal, and I suppose that for good: looking to significantly improve the working environment among Wikipedians. I beg you, please, not to unblock it again until the subject is discussed and agreed upon. Therefore, I am happy and much of the evolution. The rest is literature, perhaps for lack of argument. Roy, discussion 19:48 24 Nov 2008 Quiet, your argument has been adequate. By this I meant that if on other occasions unilateral actions have been taken, generating endless discussions, more should be discussed among librarians to prevent them from happening. I have unlocked Dodo again, at least until you make a definitive decision among all. I have given you some photos by mail, which I have sent to other people. Corroborate if they have reached you and, if not, I can pass the link to them directly. As soon as I finish placing, to see if I return to the attack. I have removed adverbs of quantity and some statements that did not seem verifiable, but being a layman on issues of prison legislation, I see myself a little lost, and I would not like to remove certain information because the references are unreliable. Roy told me that both you and Petronas are the referents on any subject related to law. Thank you in advance for your attention. It seems that it was finally for deletion. I just went to congratulate the parties to my godfather, whom I do not forget and who helped me so much to find my site here. A big hug and my best wishes for you and yours. Urdangaray 11:50 22 Dec 2008. I have a question that you, as a librarian, may be able to solve. The sequence of events is as follows. In the very short time both contributions had been eliminated. As I did not understand exactly what I had missed, I asked again for explanations, adding that it did not seem right to delete parts of a discussion page without further ado. This time the matter was settled with a drastic "believe what you want" by the librarian. It is the first time I have such a problem, and it is very unpleasant that I am also denied the reasons. The truth is that I feel a bit offended. I suspect that this is also the case of this librarian, perhaps the tone of my question first and of my complaint afterwards would be offensive, but at no time have I tried to bother him. My query in question is what should I do now? Another librarian has come to leave me on my discussion page a little attention call, telling me to look at the links, to which my colleague sent me. Minor problem, I'm aware. I recommend you look for some other more modern religion. If the heretics had not proliferated so much, what had happened would never have happened. Filipo 20:21 25 Dec 2008 and prosperous new year. This congratulations for Christmas always seemed a solemn bullshit, but this year, after such a busy season, I needed to express my gratitude to all of you who have made me feel comfortable here. And although the dates are topicazo, the truth is that I wanted to do it. Thank you for everything -Ecemaml 20:45, 25 December 2008 Hello, so, I just saw your comment in the discussion section, I thank you that you have taken the trouble to leave it. Hey, the modification I did was not in bad plan or with any other objective, much less a vandalism, I do not intend to destroy or modify the articles at my whim altering the information so appreciated by many. I hope you can answer me as soon as possible. And the five pillars, well, thank you. I do not plan to restore it, I'm sorry. 20:04 12 Mar 2009 Nothing happens Gaeddal. By the way, you see little lately around here. If you left untranslated parts, check if cleaning is necessary. Bigsus-bot 20:20 20 Mar 2009 The translation template that you placed in the article on December 1, 2008 has been removed, as it has been a long time since you collaborated on it for the last time. If you left untranslated parts, check if cleaning is necessary. Bigsus-bot 11:48 21 Mar 2009 Hello Gaeddal very good. Some time ago, I created the Jamón de Trevélez article. It cost me its valuable time to gather information from official documents so as not to violate copyright. It is clear that it is a free article and that the image that I uploaded it to the wikipedia as free. I know badly, in these days that there are people who without contributing anything to the document insert external links. I inserted my link since my purpose was also to have a good reference on the Internet and what better than the wikipedia. Of course I deleted the links because I do not see it ethical that one does not collaborate and leave their link. I would like to know your opinion. Thank you very much for your valuable time. A greeting and I wait for your answer. I continue to admire your blog, easy trigger and the evolution of the protest song made me pass very good times. I hope you continue accompanying us in wikipedia. The criteria exposed then met with strong opposition. I think it is inappropriate to claim actions against the actions of a user when those same acts have just been discussed and it was not clearly determined that they are reprehensible. It is said that the Plank is not the Coffee, and that there are not "discussed" things of a general nature but that only measures are taken. Well, those things have already been discussed, what is touching then is to reflect the results of that debate. If there was no clear consensus that the use of the template is wrong, and the board only takes action and does not argue, then it is not appropriate to discuss it but to reject Escarlati's request without further processing. It would be nonsense to discuss the same issue in a place where the intervention of non-librarians is not authorized, any eventual consensus reached there would not be valid beyond that reached in another contemporary debate in which more people participated. Belgrano 12:45 Aug 31 2009 Quiet, I did not say you did it. I was thinking more about trying to put more people in Wikipedia who are not footballers. Ev has not put the template in a massive way, after touching it he has put it in several articles. The complaint would have been fair if Escarlati had said he had asked for references for an article he already had. Note that I will not protest if the template is deleted, but I do not think it is correct to denounce who uses it well. What do I say that if it is provoking, you could tell Roy to miss his two weeks of warning, right? I inform you that the subject has been reactivated in a very strong way and we are reviewing the targeted members to, if possible, define themselves in the topic and participate. I would appreciate it if you would answer me or simply define your state of involvement with the topic here. Kazjako 22:36 7 Dec 2009 Hello, I thought you would like to apply this article: Anatidaism. Kordas 00:29 24 Dec 2009 Hello godfather. Another year, I continue to thank you for the welcome and help you gave me a long time ago and that has allowed me to spend such good moments here, among you. But I do not truncate or delete messages arbitrarily. For my part, I do not consider you a good wikipedia, because a good wikipedia does not do the things you do. For the rest, it is fallacious to conclude with the little phrase that "we have not reached the point of being overly personal". It depends, for example, on whether the staff is semidesaparecido and when it appears it does to mount bulla. In these cases, that staff is redundant. Surely you know it, but you have preferred to charge against me instead of charging against who you really should have charged. For starters, Happy Holidays! I am writing to give you my support and my congratulations with the work you are doing with the article of the Constitution of 78. The article has been very undeserved and abandoned for a long time and I am glad you took it by the horns. You are a crack; Congratulations and happy new year! 21:46 2 Jan 2010 No, if it really can not seem bad to you because you're right. I myself felt absurd writing an article about someone who should not be in Wikipedia, but something must be done. Something must be done to make this type of characters no longer considered valid in the Wiki. I thought that with the current policies of relevance this could not happen, but it has set an ugly precedent in my opinion, and perhaps the best thing is that all the geeks in the country are in Wikipedia so that we realize that something we are doing wrong. Greetings and thanks, Goldorak 01:37 10 Jan 2010 For that we are. By the way, I removed the sizes of the images so that each user can choose the size depending on their screen. Water Wall 14:00 11 Jan 2010 When you tell me what happens again. This would not be an innovation, it was already done in other projects such as fantastic literature in which the same circumstances occurred. This would encourage new people to sign up and for articles of law to grow in number and quality. I would take care of this, if I achieve the support of the most participative of the wikiproject, because I am a newcomer with a desire to relaunch it. I would also try to promote the Wikiproyecto by means of an advertisement that is put on user pages and similar things. I'm passionate about law, and I want Wikipedia to become a kind of legal compilation, haha. What a roll I have let you go, I hope I did not bother you, but I'm excited to relaunch it. Although for study reasons, until the middle-end of February it would not be 100% available. But to edit I start from today. From what I've seen, yours is constitutional law, right? Thank you for your words, which have been very successful and fair. I had thought to make an analysis from the point of view of the Law of what happened, but I think I'd better keep it, no one would agree with me even though I might have it. With regard to the desjustification and not being able to determine the size of the photos of my articles, I have to say one thing. The Law in real life is uniform, it applies to all and for all, there are no qualifications. It is enough with the toponymic policy that is carried out in Wikipedia to further restrict the publishing capacity of those who actually edit, that we are not many. I have in mind that in recent times, very good editors of the project have abandoned it due to the excessive restriction to which they were subjected at the time of editing. The person enters, copies and pastes. If I have that hobby, do I do something to someone? A user told me that if he were on the outside, his articles would be in green and in Arial, with a size of 12. That's fine I can not do it. So suddenly, to adjust the photos and justify an article, a color blind can continue reading my articles and there will be a salient aesthetic difference with the rest of writings hosted on Wikipedia. For years, the Cervantes article was justified... why? What happens now that is forbidden? No one complained at the Café that he had not been able to read the article for such a reason, and keep in mind that it is one of the most visited. Another thing I would like to clarify, and that is that I do not intend to obtain that they let me justify my texts and adjust the photos of my articles as currency to obtain my permanence. If I stop editing nobody would miss an article of Roman Law written by me, logical if we take into account what I mentioned above. This is a clear example of how the friendship between Wikipedists negatively influences, since from my point of view, it is a consequence of favoritism between oligarchs and users. This was something that also seemed wrong to me. Anyway I already clarified things with Drini... but it's the same. The more you want to do one thing, the sooner your plans are ruined. At the moment I will stop editing for a few months and then God will say. Maybe I happened to the Wiki in Galician or to the new project in English of Citizendium. To you only to tell you that you are a great person and that I thank you for your words again. Leiro & Law 17:13 18 Jan 2010 How many months have passed? Anyway, I've been thinking and I think it is not necessary to take months to get back to work on the project. You told me in your comment to recover the desire to write... but the truth is that in all my life I have never lost them. In short, after four days I'm walking around here again. The Contractus lex article in which you collaborated does not have the necessary sources or references to comply with the Wikipedia verifiability policy, due to which it has been marked with the template}. Please, add the sources you consulted to write such content as references. In this document you will find more information about it. In this way, the reader will be able to verify the accuracy, precision and neutrality of the article, and look for more information on the subject. If it is a translation from another Wikipedia, this document may be useful to you. Before withdrawing the template, please consult it first with the user who placed it, or with a user who enjoys the trust of the community. If you have a moment, I ask you to read these policies and try to observe what I point out, so your effort here will have better results. If still reading the policy you have any question, do not hesitate to leave me a message on my discussion page and as soon as I can I will respond, or, you can also go to any of the users of the Wikipedia tutorial program. Greetings and good luck in your editions. Bestiasonica 13:09 27 Jan 2010 Hello! These days I'm gone from here, but tomorrow I have my first exam and I did no more than study. When I have a couple of free hours I upload them to the Wiki. Leiro & Law 01:41 28 Jan 2010 Yes, the truth is that what I wanted was to clarify the acronyms. I think it would be worth to put the meaning in the first reference or in the first place that will be used, because I do not see clearly how that type of section fits in an encyclopedic article. Anyway, if you want to do it and see the result. Regarding other issues, I loved your answer about the references. I believe that it is a translator user, who had to translate the article to the wikipedia in Catalan and who put the poster for that reason. That's what we do in the Wikipedia in Euskara, using the names dictated by Euskaltzaindia, which only vary from the Castilians to Spanish places in a few with roots. You do what you do, an example of this is Ezquioga-Ichaso. And that for many people is insulting. But the worst is not that, is that when you have tried to change that you call it vandalism. Those are the attitudes that do not foster understanding. On the other hand if we put the official name, it comes in the taboo on the right. I suppose I will extend it, but from March 2, which is when I finish with the exams. Also, on the 12th I had Romano's exam, and something tells me that I do not approve, so I have all summer to improve Romano's articles haha. In Santiago de Compostela it is a little crazy what they do with this subject, and to me, the truth, is the one I like the most. It is not the typical Right imposed by the legislator, that it is jurisprudential has its point. Leiro & Law 01:03 14 Feb 2010 By the way, to me if you look like an excellent wikipedista. And if we open a CdB through argumentation and debate our points of view? The question is that I have gone to the Cafe and the American Wiki chats to see if someone answered me and has been unsuccessful. I pose the problem as a last resort. Thank you very much for your attention and help. Leiro & Law 18:02 26 Feb 2010 It is that I was going to make a good article about him, but I better give up at the moment. Is that I have many fronts open, to see if I close some these days. Leiro & Law 00:05 2 Mar 2010 Well, the truth is that it is very curious. Leiro & Law 15:16 2 Mar 2010 By the way, I would like to make some proposals. They are lacking information for the relevance they have, do not you think? I with the Civil Code could write the whole coding process, modifications of the preliminary title, the provincial question, and so on. I think it could look good, right? If it can not be nothing happens, it was only a proposal. I hope to bring a bit of "new blood" to the wikiproject and give it a bit of a twist on the subject. Stick to procedures if you disagree. There was enough time for you to give your arguments in the consultation and you did not. In case of returning to restore the article you will be committing sabotage. Everything points to you being the one who has been doing it when you restore the article and now unlock it. I do not know how you can avoid something so obvious. Your decisions as librarians must be untouchable among you, unless there is an explicit consent by both parties. I beg you to rectify and raise your disagreement in another way. For that reason I have deleted the article in respect to what he decided. If you do not agree with the result, please address the appropriate channels and do not unilaterally restore the article again. I repeat, I regret that this has happened because it could well have been resolved by other means without acting unilaterally. I offer you a sincere apology. For my part I prefer not to continue with this direct communication that can lead to worse problems. Do not erase information about other people in the article by saying that they are also irrelevant. The latter could apply equally if the deleted information is restored without consensus. As in the deletion queries, once the 7 days have passed a librarian will evaluate what the result is based on the comments made and the Wikipedia policies. Beto has denounced it as a sabotage, for obvious reasons I will not be the one to solve that complaint since there is too much analysis to be done to define whether the matter was sabotage or not. At this moment I have simply limited myself to deleting the article respecting the decision that had been given, since I prefer that if a restoration is made, it is by the correct means and with the approval of a good number of users. I know and am perfectly aware of the friendship I have with Beto, but I repeat that I am not acting for him or against you, much less I consider you nor do I have you typified as an enemy, because I believe that this project is not about that. As I say, I consider that your procedure was not the most appropriate because it is one of the ones that most easily generate conflicts and affect the climate that we may have in this project. My approach is limited to deleting and restoring the article, not if Beto erased or restored it. I think that due to the good climate of Wikipedia, there should be respect for other decisions and resort to the media appropriate. I did not say that you have committed sabotage, I said that such actions could be classified as sabotage and this depends on the interpretation of each one, in this case, Beto has taken it and therefore has denounced it. I have repeated to you the fatigue that I assume good faith on your part, but that does not prevent me from commenting and making it appear that the means used were not appropriate and that they lend themselves easily to misinterpretation. If that you have taken that way, because for me there is no problem in apologizing but I must make the clarification that I have never accused you for committing sabotage. Greetings and do not worry, go to rest. You do not know how exhausting and grotesque it can be. We must avoid conflicts and major evils. It is necessary to look for the addition and the agreement fleeing from the imposition. It is not about good vibes or bad vibes, it is about looking for the best way to advance the project and to prevent the indominies of some from being paid by others. I participate promptly when I see myself almost obliged to do so. There are users who can always be trusted. Jarke 10:18 8 Mar 2010 Go also a greeting of encouragement on my part, more after reading something as grotesque as the accusation of arbitrariness. But your phrase "On the plain, I wanted to use a personal opinion that is totally chorra, subjective and unfounded, to denounce that we can not use subjective opinions, in essence, that is what you did when you opened the CoC." She did what she considered fair, nothing more. I think your user page is far from what you put here. Maybe it's not my thing, but a blibrarian should set an example on politics. Prades 14:39 12 Mar 2010 Well, maybe it's nothing special when you say: Well, it's because of the eggs. Nothing to do with things from the past, for example: If you put your nose in here, Dodo will die of heart failure. Do not think about it so much, I know you'll end up doing it. In short, you yourself if you think you can make vehement opinion tests. Perhaps I have been too naive when I have reminded him of "policies" of variable interpretation. I repeat, maybe it's just me who has seen an inadequate user page, maybe from now on we'll see harangues and rallies on user pages. I have seen that you are being sabotaged by a sick mass, am I wrong? Let's see if I'll start in Wikipedia soon. Greetings and thanks for the review, Andreasm speak to me 17:30 15 Mar 2010 Hey thank you! I was grateful that you protected both pages, thank you. Greetings, Globalphilosophy 00:39 2 Apr 2010 You know I'm not super smart to give comments that destroy the victim's ego to the point of suicide, but I'll do my best in every cynic attack. Greetings, Globalphilosophy 01:42 2 Apr 2010 Ah! I will be very grateful for the prize, whatever the sacrifice. Regards, Globalphilosophy 02:06, 2 April 2010 Reduction. As you can see at the beginning of the thread, I was willing to consider an unlocking after a month. What surprises me is that it is proposed as mitigating that he may want to evade his blockade. That does not seem to me any justification. So we agreed that a reduction could have been better, until we saw his later behavior. It must be one of the few things that in the current financial climate is quoted upwards, so much that some veteran users do not hesitate to play their wikipédico skin for being able to show it on their user page hahaha. The truth is that the blocking of the user turned out to be a bit funny. But little by little I'm moving them forward. This coding hope to have it ready soon, between my book of civil and legal history I'm getting good information, to which I apply a tremendous processing to make everything as clear as possible. And tell you about creating articles of Spanish law. For example, I am interested in starting one of the foundations, or associations. But I do not know the reception of these specific items... you What would you say? It is missing a Wikiproyecto: Spanish law. That I think is a very relevant issue, and it would be easy to find serious coverage in the form of references, both national and international, both recent and old. Within that article it could be relevant to include a small section mentioning, in its just importance, the Pirate Party in particular, and in general and especially the sector of the population that can sympathize with at least part of its program. I also think that, as such a political party, while it has few members and few votes, its encyclopedic relevance is very doubtful. That's why I suggested a clearly positive course of action: writing an article on the subject, which will not be a candidate for deletion, and in which a small section on the party will make sense. The general page of the party can redirect to that section, and, if the moment arrives in which the volume of references to the party changes appreciably, it is possible to pick up and recover an article of its own. That was the reason that led me to erase it. Montgomery 11:21 8 Apr 2010 If you think that one more changes the situation, go ahead. I take this opportunity to greet you Esteban 12:23 8 Apr 2010 Man, I knew that we had a bad general image because of the quality of certain items, because of errors in package or because some vandalisms take weeks to be reversed. But to erase articles on political parties of 300 militants and with hardly mediatic transcendence no. Of course not at a general level, although I imagine that among those hundreds of people that make up the party we fall ill, but I do not care at all. Therefore it is not a more or less deletionist attitude, but rather the fulfillment of politics with a bit of interpretation, I do not deny it. Having said that, it is clear that I am not opposed to reviewing or opening a new consultation and that another librarian will restore it, but my opinion remains the same about the suitability of accepting this type of material whose sources are so scarce. Montgomery 13:54 8 Apr 2010 Probably, someday, the article will be restored or re-written but probably also with more and better sources in hand. For me there is an accumulation of reasons, with the scarcity of reliable sources at the top, that lead me to think that the article should not exist. I sincerely prefer that a third person reviews it. Montgomery 14:37 8 Apr 2010 No, castled in my thirteenth no. I am giving you an argument based on some policies, and based on that reasoning I decided to erase it and I still think I did the right thing. I do not deny that subjectivity has had nothing to do with it, but this is not a determining factor because I start from official policies and from a situation in which several editors of the community handled similar arguments and with which I considered myself in agreement. Faced with this dilemma, there are mechanisms to unblock the situation, and that is that another librarian reviews it. If you are not liking the situation, there you have the solution, do not have to spend bad times. If it is decided to restore it, I will have absolutely no problem. Wikipedia is constantly evolving, do not spend all afternoon discussing it to realize it. Montgomery 15:32 8 Apr 2010 You're wrong, check what was discussed and the same deletion query. The central argument is that there is a clamorous shortage in the availability of abundant sources, notwithstanding that they may exist punctually. Secondarily I have told you that the article lacks contextualization in the political history of Spain, a fact that does nothing to defend its relevance. At no time have I said that the 300 militants were few or many or that their limited age is against. And I do not know what you mean by that last question. And since the conditions have not changed, my opinion remains the same. You date Dark Alex... I quote you from the Argentine free software associations that a few months ago were deleted. It was a pretty similar situation, there were references but it was discussed if they were enough and if the significant coverage was covered with a few news appeared in the Clarín newspaper and others. The decision to delete or maintain was made, period. The decision to veto them in Wikipedia for life was not taken. My participation and those who participated in those consultations, as responsible for closing them, ended at the moment in which they decided one thing or the other based on some arguments. I reaffirm in the given arguments, but I do not put any obstacle in which it is discussed again and another totally opposite thing can be decided, as it is established. If you want to restore it, do it. Really, do what you deem appropriate based on your good judgment as a librarian, I will not do anything more than give my opinion if a new query is opened to reaffirm my opinion. I'm sorry I met you in these very heavy discussions. But what I do believe is that the application of the politics of relevance as you propose it, is a free bar to advertising and propaganda. I read an intervention of yours, in which you considered that many deletions gave a bad image to Wikipedia and threw back people from certain sectors when collaborating here. That is why the criterion is so necessary, that which you call being the primary source. Also in my vision of what is an encyclopedia, somewhat classical and academic, and therefore I do not like that the Wiktionary is a separate project. The "gray area" of articles does not seem harmful to me at all if I do not see intentions of publicity or propaganda; and if you look at the case that you put me in, just because I was not sure of its irrelevance. Best regards Erfil 18:13 14 Apr 2010 What do you mean? Filipo 12:02 12 Apr 2010 Do not worry, they are things that happen to us all from time to time. Montgomery 4:45 PM, Apr 11 2010 Hello! PD: Do you think the criminal is what is mine? For the next I know, I'm coming to ask you the favor. Once again you have taught me a great lesson. The articles, since two were the ones that were made, are extensive and have numerous references and external links. Yes, that was a reference, not the only one. I propose that they be merged and, in any case, that they be restored. As a librarian, what do you think? If you had to hang such a request on the board, would you be willing to restore it? By the way, and only to prevent: once there is an attempt at self-promotion, it is very likely that the article will never be in Wikipedia. First of all, apologize if I made a mistake, but it was not intentional at all. In fact, the first time the article was deleted I thought it was because of the links. I do not want under any circumstances to break your rules, only that you advise me. For this, I will start with the cleaning in the list of users pointed to it. A renewal is necessary, and taking advantage now that I have a little time I would like to proceed to that effect. I estimate that fourteen days are enough for confirmation of continuity. After these days, I will proceed to the deletion of your signatures in the Wikiproyecto. This is my approach, is it correct? I await your response, greetings Gaeddal. Socilito will restore the last article. This woman has a very important media presence. It appears as a cover in magazines and television programs that have a large audience. On the other hand, if the article has problems regarding its format, I promise to reform it and improve it. I understand, however, if you do not think you should act accordingly. I fully understand the reasons. The article of this iuspublicista sobrealinete, invested doctor honoris causa by an Argentine University and member of international tribunals linked to the Mercosur, was erased. The article is extensive and contains references. I can also complete it, but they did not let me. That is, it has vandalized and the voting is being manipulated. On the other hand, Gaeddal, you had accepted the restoration of the article, however I do not see your affirmative vote in the debate. I do not think it's a serious vote. Certainly, the precedents link. Wikipedia is not the Espasa encyclopedia. In the other editions, as you well know, characters of the farandula are included, analogous to the biography. Believe me, if you end up staying on Wikipedia, you'll thank me. I answer by parts: The deletion queries are not a vote. Drini and Simeon the Fool are not the same person. Believe me, I'm pretty sure of this. When I spoke of "better referencing", I did not mean to add as many external links as possible. This leads me to why I do not defend it. They also influence the little desire that I have left, and the little time I have, but that's another song. The precedent system, in Wikipedia, is very relative. If anything, there may be conventions, and it would be necessary to see to what extent they can contradict the policies. But come on, no, the precedents do not link, and thank God they do not. In any case, you should know that I am inclusive as the most. But honestly, I'm really tired of this constant fight, and I prefer to reserve strength. I can not guarantee my support, and even less if the article is not revised. Gaeddal 15:34 30 Apr 2010 You have reached my soul. Do not ever think about making the article that you will create jurisprudence and you will see how much fun. Anyway, I'm not going to leave the horns to delete this lady, to judge the library on duty. At least some netionalist that another has already received his deserved owned from the highest instances: P. A hug. Escarlati - write me 01:21 2 May 2010 Hello. 01:20 6 May 2010 Hello, Gaeddal. Please, add the sources you consulted to write such content as references. In this document you will find more information about it. In this way, the reader will be able to verify the accuracy, precision and neutrality of the article, and look for more information on the subject. If it is a translation from another Wikipedia, this document may be useful to you. Before withdrawing the template, please consult it first with the user who placed it, or with a user who enjoys the trust of the community. If you have a moment, I ask you to read these policies and try to observe what I point out, so your effort here will have better results. If still reading the policy you have any question, do not hesitate to leave me a message on my discussion page and as soon as I can I will respond, or, you can also go to any of the users of the Wikipedia tutorial program. Greetings and good luck in your editions. Koke 3:24 PM 4 May 2010 Better late than never: thanks for teaching me how to put the interwikis. I have not done any of the articles, several have been made, of the city. If it were reduced, I promise to expand it. There is nothing valid to restore, except a plagiarism of the Encarta, which obviously we can not use. In any case, thanks for the work. Gaeddal 15:31 May 9, 2010 That I remember all the issues appeared during the same debate, since all the sensitivities were represented in the Cortes, and can be traced in the journal of sessions and in the press. The social bodies that were opposed to essential or accessory aspects would be fundamentally: The so-called "bunker". They see it as an open door to communism; the example of the Portuguese revolution raises fears in some peasant movements of occupation of farms. The republican left and the most radical workers' movement The most extreme peripheral nationalists, especially the Basques. There was a moment in the Senate debate that they were offered a compromise amendment on the articles that talked about historical issues, but they did not accept, and it stayed as it was. When I have more time, I read the article and I take part in the discussion. for now I leave you these reflections, because I suppose that is what hurries you the most. I can only see as something imprecise, in the introduction, that you put autonomy of municipalities, provinces and Autonomous Communities. Cela, who was a senator, presented a package of amendments that some were accepted and others not, and ended up publishing a book entitled The Constitution in Spanish. Award-winning poet, sociologist and university professor. The first article suffered from formal defects because I was writing it in a library and I ran out of time, so I could not finish it, hence those flaws. It was erased for confusing it with the first one. I consider it relevant and I think it should be restored. In addition, he was candidate to deputy by the lists of the PP. I think it should be restored. I also have information to increase the article. 20:48 18 May 2010 The article was deleted "for plagiarism". I translated it from catalan and added some data from different internet articles, modifying the wording so as not to plagiarize them. However, there was a phrase that was traced to the newspaper article. In any case, I do not understand the reference system that you are using. And if you have used other references, why do not you put them? Think that the more details the sources where the text comes from, the better. And remember that you have to rely on the sources, but not copy them. Gaeddal 22:46 May 25 2010 Prestigious Spanish harpist, one of the best in Spain. He is also an engineer, an expert in acoustics. The article is well referenced. I understand that this makes you worthy of having a place in wikipedia. Also, I can expand the article and add references. I have not done the article, although I can expand it. I consider him a relevant personality. He writes in La Razon, he is not "a simple journalist". In addition, he has participated in various Television debates-programs. I can expand it and add references and external links. I am not the author of the article, but I know it was broad and well referenced. Also, I can complete the articles and add references. I really find it tedious, nor compared to John Locke or other classics. But I would like to know the position of an administrative expert like you;) Well, to continue with the task. Greetings Gaeddal, I hope everything goes well for this place called Wikipedia. Both are authors with inconsistencies, although you may recognize Gaeddal. You can not say that Hans can not be refuted even one point of his theory when until his last days of life he has been modifying his system... or not? As you've seen, Kelsen is not a saint of my devotion. Leiro & Law 03:58 Jun 27, 2010 They give me your name as a source of relevance in this man, can you pass? 12:14 Jun 28, 2010 Sorry for my clumsiness. Or, could you complete the procedure so that such notes are inserted correctly? In addition, it is referenced in a History of French Painting. The article is quite extensive, I think it should be reinstated. However, think that the article has an air of curriculum and lacks encyclopedic content. It would be good to touch it, so that it does not confuse him again in the future. I know that the article is missing accents; It is because yesterday I did it from a computer "suffering" from a Trojan virus in which the tildes can not be inserted. Indeed, I think it is relevant, and what is more important, to the sources it seems relevant. By the way, I recommend inserting some category in the article. The method is simple: at the end of the whole article, he writes]. Gaeddal 15:29 Jul 5 2010 They have deleted it for "plagiarism". I do not handle the procedure well, although I try to follow the instructions. I think it's a shame that the article, which seems to me to be objectively relevant, is going to be deleted because of this formal defect. I have contacted the librarian who suppressed it. This is the same as other PRs I took the idea, honestly, I do not understand. Also, I was not told what this man did, do you clean Does case have as many potestas as once had the absolute kings? My God, I am disappointed, I believe that this defines what I currently feel, disappointment. You notice that people prefer Pokemon articles to a decent article about Heritage or I know. Tell me something Gaeddal, because I did not expect it. Leiro & Law 20:39 8 Jul 2010 Hi, I'm a bit of a rookie and I do not know how to make a template. I think we should correct this fault. I know it's a controversial issue. I hope you do not mind this tirade, it is that I thought it appropriate. Anyway, I will go to a specialized library on campus tomorrow, to be able to provide new information. For the general interest of the hundreds of thousands of Internet users who demand serious and rigorous information, I understand that the article should be restored with the cited reference. On the other hand, do you think the deletion of the article "Solis" is correct? In fact, I'm going to erase all the others. If they are so interested, whoever they are, recreate them. Hello Gaeddal, it is indeed a mixture of everything. But for weeks I have been asking this report group of anonymous contributors and instead of responding, they do the typical Forum shopping. All this is much simpler. They send you privately a scan or photograph of the text on which they are supported. We contrast it, and if it's okay, then I restore it. Copied more or less directly from the source. Since he has a good relationship with you and such, can you explain what all this is about? I will verify all the entries that our sympathetic group has introduced claiming as origin the encyclopedia. Of course, since he will not give a medal, they will sleep the sleep of the righteous. Flakinho 18:09 21 Jul 2010 Good, kid. Well that I know and recfuerde, no information provided was true and after a while, Ecemaml erased them I would not restore the texts. Petronas 07:04, July 29, 2010 Do I open an erasing query? Ensada messages here 23:05 3 Aug 2010 Things bots. Ecemaml in the articles of the Dictionary of Deputies of the ed. Petronas 22:54 12 Aug 2010 Por partes. It is not that I have kept silent, but that I have expressly supported the decision of Ecemaml. I do not know if he wants to prove something, or not, and it is indistinct to me. The truth is that we are talking about massive plagiarism, one of Wikipedia's biggest taboos. As I see doubts that there is plagiarism, I clarify that copying a text by replacing words with synonyms, and things like that, is considered plagiarism. It is not that Ecemaml says it, it is legally a plagiarism. To enter content in Wikipedia, you must use your own wording based on the ideas contained in the sources. But not an essay based directly on the sources. I suppose that we can not demand that the Wikipedians have great knowledge of intellectual property, so I will presume good faith in your performance, even when I start to cost work. And I say that I find it difficult to work, because after the sentence that you throw in your message, and the declaration of intentions that you make, I would see perfectly justified that you were stopped by a blockade. And look, I am one of those who say that the blockade is the last resort. About the Rebellion, as I have no idea what you are saying, I prefer not to speak. If you fight against Wikipedia, keep in mind that different factions will pineapple. The message is clear: with good faith and debate, you get anywhere. With bad faith and ways of fact, your feet are going to stop. By the way, do not trust too much to mount a guerrilla war. History has shown that in the long run, they always lose out. In fact, Ecemaml is the one that best knows how to fight them. To conclude, you have two fundamental options. Or continue in your thirteen and try to fight against Wikipedia, or adapt and try to collaborate with Wikipedia. Seriously, if you prefer the first option, do not bother answering this message. Gaeddal 17:39 5 Aug 2010 Well look. And how to correct them will not give stars to anyone, it will be necessary to erase all the articles. Ensada messages here 14:28 12 Aug 2010 I had no intention of starting any guerrilla war. I support your constructive proposal to save articles, that's what it's about. If so, what profit do I obtain with such a flawed procedure? In the case of Bernardino Obregón, it is not true that the reference was false or plagiarism. I already indicated which is the correct one. I say this for the sake of wikipedia, and in the interest of the hundreds of thousands of netizens who demand serious and truthful information. Humbly, I think it's worthy to appear in wikipedia. They were going to restore, Esteban admits it, but I do not restore them because he does not like the author. You know Gaeddal, apply the story hehehehe. And from there those Wikipedians come with those who have a relationship of everything less good and put the icing on the cake taking you to the board when they do not paint anything. And to this is added that some tell me that I do not understand any history, others that I have a skewed opinion and others predict a future blockade. You can see that the subject itself is already difficult, but we need your judgment about it, since this is very urgent. Lovrij | messages 23:47 8 Oct 2010 Hello Gaeddal. It's been a long time since I was here, but unemployment makes miracles. I do not know if you will remember that a few years ago I started an article about the Baler Site that I left halfway and someone completed it in that way. Well, I took it back and in the absence of a couple of things at the end and a general review that needs to have written with such a difference of time, is finished. I would like you to take a look at how you see it, because I want to present it to favorites. These days I will go through retouching. I would appreciate it if you left your opinion there. I wish you happy holidays with your family and friends. Saturnales hugs, wikisilki 16:08 23 Dec 2010 One more year, Gaeddal. As I always remember, your good reception and advice have allowed me to enjoy a lot of this beautiful project, which has only brought me good moments and excellent friends. He has been consciously and blatantly, without complexes or regrets. Petronas 18:29 26 Dec 2010 And prosperous new year. In the article Security forces and bodies, the Spanish case is mentioned in a regional manner and within it, its composition. I think that its regionalization, mainly linguistic, is the only thing that differentiates it from other countries. Personally, I think that the Spanish section should be in a separate article, otherwise, it could be the case that most countries are accommodated causing chaos as an article. Total, all are entities linked to national security. It's been a while since I consulted you, xD. Leiro & Law 17:38 27 Jan 2011 Learned teacher, I agree with you. By the way, I am doing a small article on the laws of bases in Spain, since it is usually something that many people stumble on during the first year of their career and have nowhere to go to get rid of doubts. Leiro & Law 20:01 27 Jan 2011 Hello, I am new here to see if you can help me with a little problem or doubt that I have. When I changed them or moved them, something came up that said that the article would be deleted. I do not clarify to see if you can explain it to me thanks in advance - Konstantin M 00:05 10 Feb 2011 The commandments are brutal haha. Well, nothing, to see when I see you working actively around here. Leiro & Law 01:13 10 Feb 2011 thank you very much hombre.vaya susto that sticks one. I have dropped a burden. anyway I always have a backup on the PC. You never know 01:03 10 Feb 2011 Hello: I have some doubts and see if you can clarify it. On the other hand I have an article that has a fault and you can not see in the wikipedia the article is Sankt pauli Theater "with the" p "lowercase instead of capitalization How can I correct it or can you fix it if it is not too daring to ask it? To this young but outstanding painter, the Colombian administrator Siger has placed the template "without apparent relevance". It is tiresome to have to continually defend articles of relevance and proven correctness and, frankly, the selection criteria of administrators are largely improvable, to use a euphemism. Tell me something As I am German, I give many things to things. But would not there be a formula for improving these articles "to improve" as at least indicating what is missing? and have some point to work on it? It was erased for "plagiarism" when there is not. You are going to tell me to get in touch with the administrator who deleted it, but they are in their unreason and refuse to restore it. On the other hand, I can add references. I know your good work and that you are part of the wikiderecho project, that's why I get in touch with you. If it is deleted, it is not me who is injured, but the hundreds of thousands or millions of Internet users who demand serious, accurate and truthful information. The truth is that my life is not going on, if you think that word is more correct, make the change that you think is right. Greetings, and thanks for talking. The truth is that I am sensitive to these issues, so I have no problem accepting one term or another, beyond always maintaining a certain uniformity of criteria in the article in question. I was going to change the name of the section to "How to finance yourself", what is your opinion? Said the previous thing: You go transforming in my better hope to form here something similar to the club Diderot of the German. Meanwhile, I will re-establish the official policy mark on the page. I do not send membership in the Café because I would not add anything substantial, but at least from here you know it. I come to you to ask a gossip, and it is that it turns out that I have just discovered a policy consisting of not threatening demands on Wikipedians. Is that since a few months I am discovering a part of the project that baffles me to the highest degree. I hope you answer me, although I repeat, I know how unethical the question is. Is that I do not usually be aware of the political conflicts of these parts, because it is what you say, I dedicate myself more to writing than to something else. But is that these encyclopedic suburbs scare anyone... thanks for the info. The antidote is as simple as not reading them. I confess that at the beginning I also read almost all those "articles", and I was outraged. But think about it: the author of that blog shows that he is a cultured person. Probably someone who would be able to do great things, and yet devotes his free time to digging into a website's history to see how he can criticize users who do not like him. That can only be done by someone who suffers a lot. Probably someone who could be and was not, and who is consumed by anger and resentment. Nobody with a normal and minimally satisfactory life would think of investing their time in something so pathetic. Anyway, if you think about it that way, you can not despise him anymore. Anyway, in those wars there are no victims, Gaeddal; there are only volunteers. Do not waste your time with these nonsense, you will not find anything there that is worthwhile. I leave a Latinjo very appropriate for the case. I entered the article and saw that it was made up of 3 lines and that one sentence was "it is one of the largest food service companies in the world". As I also did not observe the template}, that's why I found it promotional. In any case, if I made an error, I'm sorry. I regret the inconvenience caused. I answered you here to be registered in the category. First of all I appreciate your comment after the reversal. That said, although I understand your point of view, I do not share it. I consider that it does not bring anything positive that the one who has been blocked and has requested its revision feed an eternal debate on it in its page of discussion. Ensada has had the opportunity to use all the arguments she wanted at the time. That being the case, I do not think it right to make exceptions, and more given the severity of the blockade. 15:06 26 Oct 2011 Certainly all your comments with a legal approach are very familiar to me and I will not be the one who takes away the value of the whole framework that in any legal process guarantees the rights of both parties. The issue is that we are not before any court, nor Wikipedia a model in that aspect as you well know. You have to brag, and his intervention does not raise any doubt about it, that Roy has been fully neutral. Recusal would lead to recusar a large number of books that have intervened for good or bad in the history of Ensada. I have to recognize that I am very apart from all the issues that are generated outside of here. I've been on the Wiki for many years, I'm not a friend of the Café, nor do I like to waste my time on issues unrelated to what is editing. I do not steal you any longer, Gaeddal. Also, thanks for the tone of the talk. 15:48 26 Oct 2011 I, magister, give you the little dream flower in recognition of the quality of your participation in the community debates. Magister 17:14, 26 Oct 2011 Hello! It is always a pleasure to respond to kind messages even if they differ from our opinion. Ensada's case is particular: I like the guy! and he is so persistent, so insistent that he will fill-if we give him the opportunity-his page of discussion to the infinite while his blockade lasts. I think that turning over his lock or unlock will not be productive, I also believe that Roy has been impartial and has not given a hasty response to Ensada's unlock request. For me the blockade is well applied and making distinctions, between some users and others, would bring us more problems than solutions. Since Ensada's discussion page has been protected and you have also requested explanations to see if Ensada's recusal is valid, I want to comment here on some points. I did not look at the editing summaries or diffs that were provided and I decided your unlock request without taking into account those mitigating factors. Since I am a "friend" of Nixon, I am not suitable either. Now: It is true that I have not looked at the blogs or related external pages, but it seems to me that all there was to know is in the requests of the board and even both parties had the opportunity to give their reasons, "exemptions" and "mitigating". We are "friends" on Facebook, but I am also "friends" on Facebook. Even so, I do not consider myself more a friend of Nixón than of Ensada, whom I have known for a long time and whom I esteem as a person. By the same token, perhaps the terminology and forms of law or judicial are out of place in applications like this. Greetings and thanks for this opportunity to clarify. Roy 06:23, 27 Oct 2011 Are these types of translations correct? In Spanish we have words for boulevard that is not part of the name. It is also a Spanish place name. If I'm honest, I'm not very into the subject, so maybe you should consult a couple of smarter books than me. In particular, I recommend you to Escarlati and Lin linao. Gaeddal 18:10 Nov 6, 2011 Hello Gaeddal. I just deleted a message that I left in the cafe after reading your email about the harassment of Magister. Although I have deleted it as soon as I realized it, I feel I must apologize for the misunderstanding. Any doubt about it you can do it in the discussion page, greetings. I have put it because it seems important, and it is also important to make the distinction between one system or another. But I also have to correct you in one thing. I tell you because it seems to me therefore worthy of mention, because in other places, this does not happen. It's something like what you say about the King of Spain. In any case, if you consider that it is inappropriate to put it, there is no problem in changing it. I did it based on what I told you. Let's see what you think, you'll give me your opinion. In order not to go into war of editions, I send you what would be the template, and tell me what you think, I think it's better that way. you will tell me that you are it happens The problem is that, as you see, it does not seem to convince some people because they believe that a table is better, but in my opinion it is fatal and is much worse than the table. They propose to create a file that can supply it, but it is difficult, especially considering what I said before. I hope everything goes well and I wanted to wish you my best wishes at these parties, for you and yours. A big hug and lots of luck for next year. Urdangaray 12:18 24 Dec 2011 Happy holidays. A big hug, wikisilki 14:57 24 Dec 2011 Since the problem is not content I think the solution will be simple. In this kind of thing I think it is important to do things right from the root and as you have already commented it seems that the roots are a bit strange. Although I am not a true crack in this as others have already worked in the development of many templates and I think this will be easy. Regards.Miguillen 18:49 26 Dec 2011 Everything is open and the name can always be discussed to determine the most appropriate but I think it is the least since the reference should be what appears in the article and not the source code. So the focus is on the technical side. However, that article continues to suffer from problems, at least in the links. Independent references are also needed to verify the claim that it is "well known", not simple links to Facua sites. I was not the only one who thought that we had to put a BR template, because this article has not had improvements in its various recreations. You can be sure that I do not place them right and left but I do it according to my loyal knowledge, understanding and good faith, beyond that I am not free to make mistakes like any editor. Do not worry, I just wanted to clarify what my procedure is. That article is in your hands because I have no doubt that you can improve it, if appropriate. One thing is that it has the logical links to the Facua site and another is that it does not pass from there. If it is so relevant and has so much social impact, I do not doubt that it will be able to find something else, including critical references. I got involved from the query deletion of the article of his spokesman. I have saved a navigation session with more than 40 pages to be used as references. This weekend I will be adding that information. As it is now, and in spite of the changes that you introduced, the article looks a lot like the version that was deleted. It has several references that come from the page of the organization, so you have to look for replacements. In particular, I had difficulty finding information about their history, maybe you can help me in that regard. The topic interests me, so I would appreciate knowing the source and if you have additional information on the subject. I believe that article 81 of the constitution makes clear the articles susceptible to this process. The article deserves to be rescued, which I did not do. On behalf of the community, I appreciate the service during your librarian's term. All contributions are welcome, but this article may not satisfy the Wikipedia policies, and the proposal label explains why. Assess the possibility of improving the article to solve the problems that are pointed. Even so, the article could be deleted according to the quick erase criteria or an erase query could be opened, where it would be deleted if a consensus was reached. If you agree with the deletion of the article and you are the only person who has made editions you can accelerate its deletion by putting} at the beginning of the article. Users who do not have activity on Wikipedia or who do not want to continue in the project will be removed from the list. In order not to be withdrawn, you just have to re-sign the list of participants of the wikiproject. If you prefer not to participate in it, simply do not answer this message and therefore, automatically for that reason, you stop being part of the wikiproject. But do not be alarmed, withdrawing from that list would not mean vetoing you for the project, it simply implies that you would have to join it again when you returned to your activities on Wikipedia or when you wanted to rejoin the wikiproject, to which you would always be welcome. For any questions I am to serve you, greetings fellow wikipedia. It has a maintenance template "Article or section without apparent encyclopedic relevance". I'm thinking about starting a deletion query to see what the opinion of other users is. It seems to me the best but it will be erased when its deadline. Regards 14:58 20 Dec 2013 Although this year we have not coincided, I still remember the good reception and your help in my first steps among you. My best wishes for the coming year, for you and the people you love. If you did this last, do not forget to notify on the discussion page. Progenie Cóntame algunha cousa 15:33 10 Aug 2014 Your godson again here to give the tabarra with his best wishes for the holidays. Strange to see little movement aqueí and for that reason I fervently wish that you go everything fantastic. Two years without news... and renew my wishes that everything is fantastic. As explained in Wikipedia: Copyright, this kind of contributions are not acceptable, because they may imply a violation of the rights of the authors of the same. For that reason, the text has been removed and a notice of possible copyright violation has been placed in its place. Even if the page from which you copied the text does not indicate that all rights are reserved, that does not mean that they are available for use in Wikipedia. If you are the author of the texts yourself, send the relevant authorization from the address associated with the person in charge of the site, as explained in the previous link. Remember that the copyright policy is non-negotiable; While other people may be willing to break the law, the responsibility of the Wikipedia project is too great to allow us. For more information about the rules, visit Wikipedia: Policies and conventions. I renew my wishes that everything is going well for you. I saw the message you posted in this discussion. If you are interested in the project, you can write yourself down and also contribute your ideas for its realization. Due to the high visibility that the section has on the cover, the rigor in the work will be very important so that it can be admitted again. 3) Publication and maintenance. By using this site, you accept our terms of use and our privacy policy.

He ​​was a prominent member of the International, and a victim in Spain of the Stalinist purges of the times of the civil war: his own side took it away from him. Dos Passos was outraged by the murder of Robles, and tried to find explanations but only found apparatchiks with stone faces, lies and evasive. As if to disabuse themselves of communism, but those years it was difficult for many to learn the lesson. Hemingway came to tell him "they are things of war, and after all it is our side, it is better not to inquire very much." Well, the version of Michael Atkinson, if we pass it to consider something more than an innocent evasion thriller, comes to be a historical falsification of tom and loin The most serious falsification is not this, which is a funny joke, or a complicity with the myth, but the total inversion of Hemingway's attitude towards the murder of Robles and the personal ethical stance Here Hemingway unmasked those who said that Robles was a Francoist spy-precisely the opposite of what he did.Apart from the added abilities of a crime novel hero.And in the end he receives his deserved the traitor Posada, one more victim of the purges, but this one justified, the communists give it to dogs, for that better to invent another one, which in fact is what happens here, but with unacceptable labels of reality. Something similar happens to Atkinson. Impossible to write the thing as it was. He decides to take the bull by the horns, fatten the myth and distort the story. There Hemingway comes out lower than testosterone, and worse stopped at an ethical and political level. But history sells less than fictional adventures. His murder at the hands of communist spies leads Dos Passos to undertake an investigation. The advice of Hemingway and later his unquestionable belief that Robles was a spy who had been subjected to a fair trial, and therefore received his due, point to the breaking point of the long friendship of the two writers. The criminal military that was executed by the revolutionary government received what they deserved "'." Gray, in all that time, there was a lot. And there are more links to my things at the bottom of this page.

All the role blogs in one place. He is a knight protected with helm and plate armor, in loading position with two-handed sword. for now I do not know the sculptor of this miniature. in Catalan and I say almost by chance, since it did not reach me for Pendragón who is the one who wanted to take me, although now I am happy about it with grace. Here you have the full animated film of the first chapter of the Chronicles of the Dragonlance. Of course it is not by far the best animated film that has been made, but I think more than one fan of the mythical fantasy saga will not mind seeing it either. In addition, perhaps the youngest newcomers to the wonderful world of heroic fantasy will enjoy it and open a door to an endless kingdom. The harvest party is canceled due to a mandatory training for the sudden launch of an industrial revolution 2. How could it be otherwise, on this special day we bring a game that has left no one indifferent who has played. The system used by Memoir '44 is based on the activation of units through the use of order letters. The game consists of scenarios, which we can play independently or in campaign mode. The game board has two sides, one of them designed for amphibious assaults and the other for combats on the continent. The battlefield is divided into three sectors: the center, left flank and right flank. Each order letter will indicate the units that we can activate in a certain sector. There are also special order letters that do not refer to sectors but give an order to certain units with some special action. Combat actions, as well as some of the actions of special orders, are solved by rolling six-sided dice. On each of its faces appears a symbol with a unit type, a flag, a star or a grenade. Basically, when we attack a unit we will have to draw symbols with that type of unit on the dice. The flag results will make the enemy retreat, while the stars will only take effect with certain orders. The control of objectives is quite important in the game, since the conditions of victory for the scenarios almost always take into consideration key points of the terrain. Memoir '44 is one of those games that can not miss on the shelf of anyone who likes war games. In addition, due to its simplicity, it is ideal to introduce the newest players to war-themed board games. A title that should fall in my constant visualization of science fiction in recent times, and has brought me many surprises. Thousands of young soldiers of multiple nationalities on both sides lost their lives that day. For many it was a day marked by defeat, while for others it only meant a great victory. In both cases, the only thing that is clear is that June 6 was the first day of a new era. The world would never be the same again after that morning. For many years I have remembered this day and I have dedicated a memory to all those strangers, victims of the human barbarism that leads us to kill ourselves for ideas and deified people. This is not the tone that I pretend that this blog has, with so much dramatic load, but it is as I feel it and I have always felt it. From here I want to propose to everyone who reads these lines that today devote just a few seconds to honor the memory of all those who fell that terrible fight. Gone are hours of style and design corrections, of learning by trial and error the arcane ins and outs of the layout until the results have been acceptable enough to be shown to the public. From there, the guide grew to become what it is today, a fifty-page manuscript. Well, the best thing is to transcribe the introduction I did as a presentation for it at Amazon: Have you ever thought about designing your own fantastic world? This guide teaches, through a simple and understandable language, the process of creating fantastic fictional worlds. I just hope that this first publication will open the way for me to continue writing and publishing everything I have planned, once I have lost my fear of the world of self-publishing. One more Friday I bring some comic vignette that I have found out there. Yes, this is the question you usually ask when you first hear that the Italians had parachute units. I will differentiate two types of orc, the primal creature created by Melkor at the dawn of the first age, and the Uruk hai. In this post, I will talk about the first, since I believe that the Uruk, deserve a separate entrance for themselves. The origin of the Tolkien orcs is unclear. The problem with this explanation comes from the powers and abilities of the Valar when it comes to doing things. As far as Melkor, he could never create the orcs from scratch, and that's why the explanation for Elven corruption fits well. I think that the author's last revisions on this subject are unnecessary, and it would have been better to leave the original idea appearing in the Silmarillion. The continuation, I will relate the explanation on which I base in my games of role, that is the one that appeared in the Silmarillion. The orcs were the greatest blasphemy committed by Melkor during the first age, when the dark Vala tortured and conceived this terrible horrifying race. From these he raised a race of goblins as odious as the elves were beautiful. The only joy of these creatures is the suffering of others, because the blood that runs through their veins is black and cold. His squat form is horrible: hunched, with legs zambas, and plump. They have long, strong arms like apes, and skin as dark as charred wood. Its mouth is large and full of irregular yellowish fangs, red and thick tongue, flat nose, and broad faces. The first orcs were great warriors, because they feared their master more than any enemy, and perhaps death was preferable, to the torment of an orc's life. They had night vision, and lived in unclean wells and tunnels. No other race that served the dark enemy reproduced so quickly. This facility for procreation has been what has allowed them to survive the wrath of elves, dwarves and men for thousands of years. When the Valar attacked Utumno, they opened their doors and destroyed all the malignant creatures that inhabited their interior. In the third age, two events decimated with importance to this race, which recovered again with great speed, ready to participate in the War of the ring. That if his troops had been greater, it would have been a major setback for the free peoples. This war ended with the battle of Azanulbizar, in which the Orc General Azog died, and his head was nailed to a pike. It is possible that, if the war of the dwarves and orcs it would not have existed, the battle of the five armies could have ended differently. And if the battle of the five armies had not taken place, the wars that took place in the north, during the War of the Ring, could have happened in a different way. That is to say, the cultural differences by being raised in one place or another. This is not so in Middle Earth, but it is a term that also applies to the orcs. That is to say, we already have an editor in Spain taking out original material for this wonderful game, now we only need someone who decides to edit the basic manual. Let's hope this is the first of a lot, and there we will be, from the Brand, to support this brave and determined project. Ah, the adventure will also be available in English. They already know what they think globally and act locally. It dawns this friday Friday after a party in the middle of the week and one has the feeling that it is Monday, especially because yesterday I had one of my weekly games with my typical colleagues on Sundays. And it turns out that it's Friday, and that's cool. Let's take a quick look. It is based a lot on deduction, although basically it is a game of management and development. Each player represents an alchemist who tries to become the most renowned among all his colleagues. To do this, he must collect ingredients to create masterful combinations, which will end up providing him with enough data to issue theories and postulates about the exact composition of certain alchemical elements, making him win the coveted reputation. But beware, some of the potions and beverages that our alchemists produce could be unsafe, which will affect the state and efficiency of these scientists. Although there is always the possibility that an unsuspecting scholar will drink them in our place... The game takes place during several shifts in each of which we will choose our actions through a system of initiative. The funniest part of the game is the making of the potions. This is done in secret by mixing two of the eight available components. Once chosen the game uses a free download mobile application that what it does is recognize with the camera of our phone the two ingredients and the mix. It then sends the results to a database and returns the result of the combination, which can be neutral, positive or negative, and one of the three colors. Each element has a concrete formula based on the combination of these results, so that is what we have to discover, and the more we discover the better. As the game progresses, players are issuing theories about their discoveries. At the end there will be a recount of the points of reputation achieved throughout the game and the one that has the most will be proclaimed the best alchemist. The game is tremendously entertaining. The interaction with the other players is important although it is not a direct confrontation as in other games. Laughter on more than one occasion is assured, especially at the time of giving drink to the poor apprentices and imagine them victims of poisonous liquor. In addition, the game is quite agile, although we must be very careful not to mess it up when it comes to recording the results of our experiments. In general, it seems to me a very recommendable game, even for people who are not very dedicated to board games. Only the appearance is already very attractive. So your tunics and your hats and prepare the still because the time has come to do Alchemy. All the games presented have brought something special and although some have not won any time this time, I urge the participants to keep the illusion and try again next year, because in some cases the scores have been really adjusted. Any question or doubt, as always, you can do it to our email address that you will find on the right side of the blog. Here are all the games presented in download in this great pack for you to enjoy. There are many differences between them, the second being a much more refined and perfected version of the same basic ideas. Icons advocates simplicity but trying not to lose flexibility, it also introduces into its system the qualities, almost identical transcript of the Aspects. On the other hand the similarities with the M & M are evident as well, since both games share the same main designer should not surprise us. The basic circulation of the system is extremely simple compared effort against difficulty and the difference determines the level of success or failure. In combat, higher success levels can cause several side effects. For example, the efforts of a hero to stop a derailed train before it hits something or an arduous investigation in the streets could be similar. There are two methods of character creation, the main one that is random and another one by points. The game uses a universal scale for all its numerical values ​​that goes from 1 to 10, being 3 the human average and the values ​​of 6 reserved for superhuman values. The relationship between some levels and others is not linear or consistent, but allows to maintain very simple categories of what can lift, throw or run a particular character. The list of powers is quite complete, allowing a great level of customization with extras and limitations, but the mathematics of them is very simple. They are, as in M ​​& M, effects that serve to build the concrete power we desire. There are also very broad powers that allow you to acquire others as extras, similar to the alternative powers of the Green Ronin game. But like the aspects these qualities can be created or discovered using maneuvers, depending on a location or be alternated or canceled with other maneuvers. The game does not offer much in mind to atmosphere, although if you have interesting advice on direction and creation of games. If it offers a series of tokens of heroes and villains that in some cases have some relationships with each other that can at least partially draw their own universe. To this unserious aspect contribute illustrations of doubtful quality, made by Dan Houser. But, although the quality of the illustrations has undergone an evident improvement between the first edition and this one, many of them turn out to be crude, with basic errors of perspective and anatomy. In addition there are also supplements from other publishers for the same system, if that is not enough for you. In short, a simple superhero game that offers fun and variety without too many maths or complications. The prizes awarded by the station to the winners are games. With the data that we provide and according to the number assigned to each participant, try to find out the name, age, the game given and the word they have given in response to win. The answers, to [email protected] Good luck! Email See example.

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